BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-13-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, March 13th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Seattle rock rumbles starts this Thursday look out talk about racquets clothes go to KI SW dot com sign up because starting Thursday. You can vote for your favorite Seattle area bands and artists is they go head to head deceived. Who will breathe. That's Seattle rock rumble champion yeah I cheer our boys a window Payne won the whole thing it's a lot of fun news agency some of the new up and coming bands take on some of the old fans of course. Everyone gets involved and had a good time its own. It's just cool this sometimes it's pathetic I haven't listened to that end allowing them listen to queens right there's whenever they get. Hey I know you think it's fun yeah but you know what it's also. This is my friend the business of winning okay because if you sign up. And take part the Seattle rock rumble you'll be entered to win tickets to see Foo Fighters. Tickets to Pearl Jam and tickets to paint an aggressive when he eighteenth I don't even announced his show you when the tickets that's what I'm talking about so sure it's fun. That you osu could be a winner fights pick you know winners. Find it's not fun it's serious serious winning it's the Seattle rock rumble. We got it you want more info Hutus who knows great tickets also put your favorite band as the rumble champ. Go to KI SW dot com get all the details. Mean. It is time. Came down. We need exit had died and turned down floor. Goes out. Is there. And Stevie and have talked with last night did you. No and I go until super thing Lulu Wheldon was totally rule out that since sounds kind of boring sorry talk on how you prepare I guess it must mean it's healthy he's I mean he's not only ask how he's gonna got to convince you that it's like a thing to do missing some thing to do you ask me what I eat and not gonna make an out always I had I had. Putting and if I don't -- not to project as it goes all good did you ever and a snow cone and a stroke -- those who want to study did have tacos last night which means you can have tacos tonight parents of users who thinks he doesn't wanna minute but he kind of you know is like night and month olds and you can hear that it wishes it was putting fried chicken it's no call why do you do you should be pretty impressive and so can't join a lot yeah. That's why those are the things I brought up not every day Steve because today is Tuesday so it's taco time so today you know putting fried chicken I don't call today's putting Tuesday for me. Put the good news I noted Tuesday. 00 you've got to play grown up copyright that you can make money that I could see people of ice they say death. Because that's America let's get our contestant today we've got slider in Puyallup slider or you there's certain. And he needs Freddie sold set gas symptoms slider curve trading go to our events yes that's right April 7 he can sit and slide the FEMA foundry and hang with slider maybe what is slider played for today's Steve job before tickets for Jimenez summer's friends go check out what the eighteen season's opening over at the evergreen speedway Munro on March 31 go to KI SW dot com. For more details the joint tickets are available now he takes dot com it's Steve get out of here. For those playing at home slider will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions slider you can pass all you want to. But you'll only get three guesses for question. Are you ready. Already what was the name given to these space missions that took place between Mercury and the Apollo missions. That's what he is the capital of cans district. This incident now. Are over is a member of what the order of mammals that's. I drove it adds. What basketball players start alongside Jon Claude van dam in the movie double teams left. What year of the eighties did Metallica released rides a lightning bright. Yeah you know. It's important to you ask for what gangster movie did Joseph Pesci win an academy and all at an Academy Awards and I. I think it's now time. It's out yet as The Beatles album Abbey Road came out in what late in the year of the sixties. He's had a no drastic PH now. It's nice yeah as what animal is a part of the traditional Porsche logo. What animal is a part of the traditional Porsche logo. Horse yes save horse golf course hey I'm interactive you misread right down the middle yeah we. When news. There's an entertainer could cause. I didn't think you're like what are you doing windows anything right now yeah. Don't give Steve any extra bonuses here obviously a bonus I give my fried chicken is put them out. So that's sounded a lot dirty old Hollywood yeah yeah. Yeah I they take it easy yup it's filthy during sits down and put his blindfold on yeah and this place I can Steve. Are you ready he's. And what was the name given to the space missions that took place between the Mercury and Apollo missions it. Challengers know there's Apollo and no there there. Rockies to an Iraqi midlands city culprits know what city is the cat loves Kansas. Topeka you add Steve Gilbert is a member of what the order of mammals and rodents yes. What basketball player starred alongside Jon Claude van dam in the movie double teams. Shaq now. Cream Abdul Jabbar knows. It's. Kobe Bryant now are when you're in the eighties to Metallica released ride the lightning 86 no 285 snow totals. I'm arms. 83 now or what gangs were yet to what's gangster movie did Joseph Pesci win an Academy Award goodfellas Diaz did Beatles album Abbey Road came out and was late to your of the 60s68. Now 69 C as what animal is a part of me traditional Porsche logo. Horse gas and with that Steve. You flattered and. Okay. And you. Just like. I so I don't know if you ever spew a good for you buddy. Thank you are you hang a libel so how to get surprised he knew that that it was 84 that you eventually figured out for Metallica's ride like Errol dance all around it yes she did the name that was given to the space missions that took place between the Mercury and Apollo missions we Jim and I are good job well I am messiah thank you guessing you are old so you know book I would know all these this Internet the basketball player this start alongside Jon Claude van dam in the movie double team that would mean. Michael Jordan no we did was only one movie that was faced him and Larry Bird never. Todd Bridget Johnson no think ninety's and who would tell her Barkley in a ridiculous ninety's type move on to us and Penny Hardaway. Nine days. And I guess I Selig who's the bad boy of basketball Dennis Rodman there you go that less friends. It yes that's like I mean that was shrimp and high esteem Olajuwon OK we already said that has brought in Steve smoky Blalock excuse not paying attention and Mario Jeanne Jackson was able is that Chinese vessel player for the rockets' Yao Ming Yao Ming Seattle media Yahoo! yes maybe he should have been in the movie he got robbed. I'm sure greed did. You can as a weirdo older players I think you congratulations to slider on hiding Steve this morning he slid in for the victory because it wasn't really victory when he gets the prize say tied yeah well that's how it is in this game can can win when you tell us. See that Steve you are right that's lay a new tire Winamp boom you get the prize on B megs that's how it goes. All right well of course everyone's talking about their brackets I've had a thought a couple miles laughs basically what I said is that what the Joey. I only know. Kansas race has his or anybody else is host to go besides Kansas and UConn for the women you know I know I know I got. We thought of we got asked by I confided to make local media as a leverage the odd brackets. Challenge I don't know exactly what's going on over there but that but we were asked to be a part of it and does the men's one I was like OK and they can know this and know that I know very little but I knew these guys are good that's good. With the women's I'm so clueless I drew UConn. And make sure they all the way to the championship in and everything else loses to teams ahead the smallest names so because my hand was hurting from writing so much. Just pick whatever team is the shortest. Yeah you does not the you know released last year you know they were undefeated in meg they finally did get defeated act hundred some odd games the women's basketball team they finally lost the final four last year which stopped the streak yet so they're not necessarily. A given even though they've had another terrific season for when it's fast run. I Joey. Louisville he gets India's Miette at the end I don't know let you guess a women's that's all I care about the out suck in the hall I guess after the yeah men's once things can zag he's got that week at the Mann right is exactly and it all. Yeah I do I think its chances when he all look at Zach you're going to the final spots and it's saved time beaches track they go so that's what I got going on I have no idea of a right. I don't Philadelphia this morning Ali 90 Villanova is supposed to be good and move on another V team. And Xavier I think and a good I got Virginia winning and our team all of us Virginia's the other beating the good yes I did double b.'s in the finals. You know so it's and of course unfortunately if you're at you're Huskies fan that's aren't going ninety maybe at the ninety via. As as far as and on and has yet. Wherever a bunch of team names well or how what do the jaws the odds alike a steely and a one that you can I. Think I attacked again what's Christmas like nine. Nine trillion or something to one that you saw on a bracket exactly correct yeah of the something really insane and a lot of zeros and like an octopus picked you Allison went down on time I carried octopus I don't know why did all the octopus was for the World Cup oh yes very close to march mess. Why do you take something we are your sports experts have I don't really do the bracket that you do the right now yeah I don't either actually rise but yeah. As far as the average person at the average person because the average person spent six hours distracted at work by March Madness. Joey. Because that's a great place to be. You know for bedding and everything you want great place to be for anything gap I don't need to have a reason to be the finals of America's Got Talent the databases have the best place to be far it yeah. So what do people waste their time on watching the games checking scores messing around what their brackets six hours distraction at work is what they're doing especially not you can watch on line. Yes the troops watching I'm from many many many years ago. We have people like gathered enough conference room they would play the games on television in the conference room and everybody was taking breaks from work. Now you say your desk and watch on your computer aria phone I miss those days because it's come robbery were altogether watching it yeah. They say though the tournament you cost companies 2.3 billion dollars in lost productivity this year. I'd say that you know it doesn't and you know I wish they would measure that when you do spend time when you have a good time you feel good the data actually us productivity. I don't look at what we can't put a price on morale mail you can't and I think that the way they figure stuff out as if we were just machines again if we were like robots sure then you lose productivity but. We're not robots man. We need fun we need purpose and our life and every march we have it. And according to a new study Americans who gamble approximately ten billion dollars and why you concede to a tournament this year a lot of cash and how are you a percentage of all the vetting between Ireland what percentage of these legal. Although I'm betting I'm not say. 10% is legal you are very close Steve actually only 3% as we 3% 90% to 97% of these bets made on March Madness illegal ask Rick Neuheisel remember that from in the day I get ready loses gig as a coach who Washington firm not just people is a bit about him he knew it let the told the money apparently. The only our office pools aren't technically I guess only did one year or is that that's not technically yeah all right this is licensees are busting people get him arrested at Los whine about as a great place like lightly whether like Las Vegas because it's the only legal way to bet in this country on these on March Madness is in the and in you know him in Nevada. So that's another reason why you go Steve at a course the Eminem store in the coaxed all right yes that's it nothing else there. All right so I'm Amy Schumer got married and I love the fact that it was a surprise to everybody. And she didn't take credit the guy's last name. And usually you think all right well you know what that's a thing a lot of women especially powerful women. Don't wanna do it of course and her case she's known as Amy Schumer so of course I would think you keep your name at least at. You know as a stage name but she has another reason why she didn't wanna take her husband's last name attacked his name is Chris Fisher. Which would make her Amy Fisher. Oh and Long Island Lolita BS she wanted to the the Nazis c.s and guess who's hot but do you still want to be the one that's every time you're Amy Fisher you're not the Amy Fisher that it. Yeah the chicken a phrase did you. Denny even know who Amy Fisher is no I don't think it'll only from you guys talk about and the McDougal and every time he talked. Does Jean shorts and that white T shirt and I'll never forget yes you stopping haunts me when she shot somebody in a face that's when I was like a giant. That I anymore that's when she started being taught me just thank your sic Kaplan I didn't know she existed until now. Oh I ER IR Ohio Lolita and I mean they I saw a picture of right thigh yes she's an attractive girl and an Emory historian and I'm realizing now back on today what she shots and Hefei east into inferior ones that creeped her out all really out there are girls the activities answer right Arizona senator's behalf RA yes she does she was an attractive woman there's the picture yeah. The front cover of the the daily news. And she was she was a hot girls like to warrant for us because they're younger and how long ago was that what's that went what's the data that article is what's. 25 years ago few. Yeah they need to do so what's so where we're talking a 25 years ago and why how oh no what are you guys don't know about you were bad is when this was all happening. This was the big news this was like scandalous scores nowadays every shoot everybody I was editor of the day Unix or about someone who gets crazy in a relationship and does something awful but back then that was not often no. Like all all the enabling the guy I put this issue it's a Joey Buttafuoco but if you noticed Buttafuoco shoes Mary Joseph could technique. If I'm not mistaken the limit your shot via. Yes Joey Buttafuoco hey he was he sounded like the kind of guys they're reaching out his wife like an idiot could know Joey is a seventeen. Yet there is that you. Do a look at Doug that I put out allow the wedding name combos that are so bad in my wanna call the whole thing off and it is a guy that there's a couple named Brooke gross and Kevin Canty. So there's the gross panties and I got a yeah someone Lisa wacker and Greg daily. Rocker Billy Wagner daily. Why is this like James and the Arab and it's not Lisa Renee. That saves a conference OK I give her name is say to EU and cheesy conspiracy. Gary Wayne Richard in you can do Matthew but there is not Richard Wright you know it's like a Dick Dick Sargent was my favorite actor you know. About I could play good coach Richard sergeant that's horrible. One person not Eric we we and Kelly long long we've we've. We'll see now that's accurate I mean Kenosha Francine filler and Terry quick filler quick fists. Yeah. I love love love and I diocese and Kelly yeah I was serious. Kubel home or come on it well EI it's it's probably cool Mon but they Frankie topple me. Bottom on top of me there we go everybody. Completely of bush and Matthew radish. Bush rash solution that shot. Since they remain prevent oh my god you fantastic. The Internet. Idea what time it is time for listeners on the loose. Your. Taken a topic and you are Geithner shows 206 what you want rock Texas 77999. Why because we'll take and take its next more marriages was great and Oman. And top of you can improve. That's nice to see. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle is listeners on the loose brought to you by car toys. Listeners on the loose where you pick a topic. You guys to show a 206141. Rock you can also text does. At 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about you embrace any topic to the table. Anyone around about but remember Steve does have a rule as simple movies it just shows some energy and bring it a go three. Take the guy. Borrowers trying to 0642 on rock text us at 77999. We got detects about that they we talked about earlier and that was replaying audio of mark Hammel and how he reacted. Very emotional. Ali first site go to again I did the actual puppet of the Oda yeah because they used a puppet for the last jet I whereas an episode 12 and three they use CGI. So debuts a public he did the original Star Wars movies back in the seventies and eighties and somebody says and then we got so conversation of what inanimate things from a movie you're show whatever would be would be. Really emotional or cool to see or even like a championship ring. And that's three Texans said. If I can hold when the original light sabers or the glowing one ring from Lord of the Rings and so we eight got a lot of those Kiki movies man you know there's always some cool thing you know to have I'm yeah I would still go for a ride with job. Either doctor Marty remarked yeah and all in a Delorean in the Delorean dad aren't they hitting eighty miles per hour I did whatever it was Marty we keep it on the speed limit. Yeah Mark Campbell was pretty but I guess he was pretty emotional about it in of course. Star Wars alas jet eyes and get a Blu-ray in a couple weeks and they got a lot of deleted scenes and bonus scenes and this is one of the previous from the clips of the special features. And now yeah I theory is just like kind of relied on suspiciously Welling up a bit seeing Lyoto puppet again. I says is to consume any also tossed off frank cause who's the voice of Jonas how that dude hasn't aged a day. 12 or three. Programs. Yeah. Phone line. Yeah so that he hasn't changed today. And I page. I'm looking forward to it again as I said earlier you guys if you look for president. The Blu-ray edition of on the last that I yeah. Nobody they gets you thinking about I'm a pretty Tony who plays in the van window and hit a post on his FaceBook page a while back and I'm trying to not to paraphrase if they can't find the full story but it's on his FaceBook page somewhere. Where he was working at a place and Eddie van Allen's Franken Stratton. Think start I was used on eruption in the bunch of by the Ben Allen recordings with David Lee Roth. Was on display. And he was there to watch it means you're known as much it. What he was by himself for a brief period of time he took it out of the case cool at least it's a great storied eighty. He easy British and tonight it you'll put it. Started strumming it and then just started playing Van Halen songs that he knew that Eddie played on this guitar and use of them. Really cool dad I know about that moment that he is feeling the guitar and playing the guitar that Eddie Van Halen played a he did this they quickly got to back up. On on its displayed for annual busted him he said even if I got caught he's got fired for that it would have been worth it definitely. Yeah I can see that I mean if you love and a band like that your your your basically glass about the risks that on the Qatar the guy I used. Like I got like what we had anthrax play a pain in the grass a couple of years ago. And we get the opportunity obviously because we're working backstage to walk where we need to walk and I remember walking by Charlie and on these drum set and I'm just looking outside. I would just love to apply it and I didn't play it. And go all step Brothers on its at all worried oh that's good I was wondering about that study did touch it did you touch it adds to my finger on it. Think I know it's stupid but Ozzie has got to touch down drum set of one of my all time favorite drummers I can see that. And I'm sure like. Who so wanted to make their road Crist I watch we had with the hoses guy doing an excellent was really weird like ET. Finger touch they had ended Teddy that day and it always is looking on Tillman step Brothers that he's yet you can touch it but don't step Brothers it yes sir and zipping you know like you gotta go Sarah you get your dad buddy Don. And that is and that's also was listeners on the loose. You picked that topic you guide to show it to OC sports when rock Texas it's 779991. Purses is I want to pick from space balls and edit comb the desert. I spent I got to watch that movie again I hear it's getting are either reboot or sequel or something. I I hope. So because that was such a fun movie they're guessing we talked a little bit about Brewster golden now after we had a conversation about it all of a sudden. Two or three hours after we talked about it on the morning show then all of a sudden there's talks about this movie being. Closer and closer being made about booster going right this is insane and it and bred to simian of history today. And it's article that says the headline is booster gold is now one of DC's most important hero. What is going out this booster gold I can't seem weird man that used to be my weird. Out of left field comic book character that nobody knew or the ones are people who did know it grow like that's cool you know booster gold is now the sun is coming main street so it's it's so he's still relevant in the DC universe apparently another reboot of the DC universe a couple of times. Yeah and apparently he is a big enough name and just yet people aren't actually kind of freaking out about them. What the house happening I don't know like e-book for the couple days ago when you brought him up I hadn't seen a single news story and now I keep seeing them over and over again this story is after more than thirty years booster gold is quietly become one of DC's most important heroes OK what if he is the guy that changes the. Maybe well be right maybe maybe he's gonna be the character that does it for them. I I don't I still have no clue booster gold never followed the comic ever and don't know much about them when I you've got to lag I do and want to are two different things that I ally and it. Vladimir look at they put a movie out I wouldn't even if I get to go with you because you never go to the movies really bright I would go for that yeah you would. They harpist. So bizarre you you're just so Connor our viewer just off on the things that you like like you like things that other people like but you really go deep enough of the deep cuts of at all. I think. Not as a kid I always liked being a fan of something that not everybody else was a fan. Yeah so for when I picked what hockey team wanted to be a fan of at the time everybody in my neighborhood either were huge Rangers horror huge islanders fans resorted to good teams. Nobody like the doubles is like the mid to late eighties he just became a team and NHL they were considered a joke Wayne Gretzky made fun of them going on Mickey Mouse operation. They were just nobody like Dallas like unreal like the doubles just to kind of get under the skin of I was a troll even back then my friend's death I became a Dell's been everyone laughed him in the they went up winning more Stanley cups than the other guys since then. Then in the jokes on them now booster gold albums get all epic the superhero and. In my friends liked what does he makes more money than black can't order them movies it was insane Douby awesome and every mosque its eyes I think it's impossible to but then again. Never say never Steve. It's less zealous you picked a topic you guide to show. 20642 Iraqis and also Texas it's 77999. You're cause you're Texan 933 on Iraq. Nine point nine KI DSW. I'm KIS still the rock of Seattle's listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show 206421 rock. Texas 77999. Let's go to Stephen Bainbridge Island Steve you are on the rock. So I hate the way you stay season there was else. You say yes I gave Baylor Dallas. So are you already lesser dose guys thanks trio what do you hate about chambers island you live there. But unfortunately they do now I was born and hand humility does nor that is I don't know where hands those words out of my legs Kingston. Okay so so if you you're not close yet ordered. Blood and everybody eighteen years but no not a rich smoker. Yeah but does the as a bloody guy I hired Steve why do you hate Bainbridge Island and live there and in my you just move somewhere else what to north Kitsap high school and they were our rivals and again though are you living in a place to hasten. Particularly low entry you know I'm a go forward. Are you go to. Okay. Another trade while academically. And Steve Jimmy fainting goats. I know what I have this weird note to and it's just on her old worry about eight years ago and she is always and he. Oh yes she does this weird thing with their time and she's she's not you would your leg and no it's weird. Yeah okay occur at across here's something you have a pretty interesting life man I don't know I don't know why. But also yeah I'm out the other cosa Al like inter because that ultimately I lose our little breeze. You saved you Bubba what about the goat store they injure her is what Steve was asking. Are they what are the other goats into her because she's Oreo. Yet I don't mess her up it would also mean pure she separated she's so little ghost world. Hey guess what happens in your go to war. I don't see why O Ohio and I felt like that. And I did this is a think that we should be concerned of being ago horror OK don't be a go to our kids can Muster battled and don't you go to war yeah. I was gonna duck. Which forced these blowout instead of. Best thing that ever happened to me was I was about six years old my dad worked in Bremerton naval station and you have shifter and you've got me after the crow's nest on an aircraft carrier. It's I was born I'm United States marine. Along that it was so cool and then my. Twenty years later I'm world not cleared but continued where I was in there and Barack and up in the crow's nest of an aircraft on the USS. JFK. And it was just. Cool laden. Debbie also get a picture view when you're kid in the aircraft carrier and and appreciate you as an adult. If the acrobat be a great lake side by side. Woods yet. What it was where my dad in the other hippies back in the Germany's went to smoke there we let her work on the most. I'll the crow's nest of course those nasty. Well you know and they were a lot of hippies back in Vietnam that's for sure. True well it was a marine that. He was I gonna say one thing I've aren't you amazed once I got tired legs once and I lost to make once I got a warning he's got to reduce. All I wanna be nutrition programs here. Well we don't have any right now did you wait let you might wanna register for this yet Iraq crumble because not only will be given away tickets to trojans do that. I register every color and awesome man I cool yeah I'd Steve well I hope this out and horny goat for us and yeah well enough. I'm come aquarium in Seoul share a year earlier brother. Okay. Colonel Steve. That move lives rent free but doesn't like Brent resentment with the Saudi goat. I guess that's that's how do you view the latest news a toll road accident in about Kirk cousins he finally picked teams all yellow stone with the vikings you know as the big quarterback acquisition but she's man three year deal 84 million dollars. Fully guaranteed. Wow fully guaranteed. All of it all all of it all of it. What. Or talk about good timing for Kirk cousins CNN you sat. While I'm allowed to Drew Brees assignment two year deal for fifty million I don't know much of that is guaranteed but again he's he's fresh look at a where's my agent what Dallas this guy's got 84 million guaranteed. That's pretty insane for the vikings you said yep. Well our conference is getting tough man. Yankees keep him now is he's no longer on the vikings obviously the league's assignment on it's hard he suffered a team that has a football player honest yes and a guy I believe that is the team I am no help for Ramel and nobody else knows this with nobody self announced all right bronchos. They yelled their job. And new line now how about. Big Rick next Kenny news on him no nothing yet know this would be the time from the trade and I didn't either we're trying to do the idea I mean this is you're not gonna get a better time to trade a guy than him fresh off winning a Super Bowl and being the MVP. Especially you know plans of him being the starter and signing geez can you do any venom with that guided communism back government this bowl I mean at this point you he has his stock is going to be pretty high. I know somebody vortex and also about audio and or other the NHL obviously we're keeping our fingers crossed for June wet and in hopes that the enix has been awarded a franchise all signs are pointing towards that. And this definitely helps I just show that vendetta they're playing. Pretty damn series here in Seattle's NHL ownership group B I side you know we got out Tim why we keep down one of the owners and he always have his brother Todd who was a former cop. Management with the Seahawks and left to go do some hockey suffered Tampa Bay. And now is a big deal over the NFL as a CEO while. Rumor has it he's leaving the NFL. To join his brother but it's so wall that's cool if he's leaving as a CEO and it must be for they must know that it's almost almost a sure thing I mean at his statistics mean more more cynicism rumor but if that rumors true holy smokes and my people posting on Twitter right now is a lot of excitement going on. I'll get a text message about a driver's licenses because I don't know if you checked our FaceBook page that picture I don't Carter drivers here driver's license pictures brought on kiss of his FaceBook page. Oh why we're talking about this of course is just California's going to be introducing a law. They hope to make it a law where you get to pick your own driver's license picture and it's got a long way to go before it becomes a law but they've submitted the bill to see what's gonna gonna happen in the world politics. This California's ran. You know I know 'cause I get out of the OC and everyone looks pretty and they wanna make sure they look as pretty as they can be as her driver's license until the very tight and via form present my last driver's license photo was so bad that the guy tick in the picks said quote. Let's do that again. I estimate was that bad and his response was quote. You don't want that picture on a license for eight years that's from rose in Tacoma yeah. Met a person takes and you guys are taught my driver's license photos earlier my brother's side to be funny the morning of my very first driver's license photo. He drew a big DR my forehead with a sharp because tell me about you know I found that when I took a shower that morning and no matter how much rubbing alcohol use as the satellite outline in my photo until just a couple of years ago when I moved and replaced it. On Google brothers' brother of the year yeah I'm glad he's on the letter. Oh no now I. Minutes there just brutal and it's it's it's bigger it's bigger Rick nick as he put on his forehead I'm not complaining about my -- very end about how he how he treated you and as a kid kinda wonder what the guys are gonna follow through at did the empty thought when beside the guy coming with the deal on his forehead. Like all of this picture ever probably saved it. Gosh yeah. That's awesome costly over new it's big big. Because your guys pass out enough to have a Denver is that's what they would think ya. 30 so you're keeping up with the path on Hulu. I don't even know the path on who will mistresses thank you for the recommendations. That. Half. Pound blu. I think with Aaron Paul and from Prince Andrew. Oh yeah I did recommend that anybody such a member of a new age spear Willis movement known as near as the men apparently like he's kind of the head of this new religion cult type thing somebody somebody close to recommending it. Yeah IE does somebody else may recommended that's a you are another show I don't know maybe some in the men's rooms watching it. I'd I have I gave on the hand raised on on Hulu that's what I've been doing. But not the path to begin the shows man too many shows having to start watching Jessica Jones on Netflix yes. I'm done of course you are sent yeah I wants at this weekend good it was really get. Well. But the analysis shows American alliance agreed thanks yeah yeah you're never gonna want to yet. Should they be Jimmie and Tony two weeks pregnant I wanna know why people think it's okay to ask pregnant women insulting questions like. Are you sure and I carrying twins and while you look really swollen today. When you. Don't they know that talk goes on hormone a temper to rival wood got his pales attitude. This person may are right Kelly is the same things like that carries no what what other people. I've heard decision on the set them off for the day. Yeah actually even though won't we don't judge Joseph China from Kirk a Regina from her. Colonel Janis and I'm sorry I keep. I am I don't know what it is that I get it women's it just don't feel like themselves anymore their whole bodies on the hormones their but the idea is that. We look at a pregnant woman and we don't think of her being beautiful or non beautiful we think hey this is cool you're carrying a baby and I think they're beautiful. All right well there's like another wrongly think of that general pregnant chicks are hot. Well I I as a whole section on the results there isn't gonna go down that road it's just a memo like officially like there's a glow to them that I find them to be proactive that's of course I don't wanna watch adult films of them doing I don't mean judging if he did you who just say delegate my agenda for somebody other things though I'm a pastor problems. That is a fact for cattle in mind that I mean we know who similarly. It's it's it's unfortunate that women think their fat when they're pregnant when we know anybody who knows it has nothing do with you being fat or not you're carrying a baby and of course you're gonna look. Like you look even I know I think there's a distinct difference between a heavy person and upright to -- never mistaken anybody who was fat for being pregnant or vice Versa so did you tell mistake me for being pregnant while that yeah I do have a from a viewer I still think you're pregnant does does your breasts are leaking yeah terrorism and yeah let's requirement maternity ward shirt. It's much for fighter on the gut but guys don't know not the same thing I don't ever say anything unless someone brings up the their pregnant I have no questions no comment some of them being pregnant it's not doing worth of Britain did chance. That they're not ya and they and there are just upset because well I mean she's I mean that that thing is Leach and cost them. Yeah and Vicki what is it so I mean anyway what is there in the Mya is that women doing this is a guy. Both Blake is a nicer way of saying that the person looks swollen and look uncomfortable like are you feeling comfortable today in senate well yellow actionable and you look like you're caring into new. Like what they had to say it differently if you really. Have a question at home business people ask me how far along my wife is yet she's not pregnant fooled. That's not good meditate is Steve I'm with you the preening glow Israel. Not the takes a frightening girls are hot accurately castle Poppins do his show because there's gonna have a bunch text pop pregnant chicks yeah no wonder why well filed a similar agrees to a castle that's the idea that present yeah I'm Tony two weeks' pregnant as well at some people are weird strangers asking the touch my belly. Dude that's just that he's no but it's a thing and everybody does. It's I mean especially years ago. I TC nowadays you have more boundaries for years ago that yeah I remember everybody you you he wasn't a weird thing for some and ask a woman urging touch rebel image was pregnant this was a thing that everybody did. And I always thought that was weird myself even as a younger person I thought I don't know her awhile I wanna touch any part ever that doesn't seem right. And here's the ultimate words to live by BJ pregnant women are beautiful. Plus she can't get them pregnant. De Gallo and that's now you know that's with him right there. I here's our question Soria has a dual pretty women but it has to do is. Ryan castle. And gum ball machine. What do they have in common common to tell you at 951. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Gained yardage and. To write castle and gum ball machine have in common I don't sit through most doggie doors. I don't know. And gum balls well and you read the story and I saw the story last night awful I haven't heard disturbing yet I'm. Somalia the pipes you know what then in that case it probably doesn't make a lot of Sevilla then now. There's no I've got a sore right now and I doubt I'd love to read it now. Who want quick text to 25 cents you can get a storage off from both oh yeah now what are the story well it's about the city criminal comically struggles are still gum ball machine and doesn't even notice the box of cache next to it. Happening California. And does duke crawled through a good dog Doran now. Carlo. Everybody at home should know now that BJ proof reads nothing also calling them just goes in cold it is like straight written rehabbing and being that's how I roll baby screaming being let it professionally and being. I never would have no matter what you're pro yeah. Oh so yeah he he was trying to sills a gum ball machine and the surveillance that plays like a home loan video because once he gets inside can't get the Gumball machine back to the dog door. He's still solid gum balls and socially gum balls it's like we're not a movie dead apparently he ended up with like a handful of quarters out of the machine or something which you you know. But there was a box of cash and a whole donation by Cecil staff to answer. Yeah so there yeah they're they're trying to track and I'd gone now he got away but he's gonna got so much more of the surveillance solution that's fantastic to get washed discussed trying to. He finally does get outside and he is he's a classic media here that they fizzle miner died down the film life on his forehead yeah. And grass very I got a great clients via classic idiots. They write castle OK he's got more into a panic at all. And bigs play of the day. Accused kind of got into Milan one now that that's cool down and the easier you. Look direct translation means your hormones are heating up a hole so basically she's like your horny aren't just. Well your hormones and bring your mother said that's you when I was a teenager wow just like you haven't checked our Jeff. How do you say is very Stephen do you like girls the best that I. I don't know if it's deadline didn't let me check to. See mama. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question molester if I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court judge makes me. Your press going to court is never something new something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way Q and when you go to cortisol before and judges actually with the trustees. The trustees of turning. Wanted to be one of the things just. It's critical that bankruptcy is if you give your attorney americorps and all America all your information. List all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for your discharges your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during the history is usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given report New Year's earnings. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening and.