BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-06-18-6A: A new survey says 49% of people think Ross from Friends was wrong for sleeping with a chick while on a break with Rachael.

Tuesday, March 6th

News and sports. Today is National Oreo day. Ichiro might be returning to Seattle. Jimmy Graham and Michael Bennet might not return to Seattle this year.


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Hi Steve and I guess we should start over the breaking news of dude dude did did did do you know breaking. We'll get a service breaking news very very important I guarantee this. Vicky who's normally sleeping right now and he knows just sits in the chair where their eyes open looking like she's awake for you know she's asleep. Wake up it's. Me a break and then China. This is a stir it this is suited to you like this story Vicki. Thought your favorite TV shows. Not trapper John MD. That's what we've had a big Assad watching it I don't know why sopranos is up pops and I'm mind kind of and I'm gonna say yes it's I think it's true greats in the eighties they had really I mean no it was only. I think it was the I securely with these late 70s80s. In nobody wants that sort of thing I'm. I never did either of rough is always that's always the first show I think us. Yeah arms 79 and went to 86 or someone had no watched it only 1980 sit I don't you have people watch it religiously. Mom and dad dad dad dad my step dad watched it I was a boy it just goes to show him and there was nothing on TV background. Now who should go back to watch it and see if I let you do that you let me know you think I'll get back to you and I'm not busy this actually is about dead Vicky is favorite show friends. OK there she is she's awake. This is new survey. Thanks either until about friends and I don't know this is about friends or at this surveys what people think in general but it almost half of America. 49% think that Ross was wrong when he slept with slowly while he and racial or on a break you know on a break. I was in a big story arc on the show was the whole or that was signed the laws of what we run a break goes that is always I guys that's friends I say OK yeah. Yeah I don't know wilds of Jerry signed dogs loose on the test of brown is up what these people on the break. So Vicki I'd like to know where you weigh in on this so you like 49% of Americans are you like the fifty drew one to go now he Chloe it's very answered yeah. I think she when she said it like I need to take a break. She met enamel because he kept trying to pressure him pleasure bush is like look I need a break from neo lets like police stopped. And then he'd like on all busy and still armed and we really kinda heated Ross Ross got worse as the win loss and a different than Ted from Eisenhower met your mother had to be just became really whining Wii needs is a long while your little bitches yeah you know let a roster or is there Rachel she deserves a better man and Brad Pitt yes yeah. Well I'd worked out. New episode actually. Let's eat yet he played a guide it with a high school with I was really chubby that she would she would like not ignore and everything and then the the starter in high school that she wasn't dramatic to have them. But Jamie Lee Curtis yeah yeah. But no they editor Arnie married at that point. All okay that's how they got them yet. Did he have you watched friends. No I hated it channels I'll go yeah I said the reason actually kind of like Danny. I was curious because I just wondered now like what shows are past people's radar because they're too young for them down because there is having this comes as lets everybody Stephen Barrett talked about Gallagher of all things. I never go and our other friends. And she was just like. Yeah I had no idea where you guys are talking about it and we had to go into detail about why Gallagher was also Michael used to like the carrot top of your generate all can I get now you're saying. Telling my guys had to do that yeah but at least he's a Gillen used birdies in his state. Man that made me feel old you know and now wait just wait maybe a few more years and everything you bring up from your past is gonna be too old for people. I trapper John MD oh yeah your right to back classic that nobody knows that I was like we got really excited about talking about down the whole time and hard hedge is clearly what's coming in the newest is brother and his Brothers and undercut him by going to smaller clubs do the exact same routine for. Less money. It really was like wrestling without wrestling downgraded our series or the greatest stories out and you make a movie about the well yeah you know something why not let's see samurai he did a movie by Sam Rockwell is Chuck Berry. To Paris or otherwise he'll be gala that Miami fantastic. Oh is dean loses a real story that. Oh yeah definitely a TV show and like mimicking life for something you're on the throats kids yeah live longer yeah. Gallagher was his comic. And he's a prop comic so you bring my got to judge I don't know why this is funny but we do you try to do with me yeah. As a kid at that he was the funniest thing in the world post and not a giant watermelon you put on a stool and deploy this giant wooden mallet because dislike dramatic yeah. And he just crush it and but Alan -- just fly out into the crowd never owners wearing my targets and ponchos and it was awesome and hilarious for some reason any told Diddy told jokes and it's leaner service of naked eye opener Chris thinks the imminent cartoon like be spoofed him yes and I was like since he just smashes watermelons but that is the punch line down OK that was as a fairness that was his signature piece. As you know he had to stand out somehow and you know we need so funny jokes they're recording they weren't the greatest Joseph America but he had great delivery grape powder and then. His signature piece was I got a slight dramatic and you like what are and then it was just ridiculous because in the early days. People were not wearing ponchos because they didn't know what was about to happen and then they would just get destroyed would watch on all over the in the front row or whatever he decided to crush yeah he'd crush other stuff oh hell yeah let's just like dramatic you press that there's a very sensitive machine. Yeah it then his brother decided I. I can make money yet because they kind of look like him so he had the mustache in the skull it. And he went around to smaller comedy clubs and charge lasts and he was Gallagher two. That was on an Israel weird. Issue between the family because all of a sudden the Brothers doing the exact same routine he's gonna cover band of his brother death. And they had they still like on the outs or they I now I lost track on the slant on and I think there on a break okay we'll I would like to see the lifetime movie and that's ya there there there on a break. Well they they go that that's we've covered I mean we've covered some amazing. Yeah iconic cultural history on the show and looking Danny's face is like I don't care about any of it. Always see Gallagher I think I guess smashes watermelons. Yes go look up when YouTube I don't know one person of the Toni to friends side so mash I Love Lucy that's I grew up watching. Yeah my problem was is that. We thought friends was really achieved so I felt ripoff but then. What happened was true yeah at the trouble was though it was generational because you know friends came after and younger folks really hot you know. Climbed on to friends thinking I signed Phil's too old for me but I sold sign felled enjoy guy we're now about this friends friends with the Gallagher to assign cell yes plus one see that. The way I thought about how I'm it's How I Met Your Mother like I thought friends was just like it. I don't know like How I Met Your Mother was just that friends and I'll pass I don't like How I Met Your Mother first well I can understand America's UN the same response that I did two friends of friends because of science I did see that was how I make in my congressman there's a direct ripoff of France is is I mean obviously change some stuff about it at the dynamic I mean Ross and Ted most of those who was it mostly yes. Are the exact same damn person generally are their cool at first now than and is completely became wimps and so and so is Barney basically Joey. Rule that's a tough economy is he kind of like a Joey his wasn't Joey always a guy his Mac and on everybody else did never is a better dressed generally yeah there's a corporate generally he was corporate Joanna yeah. I out of I was somebody online right here. They think your wrong Rossini considers leaving with a copy chick until after he called Rachel Martin is their processor for jealous of Martina in that moment Ross and Rachel dubbed him from mark. The thing. Kept pushing racial labor how jealousy was his he would her botched. I love the attitude. Really we're rehashing something from what 1997. But it's very divisive because you do Iran Ross society because I guess because I I was book I was the Ross all the time I could be right leg whoever you want yeah. I'm the largest I'd like you know nobody I was way too sensitive for the room and that was a problem way too whiny for the room so I totally related to Ross. He's such a little pitch yet well they go and they need to. And it didn't hurt curry he want her to quit her actual career so she would feel bad and then relationships are all wrong. Exactly one takes a broad plan totally forgot about there was a black Gallagher and I was on do tell shall there's a skit on the Chappelle's Show I don't I don't know if I ever saw that one or did I for totally forgot a black Gallagher. Yeah okay and Donna noted the subtitles are you ready to smash him fruit. The Chappelle. It's awesome. Our hey here's some other breaking news. Kind of it kind of disappoints me not because I mean I like the fact and it's happening and one way but than it really makes me think of my team and another way but I guess a Seattle sports legend. Is coming back and see we'll tell you why I'm not so happy about it and why you should be he's got news for you at 617. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Study nine point I'd say I had W their Iraq. On Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well and he can't even pronounce Paul let's say this is news wings teammates. Thanks guys the big day for you Vijay says it's desk and every national Oreo cookie day as bad here. We're glad it's. Got kind of stuff to clean up butternut stuff Paramount. Just plain old simple Oreo Cookies I am now a double stuff man I don't Paul Meyer about it downtown today is not your day. So not doubles stuff and all started though did I mean it all started how long time election. That's as good good good talent says today we celebrate the best selling cookie in the United States. The Oreo. You can be even by itself but it's often paired with milk. He can be used to make cakes milk shakes and other desserts and can even be defrag. Yeah I guess city Oreo mix flurry is incredible okay. I know that's how take. It's called take actually it's. Guess in the leg up like 400 billion of them since they started she's 1912 they've done OK for themselves there's stuff about. Ichiro you guys remember each drill here at their mariners great. It's 6090 plus looking pretty good that he's going to be coming back to the Mariners. He's very young he's 44 years old guys are spring chickens that I had if he passes the physical I want San net is he's most likely goes on with the Mariners for a one year deals like barely any money in the world of baseball that's gonna get much. And really the reason why do you consider bringing him back is because outfielder I've been Gamal wasn't great player last year. He's gonna miss four to six weeks of an oblique injuries so that opens up a spot free throws we're not talking like guys you're making a big difference. I know it sounds like you're not too excited about it I personally like if I think he should end his career as a mariner now be pretty damn awesome and let's not forget I mean he's not. He drove old. But last year at the end of the season news play pretty well. Now he can offer something bad play yes I mean obviously they think he's better than anybody that they can get from the minor leagues. When you feel like well like sit on their depth chart outfielders cannot talk about a guy that they're expecting everything's gonna. Revolve around yeah I yelling stuff and catch the ball I mean that's that's a fact but yeah I'm foresees is not dispensary was investor that was. Feel like such great players plus hear from you soon Ceglia says oh yes my own little schools all possible missile television knives in them kind of our lineup realize that the Seattle guard is the main reason why he'd like to come back to see I had no idea such passion for the Seattle dog yeah that makes a lot of sense now that Kelly as well thank you try to go to school. Possible missile television ads in them kind of keep wishing you happy national or local. Wow Mary LAI feel badly now there's a jerk thank you so I'm tied sorry each. Two years you're not happy about this at all. Well I mean yeah. I guy I'm sad that we are a team that this is what we have to do like you know like the Yankees the Red Sox brought make big splashes and yet do nothing and you know if there is a couple of decent players but the manners guide JD Martinez then we would need Ichiro. And I'm so that's what I'm upset abuzz lately we have no state tax how did we not how could we not give GB Martinez. All I know nobody thinks this is a moment if a home run hitters ballpark and nobody wants to come here that's why. All right it's hunting for Vijay I'd take my manager if if you can end this here is America ready to be pretty cool but I Anderson where you come from a I just like the fact knowing it's not like they're expecting him to be their guy when they're. Top three outfielders it's not you know nothing ES Ichiro is all about like OK now I although he doesn't like what you're saying don't suck us it's. Sorry Jim I think it's cool he's coming back I just wish we didn't need to. Comeback cats of injuries Barry's is that it is highest among some other players that we might be saying good bye to Bob. Pop the Seahawks there's and there are reportedly like we mentioned shopping Michael Bennett president pretty serious stuff. Conversation that they're having one of the teams that they've been talking Tuesday Atlanta Falcons that makes sense because of Dan Quinn the coach of that. Falcons former defense hosted CR so I wouldn't be surprised if he'd like to have his guys back. With him over in Atlanta this time it's his brother still playing the dolphins are my mistake and his brother I don't know I was in the repairs he took the bears played the Packers. He played with the patriots okay I don't believe you played it ever falcon falcon tonight and I'm prizes but then again I'm. I'm not super on top of power they're minus three or neither are my ideas children's book. Oh that's it's very nice and the idea. I Jimmy Graham looking like he's not their return to see ouster saying that they're expected to part ways in free agency that all starts on March 14. So and who knows what's gonna happen with that I bring up the story only because I love the news reports about it so let's just let this news reporter from New Jersey talk about what happened. And it just keep. She's pocketknife. I stabbed say it and punches thrown this was the scene of a south Jersey Chucky cheeses last night. That could be the greatest kids party lost Heidi that's a fact apparently the big brawl happened between two families the reason. An argument over cigarettes. Honestly can't make this crap unless they have this place you can go to why these things have to check it Jesus loving the pizza and fun and Austin is why are people fighting I one witness says. Why would you all do that in front of children. Yeah that's we present yet that's not necessarily what they like that happened here and the Chucky cheese odd man I got another reason why such a good thing we don't live in Rhode Island. There's a big bill that's being proposed that would charge Rhode Island residents a one off. They got the best term to use in this situation for a twenty dollar fee to access porn online. Yes couple Democrats it is you visited send their open up blocked sexual contents and non offensive material and that. Consumers would have to list that block but only if they pay twenty bucks all of this is such a money grab the ball actually and went on a bunch of the whole game I would imagine never sounded a lot richer because that is after. That's the difference. And you don't tell me what I can and can't watch people. And I think he's a good job Rhode Island. I as far as whether it's 49 degrees and sunny and output no one text or Martellus Bennett retired after a stint with the patriots. Followers. Says he's a free agent right now I don't know if you like willingly retired or you have not having any luck finding a team Italian name you know a guy I I think I'm just confused. I know somebody's somebody's on the falcons some as I thought somebody was related and on the phones like the Iraq. Well into truth we got to find brother I don't know maybe that's what it is okay that's what I'm thinking dependent from the guys I play a hundred years. It's a totally yes so I don't know but I think that a true Tucson yeah fascinated and it means you stay. Once I sexy says you guys weren't listening to what you try to save properly so we should listen to any games as they did they actually speak. Japanese are OK you try to ruthless control. Muscle on muscle television rights and I'm kind of he says that teachers are huge hockey fan and that's the main reason why he wanted to come all yeah because of course that he had the Soviet premier big hockey city each are huge hockey fan yeah I forgot about that. Well they don't mean it's I like it mandates and Griffey junior ending his career in America form also I think Ichiro I don't know where is my hit world I think is trying to get 4000 is something that. I would be awesome PDI and the marriage uniform Baghdad 3080. Career Major League Baseball it's 3080. Yet alone and he's not gonna get 4000 called Sherry can this season's dash yeah that's me. Associates and enough at bats before oh yeah yeah yeah he Haitian military should tell vehicle so thousand hits the season. There's got to cement that when I mean he's he's a first ballot hall of Famer right I would be so yeah please discuss amenity comes back to the Mariners say he'd be going in as a mariner and I think that would be really really cool because that's respect the bulk of his career especially when he was really really good yet at eleven years with the Mariners all you know what I'm thinking is is that I think now that he's well I think the amount of hits he's getting plus what he had in Japan we'll get to 4000 hours and already done that Gary has done that he had over a grand in Japan yes so. It's sad man because them he already proven he can do a Major League Baseball to Betty didn't start his career Major League Baseball because he would. I mean he would you it would be so amazing and I hope they do count their. Well he proved he can do it in the majors here so a guy knew what he did in Japan should count to. But you're right he'll pro day he should be first ballot hall of Famer you never know what these extremes snooty writers I mean me about the way that Edgar Martinez has had to waste. How prism you Marist Kennedy to lose terrible only a gimmick to sell tickets are non baseball fans in sixteen years since the playoffs frustrating. I don't play much how I understand why someone's upset about that that is that is so how I feel. Guys have sold such low expectations I think the team does as well let's say he's got a console one for a position that is in need right now in the cycle cost a lot of money and there's. There's a cool local tie into it off I'm not too. I EI mean is I wouldn't mind if they had I'm here if but but that's all they've done I mean I doubt that I Gordon kidneys a good damning he's OK I mean how mine that died but. How he says that he's make him big splashes him with just you know a week I think DO tiny thing really trying to. That encourage kids almost Seattle Mariners fans and than you know where's yes I did her sister and a cup. Yeah I mean I've said before not to get too in the weeds but. Without a salary cap in baseball there are a lot of teams and I think the Mariners may be one element surely teams like Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. It's not that they don't have money to sign the big players they just don't have the money to recover from a bad signing like you know like up Pablo send them all was a one of the worst signings in baseball history. But it seem like the Red Sox have the money to absorb that kind of mistake. The Mariners don't I mean if they made it's nothing like that they be screwed until his contract went off the books these whenever they would get a comeback from that. And that's what sucks about no salary cap but announced. Steve I'm glad you're excited are you still all anything this is the year we really depressing you down sorry brother enemy and I know sunny it's great but in seventeen Wednesday seized. Yeah that's right our seventh changed this year. And sale of real America stuff out there now is some of their. Well you don't got a new report from the Federal Trade Commission because I know you keep up with the and Steve as. Moral O'Neal's. This is interest in more millennial lost money to scams. Than their grandparents did last year pool. While I don't know why am real cool. Why you think you know IAE EO he would I liked. I just think that the you know younger people in each generation I feel like they're more sophisticated and savvy than younger people a previous generation but on the flip side at all. Some reason it's a scammer you're also probably more sophisticated and so you know never got to the daily decision from Nigeria and you got ten billion dollars to give yeah yeah I mean other yellow the more of crafty. Yeah your right hand thought about a mission scam so a lot of that stuff so but sometimes it than they do a good job of making it seem like oh that's something that I should. Pay attention to. Now there's a silver lining. Not that's only the number of the people who lost money so the number of millennial was higher than the number of older people over seventy years old. But those older people did actually lose more money. So they sacrifice more but I feel like part of that's because they have more 'cause if you're a young person you you usually don't have as much money as an older person does this. You know you have meant saving is long and you know you have been here so that might be one reason. Well how about this here the successful scams fake debt collectors. Okay. I think I can see that that's a beating because you know it. Because it companies will sell their debt to other companies. So you know slapped he's got a collection mute the you'd think must be a real deal because you just know about the practice of -- he he won't get a call from the hospital anymore because they soldier got off to somebody else I'm iso. It's gonna Caldwell where I'm gonna be it's a delight that might happen and I'm. Can he gets on knocking on my door saying hey it's been. Three years since would be given you notice is an unchecked while I just assume these were real cause a lot of times they get on these stupid letters in the mail I just that most of them are. Our home from her physique I like the way you go three email just Toronto I do man look allied. Don yeah they put that was the electric bill polyps track. I don't understand really. Identity theft is also a big thing that's really going on out there and but they're saying they were falling for skin and so are we doing things to give our identity. Control away tossing the Internet now I feel like Alec. A lot of people are just handing over the information in the sense of him without even having to just people going your social media improbably to figure out a lot of that stuff. Plus I don't click on hot links on emails anymore. Ever they I just don't don't even if it looks legit this is say you gotta do this ice thing you know I'm gonna go to your website and hopefully you. You know you communicate with me there are good which is what you should do is supposed to just Marie or email. You're never gonna get email from something like says a U almighty sort of the and I might even be using like eBay or something along those lines I don't even bother clicking on the link on is good in my account. Yeah and click on notification inside my economy I don't see a notification. Scam doesn't exist yeah and what if they're taking into account like their kick starter kind of go find me played stanza do occurs well that's cool wind yeah sometimes people are trying to Tug on your Europe in your emotions. I see a lot with Nike on part of at a hockey message forward on FaceBook the goalie group and a lot of times. People like hey my friends follow my son lost all his gear and a fire aryan. Are there not to tell the truth but every once why you get somebody it's like my girlfriend bar all of his stuff was stolen and people find a day guys you have a girlfriend. And and all you do is pocket all the gear for himself because is a lot of what people wanted to pitch in and help us be charitable and help in many ways they can so people like mailing that person gear. And he's getting free a year with no real girlfriend and no real soft story. Yeah those people should be put to death can yeah right let's take a year I. Yeah I just feel like they've they've they've they've they sour a lot of us that we don't wanna give anymore we get cynical it's a slap and I and I really I of the harshest penalty I Camby for these cameras socialist Gamal people may because I'm not that far away from being an old person get scammed. How did somebody stays out of my body Los. 18100 bucks to some feet chicken Albany, New York oh whoa. Noted this is my wife had a stake IRS agent tolerance is he dead she needed to pay 4000 dollars encoded jail. She called the actual IRS and realized it was a fake and that's from Chris I'll go further she called the real IRS site note the IRS will never call you claimed had this and I've talked to a person they will never call you bill to send you letters in the mail so general already IRS is not real don't do any usually communicated Tokyo on Facebook's actions. Not yet that's really their preferred method yeah. I SA Steve. He did get this one wrong what is the pin on the back couple whale called a fan now. DP has been no funds no because it's not being half a big ask him yesterday who organized. I think more so when was the right answer new on the job Christine. Or actually beating CWZ boy's life. Joseph six fortune one rocked Washington yet to have played Pete makes it 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees you know one of the things people ask me how many times a bankruptcy lawyers should. How my going to tell these fees and costs because I'm here because I can't afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand and me being in seeing him in the bankruptcy field. A new one of the things to remember is is that if you decide when she makes the decisions you filed bankruptcy. 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