BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-22-18-9A: Listeners on the loose

Thursday, February 22nd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. A new survey asked people to rank the top 50 things that make you an adult.


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It's just sit and slide what is seven titles come to the three months boundaries and at least seven. From a regional breweries enjoying slow lighters from legendary local restaurants here admit sliders Syverson. Any. That's good match I mean you've got tasty bruised and. A lot of great sliders votes can be yours for you you crushing a billion sliders and not feel bad though maybe not but you guys I've heard flew. Yeah outside lights like one warm warm only one murder. Right say yes that's a great guy that is a great time man. Sun oracle plus it was life. Go KI SW dot com April 7 inclusive and slide happened sipping your fear bruising challenge as great sliders. Seven slide benefiting our friends at three house. Mean man. It's and B and the hands in his stomach turn out more stars yeah. We'll come and leave Friday. Yeah I'm on the left to lose sleep more prisons and others backing for BJ okay tomorrow's tomorrow. You jays Friday June your book tomorrow Friday we're gonna keep your ration them and again you're branded. Clinton did send producers Dana weigh in bed check. That he never you never heard any see it that way on the sand like guys side who then. Let's restaurant tomorrow just go to jail awaits the city NB Yazoo City any. And he said he ZND yes Tony I learn any commitment. If anyone thinks it is and tomorrow's is today it's still a look at the fairway and the video Amanda and I argue why gas. It sure didn't as the daily gets added beer in chatter you looser. Yet. An isolated was he playing forty Steve Gregory Clinton battle of the boat tickets is going to be over the emerald queen casino I'll march 17. Error error occur. Just do it rich. Price is not a month the car. Just how worried are. I. Think that's voters anyway kind of KI SW dot com for all the details. When you're watching if they're known now for Ticketmaster dot com all right Steve get asked. For those playing you know and Chad will last sixty seconds to answer ten questions jedi can pass all you want but you'll only have three guesses per question. Are you you're ready. Yes I am Arnold Schwarzenegger character became pregnant which ninety's film. Oh no it's. A hit song by Katrina in the waves his walking out of water. No it's. Well there's no. And it's now already popular Metallica's song is a master of Y times. Yeah it's win CD a cloud the purpose is to create a blast yeah. Are we agreed to questions win seating a cloud deep purpose is to create a quiet. Atmosphere no. And I know yeah yeah which is these fourth largest US Steven surface area. You know most. Awesome. Arizona now. RO. I don't know her receives it I know who received an Oscar for directing the 1986. Movie platoon. Oh heartland. Yeah well I Chad is Chad jedi yell what Gregg said a bad word and may god have mercy on your soul. OK I can hang up you know you're not gonna yeah you're not gonna win as you win. Muqtada bags yet they now feel good about your thought about a lot of dirty dirty birdie. Kids just did away Britain's. Man and one that. So ill death at a very enthusiastic about relies but he could tell that he was yet to set the in his radio on uses solar that are here now Mo Pickens a big star dad he's a big star. Don't seem pretty dejected right now as well and word yet Chad did a bad word. C word no old no horse is the C word now I mean I really shot. Yeah. Well why how. Steve. Please don't say that word there anyway words and aren't are you ready. Arnold Schwarzenegger scare your becomes pregnant which ninety's film talked about it it's our top five opt waves now. Yeah. I graduates and two got the received. To total recall now an arsenal tasks. A hit song by Katrina and delays is walking on water walking on sunshine. All of a popular radio station I don't tell the song is master of why Xbox X yes. Wind blowing easy they have allowed of these purpose is to create watched talks between C tackle out of the purpose is to create a wide range yes. Which is the fourth largest US stayed in surface there asks California no terror out of no matter of Texas now nerds who received an Oscar for directing in 1986 movie platoon. All the stones yes. Lon Chaney junior was the first persons of portrays which classic movie monster on expelled. Dracula knelt Frankenstein's knelt got a lot now I don't know which gases exhaled by humans. Best names now. Yeah just naral new. What I'm seeing 34 that's a terrible score Steve but just like you landed you in board to one that has been a better performance. Let everyone down there. Down. For the small fast today politically should definitely do. I'll read today. Arnold becomes pregnant what movie guys feel I don't know dear Judy here oh yeah that's the only way I didn't yet there's going to be there's not one Jewish and I don't think so I I was only onto his saying yes I hope. Aren't there and you know why I know that now. That's just not. You know the answer go to Jeff I didn't staff. The fourth largest US stayed in surface area that the lovely state abortion good news or somewhere we're close we have to now go away where in the middle of the pack on the ally are you sure yes and no well no less is number one. And that Texas was not surface serial ass is bigger in Texas OK if money went down one of Sodom and I went yeah. I was going to be what we're well I don't she's hi I really thought it would be Washington or Alaska no. Slapcast okay yes give it to me and now Montana. Montana's I get us. Courses bigger than has ever ever but I price I'd never ever I have actually I came I drove across Montana but I don't know why I thought it was actually smaller than most gigantic OK good good for Montana. Do you know who Lon Chaney junior played I saw Lon Chaney junior walk human Emanuel does and I. Order roses London though it's in the song. Wow yeah. Spyware will play the where extended play don't Wear loafers and now that somewhere Ozal London Warren Zeev on great Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney junior writer might not mistaken don't play the character I have no idea on that one has again I didn't Le pen and thanks thanks for coming and the gas that is exhaled by humans that is carbon that. Dioxide and I was sick and monotonous and canosa a couple of reasons I was like you can seminar series overall and I that's I don't you do Israelis CD's that are receiving maybe. Congratulations Steve your 104 correct. Yeah ace PDA there's effectively giving you junior right when it's Friday junior. That's good point. Outside they don't call before you don't suck you're gonna get tickets to check out battled the vote march 17 and McQueen. Battle of the low car numbers which he foray and I call for. Sure. Contributed. To a slot which I Barack you know you've got four retired yeah. I I got me a survey. And we had a surprising number of people who will not send fooled cook back out cook food better I should say it went from a more time during our car camp. So yes there are people. And I surprise about this there are people who will not send their food back regardless of how wrong their order is. Because we hate confrontation that much I'd been a high percentage of the folks in the survey have to be from the Pacific northwest because we are very non confrontational area of the country. The CI I don't know if it's necessarily just that because I have an issue of confrontation sometimes dries my wife nuts thank you I bull. Engaging conversely if you are not from here though no put on what I'm about to say is that I don't know if it's necessary that because. I won't send food back because I don't wanna get back what they're going to give me in other world good point I have a fear. That even if I say it the most polite way. That is gonna come back with somebody's eyes hair that's not on their head or something along those that it's hard to think that that won't happen so I try and I guess I look at and they assess the situation like yours is good enough. Find much of a deal with this headache. Don't tell us into the back was I got a burger and I I don't I don't like my burgers rare. I like my state where like no valid lawsuit she was some reason to birders indicted today attributed to Simpson while my stomach break we kind of feel nauseous. So I was like them either well old form we are medium well you like Mike you like command hot juicy that's right now oozing with Jews Alou hit. Head. Belly bacon belly at this burger came back. He kids pink announcer I can either it was finally my wife and about the agency asked screw it time to get sick. I can tell you my wife was like you need to tell us that knew you I know you're not gonna handle this very well send it back and I was like so I am really sorry but I. And they were cool about they came back Kennedy gives me doing three or four pews in the in the and I tell you right Steve I I I backed is that a reason when everybody say that's why they're afraid to central back because they think the message that I was waiting too many times in your feet. White and pure jerk that prison was awful in if I always kind of necessity with the server if I see that she's crazy running around I had someone like totally forget my food and then bring me the wrong thing. And I just politely asked him like hey this is innocent what I ordered an I think it was something he couldn't eat them like can I please get it no rash or find. Super apologetic economic recovery. Did my thing though I'm just like even if you're nice to the waiter or the waitress. My theories and they're gonna go back to a cook and be. Big cheer jerky to the way the cookie can I ask you screw this up and then. No doubt I'll be. Even though he's issue or her issues with the the server has the. The thing I watch way too much a very server and it's talking crap to the cut staff you're an idiot. Because there's no wonder giving your food in their alleged to decide hey your get your table gonna wait longer than everyone else's and you no matter what they are rescue right like I've seen I don't know all the Russians either work that you're you gotta be called this the with the cook staff so you're saying no that's the server if the services jerk you're in trouble. Yeah it's heavy jerky either rallied injured yeah Jane. It's a problem I have recently I was at a bar where they didn't have steak Fries and give his tots instead and might yap well my buddy was I he questioned it into almost got into a fight with cook cook who had brought it how come the cook was having a bad day and he actually it's kind of stepped up and it was like you got a problem with this still book to read we thought he was joking so relaxing and we saw the look on his face realized it wasn't and Alison puzzles to -- we do is designed to be like not now not doctor fein were cool we love Todd yeah we really really do magic into a fight over tots that would be awesome. None really but I almost a vigorous 40% of people are saying yeah they are very uncomfortable somewhat uncomfortable and then that's why as far as sending stuff back so they won't. If there was a hair and your food would you send it back now. As you point out really really you you really doesn't bother me I don't discuss people. But I mean it's just like it is our worst probably I'm a damn for their meeting on managed you are all here the only 15% actually so they wouldn't send it back. Yeah but that's a good and self. That's it didn't let the hitter Jose it's probably a beard hair. But if it looks kind of view we did go low weird al-Qaeda attack but I it was a long piece of blond hair in my hand whenever server yeah yeah and then and the service attractive you like that's cool I'll keep this position I don't know why are if a fly lands and I listened to my eye candy it's now. My father was like that was a fight and do. Then am I he had the fire and. I go to being regarded to hangs on a proven and it's my food now I can my. Convinced Vick he's a CD and yes she kissed his honesty and that she's got more coupon than she knows we don't. Number I'm more discussion and that's why so I don't really care that's what I don't you touch my food either yeah I tied it Q miss. If you through came out of a dirty player would you send it back we will know Vicki went. About you guys. Hunter artery talking. The big news that I marinara sauce onion jettisoned a pasta dish to good question I don't know but you definitely tells dirty place. I will ask for different for her the spoon if I see the knicks are giving it looks they just think like the little stain I think the soap stayed whatever it down oust wipe it clean myself but. If it looks a Vista like food chunks on and on sending a mask for a new you cancel. And as somebody like I had to be a dishwasher before in a restaurant. In some stuff just hard again off like a exit they sit there too long is the biggest Haney actually get off as I was scraper and everything is pro team stride on a U it's been due logic intelligent and wants is something that got stuck on the lake I easy kind of forget it. You know you'll Ian and trusted for not for click the plate but gaffe forks and spoons in Italy during. I'm out there I would have won it yet while the place going in my mouth finally hit. You went Kennedy Gaza crisis savidge BJ yeah I've never had a duty played and I've always send dirty glasses back like I ordered here and is there something floating in air in the cited the glass I'll sit back K go here's your Beers I just fish out whatever it is you just keep drinking what is lipsticks a little on the glass oh Augusta my mouth front on that I can't tell. Okay but UN food was under coach Steve you I wouldn't send back a source told still. Can only assume there's a murder is a very subject and obviously a very small percentage of people saying no most of the so Yassin had baby back only 6% would say now. And if the entire mail was wrong like Mickey's big game. Only 3% of the same know the rest was so like you say yeah c'mon we Edison is back. They're not like Stephen afraid that they'll be cubes on there won't person says about the terror of being decent did discuss pulled Herron give you the food back there. I think trick is I read online and moving around a little bit move around over Celtics. I'll said he put to my son to be like this does the same thing and because I had a way to much solid through and you gain in the same place if you wanted to get involved weren't testing. He. And I assume you as you wanna be that assassin that's not a team that's an Internet attack. Now what you are saying flight delay about 58 and fifteen seconds I land. Our yes Vicki may you and Alcatel turning to Jeff Goldblum that's right Vicky he dealt with a fly in the you'll be like a little mini Jeff Goldblum and around. The awesome guy Don Macy's is headed in the restaurant business for twenty years as a cook and a shaft I'd never seen anyone master foods are sending something back I mean a Ricardo is lacy. All right like Dexter Carter sounds delicious you know it is it's studied every Mexican cartel hey come over Ricardo Cyprus mail message your fruit. Create. Commode reiterate that I had some real food service there was so I'm glad to hear of matched the hair was who's working to see if I could figure out who came for all that's a fun game. So that's tough with Vick because a big Israeli restaurant her hair was always different colors and relate to figure out who's who. Movement cartoons is looking good cynnex again it's like the time steak house I must tell us they gospels. Are also aware of that's what are those not foul ups. OK. Well why you guys are drooling over the menu is tied for listeners on the loose. A lot of slam it's great music you picked a topic you guys who show. 20642 on rock Texas 77999. And goat cheese kind of conduct. Because your checks at 917. And they X mornings. On the rock and now I'm 49 KI DS don't you. Dinnertime and proxy fight card joy a news listeners on the loose when you pick the topics. You guys show a 206421. Rockies and also Texas 77999. You talk about whatever you want but do remember seeing as a rule for listeners on the loose necessary as a manager and bring it otherwise. The Pentagon. And sigma. Oh yeah let's go to inmates in Everett made you who are on the rocky. Mormons don't want to know that's a bad it got worse than anybody. Oh yeah you talked about the other post apocalyptic event actually. Done so got a few legislators here on dozens of 31. I understand it is able flat I'm actually trying to get down to go see it this year and tell them how long it lasts like what does that weekend and their two day Wednesday when they don't yeah. Weekend event they do out in the desert they haven't got a little Paris just trying to cut out in the middle of nowhere. And I mean it's just all mad Max it almost that's awesome awesome I'm mad Max amusement parks and yeah I. I even didn't targets I mean the closest thing I guess you could correlated to would be slightly fewer. MMX dean Reynolds armchair it's just people show up on what their own stuff. Outrageous and get together and have a very tired but not waste and we look like. William. And just looking at the right now looks incredible is called the waste land weekend the world's largest apocalyptic festival and looks like burning man but yet more aggressive. Yeah at the that's what you're no word in French we all column. All the locals pretty it's for more news in their goal kicker G edition of the way our ally and I am I don't want unity. That they went. Political party ended up. They don't call our show Cornelius Bennett. And people bring not only customized mad Max being part it's. Due to. It was you do 44 truck and he completely ripped off all the yup you all the audio off our bench politically fuselage on its dead so what do drivers people. Please beat you know winning goal and another might but just play people are so it. I love that model monitored the camp out and all do you know or are they have places to stay I was that's got campsites you know that's what it's getting there you know. Louis Jack I'd take a look at this and. It is an honor what just as we've expanded to five days out post apocalyptic made ham have been September actually six through the thirtieth and tickets are 200 bucks. That I mean hey Susan good times that's all weekend no doubt pandora or five days for two girlfriends are trying everything and that counts camping and parking. That's not bad deal too awestruck person if you get the five days for the best weekend in your life is like your rights do you call it looks like burning man mad Max style is exactly what it looks like you have to take immediate and deserves it just some light industrial type bands are playing does look like a lot of fun. We should go I read your reading. Absolutely. Reynolds don't. I would say at a hotel though I might have to say all of. I'm on mad I'm not can't and don't they don't have hotels in the park where he's maybe than a fancy I think it's a nice hotel like cam campsite or something they have a waste land radio just playing during wesun weekend maybe we can get hired him beat did you hope Chrysler and radio it's a mix of rock. Hard rock metal industrial pulled from the 70s80s and nineties all of mad Max soundtrack selections and a few surprises. That's pretty cool that's that that is pretty cool September. Yet I side days down to Southern California in the desert nice. To kind guidelines. It's dictated tribe identity will be our tribe. I'll hand. Yeah that's that's a good question. Than a try wee wee bit tribal. Be it paint on put the pain honest I know we could be called back to earlier this one Netanyahu debris and kind of pot. And be topless will be the do we movies to do is make it's all right where the doobie movies doing movies okay. Yes you do we Louisa anyhow we've Leo look at their ordered Apple's had that it will all be topless except Vicki Smith he'll be the only one they wanna see topless below Schobel to reverse. How about the emerald Wolverine writers but hello Zack and I just type thinly gain name generator. Question did. I don't pull back the Lily sold shares that sounds exactly like great you don't if you typed in a gang main generator you can pick the black police soldiers or have a demon war Hong clan ma on that's not where the game winners and so on are all your -- now don't act like conference mass media any either so I wanna do all we're eternal maxed OK well that does some funny now that. That's wrong. This is what's your history your tribe wanted to Baxter is of the individual tried members well the other that you're doing in solidarity for the one man did Rihanna get out try to insignia. We have to establish a common area we have internal hard tried may temperature awareness turtleneck they'll be our instance. All right I'm way to market in and either I suppose one really wanted to do this can be fun. I I'll see you there I say I won't. Yeah I'm. Well I like this have admittedly I can't provide you Lowe's motor homes I at least can you know. Too much time outs and we just didn't get out to really mad Max are right as long as the inside looks good out here what you're doing the outside of that. I didn't play and sleep you know it was going to be called the goldilocks that's our tribe has nothing apparently is good enough for you. I'd been goldilocks Jack what I. Because we're just ready to. Phillips is because. Who spent two nights and you guys to be the dumb asses that's a good drive. It is it is accurate. 20642 on rock on peace drive the slightly Ali yes they're that that's us. The Seattle rockers don't fool I think there at the hotel just twenty minutes away Fini to live out the post apocalyptic dreams you know at that time it's going to be done at a time. Yeah I don't I Belichick got a tip to see everything cool happens at night don't know yet the problems nothing good comes of what happens after midnight yeah she's a beautiful that's where the nudity is gonna happen so I I think I got to stay still in the community is happening and one in the afternoon are off I get enough nudity then I'll go to the hotel. That's guys. All right well they got stuck to waste Lander is or was it always planned weekend wasteland we wait and get the waste Landers the waistline weekend. That is pretty cool that's a pretty good idea to great idea yeah. Let's is a loose you pick a topic you guys to show 206421. Rock text us at 77999. Morgan calls and texts at 933. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW don't. I've played night day night at the Iraq from Seattle blisters on the loose you've picked the top if you've got to show it's 206. What you want rock Texas 77999. I'd like to call your daughter into the room have some questions via text are and I did in his area. And in here and paying out on issues siren I'm and I can't wait for the rest of the month. A sick. Hanging hi there. Sign up close to both a few people have been texting a prank I actually is who have by the UN Dickey. They may study Sarah's pictures turn out that when hey what's up without third booed lost session but they're taking dead. Oh yeah whenever you see the pictures seen Americans see the pictures thank you. It was awesome guys did it it was amazing yeah he was saying so nervous and sent her and she rocked it. Yeah I mean did you not a cheerleader thing oh yeah I Dan rather ratchet outfits did you come up. It's cheerleader out head and then a song but he got me for Christmas that's really love two and then I found one of his shirts they're like a dress shirts Connolly hatter with plague topless at the trash on the song county's risky business re isn't there are guys that. You like them I'm not talking about my daughter and a song thank you really thought about that volatility is what this shirt BS and failure to say don't tell your mother and I sure nobody wants to hear this stuff about their family mom has there really measured as a bunch of lobsters on that's really good thing area. They're sexy it's just nice yeah. Yeah and we did them a of course sat at a car sat with some fish that some. And that Carter as garter belt has he seen any of these no no next month we're gonna look at them all tomorrow okay other favorites edit them a half and then have put them about business and possibly a surprise when you talk about this and it's a surprising hopefully it and cannot mourns the predator and defense but he are you serious. Yeah oh and finally John you robbers as the lessons that are radio he clearly went out and out on Monday two of his six who would you dukes and the day off frame locked public. Just don't know I dieters full because we don't summon a seahawk shared a hospital in any action auction would where we're number but it sure. Yeah yeah I am yes I had like big hours yeah generate only Jason and I are your survey says got to get a techsters right Steve humans what a yeah okay it was awesome it is on the bed. OK if you do it on the call I don't want to. I had a guy who gets on the stairs mediocre yell sides of the neighbors could say UNC gonna run. That is going to be an uncomfortable conversation with our neighbors they have kids from architecture they weren't happy to help pick up the best pictures yeah. I was so stoked to look at band tomorrow I really am turnout so awesome like as we did a mixture of really like sexy but also very scanty. Oh yeah we did a lot condi is a very fun fun and and or finally awesome news like only got I kind of wanna be a porn photographer now. How big he knew what positions to permeate. What sits up in much to stick out what what to Andrea Jones yeah I put hello all gone now I have grown and I and I believe this type of film that's going on and on your own home be Jeff thanks as interior guys think this is anything but you know pure innocent fun yeah then I saw. All of Maine I thought. A DJ yeah. I don't parts of Sarah and Amazon have already seen make it many times I wanna know I don't wanna know this doesn't is a yes or about the picture of the served an abundance to Graham. I'm just kidding Vijay from Chris Brown there are haven't had been Nyack but there are few and up like let's not okay Friendster Graham you like you're gonna share some duties on your integrated. And now. Well angle kind of glad the issue Carl Mason you know a lot of cleavage now he's wearing something she's not new you know which are when you choose we should all we created yeah. Only nine bogies you know I'm more like sitting on my high heels a violent man bought out by Vizio I don't know if there's like twelve. Yeah I can find you on my eyes and I hate this I hate this whole thing though little sticker can see her but they have. She can't really create and I am enough on Iran sexy pictures after a heated well being human or candy is apparently in that. Those costs are. I think you can make a living you actually can make a living doing this or debit you would love to have you take pictures in the commissary doing good job okay. Hey that's exciting yelling yeah yeah find out how much charge people Vicky is of people why it is doing you may get a charge up. Yelling in the weather company because they think he's booed long who who on let something like that style of the heart the fun yeah. Yeah vick's picks I like Victoria. So yeah it could victorious and if somebody wanted to deep pixie we've vick's rimes who Rick's picks. That's it should really say about edgy pigs rabbits getting picked by Victoria. I don't even model thin I had a little bit of the launch in the aluminum the class I want to be in multiple aides on Victoria to. Yeah lose the. It's. The ninety's yeah. We have another Texas governor and I'm in college you know if you're around after Rihanna now have now lets you know how the finished products are hopeless he wanted to Seagram and you know. I didn't listeners would appreciate it don't happen at units and let me know anything else happy I did and tap it. No I can't tell you is that when he played Tampa and Damon Goddard. Don't they have like the right you know look to it was yet again all open marriage like I got to get a couple little pushing a church here that's wrong great life the double. I think he gets in trouble because your eye on Sunday Lindsey Graham it does show what you like and what you don't migrate the other kinds of awhile back we had an an inter network with us that was attractive and she talked about in on this and one of my hockey but is it what is is go look like so you have like oh here's the picture comedy and drama disagree we talk about. He never worked within sort of you just early FaceBook where you don't I'll close it up yet holes we got everything goes like not there was a good deal very scandalous look at what is double tap do. They've offensively likes the picture oh damn he doubled as a disease excellently. What did you do. I feel like you that baker. Really double time and again unlike an all around my dinner we tested it out to see if that. They can if there's aluminum window of opportunity where it doesn't sharpen it actually is so there is I don't relieve a that I think that would be really operative all of a sudden she's like why Steve liking this the Tribune bikini yeah from like a few months ago hello this girl in her own water. Back then all of a sudden he's right back three years and just like this one pigs are. That's always the most awkward when you're like creep in on someone like this in 2014. Oh no no no number she's figured double album 00 and I. They decide I think three tablets. I was tough anyways they did for asset to fish is that I'm home now. And their color zones is the keys Dixon is still like Matt left and actually to feel like I'm like live there on the mistress of like a whore house. Yeah that was yeah this tournament damp. Sticky Mickey's not eat cookies. Yeah rarely actually I had snotty cookies or I hate that show from a class here Vijay Victoria's Secret pictures and I don't mind and I really do guys are just girlfriend guys. I mean pictures. If so how can this you can't you picture volume as a tree and my boys why you can make you human I think you'd make a lot of money doing magic you know I've been a lot of daylight are sure especially to do a good job that's even minutes. Plus the just. As they've been like they may be big you'll give me some action in my own a picture of this world I wanted to try to find a way to make it free I sell my photographer friends that think the biggest complaint is everybody's always a lose all hope you review helped me in and once trying to get what they do what they're hoping to pay their bills with for free yeah luckily it's just a hobby so I do do the trade play quick fact haircut. Start charging Darryl yeah so somebody could open up a website that system do you think he's not a picky since then you'd probably take pictures for them yes. Exactly and put them on her website and of course you can see it limber though because I'm still my lower back is still killing me gonna end well like archer back and I already about blonde who yep popped up booting it needs to end I had you go to bed and I can't Tennessee that's the oh yeah there is like because hers where the fine you turn that your heel on the Thong. Fallon really killed my back and I think he's got a very good time and if you do not that that ultrasound and ice can be better sometime and told them any gets. Okay this is disturbing to me move on anything r.'s own snow on. I simple and that's about all his eyes are everywhere I don't know there's an answer and that's the fact that I. Oh I hate each other and it cannot put in my scenario I have to draw the line somewhere your pictures are not going on insurgents actually what to do against Utley and say fans the most liked people put their night pictures blond hair hard I know little putter face and one half anymore I'll let you know what you're out on to some final here out. A blocking if you wanna be an adult and go do these things and you know like go find your own place and to take tonight pitchers like him believe my sanction that they can't they give Anna I think you're damn poll was here. Okay pupils she's easily share them with this. Meanwhile Vick he's gonna glitter Allred faces seven photo shoot not let like act my glitter like. Broke open in my makeup back in outlook everything I own. It's in my fool it's on my head it's on rehabbing glitter when you make a practical questions because of what I'll iron early on my and I she very. And my other job over there are occasional boo the waitress my last night and no it's the little nipple that Tenet. Yes the OK I'm disturbed and they're very good and you know apples and you had Lance. This series is dude for real let's get a man from Kenneth W calendar that he does all the sexy pics could you imagine the Ted Smith. Salt face down ass up the. Yeah cheering you know I can't imagine not I don't know into Mexico firefighters Philly. Sixty these guys Rihanna sex they've met now. We're looking radio I'll put the Edison sacks. Well yeah that's right of course the great Paul Stanley. I'm thinking one guy's gonna have a lumberjack look what's gonna happen happened a year maybe Ted can do that would and a flannel and the beard yeah yeah and we can do movie DJ. I'm telling sigh sigh he may be like sexy spotting something I think he'd like I don't even participate is right take. That's right they gonna get your photon things could be like your where your view don't know very you know. No I just got laser added that part of my career is all right did that before when I was in my twenties and night by the stress is a sexy Spock is a stripper I'm done with that part of my world. You can post the old pictures of you want. We'll tell you I guess maybe I get eighties error wrestler Max a Seattle eagle US Inglett it's just mere reason of I want. Now we don't wanna be nothing else likes to take the steps slowing down because I'm woken up. Definitely got to deal like a little by little has exceeded. You Atlantis oh my god I'm so happy now it's red going to be. Food I don't know Sonny seemed hunky sixty steam punk there we go to put some goggles on the top my head and announce exactly I don't know now maybe a little solved I'm around him. Tailing off of some sorts sandy where I withdrew Danny unity apparently media sexy Jack's content or something I think sexy pumpkin for October so you'll be hallway usually October apple yes no will a month would you want. Cool. Was the short smooth February. Not that I haven't gotten that out of fairness and listeners I should be the shortest muscle under a fairly long and adore me for that long. Only got to soak up here I don't know you're not stuff does not happening police tell me anyway a joke. Luke. Maybe to sixty soldier. I'll decrease can't really. Like Boise older and AJ AF. Keep it together right after I have more than time she's been really sexy teacher according to one text or. You I got when BJ in uncle Chris can be together and they can be battling with their Lifesavers well yeah. You're not I I know not to Euro soared from a few people even better Batman and Robin could either. Keolalai all illustrates how we go to uncle Bobby you said no the bat mobile. Well that would be the best part of this whole idea outside of that you can be like on top of the hood of the bat mobile like Tony I couldn't remember what's her name the white leagues and yeah I tiger saying yes now the but now I mean no I go to the no OK okay cast the Covina kilts of course asset can Omaha. Some media take it easy Vicky holy cow all of somebody says Abby gets through either winter months because of the eternal Mac cannot. Yeah this conversation this forever an internal links. Says its calendar happen I would by the S out of it yeah William logic here Kabul EB I mean this he is he a military sites you know I was kind of thinking maybe lake six computer guy like a bill gates' net sixty picture Bill Gates Asian here. Something like in an office or accumulated sixty mr. clean but I can you IDs and all Paulo you know I we learn from the hop. Yeah no discern what I had that's a that's all right there right there I'm done with this conversation I have a question that needs to be answered. What do you think is the top saying. It makes you an adult. Moving out of the house is something good pictures enough that poses outside at 953 on the Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Point nine KI SW Iraq does Seattle. And is survey asked 2000 people rank the top fifteen. Things that I officially make you an adult though do we get top ten. I've learned those moments this earlier maybe feel like an adult crime nonetheless but finding other radio ads debut record Pablo honey just turned 25 today. Damage you're not an adult well I guess sister I I get to become an adults on a mobile just trying to use Chinese dairy connection yeah I'm still waiting for the data had become an adult. Well I know my daughter doesn't pass this one. Why is actually compare unveils. No she doesn't it's her fault right yeah they did some graduate I'm glad to see if LA. She's. Does your own laundry tiger that much. Doesn't really allegations that much of a budget but now I actually she is really good job of her money before my money's just not much if I'm moving on your parents' place Ricky and Sarah. I didn't ask. Him if we really are now and I came back. That's true. Technically just if he can do a my parents we'll be back again yeah having insurance yes there is never insurance. And since golf is not a masterpiece while from now. I'm making your financial decision not asking mom and dad he had that's or break it up you guys are adults did mental patients who normally shows an adult. Hey. All right yeah. I guess what he's up next to them are dropped I think it's made us. Does somebody said one of the worst things you could say during sex. What do you want for dinner tomorrow we'll show it off and. During should just. Climbing up the life you haven't done that come now I would never I don't see anything ma'am I just made it gives you grounds here there and I'm not having any conversation. Something delicious you make a lot of grab grunt like MSU. Yeah I don't know him pretty much had imaginary. In the mix. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener if I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court just makes me nervous. Going to court is never something new something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either with you and when you go to court it's not always for the judges actually was the trust he pars the trustee's attorney. Wanted to be one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is if you give your attorney in the horn all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's what we're trading for your discharge is your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during the history is usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we put. That's where there's all the information you've given record than yours truly. All right thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapter dot com and that's just choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.