BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-06-18-8A: A man stole Frances McDormands Oscar award off a table and took a video with it.

Tuesday, March 6th

There is a new list of the sexiest and least sexy American accents. A man got busted for shoplifting and said it was on his bucket list.

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At the governor's ball. After the ceremony and I guess this is a dude it's been doing this you know is another reduced its just one attention. Name is Terry Brian he's 47 years old. Even made a video claiming that the Oscar was his he wondered for music he's from fully rock kind of talks yeah looks like you belong Sunni means hesitated to these events man that's that think busy. He's done this before. Confidence goes a long way he's got a ticket they get okay end and so yeah he had a ticket. He got caught he got arrested but he had a ticket is event and the out grabbing and holding awards show trophies I guess that's his thing. And they knew he still gets a ticket he still yeah that's what gets me. The New York Post has photos of him with a sag award and golden popcorn MTV movie awards nice. This we don't know if he planned on running off of Francis is or Oscar you know Frances McDormand of course for the three billboards out of having a whenever movies she won her fourth. But who are we just wanted to hey I want his run around looking like it's mine he would return to the table I don't know Tom buy it yet. Now imagine that that was his goal yeah I mean that's what he does I can't. And you know or maybe suggested this is an Academy Award and given this back. Yeah I guess it's it really is unclear but that's what he does he likes the note taking these awards and whether an Audi Q some well. The big Boys and Girls Club. The new baby. He's Smart because. You don't know some of those minor awards film editing music whenever you don't know who the hell and he looks Grady stress of and it's not so easily could look like a guy that won the award it this is annual look at it doesn't say best supporting act. Actress what I'll show you have to ice guide to the courts just right it didn't know she won four she did idea I'd I would think yeah I should be on the Oscars save a supporting our display as you know look close enough you. In I mean that's all that's over and I respect I do want to be very. Willing to let people touch it and look at it but if I'd. I would imagine when he gets back to Frances is great song immune Clorox Y two I pull it exactly yeah I was I was you know give me away away from me out anti back to whistling this crap Bob Graham Cuban case in this thing. That's what we live right now I mean I've part is annoyed I think it's is because. I wasn't raised that way like he's so he's vocal on yeah you don't do stuff like that so I'm annoyed but I think. Danielle Vicki you kind of think this chemical this guy did not really all he's going until then ironically. Say shut the hell out there dismiss based on my trophy as the appointment. As missing easy sets of hey baby girls made boys like stopped. Yeah I mean I can get annoyed at somebody won an Oscar with that group like creepy about it to take. As Amy men men now. Plays alive how he really did when I go everywhere within ourselves to Red Robin holding my Academy Award I I think you get just a relatively gas station to get my gummy bears now while holding the Academy Award hold on a program I want I can I put this down for a second my Academy Awards. The skyline never won one. Yeah probably because they did they have to give to the right people that I assets decent into the film that's worth a damn. I did you jerk priest I feel like I was well that I'm ready I'll SaaS supporting actor about that was your best chance to my only chance yeah we UN backed commercial yearly goes slot guy or something. That's true that's pretty impressive very tactical bad firm firm for babies it's. Yeah I can't believe that they have early tab you more because you're you're you're an up and comer here the it guy I did yelled get the bag yeah. It is you know it's it's fascinating how some people are. Because I've met people and did not know their accomplishments and I walked into somebody's house or regular looking house always and best actress sorry. Yeah I will what do what yes whoever was she one yes she was best actor sure right. He. But I wanted this house are normal look keen. Like split level hall look. You know it what it was an ostentatious. It looked like it could be any suburban home. With Danielle middle class family and and you know they're nice people and all of a sudden I see mom you know in in an office. I you know they honestly this where you know my wife does your work and I go Michelle she's a choreographer get a gig and then I'm Michael in the office and I'm seeing on the lake on her desk. Emmys kind of like. Boo. So I'm Mike hey you most of those Emmys it asks can he dance yeah her is she no she actually Korea if she she has done for Korea choreography of the Olympics. Like she did such a great job me Olympics are fixed. Well you know they can they design programs and finished. Yeah and as I DEA. And yeah so is it it's so it's you meet those kind of people where they keep them hidden and he was you show me around my house and I just happen to spy I am myself. I super glued to the hood of my Jeep. Yeah well and where put oil in the stone will what is some gossip have all his he's got to make united closet so yeah just a Grammy Award would even know yeah if you if you could get your hands and have won the award which would be. It would be an Academy Award. Call the it really would I would I've always wanted to be a movie star I thought that's my I've ever in high solid chance and I mean I don't mind being extra Rodney Dangerfield started late. He started earlier than I did actually she was. Was he was actually I don't think I don't years yeah. I what are you know I I thought about that I thought of I retired from radio and had enough money. I think got my monitor around Hollywood is Kleenex and see if I can be you know I guess my friends my wife's friend had been doing that for years off and on shelves. Yeah I think I would go with the if we go like awards show words. Grammar because I think the moon man would be the one I'd want. From MTV always yes even though I still do CME's mean nothing anymore but the Vietnamese were everything as a kid growing up. To me that was a more prestigious award. Then winning. And Oscar or an a Grammy or even an MTV video music award and is a cool looking statue did is the moon man with a low and TV flag especially the average popcorn on the MTV movie awards one that's as close second 9 o'clock a distant second I think a balance for me would be second and the first one would be the Nickelodeon mobile app for the kids' choice award does that look like it looks like an orange plant. It's amazing what is kaleidoscope twosome snorkeling if you look through it all that's awesome and so it's a multi purpose kind of stature so is it not the Stanley Cup I was incorporating sports awards the gap because I've changed everything you're absolutely right now goes straight up Stanley Cup NHL's trophies. Yeah we don't get to keep that. All I would kinda. That would be the problem I would imagine in remote around my house good luck keeper of the cops yeah there's there's they like I imagine you probably want the MVP let that would be called the MVP of your sport. Yeah you get you know I guess the goals move me and over that they really going to eat outside of the moon man I would want would be the Stanley Cup. And you can't have the Stanley Cup so you're done unless she really emotionally this guy hey baby girls look at this these steal it. I'm looking at that the award you're talking about Vicki Nickelodeon blimp. Yes it does it kaleidoscope but it's sixty yelling get like Archie McPhee Isa firebox Burleson whenever he's an award I want to get slime. All you know the big old brain's lining Downey ever since I was a kid I wanted to get slime I always wanted to go on Stanley double there. And I was on my family about in my dad's teams don't win Helm going on that stupid shall do my thing my iron or bother to apply. I'll let apparently think we can't speak English so well then I'm gonna sounds like Sandra let me tell. You what we should bring Michelle back and we should be the Stanley Cup okay. How dumb do you like like they're not a celebrity family like you can make that we gotta be celebrities and he's bloody zero's on its network camel that's a couple of dismissed elegant it's colts finally got signs Denny you also Nickelodeon awards now you're gone debts mine had some severe reaction was very yeah dads make it now or urged to blimp that's true acts one and all. I'll buy you rebel would you like. I like you and me it just looks really cool would does said the globe and the lady hanging out like has sort does that hole look it's awesome it's cool idea moon men as well Gavin Gary picked up when do we could just look at the end does look amazing and it's a step that that that's why when I recognize it in the office yes it's going here's this here's that here's the opposite my wife works like to do. And I 'cause I'm thinking who would put fake Emmys there that's why I had to ask I kinda I kinda think I was sarcastic joke oh I love that you get their fervor they like a fake Emmy goes. No she's she's on the cities some like our old cruel cruel marine congratulations yes sure is certain that the enemy is a pretty majestic looking trophy. I just expect people who win Emmys to live in fancy houses I don't know why look at fuel and an Academy Award an Emmy award or a Grammy a Tony should be off fancy in these guys were just regular Donner are awesome people. We'll articulate Super Bowl rings to like and every one and opt for the team data sometimes will pay like so if they'd like young addicted teen photographer would get one if that team decides say he's really is our elected Seahawks team photographer got us who have already been on every team does that. But I think that's really keen to decide on a listen I got to pay for this though the Oscars they don't just give and everybody's friends from your Frances McDormand won an Oscar so here's how it's got much her assistant and I don't know if I'll ever get one of those and yeah I did the did daily if you win link for best picture and Alia people who works or get it do you know I don't give Oscars to everybody was on that picture of some is I was a fan I'm a fairly front of the camera anyone a couple of Emmys he told us that they actually had to pay for them even if they win. Fool. I wonder if you gotta pace for the statue oh one assists just depends on the person kind of thing whoa or maybe he just made an up and and then again we jury a reason I wanna pay for it. You know then when I Vicky I'm telling you know about this but I don't I I can't believe they give it. Do not many people on a movie how how did they stop you watch the credits of a movie you saw the digital people themselves they take you and Jimmie everybody and or an Oscar and everybody. Yeah out of nowhere and cut off would be yeah that would be tough injuries and I take an Indiana ward Howe hockey. Chris Alia was maybe an award look like humbly I hope I hope it's it's it's huge it's it's kind of like a guy go arm or girl going maybe guys are going to be usable. Oh you mean you wanna be usable well I don't want one but I'm saying oh won the award would that be funny don't you could use it a rule Amanda looks lies at the door stopper of course all yes of course I'm looking at deep 20s15 Adrian awarded it looks like. An Oscar but she's evil people calm in a great race gas and yeah. I just romantic looks. Use of coal is shunning any thing you know that if you're brave enough I lose my wife is behind sculptures that look like that permanent house that would that that would fit right in our. Actually impressed by how somewhat classy VA handle her case to determine Leon Wright I regret is two bodies pressed up hugging but I would have expected a lot worse yes of the veins or something you don't GE's it and it really does look Oscar like yes and that's about it well I think navy and that's for best director I want to ask you know what seems happy how I would of course try to win best director hate. Now okay if this is not a big forum if you check the tech Sunday here offering the Sonja. I wonder what is it green. And runs on SNL and I think other Keller is out here is Alan I don't teach traditional green Texas or something tells me that he's getting slime every night dvd can't. Yeah I was waiting for those silent Suze is I want to of the award difference later gave to Harlem look at the in the Star Wars. Well that's how are we have a whole new world now aren't you out those of the the little like a medallion around your neck. Terry's runner WEB slam equally I'd be a good one too. Quickness very prestigious awards wins in the world press slamming entertainment. A quick side note imposing an Academy Award but you're he body slams a really good that's also it. Yeah that's the I guess as the most how do you I. So Lanny how do you want one of those Steve you're such a wrestling fan I would be how the award. It still doesn't come anywhere near the moon man only comes the awesome but it looks like it's like bill he whenever you sparked a war in there I thought I was the ABM or the team of the awesome box. That's an category. Chernoff. Man I would say about this airline passenger who got completely. Naked. And then started watching porn boy that's a finite lives and can't wait to be on. All match forty year old I really thought this would be an older person. A twenty year old college student from Bangladesh really wanted to Bangladesh. Was flying home from Myanmar. On Saturday and got completely naked shortly after take off. Then while he was naked he started watching porn on his laptop at that he was in the middle seat to. Car you know that's one of the crew members late am. Sir a year I kind of got to put your clothes back on which he did it a day can menu on the window seat Amar I thought they dial. And now all of I don't know what I would expect yeah they did you are using the little sea world area is in all fairness there's nobody sitting next film on either side. He's completely naked don't even close bloody that this happened that Selena lol not a body type who would make a difference he's still may kid but it. Yeah yeah Al east anyhow so why. He's losing his hair yeah but it is on the head I mean girls a lot older than twenty Japanese. That's male pattern baldness has got some issues so the crewmembers like what makes you think he has issues. I yeah you're right I'm judge I'm very judgmental I should be judged the naked guy who's taken care of themselves and pray that claim that his eyes closed. Well he's probably you know what he's he's he's ready or easy to seeking and that. I might have been done yet he entire she might even tired it was a it was a stressful they served that barf bag was supposed to use for adultery is. Oh. Yeah. Why foul. Come by the way Vicky you're getting people warnings on even more. Yeah one of the crew members like hey dude. Put your damn clothes back on me was I right and then decide you know wide. I think I like to hug you right now I'm Mon. I disguised messed up so she's like no do a one up and doing the he got pretty aggressive. Several passengers had to help hold him down all of this wants and is that job. The crew members and tied his hands of the piece of cloth from the rest of the flight deck for the rest of the flight. The widows who was drinking or what's going on. Did so they did this guy was basically just tied up until the plane landed. He had this idiot and you just on a plane that hit and they his pants all the way up. Now I don't know just to cover everything but his bare butts on the seat just gosh. And you know they're not gonna really clean the seat that much they're time for the next flight now so Sammy Sosa messy not known what happened. I have. Snow okay. Anytime you OK okay. Our airline he resigned now I don't I wanna sit on seats anymore because any of them and that's how about you had a buffer yet he's taking your pants off. Now you know it depends on how long a flight. No short flight that was my wife my wife always shows up with style wet wipes on that announcement she cleans up the entire. Area that is within an M touching distance of her seat confront her her seat the wall. That the plane the window. The Israelis. Oh yeah it's and it into whatever room she's in that row we spotless. I like that because I start I'm my Mike because you know my doctor said if you really don't want your calls and stuff that's what you gotta do get those web what's nice to make fun of people like your wife from now on that guy you have to look at Jim yeah. Your wife and a B grade were you do it half the time free flow Dupree flew together we always do all the rooms. While well they go that's that's your story of the day naked guy on the plane and if you give Dickey found the picture you can do he's a delightful looking chaps. I don't know fight com sexy but this is the next this is the next thing I have talked about. I know is he's sexiest American accent we got a lot of access in America which one do you think is the sexiest. Silly and 817. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the. Back nine point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle all right. Let's just test your knowledge see what you guys might think. The sexiest and released a sexy American accents. There's Yorkers seven that unidentified do you think New York easily sexy now sexiest York close I hate to say are some I hate to say it but I don't know what these people are thinking. Although a FEMA now with the take New York accent sometimes rely on militants so subjective sort of skew their find him very unattractive tonight I like that they could just has that. It's good you know it's interesting Kevin because you are from there yeah and I can understand that I here's why you would like it. I sometimes think it's you know I'm attracted to accidents that I don't hear a lot that's what usually gets me don't OK. Mom. But it's never been in New York accent I've never known how much it did and we Europe awesome person you are accents like best dads who could be the hatred of sacrilege yet they're SS literally could be good natured but got a New York is the sexiest the second sexy sax and voted by this survey. Donna and hostels in different European countries so they asked the European what they thought of American accents and New York is for them the second sexiest. I think Californian because like I've gone and talked to people from other countries and he's bra. Kelly asked him can you do an American accent and then as the one they always do so is like the Southern California might rally guys out in a totally yeah I do yeah and that actually is number four Vicky. Number four listed Chris Texans enough pimples cheats him like a hard Boston accent. Well. Diana it is tied it and unfortunately. It's number three it's a way to get pissed and animated Tom buys guy did make top fives and let me take some right now I came to a New York Jackson anymore. That is on I can't do what you get her but if you get around your family should be able to lose your mother father got a thick no they don't we're not tough. I'm now happy boy he's day till we oak. I gained an attorney you do when they're active and you know amazing that you know he just is definitely a fine lighted there was. A lot of million liberal I'm really. Yes it's I'm I don't know there's no way yours accent. Just on Americans with New York you say hi you Dylan and with bosses hey how idea it's kind of funny though that those leads as the standard greeting how you doing there. You don't man how I don't know where there is but how you do a bed and OK okay. Cancer in Boston nice and seriously think antidepressant and yes the only guy I. We. Yeah that's me yeah mark to market that's yet because a lot of people don't know because as soon buddy yeah that's where us Seth Seth I'm from grew up the Massachusetts. So. So yeah I never for a Southern California there are three is Boston emirates whose New York anybody I think a shot at number one you don't matters with Dixon is yeah. Oh unless there's some of that barbecue. No data batted it and number one it's not a member long but it's one considered sexy but it's number five and six sing happy about man. I don't. Hawaiian. Hawaii and not on the list. Really. Yeah not and I love. That the best Hawaiian money honey and don't grab yourself there it's on. Please I get pitcher and how low yet I'm sure I dislike Apple's blank has seriously do you have mogul won't go via. Who see I don't consider that an American accent it's in Hawaii is America but see I think that's a Polynesian of girls they got going on over there and an American just basically bought the place. I guess and I guess and I guess we always bought the place really but for some reason since it's a newer state I feel like those accents were from some other place I know is an airline. It's like yeah I knew that shot Minnesota. And it's considered the least that this is access money it's it's again accent how about just southern in general maybe not Texas. You are winner Danny I'll rock back there guys coming into the southern Belle accent yeah. Army Lowe's if you tomorrow and I was in Mike Smith upon Hong that's your heart he won't steal hospital like console detainee. Theory kind of get there Vickie Lynn mostly alone. I mean I'm from this hour. Let's say one of the hottest carriages on TV right now in my mind is is Maggie from Milwaukee dead and she's got that southern accent and she's actually British but she's. When you say reps you get that southern accent down on that show Gary act she's actually really united I was surprised when I've done as she was British. Yeah but the Chicago acts and some reason they got. As an western accent yeah S. And that goes all the way from Chicago to Rochester new York and buffalo they all have a version is that accent pillows as hot chick talking whatever. Accent she has is hot minute ago. I agree I don't know any. Since then I've heard that if there's someone I find attractive and they're saying they're talking whatever actions they have a Mike that's a high accent because the tickets hot trend drought and I had a friend Janice I'll let Mario is only tie. Our game. My pants. Why I don't know what that's that's a New York accent you're right I forgot about friend and Annie you're right that's there a chance for a good day I'm still within many years. Kind of yes at least panic at night here and poses like she's. Yeah here's this thing it will really throw you how old you are with the nanny. Is the little girl in the nanny who's naked all over California occasion and every day and I'll bow in the latest episode in the latest season twenty Natalie ZY or watch that show my wife and Mike. Why is is naked woman looks familiar and now I go look Grubman. Architects are going to be Kiki wrote that southern accent please send jealous next person though San Vicky how much resort with this third leg sticking out and I'd marry you. While all you know what I stand corrected amid questions on the list is number six actually I don't know that you come in west and number six Alicea who they assist kids. So the most the least sexy that Minnesota. Which makes sense because your you when you travel west you go right from that accent to the IU matchup then when you think about it so. I like the guy you betcha there's some women in the Fargo TV show that I watch to that I kind of you know got below like all right you know I don't know maybe because it just though. Did they there's safety just seem like there's no problem everything is ya you betcha and is no problem and they just dismiss it. So I really made us about that North Dakota that Minnesota that maybe libido is performing well it doesn't hurt their Kirsten Dunst is in Fargo season oh that's right she's beautiful as she does the accent yes she did do the job with an accent. Well they go so there's your seven southern New York Boston Southern California Texas midwesterner Minnesota. That's what Europeans think I of course still love me British accent. One person is number Steve because of the guys we blind podcast and New York accent and her sexy actually a pretty funny podcasted there's a couple chipset and pike has dubbed. Guys we asked also I haven't heard and asked how about TJ bang all at Arlington didn't even get those guys to talk to them and that's actually created seuss style depth all right I'll do here I'll do here is simple those girls I I haven't heard of some how sexy they Sante. Plus or not it is have sex and the people so that so that's probably why don't like podcast really look at Steve you know it's like you're twelve again when your hear news when you tell me these stories. The look at your face it's like Agassi thirteen year old Stevie get his first hustler who's Luke. She's okay wow look at that face I can you picture of the cover right now while. AM news yeah. This guy can only like that I mean really don't see divinity sheriff Steve what did you have again not for dinner last night yeah. See after Asian stuffs. Dose of first hustler cover yet it has stuff for them vegetables and you everywhere on Kobe remember your winnings out mother love bone baby okay good songs you'd like gentle readers okay good. That's pretty UC you have to pick a song you want it. All we want it both of us on that some young but there's no in my right I think that had your input. Oh yeah yeah oh yeah I had no exact yeah. Yeah I had no input my wedding so sorry yes it was I think a Whitney Houston Teddy Pendergraph slow my job I always love you are I know hold me that. The U we have a lot of Seattle music for our zone we get out. Out of the music of Brad was especially prevalent on and that teachers and a still Gaza from Pearl Jam and some other band in their incredible it is an easy guy to pick that kind of music in your wife went along with that that's I mean I was impressed and and I remember I finally met Sean Smith the front man for Brad just recently our band played a show where he was singing with the other bench for a summer two. And I a couple of drinks Ximian. I just kind of have put on him Pam and I say Italy you descend trip tomorrow would any man is sudoku is he. You know we saw an odd man cool. I can't stop employees. Aren't laughing at that point they are dumped them boys don't go back to not talking to you. Today's title laughing I know I always sucks when your drunken you meet people there's super nice guy tank came up probably rather aggressive I always I try you know in your trunk and you meet people and you wanna make a good impression usually when you do meet somebody like that. You never can all I impressions of his allies sound like a tool right now but I need to tell you sometimes I'm so I got the subjects of tell you tell it's a sexy ass that you won do you want to bring you want him to figure also. I am I don't know locked his backstage door right now you're not going anywhere Sean OK now you get the Billy Bob Thornton it's. Gonna give you my friend travel greater. A and be obvious get. Here's a lovely story about a guy was busted on Charlie was busted for shoplifting but I think we should let him go why 'cause it was on his bucket list you know ahead. The Paris oil off. I should. It's a chick thing mainly Imus Erica also Chiming in on this and it's it isn't isn't something exciting about being a club to maniac and as you go Wynonna Ryder came back recently was watching a TV Wynonna right here what it was like your southern. I think it's Winona all why don't latter. Mine owners got a big brown earlier filmmakers had. Anyhow I know I was watching some TV show word chick on the show also a time about stealing shoplifting because there's an adrenaline rush of not only but potentially any cop but also getting caught that's yeah that's an asset now I think many dudes have that. The realm maybe this guy does it's only an historic present at the female thing that he just wanted to steal stuff from a store. Didn't like I I don't ever I never wanted to get cock Kleiza steal all the back when I was in high school OK got to keep the stereotype on African. Hey conscious. Life figured my audio and put it to me this very simple way he's like. I may. Feel leave that I deserve racing and I believe references are nice things so I believe I should be able to get decent things however means necessary and so for some reason my six year old brain like I like that's I just started stealing whenever I wanted. And it became a game like trying to figure Al how to negate the double for a puzzle like a case of people here the cameras are here. The Sunday here how can nailing get a little tag off in this amount of time in this and that. It's like it was that it does a really good at that same bill it would be it a little less was when I got home and I don't look at all stuff I got. But I never wanted to get caught. You me because I didn't have the money to get what you want hours like Winona and people like that do right. Know about your daughter every day. Hang. Six. I absolutely hate getting in trouble heat it up getting the kind moto going into a bathroom at a sporting place. I think that the Senate's not lake who like I can get arrested for mechanic could could. Yeah you know you can hit it if they catch a senior vice outta jail where may I add a zero Mercer Island education get different. Yeah just go to jail for ninety. No you can't politician you'll aren't we are outline Aaron we really like go to jail if you have sex and background yeah. Public indecency. And I mean you are in close. Well. About last night line how all eyes scientists are stealing stuff Sarah I know you're listening to your heart you criminal don't. Steve don't steal things I really never knew I was illegal. Yeah. I have to rethink some things now only getting nervous thing about it I could tell he got me from having sex in public with Johnny Roberts that's fine piece of wells. I like if I was ever gonna harass us for something to be something stupid like street game you know like. And I think that's a stupid way to get arrested early signal yeah that's what I could see that thing you yours that. I never shoplift and how about that you're proud if I'm out. Take after me because I shoplifters of seal officer I was usually it's not a female only thing they're racist as well no you wait you're talking about a fellow. When you don't need to and you do it that I think might be seen only thing I don't know if dudes did steal they don't have to do I stole because like Vicky I wanna the items and I didn't have the money to pay form but we don't. What you're talking about is completely different they don't need to do but they do would anyway when textures that Dyson that was a big clout to maniac up until my mid twenties I did just because no excitement from it except for the adrenaline of almost getting caught yeah that's a whole different thing. I had had a friendly back who is adieu and good they go to north Stroud peso stuffing not just a few no and I residents are in other persons have my parents were rich growing up and I can get whatever stealing was about the thrill not a girl thing. OK okay. We figured it out with a five different examples we don't even need to do a survey no point well we've summed up America I have a question. Okay this dude this 23 year old dude named Tony who got you busted shoplifting. Hostel bed sheets and Clif bars from the target Florida because hey that's a party for the cars are expensive they are. David David treasury to march over a dollar from those so of course is security our economy just up he runs. But anyway back to the target to apologize. The cost for investigating so I he was arrested he went back in the consulate what's going on a bone pose a thread count on these sheets that's a good point at a high threat cannot again like the Clif bars that's expensive. Why did he do what he said well listen officers I I it was on my bucket list and I got to tell you something. Bucket list if you saw African movie it's a movie about old people they figure they're about to die so they checked things out there but let's if you're 23. You know we don't need a populist and yet you got time. You might get hit by a bus later. I just find that to be the dumbest thing when people say it's on my bucket list you're too young for a population and every day like do film things off your bucket list a rob again man. I damn hippies only how this sex at a problem with stealing from me I was real good at it I'm mine a backpack with tin foil and shove all sorts of songs in there. To foil would cause the beepers to knock off. You know who I know I. I technically got caught one's enemy and really uncomfortable for the guard to. And just like bolted out of there. I said oh it'll I don't know what you run I had I Agassi Agassi not action and a how to by new underwear in the tags are still on and I don't wanna go back in take this snags are also I'm wearing those underwear and you. Is old guy and trying to explain penal accident too uneven non and I just just cups of us and a call to say you had a female accidents we've taken out of you know to see you had a -- oh yeah. Let's series at times they were you buy stuff you you'd get all rung up and then you walk out in the alarm still goes off. And you look at the person like everyone look at you like your defeat and you look at the cashier and in person just kind of ways and I are your fine don't you worry about it yeah. Yeah. While great job which is slow down the crime make an I okay I guess you know already but it if I'm a crock and I'm seeing that happen ounce cup. Pocket a few things and advice and stuff and go that same her allegedly planned yeah and I don't now you told everybody home. Crap houses where tin foil underwear that's him. I can't. And the aliens well proview really naturally beautiful girl. You're in good shape but he. I guess there are more Tim Floyd Norris Steve he was stumped on this one Norma Jean baker is more commonly known as soon. No stopped. Jeff Baker and getting dirt Dusty Baker knows there are things dozens never post. I can't believe you didn't know there's like one of the most iconic names in that you would know like a regular plain name but actually Vicki knew it was Marilyn Monroe that little. I think she knows. Knew I shot at beating Steve you've got a disease doesn't have a tin foil underwear he's very vulnerable. To 06 fortune one rock we'll play deep makes. At 847. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help would back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their other regularly I'm going Joel's. People sometimes think you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against number one cigars from style has started and that's not true. 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