BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-06-18-7A: How did your parents embarrass you?

Tuesday, March 6th

Beat Migs. Jimmy Kimmel shared a great story about how his mom embarrassed him at the Oscars on Sunday night. Luke warm topic. 


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April 7 they'd sit and slide coming to Fremont boundaries and a great tradition of reverend bacon fastened. Tequila and Todd goes man he had this time it's fear and sliders full. So I think we've got a good breweries around here right that we I was able from a couple Justin you've won and you know what we have got a great restaurant scene and boy again everybody's take on sliders and that way you really I mean you're gonna have. That's great assortment of bruise and sliders and you want your ticket you go to KI SW dot com get a now the courts are great causes benefiting sit inside. Good as it can slide benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean. Came down. He hey it's. I returned. Lord schools are. That's right just days so that means it's taco time and less that means that Steve had tacos on Monday did you I did not all the yeah it enchiladas. OK okay it's and I can't I don't know it was a bunch of vegetables. And an Asian inspired then I'll please guide com. Okay what are now doubled down the Asian inspired Monday I would like to say yeah. I don't know there was an easier if might have an Asian was like that in some very inspiring so delicious I know is it okay yeah. Because yet you did really solid I don't know how does either oh it was just seeing her Friday it had expired rise I have stir Fries on Friday hello disturb our Friday and all these rules man you know let's be honest we have a human very passionate about food. This was not inspire and you're like I had somebody who was there is an I don't know I when you have to be really liked you Joseph but I mean you model it was legit great I just forgot what I had and so I Don and enchiladas and told they can out of my mouth and I realize that that was good enchiladas. Well hopefully you're breaking news here for this game I don't think it is rather have a big guys that are coming Don I didn't might lose this game and we've got Korean. You take you on Gloria you there's certain. Try and an excellent what's to blame for today's Steve tickets check out desk lamp burning journey they're going to be erected chords in the theater on September 29 go to KI SW dot com from the are you go get you to get that live nation dot com I Steve get out of here. Don't play your home court will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Corey you can pass all you want but you'll only three guesses for question why are you ready. According to the medium if you can't stand the heat get out of the watch. Agent asked what kind of animals are featured in the children's book water shipments down. He'll know. How many pockets physics pool table. You asked how many symphonies to Beethoven composed. Twelve note to. Now. Narrowed Jesse James was married to which actress from 2005 to 22 and do you Latin prefix bull bold refers to what organ in the human body. It's hard to know. You need to know to it. I know the average lifespan of a hummingbird is how many years. Didn't want to know. You know current. Streak to narrow the year of the late two thousands to Patrick's. Away. To download Germany united now well you when you're going guess there's so unfortunately not rules or he had dropped to deuce what. It's yet or any gas is only June Greg's. He's playing for journey tickets so munition stop believing that's a good morning. I have a chance to hear horror I mean. You start frivolous there's this week. And here comes the bad guy. Antitrust laws so I hate that day he's got to come through that item from a saucer eyes feeling the losses. On the horizon didn't quite possibly. You maybe these questions aren't there at other whereby the will be awesome so maybe I'll surprise myself. Yes. Are you ready. According to the stadium if you can't stand the heat get out of tension yes. Yeah kind of animal feed is featured in the children's book water shipped down. It's economists now more snow. Sharks know how many pockets doesn't pool table out. Six as company symphonies is Beethoven composed of 69 now as. Jeff I know. And narrower Jesse James was married to which accent in Paula yes the Latin prefix pulled both refers to what portion of the human body. The machine. Lever. Now to heart notes. Kidneys know the average life ahead of Haitian companies and bird is how many years. To 69 no earth. Need to know tend to natural split here in the late 2000 the tragic swayze vacillate. And 2011 no it's. 2008. Notes due 2009. Yes I'll have to analyze wow. He's speaking out for her ex you win. Glory yeah. I appreciate appreciate playing about as low score happen. Some of these I mean I know that they're this stuff you used to know and learn. Yeah jeopardy the cool hair is alive god damn hummingbird levs yeah I don't know Bob very big window I had to pick from. Well I hummingbirds don't live long and us open maybe you go for a round number ten and gas and eighty who looked. AD is a little bit much there while this guy dancer Ronnie was a single digits and couldn't get it either and yes you're correct yet I guess they're for that one BJ I want to say it's from today to verify yes ydstie says why well what you said a nice round number I cannot rounds what does Iran number I thought they even numbers around number why would an even number I have to be around number I don't know I just thought that was definition I don't even know why they have just I have to get around number would be an easy to reference number Elena would go for like 1510. Or something I thought around number no you don't run number is it has no decimal point it has no fraction that's that you roundup yet you run around four to be around that's been around enough for his so if you are did their -- but I'm absolutely correct -- years and I completely correct you said a nice round number every number from one to us Jillian is around numbers I was up -- I'm -- wrong. Well how he'd get you all thought you just nice for a number of at least he's like it was a huge window well yeah but I'm still not run the there. This is a lovely cumbersome. My head I. The Latin prefix pole low refers to what organ in the human body. It's the pulmonary. All the hut while I was at heart yes I guess in a throng. All right was in a row on the next to the heart pulmonary his lungs mama don't need all your rights among that Vicky as a Smart. Well I knew what I was talking nice note it was connected to the and I believe what I'm bucks out of you and I both agree it's good and are featured in these children's book water ship down. But else's in the water. Does not it's not a total water sun and in seahorse notice how popular and that's one of those fancy books you're supposed to read yes or it was also a cartoon Boone it's hard to guard many children in their use to connect children's book exists it's about Raddatz. And Ravitz king killed a lot I post this no but it was a it was it was a cartoon and it's basically rabbits running for their lives in the higher with the boomers it's not a children's book read. It's still a book as Ravitz and had to okay fine whatever you zoom or remove dry flies a children's book you have to read it when your inane school you're having a banner day today and just because. Doesn't get pictures here in your dumb nit pick doesn't mean that I'm wrong my gosh you know you are early images of this I mean even if you rounded up Brad this is not so that's why. I I. After a lot of wires are down it's not a kids watched it and read it as I hear loss is very violent. I know is thought it was a movie like a real movie was only cartoon it was a cartoon movie after all I didn't realize it was a cartoon movie yeah well they guy know nothing about water shut down obviously the lead but I'm admitting his post in the goes this okay simmered down there companies and these did Beethoven composed. Is it around number well yes healthcare brackets that no it isn't kind so close and with 69 I can't say. I hate giving Iran credit but the book came out in 72 in the movie came out in 78. For that came out first so there was a watershed gambled on how do you Steve is saying it wasn't a children's children. That's what he said to you when I was like are you saw a seven year old read that book how. I think they want us to cut where are you yeah. Means you is where a lot tougher back Manuel agreed that's right and what are you talking about recently was a Childrens well what does that kind of came I have to do an. Please don't get kind of helps. Any any days' Ortiz and ask convoluted I don't like they all took drugs at different points of. I'm not at war with each other good drive in snow your wrestler we are not unlike. Well I don't know Reagan kilograms yeah okay thanks hey I welcome that run out of steam at least you are under game enough to win yes for critics of gradually. -- getting out of this room deck off for you check out journey and Def Leppard that's at the gorge in September call or 4206421. Rock RI. Let's see if we educate people without proper story with the right facts okay. This year. If you are in now you may now feel sold but I do. This year marks the fiftieth 50 the silver anniversary. Was the cause the golden anniversary of Led Zeppelin. And Yahoo! you're still not gonna get a reunion but it that's what it is it's it's it's the fiftieth anniversary. And you know for folks that really where there were hoping that they get back together for the fifty. Which you know I kind of thought maybe you know don't do that may be around one show again extended. Over in London. I am our plants like no. That's next nine years old and a clues he says here's why he says quote. If I didn't if I can move on from Led Zeppelin it's I didn't do that I. Wow hey happy fiftieth street I think. Yes so he's moving on all the time Jimmy Page and I'll be a war yeah. She's a widow who's who rates take care of I think if you can sing the way you sang before Robert I that you would still do it but you know I getting your voice is older and it's really hard to reproduce some of those songs I can edit I get it but I still think that people would be. Very forgiving of Robert Frank's voice defeat in early team. Here's what Roberts says and again he does sound like a guy that just is like I've totally moved on I get I mean think about it. This is half a century ago that was what he was living with dead fifty years later he's a completely different guy. The music lives forever man. Roberts says for me. My time has got to be filled with joy and endeavor and humor and power and absolute self satisfaction while that doesn't somehow her comments on the road with you guys some visas. Cheer you up any says all that. That's not what Led Zeppelin. It's doing what I'm doing right now with this stand on this to a more than. All non mean and you donkeys. I'm not gonna come when he shouldn't have to do IM ER I two I mean just so a couple of shows speak. A couple man free before it is not a member of the band leaves us. That's. Skip onstage I mean dog where we sat do Motley Crue. With Vince Neil struggling to get through those those we still had fun. I think the most Led Zeppelin Thelma and you Led Zeppelin fan but that I did this so many. Huge Led Zeppelin fan that some great liking their teams. Depth JC those guys on the annual be upset if he couldn't hit those high notes. The other day and talking about like powered your joy and and and self satisfaction. You know Robert this isn't something you're doing for you and I get it you know I years you know you we're at the state your life where you are you wanna do for you I understand that. But I'd like you said a couple of shows. And get an end you know hey did you donate it all that money to charity you be helping a lot of people you can make a pretty penny out that. An and I get he's always gone but the. Charity is John Paul Jones is wallet and Jimmy Page while exactly. But you know what he is a human being used to muscle and I am but I still below this point until I feel like come on eyes of that is it anymore he's 69 Thompson you know at this point he's probably really factored everything into it I would that was does that help delegates old he will look back he did manage should've at least on a couple more times for the fans. Furthermore whoever but he 69 so I mean he is old he's he is old so I at that point I hill. Yeah he's mr. give a F right now its he's he does go there yeah that's for immigrants. They still playing music so if you love Jimmy you know zero Robert Plant you still could see image is not going to be Led Zeppelin songs he might bust out some Led Zeppelin songs and he has in the past it just won't be with those guys. Yeah I'm not sure if it's also. In my part of now this new thinking that I should get what I want everytime. Yeah maybe even that's it's because there are things that just ended and you know I've I have to come to terms of their life but it feels like. Nobody wants things to and or people want things exactly the way they wanted and they complain when it's not that way and and read and I just had a conversation about a one of our TV shows and it's like. I dig in and he's not and TV shows that cell blossomed as the wild day to day yeah. Yes it in my related Simpson zombies being killed you know I. I don't know stats say it's. Reds came in and he was is very critical of the way it was done an eye on the other side SI thought my god this is what my favorite episodes and it's got its drawn me back in. But that's how life is you know see. Things take turns in the if you know and this is a turn Led Zeppelin is just decided they're not gonna take another turn and Stephen Ireland I got right. I Jimmy Kimmel on the other hand you know most of one of the lowest rated Academy Awards and a long time unfortunately but he shared a great series faults. I feel bad because I think people always tend to blame the host was a host do we know I don't know he got criticized for bringing all people till movie theater you know doing like a bit you know and millions like Arnold does an Academy Awards to people across the streets of you know I'm not a mood you know and I think he's he's trying to make it fun people I with a yeah but you know this criticism MM with a low ratings I wonder if they'll have him back. Course I don't know who they're gonna deck as it's on ABC and I was again would they bring Jimmy Fallon over a hundred bachelor's host it this people on the outside and it. So I Kimmel did share a great story about how his mom just embarrassed him. And it was because of cookies it's. Appreciate that. We hear from Jimmy is 717. On the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I don't point nine KI SW Iraq called Seattle. Jimmy Kimmel told a funny story last night it's. About how is mom smuggled homemade Oscar cookies. Into the Oscars. And fed them to Stephen speak Cooper. That is so awesome my mother unbeknownst to me spent the weekend making Oscar cookies are cookies made life. The Oscars she would go literal I don't know whose animal around. She had packed the cookies in disposable Tupperware boxes and smuggle them into this show. So wildly Oscar shows going on my mother is in the audience passing cookies. In various people including Steven Spielberg. Hastings bill Bergen County NEA and that which really just goes to show evil when you're fifty years old hosting the Academy Awards you can still be embarrassed by mommy. I love that man. I think it shows that even if you're Steven Spielberg still enjoy a homemade cookies. No doubt about it and it was funny because earlier in the episode did Jimmy did a little bit with Steve discovery NASA if he had the pot on them. And he's just runner on the crowd. And I think it's really disease Lego make and maybe did because he took the cut in real quick step in my season this is awesome tonight two of them. I'm one of those Oscar cookies and I think that's a mayday. I sell stuff like that it really humanizing that show I I don't they bring Jimmy back you I think he did a good job he's ever wholesale only be a part of it. Yeah I'm headed in charity catering. This is a homemade cookies and you know see if you're okay how old you are yellow cookies. Tough. It hasn't of the kind of cookies change over the years we still love cookies are as they've never opposed to a good cookies. Are well this of course is a very simple subject since Jimmy really feels like his mom embarrass him by smuggling and Oscar shaped cookies and just carrying amount of people. In the crowd including Steven Spielberg how about you how did your parents embarrass you. 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. How did your parents embarrass you. We'll take your calls and sex at the killers on the Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle's. Jimmy Kimmel did a great story about how is mom embarrass him at the. Spears on Sunday nights of based on this how did your parents and very issued 206421. Rock you can also text us. It's 77999. Let's go to Stephen throughout Steve and you are on the rock type how did Steve know didn't Laura bona. NIC would you have forced anybody. Yeah so in fourth grade. Our annual Halloween party my mom directly into all clown garb yeah who and why. I'm because she just thought it would be fast but I wouldn't bet that I didn't live that down all the way through high school and back that's still skilled people. Today from Michael and they mention. Gosh today that must have been an ethnic costume that they did that they were just like okay your Mamas and idiots. It was not add a very old. Get out blitz pinstripe. Lighten red. Suit that big shoes and the rainbow weighed whether they'd say that gap would all get out. It's at a flour and escorted people. Equation and so yeah. Sorry my of flour Askgreta water yeah I'm Michael Powell sees that's cost us a whole different way to be embarrassed my mom got worse as I listened to myself say it is. Well that's cheese and how many years ago is that Stephen. You want to keep focus now and that was in fourth grade I'll match. People assuming if it's cool though mom wanted to again be a part of the only thing is she must apparently no other parent does I guess she must on the bizarre something to adjust for him to sell here today like moms and and it goes away account clown. I did ice bring out my parents never would have died you'd like to know these parents did that detonated just like I'm too busy and I are doing on that. A demo mine and mine I actually grabbed the audio is from Chris. I always have once or hours ago my dad's an embarrassment Akamai as the kid playing hockey. Because we that was just wait to me is proud dad but they sometimes taking baby proud about is some that don't like. Go to the aisle a hard time dads they grab his clip Chris last year Mother's Day loudly enough we called to talk to my mom on the may cast my dad decided to most of the talking. And then he shared the time that he embarrassed me out a fellow hockey rink and I here's my dad. You go back in time to talk about the time that he was embarrassing to me. Be you who goalies and defensemen move like skating around talk to each other so then again do you lean on me on the ground and he. Well meanwhile my dog is a slight burn like he knew golf do the candidate and and manage and you don't know what I trek. Do you do you want to attack I can call glad it didn't want to do my. Best. Friend call me. Hi how are you wanna catcher dusty yet yeah. I don't look at. And I'm watching this Alves I'm playing goalie you know I don't know why my dad hitting my teammates would just pack our own you know way. Man that is a beating this is one of many instances where my dad would you give. I mean then he was so proud dad and just you know what I mean like you do want to see gold team to rally around their goalie AK's son that was always the case you were just kids are easily distracted. Of the accident and I was hitting him with his hat and your own team and helmets on it was -- our guys whose only heard Elliott hurt let's that's nice view in the worst of -- he was only one other buddies parents have decided to the board to get involved in a fight with her kids were having it is unbelievable I don't really is the hockey parents they built a fence around the -- is an outdoor -- -- was roller hockey as organized cool -- puts it they built a high -- price ten feet high that wrapped around the boards of the entire range. So that parents wouldn't go on the on the surface and attacks they're. They're big kids or whoever what does that say when you have to build that's the general Paris climbing the feds sell the employers like mad Max she says. On roller skates. 206 hockey 20642 and rock Texas sevenths. A 999 Angel and marries though you are on the Iraq. Street judiciary good and bad act and I absolutely. This law I'm not a little long ones same girl I came out aren't part of my late teens I'm taking all my friends but don't watch it for the second time. My mom wants that you also should come along now sees the Bible woman who goes gets a Taco Bell Kabul male colleague and so good enough parts. Oh no she really. Matter so we are tired they give them we're understanding their ticket and now. Big tight audit her bag because people were bringing in a lot of salute. So she makes this huge game that you're getting discriminated against. Yeah they're kind of check her purse. Implement all my brand. No I am sure personal really good who always want no I won't go like doubled twelve car good Manila to fall and our absolute yeah. Oh man I turned red at home. Dana did do you just like you we you don't you don't wanna give your friends any ammunition and all the different jokes and things they could set after that day. Ali yeah Alibaba boy after that Arnold why not yeah. According oh Danny's pizza boy yeah Watergate scandal and it really that bad of an insult but still. You guys orange taco girl yeah. Like appreciate your colleagues who thanks very let's go to Jessica in Olympia Jessica you Iran Iraq. I just go onto the show which he got for us. I don't I don't college under eighteen years old yet you're here to get up Greer I I look at home. I commuted today little bit and thicker your midnight. Anyone actually. I almost 2 o'clock in the morning. I'm so are you bet. You know again I think you're you're knocking every door I mean the people calling. Home I was there they didn't. I hear about it. Yeah that's it then I say that's that overprotective mom thing helicopter apparently your kids in college. You know you get you can't do this what happened when she try track you down. Let the real thing that. They are I. You're leaving your car here you belong with me. It unnerving man. And see that no kid wants that's. We weren't a little higher little low little drawn worry. I. Fairways. Ice and talk. So you're not the female he'd get away with this is they've moved I did did you guys are gonna care you know I mean it mob shows up yelling at a girl about it at the monsoon yelling at the dude and all the son Mikey just kind of feels like. Hilliard crumbled to the women in the man where is the man trying to I got Jessica just Ohio I don't care is a monster resolve that's your point and I. I mean did anybody give you a hard time about Jessica. I heard about it every. Week you never know ordering. It's awesome exactly that guy any chance I get made fun of anybody that was my MO and how that works for Yahoo! look at me today I know friends. The Condo and onto an all right Jessica thank you for the call appreciate that. That size is takes my hand got cut up my mom used to Maxi pad to bandage it yes I went to school like that now school know all that is a Dalmatian school now my high school I still embarrassing because the teachers now Daphne and now. I would he knew it was then and there a link it's not embarrassing for many years after the fact it's a maximum mandate yeah it's it's a candid honey it's it's good for her to stop the bleeding my brother embarrassing hell out of me and I and I never knew it but it was a bad ass embarrassment. Because he brought me this shirt from Vietnam you know he was over and so you brought me a great coat. They bought in Vietnam that says fly united had two birds join in on the back of a coach this is in the seventies so nobody was weren't stuffs like that. And he had all he had me he had patches like another Josiah I want the eighteen where people wearing. What are the birds banging well woods is where Energy Star candidate but backed and you warn nothing edgy but I was clueless as to what it was. So I am in school and the principal every listen talk behind my back. More like the tough kids come up big dude you are so bad that I have no idea what's going on at all finally hall the end. And they go you are disgusting I what are you talking but am not they don't we're talking about. A dollar and so they show me and I'm still stupid and I don't get it I go chemist to birds are flying on top of each other. And they thought I was dead the other one of piggyback I really was that ignorant. And then my father always it was fresh my father starts last week but he finds out about the Benny goes like running as what you've taken in the my brother is like you and who you'd rather be up for cigarettes. So he set me up to get yelled at in school because he knew mood that I would Wear like an idiot not know how old. All I I was able I was very naive at like eleven allowances the brother you know his middle name yes I like tech guys are more when I'm in our guys aren't June yet and wait to hear more stories like this yeah it was quite a setup and the data but he but it worked out real well because everybody I was bad ass for doing it and I didn't know what he did what I was different. And those two sons and her. I believe she's nuts. Soledad S are gonna do one here for so as a freeze your dad embarrassing your data definitely has sought a mono Y can't be by your mother your mothers and embarrass not none of them are known I'm Oman sea. Boy you know we talk about asserting grooming habits of or nightmares but BJ's I jumped on the radio every once in a policy has not grooming habits so. Scissors now huh. Leave this alone Danny's there so we get introduced some friends of one of the jokes is my friends like do or do you know who died Jolie's dad it's no good kind of popular guy right right. Well we're a little drunk in my offering goes we might out of her this guy what have you had ever heard of Freddie force again. The blowing my mind is I've no idea that they don't listen to the show at this point. So I gotta go to this whole spiel about my dad and his jog and walk and me and dude why soleil love your dad Freddie for Freddie you forced. My dad's been getting your friends people I bought 30 yes yeah cut off you don't since they kind of go up there about each many ironies in fact he's cutting their mosques. And I had a guy babies it's funny the women not so much. I don't know that nobody wants to hear these stories I don't wanna hear the stories either. Frenzy ever wanna talk about my junk what are what this world. Iowa you know what I used to be nice then you can you know you don't mind you point them out to me I'm only buying drinks a non Freddie forced him friends. Okay I'll let him out all right so you're buying interest anyone's guess I don't know how including a son god that's an idea that you have brought this story out and I think given a good time when people and you don't know what they're saying behind your back. Unbelievable. You know Steve I've lost my faith in humanity you should now is your son's fault it is his fault it really is. Hey I don't know if you heard this other stuff I'm from I don't know I have I'm switching gears now to say. You know we talked about who somebody stole Tom Brady some soldiers and that's a dash activism and the media yeah courses like I had a highlight your life you you have to think. Well someone actually did that at the Academy Award somebody stole an Academy Award from somebody. And then the anyone on FaceBook live to show it off that's the best parts we've got the audio you're gonna hear it at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy are. How much as bankruptcy cost usually with my office we we do have flashy it includes all your work crossfire he's credit counseling credit reports. Anyone crossing chapter thirteen cases I usually starts in about 900 dollars. How would chapter seven cases of total tossing green on court costs attorney fees usually about 15100 dollars. We offer payment plans on doctor Simons and start to file a fire officer was almost 200 dollars. You can send your credit post Austral picture senator calls why you get to gather up your information you can make payments on the rest of the beast. We jumped to thirteen cases. Payment arrangements in most cases as well. She gets your case file be serious chapter thirteen case because usually organization aspect to it thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.