BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-07-18-8A: Tommy Lee got into a fight Monday night with his son.

Wednesday, March 7th

Facebook Drama. “Terrible Friends”. A woman goes on social media to complain about her terrible friends who never have her back. BJ needs a container, people recommend “The Container Store”.

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I point nine KI SW Iraq the Seattle fire if you are proud Amazon Ecko owner like I am I got a couples matter fact. Users say you're an all time fancy now you know. So I'm my might I might get more talent like them all over the house he says. There you go you can talk to royal accent yeah and you sync it up so that that way you can have played the same song on every one of your devices if you want to the hole and though you that you might sister wives okay he indeed I do for you aims. I don't be jealous of each other all you want that and now on CI and I and I like no drama with my Alexa life rotated so all we only wants a wild certain policy goes in the one bedroom pillow. Which is send Barack that I I don't think I'm cheating on them I love them equally fair enough. Yeah. Users say that the there elects enabled devices will not stop laughing at random times. I have not had this happen and yes I've heard about this from a few people where they'll be in one room and all listen those here verilux it laughing in the background. One uses it they were so critically yet they think a parent yet that's stats that would freak me out. When users said they were sleeping and an Amazon echoed dot left on prompt an entry to mount I don't have a dot oh yeah I've got the F first generation Alexa the big to the tower and now I've got another one of the newer generation Alexis of the of the big with a bigger wants what I don't have any dies man he's like the big ones the big ones body maybe than dots are the ones the little evil bastards you know evict these kind of evil would do stuff like deck has maybe there's a little envy the dots think the bigger ones about Iran and out. So one is reportedly tried to turn the lights off and their home but Alexa repeatedly turned the lights back on. Eventually uttering an evil laugh all man this is gotta be. It was Stephen King movie isn't a maximum overdrive but we just relax the so far we don't know why I don't know why Larry she's just laughing when users on Astra 201 user recorded elixir randomly laughing and here's the audio that. And yeah you're out and then there's that they once used to say Eddie careful BJ oh I don't know how to get straight what started yeah it's that looks just like mine I don't know man. It's so cool wow. I wonder what may I know and I've never had a laugh at anything you you can tell her job and she laughs I didn't know she had a reason the last. That's truly has hazy and escalate so we're the only what is president elect's up what is your last sound like. Most are ready Denny's. Alexa. What is your last sound like. Sorry I don't know them. To follow suit what is your laps out of life. I got it. I'm still learning certain sounds. I'll share them with you as soon as I can. Alexa how do you laugh. Radio. Cheer I can moms. Eat. Don't know I would be I. And also senator back rays keep hearing TV. That's weird. I wonder if there's issue today I wonder if somebody made a skill like they know she has skills like our phones have apps. Or if there's a still out there that somebody enabled them or mess around with you and as a last box skill we should let users play different types of laughter such is a baby laugh for a sinister laugh. Married to a sinister laugh alas not enable laugh fox deal. Okay here's last fox. Marina yeah. I don't like. Okay now a scary. Guy who's totally. That's always isn't. Al slacks off. I saw. Alexa I don't know what's Alexa open laugh box skill let's sushi misuse those. I'm Alexa would tell. I'll what does she say now tombstone and OK stuff. A. Jewish synagogues timer. At some point again like 230 in the afternoon we don't know when did you start doing that all that would be faster right. How and I think that dad yeah I think there's going to be a way to set that up in the skill. Yeah on that day. How associates say this so let's appreciate your junk you'll laugh. Yeah. Probably shouldn't listen the left who you like next. Baby baby. I could not find a baby baby laughs. I would instead. Local little old senator will vocal kind of Texas Perry and Steve you knuckle headed if you send a mallet so when you call her name you know I saw some black Sox socks it's funny. All I'm. Let's off. We're done with her. The Democrats he received from laughing with me goodbye. All right she's great so why isn't polite well of course she's made in Seattle we're very polite here. I've never heard her laugh that's interesting maybe I never been that engaging plumbers in my dog is not a fan of her laugh. Yeah. T he T he doesn't do affirmed. I am not just not against man. But one day we're going to be in some post apocalyptic world those of robots are gonna come after a screwed zombies and they're the only thing left on earth. Now I like giving you some iced tea now. Yeah of a guy come and get us sideline him and I'm I'm always a robot since lost the space is a robot Actel will rob is so they rip your head off he would never do that he's been nine robot he's been nine get hits that's when the column a B nine. Bullied another day in the new show he might just totally go haywire and then watch what dude actually I think I see the new robot in the extended trailer lost the space coming up next month on Netflix. He looks weird yanks a 69. I think it's like our lives and Alexis loves to stay Germany's and numbers summer officially freaked out and go around an employee in my Alexis. The attitude is is I don't mind it's easy one yes she's a little weird. A little easier yeah let's be careful you've got a lot of them yet how I do they're gonna take over. I don't I'm I don't ever controlling the whole life yet I just. Penalties on so your life's not yet but our -- do it how do you know why do I really need it though I mean that's the thing we don't need any of this do you really you're robot telling you what the weather is well not all yeah when you have that you love it CI do I do need that but the light thing you want that you don't need to the I really I need this come up memory for years you bought clapper is hoping that we can turn our lights on and off without having to touch a light switch. Now you have something that can do we can dim it can make its mood lighting and I. No this color you can get different colors in the same ball by no it's been a Phyllis she was pretty amazing. Oh all sorts of cool things you can do. I've made it had some more time but right now I can it's pretty easy really going term lights on and off and frankly that's the only exercise I get is get my fat ass out of his chair eternal I don't think it died I really think I need to continue that process. We do like that out like those fat guys in the renminbis zero lob moving it was ever Obama we where we. Yeah Wally out like while I'll be like those fat people and Wally. Yeah they're cool Flutie forty things yes they don't have a floating hover around yet so I I I think that you still be mobile in my own. Hey Tommy Lee gotta go fight on Monday night to you about this. I was just looking at the picture on the TMZ. His stat lit. And courtesy of his son Brandon. All his son Brandon hit a gap to some conflicting stories behind it DR day's top stories a lot of the never ending story series son is named Brandon. Dad Brandon Lee I love that a weird. You think his son is his other son Bruce when he hit him with. If this is this is always seen as well I mean I think that I was at with the les I think their penises are much more you know a deadly weapon what does he not tell them with dad has. You know everyone talks and got robbed yeah you totally got rob you any woman that meets you've been losing to Tommy Lee's son is probably thinking the apple as the ball too far from the tree the banana yeah has or should I bananas plus too far from I. Yeah optional except she's a Lexus really funny and quite entertaining today. Yeah he says my heart is broken. You can give your kids everything they could ever want their entire lives they can still turn against you and they as that picture of the fat lip. This I'll announce the host Daryl yeah. I'll do Demi act seed if there was a time where people wanna keep this stuff quiet open areas just thrown out there. According TMC brand is selling people is dad was drunk he was just acting in self defense. Police were called the house and took a report and Tommy told the brand it may have acted may have access to guns. There's no word if deciding do with their fight but Tommy also last at a friend's mom Pamela Anderson on Twitter on Monday. The most recent tears your heart they came out about ten minutes ago where it said Brandon says that his dad lunged at him after he called Tommy out for attacking his mom Pam Anderson. Hey this is part timer Tommy Lee and even trying to help his dad overcome alcohol if they seasons awkwardly his son of course okay. I'm so attacking you mean like lashed out at a not physically attacking her. Or maybe in the past. Interest in your write up something so you can see it says are obviously did I think she'd put. I think she finds that the news discuss and instead of rehashing old ass but I guess she has nothing else going on and needs attention signed the abuser. Who she texts every day and asks for me back probably. This is this is you know they don't need to address everything on Twitter Tommy. No yearly job but now who are with what's going on what the I had the time's up movement in the meets a moment. If in fact if he has any of those allegations that's not even good to be in the news get involved with through known they can. Altercation old and he just he just an AT&T maybe your facts straight before you report PS my fiance and I were embed them some busted into her room and assaulted me. I asked him to leave the house he knocked me unconscious he ran away from the police that. That's the truth. He. This doesn't sound good timing. The justice and I'm gonna be real on here where do you like it or not I don't care about being politically correct. I don't care about offending people no matter of Famer successes ever gonna keep you for speaking my truth PS we don't like it on follow. Yeah. See again when you get money in life you did it you know sometimes you get when I called you as stupid money where you know what you have enough money to be stupid. Because if you need money you don't you don't do stupid stuff like there's somebody would pull you aside go look distill Charlotte. And don't be an idiot it's Jimmy maybe go a little bit off didn't keep him because apparently bowed she's been doing interviews and talking about their past relationship and maybe that's triggering something I mean. Again I don't know if this is twitters the best place to handle. Also while I know you guys do like Kid Rock did man really give a he wrote a great song. On the talk about a half hour last year after you have your agent twice is hot it's great to from kid rocket's basically. And Ireland and he didn't cut she was like it was like a country Simon song but it was so awesome when. It was so awesome would be weird Nicklaus isn't here embed you with your wife right and then all of a sudden. Joey. In app universe and so delicious now. Geez do you Friday in the jealous yeah I've you know again and now the kid was it was bad dizzy the full jelly I don't know I never know make. That would be such a I would never think of opening about my. Chris you got to assume daddy's naked yeah and then as he's naked and he clearly has picked up a time to work with yeah the last India that's ashore. We know Steve I don't know about you but growing up in Massachusetts. There were a lot of fights between stints on the out a lot of fights and ninety nowadays is shocking for some people to hear about it. Honest to god me at dean did see bruises on people. Well I mean like I you know Jimmy saw Jan you know Johnny and then. It's like wow lots of dead son fights and alcohol was a big part of it. Yeah yeah attitudes it just seems weird today but in the sixties. Grow up feeling it's always knew that stuff went down still feel like wait till bag gets out of the bedroom. Maybe come downstairs for some breakfast and then tackle yeah. Yes he jumped on top mom and dad is stressing is there when his wife his wife for growth when you figure that he's got enough and on your right that's just awkward. Yeah him do well they go see Tommy Lee Pamela Anderson you think they would have good lives. Apparently they don't have good lines are down that because they go elects a lap left and amend their pain. I got a question for us to talk Belmont you know drama what happens when someone gets called out on social media for a pyramid scheme hello hi I love this side a pyramid schemes. Yet there's another edition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear it at 817. On Iraq. And mixed morning and he nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's. And cable drama. It's time for Rollins our opportunity to point out the stupidity. That is happening on FaceBook and Vijay once again we're gonna reenact the stupidity it's an actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds because of it and yes we are deep experience. This time around BJ you'll play the role of Natalee the original post are do you. I'll play the role Mike. And read you'll be Stacy street all right so once again Natalie is the original poster so BJ please. Take it away. I'm so shaken my friends they don't always get me out here we go again. What does that mean you do this every month you complain about how your friends are never dare for you. And what happened to do I could have predicted this of course Stacy signs end to kiss your ass why would just say that. That's not only is my friend has ticked assistance fund ever. Stacy. Q I the only person that has responded tonight at this aren't you don't stress time even if it's just you and I Italy's and. Don't you Janet Stacy and it's not really a party it's just you just can't make money by scamming her friends. I got the invite once again you're trying to take advantage of your friends were one of those pyramid schemes. Who needs and Paris and I'm trying to help my friends getting better shape it's different you. The last time there was that skin cream slash heroes those vitamins let's not forget about that special Barry Jews that year olds it's always something with you. Get a real job and stop trying to take advantage of your friends of this pyramid scheme I already told you it's not a ten. And it's a new. My bad you're an entrepreneur or data and it's multi level marketing costs German scheme cost. Knew I search I'd hurt school are you assume we would have prepaid lawyer that you tried pitching yet a couple of years ago stop using your friends Natalie. And what time should be after the party signing. Stacy doesn't ask. Not listening she just goes to hang out handing over her money death didn't take advantage of by Natalie. Hong man I guess so wrapped up and a lot of those I bet yeah well you know what you go to the world doing seminars multi level marketing the ID ego and self help seminars and next thing you know it's it's multi level marketing Marty coming over you know and my lovely wife got me involved in one it was a huge one with a guy I think got arrested and sent to jail he was in Vegas he had a big company everything you Baidu is basically was like I like Amway like products and it was an Amway. I'm sure their assets and people I say this that I do I firmly believe this and and any time it will change my opinion is somebody who's in my circle friends if somebody tries to sell me on some juice. Some vitamins. Some what ever you instantly. They are light bulb goes off in my head and on site you're not really a friend. You used to not like get madam my real friends are average trying to take advantage of me by trying to sell me something with hopes of meat and selling some things so that they make money off of that and in my opinion you're just an acquaintance and will never be friends and it's the same with listeners and and and I had this happen a lot get people sending messages on FaceBook hey I know you're. Health conscious have you tried any and all resurgent Al quickly look online and find out sorrows multi level marketing campaign he's up. And I just either a don't reply back or BC no money just in the league upon her Doug why not do you care about your fitness. As you know I don't care aligning your pocket by trying to be a part of this scam look it's not for me. Leave me alone and don't bother me about that so I don't wanna I wanna come to your house and learn about your crap I don't watch analyst sample. I know which freed a first time my crack I don't wanna try it I don't want any of that stuff leave me alone stop trying to make money off of me. Yeah I'm I'm with you Steve. For just me off I had to be that guy because my wife was like this'll be a thing we can do this and whatever and and of course I was the one that actually had to hit the pavement. And you know what I got the response that you gave people just hated me. And I'm. And I was realizing like cam why am I doing I'm just trying to make money and I'm just trying to get by and they got used my network my network my friend tonight on now I'm not your friend yeah. Sigh I that I have a garage full of crap and I saw a guy get arrested them I just sit in my wipers and honey. You know usually with sector are cirrus it's armor sketchy friends as she met in her circles of seminars and might I am done with this and now I'm you know what now there are some people that are really wise to this and so you go to seminars he told they're on the up and up because they go nobody is selling anybody anything if you do work continue the hell out right which I'm like thank you this is dead then I I can just go to your seminar. Do what I wanna do re you know learn about stuff I love this asylum while Byron gave Kate Katie was just like it just sunny here I'm kick and you Dallas hockey because that's not all we do here. Rumors that her friend nicotine's a trend somebody does some good lawyer Ron Williams process name of the company put out a lawyer service to me and annoys the heck ganymede. He's become an acquaintance and someone that I don't hang out with often have had that there was only. We don't know when you're gonna need legal help for and I like I have an agent that can answer my questions when it comes to legal stuff adds a lawyer that well what about in this situation now Michael I I've never encountered that situation so I'll cross that bridge when it comes he's a lawyer which means he knows other lawyers you have switched from right it's so funny but like they don't. It's did. It's a boy I don't understand why won't you do this since it's such a great deal. For me it's a great deal for you for. And did I ever feel I told you about my friend who's innocent he was a big time would call Allen's investment firm. And I would trade sim along 'cause they talk but he's a good friend. I say would you probably verified this is a saying part of this guy I mean he has more money than I'll ever see and he used to just indulge me the idiot that I am he'd go. And then as soon as they saw him walk in any us a few questions is like all of a sudden the Flint plant show they just wanted to get to ally their resolve my guy you bright and a real god knows money. Yeah yeah they are open but you know it's it's like and he always said to me BJ if it sounds too good to be true. It is not true. And I I always thought he's got a lot of money if he's not gone vested than it has to be stupid because. You know way and to get rich quick it's just out. Yes and knew I was a kid watching syndicated episodes of the honeymooners and my mom and that was a constant that was taken a hike ongoing story arc with our Ralph cram them in and Norton you know they're always like this is the things this is what we gonna do to make Mike a bunch of money in and signal back to drive in the books yet it's so true because I had that he writes at that's scamming is going on for decades you -- probably for centuries why I was really tough for her I mean that you are talking about this you forget that that's part of that some multi level marketing type of event even knows you don't think about it because like I just like Tupperware but it's. Those parties are all about how to make money off of your friends now. And an ultimate they're gonna throw a party and then you're gonna make money for their party and it just keeps going going and going into somebody's not making any money. I recently got into arguing with one of my best friends about 10 times like I am sick of people like trying to hock your parent schemes that make it my parents. Bless them they always enough calling for the pyramid scheme I don't humor I have to be the one that tells my dad. All I heard about these products I can start selling and we can make a ton of money like what's it called this listen this like dad do nots I swear to god like the ones on the telly what to do that don't do this I'm going to be very angry you and he ended up not doing it correctly. I got offended my French civil might not be just Altidore might I got it. I can't really understand trying to console and everything but each. Cleaning alone like there was only you last seen leaving her alone I know you know if they don't sell my source they think they came along because I mean otherwise I couldn't get me plastic containers anywhere they can keep my food fresh well necessities there wasn't yeah I know it's it was. What are your door like a store that that's all they sold that they only had one of those stores. Maybe in a major malls sell center or you know Lincoln square where I could actually contain stuff still out. Yeah I don't ever heard a nice though some would call a taste of store I don't know what premium Hollywood you have containers at this store job but today they that they you know I got to go to Tupperware. The network marketing party and a couple are gonna go to Tammy Tupperware to get it numbers as they see throwing 999 a month they can introduce you to this special organic nectar juicy drink straight from the tax. So I'm trying castles on yeah. I've got to fight exciting guy works I've tried it my. I go American mention with the skies profession is but he and I've had fights and his office and it's alleged you know it's a legitimate. Things that people go to a for on the health spectrum. And this guy Alley does is push this stuff up and and I looked at him and I'm like you and so now I give him grief like he wanted to opt out of his Jews stay he sold me because. Well in how network marketing is they stop after awhile you know right and I said if you ever wanted to come and use your service again new humans Jews for every us why well I don't remember you told me this is the best thing I ever have and I should I go you're gonna give it to me for the rest of your life I don't care how you gotta get it but you're the moron that told me I needed this the next latest greatest thing. And so he's kind of go through so many moves because like nobody it's but I love it cause like let's did you get. And today they almost feel that the people who aren't really into these almost become like zombies they feel almost have lost their identity and their personality they date they've dated may become something that they once weren't like they didn't brain washed by B and CEO with this great trip to Bermuda if you're a top salesperson will send you know we're all going to be Adam in the conference tremor gonna chant stop and it's like this weird cult I just and we're all gonna Wear white. I had a friendly fire zone that it works great MySpace we use we littered with that BS I know someone that got involved in that. Are his wife did in the early stages in their life doing fine but it's still like your. You're you're ripping off somebody yeah yeah someone shed yes someone eventually doesn't get paid. That's the perfect way to describe him zombies because when you try to call your friends out I kind of just started getting into it like had a friend who's really entice gen X shoes all about it. And I try might well it's working in freely I'll give it a shot and I each tried the lesson month I hated it. And got my money back is and I realize flake she was just so ignorant of this works this works like the are brainwashed me so badly one. Believe in this product and our charismatic CEO that really sells it to them that or they don't admit that they were duped. All that to you and says my wife is on her third pyramid scheme can't keep telling her. And she saw me at this time it's different it's a scam is yet to pay to stay you quote unquote working there exactly yeah all you talk about a place free get containers on Texas at south senators a store called the Container Store. Wow hello to holy day and Tino is out you don't BJ check out the Container Store fronts and south some margaritas one also and the Bellevue square always yes I'm Bret by the borrower bite your W square wrist just above our biggest ones Bluetooth floors down cost you know that some may find the name of manually container place at the sold stuff I don't store but I wasn't sure the name of the place as you out that's what I wanna I get that delay have items that I can put my food in and we'll keep fresh. I can't I can't confirm or design that is I mean I mean Tupperware I better go get the Tupperware because I don't know if there's anybody else that sells its members of the people that often that stuff or just looking for other people that are bigger suckers and they are. That he goes back to a VDs and don't want to admit that they reduce personality of the Dubai other people to justify that they were deep thought I was due to. I mean look I no doubt about it I had a garage full of stuff and because a big rift in my marriage of my wife because it's like you wanna believe your of your spouse and the you know they don't know they'd. You know what he really got to know what your specialty is my my specialty is she's a sweetheart she's a wonderful person who loves everybody but when it comes or should hear what she's doing yeah. She need won't cause of this is I told my life he needed STF fuels you just you just don't have ahead for this kind of thing. You know it's ideal for outdoor fishing is shut move further business to shut the front door when it comes to business student. The last thing that she wanted to get me into we had a gigantic fight is where walked in the beach like the pizza supposed to be a happy place. And her dumb ass friends that have no money and no relationships. One or investing in some. Some currency was like I don't know what the Korean dollar dawn or whatever pellets called. They said well here's always gonna happen the Korean currency was gonna saw it was gonna change where the American dollar would be worth nothing and the Korean dollar would be worse Chileans. Were you literally facilitates it you literally could invest a thousand dollars. And we'll be worth ten million dollars Korea year currency yes so I of course and my wife hammered me about this. And her friend who told about this is got a Ph.D. in psychology. So my wife has Tammany say your your husband's an idiot so I said honey I'll go to my financial person it's the only thing I know to do with these things. Well my CPA is Emma conversation my wife tribe is nice he can be hear his voice like. I think he can't he run moron this is that this won't ever happen this doesn't happen this will not the world go to if they American dog has done nothing the whole world screw you you like your whole life is over at that point. Now the fund's strong the beach well dude she was gonna go give all our personal information to some Orlando who sell meet U with the Wells Fargo might. Yeah I'm Mike you don't get myself this. Number I don't icons and all of you gonna do that she's like this is good only a couple years ago may lose it's I'm only gonna do that yeah well it's a great I don't. I just tell these experts tell you will be experts or economic they don't want us to make money. Yeah they do the expert a guy who makes money money and it doesn't make you burst and you lose money. And like and that. So I said no we're not doing it we are not I you're not meeting anybody it's not gonna happen. And becomes a weird thing because he had the president's put their hopes and dreams in this thing because they feel like this is a chance and on the field and succeed in monetary control their own destiny and then so when they come to their friends are quote unquote network. And you see no new let them down by yeah hurt their feelings. But they don't realize on the flip side you've also let. Us down because you're you're basically trying to take advantage of us in the same way that you haven't realize it yet but you're being taken advantage of so this is weird thing that happens with you when your friends since when not a classic tuned. You are not things that are on the up enough for the most part I just trying to stay away from any business has to do with my friends I use my guess like. And was at Ellis at the store and I feel like I'm on the season and hurt me financially solid and putting a big investment into a you know delay comes like you know might my finances like Indy tackles and Davis I don't wanna be involved my friends I'm just going you storm by your comic book and yeah by all means a little investor Matt Roark. If you are plumber gonna have you come and fix my types you know I mean yeah but. I just don't want that to become a divide because it happens in all these multi level marketing things only some people give thought Barrett and affects your relationship without. Do and I either and that's why I've said before the show you guys last you can find the richest person you know I know we only if you confine their richest purse alone no foreign man and see their work at Bill Gates is too busy playing Tennessee wins and I call hostility you know try for Paul Allen he think he's about he's marks and allowed to look as well ya hill Tatis can't look at them. But honestly if you find people that have honestly. Made money you can find out that they actually worked hard to do it and they put a lot of effort into doing it. These get you know an honestly get rich quick guys who make it look like they have more money than they do or and they blow it all and you can tell the difference I have met people over the years where you know I'm driving one guy who's basically doing blow off of his hand while our industry and you drive into the streets of Vegas. And then I met another guy who worked for Paul Allen who is who legitimately made an honest living and you know it's nice day the way these people are. You know good to get rich quick guys are a holes who we won't ever see again and then there's my other buddy who should slow and steady because that's how real people make money slow and steady. And you have to like a turtle. Somebody wanted to say I concur about the Container Store you there's every container that you could ever want at those stores so I just can't believe it. There cool I went about a containers for containers let's whenever that's what historians play in slightly Kohl's stores under the giant though you're gonna hit you. Biggest container tech can't fit into another container on my silly Container Store. Is a multi level marketing ploy how old new ball predispose them but I love the Container Store and everything in there they're awesome. Maybe my Tupperware party now knows Michelle this is thank you so much for talking about this my hope my wife is listening. Yeah you know I hate to say it but there's always the 1 spouse I am really sucks you know once stars doesn't know god damn thing the other one doesn't and it gets there would be a big fight. And you know in its NAI I think he knows no gender because my wife with a torn as it was an idiot guy who I looked and I said that your friends a moron. And she's so mad at me and when you know don't educate. That was like I just look at my wife got hey how slapping guys he's still behind bars and she just has this look ago as your other friends are Korean dawn taken obvious she is millionaire and she looks at me. And then now she's lousy goes jets really. Good publicity she's like you're right it's almost all kinds of PeopleSoft and he's not just type of person one gender or want to make rolling my uncle playing hockey and I've heard enough. Stagnant or make. As I'm still meg dealing with the pain CI EL I know how to handle that am I going out. I think I got percent of the Berry juice and I'll take what I get and a very juice and joke on me and my I'm sorry that the nano bubbles are working in those very juices to heal my ankle immediately. He might be right I don't hear right now and I knows I'm trying to sell me something while dealing with this yeah. They go I. They're restrict access scale are Emma baby despite is doing the old fashioned hard working when and it's a lottery. Duck and asbestos and I think that's what we all can agree and I didn't but at least it's leak you know at least we know we're getting it Syria don't mean that we have no hardly any chance to win but then you'll read about some idiot that was what the lottery three or four times in a row Nokia. It's America loses do semi toy box I'll tell you I'm not I'm not he answers yeah Clinton's give me your address man come on buddy. Yes people think things I just my stuff envelopes and you make a lot of money stuffing envelopes. When we can't remember in the gothic comic books. China save up money so I don't buy this machine net prints money because I thought that I can meet mom more money I printing how how can. Really I don't like my dad this is usually does. I hope our oldest is Smart I mean yeah clearly our youngest steal your poor father because I make your father he's a Smart guy and I genius what happened to you don't ever say it enough for the X ray goggles in here those are real no I got sea monkeys okay were awesome DX ray goggles Vicki got robbed on those and so (%expletive) Honestly I am a twelve year old kid they're gonna see every chick mute I was so happy news. The money printer. An X ray goggles there was a neighbor like I had some neighbors and might I cannot wait for these m.'s gonna walk go to their house say hey how are against her and now I know this. I don't even know what that money printer would have been deployed an oil well and I was really stupid happy. You know little rolling thing I really important money see that's something you put a dollar and Aaron for another piece of paper and it rolled out the real dollar and take care remotely that's something that I almost like kids will ever even get to do like toad like you'd like people who buy some of the back a comic books like that I don't know if they do that anymore Stephen advertising columns anymore. I know advertising TV shows like if it's marble little advertise marvel movies or TV shows within the comics are summoned and he can't seem like cars advertising comic that told him although they give advertisers just not for X ray goggles just go by sea monkeys yes yeah. I don't know it's something you see this go online seems I'm looking online right now for the money or lower via the money roller bury me. I guess Jason he's a hundred Stewart Steve let's face it catch. Yes say Steve he did get this one wrong below analyst Paul reveres professions. He's a middle man no I'm. No horse rider now. Real player no no we learned actually he wasn't a blacksmith but I silver Smith which I think is going to be a little higher paying jobs over. You are shot at any seniors got a 206421. Rock we'll claims being made this date forty sevens on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are some people who draw a lot of times I'm allowed a long time. I'm not having good credit and having collections usually they're concerned because. He may be concerned that she's you won't be able to find your creditors and your file bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has my. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's just something return to keep track of because credit collection agencies transfer your that's all over the place. We will go on your credit bureaus and they're getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit you can get now. Which collection agencies have had enough. Campbell make sure that we file all your creditors when you find your bankruptcies so let's not intrusive. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime I had to choose the right chapters dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.