BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-14-18-6A: Stephen Hawking passed away early this morning at the age of 76.

Wednesday, March 14th

News and sports. Today is National Pie Day. Jimmy Graham is moving on to the Green Bay Packers. Everett has been having a pick pocketing problem near their malls.


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Clients as geeky stuff in general some sad news Stephen Hawking died yesterday the age of 76. Consider every one of the most brilliant men on the planet if not the most brilliant piece of me. All of us you know Stephen Hawking and I know you're in that same short right still a lot of people bring both of us about the same time I ever absolutely never yeah. I was shocked that I I saw this morning as it. And I know he's obviously had his ailments over the course of his life but I just didn't hear anything about him not doing well L'Oreal and those lines where he was facing. You know the chance of losing his life yes amazing you live to 76 because if if you knowing about his life when he first of all day LS. Many many years ago they told him he only a couple of years Elisa was at 21 when he got it now. That's incredible that ten Jiri is now. With 76 we passed wife yeah wow yes a 55 years ago they were like hey dear guess what you know in the sixties there's like countered you're done. And I'm now it turns out he wasn't done. Army did paralyze them and of course you know he's a guy in the wheelchair that as the you know robotics speech because always do was communicate by using a cheek muscle I wondered how that I never knew how he actually did that. I guess there was a cheek muscle that was that he used. There was attached to that speech generating device and that's how he spoke not sure how that all worked out to be honest but it's pretty amazing in itself. The technology that he can can communicate with was pretty amazing to. This group can. Subscribe. I'm sure before we went all on this one. But yeah. Rest in peace Stephen King Jimmie you reminds. Just. Well you that's really good. Does this. I mean if not for Stephen Hawking is death will we ever hear Thomas Dolby ever again probably ranks. Yeah. Stephen Hawking give a Ted talk back in 2008 where he actually talked about his handicap. All my life I had sought to understand the universe and find ensures that these questions. I have been very lucky that my disability has not been a serious handicap. Indeed it did ask probably couldn't anymore and then most people don't personally know request for an hour live. That's a very distinct point ninety he had nothing else to do but to stay in his head. We got his brain was still stand doing his brain worked OK as far as they can and that's only did because he was in that chair so you know pricing guide I would say I basically what we're doing here there are other universe is doing this is well. How well they're there was a series of parallel universe right gases and another BJ may stats show that's happening. In some of the universe could be the other way Ronnie Camille the cranky guy could be all BJ all old guy and I'm the cool guy. Wow that could be that way and indeed he's purer did earlier yeah did Danny's dad is like a shock yeah alone can't get out into death metal yeah that rev is the picture of health bright red as manners yeah. And he's brand and he's like you know he's like one of those healthy granola guys that he's a vegetarian beating guy your daughter uses condoms. Now my daughter has a job doesn't need to sponge ever fathers that I probably. That was an inside thought on chris' 600 pounds yeah. Denny goes the other direction yet he won I'm happy to hear and only 300 calorie as many darted his what he did ya. The jury is still the safe and Joseph yes and after I sent Priscilla Owen Jones doing in the other universe either yeah the Stephen L also I didn't know they use some guys that I I didn't know Hawkins is British I know that either yeah I consume huge for Americans are here and I'm an accent that is robot voice it is interesting that the robot voice didn't have an accent. I'll yeah. Yes he's British. We'll cry because I mean he's one of those old school robot voices yeah but even still FDI it's still sounds more American than anything else. Yet he said he didn't want to change it after so long because people had become used to that boys being synonymous with an added measure volume and exploiting that oh yes Hillary oh. Nomar is that I. Moves there's a very old hardware speech synthesizer. Made in 1986. Thank you fifth. Because I had not heard a noise so I like better on the coastline. I am your agenda I have to admit. Yeah I doubt out of these guys changing it up all the time. He had he would be out of these the most interesting man in the world voice to dissect these guys all that would be cool though little. Yeah because I mean you know the waste in the way you know Syria and Alexa work yet he easily could have a much more human sounding voice yes he selling Morgan Freeman if you wanted to I was gonna ask if he can pick someone else to be your voice who would it be potentially thinking Daniel Jackson for me how I'm always happy with the bad language and everything's. Yeah William Shatner. We're being me you. Condit would be Kirk Shatner he had real IA need to get a cup cup that I don't Rocky Balboa okay how do. Put that way we can understand you even less than you Sonny even dumber than you are that's perfect. Now I was gonna go and mr. Okay. Why do fools gonna use that voice but beyond its. Yeah. How about you Danny. Christopher Watkins oh Massa and now it's I gonna go Leo DiCaprio from Titanic I'm surprised. He's adjusting to voice yeah I shut down red didn't go without Sean Connery. Until we don't have data voice and not faced a drama you're right oh that's correct technical problem only gore long British PP Jerry. Aldridge in mind a sergeant in a room. I it's funny because they believe he did there probably I would like. The most is facing guys died decide. Other guy just died Stephen Hawking a what is another design theories. Suspect this guy's head tonight and I your what I about it and another voice you're actually forgot the name of the man we've been talking about simple as ten minutes there okay. Yeah he was a Big Easy was on Star Trek the next generation has said he's the Simpsons is a series south yeah. He played poker with the the BB android data in starch or commissioner I'll that was fun that was actually fun episode but yet he was on the Big Bang theory back in 2012. He was visiting the campus and wanted to be shelled and after reading a paper he wrote Sheldon was thrilled but at the meeting with Stephen Hawking didn't go how he expected. I enjoyed reading your CD are very much. Food that is strong. What do you mean wrong here. You made an arithmetic mistake and move. But I didn't hear everything it can't be grown kids I don't make arithmetic mistakes. Are you seeing eye to. No of course not just I was thinking oh gosh golly I need to move. And I'm David duke Stephen Hawking the great. But you're seeing her on. They have my putt on from time to time also given yeah it is a huge columns for advice yeah exactly yeah Healy he had some hit it was a good guy a good role on the show and just an amazing amazing. Way to take. A bad situation. And become one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world of science that you ever have him is to stay Einstein's birthday. That I hear that they tied and yes hi day I think is that why would make it I think is our son's birthday how ironic is that because he was considered the nine cent of our generation gap is hiding because it's 314. On that might explain that Vicki I'll be chizik is no Lloyd played very. I've got Heidi I've written I also wondered if they picked because of Einstein but no you're right through and for his ties well. How much that's yet. Thieves but I always appreciate your explaining to us Vicky I'm I'm here to help but this coincidental and Einstein was born on hiding her violent because the you know that's I don't maybe isn't coincidental but yeah it is definitely amazing he died on this day we did die today in the day yesterday poly erase their mind. That's that's your view of Heidi either it's amazing that yeah talking passed away on identities so he and I am I today got yesterday. But I look at the first one of your story you read our it is as I guess you know what I I was and the size. I am well. Well Alexa was telling me on this thing about the fact about Stephen Hawking color swatches and I'm saying yeah on the echo well eggs here's the thing Wikipedia saying that it BP died today so we did he die in the UK eight hours ahead. Our Murray says he died eight hours ago so that was yesterday. -- hours ago in the UK well where are we rats were in America and another man makes them that that if you do then that makes sense that I don't know what's going on anymore nowadays it makes sense that he died and 314 as well I think they're saying and that is that is that Einstein's birthday through your Wikipedia his Wikipedia is always right yeah right choice of course there yeah. Well Daria are you there Alexis Ron do we ever plug in achieving we should ask her because I she taught and I'm the one who did the touching tribute to this deal our issue there. OK let's say march 14 on Wikipedia. Alexa good morning. Good morning. Summing up today's date equates to something truly great additions. Three point are never and I know I saw I didn't think I thought she she must still be a news story all right nevermind. Anyway. This has been the best break in the history of radio I asked those very so he did die today. One person not. Says that it at the rev actually screens calls in the alternate universe he does. Possibly well our stories actually wrong so but he did die how about that on the day that Einstein was born that is pretty bizarre. Because he was basically consider the people thought he was the onset of our generation like I said. Is that we're gonna like for you Steve you meet who do who would you dice what day would you die on somebody who you lose like you be compared to. Koppel yeah you know I mean it's like you're great at what you do follow a gritty things I'd like any good at something I mean really there's only other one other person you think of like Stephen Hawking it's I Simon Dyson and them guys birthday that doesn't tomb sciences Sino the most famous scientists in the history of man island almost to really. It's easy decision really on top of this moment to thank everybody. And of course things are created as the voice they would have if they're gonna the Stephen Hawking voice all that would be downtown I think that's why would have been they are your question I don't. But don't be I don't know maybe. Maybe learn a some sort of car radio person maybe and I guess because we're in radio I guess who die with like a famous radio person Tesla. Yeah Tesla snow or mark Toney Marconi the now I guess so by you know there is a lot of refueled at radio all of this is first on time on Malcolm's voice a voice guys know outside the baddest most folk exchange analyst Chang could call Malcolm's got he's got the pipes at a Malcolm would do that force because you know what he's he does voices for people for cash that he would do for everybody's got a fresh everybody's got a billion dollar Malcolm how much would cost for you to be my voice Malcolm. I well we say good bye to Stephen Hawking in a very touching and I feel like we did great tribute. We're also saying goodbye to some more seahawk players men this this this season is going to be so bizarre. It's it this feels like such a housecleaning c.s at the news for you at 617. Nine point nine KI guess W all. May I ask W their Iraq love Seattle. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news wings teammates. Thanks guys basic idea of you all for giving us news and sports and happy national pie day of course. My god let's get some public clamor among rank and I'll let Boston cream to anybody up now they gave broad mass. And also people like Danny like pizza discounts just printed a bunch of places are offering discount all really all that's going out there lots of places are doing that so. They'll enjoy your life and it's also national potato today it's. Way more important. Potato chip giant yeah wow that's gives me great all right under an. A typical woman mr. potato chip would be happy ID please. Do barbecue flavor dynasty salt and vinegar dude I'm sorry Tim's on the way. Since tested just. Okay we'll let's. Good old white guys and good good I'm not used to light the light delays Mike Devin and I had been to the tens in that whole style is so good. Well you grab what's your favorite potato chips. I gotta go with the kids but specifically. The hall of Pena a chance moon and then mix them with the Hawaiian sweet onion it's. A good call yeah I get a little bit as sweet little bit a savory and nagging mom and I'll call I haven't tried the mixture rev guys. You know I I don't usually really good but I today's house brilliance wow familiar Mickey like some ruffled feelings are just in my mouth that those are the there from the ruffles derision for your pleasure and Danny from chili cheese freedoms. It's a potato chips doesn't shed no let's not paid our debt and potatoes shed. Senator Sheila Sheila talked yeah. Wow so what this. Why is Danny still alive and one of them only in my Stephen Hawking dead I don't go that far we've killed anything this. I'm just saying if we had a choice Stephen Hawking are Danny I may come off. Yeah. So are getting things. Professor what is he opts out does give me a whole new looking team I mean there's obviously a lot of get around immunity. There's still the important players Blake Russell Wilson Bobby Wagner KJ Wright I'd imagine general Thomas is still be on the T I hope so yeah I can't imagine that he's going to be gone. Although we will be seeing some different things going on now obviously we talked about some of the defense of say good bye to Jimmy Graham. Three years we've. Is just came to an end I yesterday a day and out so well they reportedly agreed yes we'll find out today for sure but it's pretty much. Three year deal with that Green Bay Packers so let's. That's going to be interesting to see how he works Aaron Rodgers and that's that's quite a once we play until this year so yeah we're gonna see Jimmy come back here I believe. Guess so he's done no longer and just when they seem to finally get things going with him and had a great season last year but you know her. That's just what happens who knows what's gonna happen with our boy Luke Wilson. Right now I mean they've only got two guys in the contract would come sit tight ends Mets knicks and nets and tyrants who moves they clearly gonna do something that would hold that means. Good things were number 82 how many one handed catch is easier to make for this team exactly mob he's throwing his hair out he's ready let's work. As I would say come on man. Well and and speaking about the including the Green Bay Packers like go Jordy Nelson supplied by the Verizon did see also one of the few teams that are interested in bringing that wide receiver. Two today franchise and Oakland's another one and a couple of other teams as well I've expressed interest. Now Jordy Nelson because obviously this is gonna have to pick up somebody because they also lost Paul Richardson Y zero for his team. Man oh man he may and money yeah you gotta say hey good for you man definitely UCL soaring in the back to back of the truck like this. The Washington Redskins signed him for a five year forty million dollar contract. Twenty million of that is I guarantee. Of course we've talked about. Before Jeremy lane did you know I'm going on the defense side he's no longer with the team usually some Friday high news can now we can then he's incited. We could do you why curves all stems from that January rest that you drove by all that's right yeah I ninety immerse round and late at night always how it's even more shocking yes he wasn't drunk so drunk while driving he was just don't mess he had told the officer. If you want people thinking he was drunk. This time I was more hype than anything all that then that's great Chen. Every police are warning people about pick pocket there's apparently the big rash of pick partners. Right by the Everett mall way area on southwest or from all elite yet so I just kind of keep that while the front pocket kids. This is its own people because you know some people just bumping into people taking their stuff also telling people carry a person how to how to diagonally across the front of your body. And always is a great life lesson in more ways than one keepers are present. The police to tell people well I tell you right I can't tell you how many times a certain things stolen you know I'd get it back. And cover up your electronics old walk around with your iPhone or whatever it is it's your hand side office on the ground. Sorry whether 52 degrees and cloudy. He yeah yeah yeah. Again the old drugs man that's what these people Robin for. So Texas is coming and Vijay knows what's up Tim strips of the best and down. They are good man August ruffles sour cream and shatter all the way you can only you like down. Mason Russell got a ruffles does that look ruffles is a good branded chip I love it but Amanda that those cascade shares slate and like red said now with the new combo in with a sweet -- how opinion along with the Hawaiian can't. All of them I think we all agree though that neutrinos are easily the best potato chip out there. Right here and he Mahinmi court oh yes Frito Jim guest here exactly yeah two great. Potato chips and did you seemingly it is detailing corn there at the same as those same fruit aren't they Steve exactly yeah. Now they're raising. This fruit there goes any. It's tied eight yeah I really locate him. Still waiting in my head on tape. Our the people Harris Interactive just released the results. Other annual study on companies' reputations. And the company that we like most right now face their reputation got me the Amazon. Not surprised. We just did a story yesterday the millennial love apple number one Amazon number two so everybody is well. And on Amazon while Amazon makes sense in the I don't know doing that he's. Amazon it's not Amazon never ready she's which sometimes the product that I buy and Amazon are not a fan of but that's not Amazon's fault there is selling its me. And they provide quick shipping became complaints. Number 28 and friends via sites. Number two is an amazing story. OK because you haven't heard of them maybe you have I have because I was fortunate enough and I use I made fun this I would say when I first moved to Rochester New York. The there's points of interest at the hotel and I was staying there they say here's that you wanna go all he can't thank you yes OK wegmans yes congratulations that's. I I can't control what. Anyone that I known as lives in the Rochester area. Talks about white means like its church state yet and I did say some I thought they were crazy ice at the my wife ago. I know what a what what kind of backwater town and we moved too because we have moved from Boston to Rochester that that's a supermarket is a point of interest is the supermarket Tesco wegmans and then people go nuts about it and I have to tell you we went there and it was like somebody from Vegas decided to basically make a Super Mario some of those great hotels that look like they're outside inside depth that they made it this was this was thirty years ago they made it look like you were in the sort of Italian little town. A little cube plays with a pick like Rand is an all I did that they're amazing. And wegmans is number two on this list of the most trusted brands and supermarket guru you'll look currently these bullying is like and it and it kind of mind is some parts of Vegas yes see that did they did at thirty years ago. But how about that. Yeah I mean it well I I'd never been to Vegas at thirty years ago when I never been any structure that made it look like you were outside when you're on the inside. You know that was out of there Wegman stays that way mr. Davies. So yeah they are the number two loved brand in the country. I've written about company out out of target. It has to be on this list nice of you see target I don't see target at least in the long list I'm looking at here to sometimes already would have made Elena get a target as we go to Tariq and all find something. Yeah Olivier T shirt hang our random electronic staying or just something random. Like Harry got a house now and I'll go now Michael my gun need to dial he's dishes in everything there are still in it looks so nice in its targets and they've redesigned the joint you know because I mean I go to target a lot they clearly I know I'm talking about target have you seen three don't and they scenario would dissolve the grocery part yeah well they re done it again only an unannounced house though yeah I'll they're gonna get their cause and effect Tory target is redid all their look they got a whole new sort of new logo and I mean. And again they're always make themselves look like they're cool joined which I think is amazing. That target does that worry you know like Wal-Mart which. They say the two companies really not a competition may have different customers Wal-Mart looks like Wal-Mart I I I haven't noticed much change some of the way they look for targets always mix and I've. I've got a bone to pick what Wal-Mart all done yesterday and what happens only in my text units in Port Orchard summit in the drive from Seattle to Port Orchard so I was really young the ferry. Had a big cup of coffee. They scored right drew me almost an identical Piero bad okay nice timing adds I Scott holed out once they get off that exit. There's a Wal-Mart and no word is that I just Tom before his dad dad and how might do now I get a team I can't walk from my car to the Wal-Mart. Get in there bathroom is out of. Warner own. Do you have an entire bathroom I almost is what it is the right there are well so mad house call Dan do a little door to me was the latest pressure sort everything that a giant like being like see big big big like TARP over it is not out of order I'll that's not doing tossed thank god there was a Wendy's right by there OK as high tilted Wendy's you generally been a guy goes to a fast food place without. You know at least purchasing sometimes you got your eyes when he lied straight and that's really loud and out got to go. Yeah I'd say that's probably a light is. Wendy's Wendy's is now becoming a hotel have a lock on their door for well actually number four is a fast food restaurant and it's one that we know because it's still the united still popular around here you controls and new chick filet check you out there a relatively new to us. Tesla also people love their Tesla vehicles. It is amazing which is interesting industry. Obviously they've made needed to fix it they need to make but with him the story of them going and catching on fire. I know it's kind of crazy to think that their reputation is still at a high point. I guess because of the going to space things. That probably changed things I dude it's Elon Musk for sure now what has like a connection with him because he just seems like a fun she'll do it and everyone likes and he's a great face for the company. And it's the most bizarre car buying streets ever because you can buy a car or at least check one out at the mall. And I'm I don't know outside of Bellevue square but in all the fancy malls I've been to around the country. You'll find it Tesla store in them all like right next a gap kids or something I'm did it's like there's Tesla you know red red red red necks you know to Abercrombie & Fitch there's a Tesla. Which I always thought that is so bizarre. But there are some events or is it all warm Wal-Mart have another rest from in the back in the store real. So I didn't know that. And I immediately nice battles signed this they go to the store I know that they have the one on the front of the straw to check the back I don't know flew back I I they shared a now Wal-Mart there's two bathrooms when the front one in the back all of the Wal-Mart are Steelers is that under construction Steve not out of order you're Jewish oh boy. I also look at that somebody that solid no way anybody knows is Port Orchard all Port Orchard I'll analyze evidence they don't they take it very seriously there Wal-Mart very serious I don't want to Miss America remodeling the bats during the one in the back to the store was open. Continue to be very happy and five SARS is now you know oh well I do school to go to Wendy's Danny knows number five deal months. Monty and so he's in Mexico on the topic they have a list of the ten most hated company easier to ensure Deon is a hot topic. You know close Disney there you go on. That's amazing to me that Disney is still beloved brand because it's so damn how. Do you place on earth when everybody tells me when I when they go they go god I was so struck it's worth every penny. I never complain about how much money you spend a Disney I expect them there's been a lot of money at Disney today also expect them and I'm a great time I always do that's a cool thing. Another grocery store HED had another Indian head. The when it UPS actually million UPS's or I mean when you think about what they do. Mean we we take it for granted but for very little known what can brown do for us BJ and that was so let's let's say you oh UPS on the barrel post office nevermind you're right UPS is that he is the other delivery company that makes an NB USPS. Yes I know and I don't think I. So I could say welcome very well used to cause the mail them to bail people announce USPS you're right. Our UPS and exhausting missiles on whether UPS guy and they and what Brock can do for you you're right C they're good company. I mean they are gonna promise them I'm glad you are probably post so how about this I love the Haiti companies want to look at the Weinstein company of course. Because of party wow proposed using that company really well I mean it for awhile everybody was because it was a big movie company but now they didn't trust you know what we've Marie this is like what you eight illustrated with like you know these are brands that we go purchase I get that actors and actresses and people like that usually idealists you never saudis suggesting the idea you make a good point do we go to movies based in the company that may never know I don't even now the NSR. Yeah maybe Disney yeah you're right it's his but unless I'm not ever like lol. You know Lionsgate has a break you still loud voice you wanna go check it out and knock knock knock knock a couple of you're right I never done only. Yeah I heard alliance and armor again yeah let's go that. And it's not funny it's not surprising that like the credit companies like Equifax Experian to everybody hates them but let's say because. And money trump Wells Fargo Monsanto I mean. Via Goldman Sachs alliance's new money and how people don't like where you don't but the money. I guess they Steve he did get this one round which continent was once known as do Paul when asked this country which continents all odds and Antarctic just notes are. Sadness and forgotten. Expedia Asia and Asia. I'm still angry at red because I think slapped a stand also is the answer but no reverence like Australian fine. Good shot at least you got it 206421. Rock Colin now being played Pete makes. At 647. From Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do churned back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes just actors are never discharge a bow like if you haven't. Taxes from an employee if you have a business and be paid employee taxes. 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