BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-06-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, March 6th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Just choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW Barack Seattle Saturday April 7 he wanted to sit there and you wanna be sliding and you can go to Fremont foundry like way. Yes sit and slide you sit. From a regional breweries great great fear and you slide by enjoying sliders from a bunch of local restaurants. And you know you love sliders and know you love sipping beverages for causal if you wanna you wanna call goes on slide whatever you wanted to get down there getter done. Sit and slide man thought to be so good Korea. KI SW dot com as we get your tickets could also benefit to break caused to sit and slide benefiting our friends a treehouse. Town. Game now be. Names and does little time to turn around for. No. Sounds. Oral suvs turnout for your dad it is time for it's not it's as a going to talk as if you want it's. Well yeah. But I'll allow it nor contestant we've got Matt in Bonnie lake Mack are you there sir. Say good morning. Good morning Matt what's he playing for today's Steve readies I'm prepared to he's got Smashing Pumpkins aren't we arena on Friday August 24. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details of joy and it's got smashed pumpkins. Do you tickets now at Ticketmaster dot com our Steve at a air. So who's playing at home Matt will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Maggie can pass like you want but you'll only three guesses per question. Are you ready. Yet there. It was seven time NASCAR champion was nicknamed the intimidator. Her next tailor our Diaz. Actress Sophia Lauren was born in what country needs. I Italy yet as Steve what time zone is Oklahoma located at. Central new ads like comic strip Steve Jersey's family dog named bar fees. Are you know it. What was Paul reveres profession to. I'll let us know it's. What was the name of the dog on the TV show that Jackson's. It's now. It in what city do as the Tour de France and didn't. Rain and snow yeah. Yeah as to what is the motto of these three musketeers. Took. Halt all I want to also ask how many clock faces are on the London tower big bad and it's great to know. Export gas 23. 56 correctness and I hope the Jetsons is not the difference makers having Steve including you need that it could very well be filed a study was ready Jazeera draw for a while that Mac yet I started strong and I can add a little weak middle there and ended strong yeah. Expert commentary it's unlike Steve. Are you ready. What seven time NASCAR champion was nicknamed the intimidator Dale Earnhardt yes. Actress Sophia Lauren was sworn in what country Germany to know. Italy's yes and what time zone as Oklahoma located at central and yes that's what it. What comic strip teachers of family dog's names are fees. And Family Guy to know Cleveland now. The Flintstones and I'm Lois Paul reveres professions. He's a middle man Nelson. It's. No horse rider now. You'll players know what's the name of the dog on the TV show the Jetsons. Breaststroke. Backstroke yes in which the city does the Tour de France and Paris. Asks what is the motto of the three musketeers. Yeah. One for all an awful lot no ball for one and one brawl Diaz had how many clock faces are on the London tower Big Ben before. As what actor stars opposite Keanu Reeves and in 1991 movie point break. Swayze as 2345678. You win eight says sick sorry he'd Matt Matty. Me. Unit took a. Nice work man haven't you want yeah. He's an actor and our. What a sore host yeah hour. Has had no right. The US Stephen now apparently is abide by Brad Paisley brings somebody asked out al-Qaeda and excitement that message hey great job Steve here today crapping all over his delegate it came out a little run there. Now apologized. Oh why are you hello John I assure you that's rare. The comic strip that features the Finley Doug Maine to bar Phoebe comic strip not the morals you have Bob Garfield new tennis and just noon and guess. Far side no did you see my buddy Sean ensured an Ed embassy compounds that would give you this idea no no not at all of family circle right I yes no. It's not a glorious or get a look at Ernie just search in circles because exams in a circle all the time IEA you know yes dummy circuits the dog was named our freak. Yeah I he had a great he got a great T shirt of like fields old Stanley circus cartoons with shows like little not little Billy would go around the house rank and everything and they have a little dot dot dot gas. Was there was too little and he hasn't told all the kids and showed him everywhere he went got got got got got going around killing all of for a little kids from the get annoyed that. Yes Johns is sick and twisted man from thing twelve games tension and energy and entertained by that gave her some sort of the Paul reveres profession but it's a tough one was a letter carrier nose off a postal no no ST on Pryor said that no no to any teacher know Matt was close when he said blacksmith a member of The Beastie Boys. That's it yes you've got to Steve I know he was a silver Smith. So it's it's. And thus miss that works with saw her. Post nice dress really illustrating. The answer like a blacksmith but with silver silver and iron instead what they're making tools unique implements with silver I like summer blows and because an issue of the world's best course like Timmy Chris writes yes I didn't get a lot of course lets you downed power and there was a king that. Congratulations Steve your one Lee current caught a great yeah check out Smashing Pumpkins a Key Arena in August caller number 8206421. Rock. Caller number eight. Well Stephens Mickey Janine ram and who you are going to be so happy about this next study. Why is that because it says that they did the study finds that the smartest and most talented people. Never wind up the most successful congratulations you've got. You will be very successful. Thank you I'm very proud of all the way that I thought it was gonna I knew you guys get ahead is let me tell you I'd rather be stupid and successful you're going to be apparently this thing says yeah. And I know you know there's no talent this room really I think about it. And I'm Karen is old and shows so how's your back doing Foxconn is kind of you know it's an old tough Lilly expression that sentence monetary. I'm very fascinated by this. This is the the work of the good folks at the university of a Tonya. In Italy this may step based where they went for a black panther and if that was your feelings that I would you macondo well yeah okay. By the way that's an aside I guess that there are a lot of people think what combat is real to me just tell them right now it's not a real place. Oh so why he's. Just booked my trip on how velocity and Tony I got scammed the value ex Kim sung I can't believe that people think is a real place called book conduct but anyway. Yes so in this City University Italy they study people over forty years. To find the connection between brains and talent and financial success and what they found is that the smartest and most talented people. Are never the ones who make the most money. Literally. Never now. It's interesting to me because like get Smart I've five heard this before in the world of business that you know that leaders actually hire Smart peoples not the Smart people and end of the leaders. I could see that. Because I think sometimes you just get too frustrated with people that are on their level of intelligence. And so different men in the world of sports more often than not there's always exceptions rule but the they're really talented star players will never make a good coach. Hello Wayne Gretzky had run a hockey. And greatest player of all time. I mean you really movie you could argue maybe one or two other players in that in that conversation before the most part he's the greatest players ever played the game when he decided to be a coach for the coyotes. He was terrible because he didn't have the ability to dumb themselves down to teach people how to play they are or or be in the right positions there. Play this for proper. You're actually right Steve as you go running the coaches of all the sports. Some of them probably were players but you don't know who the hell they are right won't remember them they were like. There in the world hockey we we third or fourth liners. In baseball the backup catcher yeah I'm here Chinese at Joseph Torre who has been held a great manager I don't remember him I hired barely remember him as a player look down a lot of guys like that had that Tito Francona you know Terry Francona from the Indians he also played Toobin and he's been part of two really great teams as a manager but I. I don't remember any place OSHA. Yeah. Very rarely does somebody you know. As ever get to be a great coach because they're with. They were too good to be actually sitting there to observe you gotta be a bench warmer to really have that thinking mind to know what's going on talking to the guys and America. They getting the strategy from the manager in the bench coaches and things like that because the other guys are acceptance like in just one go yeah I'm not planning on today. I see this is being so that would be pretty true I mean I would imagine so who's super intelligent. We get easily frustrated with trying to explain things to people more on that person's intelligence level. Success that was interesting because talents. I don't what they define success as because in the world of sports and in the world of entertainment. Talent does define success so I I this is odd that they found that they're I don't know what they're basing that on smarts I understand the talent. I mean you think of the sports the talented people use another want to make a lot of money. You know I mean I do you start damage done good work ethic. You but still as you've got enough talent that you can hit a baseball. You're gonna make cash. But they're saying no bomb so to warts are going. How do less talented intelligent people rise higher they're saying two words quote pure luck. Really and it's bang boss. Yeah Bankboston Sherlock I don't know contact with tell us why I think in general I mean you can be I think you know it. There's a lot of factors in the endeavor to be involved in becoming successful remark could be part of it but you still have to have something to be elderly. It's we have right positions that I look to be able to come through. Oh here's what I'm seeing it's it's it's not the luck for them it's the luck against them how that's what they're saying they're saying some degree of town is necessary was successful in life. But almost never do the most talented people reach the highest peaks of success. Being overtaken by mediocre but sensibly luckier individuals. Wow that's interest. So it's actually bad luck for talented people to keep them from being successful. Mediocre yeah I mean mediocre people just get the right lock and next thing you know they're in position to takes distract three new Yorker kids so what can you do about it. Well Yorker here's what they're saying. Not much in regulation. I just it's just to give solace to Smart people because they are they do get frustrated. I NEC and get so angry about why life hasn't been better for them and you go well do you your an arrogant. Now there are its brick yeah for theft and by now. That's I think for talented people a little easier though because we seen examples of that in certain professions but for Smart people yeah. You you just have to understand that you're never going to be leading. And I don't tell you why Smart people are not very charismatic and Smart people don't realize. That there are dumber people out there that you have to basically account for. And that's why you know if you let engineers make your devices for you and there that's what are not user friendly. Apple is a successful company and it pisses off Smart people I I also did go to load time ago. All I use stupid dumb person thrown out a lot of my android Lazar dual talk cause that's what they sound just how America thought Goran might already here. And data but they're usually very Smart I tell them I know you're Smart you have the kind of brain can deal with an open source phone bad debt if it breaks or has a problem. You don't mind troubleshooting it because you have a brain for that. But the average person just wants your stuff to work and easily. And Smart people don't get that. Yeah for the Yankees since it's just part whoever mailed those books for dummies du soleil to half I'm coming down very user friendly is like such an important thing in business and a lot of engineering people don't get that I know how to run it why's everybody else look at your goddamn Smart dude that's why. I'd Steve yes Smart man. That's more in my view I mean that's behind them have grown here and I haven't done much. A she's a Smart people are ominous in a month. A new survey found that the average person between the ages of eighteen and 25. Is stressed out for six hours a day. Really I thought that I thought that folks from my generation which shall now might wanna chill or is that why they wanna chill out so much of one and easy workplace because you're so damn stressed out half. Oh there with their stressed about well I actually have a list there Herron I think very place. What I'm all eyeliner now. I'm suspecting that you're just got Danny Harris and Danny Solis enthusiasm. Just flat billed cap not I was not a perfectly. Let's as the youngest people on the show Danny and Vicki what are you guys stressed out about the number one thing you know lives. Saving money for the future picking his number one let down. Trying to ask kinda for a long you know stutter in a US yeah thank you actually said number one and number two cause Lisa saving money for your future some money and few. Your morning morning ahead anyway sir yes the same thing money I can't think of injuries are only seeing that I get stress and I don't just stressed that often that money again money. I stop stressing Obama. He's having his wife worries about it what she does a lot yes Jesse so. Austin had Steve you know like for every one have you. There is a one of her and I think and I can go to work well together I can relate to her I said Wheeler and do. It's gonna you gonna give you gonna be there it's not. I can't I can't go crazy about it they did you know go nuts is on his country breasts and I know sometimes that's where you live life maybe as we've got to run saving IDC even Soledad. No money make savings and worked dad plain dumb do what I do you know what you're Chinese good commission I know a good judge to thank you and full quarter all right Jon did it take you back things are good guys the man a man like some people say did you sledge just destroy every single day of their lives is on their roof over my and I feel like things are going to be okay. There are people who got super money issues and don't realize like they may have had a from their childhood you know you groping a poor family were you stretching pennies and stuff. I get it but then if they end up marrying somebody who does okay where they don't have money issues. Like me oh my wife sometimes a conditional look among the word man you know I I don't know we should do this and I'm looking at going honey. We can do this site go where we're OK I go check the baggage how we can cover that. But she and her brain still thinks that she's living like a child when she didn't have a lot of money grownups here on the guys just Bada. Dan Seahawks. Snap back cap it's an addict I saw you do that to thirty dollars on the drain. Suzuki it's not untrained it's going to be any has they will be can you just tell me this. How how can you do a show like we are taught you have to -- conversation you really tracking and your buying had the same time I wish I had that power I'm watching you I'm going it's a lot of passengers can get distracted Stevens because I could see your monitor NIC making the purchase why you're talking to me I don't know how you know I I. I I made the purchase I did everything is. And and I debated it for the entire commercial breaks all I know my hard information and everything was there all I added it is a confirm my lovely you know what. It is thought I had the other day. But a couple of T shirts. I should probably pull back so yup so I say I'm not gonna buy it good job but damn we started the show we went back on the air my hand just. All our law and somehow our anger take confirm Jiang and I hate that sorry Atlanta and he stinks and embryos start talking so I could throughout a way to stop it a solar one's wife is listening or it knows symbolism and and credit to T shirt read he's just trying to start out on us to see how old is believable yeah yeah oh yeah very high end knows it's a sick cat. As it seemed important to us this obstacle you have a problem black. It's a match you have such a profits at the hawks logo Guantanamo spot the same had two seconds do so when you face yeah. Yeah that's not an easy day that's we've got to stop looking at FaceBook is they know you they know you're about they want you to buy everything on these nice clean up patents and I. So don't look at those we think three is on this list baseball title snow but apart these young people what they worry about what they stress out about. Traffic. Traffic annoyed Vicky I'm sorry you knew you should be you should be picking number three sexually transmitted diseases down I. Gonorrhea that depends because that's yes. Now it's it's their appearance I think I'm used to set about your parents yeah do you take it like. Violent stupid Lohse is losing cranes and stuff like that and that's about as much as like Danielle says that about your parents I don't feel like I do I guess as you Wear the same thing basically pretty much yeah you do that for the last twenty years since I was eight. All right so that also I never forced to wait so appearance in a way people are worried about. And never finalists is adjusting their overall health. That's something I never worried about when I was in my time I'm eighteen to 25 years old big terrible biologists felt like I was I could. Bounce back from any anxiety that goes back to sexually transmitted diseases so maybe I'm not I'm resilient but but. You're in your twenties your mark price would tender and all these new afterwards totally active yeah you get laid probably more than you were back in I don't know you and I might have really connection with tender Steve it's it's very possible there would be a stretch and Elizabeth better primarily probably about right yeah. There's only for sure if nothing of course because you know you're a city Philippines. It's just okay customers is losing your phone that should be high on the list. You know that's intercede and looking over here and that's not on there and it really should be on the list. Actually number six is getting a job which I understand because you know it's it's a tough when you get those loans are gonna pay off. And yet just pretty much those top six that's the rest of emerges that some misses him he better accidentally by a few glassy babies for the why he's. Those exit too much money. Placing you how much you pay for your hat thirty. A snap back cap that we all made fun back in the day like that where these things anymore it's time to change man you know by step back cat that has nothing I like ten but that's nice of the snap back cap. I I it's funny to hear the words nice and snapped back cat in the same sentence yet with the current days man. That's cool but there was a time we're all gonna lose everywhere and also there's calling you illusory you know we just yeah I do realize assist me. Time to change ms. Ali is not cramp caused version it was not backpack kind does look with the same thing you don't know what's. Just like it's in the second hat without. Half hole. I always tell if history repeats it sounds like let's get a classic snapped a news snapping in the back part is true it looks very similar I think there's two products is okay but what I understand there were. For you plots. But honey that classy baby which finally goes to charity and help some people and does a lot of good stuff for women. Way too much at some point it stopped use view it stopped but being abuse. Whereas the hot. I can go forever. If it's taken care. All right so at some point I candle wick is done for Everett a candle to stab Marla access some updated ten. I do that and I can't tell you sometimes you must get anti glassy babies inputs to offend them so they'll always can boost. They weren't. Why are we adding it's not enough Americans to be considered during his visit really pretty uncle peppermint patty any annual I was out Monday at fifty dollars in Athens to it's yeah. That's what I'm saying that's a lot of money under handle GAO put on your head you don't is to snap back Jessica and privacy go out with these three minus shipping comeback and a train thank you. Hi cyber listeners on the list classy baby snapped back cats what are you always are being sued. Okay we're trained yeah. You pick a topic you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Every wanna talk about your calls and sex that night seventeen. And made some good morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the five point nine KI SW Iraq. Listeners on the loose. You pick this up if you guys can show pluses I was brought to my card choice and it's simple what do you wanna talk about. It's your call 206. 421 rock Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about you can talk about but do remember Steve has one role necessary some energy and bring it otherwise we're. Mentally I'm good bold try and smell a setup with. Ian and Buckley. Are slow to about twelve years old news. Magician and a NASCAR are much more you know what my grandmother my mom I'm not. Clarksville Tennessee and I actually got to meet Jenny law and Tony Stewart Todd Dan I was just about to ask just like how typical is it B a NASCAR sent out here but you were you lived in a place we can see them. Yeah today and they do it every once a while during the summertime. Some NASCAR races come out took her promotional once in awhile to the speedway and and yeah and how little value catalytic out here it's hard to find any. Any other NASCAR handout that area. Well it's Ann's really surprises me because I mean Berman you know I would just think man they put attract I Arafat's the rain whenever I'd I'd I just would think it would do well here because I know there's a lot of folks that love race and but how was it meeting those guys I've heard that NASCAR drivers are. Play hockey players are just really really cool and down to earth is that true there and they really like they do it's always good to meet them. Again Tony there was I was pretty cool about meet him led general Wallace he kind of like a jerk about it let's. I really checked if he wasn't in he wasn't in the big scheme with the big boys he has got his name begun a little older brother rusty so yes. OK so it's okay so Kenny element chip on a show Leo thank. Yeah I can do it when we came also talked to him he had he can add their base I got c'mon another one in. Let's unleash there was really nice and friendly about it so. Another fan oh god I hate that was sick of all these sand people wanted to clock excited to see me I mean they might go buy a ticket to the event and I'm in and I hate stats so local nailing my brother yeah. There at the end they were actually thinking about making a racetrack out here but I don't know look what happened. I remember hearing something like that a while ago but I might like you don't count the ever heard anything all about it yeah I any info on it does it does baffle me I don't know this goes against Seattle's on his nearest psychiatric appreciate you calling in thank you. I just I I was so surprised to realize it was known NASCAR presence here you know a dad that I was a really wild. Gloria text message migs Vijay did you guys hear that mashup between the California reason songs. I'm rat. Follow its of course I'm very through the grapevine which of course yeah that's people only known as the California raises on but it was a song even before they good to Denny did you have no idea about the California raisins. Though we're little yeah I think of them lost. Some little guys get back to like and ninety's and remember notre Danny and meta meta pumpkin patch one time you make the California race gas at the page or my mom had their T shirt yeah I love them Steve you think he's not rock stars like you I would but Danny if you're so lucky you met them they were amazing new looks so gross. They are kind of creepy looking yeah but I had a T shirt. It's like Curtis did a great viva a music note and they were writing that note. And unsteady air our love of music contests had sort of is sadly that's exactly right there so when there is a Sosa. Many get a mashup of that song I heard it's a great sign with the round and round by rats yes and it's an end and it works I guess so highly give a listen here. Wholesaling this multi young Canadian productive done yet but that's sees mashups approving otherwise I still like a bank to really do a cover of that song in that style and we do okay with us. Jeremy yeah I mean and bush do OK with to have that you know if you don't think if somebody did that song with the with that with a look at what the rat line. But we may be as a hedge your voice you don't think that would be a song that young people will let young rockers go hey that's a cool Simon song I'm positive they would tell you are right now and. And reality any young rocker is. Really. Jumping at the opportunity here Marvin Gaye mixed with rats. Yeah but you know. I think anybody would have thought. That and that that a raft community wanna would wanna hear walk this way I don't think anybody would ever in their brain listen you know what the rat communities they need to hear that old Aerosmith song and it's a big difference man I don't think I. I kind of I heard some of my brain you know me I know the hits and. Yeah the big difference today an iconic song and in. We don't run the NC midst iiroc my tutor wasn't hokey there was no there's no sense of like. Joking vibe to him during this is dissidents is just a joke mashup I don't think anyone whenever you view it as becoming a hit it I. I don't know man. I'm pretty positive guy you like I got a good money. That's that's probably why nobody likes my musical tastes you probably there is ever Levine did it and share all of of course it would be against. All right so I watched this movie called Heather's. And the reason I bring it up is that they're they're doing a new TV shows so I mean Heather's was a popular movie was the ninety's I think he came out. Eighty eat all cheeses is even all of them I thought and I was really popular no doubt about it wasn't my thing. But it's their reading though they decided hey let's make it a TV show. I love the movie did you really oh gosh yeah yeah I was not I mean Dave is that the original mean girls. The idea of all the super mean girls yet all right I had a very interesting ending to a put out of the Christian Slater yeah. That's a good movie right at Winona Ryder yup. Yes see that was the generation you know wearing yellow we were eight we like fifteen issues on Mike that's Steve maybe 1215 when he came out again eyes Jackson death. So that makes sense and he's younger yes. And for me I mean you know it didn't hit me either way hit your generation. Our but it was super popular and they're probably the pilots to reboot that guy make and TV show supposed to be premiering. This week at this weekend or whatever it this week march 7. But because of the nature of what Heather is is. They had to postpone it indefinitely. It did in the reason being is that calm in the fifth episode it's shot entirely from the first person perspective of the character playing a first person school shooting video game home. Also the movie it that is IV don't know as well let's go high school kids killing other high school kids. And of course what will happen in Florida. There are among others say no. Your week we can't put this on TV right now I wonder how many different shoes over the course of Thompson's website that does this Burress figured this out but how many shows have been impacted. By any kind of tragedy where they're like you know what we got to scrap it may not gonna put out there to play our music and anti dog ready for work 9/11 definitely impacted the music industry. In addition to a lot of other things of course that I just talked about entertainment based why isn't sure also a TV movies but. There's a lot of bands at their careers completely changed drastically because of what happened and now Ivan no different then. Different TV show is retired bank a lot of money into a but it tragedy happens and people like there was a little too close to home we try to pull back a tsunami shows would have had maybe. A great run huge success but never happened because of some kind of issue that happened in real world. I have mentioned this to force that you brought it up Steve and it's a fascinating. Reason to get they heroes. Boxed out. Because of the fact our and I at least the one that I have that they heroes and I got season one. Stay at a whole story line with a Middle Eastern character that had these super mutant ability of being able to explode. And it. They re wrote the whole thing I mean because it was a Middle Eastern dude mandate basing this poor bastard who got his chance to be a starter show in heroes was a popular show. His whole character was written off and they had to re shoot everything because of nine elevenths. It's the very thing you talked about I even know about it I just got the box and enjoy Ayers and deleted scenes and all of a sudden they told a story of all here's his character we had a change it because of nine elevenths. And my hole and there was a lot of light stuff I was like wow this guy had a lot of scenes they he basically just got screwed by 9/11 as whole acting career at least at that point that derailed. The president because that the disease between towers out of the Spiderman movie releases Apatow movie out yeah I would imagine it costs a pretty penny a pull that off but. You know Lisa movie him I'm just thinking about how many shows nominee's record says did not come out around that time because just the world was in the different spot. Yeah yeah those that that was what I remembered as a whoa. It's this is on the loose your particular topic you're guiding the show. 206 fortune one rocket in Austin, Texas 77999. Few calls and text at 933. On the rocks. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Seattle slew is on the loose you think it's up to you guys who show. Joseph six fortune one rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Laura Ed JB LM Laura you are on the Iraq. Say how's it going that's not too bad or would you have for us today. I wanna bring up major like Moody's and I got that disrupted until the end world one dream come come to mind is does not mean. The original 10 I think he loves that movie. I. That's one of my favorite movie and it can now less than a week I'm only like very very you learn. Ears because. It was so close that Carmine accurate not spit it happened. Very shortly before. You know that. You know what I what about why it wasn't more successful in a cult classic that makes a lot of sense Laura I didn't even realize that I didn't realize the connection between the two events. Because that is a very violent movie that I could see them going year this is too soon. Yes and personally don't think they remind absolutely knew why can't I got so confused by my element that they didn't realize they like every. Actually and more importantly will you tell Vicki what she's missing by now watching her Mann Norman Arenas in the Walking Dead damage she's totally nice and I'm really missing Aaron the last couple seasons have been craft. And I and our reasons I gave a lot you get after it and they. Yeah that's when they go lot of business I'm going to be able to go semi you're unfortunately. Oh Darrell is still there everybody solos Darrell gas enormous character. He dead yet. No it's never gonna Dicey guys that's I think the whole world will explode you think you guys just took care to some about now wondering if every here's Rick Lisbon a break guys. And I don't think the show to go on and prosperity meridian area karaoke while I think more AME I'm Riverdale who who's written a torment if he doesn't have more to. Bryson spongy. I'd Texas is on the loose you pick that topic you got to shoot 20642. And rock Texas 77999. Evan in Auburn EU Iran Iraq. Our need guys. Yeah. What's up man. Well you guys just laid back that bat mark gave Iraq crops they're. Oh yeah Marvin Gaye and and we might think low that up again Denny for diligent here but yes somebody messed up. Heard it's the grapevine with rat yet we we just played that. I personally am a huge man Margate while I really liked that idea and Iraqi big outlet yeah. Although I rock sound over the I think bit I think beer on the front I think that that I really helped get us. You're younger get food and yeah he's all stuff like that I think that the way. Well I mean that's what Led Zeppelin did a Manny can they still other they would feel so they still other people sounds to get a minute that sound might put a little guitar and there you know when they mashup basically it was a mess up yes I don't know how these criteria opens up the ice underwent check out what all women you're the original version make you turn about I don't ever take a mashup is going to be coming soon. ER I mean you're at every spot law while we're on the topic at that data back to you know eight to kind of change. At a bedside. I guess you guys seen you around stitched. Oh and that's another hundred years. Yeah well Vicki are seriously and here at the eight either find the mountain. Yeah out like it was a spaceship and they're kind of flying through the island and I knew I seen video clips of where they changed they used to be an airplane that they stole. And they had a 9/11 they switched it to you a species act. Yeah metadata but also they were sorry you're still. No I don't know how do you decorate it yeah it's it's pretty wild the things that they've got to do is sometimes we hear about it. Sometimes you don't appreciate the call Evan Katz and funding to see some attacks saying stuff that in no. Happen because of that but I dame deleted scenes in the movie gangster squad after Colorado theater shooting and had seen the bad guys. I guess come from behind the screens and shooting people. It's weird when that kind of stuff happens in the house of mirrors so did happen in reality or it's close enough to worry like AA I don't know manager. Are you gonna react to this by the attacks are brought up gangsters want disastrous thing that I could remember the name of the movie don't them nicely had to be changed because of the Gabby this should the movie theater shootings down. Yeah and I guess in Florida they've this is for talk about guns I guess they've they've voted narrowly to say you gotta between one years old. Which it's an interesting thing only because it affected other other gun people are saying I'm Wal-Mart there gonna raise it's 21 but really I think it's going to be a law both we can legally tell somebody they got to be a certain age to buy something. I don't think you can do that I saw I think that's gonna be and actually conversation I don't know laws while most of Leona I mean look like if you tell somebody to like Francis drinking at the drinking age is 21 that's a federal law we alternative we all agree upon. But I think if a story just says hey by the way. You have to be this age to buy this product I think that's actually kind it's been in his conversation her yes in the radio where. That's actually illegal to use discrimination unless it's a law and it's not why yet martian state so it'll be Ecstasy LL shakes out. Yeah I'm not positive on now on the out of a person says I love dear Vicki tell me happy birthday and in a sexy accent that would make my day from current good sic anything he's companions can't. I'm in therapy. Really without clean out without that stinger I think it's just you know it just gives the nice touch they really release of fluctuate there yeah an incident punctuated cops somebody wants to know what our thoughts are not Ichiro come into the Mariners. I've read earlier it's a figure not really gets you excited about it I'm not. I don't think it's gonna change their season but I think it's cool that he could possibly end his career as a mariner. Yeah I do I'm with you on that Steve's and look I'm a baseball nerd so. I think you know if you're a casual fan sure A because he's gonna go to the policy aim at might when Ken Griffey junior wrapped up his career here and it looks like Ichiro could wrap up his career here. That's awesome because they have such history here. I love that idea I just hate the fact that. We have a need. Because of an injury to Ben gays have been Gamal. Yahoo! and Yemen needs is so they go get a 44 year old dude who is a shadow of what he once spent. And that's what we're supposed to like hey you know guys are gonna do this it's like Jesus baseball. Come on mariners zero people assigning all these great guys and in the off season. We get feature. You try to ruthless control. Muscle woman who television nice enough kind of that's I didn't mean to be insulting each I mean am I know it's dishonorable to say that about you might try to lose control it's possible missile television rights and not always -- and you're forced candy I was really no doubt that's really release throwing it by the way how I live why do you know about that I never know locker room with you what if you don't back and Danny doesn't know this do you remember when these two reduces this is a fun story right teacher when he first came to the Mariners it was a big deal like beach -- was -- rock star Jack in Japan. And there was a bounty. On his dawn. I'm not kidding yes this was so sauce said there's a million dollar bounty for a picture of each ruse penis. Why somebody would pay a million dollars of personal computer that picture. Every guys talking about it but at the little T young Farrell and actually came out. Tee around that time I had access to the locker rooms I always thought. How would you. Hammer you be that guy for a million dollars that's payday chilling and get arrested for Lannan theory think so yeah I want me how lonely days are important to me in jail for I mean they can really tell them look AM. Are real and maybe and the station probably as soon big time you we would have been black ball in the industry who we were ready to be brought pizza to each row trying to win them over for an interview and yeah how'd that go it didn't go well we understand from the locker room and understandably so. They don't see it as a negative so the Mariners America are absolutely right for banning us and everybody. Yeah I wasn't even on board with that idea Ramirez with Andy Cohen and on the old series Oregon and he shows up more meaning act. The Mariners at Safeco Field. And RI okay we're gonna go it's a locker room we get to do some interviews people like she viewed her man and more year and yeah. Boone as well. It was sold Edgar Martinez is glory years do dude when the team was amazingly civilian make it's still kind of blows my mind that had an opportunity go in the locker room and just get to chat with these guys are all great. And never met one time in my and things are good like European a good relationship with the Mariners and and he shows up with a box of pizza. Tonight what we haven't months before Lindsay Norman to bring an end there and I heard each relates pizza some are from some pizza to talk to us. But I don't want to get a picture of each stop I really would yes I am never alone on this is not a good idea amazing now no no I love it. Don't look now found out oh no it was not very happy about. You really cranky guy sounds a little kids listening to mariners games and I got married no and so my dad would always talk about how he is just a cranky guy who Melo is definitely fiery. Yeah he was he surely guarantee is if you did some of the cross Tim you're gonna hear about it you guys with a pizza guys too fast or to a sitting outside America stadium on stair steps eating pizza wondering why you lose. I call her her. Classroom activities due out. Everything was good but the good relation with Jay Buhner out -- with a thousand chain CV and he was tossing wells that's the stuff you bring yet yeah you bring in that kind of stuff in all fairness at first I didn't ever abuse you got anything for me and I were you music. You're in the rock station or are identical to mom and bring some CDs dancing and actually try to stack as CDs. And he wasn't talking to anybody nut none of the other media he didn't used to having a bad day. And I come home clicked out like housing James box set is a guy outside T yeah. Multimillionaire. At you can fly Allison seems to play in his house. It's got to be a respect thing where you're not right dude nice going by what looks three stuff you know. So true and cheaply made or whatever could be it's like hey you wanna do a pencil talker hilly and it does a good point when people bring in stuff that I like you're like Stevie brought in some were there is some like yeah I mean I invite myself but he writes it was free so it's awesome more currently running a tater tot casserole amend your original saucy that we asks. I heard it was awesome. Oh yeah I'll see you too bad you can't try it Steve Fisher announced strict diet of viewers of yeah detailed tot salad. Casserole and a momentum sausage I we have a very important question that needs to be answered OK this one here has been. Bothering me for. So about fifteen seconds what do Ryan castle and a bunny spray have in common. I'm gonna tell you at 951. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. He. Gains yardage and. Right Daschle and the body spray haven't come I've certainly done my fair share. Different body spray men here and I earlier when this radio thing dries up on getting out of the vice spring business. How dries up bodies crave Brian castle this is all really disturbed me both administrator Steve spivey was just texted me while. Oh both to be hanging out in the men's locker room so they do on the men's locker room here gem yeah I don't besides them there we retailers. And boast greater sent over BJ's desk chair it's fair it's. My fair amounts. Small mosque it's OK listen I I this is 600. It's a public service for you geniuses out there a guy and Merriman was in his car on Thursday decide to give himself the once over when his body spray. Coach and he lit up a cigarette Obama and then the car exploded. It's. Body spray file of the grocery stores straight themselves down a block out pork and in other words if you did so long I mean I'm going on a date yet okay. And it's not ready Brian castle he might be to get to that thanks Steve receive much of the show right up next in the morning twelve pack. And made. My brother embarrass the hell out of me and probably a great coach they fought in Vietnam it's a fly united had two birds doing it on the back of a coach. So I'm in school in the principle every as they talk behind my back I have no idea what's going on at all. Finally haul me and they go you are disgusted by what he's talking about him no. We're Diallo. If god and so they show me and I'm still stupid and I don't get it I don't know there's two birds are flying on top of each other and they thought I was getting really one of many backs. And made this morning. A point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. 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