BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-07-18-6A: Kevin Hart was on Conan talking about his Superbowl antics.

Wednesday, March 7th

News and sports. Today is National Cereal Day. A woman bought a samurai sword and tried to cut her boyfriend after finding out he was still on Tinder.

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Recently course of the Super Bowl activity were restraining on the field trying to touch the trophy and be involved not that he he got blocked. That was awesome to let his team the Philadelphia Eagles so yeah when you realize that you understand why did I want to get in the field and celebrate with his team. They junior Kevin Hart you have the ability to pull that off but I remember watching that live in thinking. Kevin Hart that's getting denied by security threats audacity Sony looks like him. No that's Everhart cheer was and he was on Conan last I shared that the whole story was real Ares about how he ended up on the field. When Philly won the Super Bowl. All my friends from Philadelphia all in his sleep my wife does there and we are just handing the best time look that good Tom you almost don't want them. He we wind insulted him I need said I need to go down there would fatigue. And one of those things are really you know you get this thought. And nobody else in the political but I had to look him is that never having floor we have no passes and I'm literally walking but he would like. Sees these are around Kandahar. As so much since it has and getting my eyes subtle meaning. It's not many people they've played her message and amend my come moving day for all the way wants out so you can't move today. I'm Dan I have. That's a sudden I get that man that's. Tennessee that the kind of guy wanna hang out with just happens to me when I get drunk all of a sudden something happens in my head and essar parents conversations with like this. Do part of my brain that tells me to do things are not supposed to be the only. Yeah the that instead that that's that's a special times that's a special time he threw chicken wings outside of some of these hotel room door yeah. Go ahead yeah it's a great idea that this still good does look like they were attached to spilling the ones and so bone it's all. In this clip Kevin shares what happens next then let him onto the field with the players. We get down sort of field I get another another life bullet goes all and I know the city of Philadelphia wanna see me hold destroy us now. My wife made you stay right here Abby Mac I'm gonna go holding trophies from the city. Jerry and YID you wouldn't and I understand. Kitty cat hairs how stupid I am people. I'm trying to get to the trophy the football team is right here I'm celebrating what they Eagles in the middle of the Eagles hope to push me around is great. I've noticed because I'll watch some video later but I. Here in the video you hear error one of the plan go okay. Did trophy right here come holds a child they take a picture with the trophy. You can also hear me yell now I'm gonna meditate did you wouldn't trumpet. The trust and why yeah. I do and general and he. Oh man and a all of that's our realize that all eyes neither man that such a bomber so they what he wanted he could have had looked a little too trashed. All had to do was turn around. Now our man this is this is why they're saying hey Kevin celebrate with everything now wanna go celebrate when you guys that's awesome I love I love the fact that he shared the story because it is just a drunken mess and here's more of him talking about celebrating the team's Super Bowl victory. A man down Kevin doesn't the most incredible moment. Club football in general this is where the commissioner comes out he takes a trophy he gives the trophy to the owner the owner this. Didn't steadily he wasn't safe and not all Notre Dame gives it to whoever this said he didn't need peace. Didn't your mom yeah. Haven't even did the year so the whole picture how we did it go Philadelphia. If I could do it all over again I am a 100%. Would do would be exact same way. My politics fix it if not actually turn around and listen to the players that part I would you do if you got that one would be awesome yeah but it doesn't that yes a but it does make for great story he's. Owning it and I'm. You know what it's alcohol and yeah you're right you you know better than anybody that voice in your head that says this is a great idea I never won an. You know Kevin are more my entire life so you and and we recent hot adult always get arrested yeah you would yeah. I just. Typically when someone pulls it don't know why am I cringe by that that does is so do you see. But for some reason when Kevin Hart the way that he was doing it didn't really feel do scientologists in very child like regular I've got the U I got the ability ability use my celebrity status to go hang out of my team down. I'm Kevin Hart until god is it LA man on Kandahar any got to make got a right up to the joint whereas he had just turned around. He would have been the promised land. And you guys were memory anyway that's the fun of your buddies like I don't really media I human knows this. That's parts notified that he finds out I watched him this time by watching the video. That he was so close the damn trophy and that tires were even telling him hey hold the trophy and celebrate with us and you can hear himself say no I wanna go all the trophies so great idea. Awesome and he's so Smart I love that he told them that was on Conan yeah got to jealous Washington woman who took things to the extreme. With a samurai sword. Yes he's got the news we are 617 on the rocks. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. That's what I'm saying I ask somebody in Iraq. Seattle. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news weeks teammates. Thanks guys and hey happy national cereal then everybody oh okay yeah celebrate. What's your cereals choice dude there's some delicious day hit the shelves and I'm not a control over what's sad it's a mash up a lucky charms and frosted flakes. I just saw somebody tweet about it now might more class when Hulk Hogan reminds Amanda together Chris yeah powers yeah. Yes so I gotta get out there and try that out me and see for me it's apple jacks. All day that's it is for apple gave back Apple's next the battle. I'd have to agree with that apple Jack SARS appears superior to all others they were on the same page yet there are just lucky charms and plus it's an absolutely the apple jacks Nokia afterwards is outstanding Big Apple helps out. Apple jacks and fruit loops and cool mixing room. I never tried it but I'm not opposed I had yeah. Brevin Knight is terrible serial together you can hear on Manhattan's one bowl and those Mets are home video. Danny frosted Cheerios. Across Syria. I'm gonna head up camp there amazing to sounds healthy and don't call me who happen. I'm curious are supposed to be healthy but thank you cross the mine and. They keep my typical though too strong physically but my dad has recently purchased the honey smacks and I forgot how much now. Not surprise me at hello honey smacks. Hey Connie. Running yeah. While there's is the best serial mashup is cocoa puffs and lucky charms are having had value and now. I never bothers to mention of any serial. Tides I did and how about their universe already and I should be like raisin bran it's what you gonna do when you have like a little bit of each box of cereal and you just need to make one full bore. To make small to get a PM for some of those continental breakfast is over at the hotels and Michael turned real thing with the this is like actions do whatever the F I want to do mr. Carney oh yeah raisin brand that's all people serial. I know Ole boy I don't wanna sugar on it but it's closest guys and everything I like the bulls Cheerios. Kind there's a cinnamon toast crunch. Mexican and apple jacks appeared every day. Except cookie Christ almighty god it's good call yeah you're white cookies for a breakfast yeah because I love you notice how you crunch pool. Gag right there aren't freezes while. I'm gonna do news residents unless Syria items like a Smart promotions and has won a bowl of marshmallows really you can I am yeah. Cinnamon frosted flakes RZ best to resist accident a little icy layer chocolate frosty place now I've seen too much chocolate marshmallow maybe some assistant Mike Tice. The most. Polarizing thing we've ever come up more writings most engaging topic ever its favorite topic. It's easy texting it's a long time to prevent serious Wheeling. West in the toast crunch some symmetry in the best ever. All right time. Plus about this crazy woman dies she's from Kansas Washington and was who's unhappy with the fact that her boyfriend was still on tender. So you notice that he had Tinder on the on his phone she's also not happy that when you went into the bed she noticed a red hair. GM is green hair all we outings green hair you that's pretty you know it's not yours secede they would end. What most normal people do when they find out something like that. No it's not dump him though she's not talk to him about this she went to the mall bought herself a samurai sword that's the trick and to modernize. She tipped into the side of the bed. And then she tries to shut him all the wall though you're gonna swipes left arm and sliced right away feeling. Yeah people just lose your mind yet she waited for new go to bed and then she certain slash news broke with the samurai sword. I've got him to call 91 why she thought she called 911 saint she's got that she killed her boyfriend. Of course she was arrested when the cops alive he is fighting for his life so hopefully. This is through a good man Josh with the hell's going on over an hour that's the bad guys want to ask. Its size is also not happy with the fact they like to play video games as well. Yeah. Okay that's girl should not be released for a long. He should stay content. Imagine being so drunk that you leave cops and a cup car chase. Colin may get hit by your own car this happened in Virginia. Some guy was drinking and driving at 1 the morning. The ball over while he starts its feisty just. It's into high gear and serves driving away from the cops cops. I'm Jason and he makes a left turn at some spot by a Starbucks and then jumps out of the car trying to run away from the cops. Well he forgot to turn the car into park fraternity and offer so as he jumped out of his own car the car hit him off. Paulson that found and who gets arrested by the top nice going kid. The very odd way to China. I guess to have competition with one of your rival restaurants as happened in Chicago. And I somebody over at one restaurant decided you know what I don't like the other restaurants only going to open table which is good and ask for a website where you can. Make reservations auto until next great. Twelve he kept making reservations at the other restaurant understated how things are fake names. He made about thirteen hundred reservations low on Valentine's Day. Which ended up hurting that businesses. Out of my mind that makes sense because they turn people away right absolutely and he says he acted alone and eventually got caught. And he said that he did it just because well he didn't want them to do as well as their restaurant and there's not a good thanks we got fired from his restaurant menus are supposed to do back. I'm and a lot of people are set nobody's sure I know you're still probably on the fence all I can't wait until you really pumped about it well out. Apparently these jerseys hanging in the locker room already although there's still amid an official announcement by the team but everyone on the team just talk about how excited they are. That Ichiro join the team so I think it's a done deal. Yeah DR Felix Hernandez talked about says he has to have him there. We need a oh that's right there that's so we'll see what happens in the very near future and imagine an announcement could be coming but I looks at each rose can you remember the Mariners again for at least one season. Gazillion every once Solomon citing a one year deal he is 44 years old so that. I guess you don't wanna Simon get ten year Robinson Cano tied Toyota did elevate your you know. Follow us do that medalist in the first series cynicism of that may have started the school. Possible missile television nice enough time. This is just once when you deal to prove his worth and I wonder how much they're gonna pay him I don't Jack if you say yes there was going to be a lot but still alive today. I L it's a lot of money but not to baseball guys I bet fast. The couple million I think that's CNN's Soledad a couple of million I don't think is a lot I don't know anybody gets like as nothing. Hopefully it is this chump change in the world baseball team the one thing about this is that yeah I forget that the young Jews and even some of the older dudes love to have that veteran presence and I'm sure he can actually help on some of those countries. It's yet there's so you guys are told how sanity and I've Ichiro would be a part of itself. The disastrous weather 52 degrees and sunny. Like when there's a retirement though the crazy woman that data samurai sword on slip to guys through ocean and the person you could stop the story with jazz green hair we could have figured the rest out. Yeah. Devin usually you know what the but the winner and I know that I green hair they usually Kiki and shell out. You know lag this isn't that this Jimmy greener bad name pictures like the female Joker. Josh yeah right that's CMA the degree here's the problem on the Joker in those kind of people and that's. The pair as they need to do with her being not so you think they should just that's anyway yeah I think she would have been even as yet pink lime purple red. Now what happens if she realizes oh you know what I was a redhead before a dyed my hair green hello sorry about that. Didn't mean as you know that was my own parents found an old woman was on the pillow from back to try dyed my hair. It again guys you got to look in the mirror and just wonder what you wish. Now because I am and everybody complains about this being a really matter what the precision with you go to the mirror and say yourself. I'm the one that shows my spouse or my boyfriend my girlfriend on the one achieves this present itself appear Abbott grief. Walk out before you associate. Throat to throat gets sliced into doing something that's not necessarily the right thing to do make sure the red hair is not so on the bad I mean it's a pretty QB giveaway when you Exxon was green hair and there's some strands of red hair. Yeah I know what still considered the best web check the fine yeah best women is of course. She is still farmers only they don't they'll slice you would samurai swords. I don't know if you might get stab with a pitchfork once and awhile okay you survived I get hit over the I would hope today you know hey that's a look at fours out. I just don't get it on the city so. Here's some big news the world television NBC has recently announced. That they are cutting ad time by 10% in prime time this fall. And fox they Soriano gives a word on their. I feel like I noticed that recently where I'm watching some shows and then when you watch something live or. And it's still think there's less commercials I don't know if they've already been doing you are or what's going number doesn't feel like I'm I'm sitting through his many commercials. Either you know it Stephen may be back stacking them because if you watch a lot of shows it seems like there's not a lot of commercials up front but then Baghdad and it's like Jerry loves and he's we just came back on and he said through ten minutes commercials make America like a 32 teacher next week's. And dom but fox they say guess orient you by 20/20. They're gonna they say they're gonna cut commercial time to 20 that's right two minutes per hour. That's six hour. How they're gonna do that I don't know. Obviously it's a huge drop because the average amount of ad time on broadcast TV was thirteen minutes per hour. For cable sixteen minutes per hour and fox says usually do two minutes. Food how are they gonna do that. Trying to charge a bus load just for those two minutes spots or or are all the sudden and every episode they're drinking Diet Coke. Or eating some chicken make nuggets want to solving the crime. I've seen had to be a lot of products that I've seen as he shows a lot I've seen people pull out like they're tablets or their phones or Adobe's oh yeah don't talk to their car and Carl sync up we now and I'm like I think I try to fight crime while holding a Microsoft surface yeah. I wish I really don't mind you know I don't care biggest I don't mind that at all. We had been wrestling though we like he hit him over the head with a chair that he got from IKEA yeah sec Clinton. They're exactly. I think I'd be awesome as it Grassley senator incorporating random products it and you can debate opponents with. You know so I think it's a great idea and you know you you and I both listened to mark Clarence podcast a half and you know his product placement BO where he just will be rapping about something and then all of a sudden the go way stands stock car summits like it doesn't bother me I think product placements a great idea. I've been really want to do that a lot and our industry and people so I'm crazy way to aren't crazy about it's a good idea mom it looks like they're you know like you said these feel like they have to charge more for ads. According to their executive Ed Davis over foxy said. The two minutes per hour is a real target for fox and also our challenge to the industry. So 20/20 we're talking now just a couple years when we when we get an NHL franchise. Fox's opposing running too many commercials not sit I should say to me. Have commercials per hour when we next not a bad idea especially with however once who do you think there are times where we go watch something I them Mike Hough. Well anyway I have power and also watching the DVR while we wait till tomorrow we watched him DVR I know almost into a couple minutes of commercials. I'd be more after what some big lie tell him imagine that's what they would want. And identity debut he's trying net sometimes and there's obviously watch a couple of times the couple days and I want a tale of I mean he's electric exists I can in my tenants of free time. But the Dell do does split screen so don't run commercials while wrestling is still going nine. Which in theory seems a good idea but I still stressful few tax system I really wanna listen to the commercial at some point in their lesson by now. Firefox is they make you ought to plays hysteria talks of possibly biting. The TV rights of the WWE. And putting him on network television war earlier rumors and there may even be interest in buying the company. Why I'll it's huge news in the world wrestling percent to. Why it's been forever since the WW he's been on actual network television minuses specials here and there are an NBC because they're part of universally USA what scifi gonna do if they lose WW need to talk to run like science fiction television they have had to do any new years don't always realize that everything on USA. All right well just attended a long time at all okay good guys are paying attention well you know what ice shows now I know about either one of those either you were wrestling has scifi. So so USA could lose them from her since this is hasty retreat you have a Home Depot ladder match yeah. That's just goes to show you the popular the WW ECs because when I was on scifi you have to argue that I knew wasn't as popular as it is let's not USA and out of network television. It's got to be growing in popularity. Is super popular with cable networks and on me as far as viewers and many still do really well I mean it's not what it once was but then again television is not what it once was and Iran and when interest compared to what it was in the ninety's in my well there's less options and there's less. There was DVR there's no there's no streaming of course things numbers are gonna go down but. I was legit surprised at foxwoods I thought OK you'll Fossum picked it up put on a fox sports. Or something like that yeah I mean and have a decent lead they can add to their wheel house to compete with ES TM but the idea of them. Doing it on on network TV would be pretty crazy I don't know if this happens a big rumor about how. And then of course he got now fox personalities that are showing up young backstage to wrestling and some wrestling fans are all like it their pennies in the buns I can't how hard. Who yeah yeah he for years is distracts too wrestling he calls wrestling fiscal breeders' it I it's funny I don't care. But now our son so he does I am hanging out all these guys and of course causing them like at view is that going to be a voter reader. Would expect that's. Hi how do you how you reconcile that I don't know whose own show up maybe just a fonts look when am I your guy yeah I felt pretty Jesus. Orient OK I never gave it a shot I give it a shot at a good time which is what he said. Sun not I'm I know some people are so all upset about it so that's something I'm bothered by CEO I'm not surprised I'm bothered by it and they really. That's kind of stuff and yes she's Annie is the perfect healed. I mean there is that obviously was wrestling is like well the guys hate you for you know your your your sport for so many years now he's the perfect deal to bring end. That's I think we're yours is a funny term tell you are using it here well even when you're here I know you can't go Danny his much dressing like you you're the Margarito you grabbed our guys are the book readers because that actually their voters. There. He tipped. Well on it. If these 600 true I I typically flick them at your jacket. Yeah I don't know that it. Well it's an awesome best move from my book only but you know it's caused put your ball we know that we do this. Lola let's on the list remains good and your hair fifties in order about religion and sponsorship next month both revolve sponsored by two WW these facilities are next to remove you from Matt and Trey that yeah. Right after the creators of baseball it's Boehner ball during the DB through. I ever while Steve over here he was not able. I guess I'm a bugger all kind of animal feeds just the children's book water shift down. Economists don't horse no it's sharks. 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