BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-07-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, March 7th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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And a point nine KI SW the rock Seattle on Saturday April 7 you know we sit there and you're going to be sliding and oh yeah this is another great event where you can get some good beverages. Good food they sit and slide coming to the Fremont foundry. Steve I know you like to sliders that I am alive there a lot of varieties of sliders. I disciplines and beverages and showed some sliders down my throat oh yeah regional breweries give you their finest. Finest craftsmen and I'm sure like to know exactly what survived everything into one of our other events that involve drinking you need to make verbally speaking tequila tacos similar vibe that this time around. Focusing on the sliders dad breweries sliders. Yeah John Moore yeah it's serious it is nothing else he said bad KI SW dot com you create your tickets. Also great benefits of a slide benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean. Time. Name now the mean yeah. Active instead whack at it like it Wednesday it is wacky way as they write him Millman damn why well yeah that's where Wednesday normally is CNET blackouts. Would know these things that you learn on our show that's right you teach you wondered about an answer but we're in the middle of the day we Romo we're almost on the downside of the Dow's slide black. Our resident employment down lacked since our whack whack at the Georgia doesn't today we had Keon in a white Sammy Keon why yeah white center hey rebels white salmon. And is it doesn't Washington. I pastor red river. Burst Bremer. Yeah if he's asked and so it's it's yeah you really are you listening to was online or an app down there are you here in Seattle. Yeah island an are now on an out and Betty I just they're he AirTran Seattle so I have to keep the little guys. Towers in New Orleans yeah thanks you say he's around earned lunch in times so. He acts. Well let me just I wouldn't take but I like state I put up with strippers in order aren't very good state get the Acropolis when he caught up with strollers and worried surfers there I agree with some girls I've gotten some girls are not dance to stripper so you're saying is you put up with a sausage show for this a 100% okay in her I was made have a chip and they'll show -- -- as long as an offering a compromise states. As a matter I ha yeah. Lovable all they. The pepper grinder yeah but you know what I don't know and I'll be an amazing trip yeah. Condone or UT there because so too restaurant on yeah. Does seem what is she wearing board today I think it's jets Smashing Pumpkins are going to be over the Key Arena on Friday August 24 go to KI SW dot com from the details if you want tickets is Smashing Pumpkins. Get him now at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide get out of here. But those are playing you know McKeon we'll have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions Yani you can pass all you want but you'll only three guests for questions. Are you ready. You have just The Backstreet Boys hit songs I want it that way and larger than life came out and what late ninety's year. Thank you angry ads which bears had a hit with the song Rosanne now. Japan and Japan seen and del. Conte. Nast. Beginning with the seat what is the dance where people follow each other in a single line yeah. He missed. Out asks typically what kind of alcohol isn't so angry yeah. The wind asks what is the name of the French pastry that translates into English as lightning. And then yanks know. Yeah it's hard to know it's. Are who plays the title character in the 2001 movie Bridget Jones's diary. And that was an old things. Only adds to play here in the thirties did Franklin Roosevelt becomes president. Eddie sixty noticed. Betty Ford narrowed. One Jews three correct star who know me very close there this and these are hard question very hard yes gusto and possibly lack Steve the year in the thirties man doesn't suffer why is very tough now sometimes they can't be easy BJ. Yeah yeah and monitor. Sunday morning a Villa and what is not easy I guess they like Monday morning yeah we're Tuesday Tuesday's like just dead dead zone on the week okay. Terrible dead zone yet. Not a fan and you really are you ready yeah. All right. We Backstreet Boys hit songs I want it that way and larger than life came out and went early ninety's year 98 no play nice you ask them which was and had a hit with the song Roseanne asks. The police know how long time. Last topped a Rod Stewart no Tara Connell and now are beginning with the CE what is the Indians were people following each other any single line tonight. Our guys just now to Congo. Tom not to ask typically what kind of alcohol isn't so angry asks I've gotten to know why yes. The name of which French TH street translates. In English is lightning. Is that I think I know it's. I plan to. Yes who I don't care during the 2001 movie Bridget Jones's diary. Bridget Fonda now. Completion Jones announced. I'm from yeah sounds no. Tom zealous and now today. Here's the third eastern Franklin Roosevelt becomes president 35 now 34 to know 36 narrowed. When you lose three or four drags you win that's. Ford is drop TI you're so close if you could just knew about the Claire. Yeah yeah. Sorry about that yeah. Listening. Why this is a racist revise those little white sentiments this. I'll write them. Did and they hit the hit with a song Roseanne that was not in Kansas anymore Toto go got a good job there are playing in Kansas though Kansas is wrong and I ask you though is aren't. Just yeah. It and and don't know I think they sing out of Africa tour and yet they saying Africa. Let your singing Africa when it was I was involved bunny that's for Amazon assigns an a from Togo. Femi to. You. Do you put on the race for that no less taco yet yeah did I only saw that taco everyday in this. Put him on the Rendell is clear that on Tuesdays through because Osaka and thanks NIC let's ups. Bridget Jones's diary starred Renee Zellweger I Yani and why. Odds Friday guess what should the accent I know. That the that just she senate just like bad. Bush and don't worry. This entire area. Tata trucks actually bridges so you don't know gases. Sent to really yeah. Near the thirties or Franklin Roosevelt became president all I'm sure you can tell us and I did thirty no and it's very it's an even number your right. No no it's not a warning him yeah. Called damage see guys how we get screwed with a screw me up every few teen at 33 that's BS round. Hey I hate these questions I hate Shia. I'm glad Ellis eight Dem side as a matter. Because everybody remembers the election you know remembers the years they were inaugurated damn man. Alright and fine not to recommend that if Damascus stupid question congratulations. Steve you won with four correct. Yes Steve. 206 Switzerland rocked column armor for you gonna get sick it's a Smashing Pumpkins a Key Arena collar 4206421. Rock. Katz is why he trivia. Because you don't know everything. Well it's because that's when they get elected die every year they get elect and so I know there even number years but he they he is an odd number year they actually get in the joint I know I went back to be even numbered as at 35 originally and I decided he didn't even know I was figuring it was an odd number. Yeah I thought I'm not very bright I thought you thought to saving idea you know I always think it's gonna be even number it's only do it riff. That's out there I want so I'll never got around you know you never cared but anybody out some batter and I still win the game and a walk off home run out of struck out earlier. Well that's true who have yet but if you were the other way around he had a hole mama you struck gonna walk off went situation you'd be best yet death. I sonic fire him. Stand by that any clear means lightning. I didn't know that gosh I society of fruits. Man I want to what they call lightening ZE Claire's because there's what they did wasn't there and I'm sure he knows CIA doesn't know why today there remains a cousin goes down your stomach so quick I don't. I had no idea yeah. Who thought that but they are goods in a while sent me Claire. That's about this guy has his retirement lightning. Guy went to a week without power threatens to kidnap an employee and blow up a substation. And Steve discussing your neck of the woods the girls it's great state of New Jersey okay go devils 60 guy New Jersey named Robert Winter -- ironic that he's pissed off about his carving out this year. He lost power during the nor'easter storm last weekend that it was a beating. And is electric company Jersey central power and light they still haven't gotten his lights fixed and I I can appreciate that. From I was that situation where you know I was like I think two weeks without power after big storm we had an upstate New York. I'm doing right. Maybe ten hours once and that was mr. Volcker. It is just remind to never comes back but never anything nearly as bad as we you don't. Well and it's it's it's also like in the winter in new York and upstate New York where it's like in the twenties so you really need the power and I didn't care about lights I Steve heats yeah. And and television. Yeah of course is diamond necklace of saying. He was pissed he called electric companies a lot of dues and a week without power what's going on he was angry and when he did not like what they had to say to him he went nuts. He told power company he was gonna kidnap one of their employees he was illegal blow up a substation. That way nobody real power they feel his pain and now they got their. Stiff from making terroristic threats serialized earlier Neeson was one answering the phone death. There is a positive side to this though because they sent him in jail where they have power. So he's got back sell power needs now. I get anger that BO he said threatening to hurt people kidnapped people that's not gonna help get your hour. I don't know any story ever heard were so sick I physically try to intimidate somebody and he gave me back my power the I don't know if you remember what it was like because again where we live you know people in this area of the country a lot more reasonable. But where we live what we grew up didn't always threaten people with lives they said things like Dominique Kelley amicable break to face and a punch job and occupy I mean I like that was just the conversation went on any time anybody got angry. Given the stories Toni T so I hit I can now that anyone really knew you know. And be back in those are your Pryor ran out of me and discount to wherever they says a grain of salt and now it's just don't know so there's always that fear of this could be the next person on the top story in the news I. A really badly for older people because he was an older dude. Because they grew up and it's time where that kind of language was just I hyperbole nobody ever took it seriously. But now they do so and so the way he's taking his whole life he's probably every delegate match just threaten to blow up something every time we didn't get what he wanted to. Now isn't troublesome numbers as one investors are we had here back in early 2002 lost power for two weeks. Hole yeah I didn't have a dad dad here I know the storm aside because I was here for that. But still I didn't I didn't have a doubt that but I it was an ice storm that's how Sarah was conceived in us. No TV to watch not wow why you may write a storm. She's perfect if she looks up she's part of a huge bunch of kids that were born. In December of 1991. Because in February of 1991. That's when the ice storm hit. I'm miles later here comes Sarah you only exist because mom and dad were cold get sick. Till it dies there the attacks it does add sex you and your brother that's it. I don't know what it was a joy I don't know why that they I don't know what the occasion was there. This kind seasonal time that teachers and and it's just as winter is coming. Yeah how now picturing something completely deaf that's right it was a game of bones in my house. Yeah and now you don't get that do you Steve game with drones. Yeah and winter is coming is always out onto him all you owe you all to that yes OK. You know you pretty Seve over there. I got a new survey for you Steve. Almost nine out of ten people consider themselves. Busy. It's your Abidjan how busy he is why I don't think I'm I I don't think an oddity anymore I think I think it's sad that if everybody is pretty much thinks. However on why you're so busy. We're way way we when he getting asked that. I would television series of the wives and funny I do watch a lot of telephone board games you do have to play ad that has to happen to see how hard time reelected I mean I do a lot of things. Bag and I don't normally I'm busy because the things they do I've chosen to do that aren't like Ricoh I don't need to do them I just want to do them. There's also you don't think you're busy based onion so if you do your dream job you feel like you're here suffer our job is I've been doing justice at a decent all day what meetings and they now dig out very busy David if I went and played hockey and then. You know when there's a video games not gonna tell us on yeah so busy today. Because I feel like that really warrants being busy I know you never give me credit for the fact that a lot of the shows I watch I don't wanna watch OK name of name the ones I NM other shows that god gives us a show called personal space OK when we never talk to us I know a person S bases hard first to show us first on final space when I have I don't podcast that's what I'm doing for the podcast thinking and and you feel you lose listeners if you don't talk about those two shows well the thing is that's our job as a talk to them about stuff that they may not know about and so we we that's what I do that in those present mission statement a few of the issues are you watch and you don't wanna watch for you out well there's that and there's so I would probably say ass first the evil that is not why watch the Walking Dead I don't think I'd be watching. Okay. None of these guys that are needed. Well put a second the Walking Dead is a national phenomenon summoning and the show should at least know about Rendell watched our podcast yeah I'll watch it scenario. But that's the thing that is why I. Question do you say you need to watch these shows because his is implied pressure and you can find yourself. I don't know of anyone in your audience didn't even listen to your podcast Hillary and saying I can't believe BJ has a watch this show now unless it's got making fun of me for now watching a show than on what I need do you watch wrestling when you forget wrestling podcast. I'm never talk about wrestling and wrestling contest. I interview wrestlers about their stuff but I don't ever talk well when I watched. I was president Zelaya Grassley knows what an active why do you have a wrestling podcast and you don't talk Breslin what we talk about their journey to becoming a wrestler there experiences as a wrestler. But I am not talk and always someone in Iraq yet but if you you must know about the people you're talking to a sure Andre you have a little to sort of sums going on might go back and watch something that I think I would wanna talk to him about but I'm not watching tonight has. How do I chose to do this is sadly he's doing because I love it night because he feels obligated to different I can't. How do you listen I'm ready got a bet ya of this you know the geek world I mean there's things we just any people always copy it and rebel type of people go to be checked this out David checked out we had this one dude named James it's like keep selling I'm stuff every time well. I'm just saying that that's legal podcast Ford's literally for the people let you. Are talking to I understand that the why would you force yourself to watch surely you don't want to watch him when you have how many guys are your contest. 12344. So I need to move among my form probably everyone likes something than the other person that he made they don't they do what I say watching super girl because I thought it was stupid I'm not gonna continue watching super girl because I think she's a dumb cared very tired of waiting me out to be in the show and I. It was real hard chalkboard housing doesn't like myself. I have a different philosophy and not nearly it was relative velocity I think I got that if I have a particular audience that I think you will be helpful to. I will engage in something even though I don't want to. If you don't like something in the audience is like a deal like this thing out late and you're like no but I'll watch it anyways I still don't like it does that really serving. Yeah and my brain and. In my brain and why would you wanna listen to somebody talk about a so they you know they don't like well I Wear what I do is I try to appreciate the good bad what they people do like about it and it looked the Walking Dead is a good show and really is but it wouldn't be my first choice to watch. If I had casual time but it is a good show so that's why I mean and it's a popular shows us why it's at Sydney was game that's fraud would be the first show that I choose to watch. But it's a good show and so I watch because it into my podcast people watch is one of the biggest positive and something like I loved him thrown I don't wanna hear some talk about it with like passion I think they really loved this show I'm a lawyer and a toned talk about it like I appreciate the artery open I'm not really a fan of the show a bit on my well I had I MRI I am a fan of what they do and I don't like a lot of cool stuff to do what you're asking about what I would choose to do know what did you. I wouldn't choose to watch these shows if it was just for my own personal viewing and that's what I'm saying but again are you saying they're good shows they're really well done there's a lot of well done some other like we saw a movie yesterday was really well done movie I saw for the podcast because nobody else is gonna see it. It was a great movie bite. And I don't think I would have seen if not for the podcast but it's also we know well reviewed its science fiction I wish they would take that and you says according to the film bottles rocks. BJ Shea. As our film has the reviewer more viewers I know probably would not choose to see half the movies they see but they've got to because that's her job sir and they end up actually enjoys some of the movies that they would not choose to see that's. Kinda how I look at it and that means he isn't now I'm ready yeah. My. There on the BJ saying I mean I I can be rocket uncle Chris is President Bush is probably why you're you know what seriously could you guys aren't successful let's just take a look to god damn lies and it's all right there weren't any big war. I'm I'm OK I know. Wow I'll give us and I want to find out her as a sort of think they are really in my I don't spend my time watching Australia not outsource some differences inherent because he's not dizzy I wish I didn't happen and that's somewhere that you surround yourself with a bunch of failures mantras we don't want and TV shows stretcher or not you them. You do I'd be re Steve you do what you do on disarmament podcast man content of the show the policies general failures I had if I Chris what I've radical Christian is my usual one that I suicide our viewers you really thought he was given an IMAX I was gimme the mid semester and he's I don't like resound like to have my dad's making all the sincerely just call them a loser not him my son of course knows I'm talking about I am not suggesting you're Giguere had a funny I read out by Dallara and I I this is a podcast is falling as far as -- for a talk about it. Vicki has just not good she watches nothing. I mean she comes in rather stupid deep sheet which bases he just reads up in during that she goes I just yeah I should that I put hours and he's got DM show. And he's like I missed it I had to know what can I get. Running out I'm sorry Edwards go I don't I'm not denying gag nine gag is for losers and image are all blank spaces Bryce I mean I've spent. I still more about what's going on in the world and everything I know when things are airing in well I know you don't yeah I really clue what is Justin Johnson out its next month each and this. Month don't even start within you you you all you know is what you read the you don't experience. Animal can and that revel tunnels I thought you know we have my back on this. Yeah in the look at. I'll work cool you know I miss you guys are gonna fight cancer cells then you gradually gone we have more fun when DJ go ahead do I honestly I would love to quit the goddamn podcasts of Dana my god DM sold only getting involved with that because I have caught talks with this company today my agent is talking with this company public this goddamn podcast that we don't get paid for and does nothing for us this is not about how busy it is. Busy Steve let me Susie I hate that business of my life sometimes Jerry Remy pissed no I can't tell just a little bit. I do instead yeah congratulations. SEC would somebody does everything nobody is nothing Vicky that's why they get angry. Yeah you're like a great did you not the don't think as you or nobody counts on you. And believe me I don't it's a great life you know. Gosh I would love to you don't have the Kraft fight a crap I do for that podcast. Emphasis Jesus guy stuff tiny. Medicine once again these just lays down a grenade and why so yeah exactly. Exactly what you did. And I happen little podcast world I was I was don't want Arizona where he's so why this is urging him and acknowledge that there is busy news to what I do but now I'm not gonna do any of it will do see how long it goes. I mean seriously have to crap we talk about the shows that I watch now he's UCLA shows I watch that that's what I think is the same old thing every day every rep goes don't the issue of what you did Mickey Singh never changes she does five things that have been the same five days I want to punish your yacht that was a year ago did you tell on the lunch yeah whatever. Members Israeli army she killed a nerd podcast Noel. I did yeah I. Read do wanted to start a new podcast of hookers and blackjack yeah. Go ahead I'd like to you know what I'd like to children are taught to whom will be your retention on the he's being controlled by mr. Now everybody has their buttons. That was my thought now I know that goes on they dropped on that grew well you know I started I don't know how this wife Michelle and be you know there's still that that's my whole life has been doing stuff like that and I'll like. We'll maybe try for one week where you don't want sisters and see how you feel dude I have. I had a look at this other things that I do that for this radio show the got to do that I don't like. You know I mean it's easier to talk to people you an answer social media everyone's got an idea everybody says you videos not even singing and you saw this and you seen this. I mean plus attached to the US and Europe now seriously you you know that's kind of things we get how do you say I'm not busy and I'm really frustrated you know it is what is it. It is that I have had to deal with that kind of mindset from people in the business management to go what do you do every day. I think that's really where the nerve is hit right and this podcasts a big one. Because. It's just a big one it is and it is a big on a lot of my time goes into it and I think. Well you know what truth I think we may have to end it. That's the thing yes well you know what the this conversation with a parent club but you know what this we I haven't got real like this a long time and you know what it's it's one day it's my god damn show your goddamn show with me mutual mean you started it's a yeah this is when he basically say. But you know what this podcast has been a labor of love with sir and this company has given mixed messages about it. And I think it's time for hair club in my agent who have a conversation today 'cause I want to end it I'm done with it I'm done with the mixed messages I get from this company about this podcast which. Recently we were just told that it wasn't that good we don't want it by people and I don't company. So that's why I'm really upset about why you know that. I brought out your tone and I don't you think starting pitchers it's such a sore subject Alan hair club knows that because I think there comes a big sand doesn't even know that the genius is that this company said we're so happy about podcast and said we don't want it. And yes. They won't let it go either so I it's it sits on the Politico I'm done because I you know I think we can do a lot of great things within and it's been we've been held back. And like assessment of ridiculous amount of time on it. And it's it is frustrating it's sad to me because. They asked me to do this and I did it and they haven't really been as cool as they could be about it. But they go that's a sad time for me but you know I muscle work out why I'm really pissed tears did go. So no more you nation. Well I don't know today's NB a big conversation and we are revenue Vicki has its Peter's apartment Jeff Carter's notation part article but I mean our revenue Vickie and Chris and all these guys that they K you know why it's not much work that you got to put into it could do yourself stand. That's all I gotta say. Stadium. Type list is on the loose you can pick up the show Mohamed go try to get some don't know maybe as some drugs or something come down. Really tonight Oreo Cookies are threats that tag alongs. Do you really. Yes I got like three of them left. He man Alex ceremony do you think you could have attacked a lot this whole time I had to share what did you know I seen no right what else. I didn't cinema Nino could never Texas he noted and like I I two of them yesterday. While Siena to begin emails. I don't work would you people. I suddenly this is all lose you pick that topic you gotta go make again dropping a grenade now about the tag along so really I'm dumb with you today I think only at the health. You know what I'm done with regret doesn't have my back doesn't give me tag alongs keg if I don't want those tech wants you to know I had a dear editor of the BJ at this point now I'm done but every three of them are reserved for him now he's Steve can have them. 20642 on rockets this is eyes brighten up this show would you bar you know what just troll me like everybody else does. 2064 to a rock text me at 77999. Your calls and checks it knights have seen a. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq. Our listeners on the lose proxy fight card choice. You pick the top you've got to show a 206421. Rocking and also Texas 77999. Listeners on the loose anything you wanna talk about it's up for grabs doesn't matter who's spoken about it before or something brand new you wanna bring to the table. Fourth you just want patrolled the hell out of me ice to be awfully sensitive today this is a good time to do it always coupon everything's good now. I don't I don't part of it is hard but we hi guys I I didn't get didn't make that. I was an email I regret says yeah great young of the email were writing getting the cookie zero we always tag alongs now and we hugged I feel I feel like really is very unsupported like on an island by myself when you guys here here here that actually. A state does have a rule for listeners a lose this is really import shows amenity and bring it otherwise. You look for old and I we have a conversation and topic that I think you have oh yeah. I don't know maybe you get very upset about this is why can't you know I'm I I have Arianna hair across my backside and wanna try to be cool art Lewis first let's talk about. Cookies Oreo Cookies cool. Who you guys mentioned Oreo is. Your thoughts on the website that ranked the ball I had no idea or nearly thirty flavors of Oreo Cookies yeah this week they celebrated an anniversary there's Oreo cookie day yesterday yeah I think was like it's online and in the early nineteen hundreds when they were created. And so I think that's why it was Oreo cookie days and he's like their birthday so you got to enjoy the very first Oreo cookie back down. I was actually eight hey I was born two years later actually. And then usually behind. Yeah and I guess there are 29. Current Orioles favors a flavors and they ranked from best to worst we've got the top five and we've got the bottom five. So that's what I've got here all from thrill list dot com and Tom I think this food writer has a great job of the world as he had but he had tried all of them. Just to see which ones he liked the best. I don't even know the losers Oreo clear there's got to make a chocolate. Yeah definitely taught her verse one aren't aren't they yeah you're right there as a reverse Oreo peanut butter mom. That's it you're done and I. I don't know I mean it's really close ones recently where we tried them they're like the night just for us miserable. The seasonal ones remembered they had like strawberry. There we tried candy corn one I think so and I was nasty peanut butter jelly different dose did OK there are a lot. Yeah and they're 29. This there are. I don't tell ya I disagree with his top his number one and I disagree with the number 29. But you like what he thinks is the best I'm not a big guy I I only know if I tried it but I I still don't know if I'd like it if you're experiencing Yemen tried I'm not a fan of this to labor anyway OK so that's what I but I mean I haven't tried a memorial form iron and I never do CNET. Duke flavor Oreo that's now you know I'd be offended that Steve of course I would be. I never won on his list is cinnamon bun Howell I was gonna get pumpkin spice. I was hoping sought to carry on you have to have a but I really assaulted Carroll everything she's your right do night I I'm would be really surprised that they don't because they have red velvet mats of course going to be crazy we tried out. Yeah remember that and then we also try. Credible or journal apple. Well lemon lemon and however isn't horrible I'd like lemon at pumpkin spice the united pump and the yeah yeah out on the lemon is good if you have like you know via the white cookies. And not the dark again and that's that they did your did a lemon twist. They've got a golden birthday cake that he thought that was number four he thought that Rendell that was number three. He thought Oreo minis are out number two and then peanut butter number five that's his top five cinnamon bun minis red velvet golden birthday cake continues our there's a salty caramel Oreo thin and it's a number 23 and is a must. Interest thing. Yeah yes see I'm a double stuffer and if it's not double star. And also like Oreo. I didn't promise I hey. Others. Mid omit or a mean cream Oreo offenses are good. What do difference between the sends -- the diet ones yet those are when you're looking after you figure out just yet I had them less of beat cream and smaller cookies gathered basically a waste of time yet he exam which I remember almost sand and you're right that's that's way too small helping of cream we agree on that yeah how you take a Wafer that's ridiculous I actually pissed where they put the original lines tell us why you're so matter. They put their rigid rules these these these standard of Oreo at number sixteen. The greater the middle that Diaz have double stuff. Because I see mega stuff is like you know in his bottom five. Golden double sub us seven number six is double stuff. Are right outside the top OK I mean I Jesse to me double sub is number one songs as I like the settlement on one I like this list it's definitely the best. How to try to cement bond when I never had won the grosses one I ever had was one that we had a friend bring ass and it was from Japan. And it was a green teeth all Oreo Kyra what it was like it takes her Oreo. And it was it tasted like eight. It was we were fine I mean Ellen identity you know in the Asian and Asian cultures love that green tea flavored everything I just like my teeth. Flavored cream cheese that's not irony like. Have you guys ever try it out her figure anymore chocolate chip could you go Aureus. How wide I don't not a nose in trying to try to chassis that was their best when he might have only been a limited run when no. And I think at the bottom of the list chocolate cream Oreo switch I can't believe he puts at the bottom and that I feel like Chuck Cook immoral or that pretty good the problem is we're going back to the fact that those the stands against all I've had regular tropical locate he had these and when they he's putting on their so maybe that was an irony that as well okay that's a bummer Emporia mean he's an analyst. Yeah I remember so I know that's a seems ridiculous it's like if you wanna eat a bunch of Florio's and don't wanna actually installments of melting serial coolly confident plastic cups and attorney just pour the milk and there are perfect I drink get those seed and I have no problem amiga to cereal but I guess so like the slider of non. Marianna cookie comes with so gracious call morial sliders I'd actually like draft bill. Yes we can you get a different flavors C I would think the minis in the good if you can gentlemen like they would be a variety pal variety bucket yeah that I can see that being the cool thing. He does like by the fund's size candy bars. Since the problem I have when I get upset. All I wanna do is turn to sugar and sugar we just may be more upsets and good thing that's why you let rose cookie stand is also Chris stopped ordering those Oreo Cookies right now we are out until our system runs its OK but not the best birthday cake it's all so all give our birthday cake number four on the list. So we needed it. So are you shocked examined failures along summit but there's his or Rios. The NN I think it's a Smart thing they know some people say YouTube weaken your brand new Kamal those kind of stuff but it's a way to keep top of mind awareness in people's brains. Because it's so much healthier now and you know your brand like Oreo how do you stay relevant. And they have found a way to do it just like it be seen all the different flavors of Coke now. Guess the Ayatollah Ali see them when they go to somewhere where they have that machine that you want in your home. All you through the screen one I always seem to have like a ridiculous amount different flavors Ozzie I just thought there was just Diet Coke Terry go through the regular Coke Coke zero to gun in Kansas now I'm off to elect an adult beverage are have you seen those I I haven't really checked them up but they've. Think I twist of something it's good it's like I I did like skinny cans and they're all these different flavors now that I see. That's and I saw the writing editing quite look at and I walked by ago poets as Coke on there but I see origin and gray and green and all these different flavors. The idea what are those leaky. They're like Diet Coke they're reliable engine lion Diet Coke twisted main go to yeah that's. The mini cans in my prayers and we feel I got a giant. They that many cans on the giants are now. I think you know what you're doing I think they're really the LeCroy I think the Ali hello those flavors like that Diet Coke is sort of doing a little bit twist on the the course of people who like soda but don't like flavor. If that's that's I don't think that's their tags and I'd right. Get this. And insist that. It's a here's just soda water with a splash in the flavor that we advertised on the can yeah and they did they do that I guess because there's no sweeteners and marinate apparently even artificial sweeteners no matter what kind they are apparently are not good if you're trying to diet I don't exactly know why did do you treat disease you once yes I do now they've actually stepped it up spot three and a different players have a great soda polian now is awesome they're root beer ever did for my favorite is ever a knock off of doctor pepper and it's called doctor ZDF yes number I think wow yeah. Is that I think I know you go to when your inserts and among current doctor pepper they go to doctor Z yeah yeah yeah I love my easy newsman IAI com they become a staple in my life. Yeah I was in the senate just a straight a regular soda one but I really do like did the group here that great and doctor zeevi is pretty bad NASA's approach it by I cheat sometimes don't take you have to canned Diet Coke and thrown him and his media. And that way it looks like it's cola kinda and it taste like kids that's a lot of effort. He's TH Kansas just do one pour how and make my wife do that for me. Classic yeah. That's just unreasonable throughout the I say on the cats and they can just show look in my hand here are great husband you're absolutely right your agreement. Respectful overtime BJ its listeners a list you pick a topic you guide to show a 20614. Texas 77999. Year calls your checks at 933. On Iraq. In the exit mornings on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. That's what Dice-K. Iraq. Seattle his listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show. 206421 Rockies and out of Texas 779999. And you wanna talk about you get a ticket you get to guide it that's how we doing. So as has generally plays as Kevin Hart RB on drive and work with my coworker who's an Eagles fan and he missed it can you guys please you play it that was hilarious yes is awesome stuff like Kevin was on Conan last night. And talked about the whole craziness about how he was trying to get on the field touched the Super Bowl trophy and all that. And he starts out yapping about this with this kind. All my friends from Philadelphia all in this league mom why does there and we are just handing the best time to look that good town you know what poem. We win and something in my need said I need to go down there with the teachers. Maybe one of those things are really you know you get this thought. And nobody else in the political battle look in my eyes that never having floor we have no passes and I'm literally walking biking and like. She's these are around can art. As so much sense as egg dating my eyes settled may mean. So many people ever played the message and amend my. I'm moving dates all the way went out so you can't mood today I'm cannot. That is so awesome and I often ranked Arizona dropped their name but that seems to be the right time when you're drunk you Tony Snow in the field the party with your favorite football team. And he's you know he's coming clean about it which I love because that and that's exactly how we had to get or he was. And the trouble is is that if his goal was about to be achieved but he was so trashed she didn't even know Craig. And down sort of feel I get another another light bulb goes on and I know the city of Philadelphia wanna see me hold these truths. My wife made you stay right here Abby Mac I'm gonna go holding trophies from a city that's not. Darren why pay you wouldn't and I understand how it. Kitty cat hairs how stupid I am people. I'm trying to get to the trophy the football team is right here I'm celebrating what they Eagles in the middle of the fuels hopes to push me around is great. I've noticed because I'll watch the video later I hear. In the video you hear one of the plan go okay. Did trophy right here come all the child may take a pitcher with a trophy. You can also hear me golf now motivated take them did you wooden trophy. The trust and why yeah. Yeah doing the general. That is so awesome person which player was no wonder he remembers all that gone I'm sure he does he wasn't drunk I catch him. Yeah that's that's a known man of all he wanted to do was right there within his grasp and we just turned around and you get it done so much to get dared to end the players were welcoming him. That's when you go again hard so can your team I would actually be like yeah come hard and yes I definitely. Here's more from Kevin cartel about celebrating his team's Super Bowl victory. I'm man down jab then this is the most incredible moment. The football in general this is where the commissioner comes out he takes the trophy he gives a trophy to the owner the owner this. Didn't settle he wasn't safe and not all Notre Dame gives its whoever does said he didn't need peace. Didn't care mom yeah. Do you get your hands to hold the child we didn't go the way I did it. If I can do it all over again I am a 100%. Would do would be exact same way. I element that's at every he's just saying pretty much what you'd expect he was thinking at the time the terrible would you do the same way when you rather turnaround and get to prevent a sequel that is such a great part of the story so I think with him in that. I would wanna do the exact same way as well some I imagine he's had the opportunity now to get to touch it trophies Kevin Hart yeah I mean he's joined me DOS and I pigs. If this does not only did so we can call me and he's fun yeah he gets you some of the trouble though he doesn't seem to really make good decisions when Madrid starts flowing. They're not harmful decisions and Ali okay she is very real and I had already fault here guys that party gas see that's the problem is alcohol sometimes is really you know is not your friend becomes the intelligence department and is that part whose area as whose heart is broken that's the shuttle load you know what I mean you're gay you got here have you. It's interesting text messages person Suzanne what film would you have your significant other watch. To know what kind of person you are. Oh wow that is so passed on possibly low to know the kind of person I am. I'm torn in my I have to. I you party would wanna go with night. Super troopers are half baked. Just to show that. These type of movies that I find grainy Internet describe you yeah yeah I really do I think but then there's also the other side of me to sensitive. Outside. What movie is this going to be. Rockies para un. I don't know maybe even two. A man who just wants a shot. CB you know you don't care if he wins or loses he just wants an opportunity to be in the ring you make a good point because I both those movies do define you. Yeah and I hate I was about to throw stones at you but you know they are different movies and yet they are very accurate is too I think you are now deceit there is that sensitive side yeah. Hahn thing how about how are you thinking. You have and a trip plus great news. Now I'm thinking like you do I goes Syria is still I go like what one of goofy side. Did you cease or Ratner rock hasn't really done a violent operation with that to be available there and I know it's out on delivering now what's available to purchase but yeah money for the rental. Just so excited I don't give Jerry a fun movie it is. That I really enjoyed it connected with those children linings playbook a movie that he's you know asked yeah those bonanza yeah. The bill lacy says she's like there's tried to me they're dirty and filthy and I like out of me like that part of me. And I'm like tech can you go for it. Hi somebody surprise angle increased to. You know please know Lisa picked some decent movies out now might be an excellent yeah acknowledge that this the movies you mentioned at least we all can agree are good movies you put agrees to a middle gonna have to just got to teach us the planet. Steve and a half baked in rocky feel like that hanging out with us your read. I would go because of my love for via gains in the stalled. Would be a good way into some little cheesy and now pretty gross PS. How is he admits it he's like you know what Kevin Hart admits his stupidity rev limit is grocer whole I like that there's a compliment. Cheesy gross but still awesome yeah writes the movie that is so thank you and I mean ways now we've resent. Well yeah I think so I thought yeah it's gonna be there escapade you know it's funny because I. But those are those those of anyone of those movies would work. Forgot NN out and for comedy I'm silly 10. Man you know if you really wanted to know me I'm sorry if Shaw shank a great comedy yes yeah I gotta tell you know what I I am innocent it's not movies even though they used to be movie shorts but. I think I'd have to be honest he showed in The Three Stooges because I just I was raised on Ellis Milan on those which they were TV you don't go to remains. Damir remake yeah they did I want to zero yeah I did see it it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it wasn't great. Our opportunity to even ask Danny are good reasons as the season that is attack dorsett would ya if he doesn't say Titanic I would be shocked he can't beat Titanic isn't scared the ocean. Sells nuts and somebody I'm showing this to somebody said they know me it has to be a nightmare before Christmas I was asking you yeah that makes health and net income plus it's kinda like yeah she's movie but it's scary to kids but until they get to know and that night I. This movie. Allows is a scene nightmare before Christmas ads I'll tell you Daniel Austin is scheduled buddy's day or somebody like that. All right our around around Halloween of course don't get the only why to describe their heads instead. Taiwan's hepatitis C that really I know that was actually finally here hence I was losing first do is they offer me steer movie and I can do it though I do want to go and Iowa. Yeah I that movie I would I always wished academia but that's not me I'm not mister throw caution to the wing guy so this is I was gonna say silver linings playbook as well look at the bright side if I'm being honest I don't could come on social clue clues all the time. Yeah I'd be user be grumpy old man. Tell our market. Dartmoor ST coming catcher and actually I am feeling more like Walter Matthau is character and movies more and more honesty don't lies to pound puppies movie. Classes through Kazaa to pump I get it. CNET. Danny can make them over until we watched come puppies together yes yes of course every sound of this disturbing. That's certainly are and I got a big question needs to be answered and beyond this one this is an even bigger questions for. Early to Ryan castle and popcorn have in common bomblets tell you tonight 52 room on the wrong. In case mornings on. Yeah I mean I'm 49 KI DS don't you. He. Game jarring action. But Derian castle and popcorn have in common result you can just yeah. An assault is made it and now I heard general multi hour. I'm sorry sorry I missed that Matt beech is my favorite beach it's always fun Vijay. I don't feel safe navigation everyday but nobody wants him around I don't know maybe he's decided that it's like I've never been loved so much but don't come around kind of guy yeah I mean I don't wanna hang out mad beach and a watch from afar listen to them on the great right now doubt the police and we'll probably have a talk with you live vicariously through my friends here in the room and won't prisons is Steve hides I don't know I can't say that that's didn't and they don't do that upon more butter topping oh or better with butter right Steve mu commuters already know he would. You select your stream music and so do both yeah yeah it's true. Rouse is a wonderful story about a woman who does popcorn and a kid's head for talking during Star Wars the last genocide. Oh good for her yeah one way to handle it this is a recent story by the way. No I didn't know there was still playing this anywhere but they aren't the second. Yeah they do you know when made reduce fears old play some for cheaper price death. This and I'm pretty scary she's 25 she went to see Star Wars let's get diet theater in Long Island. And Shia elements elements here ask for some popcorn and spoke at full volume so she grabbed a bag of popcorn and dumped it on them. But the first she was angry at it was a two year old child. This story just got a lot better yet surely did you know yeah you know drama ensued between mom and a girl in the cops and is your acting tough core chip yeah just lovely. Right Cassel he's up next in the morning twelve pack. And gates. I'm excited Krueger's. The punt returner Tony did you see here well you know here your I tell you you've got Danny his much trust NIC you're the motoring you grab a guy. Hey yeah are the book it's. I wanna. I I typically put them. I don't know. Well the awesome best moment from but not only PGA NX morning news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a listener and I believe things also for bankruptcy right in my car you have to list all your assets and creditors are you filed bankruptcy. So who's finally did you went out and tell the court and the trustee that you have a car ownership of our loan you could. Say that I wanna keep my car agencies to make my payments on the car. But there's the court Wilmington notice you have a car and then we believe you me repayment on the car so my leaving an option bankruptcy. You if you mean that you cannot disclose to record cancer that is now he must disclose or however that does not usually lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose over the course. And Jews need to continue to make payments on how certain are that you attend she's thanks Travis if you ask more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out if I was any time. As choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.