BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-12-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, March 12th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle  question of the day. 

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Saturday April 7 did sit and slide coming to the Fremont Sondra yes you won another chance now while there and get some tasty beverages and tasty food. Sit and slide is it regional breweries give you great career. And great restaurants local style has given you sliders ol' dad this is going to be a day you wanna be apart of you want tickets to sit and slide it simple go to KI SW dot com and sit beside benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean me. T hey. Then it's time to hold it up for Monday. Easy for you until Monday as you know. Little bit there yeah I love this song I told you I don't deliver the dog it's may. Sunni data. Today is the thing. I sixty days that's insane they say he may hit seventy home. That's what they say shocking and does not want to ensure that the that the georgians as did today we've got Logan taken on Steve Logan area there's sir. Here are excellent what is playing port and you Steve it's time for our two pairs of tickets check out 2018 season's opening of the every three women grow on March 31. Go to KI SW dot com from the details that you wanna get tickets are available now at key takes dot com Aristide did. Okay. For those playing an old Logan live sixty seconds to answer ten questions Logan you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready. I. Whose big break was playing mini bar Marino won the TV show welcome back Cotter. Hello. What are your early two thousands did the movie cloverfield come out of yet as to what Caribbean islands did Columbus oh originally named one asks. To make your outlook now. Adds what do you get when you mix of birds in Minsk and sugar. Yeah what do you get when you mix Mervyn mint and sugar yeah. It's okay I didn't ask him how proud are locker played his entire NFL career with which seems. Again it's dry in her locker played his entire NFL career with which means it's. To Tiant no terrorist. Let's get to know terrorist. Diet now what actress starred alongside Vince Vaughn in the 2006. Comedy the breakdowns. Would give yourself. And low end Mac yeah you don't produce our own merit there. Us or us. I never sing but it's also not done a great yeah I mean I didn't they could be tough questions that Steve might not get. Yeah last. So now it's yankees can't beat Steve that's the problem now that day he goes either he doesn't know but they know less or he knows everything and they know mostly and when it. That's premise what it is like it's right the listeners are not his level no matter what you do thank you hello hello my level grabbed what I had I left home and no we're just only got to compliment third and a couple of it is. Matt bush is right handicapping Steve and say you know he's always see him minus one whose tournament how well he does. That's means that. It's called hey kidnappings because there are no good Steve we've got news and Jill Holmes play our game is to try and beat me they do that and go all they do that in bowling if you're playing a competition it's just wait to better that he can't quite play out here when it ruins the integrity of today's united football. Well no because they're all really good well that's some I promise to not really did lose him but Michael only golf's it's such a disparity that if you never handicap why do we originally. I gave my only justices don't cause a guy K congratulations you won the prize and the same and everybody of participation trophies. Cool cool cool cool you know we just did it also adds to the excitement they can Steve duo when they you know minus one handicap. Warming is the excitement of can no listener deeply. The answer is no 80% of the thought of him that's what do I know and I you know sometimes have miracles do occurred all right thank you wrapped Steven are you ready. No that's maybe not always. Whose big break was playing Ginny barber reality TV show and welcome back Cotter Diaz yeah. What years the late two thousands to the movie cloverfield come out 2009 no 2008 net net yes. What Caribbean island did Colombia's originally named one up. Next San Juan to melt. John Snow melt. Johannesburg I don't know what do you give it would be big suburban mid didn't sugar. It's time to hear Angel left yet it's dried her locker played his entire NFL career total of thirteen yeah okay what. Actress starred alongside Vince bought in the 2006 Tom needs a break out. Jennifer Aniston yes. What Jack sees as a horse's head it. Cost nose drops now. Tonight and yet I never pay and home alone like creature did buzz keep residents patent. Plus fighter torrential Diaz. Didn't wish you well which is a die hard films is Samuel L. Jackson started to die hard to. No I are great it's. No. Diehards. Know it's it wasn't called die hard three she's. Bertrand invite her hello he had just forgot where you were I don't know why a lot of forgot I was an in my house. Yeah. Wow I guess when you're 11234567. Doesn't pretend to understand India and big dude I mean that's I let you. It's. Knew that he really may know why not why I'm the world's greatest sure OK hello ran a little miss La. She not do good and I know he denied he got to deuce did he share and its. I didn't know that it's the Caribbean island that Columbus originally named Wanda was Cuba. We do know that one about that CD and technically it was the third die hard but they never call a die hard three. It was diehard. Doesn't aren't front and odds are with a vengeance. I'll have really made relay somebody else would still waiting to it definitely it definitely doesn't say die hard on that note I don't die hard three guy any point with that file but I diehards Trace since I always thought they were that was a hard 234 is an amazing that that that's not the names you know none outside your. ABC movie actor media always asked asking him about whether or not there ever BS second tweet thank you Susan fruity tang the first one to two dollars awesome and he had a great idea he said there should make a movie. And caught we tang three. That way there's a lot of confusion over where and how to preaching to get our guys are just getting over the breeze I am too I'm so recalled food sanctuary ever was is looking for it. Right and I'll wait I'm Michelle I'm pretending to write I don't remember how love that plan. They wanna stop. You won Alyssa incorrect I'm appalled sound. Got my deal is on the tenth and say hey you know what those trouble with that is is that guy who had a lot to do that yeah those Louie CK seven sat. But Soledad and M I doubt there are not enough. So we know what it means Ryan Seacrest is still don't what he's still around how we survive an honest it's weird how some people's lives yesterday admitted to a yet. Or maybe lawn and ever and it's will be is not true. Yeah I'd love Lucy Kay came out and then admitted that he did what he did there are other guys that haven't admitted it had been just like kick the hell out those interest in Atlanta Ryan still as the guy. But you're right Louie CK dig in my diminished. Damn how much doubt USC cannot tell the truth the nature hook it's that's likely came onto the to the you're being a doomed shuttle and anyone and among the dead why you gotta ask issue admitted to it. I just think that doubles that the if you if if you lie about it even worse than you never tells anybody's life and we think about it so we'll say. Yeah so I know putting 103 Steve I'm sorry that you saw and also write it I guess and Chris rock's sarcasm or out and yeah he's going to be on board. Meantime we'll bring it back. Alike Jamie's whose idea though putting him mentally to skip the second movie altogether below that. All right item. So CEO Jack Dorsey is saying that their plans and giving verification to everyone into the little blue checked. That I used to mean you're somebody if you got verified it was a CSI status on Twitter if you had a blue chips. Right and you always know when zone in northern radio got to leave sectors they were tweet about the fact that they got a boot sector and I was but that assists assists. Stupid thing that you care about it was that we it was Verisign a prestige I've always had fueling our industry will hit me out I had to do Jack Raduyev verified and FaceBook and my I don't know man. And that I don't care. Doesn't matter to me if I'm blue checkered I'm always hated people like you that had stuff and I wanna be gingerly letting Carolina I care Trevor pollution that's a sign of status summing it doesn't mind you know social media site seemingly means nothing to me. I what I mean I think sucking the life that I mean killing my soul slowly how do you do god Yale man I know that'll get me nothing but enough. This I mean link where that's a mine that MM one did you take legitimately pissed off physical height and how did you get you you had to figure a way you need to put in context I need one of those only why do you need it in the end a good reason why you needed it yeah. So what does it matter to us again you have to check. All the celebrities started getting image so you felt like you were a big deal if you get a blue checked you know but then you don't look like a big deal when you brag about it on social media there is like unless I check our remember seeing Brad Pitt go adopt from Jack sock and everybody suck your blood red fish blue checked out. The gap. While now everyone's gonna get wine you're not going to be special anymore. And there were jokes politicians celebrities journalists and accounts of public interest. Don't mess your tour start verifying uses because numerous divisive individuals are verified which upset people on line Joyce I'll. The blue section it it. It's helpful is when somebody had a bunch of parity accounts about them or fake accounts and mean with their name chemical commanders are wrestling and the independent world he had a bunch of people now go oh my is name on Twitter. Anything can I get a he was upset music and songs are finally said people know it's meat and they're not always questioning of itself taking counterfeits and imposter. In those situations like that makes all the sense of Robin valued eliminating that by doing. Slow that's why I'm the real BJ Shea on FaceBook or somebody took my name. Today death so I I Korea's threat for a fantasia I had to be the real guy because of somebody who are admitted BJ Shea fanned pinch and so as I wanted to obsessed so it's like OK I can use that. She was Steve makes his other Steve Mays is out there I guess it's not like it's not you know so when I wondered that Twitter name was already taken yet guy's picture him elected dog in the cycle of Jesus to do that has named similar yeah that is also that Steve Mays on sat chat that likes. They I've had we done this before where co workers dot that it was me all that's right now and the guys are sending shirtless pictures of himself tobacco work area. Thankfully that they were able to figure out it wasn't me because I figured I had absent was in good shape and even if it was from the neck down they realized it wasn't me now. I would appreciate it leaves only I could shape. So Twitter verifies everybody ID in a verify the accounts and army. I don't know that's a good question that's right like about the verification as you know that OK this is me. But there's a fair fight everybody who's got a tour account and it's like well landmines and the same problem I was in the order I is this is it just a giant headaches and I would this'll blue checking like you know what everyone wants one here at one you can have won only UNICEF alone we're Twitter yeah and I think also they've seen an erosion in popularity Twitter is not the same anymore. Now. But I still think it's a very effective platform to do you know to communicate by it and I'm really time but. And it's the best one when it comes to adult film stars get to see what they're doing well there's that without any barring her from Yahoo! literally see what they're doing accidentally of those suspected us. Why they have the greatest does that raise account average mug shot peace. No you haven't seen much all my shots your missing on the greatest Twitter thing you've got to follow it now ranks it's a Twitter page really fine mug shots of hot chicks all okay. This is a worthwhile job. There it has. You know. I'm much updates that it's funny and and then I'll tell you what they did like his arching into possession of marijuana possession drug paraphernalia. Driving with a suspended license. Possession of marijuana you know again here in Washington State like that's really. It's so dumb to hear that is a crime that somebody it's a recipe for that now there is take disorderly intoxication resisting an officer without violence possession and drug paraphernalia possession candidates and disorderly conduct. Yeah these are these are some good pictures they did these girls take good pictures and have been tempted second degree murder with a western bald and hi I'm Obama. She's not that attractive. I'm not risking that could see it doesn't have the look on our eyes like I will kill you yes she does look at that that's insanity right there. Why all. Now on the discharging a firearm within city limits OK I like it or discharge a firm like this love and yeah. I arson can't whole arsenal no arson murder and arson and a attempted murder known battery on police officer I don't want anybody known possession of controlled substance scientist Simon Lewis is on Melissa you're you're you're you're lost you're lost in the sauce. You think it's awfully cute guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas 77999%. Of AM mug shot please save your mug shot news. Your college in Jackson died seventeen on the Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Did I point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle its listeners on the loose trust you buy cars Joyce. This is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show a 206421. Rock you can also Texas 77999. Talk about whatever you wanna talk about you think it's not a big you've got to show but Steve does have a rule. Civil indigenous to show us some energy and bring an otherwise. Say goodbye to borrow from them somebody one instance of Danny this and what are your thoughts BJ on the Han Solo movies that's coming out this summer but love to hear you what you have to say on my way to work. Can we say this summer but actually it's coming out and made it oh yeah it's going to be sooner than we think god this is going to be held a yummy and I held a made for movies you've got avengers yes Han Solo. For now now how crazy. And aired. I'm looking forward to a if it's he's a great character and looks at any him a call back stories like given you know he's. He's been slightly two dimensional. Ought to be itching to see like how Hahn got to be this Grassley rogue. And it looks like they're gonna tell you that he really is are a great pilot you know 88 it's a joke only been referred to and all the movies but actually we're gonna see that Comex it was a great pilot that was gonna go do some work for the entire I hope they start time of him first meeting his his friend the luckiest. Yeah I gotta have almost like I it'll build up to have them get that become friends brilliant Lionel to Orlando currency and as his buddies are so true death her. Yes I know great CMOs sort of finally get hooked up with MOC where they go on a plane whose hustle as it in the Harrison Ford because of the young person got the awesome now I don't what's the actor's name I don't I don't recognize him actually in new guide me. All Dan in hiring and hiring right Shawn Kemp announced last and I don't know sexy I don't know. New face to handsome Fella. Yeah he is and I like beautiful creatures hail Caesars. Faction of the community I don't know those movies so he's for it to me he's an ignorant yes and I try to watch Chelsea's Armenian. Last very long kind of similar to other new dorm movie. The we sent over the weekend get hail Caesar was a deep blue he went hail Caesar in the new Thor movie are completely different movies you fell asleep during rag Iraq and SKA gave the same results. Yeah I was tired appear it's a funny movie I know lighting gets any of it. Any of it threw away four dollars or seminars and meet Ali I think it's funny because like within the first couple minutes it's still pretty funny. Dad he didn't get so he's got I got a chuckle and then the next thing you know I woke up in the movie was over all of its time for back. It's a Q what four times to get through Wonder Woman completely yeah I would everything go over under at that Danny Murray gave read when I think there EI. They get it done and watch. But I'm glad that we rent it because we're not gonna watch today. Did you really should not rent movies you should just buy the dvd should run by the blue race because you get ripped off we have had enough time to have to re rented a Muslim just purchased it like I did the cable comedy exoneration got to look man. Two dollars more inured to purchase it just I think yeah I don't think you're and you get through and all. Don't just give out why it's like wow he's just begets like no faith in me no not necessarily in this one that you party fall asleep winds knock and I can just see you falling asleep one more time in behind mass schedule only gets you Wonder Woman after safe zealously three times I didn't know no not at all and I loved it. Yeah I are amazing it's so funny everyone's talking about how funny it is I mean alleys I think he's going to watch it it's the best or movie it's okay egg you know and in the end movie order of how great doors are it's 312 I mean they're the three is the best no doubt about it and even my wife policy on. Really yeah a little that you posted before me stars they are you debating on turning it off and watching wrestling I have truth guy because he's a handsome fellow Belinelli had nothing to do it through just tires I would have really bummed that I saw that we fell asleep on this look at I know not like it okay some say three Denny what do you think. I'm gonna go thread I don't think he's gonna get through to I wanna. Do you yourself ever now how one resident's name porn Steve Kress how fast and hard on product from crest. So sort doesn't do it for you all you don't care. Now I don't Kenya and he goes marvel movies now I really like cancer that was my first marvel movie that I've seen really. Can't ever your first marble moving him really well you picked a good one outside of that scene don't wanna see so are you tried to an. Except that it's funny what support they would go see him I think he needs a hole but he's like you and you can't pronounce words right. Pool opinion poll like isn't he like pulled the you'll see him but he's pronouncing your pool is a New Mexico things I don't. I never noticed Edison actually you're criticizing somebody's accent you you say were drawn all the time speak perfect. Sure yeah yeah. If there are ice feast Danny says never read says never Vicki I parties attorney file so I you listen she's solicitor general woman yeah. Columns in the women's. I had some with Vicki and it's I think three. Parent I think on the ballot next time should not unfair because he's he's gonna how he's not doing I mean it doesn't matter I can't control whether or not my policy it's like if they are if I was a kid how to save a lot of money and all these aren't meant purchases there yeah I Wonder Woman was a good movie but I don't know I like store better so that's why I think you stay awake and tore a little better thank you I I appreciate the you have faith. Afghani and a friend that. Zero okay yeah okay I go well for his amazing you heard the new Pearl Jam song it rocks Yassin I haven't heard it. It just got released over the weekend to defend clubs I was a pleasant little surprise over the weekend to get this is still can't deny me it's their first song since 2013. Give me a little bit of a taste of what they've been working out what maybe the future holds for Pearl Jam. It if you pay attention there's definitely seems like it's of a politically inspired songs all right and I really dig it appears we need to do that were sacked Danny whatever you got planned let's scrap because I haven't heard it all right. Oh yeah but here's the thing you tell Herrick who was your idea. I see things on musical idiom but if you say you thought it was the musically right thing to do yoga while Steve you know music you know we're talking all right all right so is this new solid golf it's called can't deny me ties Pearl Jam its brand new. It's on the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Guys like I say I stuff. Iraq got Seattle's listeners on to lose your season's top face you guys who shows 206 sport to a rock Texas 77999. Get some response about the odds of youth programs and we just played coach can't deny anyone purses is a kind of reminds him of a Queens of the Stone Age and I need to think about that's always an environment that's or listen to what he does kinda have that bide musically as a queens is Tony Sox. So you're it's a kind of reminded him a little bit of storm total politics is kind of funny. When you think about how. We've come full circle because a lot of people comparisons of pilots in the early days to sound approach to answer I have but I like this once is reminds me of mob riot act to part two you. So stokes and a new Pearl Jam makes what did you fear Pearl Jam records which is like it's I guess we won't make your Mittal without a map I just say mentality of I can't achieve its. It depends on my day but it always kind of revolves around like the first three records seem a Metallica. We're Pearl Jam it's it's either the first record and tie the verses or psychology. But I have to say more often than not. It's verses from either second record every song and and our mood is just perfect in my opinion I just love everything about it and to show you a much I love it. I went recently went to a record store and bought verses on vinyl so that I need this on vinyl. Got home only to realize already own but somehow I talk talk talk Al Goodman just forgot. And I I was like why need to have a nice size and is maybe take a while much I love this record so I just bought it again so now I've an extra copy don't give into my buddies is against. It's you know what path Hoya out but because my own stupidity and empty month. And yeah I there's a lot of things that I I think you should buy again and give to me is that unlike likewise Dario whatever you don't have a lot of things is you know whatever a lot of food you buy a lot of who you're coming okay just go by Oreo solidarity I don't know I got my behavior of stupid in my rehab that record -- until I saw I think Kerry had this yet but the idea that you may not and could lose out of there MM when I moved I got rid of a lot of stuff and I ended up accidentally purging some of my vinyl. So. I thought they already had a but I threw it away so I needed to get it again yeah. And it's like you click a file on my phone I can't believe that I threw away a lot of stuff that they don't know you'll ever want this amount of finals probably worth a molecule would love to have it but see what would you think that way about CD's because people get right CDs are Garrett assuming he CDs and hand from my house from the withdrawal. What is someday somebody comes out goes on and I want those CDs out yeah there's something about final I don't know what it is about final because cassettes even I know they're kind of making a comeback a little bit and as a people is love final more than they would love cassettes and I gotta think it's. Same thing with CD I think he sets out and exercise it's almost like there's like you Osama cassette deck in their car so it's find out how they cassettes for that reason about the anybody's at home poppy consent to a cassette player I could be wrong yeah I think more often than not nobody's doing that like they are with final yeah I think I think to write about them possibly and I notice this is sort of from mark to suit your wish may come true. A booster gold movie last week. How weird is this the word I I brutal what DC and how they haven't had a good movie whatever Bollenbach path and now Michael I'm just waiting for the day that they get a booster gold movie made just that's gonna change and turn the whole franchise around I said that as a joke I was like prima booster gold because out of my favorite comic book as a kid that I know. Most people think that's ridiculous and usually laugh at me whenever I say it yeah and then later on that day rest sends me a tweet. Because we don't talk over the phone we just treatments yeah horse and end that day that same day that I said that a couple hours later. There's that there's a punch in these stories on the Internet about how they're still working on I didn't even know there were working a woman apparently they had him but that data eight they said that there's still hopes. A booster gold movie read probably as more and I do. Yeah I just said that they are it's still in development they would like to do way and at this point there open maybe to have something go along and they don't even necessarily know it's going to be with like the big DC extending universe Justice League stuff that's going on. But it's still out there and there seems to be a pretty good following foray I can't believe there is. I mean and look I'll be glad to eat my words on this but if this gets beyond Netflix or or any kind of service like doubt I'll be surprised what does this is the movie that changed things to DC well. And kinda did didn't I mean what do well for them that's good point I know what this one also does a good thing. Yeah see I eight. If booster gold. Is really thing you know I used to think to Cindy about black pant there until I realized of course it's a whole different thing black entered change the world of comics and a lot of African Americans to see themselves and books just like the movies doing the same thing. That's different from what I drove guardians of the galaxy. There's no don't know social commentary airing still I feel like that's a scoreless talking tree and I still feel like gardens and jealousy was a much more differences are direct care staff at a sari that but do you think our guys is more sound. Dude our popular booster gold guardians the comic book I read regarding her guardians of the doubt until became a movie most people had not really I asked my I I I never heard booster gold and BJ you got to think about this ten years ago most people thought Iron Man was a tertiary character at embarrassed that area and you're right about that watered down all the school. Roberts any Downey junior was the guy who was able to bring him to the war crimes and make him interesting so they cast booster gold correctly. They can make another missile is gonna take booster gold Patrick war burden. Yes oh. I can't do another superhero man the guy who's playing tic currently it's a repeater surrender S and Iraq and. -- is his name is so Serafin who etc. is generally doing a good job was particularly good booster gold was circles cal key moved to back story from what I remember obvious that we are paid attention when as a kid I haven't but I need to go back and obese amounts of your and you're not over I'm I tertiary quite. Although clearly I'm not the only one draw I guess they've made a phone call topple him just would go with the blue beetle. Okay all right so I mean he's got a bit of football Friday guy that's kind of who booster gold was in the becomes a superhero power really promote 25 century but I mean at all. Army camera and then I get out of be a decent person okay how's that I you know he was the Lone Ranger he was when he was one that was the single bus twins and are okay and and enact FaceBook Marie that's a -- Michael wants a resemblance to PC can be really cool moss said that's good that did what I was thinking either in nature in Philly and all or. Two Cooper Bradley who Bradley Cooper would be a good booster gold Nathan filling the deceased younger that god it's Gary Bradley Cooper John and Nathan feeling and I believe you'll die in this is that out there are. The left field choice but I I I dislike this kid as an actor had the most intellectually superior donuts I can be kind of fun just to see what he can you can kind of delicate. A good look to love and I think he'd be kind of fun to see what happens with that is that Jermaine Fowler I don't know and I do not comment. The Arctic front of innocent picture because I I only know Judd Hirsch is that guy. Allegedly Fowler he that he got a second character he's like Judd Hirsch is. Comedy site taking the opposite jock yes hi Def I couldn't get the bleached hair blonde. Well you know what I'm sure lets people do what they do paroles yet he would be you know because so he's easy arrogant is he kind of like an area rich guy or Z. 'cause his sorry rich guys become heroes like you know green arrow green hornet's. You know I ask. And back and yeah all these rich guys who end up being arrogant but then you they get the harder goal when they become heroes. So I was booster gold that way then I can't remember. She says she really are good friends of I was used as a kid. Because kid I don't remember it isn't always here's a problem for the very credible here's an hour trip. Because you're wrestling fans yes okay yeah you never given up on rest and you don't know what's going not. Oddly I missed most of the attitude are which is considered the most popular Ara RS line. I was in college and I have cable. And be in a television so I just whip four plus years without barely watching any wrestling. Booster gold you've given up on meant only about a new government following is he still around bring him back. Don't erect I mean it's easier to congress are busy into the guy looks like he's still doing EA still on the Comex I've got some of the originals man who may go back. A lot of us like Brothers sold is that comic book shop in New Jersey from that I don't blame if you did hopefully that's not money for them. Sunset what about on Dolph Lungren has to use a young Dolph Lundgren all of styles are. Following high alert will show and I'll grade booster gold Sean Patrick Scott and John Williams got him just what about Ron Crockett a decent. Grow hilarious. Is a jock. Just got a series acting chops he's bruised her old needs ball eluded end. Is that I is that it O'Brien talks like how I'm imagining so okay grace. Well Steve VA you know what I create he must do more popular I think because they're thinking I'm making a movie of a gap so we'll see how that goes for anybody. Here's a big question though that we need to answer even be held more importantly than the booster gold movie question why do so. The Ryan castle who I know I honestly haven't gone almost tell you it 915 K on Iraq. And they X morning news on the rock 99.9 KI DS don't you. He. Game GR. It's a right castle and a back flip have in common. Grace athleticism. Beauty. All all of those things last night. That's actually. The techsters didn't throw any nearly as great as that. Well Brazil is there's video Steve nailing both my. I am not that I met backlit backlit now you know due back flip not tough on my heels my now. He can bend over backwards to surely get yours okay drool he is now. Dozens of red who was as you do item one a gym equipment. And football players have got to. I saw her for the Balkans and no honey. Titel may be like touchdown celebration we'll crazy if you win drunk fastest yes that's it. Does not affect his stories about a drunk guys try to factual plus performance table at a bar. And out lands on her head. It's our oppressors like Amber's show you some sues at the table this woman. He's Georgian air sick Thomas. I'll make us of a bad as I see only disabled so he tried a back flip. Off the booths above them and over their table. GAAP and said he basically backs of right on top of one of the women's heads. Guess who's taken the hospital got a concussion stem from a guy unfortunately closer you get her number nine million Satinder there's nobody here the answer is. Frank Cassell he's a lot easier and these are nice morning to OPEC. And made some. It was too attached or home. Yeah. Knows some of these intrusions. I didn't using Trojan condoms and I was fifteen years old and he has. Trojans play yeah I don't think anybody if they ever did this story on the radio will actually get that is an answer definitely not inside their popcorn. Pack. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney secures another question from a lesser. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not always for the judges actually was the trustee. Or trustees attorney. Wanted to be one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is if you give your attorney americorps and all the music all your information. This all your assets and all your predators that's true we're trading for your discharge is your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during its just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we for. And swear there's all the information you've given record in your attorneys. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapter dot com lets you choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.