BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-22-18-8A:A new survey asked people what the worst thing they’ve ever heard during sex was.

Thursday, February 22nd

A woman burned her house down after she found out she was going to lose it but it unfortunately spread to other houses in the neighborhood. A newlywed couple are suing their wedding photographer for taking terrible photos.

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This is perhaps most important survey need to be done and I'm glad it was done. Barack. This asked people to share the worst thing that someone has ever since then during sex. Dicky Dicky promise you when you going to start. That the tough I don't yeah I got broken up with during sex once. Why it's. It was really clear we were just started being like a month prior early boy or girl from official. We are doing and it yet as we look on the space you like we have something on your mind. And I asked McCain you cannot get a Yang. Think do you want the break asked you know I can make these little tired in the Arctic and having just exactly like the only guy he's like yeah among Quaid. From I'm afraid firm also are from this. Vermont's Michael Kenny in the middle of sex only can you please get off of Leno and no wow. And in the future you've always had would you like to take a map. And drag her own thing and that kind of figure it out like an episode and special friends it's. Eat like a real pretty though and fairly. I have never been stadium anything about pretty much getting finished with the work out and that's not a lot of my mom and am having sex that's a that's amazing it's a ms. phenomenon I think I'll bring oblivion made action that's. Pretty bad yeah I didn't see a woman doing now but it guy I would just it was so one trapped. You know like at least wait till you're done and we got on track you when recommending their relationship wow. That's amazing to me I don't even know what that's like as my brings not to give anything but. They're done doing it dating for three years after that I congratulate and whom we we brought we were that Ross and racial couple thought I was awful never again debt. Even a game back of your life now would you now now could it even sorry bro BLU a year combined you got to move on from that. Thank Matt. Yes so we got the the top ten things that people come up with a the worst things to say during sex Samie Texas and on the first date she asked me does this mean anything she you'll. Moved like light was it's sex I'm do you like the relationship. You have on the first date like Aaron I don't know if you are aggressive that's way aggressive not you're having sex I can understand it because one night stands and who knows what do you know there are any different sects in the first night. You kind of have to do your rolling the dice you are really I don't necessarily one of the scare them off by saying something like that you hope that OK well maybe this is. It's still the lethal fun relationship or maybe it won't but like let's not try to push the issue on the first day yeah. Because look guys are guys for the most part and a look some women in the same way it just means what they're having sex it's like look I wanna have some fun that's what this means to me. Yeah it's always it's as demeaning DeLia sure doesn't mean we're gonna have fun right arsonists are on the first time she said I've always wanted to have a baby. Moon. Million in. I'll do that now and then and how you can reactions can you've only PGA low I don't know what I would do then may I own man I might just be my clothes is running out the door. Yeah see that to guys and really do we host use a condom like yeah Illinois might be a mom. And they they immediately get more on the wrong right yeah definitely a clear and how I know guys are just lazy for you gotta throw that condom on and if it's necessary lazy it's also just a certain sensation. Yeah well. Mean again geographic but I think that also has something to do with an eight part lazy part the very jam fortunate I think it's because of my equipment doesn't bother me eternal left yeah I don't think I think that it doesn't bother me the way like I I don't have a lack of with a common in the way the rest the guys deal. Our blog know I'm just tell you that I know he's told yeah did you yeah well all right I know it's probably a lot of information but I think that's another advantage to make sure that doctor doesn't do the job and you know my only you know govern up and then you're safe Steve no babies and a lot of fun. Fossum Lisa had a growth and wanted me to screen rename during naked wrestling Jersey cheerleaders on how to yell go April. Oh and a wow neat aggressive yeah ED AG GR since he he's her. I'll continue to European glory and dear sir. You all I'm sorry tell me more about you're at any year. Okay William what's worse I don't know man I have a clever conversation your actually give me dinner strokes over there. Money to see the face the grunt. Though it's funny you bring up let's say the name if you say somebody's wrong name that's number loyalists as totaling during sex you've got to be confident. You been about like money through your head a couple times maybe even sector idea in the middle of it yeah you're right. Thou be the war is not over your ex you know that's gonna pop up to that's a that's a bummer because when you say somebody else's name I mean that's and that's what I think it was like okay. Who's Peter and I know you're not talking about me down there whose leader. So yes she said I need to cope that was number two on the list I'd been there. I really. Yeah Manley had a oh who did not a great dinner and you know health wise little fast food little French Fries and worse gas stove was working and and I need to take dead take a little break there. In enemy killed the night so you don't know you know come back gas value at all now did you have any idea you're gonna have sex when you're eating eggs didn't. I don't think so no yes and and Brad Garrett yeah you gotta prepare as a guy. This all the time well I'm just if you're a little woman and you think sets can happen you gotta make sure you don't personally don't have too much booze because you want to WD true you don't they don't there was direct and also you've got to make sure you don't anything it's animated Cassie because. You know what if you're lucky you're gonna be Dylan some yoga moves and that's gonna just be a problem with the guess you add the actual gas has ruined as sexual experience I've while that it has when we just started laughing like it wasn't that Belo was bad afterwards but it was just kind of late to start cracking up in the middle on it. Suddenly your wife. Somebody. Somebody said basically I'm losing my excitement during sex like almost the hydraulics mr. Alou again. That's not gonna make her happy. Thorough. Explanation why yeah just the votes there I'm just looks like things are. He's going downhill to go like this text in the middle section stops looks me dead in the eye says if you have released me I will kill you off your eyes. That's marriage material that's piece up its cheaper yeah she clearly wants that these are worse things some observers says than during sex. Number three and and perform this list did you do this with your ex post Bob. Rule. That stats did that you import those questions you don't want answers even now meanwhile core I know you. People had lives before you hit the road favorites here now don't ask those questions I think really who's better. The system look at Dickey is on the list. Let me set to guy this guy didn't wait. I'm breaking up with you after this and that he's got I was like I'm breaking up with a right now pummel you finish but after we're done I'm out the door because you made it. This one does somebody said one of the worst things you did say during sex what do you want for dinner tomorrow we'll start off. During this X. It's funny how the night you haven't done Mac come now I would never I don't see anything man. I'm getting better -- me I just maybe a few grunts here and there mom not having any conversations. Do you ever heard you eat something delicious you make a lot of grab a grunts I can't imagine you during sax yeah I don't know him pretty much had imaginary job. When I'm half the crowd definitely thinking yeah you're doing right Kat bar. Our sailors the way people react to their food is probably the way they reacted sacks yet yeah. Does the best sandwich ever yeah I'll miss. That yeah. You are Steve Mexico that's she's going to precious he isn't typical and he's laughing as he knows it is very early on. It was a really solid and I don't know if we are you doing that at that moment it isn't funny where if Steve doesn't know or forgets that people are around him. He goes in his own little world like guys who doesn't in the draft and he's singing a song to himself. And Michael I look at him and I go wow I don't see an. He's what it's like a happy song that you see is that toddlers like hook to the bathroom or go you know stuff like that I'm gonna go older you know legitimately earn on the site next time. Many. The girls play this out there on your yes that's correct yes. You have an SEC Steve at his desk eating it is really hysterical. It's like he's he's having a moment it's like we really should probably get like like shades or something or like curtains I think being satisfied and are yeah satisfies me. Yeah that's really good spot. Yet so enjoy eating oh yeah yeah but not official knows what's up. You have that embarrassing Vicky eat like you I mean if it Vicky it's like a regular person you we'd like you are having making love viewed and food. One years and now here we go I want finally delivered the untold story that's awfully dangerous good meat. So what are you need flat out. Just lip smacking me then yeah Matthew Conley take Carl's junior go down guys since losing on my lips and make a melee at the you know which again put them eight. I love this one and number seven here's a classic ladies remember to use this one if you wanna promote some really wonderful things to say during sex. You remind me of my dad there you go. Yeah I let's see now do that if she was younger than me I can understand that. But really what things are just that I dated to grow ten years younger than me and she wanted to like to call me daddy I was OK with. I had a lot different there and reminding me of your dad. I nobody can continue down that road if you're an over tanker gas. And why do you want me why economy daddy now let's at a poll I mean look we. We all love our parents and the first people they gave us law of and so you know sometimes that line gets a little blurry as long as you don't cross and have sex or their parents. I got a problem people haven't daddy issues as long as they're healthy fat. Well kind of a contradiction ticker well I mean is there's a lot of people that they think that issue means it's not a healthy well arraignment if they can turnaround and have a good relationship with somebody and and get some of that daddy stuff they never got 'cause it made that a bad relation to their parents. You know as lies and having sex their parents what do I care yeah you know I mean I really I really don't I think there's a lot of people to parents didn't go well form that's why they're attracted to. Men or women that remind him of their parents skip and also hopefully we'll treat them better than their parents gentlemen. And us not their parents think it's funny we're talking about all this and must make we must be making Vickie feel dirt because all I can smell from the side of me is the scent of corral. And even purely your home what is that it's lotion. Hollow balls as I was and I got a December oh yeah counting they're ready married I had mice and thought what how whose evolution bar. It smells terrible. Really good. Won't last if you don't have consensus Mozilla on that no it I can't get the real evidence that this policy is we just. Summarize it feels more medicinal them with the odor it's not terrible but it's not can't McCracken a night I got guys to meet this weekend and again. Kansas option I think I had like data on your body if like if this woman was just saying if that odor was on a woman's body I wouldn't go for it puts the lotion on the student son saying man if I could see I guess anyone has sought begin began a different smelling stuff when you're with a man. But this is called L lo green has actually damaged Tatis nice and shiny camp. And two of them did you see that spirit back there really any yield. I disagree line faces let me start talking about their kids or their parents hello how about your sister. What's somebody asked this woman what's your sister like oh boy here that interest thing. She hotter new faster than in the middle of sex. God you really are creatures you know when you do that. 01 person's head that had sent only cars. And six in my friend's sister and then a couple years there had sex with his mom. And she had known for bad thanks for their daughter and while we're in the middle of it she asked me if I was better and her daughter. And very. Weird still live conversations I've seen some of those adult films I just he's not a very believable and now apparently it is yeah there it is. Well here's somebody that's your almost is curious or you're almost as good as my next that was all by God's grace and college I was dating a lady who is in a relationship and I found out she's in a relationship when she really wanted me to talk about how she was her I like her relationship with her husband. Question yes like I like Kelly says she kept talking about it like oh you're so much better senators like I don't know to be turned on or not that's acting. C'mon neither of them come on leave that stuff out Asus Hewlett me baby let's not talk about x.s Hamas. Nobody like you need to leave these companies coming home yes that's a good one. How about this line do you think your mom ever tried this position that's a rail line that's somebody who's drunken what's party. Let's get this. I don't know his New Mexico an excuse for this what I had this summer a funny alignment throughout the absurdities I don't think it's gonna work out well for yeah. Yeah. I'd I had a question for where the why why would a woman set fire to twenty homes. Well he's got a reason I want to tell you headaches seventies. On Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I've played nine KIS come to the rock from Seattle. I'd say headline in the morning disturbing headline in the morning a woman. Loses her house in her divorce. So she sets it on fire. We stance spreads in nineteen other homes all. That was. Unbelievable. Who is there was an op. Must die was one of the girls yeah TLC I think it was Lisa left eye and she burned down on the house of a form her. With a football or baseball isn't just this state we know wasn't it just look like they choose. I can go to football player because she had his number tattooed arm Andre Erisa that's yes that's it and and that there does the first time whereas like wow somebody's capable of doing that yeah before that that never even heard that I'm sure it happened before but you know you never heard stories like that. I don't know what gets in a person's head where they think that oh yeah. I will burn down my house like that is that like that's justifiable I I don't know what kind of thinking menace I mean I've had I mean I think we've all had relations that it ended very poorly. And maybe even into what were heartbreaking. But I never I never thought about setting fire to something while. This is 41 years old name is Adrian from Georgia. Get divorced and on Saturday she found out she was losing your home tour X I don't know what kind of deal was made for that to happen. I mean but usually it's equitable I mean however in some way shape reform they. You know they tend to really try to slow things down the middle so why was she so pissed about this because in those very upsetting her mug shots. I'm Laura. He always looks like she would beat their crap about you. While. He had on the I don't mollified wanna get to work out I mean I don't throw one inning doing her husband's feel like. Just that picture right there says this is a minute and well this relationship will not end well I had a picture that did did the house it's not Iraq house anymore man is just terrible. He had. So 3:25 AM on Sunday when she found out she was losing your house she took her two cats out of the house then set it on fire. She start to pile mattresses in the kitchen and now senate on fire wow. And it wound up hitting nineteen other houses in the neighborhood her house burned down so did three of her neighbors. And the other sixteen were DM how well you're a neighbor like all this is just a great neighborhood I'm living would Bernie media over here Jesus was able lost a couple of dogs two guys all paying my gosh. And so this is drug tests did account and she sees get arrested for public drunkenness and of course. She's they say that this is a question she got drunk yeah fourteen now faces fourteen counts of felony first degree arson each count is worth between one and twenty years in prison. They gonna throw away the key on this state had to throw way to key. And I can see why this guy got divorced. She's. Married wow is that covered in your assurances. If you're if you Chris asks if you're crazy ex burns placed and I believe that you compare a little bit lectures about twenty bucks more month. For the crazy ex I wonder man I want to easily get anything because it was intentional. How many people would add that to their insurance if there was a crazy ex clause I would like any damage done to any of your property is covered. If your crew you're crazy activity I don't know how many insurance policies that cover that they go broke they would yeah. Plus a lot of false claims I work out a deal as a breaking it was unlock. Just trashed car. Just trash it yeah here here's a hammer pago here here's here's some butane hired some new wheels man right it's it's got 300000 miles on it I need I need any new vehicle. I do Vernon. And of course we knew some and it also set fire to a house yes yet so you there are crazy lady and Susan are we with another female who are friends with as well. And she set fire to their home unbelievable. Right and I remember this all happened using a big east it make it with an attorney is there like we all worked with these two people. And we all found out that night we were all hang out at the station and one came over I know where to go what he Tom I. My roommate set fire to my home and watch the newsroom we do. And fastball word I don't know maybe three months go by and Amanda sonics game we're doing a listener party remember and that. That did the fire starter throw fire starter Calder affectionately. Was there thank you I was six and how that goes into the lake. Hey. I'm doing good as though that I think I have to tell I ask this but I need so I didn't ask. Point blank makes it so how do you and I haven't seen you in a few months. These good. Shows. A great why would you ask. Well I gotta go get a pretzel. I don't know why would I ask fire starter Amelio would fired pizza yeah are you again do you all odds by the way looking hot tonight they got she was. Now that's what they say. The hot ones can lead to the hot one's on Texas says are apparently that the latest on how fighter house must be a huge Talking Heads and all we asked tackling it but I doubt about do you guys you know that song. Now I was no positive vision eighties I think Greg can you find it really quick. I think whoever did this Psycho killer song yeah and I think he I know ballad yeah it is to do you can. Yeah and boom boom and that's not sure a beautiful life. When not to I don't know. Kelly. Burning down house so I wasn't a fan of that Giles hit a sick. But does make an undeniable hit yeah I don't have big metal have at that time where nothing else is good if it was a medal. But you know I talking hasn't David Berman every day they were considered even though there was a pop hit true they were still considered good musicians do on that topic if you got a. Good game. So I don't. Leo okay. Well years maybe Thomas 83 local. No I did it on. At a wedding plus digital video and data when he moves and I think the great song it's not. And the production so of course cost about the same time I guess 1983 man well hey. What movie was his big game. That's I don't know. I really good they're popular song. I'd like to present quality of the eighties and I didn't I got up to that philosophy play as a team. Yeah in my twenties and I'm glad that I. No it's a fine when the user is presented an error saying you text there. I'll let makes sense. I take your breath. They ran us rest up listening to yeah I think I can't watch you dance anymore. We have the that you had a terrible dancing as you forgot your seizure medicine you guys dance like no one's watching the yeah I don't know about Ellen why you're watching him probably misses were watching we have to get them nothing better than now that I really we do have a shelf revenge of the nerds. Nice but if you're touching that thank you thanks everybody. Here's a lovely story a couple of suing their wedding photographer why well because mainly have photos or take emergence of bridesmaids boobs and butts. How about it that album back. What does he offers a discount to book man look her. I'll do your wedding. Government databases of the bridesmaids boos him buds but you get to 200 dollars cash from the grew mom off I mean do I don't amateur both at the wedding album on the group but if it's bright greens it moves on madman but yes. Yeah all goodies that please use our fans thank all the fans love that. Are you ask great pics near you very good camera was taking these and a cell phone. By. Guest Jerry cans and had Marvel Comics on as no DC Atlanta and yeah. Sorry step from Poland win and this was definitely a win for them. Now they're from England I don't got married back in June 2015. Of course and like everybody else they were excited to get there wedding photos back until they look through them. Many rounds found out that David really hadn't captured any key moments of the day didn't get any pictures of their parents in fact are only eleven photos and even had the grooming them. And steady mostly photographed to the bridesmaids boobs and by outside different. They don't do it and a surge in look at Austro put on the beat Jimmy page's well. I kissed a readout compass these pictures are terrible yeah it doesn't look like he used a good camera. So they pseudonym laid her bucks and settlement late in children corporate they want they Arab Arab that's what they pay him. Well then if they paid him. It's on forces say it is today it's because wedding photography since nine you know I think that it could weddings a tyrant obviously it deserves good money is viewing of these pictures yeah they got what they paid for yet they did hundred boxes not really much these days firfer wedding photographer. He's crazy but it's great and all day. And and it's been out punch a time touching up the pictures and make them look you look good after the bath. Yeah and those boob shots he gonna touch them up a little better entry touch something up natured and he how about they thought how about this dude is still working as a wedding photographer so like Stefan Paula like while we have got to stop this. They went public with this to try to save any other couples who might hire him and have him ruin their wedding pictures again Jennifer's wedding photography yet really. Very seriously here ought to hang that is there as a banner and say look I do boobs and butts of weddings who wants me right. Dale as she could take pictures of the stuff that they wanted to ask you can't just sneak in a few to those used in any idea I wonder how many people do something like that I give your photographer really really dig him some and that's that the wedding do you take a quick picture just your own collection. But I wouldn't be surprised right I would not be surprising thing is frankly I would imagine although yeah he's got he's got all these what in Qatar is that to have pictures of just well well. What are boy took a picture of hearts and a at least if you get divorced though you have reasoning on the album because a lot are hot chicks and their boobs and butts says I like he's thinking about the future. My fear is when your wedding and somebody does and I think it's a really fun day my wife was opposed to I I can understand why because you realize the good the circle of friends that I had that of what we would get that would not be very. RPG. But I love of people put disposable cameras on all the tables slow. And just say hey. Take pictures do what you want to oh yeah and I have a lot of buddies weddings have done that but of course it ends up make a few of us especially hockey buddies he did end up in the bathroom with that disposable camera S ago. Taking pictures that are not necessarily the right you. Take. Yes that's delightful but at least put that up somewhere I bet a lot of people do that the Aaliyah. That's awesome. On Friday April 13. If you're lucky. And you're a fan of Friday the thirteenth DHS is the overnight at a New Jersey camp where the original film in the series we shot. And that's who you get you on Friday in a lake yeah you it's actually is it's the VIP package at camp no be boast go. I'm may change the crystal lake after the movie. Now let's say we're probably not a necessarily a very good connection to follow like Jesse kill people or that's what they want on anyone in the they wanted to be in the place and and and be there Friday the thirteenth. It's usually a boy scout camp which is using close to visit visitors but cock it will be available. Via an auction that closes on February 27. The original Friday the thirteenth film was released in 1980 and they got a special guests Adrian king are Adrienne. She says it. Who plays the lone survivor in the movies is indeed a special guest. Sheer I think for the right around I should take whatever you say as far as her name yet this sentiment I haven't heard from her ever since. Wow I mean when you wanna make it something even bigger night. Get some address of his Jason I would guess holds seemed almost like one really feel like I was so by the escape tower over Gig Harbor they pose escape arrest. Get the people who make that kind of stuff. And creates. He can create a phrase thirteenth seemed camping experience where you obviously the guys that can hurt you but like if you get caught by me he should to a different cabin and you're stuck there for the rest of the week that's. Normally do that with zombies like they are awesome they had a you go camping and you can pick one of three levels seeking UN where they just kind of mass appeal a little bit. The next and it's a little touch you and in the third and like all that drop they'll drag you out they will do whatever that you're right yeah I'm kinda wanted to do that but I'm also terrified and. Higher likely be one of the former Jason's came hotter one of those guys all they go out of he's still alive or not the one and one that's alive and I would imagine could use a couple bucks. And instead of going lead don't be so much fun. And to raise any if you do like they do those Halloween houses man and you can really dress it up yeah. Yeah most haunted houses for Halloween do you do I mean people that would be creeped I don't want to do I I don't often wanna do that puts us on your world now some are world. Friday the thirteenth though you can spend it at that data lake and if they haven't Steve's way Buehrle dragging around chopping up nice to have a lot of fun. And aging Jay's gonna be there I don't care even about the patent that she's LOU wanna be necessary she survived this she's the person that you have to find so you can live. You know Leo he got it all set up. Are much that's gonna cost more prisons they do asked camp things like that it's so scary David have a Jason one. Hand news see this set. South and out there today there's something out there for everybody. If you could then. Based Al movie your TV show I'm about a movie let's just say like if you keep going and make like a theme and then in the lives that movie. Makes ninety cent or one of those go in would you do wells as they have to be a scary movie no no like would you like Harry Potter display quick rich or whatever it is how are going to be quick ditch and I similar in my Matt I well I would be a scifi I think he might wanna I wanna spend some time either on a Star Wars or Star Trek universe I don't know exactly what that would look like. I know that they had you know from the show d.s face nine quirk this guy cork who is an alien had a bar. And they recreated the bar in Vegas and we went to the went to the Sheraton and Hilton whether it was it was Elton GAAP and that was cool to sit in the bar and that looked just like his bar and order these drinks that were space strings. A whole hotel like that. Doubt be pretty cool or soda I'd love that the problem with that one though is like all the way staffer cling ons and clans are jerks now yeah well here that don't forest for the service wasn't bad top notch. Me. It would be big corporate all of the rocky movies right. But insists the rocky work out scenes I we get to recreate them but nobody can be actually like a thorough and in shape you know what I mean like you can't have it a cross better be very talented Jim weekend. Jab like people like me that are like you know or do anything not really fully in shape of making a small rocky see you sex show laughter. Thank goodness no you got like duck doesn't wheelbarrow and rocky for a day or rocky three where everything's glitz and glamour golf ball club reminds me most of plays flat. He's doing all that sports. In the beginning you just shows like maybe like a mechanic you can truly we go to her house he has a Jason chicken is a good and bad at all man knows it's yes I thought Lenny alike teaching chicken. I mean there's not much in the kitchen kick in the united you've been chosen for awhile so much Jason it's about time guests at plus the only streak they are knew he had three break during the day. All the evidence I feel like maybe in the maybe since they're a real Vanilla shake it for ten day our values we don't really know of. People that are necessarily really work out enthusiasts man. Always were rocky enthusiasts who want economy believe that were worked out enthusiasts of that and city every movies being worked out see ya you get to recreate. That be awesome okay I think you'll be awesome for you. My only one that wants do you have thick you're the only one. All right via if I would totally want to live like a really really are stay act. A really nice kind of man chin in retreat again ex militants living situation still have a dean you really do kind of the same they work out. But pretend we have powers and get like thrown around only bun geez. Like that's drool like professor exit that school uncaring and pretend where you know we have superpowers unions and we're training. Thank you there's still anywhere -- three here on why there isn't doing this and that and maybe get them the client activity or unstable in the way they have video now Leo likes like I don't like enemies or make a forty man exactly and then it's you know you're in a school siege is kind of deal boarding house situation you helix UNG your bunker better I have very and you can be so cold I like the techsters seem to have a certain thought in mind when ones I like to do the scarface the improvement in this. Yeah there's the authorities remain got a big Pablo on the table the wall for Wall Street damme movie. She's there is a taste. Yeah well you Danny Titanic for sure right now that's yeah you don't make it I still vote. That's that's the key if you don't come back reliable you do once we can do the whole like somebody homey from behind maybe like Rambo goes in all hope is and I had a grandma helped push you off the vote gap more likely. Cigarette I've been a steam country and I was thinking maybe that but more along the lines of mad mask just say imagine you wouldn't be so cool they just did not like Vegas or something where you stand out is some sort of crazy post apocalyptic thinking and they have all the cars and you just get to drive around a track or just. Do all that sort of craziness that is cool actually do you have that it's like an accident waste land a fun experience will and Southern California though. He should do that road trip okay Ravitz of an escape from New York cabbie can I be so cool blue dog it is hold daily obvious her bikini in the day anybody regularly get in bend regional electricity to love this one as well. The running man all yeah. Of course you don't die but like you know we don't diet just eliminate alright but do with the running and had to do that just a crazy game show that's the same breath death race. Yeah that's a good movie series says I like to do ours it does the rocky thing sounds awesome Steve arm is OK maybe Batman Theo one guy or did aliens. All alien she's a runner Rahal man that would be creepy all the ending scene of terminator. All UK based Arnold yes robot like got. Seuss' how what the teaching sign up in smoke tour of course that's when you select Cartagena need to stop oxy that's easy hello Alan west world. Who. Okay. That three chemicals that wants to do being Gotham and have all badly it's cool gadgets I get the fight the talent it's a refund to. OK I like that these are all good and most of my go to the Iraqis think the most little rocky thing will be so much fun facts exercise I know you don't like and I don't want to run around the snow with a wheelbarrow I'd rather Miranda fight the penguin. You know I may or may be a panel show up could I OK okay here. Yesterday Steve he got this one right so are the line or characters from what eighty star Jackson Hole yes. Are you a quick and ally and damn you Celeste destitute RPI united technicians. And I take it easy boys and good chance of beating Steve you've got a 206421. Rock complaint be made a CH 47 weeks on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help what back absolutely one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their bill other regular ongoing bills. People sometimes think you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against him once a garnish the stock has started and that's not true. Very dangerous to immediately stop any punishment that you know I'm going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on. 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