BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-13-18-8A: A man asked what text would be on your gravestone if it was the last one you sent.

Tuesday, March 13th

We play audio of Sara singing a Spice Girls song. A woman got arrested for a DUI in her wedding dress. Steve is getting a new tattoo today.

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So as a customer Waffle House in Texas who took a picture of a server helping elderly mankind is food. And it went viral last week. Some fuel for the town council found out and ended up giving the server a college scholarship how about they yelled an old dude cut its food which means it can be me. I'm their man I'll go Waffle House got my food anytime. If you become a kid again now that terminal me. Her name is ebony she's eighteen years old she was saving your money from working at a Waffle House to pay for college tuition. And the town council also named a day after her because again she they just people Sar kindness old dudes fruit they thought that was a nice thing. And here's ebony talking about this you know this is this great boon for her. He is glad he is not functioning so well any leaves apprentice moves. I did and I'm not on day. I've got a stylish kids he's you know. How nice and that I do any given day. About that man you're eighteen you just a kid work him just do what you know. Registry a nice person that's pretty awesome that that the people rallied around I doubt they have every day named after me I'd be pretty damn awesome. And here's a guy shields is a seventeen year old guy his name was agent he recovers from surgery on his hands and ebony helped him and here he is. I'm in about what happened my hands and I'm not it's up to five. Don't wanna -- a minute ago looked relaxed out and if somebody told me and few days later that I was very popular because they you have unions Facebook's. Odd days Chris Bond of Facebook's to be 78 yes love that's awesome. You know let's which we you and I gonna be that guy whatever the new thing is gonna be when we hit seven EA where we are the face myself like oh all right now the FaceBook however it was an art Isaiah what are you don't know on among the Twitter yeah see why does everything have to have it done in front of it on my I don't know the metal on the staff chat now. Now the cause snatch and an ally. Yeah that's a that's your generation baby every gonna have enough on the FaceBook summons cut my meat it's pretty awesome that is pretty awesome man so she cuts the dudes me because he can't. The next thing you know she's got a college tuition paid for I've kind old man's meat to take care about. Great like that now yeah ability that. Lot of people are taxiing and about the defect you had your daughter once on the radio as a little kid. And wondering if we found the audio. Yes yeah I know I have to tell you something I thought it was going to be a big search party was it turns out I was Smart enough and I put it in I I actually loaded into my iTunes library and I didn't know so I thought a little check on my phone to see if I haven't immensely some guy got all the Saudi on there tonight and even know out I couldn't believe that you had it on your phone which you bring your daughter and so she can listen to this is once you have it on your phone yeah. And I want to play this for her because I don't think she realizes. How awesome she was because she's like I ruin your big opportunity to be a big star she does is going to be a great singer and she has no idea that nice guy here from the sea and here's our allies. This owns a recap people who just who just turned generally are you do you share a story about getting to go on the radio when your little kid back when your dad worked in New York yeah and you sang The Spice Girls on the radio and you die you were awesome. Yeah I let my two best friends status and you know about seven it's about twenty years ago. Who tell us about this whoa re seeing when you're this audio was twenty years old yeah and and I remembered Killen. Like I really if you play moaning loudly my favorite song can. But I remember hearing him backing you. Problem that's let's listen to and this is how well you killed it. And I am glad she had to over friends who come over and that they would died here this is walkers are all grown adult women themselves now are so bright you've got beat his phone. Yes I heard. Our hello Lindsay. Aren't you guys. I can do you like anti US actually had serie B first. And I hope I didn't ask for the clothes so yeah you'll. The man and you can change how we heard good IC first is it a shot that she would have ended up being on the radio I mean a lot of people psychic and does the radio really well we got audio prove she was Abraham Penn whose email is that we decided to suddenly you're like a stroke news. Did you hear a while I am to be last. I mean really how you are just the wow moment in my life princess seems to have been used on different. Well last twenty years ago did you sell your Lamar and elitism Coke back could be the case I figured they pumped helium into the studios. Oh yeah. Well yeah my voice is a lot higher to happen we younger that's out there is a mean that's why a lot of the robber plants can't sing like they can do more of your voice gets L'Oreal was it your voice dropped the minister had dropped out how we got another on the floor I don't know. Unknown. So sorry I forgot you were in the room and a little boo. Palin and save that clip. And ours is saying hello I was not a thing man had a hand I don't know haven't in my sound effect. You don't think you know that you're welcome services that is Sarah now you're gonna hear yourself Singh and his lovely lovely sonar and it. I. I don't know where she gets OK so you guys have a special she wanna do here are some that everybody's known Julia yeah I would what are you gonna do want. What do you guys when I don't think oh yeah and he sees some with Sonny and assaying. Tara I can't Spice Girls you wanna sing you know my boss doesn't like to Spice Girls you do Spice Girls anyway anyway. You know. And I don't. Dad boxes like blue. Yeah she's the my concern is less close enough to Simmons and anyone else had that job for a couple years my bosses like pro Putin yeah. She don't like this place girls. We actually really don't like it's my turn your life through drilling yeah I doubt you really are who grew up. Us hi this pressure you know where it was at the we're doing is precious yes yeah and it's this lovely six or seven years old twenty years ago this audio is twenty years old. I. Like the Florida. And Ireland. And say actor OK. Okay girls you're still ahead seniors on Illinois and Garnett. Shut out. Sharon. And and it's crucial and I am yeah. Wouldn't you saying yeah it's. An arraignment saying he got me wolf and yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And I won't Jeanne. I couldn't use that's OK okay. Yeah oh yeah. And he. Mac yeah yeah. OK OK okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay now you're now. Actually lives. I really laissez gonna take your dot org date on my advice to all you groups out there and daddies do you create. Hi Sarah that's not there you're done thank you for coming on. Summertime these guys. I yeah. Coming out of out of something and then. There. Tracy WM I'm sure I'll never have gotten recipe. There you go. Wow so Sarah and now you've got to hear the real pain was somewhat it was a a little rough in the beginning man and I'm finally all got on the same pay this guy really really really hate that so yeah. American Idol deserted again nothing else you can buy dissident. Was horrible yeah persons as many kids stop. Texting sound drunk yeah they surely you know to zero at the beginning I don't know if you guys are singing the same song. No I don't and I now we need like a 5678. Or some things very. You'll need now that's not we have it you can take to Saudi you should send it your friends losing Jordan probably shy you really really because you can put that on FaceBook sent its own thing remember this time yeah yes or friends. Grill lame. There really FaceBook friends and I Charlie poke them here in the air like things that there. Kindle too cool for me now know what's going on their ornaments and so cool how they were just so so rich just so over it. Yeah that's kind of weather that's kind of a big deal Yahoo! and I was me in just an idiot. But you know what though they'd they'd that put the mind because that they are always cool glasses so the whole time was really cool we all lived in Rochester. And I think that I think that there would love to hear those two I I I I think this thing was sound great maybe some debris or maybe an awful point their life where they had somebody's. They're there's they're best friend's dad make fun of them on the radio land titles I've head trauma sounds they're based in a trigger them yeah they're very I don't. You know I just and I it is a lot of audio viewing Joseph as little kids so we might go play some more stuff I didn't realize I had an all my home instead senior DJ accent in that clip. And on how to embarrass your kids 101. For us if so why does gender BJ selling mayor corn beef from the Simpsons yeah. I don't know what does it could be sound like like that's. It matters in this house look like John John out how John F Kennedy's got to sort out lied to him yeah he definitely had the Boston accent. Well and also Rochester you know there's so that today you know does that ease coast vibe NB a and so in all it's just that's just how we also backed antenna was twenty DM years ago. Sony says that the three girls some like to chip monks were having a stroke the. Milan movement and a girl all hole. I I don't I have to be Latino I was I'm little a little sassy back then Sarah also on the Saudi what is. Yeah yeah of stray off I always say and you. They always say kids at the entrances act and sound like drunken adults yeah you premature in Uganda that yeah when you're drunk guy actually yeah that's not a. On this audio there's a good news Jo and Joey. Here's the deal. ELU singer Britney Spears song on here hole G I guess some audio and you and your brother just talking about it from what it's like to live with me as we move from town its Ambien idiots. Yeah. So amid mullah thrower and the system one day I'm very loosely yeah there's after hearing that's when you're a clip curious if BJ moonlighting as current do target. I am my voice is higher than its it's not speedy just you know it's his party you know part of did not I had a really that's why couldn't get a job on radio nobody would ever hire me because I really. They're like dude you who got away for your boys are dropping onto some thirty to bottom really don't have some days. As the new kid singing if you wanna be right lover too young that he's got to deal with my friend yeah that was wrong. Now they've only equate what I did you and your lover don't Wear a condom just that accident. And and worked for Johnny ran through Z that he even twenty years ago music was still an appropriate for children shots I. I guess there was this one the got arrested on her way to her own wedding. Unless something is very much sir. Our future. What happened and I you know we'll tell you at 817. On the rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the at nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Well on the way to the altar on Monday's 32 year old bride to. The amber young man was arrested. For a poorly causey three car crash in Arizona. Authorities say they did seeing young who was dressed in her floor length white gown on suspicion of driving under the influence she's driving in her wedding dress you and I do why are you wish you notice. Our free at least here up or held down list. And everything mustache taking your wedding yeah dude I mean I do I have no problem they're having a couple beverages before winning of course but. Yeah that's a tradition you should get Jennifer for your wedding until well that's I told myself yeah well maybe it made me a lot more desirable. If my guy was really into you know and I am I what I'm athletic. The other financial crash so one person in the hostile minor injuries according to Arizona police say tweet it out don't drive impaired. Till death do we part doesn't need any help hope I'll call on man and there are following that. And young's fiance quickly arrived at the police substation to take his bride to their wedding ceremony that is incredible. You had to pick her I'll be dead and then go to their wedding. Bob I just awkward it must not a lot of money is all I can think of it you know sometimes and a lot of smaller budget honey because every eagle to pride always gets driven to the ceremony and you would think it -- yet on timing yeah you're right maybe then I cash in the mean that I can understand why you wanna cut a couple of dollars here and there but maybe maybe one of the things you should. Stay away from that is getting drunk before you wedding yeah. I'm going to be nice I have no idea if these people worry you know I've lived in Arizona. There you know in the Phoenix area you know why you got some guests and after people who live on the outskirts -- say it's like the old west out there and barely out of your top drank four or how what I'll take my own cell layer gosh I'm looking at the picture this year than their white wedding gown wow. All that is our sons really that's bad. That's hot yeah looks that's random thoughts. Well I mean what is that conversation like the whole time he going to like arm. If on the groom him picking. They're might marrying the right person that she couldn't even get to the wedding sober yeah. I am. On Friday guy on Twitter names on yeah I know dude that's that's. This is damn I'm McDade and he was on Twitter and he posted an idea what it's the last thing you texted me. Is what goes on your tombstone and I'm seeing this everywhere. And street starting gone for viral with people sharing their last text it would become their embarrassing permanent last words. So once of people shared are your presidency here did you eat my chicken enchiladas. What if I die from Flores screen toxins. And the accidentally optimistic I'll be up soon. Men trying to be really weird. Yeah burn the holy S this is pure magic I love it man yes. All damn dude that's great don't tombstone I don't know I want that on my tombstone that might my dad his magic yeah. Highly. I didn't really can cross context thumb texting or these are the effort makes me so my 10-Q are all okay he sent me a mockup of a chest tattoo that I'm getting done today. And what did you say when you -- the wet wasn't tested this is a holy S this is pure magic I love it man. That's yes me. You're enjoying the afterlife man yeah a man is you Jagan had dude that's because I'm gonna get a tattoo today Tony's tried and true or early and get it done today how I guess this is Austria and I'm getting. Willow did rumor is that like your heart. Yeah on scene but in the second sustain glass window like a church kind of thing is that it's sad part is covered in stone in the stones are breaking. Oslo only comes around me mile an hour. In your hearts opening yeah baby. Dude that's actually really deep. Yeah that's really really deep how did you confidence ideas do you is it a bunch absent in this is when I saw a man. ET today and Iraq. So your heart is of stone but does breaking off Jackson and I'm real heart there's a real heart behind it out. I can but yeah and that's pure magic that's really cool and very comfortable I am always see the black and white version is it gonna be color and everything and pointed that out yet that's the fun and when I go get touches you Tony I like just kind of keeping it open how much higher results on is my first came up what was gonna be really. A lot of gray in May be decision to color here in there and and some roster gonna come off may be kind of almost a prism. Hello yeah but the more I look at it I almost feel like the heart similar color so. You know what it's game time decision so later on today I'm still Woodward's gonna go implies I iron I have a question for you yeah going to be in a chair shaver now. Are gonna hold staying in shape they I don't know him well I think you did today also say hello death I don't see that why I guess you address even more so than before I know it's very walker and I don't wanna know about every chance cirrus Suzanne they're going back to sing on. I tell you know I don't like to solve but denied that the UI I'm I'm I don't know how that all psyched to display. What's a secretary here are my arms are still see that she's got more here on your chest and your army bell may know do we have enough keep the all right all around for a lawn mower overreact while Lori outing because it looks like a great techs do I know I'm really excited about it I am with yours truly Ljubicic has asylum in the CNN right not a succumbed to work shirtless again alleged how perfect they go. That's Chris. That would be very awkward as I wish you just like you weren T sure it'll cut and very deep V a very deep V shirt yes. I'm pat act he's yes yeah. All the way down your belly done. Yes I think that's that that's the new style you should Wear showed off baby to say there was no where is going to be its crown access to sort of get the statue so so I get a negative of these so right right. I Dara predecessor Jeff damn I don't know exactly how tall and I'm excited today's very exciting day without I was the last text I sent was attacked so that's always sex on your tombstone yes that's that's my tombstone is that. Amateur video which elastic I'm afraid I'm very afraid when her prospects as it. No. No no. Like the picture Richard Sherman with the tip memory of the zone would then they wrote just know I would say that was such a great media. Woolley kind of sometimes when he's watching the news your cartoons or whatever shall film it's on his phone and send it to me. So apparently is watching the news this morning and there's apparently a shark in Florida like that was right by where people work. I'll entity mean I don't really know why he sent it to me. And I just pictured I'm guessing Hamlet cup preview this is I just wrote nope. Do you not like don't ask don't want to shark. I am I'm mine was a bit Mozy which I think I would like my tombstone that actually pretty cool because I was at I actually it was time Atlanta no not daddy bit mode G. It was mean looking bad ass on a Harley and then I was trying to tell my wife a bad ass I was. And that was the last thing I sent to his view on how they look pretty cool but most style that is fantastic cannot do that I want that that needs to be you're you're grey stone I think gay because I look really good bit mostly like with the glasses in the leather I would I would really actually cooler however may be in real life when you rev. I was kind of embarrassing. Then I went home eight Israel's future and passed out LO well. Yeah I went home state is cells puke and passed out LO well good luck yesterday that way is no that was from Sunday. The last text you sent I don't I don't respond to people. He doesn't it's unbelievable he really doesn't that was just stay the same thing you do it seems like Sunday was the last time you fixed yeah the way you aiding those and you bring any leftovers there were no leftovers. That's why he appears to GAAP GAAP if you if you left leftovers he would appeal to. Tehran says I'll offer my last X I'll do it I can make about all my schedule will be so love to play a buy here. I love them on your tombstone that would be perfect you daddy slash sale. Topped slash sale what does that mean concept you text. They're Alaska's having a slash sale and takes my girlfriend to say hey there's a flash sales and yes. As I say I sale by the way congratulations to Alaska voted the number one airline again in the country post because you of course that's on Russell Wilson did you rally and I mean I I'm hoping to be the CFO Wendy's chief football officer relative Russell have that title when your love of their chocolate not hard enough Sammy who added that their own it's there's so good and every level Alaska they deserve a look at some of the comments on not our focus we popped and I'm not to be Jimmy stays put page views tied to be Jimmie to define our page. What persons who's johnsons are about work love you made. Cod Jenner says there's not got that dude. There are not gonna let me until I get the (%expletive) test results. And they. They're already know the results as they're gonna let Jindal saint Pete have their heads uses its cause some old we shocked a Moochie. Well that's a person when to put on your tombstone and in my spirit is Aaron he's got the I plan it. Plus. It's good to demote him are you live long and prosper yeah equals three sleepy faces. How fast. I have no idea what the hell's going on there I know what that I know what Libby did their shocker is is there is the Vulcan again is that is that. After I. And that's I think yes it is painful yeah I mean depends on me act and a blue. I mean that's not the kind of doctor I wanted to say damn I do some losses is very simple this is okay cool. That's it a Texan says my last text is our bathroom why. And I think that we should put on the tombstone why now let's have a little bit to finalize. On down the mine yeah like yours are mine too. All right we know on Sunday just president video. Like them play with lotion to squeeze in a loose announced checking back and over and over again. Second on the PGA chooses and if you just can't grow we can't let her on the Internet now this is like up. And in Beckett. And then just and then Beckett only know she's going to for the rest not sure if the media now. Think he'll like consulate. Richard you know really good. Contesting is beyond jacks or Shuster great hero trying to peak by the name of saints. Kelly this went well maybe we just needs not by junk food anymore. To say that. You didn't. That's awesome hey how would you guys like to be able to got thrown driver's license picture would you care about that right when they give via. I don't know I like the surprising when I get it's always never did you have a look in my I don't even look at my pilots awful looks like a weird soccer mom has really not a happy place noble had just on stole my car broke down so it's just. Awful yeah let's say create mind missing that. It looks like intermediary you can't really polished this Turkey as a joke going so far I think he'll be even more like Joseph coy the comedian and now drivers. He really did some amazing and you know what I don't understand why is my picture Boris. And how you were drunk at the time. Yeah I guess what that is not a lot of focus of the DMV now again this is why people in California are actually. Endorsing this bill. In the California State Senate that would let people take their own driver's license photo. Yet to pay an extra seat but you get to pick to keep them juniors this looks like you held it was imposed deceiving you know when we told we can we are. Like less time like when I was 21 guys asked anyone to keep it to look like your regular soccer moms the allies you really do you do look very wholesome it does not this isn't the picture I would pick Treo I mean it's it's a nicely unit joining sigh yeah. Yeah thank you this guy done doing anything pretty well my previous page was awesome because like I let Maine is until I head even though she told not to India if you look a little the bush guys that picture he has got a very Russian and that picture began. If I remember Chris got to give the guy when I went to lose as recently. They even said are you OK with this big. They try to get to a point where people were just a knowing that was it like eight are you OK with this picture arming whenever I don't care my wife no protest literature she always has her she's giant eyes like she's just seem to do here. Or innocence a deer in headlights. And I got her and her latest one is horrific. And we think Mac makes brought it looks like some just. It was like she just got shot by somebody like you know and I think she might be trying to tell somebody to help I'm being held here against my will save you are crazy Mandela hammer out. She got free blinking price to. I'm semi free. I well it's not a billion act against a long way to go for an comes along really helps you really just grab like a picture you're in so Graham and you can use that maybe don't like a passport picture you go figure oh I don't know they had international attack I always debated registered a really stupid face. I know that look and I don't I don't like the one you haven't I know it looks like an auto but I really. And see what they're do yeah can we put a fake mustache on years and literally sick one. That is so awesome okay thank you Ralph only to drive my whole clothing cost it's. A muscles and every dad had that they'll love that picture. Yes yes because what they wanna do is they want to look nothing like yourself that way the costs can't identify you for any reason is Danny's look like that's this thing. Dozens are dead and as I can add blood hair at the time and had a hat on and they made me take you know you keep had our. Sorry Danny it's OK send. And wherever I read just the flavor of I've been on. There is it was really exciting yeah I guess and has ever seen. Path. Itself makes you this final so I just show my teeth and hope against thorough. Received a picture of all of ours is put a Muslim I thought it Facebook's like that idea as one of Facebook's on the Facebook's. Police say Steve he was not able to figure this one out what car to be an island did Colombia's originally named wanna. And masks and want to note. John Snow melt. Johannesburg to go. No Steve. We're given good Latin and yes Cuba was the answer you want a shot a piece Steve you got to enjoy those exports to Iraq we'll be playing deep migs and any 47. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help put back absolutely one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their other regular ongoing bills. People sometimes think you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against number one to garnish your stock has started and that's not true. Very dangerous to immediately stop any garnish infantry I'm going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on now. But skirmishes in your bank account your wages I'm and in most cases will destroy yourself liability. Out through the bankruptcy process. And we didn't file a bankruptcy. Case. For you usually the day you come in thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.