BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-07-18-7A: What odd phobia do you or someone you know have?

Wednesday, March 7th

Beat Migs. Dale Earnhardt Jr. just shared that he has a phobia of metal jewelry. Luke warm topic.

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Saturday April 7 it's just sit and slide coming to the Fremont foundry sip on breakthroughs. Enjoy slightest to a bunch of local restaurants. This is an ass you know Lawson is here and sliders tall man and you know there's going to be a wide variety of sliders and of course a great variety of bruised. Regional breweries local restaurants simply slide yet you gotta be their KI SW dot commentary get your tickets. And it's for good guys to sit and slide benefiting our friends and treehouse. Mean okay. And he made sure made me glad I convinced. Then it. Except this week. Black Steve you've in the black master. Yeah you can relax and quality opponents that you've Facebook bawling slash master whack at. That sounds like a ninety's album cover Naylor a black friends crisscross I was there's economic but I. I don't know why lesser known yeah and I mean immunity they grew up in big media choices. Why can't focus Kinsler consistent and they we've gotten. You sir. Let's play forty hasty Freddie plan for parity is take a journey along with Def Leppard at the gourds on September 29 go to KI SW dot com from the details. Don't think it's just a journey and Def Leppard get you tickets now act live nation dot com or Steve out of here. I was playing at home. Here are rarely founded in 191418. Miss US bus company shares its name with what breed of dog from her hair out yet as Lionel was the leader of which group of cartoon characters yeah. I asked drew Barry Morse directorial debut with this focus is on which sports. I've got great things no it's not fast when state chairs the longest border with Canada yeah. Martin and I know it's I mean to know. I would talk to know inning with a asks what is the major sugar found in fruit. In the combat sport MMA stands for why. Let's work as read and what other color make up the flag of Austria. Underneath you know why it asks how many books are there and The Chronicles of Narnia series. I was or there's got to eat no more no. I know and bell played the title here you're on the team. Morris yeah and 1234. Correct all right then well well a little below average we'll see but did you know he perceived was real could be a lack of ballgame oh yeah black depends on whether or not Steve hadn't. He knows that he knows things I guess of where Molly why. No way. I plaque and a we knew you knew you re Max length draster ash flat smashed there are consistent in the black last. White blouse got a little weird we all really a little. Casey are already. Founded in 1914 AC miss US bus company shares its name with what breed of dog ran out of you as its. Why and how is your leader of which group contact here. Yeah as you thanks charts. Low cost you very worst directorial debut with this focused on what sport a roller derby is yes. What you see cheers the longest border with Canada its. Obviously it's now. New York now Tehran. Washington no beginning with just ask what is the major sugar founded fruits yeah. Font now. First toast yes in the combat sport man may stands for whites mixed martial arts yes. Read other colored makeup so I don't Basra yeah. Off dreams no no it's. Brett why yes how good he's books are there in The Chronicles of Narnia series. Two seconds yes. It's. I had a character on the TV show up on Google's she's our ads and everyone is the last day of the actress who played the title character is this. Sitcom Roseanne Barr. Yes what do 34567890. Yeah sorry Jay you lose in Delaware all are well though it all right lieutenant colonel black master of just a good solid hard. You when nine before. Call. Plaque at the the only one you ms. Stead. Oh yeah did not ask wholesale. Now but I would've gotten at the time it just finally occurred to me because I guess every State's Steve did Homer, Alaska playing hockey friends or your anatomy in my sorry to tell weeks. Yeah down in the occupied and not joked yeah. Nonsense is that match or macho not so he steal my nachos is not true not cherry Israel and I don't know what it is. Cops cannot so that's a true friend right there copy. And another inside my Brothers middle name you know you don't know his really it's not a joke but it's not like that because I'm not related to die so we as a so. I says I was I don't know I don't know if I'd joke more than I know my brother. Well probably yeah so I figured this quiet I'm gonna call my brother not challenge this guy is glad that even if you look at his middle name is not just. You're not so Mittal India. Yeah. Congratulations Steve you won ninety correct get a call and I knew our checking our journey in just leverage the gorge in September caller number 9206421. Rock. Well I Utah of course is known as a state that guy and now people here on the not a lot of drank infant. Oh and do a lot of religions to nice airport. Yesterday and it's all like I got to get there's some Tamils I got pretty. Some of the joint. I never do this every Sunday at the airport and never been to Utah so I'm good dude it's going to be a fun place to go at least from entourage integrated retirement that I Sundance film tussle. Rotella and I Wear and I hated that point let's just go my entourage OK I mean thank you know life I think everything looks good enough to rush so let's do it disturbing over turtle drama of the fishermen to share the same woman yet that's an ultimate problem. Members of the Utah State Bard got an unexpected surprise when they open an email from their own organization on Monday. The state certification agency which is meant is that what they did is they make advertising annual spring convention. And act Stanley also attach an image of a topless woman itself. And email was sent to every member attorney. Which is about 111000. So I could happen here at work town hand. 111000 people got to see some good South Ossetian. I would love to have been on that email thread typically exceed the reply all. You don't hear did you always ends of zones and replying all to subdue that you don't need to reply alternate solutions can stop replying all while they reply all that it just this is a slippery slope. I feel like on that one too the reply all will be some of the best entertainment ever yeah. Did you realize that you sent us yeah that's a pretty good this is well you know what I want to go to missiles spring convention of ours now hi had no idea and the best pro be about three weeks after that email sent B dual finally chimed in yeah. Yeah that's how rolls tsk tsk did your response time we have the company email somebody like you know good W I just topless picture. He's been fired for two weeks since then no damage. Food yet executive director of the bar John Baldwin said we are horrified. At all when we are investigating to discover how this occurred at. Our goals to find out what happened and ensure it never happens again. Oh really okay fine. This boobs she's really. They are just oops yeah I guess it's just yet all can imagine that the black bar was moving on now yeah underlines posting the picture may not showing. I'll go a long lines show the bush should go the real picture without the black bar I'm Janice and accidents happen but how did that accident happened and how has an accident yeah. I'd let you know if I would be frustrated if I lived in a place where they know what I couldn't get what I wanted because still stunned the whole state said you just not gonna do this. Like when I was in the dry town in Massachusetts I was pissed it's like I gotta go drive how long to get a beer. Because this stupid town doesn't wanna have beer I just I just get so frustrated that slate. It's 2018 you know either a you don't have to drink let me go drink. You know it's so with Salt Lake and Utah and all that I can maybe some as frustrated at that fact that why can't I see movies I'm gonna send about everybody respect and I don't know. Gimme some alcohol yeah. On the other side of all this let's go to you porn who have may have predicted that artificial intelligence. They they use artificial intelligence to predict. And the corner of the future because they pretty much they said OK I take a look at all right videos all our searches and then tell us the next big thing in porn. And are to be interesting art or did you showed up we saw a little bit of that at C a and sexy robots that we're supposed to. Like be like like you know leave the attractive women that are different events. All EU turnout by them I dynamo that sexy. Well you they would they would be indeed they're robots yet did you see that they were designed to look sexier Orly clearly their cleavage yeah I I did say they do grow boobs yet rope moves robo moved up. So who knows maybe I robo boo was the next thing. So here's what's. They came up with ten things that they think are gonna be the next big things in points. So what the artificial intelligence system. Went and looked at what people are watching him try to come up with their own determination behind what we're going to be into in the future yeah and looks like you should be good let's say some of these weird stuff I'm you can predict this. I mean based arm you know from what I hear how the Internet some of these sites says that those thumbnails or rather disturbing. Yeah. Number one on the list spray and pray oh. Thanks Tony car wash debts in a car wash steals brave thing I'm happy agree car wash forum like the key car wash down the street anyway I decided then how about the German momma hour. Why it's. Our that's never good thing I remember my breasts are moms do awesome army. Number 30 dirty generating for the men's room yeah they can be the voice of this place domesticated and mention Ron to something with the dirty German number two German Moammar certain duties. German mom hour gap. Where is the hour come into the ID that's I guess that's what they fear is all people want is just an hour an hour is as I can handle yeah I'd sit baby. This next one's. Grand job. Then and all yeah. Okay Ozzie is Graham I grandiose. I'm not understanding we're going to witness saw mud that jails. All come. You know you have body not a hands on wrinkle that's what we're talking about. God. Well logs. This is interesting. It's in the big bull bull holder French. I don't even know earnings. That's what it says big global hold turner Franco Turk what is the whole tour I have no clue I don't know I don't know what a boom boom Lizzie it's HO TER whatever that word means maybe they meant hotter but -- days -- Iran get the job and what does it do they mean not mobile but you know like the bees that are around you know who is the big mean the BM and maybe its news search engine big blue blue motor fresh from. That tells what this day guys have a desktop bands in the ninety's. Number five is passion nation like that passion nation as severe live club. Until the passion nations. Then this brings into your grand jobs OK this one here is it's disturbing. Also it's called compilation. Formed via via follow up yeah put the font well. Maybe you just you know you view that people sooner or red and hits the table. Phone I don't know compilation yeah I don't know what font means I hope it's not a bad thing that I'm saying. I would get up nothing not quite ready for this mature. Gardez some. Hope I saw the multiple guar once yeah. Lesbian master binge. Yeah ago they also open. What I did I had so the consumers quite aren't quite there yet whatever the hell this is all meaning I don't really Skinner robot for awhile now. This is helping me not be so as general bots to visit they don't seem to be figuring out pornography yet yeah hard bore your follow yes. Don't really had a hardware and finally this is decent and impressed as I am yeah I got a brand new game for you see does get hot new video game OK tang on. I've seen videos of that. And then I saw my dad and mom and pop and American red shirt orgasm right now and minds and bottom. Which is like a great job with the answer. Well they go those the top ten supposedly new trends coming in toward the next big things I don't know if our oil live on the spot and yes it's going to be. That's what they don't come true. All know we all laughed at midnight theocracy interview feeling it theocracy is coming true idea what is in twenty years. Those are the things that were all into you me we're all gonna have a compilation of grand jobs leading to a lesbian master may just get this thing chaos and they're watching our compilation videos. All right. I got Sabo DL Ed Dillon are junior he just admitted that he has a very odd phobia. Yeah excitement but it does involve Mr. T hurt her. What is it you can hear from Dell 717. On Iraq. In the eggs morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. 99.9 KI SW the rock god Seattle. Dale Earnhardt junior judge shared that he is scared of something very odd. He has a phobia of metal jewelry. And that's an interesting I never heard of that before. Which is why you never see him and I see Eddie in the same room yes they'll lose some rains have thought about that that. So you're still talking about it on his podcast also had a jewelry phobia. And no one way or meadow grains should map wedding ring is actually wouldn't rain and I don't want to Wear that too much because I can get scratched or broken. And so I Wear a Taylor earnings would sure like on our rubber arm. Composites photos material. And they're very very comfortable and if he loses twenty books chaos they're wearing their product for good damn reason but has not juries only Israel. And any thought that I was making that up and there's no such thing as a Jewish Soviet there is a word song when I'm home crazy words that others it's real. You don't really heavy jewelry yells yeah now he's like I'm usually boy or don't like wearing it and I know I mean closer that is. Like Camilo southern Arizona Mr. T comes to hang hallowed here's. Yeah so all of me almost nauseous. Well how about that that's so bizarre car it's. Ten. Dude if he sees the jewelry it's a. And he says he says that's a real thing I'll talk size me must phobia wow oh sorry Chris. Christina look like you're kinda the other road I'm not your first you write your freedom like rookie Steve I'm so proud now to get disappointed so I don't have you started out good. Yet the cost. Because you've been through the end. That's how did you gums up not a house voted two things up for you as well and I grew as number one around this room that's right. So Dale Earnhardt junior it Joan Joan Joan Hart Dale Earnhardt junior has a phobia he's scared of jewelry metal jewelry. I wanna visit the rule this pit crew if they're Roy you know I mean. Sometimes yeah you like done urban legend was and I I've heard if you do say it's not true with Paul Allen was that you can't look at him in the eyes out. Do you think that somebody told you make if you work that is company can like starent. Do you think there's somebody pulls aside whoever is a new higher for the pit crews o'clock man. That's a nice ring. Throwing around dale that's got to come off Yahoo! I I would think so especially if you're superstitious and you know you gotta go up there you don't your head taken out of the game as what are your boys is wearing something you're afraid of if you're one of his competitors. Forget about all he had every rings on every finger and I look at him right before we start the race and stick to lose all EMI you nose wrinkle our studies everything and that there's every part of my body and Mr. T work in my crew yeah that's the way to go hand dude saw fear of middle Julia phobia that. Our topic. That's a pretty odd phobia but you know what maybe you've got one yourself or somebody you know 20641. Rock. Texas 779991. Odd ball we'll see you or someone you know have. He called Texas 206 which one rock Texas 77999. Golf Jackson supplies on the Iraq. And they X more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Good point nine KI SW there I love Seattle Dale Earnhardt junior judge shared. That he has a phobia of metal. Jewelry what about you would odd phobia do you or someone you know have. 20642 and rocky and also Texas 77999. This go to Josh and Bremerton Josh you are on the rock. O line and just show little to get them enjoyment do list right here in Iraq which Jeff Ford's body. I it'll really weird Soviet black any come I'm like cleaning light years that you can't. Our hemisphere it is somebody's gonna like come up in black outside and has just damned cute kid in my brain I. It's come to the point where it's like my girlfriend knocked in a bathroom or somebody around my ankles are able to pull out my stopped cleaning my ears pinned down like nobody in the room. And do that is yeah that that that. I would I would throw stones they are now on same way that's a weird phobia but I've got I've got one similar not like that but. Every time I'm near water I'm always afraid someone is gonna just run from behind and pushed me and all really I get my head on a swivel whenever I'm anywhere near water. It's the most is I think I don't know if that happened to me is a kid or something. But I'm I'm okay with a lot of things this museum to close to water ice completely turnaround all right who's running tackle means is diving into this water mental no we cross that bridge in Chicago. Today dad don't do it cannot it's it. And why he sees happened to us man I did and I Canada where kids from. They warm person says Zaza penalized ten years I developed a phobia of goats I don't know why I don't know what and when you see in their eyes. My ultimate damn hole I know exact. Okay. When that's when used to start doing your impression of go to about ten years ago. Act. That's here's how other every human being nice impression is that ask wow Osce it's a face that. Yes sealed it they Vicki Vicki doesn't talk about I saw the true. Now Gail Dudack goats or not that would look at Dick and Tony talk now they are up for small goats don't time now secondly they don't even look as bad as you do right now. Yeah married. And. I don't post that video of him Vicky are heard a boom Jake do it I have to look at that so it's a whole world yeah. That's auto the whole world's paying attention to our social media are only ARA it's gonna she's important. Dude OK I think I found the weirdest one okay. I am a fear of the movie ET. Anyone anytime anyone ever repeat signature lines of that movie again major anxiety I had this in some little kid I try to overcome it by watching the movie several times. And I've never been able to. Well that's what that is a very bizarre Foveon maybe it's because ET looks like a creepy old man I was scarred by the Landau confusion and video because of all the puppets the Ronald Reagan cut our a lot of got everything I have a lot of media that is what I would leave the room that Genesis or yes O'Connell would have won and other yeah I don't yeah. But he had that one freaked me out and I still right can still see that creepy green leaf. Raisin face. Just chasing me in my dream so I know Hillary racists I'll reds right that is a freaky video I remember that American mother was really disturbing do you think that text is afraid every seized ECUs. Look at you really don't want you or did you just a troll you're not just said he's like everything he's just I'm not trying to figure anybody on our car and out of some of the call and ready. And they yeah fingers then. Yeah yeah they're high actually do know that you're ready you're you're you're right two shy when it's gonna Craig Ingram Craig you are on the Iraq. Not too bad buddy how much you lie do you have a thought nod Soviet yourself when you know. IQ above absolute zero in its. Why is excellent. Where are they. Admire anybody's burden allegedly had birds need you he would hear a little on the red haired. Follows air phobia yeah I those does hurt is your Brothers erosion and oh. Is there a fear factor of this listen brother. Federal not be a factor once we do this yeah damn do what did you did you (%expletive) them off or he's just being like an older brother. Carlo you. God she hears. No he did did meet you know average money and you. You know little sugar and no I didn't really. Yeah I know that would bring my nerves and I'll stand I got in just screamed in Trenton. Although I. Life as a man these generals it's a phobia but so that we had overnight and then from a few years ago and it's been resolved since but. The when it happened chooses stand by them the back door. Waiting for them to show up in just seconds claiming enough clean up for hours I'm like what I never say it was an obsessive compulsive moment like that legit it's fear of my knees and get into our home yeah allison's track cannot of course owns a twenty Dylan licenses or bring it on them. Physically demanding Craig joins the military and noted that's that's going to be tough on people Leo and and phobia they probably his rib the hell Nadia. I haven't endured that we execute and if he's not I'm afraid you don't get to eat. Yeah well she's she's men that's that's she's Jimmy FO we know Linus basically held a fire that's that's the nasal yeah yeah. To a 6421 rock Texas 7799. Man's gonna Jared Treadway Jerry you are on the rock. Lawyer Morris shared about you what's your odds phobia. Not exactly an art award but I am terrified of deep although they're. Are you allergic you know. I mean our daily chart of art like no right he had been done and cheered out by a narrow right now nomads are obese if I. I think it back to gamble. They're taking and it is what I look ordinary Donald had ER slightly bored at. And I'll let me believe ED it you know you are old and he put on my direct start to eat at all the unrest Mikey I remember it being in the ball. And I remembered being part of my apartment door I like you told me that people like you get and I don't remember I got back. Wow dude that's trip to get a sense it's just so bizarre how like the mine will do stuff like that he does this I mean I'm really sting and everything and if you're not allergic like when you for every when you realize you're not allergic to bees. And all of a sudden it's like our lot bigger than units on you know bring all your body here they. Freaked me out here as someone based on rats and have been stunned me forest that was not a fun experience doesn't kid I had eleven and we are being there are yellow jackets are pretty much the same thing. I stepped on wanted to state they'd stay at the beach down California a lot of beaches are just in the sand you've got to watch where you're going to lose I don't know why they hang in the sand but they do and then panic you know got stung on every sand castles I guess so I say it's it's a shot everything walk on the beach you gonna step on a beat. Judges are my tactic I kicked Iraq. It's specifically with hopes of hitting their highest. Yeah and it did and then tonight I suffer the repercussions it's interesting how they know you did it. Roy edit some little kid running screaming how. But as the days and I we should go after Jack guy who is guilty seat is no legal system mission Indonesia are given a trial for list I'm Helen Wright we should talk first again MMI brother death. To a 642 on rock Texas 77999. Dennis and fury and you are on the rock. Wind Marty Dennis how much you what is an odd shall we that you have. Cotton ball. Oh is that got involved I cannot it's it's worse Centrino launch unfortunate. Did you not the only we've had three texts from people. That I've said cotton balls and different reasons where they beat us they've been a freedoms entertainment. Know the person says the texture and sound also the so let's say is that the sound the texture is an all that's. No I had a picture of the touch it you know. You know cure cancer kind of a challenge you know get cleaners. You seen this on the Maury show like how we wanna actually seen people lose their minds over this loud Dennis I can help you out man oval. I cannot go to those shooters bro I eyewear where when I went to get my ears checked out because I can't put Kamerion. I was told by the ideology is that we do we're not supposed music cue tips and barriers that are no body no actually will take care of that Celso if you're really afraid you don't got to use an arm around her looks and nasty ass stuff is going on your eardrum b.s and well that there and duchess she's stunned that they say you actually make it worse you push it in there and you really shouldn't it it also comes out during sleep which is great for your bed now that put. That's what I was told the if you ask any audio all just don't tell you that you should be Gemma that's a junior here dad had a actually had a couple people tell me that. Speaking examine these in the years Vicki what's. There. Then I. If there's an actual name for an I don't wanna globally it's because and I look at the pictures and I don't wanna look at the pictures and it's a fury like a bunch a little holes together. I actual fear I don't go to strip clubs he he thinks. When at last its culture at the phobia yes well right before we had asked some people have it worse than others. An eagle can even look at their cough because of all the bubbles look like holes like I'm not that bad. But if you ever look at the Lotus pod especially dry a runner any kind of Lotus potty makes my skin collagen wow. How it creeps me out I wonder what that's about it started with what people would Photoshop the Lotus caught on to skin. And so those images what floater on the Internet and so someone Photoshop that on a breast and when I was like thirteen or fourteen to when showed it to me said oh this is what breast cancer looks like. Putting green in my head that's and I just can't. And can't look at them to hand freak out there right back when to a bar and they had a Lotus Honda had a moves seats and not look at it. It's just it makes my skin crawl. And do it's really common. Didn't cash. I never heard that neither hi I I didn't know is that I'm becoming a dime a main political wave accused now I'm an asserted all kinds yet it's your it's your whole track phobia oh well there's you know as a leg of the BE. Yeah I honey I don't it's funny 'cause like Honeycutt I thought Serio comic national cereal I think I mean I never had expect. Maybe I can help get you over your feet I'm get it and get mad. I do want to play great honey comes don't bother me the second there's like a B each and every single one of those hole in his mood around like. So do not like BZ their plea be sells its pain out there but he's my whole even there holes they're all still just kind of taught in just. Pop announcement. I don't secure our you know parent police are not a nursery or transition to go from not this time. I'm sick instead it was. Transition you know you're. Okay. I actually have a weird phobia and kneecap some fruit fruit I. I hate Stan. I hate when people likes to have their legs straight and they play with them and they can move him around a hot it easy most disgusting. Like it makes me think not just thinking about people doing solution like professional wrestling there was immediate pads on the meets hello good oh good they only try to slam amount or anything some do and I don't like you that luckier although no no my genetically my -- used to dislocating announcing am playing well now you're afraid of it yeah it gives me the CB GB is like crucial from the summer be walking around in shorts. Do you just keep your eyes. We stop. Yeah yeah discounted but the back area because that's okay back many cats Ayman Al all sell we'll have circuit telecasts are scientists tell us how did you know who's. Yeah yeah. Hello my desk and. I know that I found I've I don't know there's there's not a cap and maybe it is that is not just looking at does even just looking you excited doesn't feel like a capital error elbow like your need does he can move it around Lincoln yeah that's out human people moving around. All so okay you get now there is an on site games if your condoms. Yeah. The phobia thanks. Not here just a light you know yes the life of conversational talk to Mike and so Mikey Mikey Mikey you are on the Iraq. Big show and it's. Which of course they might what do you we what are your freedoms. It's lovely it's actually at my wife she is absolutely terrible I don't laws and M butterfly. Yeah. How mod zero to you Russia through Zune go to like the butterfly exhibit. Now he'd never do you wouldn't you wouldn't read and also Joseph gets younger you saw on TV and out. You I just I didn't hear you just have sixty music photos as a new home so what was that whatever you like what time. Well what are we heard we were gonna get you could get better and I got one good blocker who had blown into the wind album and she got what they're really doubt she started college dove amendment here by the rhetoric she jumps she. Got and jobs away every doubt and I love yeah. They didn't stink in the heart happy trying to get done. It is I'm telling ya mean it is fascinating really we're really trying to trip us up. Must do like Dick kind of freaky to me and you know because I guess because they fly out your closet or some my dad and I and that's just drives me nuts you're not a mosque malls and how long I get the cedar I don't do the moth balls would do the cedar because you know beyond just tired you are grandma's house how much a lost ball exactly yeah. Like does the play you're right Steve even though they're kind of the same creature but. Butterflies are awesome looking and I had never just takes. And they don't bother you maybe that's sick has mosque somebody of the butterflies also the body they just fire on dilemma Purdue wins the mosque is likely to Mike Brown as grayish brown dirty state and I just say don't you close wings. And it's an and they fly right at your face because if they hello hey you're exposed to see me leery here bloody underwear sorry. He me a hard time because I said don't stalking and no good sometimes but mosques have that much ability to say all. Oh yes exactly would be they I've those mosque man they get attitudes. And then you kill them if you kill them in on your wall than they go I'm just gonna leave me everywhere this is a new color at all. Always that al-Qaeda Ayman at a mosque issue. Really no your lucky man apparently plumber surround we got rats and a monster get everything over there may about these were aroused great but there every creature that seems it could live as it is on that day I thought no problems and Panasonic in the mosques and Panasonic now. My sucks. Well we also has excellent. Check out clearly marked for life yeah it's awfully there's a good place. I had to say about Alexa Alexa now is scaring. Its own users I'll tell you how your Amazon Michael could be scaring you at 747. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come in just in my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help you review or any basic questions that you have. I can give your call back. 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