BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-08-18-7A: How did you end up in the E.R.?

Thursday, March 8th

Beat Migs. There was an online chat on Reddit where a user asked this question: “What did you do that was stupid and put you in the E.R.?

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I'm nine point nine KI SW rock of Seattle on Saturday able Simmons at the slightest timid the Fremont foundry. Sip from regional breweries enjoy sliders and a bunch of local restaurants that's coming up here sliders and lots of just a great variety of sliders. As well straight right appears. You're more info about six slide go to KI SW dot com a site and get your tickets can now it was like benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean. Game the. He okay. Our return on mourners today sorry. Friday red headed step child. Actually I'm out of my Thursday every like there's. Yeah believe me like credit is one down I just silence oh actually the whole world's changed actually read their children are pretty awesome. Degree categories in my sights and I'm not. The things from intimately while some here for its its origin test and today we got. In Lynnwood Millie are you there's there. Are morning you know now I. Millie that someone is really actually about and and they're playing for somebody else for pretending to be that guy so. Hunger hormone London route. Not necessarily no extra yeah so what's play an important that the pace altogether redeployment in the rain how top. Plus. You guys can build true I don't know anybody there to present I got the and I don't know in the as a nice millions playing prepare to exit a journey and Def Leppard at the gorge into theater on September 29. Go to KI SW dot com from the majority of journeys and Def Leppard at the lord's day tickets now live nation dot com Aristide get out of here. But those playing at home million we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Millie you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Hariri sir yeah. Certainly. The American fast food chain isn't which American fast food chain is known as PFK in the Canadian province of Quebec. Yeah what is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac to begin with the letter over to. Yeah. How many legs does a scorpion have. And now. You ask what Ridley Scott movie features top crews trying to save the last unicorn. The how many stars are in the bigs divert constellations. I haven't yet as to what symbol shares eighteen with the number one and a standard computer keyboards are. As important as what you're Disney's animated movie in the Incredibles come out. You don't torture and now. You could pass you don't want to know. Yeah which is the only day of the week to have the letter I in the name. Newly planted. Yes yeah. Felt Ford credit card right the rose four million but you know maybe Steve will not do anything. And about that you have mean. Stay in his. Absolutely hey I aged in their Millie hologram Millie Bobby Brown stage of things do you Millie. Big huge big kill pause I'm annoyed yeah I know I I totally totally meant to do that yeah absolutely I thank you for technology my genius yards CAF that says it's. Good news is that word. They are not crazy and they're urging teens are you ready. What are American fast food chain is known as PFK in the Canadian province have come back. What American fast food chain is known as PFK gave me and ask me ask nice what is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac to begin with glitter coat. Are tracking it thanks now. That's how many legs is the scorpion have sings sounds good to know and more now there are yet to know what Ridley Scott movie features Tom Cruise trying to save the last unicorn. Harold and Kumar go to white pastor had no two. A Mission Impossible no because and I. Ala oblivion. And how many stars are in the dig dipper constellation. Six now a note and now her what's symbol should think he was the number one on the standard computer keyboards and actually some point you asked what your did the animated film the incredible come out. 2003 now. 2004 SI what does he only see in the weeks to have a letter I in the name yeah I'd say yeah. I'm thirty. Or five wow you squeaks by with a win five top floor or merely just said peace yeah. Because he knows that Steve did. Well Steve thank you I am and the Phillies lost close to the yes I did you know that has forbidden. One easy Jimmy. Yeah I say because fighters have any legs right needed to and as Europeans are acting it's yeah and I thought that can't see that you could just figure that out I mean had a chain in the definite gap. I was kind of OK if today you fear now know I was elated and all I'm Millie would be yes yes I went a sexist is god I was like appointees yeah Carmelo he didn't even guess on that one didn't guess on aux. Didn't know what you didn't neither the movie that had Tom Cruise trying to say the last unicorn. I've had no idea what that is is it alleged legend Lou can only eighties. There is no that is to those at a bar during comic on and we're playing you know I realize Tom cruises movie is Tim Curry. Are we because he's a devil yeah in the movie. It's an eighty's movies so it's pretty stylized in DP I don't know if it necessarily is that awesome nowadays know relays will be ticked down with a grain of salt yeah exactly. There are seven stars in the big dipper constellation damn mentally and didn't you Larry actually got that right yeah did yeah from person the two legged scorpion Steve really should imagine without look like pop from Chris. There's millions I make me sunny smarter and maybe scorpion in 92 legs like three arms of four arms. Yeah yeah but only who used to move on to get around yen down sized hail it's got to do this six legs and I created senators morals and ahead. May seem next Spiderman movie blue. Julian I'll tell you how. The kind of a little easier I won my fair breaking bad actors hole. Was to do they have the scorpion tattoo in prison and oh yeah he was talking to the vulture guy and there is a game I remember that can strike hard Max Gargan I think he said hey Mack and Max length hair I think you know who those Spiderman is unlike others scorpions tattoo he's gonna come in the next movie it's corporal school man's gotta watch current debate asked entered Taylor's death Tony yeah. Our look at graduation Steve you what you get Tucker I'm a winner. Now winners Steve color scientist Richard did you get your Celtics journeys Def Leppard at the gorge in September car for 5206421. Rock. God save the semi Colorado bock a box of cereal at Wal-Mart and starting eating it and then they realized. I rule is still a strike the expiration date is 1997. Home. She's and they shot at three days ago. National cereals that are. They why timing. Yeah well I mean look that's right you know you got to celebrate even though your cereals expired. 120 years ago Quaker oats. How many sponsor Quaker 100% nationally and Matt natural granola cereal that's the F pretty healthy yeah. You know he apple jacks and owned by Zach you don't worry about being expired at nobody's buying. 100% natural and only cereal that's embarrassing I mean it really really is embarrassing how does that boxing in the shelter along. Or hot as hype whatever how does the case stay in the warehouse now long that the guys some load. Why stopped after two vice doesn't finish to hold all their names are anti and Joseph Sayyaf and here we are talking about this whole thing. Looks like it seemed ability to anything you can. Yeah ninety CNN. I don't like to blacks and noisy yeah. I started eating and thinking about that just based on you must feel great and I just try you and immediately think I'm just glad it's over this stuff and he did it to anyone is over and. I exercise and ice ax it obsolete cereal I can't blame decided because there are times right no. Distaste right but I Rea I Imus deleted this time I even looked at the expiration date are so hungry as I you know it's only three days pass its. Triumph. Seed that they say is OK guys Elba he's old yeah I am but I mean 21 years would you do that Knoll with a lot of zone had to put in perspective here's a shortlist of blows like back in 97. The Spice Girls ruled upon the world of pop music oh yeah Daniel like this in the box office hit that a year. Titanic yeah South Park premiered on TV and signed told started its last season. By him nice Titanic is twenty years old. Wow I can't believe the move to do is twenty years ago whoa. I think the most impressive thing about that story how she pronounces the word February oh yeah Hutchison sustainability. Profit nobody. Yeah I don't ability I don't know if this is her country of birth which means a fact that she can be because for viewers like it's afford. Yeah if you're learning a language oh yeah I this is why that isn't it I don't know what accent that is what is so it's definitely different way to say the word sustainability. At first I thought she was Australian but as I heard more I think she might be from a night sounds like and maybe an African or Jamaican accent maybe. All I testers in New Jersey sustainability we and that does brings Jersey accent direct. Tom man you mentioned feeling old yet you know today is. A man and a terrible and I knew quite well here's the thing if I don't know what today is and you know I Mowlds because there's not as I don't know what their earlier today is his 25 anniversary of an iconic television show debuting. And I'll give you one hand okay. I am an acorn O'Neal they need. Before more. Wow really. And we're gonna score why it's 25 years ago the. Can you lined. Shut up and. Wow this place is starting to sucks. 25 years higher higher higher. Are you right sees that makes ice is really old time area such jobs diary XXX. Didn't do you know so I talked there are now. Yes I knew it down. I was little little little kid again. Data showed changed that and I hope inspire me didn't find out about certain bands like. The best friend's truck which is a great Seattle band I would have never paid attention to you had it not been. Beavis and Butthead losing their minds about deciding crazy love the idea sounds awesome okay. And then I mean Rob Zombie why exile. We can thank Beavis and Butthead for having a career I think I'm sure they would have done file without it but. Because some by Thanksgiving Dem when abuse but I get a game a ban the stamp of approval said these guys are awesome. That made their career to go through the respect record sales and as an act crazy right now to cartoons would make. That's all they did back in the day did not mean and they did do reboot but the original Beavis and Butthead it was they did stupid skits have been hanging out and doing dumb things possesses a piece of but I did. Could a nuisance and TV watch music videos and make fun of the music videos and everyone's on it have a sign this is Cole. And I don't buy that record Kelly music video wrist then that be awesome to watch satellite had to deal like mystery science theater 3000 alzheimer's that was just I don't. I was had to watch that now I'm sure it's available somewhere maybe. Yeah about identity you thought would like to watch it now with the relevant music that I'm you know that would yes the problem is when they re ruled. Easton PD dvds or maybe does the blu rays about Beavis and Butthead they took out all of the music videos couldn't get the rights to one make sense and so it was just the skits which are are funny but the music begins with a cool part about it understand agree this gets refined but I really said I sat through the skits just to see what they would say about the music videos I've got a couple of punk bands I never thought I would ever even like in just total small bands because of it. They glut there's his band called Ruth Ruth that's still doing stuff right now. But I thought the video was called because there's ski boarding around in those Hazmat suits. And the music was kind of you know poppy and stuff and I know they are asked on an even they thought it was cool so why is like RA Venus think the school I think I matter I don't get it. Nice to watch the movie with my dad. In Spanish. He finds. I Spanish version Beers in my head I want you or beavis and butt they sound like in Spanish show you the corn holier than my dad and I would say to each other all the time adjusting to what you think. You'll. Cornel don't they need to be part within me sometimes when they're trying to talk Spanish on the show when they say today it was. The most awful version of other an accent and in trying to sound like it probably go and how they address that. I'm not there when they were in Spanish I think I found something. I'm. You know this yeah I was at Danielle out of the country and failure I was dead and then the nuggets and it's. Easy soon. I don't think audio and I think our NIC and melanoma and my manhood and you know those. I don't it's. It's not like he uses voice and strategists suggest that the sardonic reading was although some were gonna score. The other guy does a good I have but the yeah video on the view this is a bit different sound like you're gonna do it dad as an exit game now where did a value at all. Well Lilly graduate I think I was I had. Now he saw him on the news learned that guy to lower voice guy you know I sent a that was divas of the blonde and rain I don't remember you happiness. The blog while I don't know I don't know I had always I came Debbie this is good I like beets burritos. Guacamole. Brenda put good and none of anonymity. Recalls love me too. How. You say. A better than ever and I every Tesla. And so. Can you like shut up this time it's a good idea. 25 year anniversary the first episode of Beavis and Butthead now I'm not saying yeah. That is seen here I think him while Titanic just one years old beavis and butt has all the Titanic and I I can't believe it. And this I'm able believe they changed the face of MTV like MTV really went from being. Bob you know it totally gone it's entertainment mode because it out guys and it's bin Laden and his spin off of those dark Daria and she had her own show yeah yeah I went out aria. That it was and you're -- to -- yes she was actually I -- are here tonight Dario how are things there to prove it beyond -- all I got to -- yeah because they were all part of liquid television all my god I remember the first blow holes I had episode I watched because I was watching in the same room as my grandma and my mom and it was the monster truck show where they ran over the Porta -- and unleash the -- feces. So awesome yeah I wasn't allowed to watch it in their presence again that was it and look at grant the movie was not a great movie but -- -- -- inspired a movie GAAP -- and Charlize Theron looked good as -- flux but the movie itself with the cartoon was hot -- hell yeah well and -- there and I think -- -- as yes there is an onslaught by the animal we want to some of oracle estimated did you doesn't do her -- by an impression its strategy and there's there's a lot of -- there wasn't a. Also clearly feels and what brought you when you get sick you'll. Hunting and prior prior prior can't. I can't always MySpace and he does that is awesome dude could like Rollins and Susan what open her mouth is less of her let's just move things. It is amazing she becomes like a different person when she speaks. And it's it's insane desire again. I was whether or somewhere in the incident again restaurant Dario has restaurant of course she goes and finds a chef and then all of a sudden I'm like now yeah that's there and next thing you know she's author is talking Spanish it is dude and to do is loner but it's like I'm an who has won isn't it more like a coal a whole different personality comes out of her. So acidity and and see on the citizenry get it on video will put upon social media's. Just a good deal and the good are we didn't need a little. Except of just how does that. They're lautner yeah. Face and everything and he changed. Your specific topic that Omar are usually easy to it's only listen to that won't be enough time. Always say about this dude who broke two arms and his parents had to take care of him. Including. Diarrhea tight checks. Yeah touts it doesn't add the reason why is pretty ridiculous let's say all about it at 717. On the rock. And Dave's morning. Rock N 99.9 KI guess W all. I'd like nine KI SW the rock god Seattle. Cool online chat and I'm ready where user asked this question. What do you do that was stupid and push you in the ER awesome. I love ER stories. This went it was like the very first weekend of my freshman year high school I was jumping over a fence. When my shoes they're caught on the wire tips of the fence. Ended up in the ER a few hours later with two broken arms. And for the next six weeks. He says my parents had to feed me made me even know wipe my butt. All that's man I want do that's a sixteen year old grilling. Tires removal of more Rodham on this thread loses the respect I games my six year old father of three out Mike might fourteen year old but has not been forgotten. Cease fourteen year white kids bus that you might not forget that and you may have respect for your dad say that your dad will never forget that I don't believe respected the part of that yeah. I really respect that time my son was a student he broke both his arms man it's bad enough having a clean up your kids when they're little him because you gonna change a diaper or even when their little on the air accidents but fourteen off. Judy I leave home homicide makes him look closest for next however long this is prepare meals that really aren't gonna be much golf nuns. Yeah I mean I ask what could go on Google and find out what does that take the meals only make him prove the lease. Among a liquid diet yeah throughout the month. This one person so I was nine I tried my shot at bungee jumping from about twenty feet up a tree. Using a retractable dog leash. All I know those yes yeah all kinds of groceries is bungee cord and I II I mean I've read that online yeah he said all I did was attach the clip the ghosts a dog's collar in my back belt loop. I took a leave and woke up and ER. You know that's got to be the reason why sometimes you see those are warning labels on things like I I don't know on our daughter Lisa there's a warning lewis' agent that uses the bungee cord and not hang from it. He doesn't do see things your laces to not eat you know what I tide pods maybe. But why in the hell would even have as a warning they have it all because of idiots like this yeah. Seats remain. You know what that's what's evolution what they call it darwinism when I got it to darwinism yeah I I cannot promise that you defeated because really where is he on in life. That he thinks that that would be able to support him a daughter a retractable dog leash was just like a bungee cord. Yeah. I'm. So based on this online chat where user asks the question what did you do that was stupid and put you in the. ER. I'm gonna ask you. How did you may end up in the ER 206421. Rock Texas 77999. How did you end up in the ER and we'll take your calls and texts after Metallica and on the Iraq. An extra mornings and 99.9 KI DS don't you. And I played nine KI SW Morocco's Seattle. Ready at this cool I'm Jeff what are we talking about. Things. People did there were stupid and put them in the ER so that's who were asking you. How did you end up in the ER 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Let's go to heaven in Auburn avenue around Iraq. I would on a two bad body which you're forced amen. Well about ten years ago I was eleven or so. I was over my cousins house my mama come and pick us up. And it's basically I don't wanna go so I decided to our climate speech unfinished tree house. And I try to hide from. It's he had so I what do you know realizes. You know of the board I was stepping on hadn't been an open net. So from about thirty Kia by itself onto the dark where. Low. It's. Yeah. If I hadn't had my dad's first I probably base and a probably would have died because. All were on my chest. Where is he throwing your it was a good thing. Yeah yeah it's totally addictive the key my head took part impact in my brain damage done won't that was good but I did last. They're like telling your brain was very damaged before you did based on your decision making skills. I have ever heard that before that's a good thing you know on your head pleasure edited and we'll try to. Anymore force on iChat sort of probably because I watch rated nice clean. We went hard as it almost out Sadr removed however aren't healed up pretty fast plus. That baton riding a bike in front of a car probably DQ. You know suddenly Evan it's nice to know you still listen now are you still a daredevil or are you learn to chill out a little bit. Well I mean I try to be about sixty I'll go 08 so it's stardom brown. May be a sort of messed up. You know I went yeah and then this time really with the with Texas sixty pounds not you don't lemon heads that actually push you a little bit. Now it is damn dude that's I don't value still with us Sony's head Leo. You're okay kidneys just landed on your defensive genius on your head dishonor you never expect to hear from a doctor 206421 rock Texas 77999. How did you end up in the I know you're not too bad body which yup forests. OK well looking back here in 96. When you have a contraceptive. Little hole. That all yeah I remember that. The only woman does is it Jim hold more stuff. After you finished. Also there's so basically it's his renders the swimmers on swim pool. Yes OK I only did it win this woman in my wife for the time. But it did that in mind manhood as well you need immediate jump inside Jew. Yeah. Always. That's not supposed to happen I don't think right. Well it happens very rarely but it basically turn medium to light as human glue stick. Oh no dude you know old. Oh yeah I wanted to go to the yard and didn't didn't merit as this is awesome do. You don't like it to the tea tasting your job. The. I know this is not the story I want this early. Well most excruciating pain ever. Oh god no prisoners not to go. With writing about it so I could. Home health costs due ordinaries I mean now this is your cited a story out of you wanna hear the nurses side makes you got to go home and tell somebody in her life. How is your day. Wow oh I had polio is Tressel treatments the idea homers over here I thought honesty and Jason Johnson your music Joseph again. No they're identical to local market shortly after the Tony remember this but many in 96 I wasn't getting I remember I remember the phone might remember here and on about this in the sponge. No this is the soon though this fund is not gonna jump you up and inside viewed inside you make you happy music I just terrible idea therapy. A former about contraception he Abby you know they were trying to think of anything because nobody like condoms. Jason are you stay you're OK now really working okay. Yeah I got three kids now and older are clearly things are working grace did you at least named one of the kids Elmer I mean you're. Says soon you won't you'll also pay did you marry the girl you are with that time more. A blue million solution to do here is so sad girl. They'll almighty Scott says socks and gets incorporated and your wedding vows that's a piece he chess she's the glue that keeps me together I think that's awesome man. Appreciate because Jason thanks while. It's goats who will in Seattle well you are Iran Iraq. They weren't Mario Matt's a very well how much you graduate of the hour. Okay I can't the last story but I doubt that have eaten dinner and it's not just right and I took a fight it out go Jeff and I are broken now. And I got diminish our bed their pride dynamite I got wide open. Oh my god you Kutcher ton open with a taco chips. Can't see yeah that's they way you go to the Sallyann contraceptive all star govern everything now I I was eating at taco. That's his rule that that Sox got a ping me and I Bogut who once even dot com Yahoo! Soledad it's it's well luckily I you get the wrong piece of debacle I can see that there's a coworker. Do sue. Whole take Casey he's just it's taking days and only talk and I'll Avandia and an. Hamas so good rewrite it's like a minefield so you get here earlier watch appreciate the call well let's go to Paul on Tacoma Paul you are on the rock. They don't that's a bad call hi to an open ER. So it has about ten years you know snowboarding. But the guy had he's just ordered a lot and that he went out and jump and I decided. Well I common garbage don't do and they ended up. Tumbling down the mountain head over heels a scholar rag doll and. Yes oh and dude seriously all the way down. Pretty much yeah I think guys told about seven or eight times on my head. And I had yet to go to you know harbored here and they strap you know wooden plank. Susan you know it is and neck injury and now Gaza. To tell you are fortunate to land on your head or over the intensive ceases to big blue your own you know. This content now but when you have a spinal injury. When you get doctor they have to check your lower spine to hear back side. All moi I. You're not away slowly and acts. Yeah I have I have some spurs if we should exchange numbers just in the. Wow all damn dude that's obvious that it's easy down here aren't. Do you remember any of you following my dad is and isn't a blur. Yeah I know I remember I was I was right under the chair that you can hear people on the chairlift going. You know at every time you get blown up. Our custom codes are yet to get there you gave up play by play from the audience as you just get smacked on the mound hey Paul have you aborted sensors that the last time. Not just like yesterday and costs clips through your better man than me I would have been done if I mean I cited as unfairly injury stop it from sudden. I really feel like brother actually Paul yeah I can and this. I can and can't do this my views and drink in the bathroom 03 of the best ever. One incident yeah that one time I have a question for you how much money do you think people spend it a year making purchases. While drunk it's Steve and I stopped that volume in. Call. I'm gonna tell you there's 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy are. Travis if you're upside down your mortgage should you continue to make the payment continuing to pay your mortgage or not and these are complex decision. Because you're going to have to save the lives somewhere and you're going to have a housing payment so yeah. Continuing to make your house payment really depends on several factors one is. Whether or not just a second mortgage on the second one is how affordable your ongoing monthly mortgage payment is. 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