BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-14-18-7A: When were you bummed by the death of a fictional character?

Wednesday, March 14th

Beat Migs According to an HBO Exec, your favorite Game of Thrones characters are al probably going to die. Luke warm topic.


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The Seattle rock rumble starts tomorrow all that's right man go to gasoline dot com sign up the starting tomorrow. You can vote for your favorite Seattle area bands bracket style fans artists. She is they go head to head who'll. Will be the Seattle rocket rumbled champions I was Osama fans are you posting about it's kind of cool to see outside the local. Community is getting about Iraq from last year we know they want Ares are. Our boys in white only in the wreckage were posting on feeling okay. We're losing we're up against Iran we're gonna need your help you ask Jimmy Hendrix posting about it too he's pretty calm about it. That's awesome wow for a great views of parity. I don't think that's you. I'm excited. Maybe a sister or somebody. Anyway I ya if you wanted to win tickets to see Foo Fighters. You want to isn't Pearl Jam it to his pain in the grass that is another incentive because you'll be injured for a chance to win those tickets if you go and fill out your bracket maybe what do you think's gonna win the Seattle rock rubble supported by Templeton rise. What more info you know where to go to imaginary free tickets that are available people am. And grassroots fighters yes go to KI SW dot com get all the details of the Seattle rock rumble. Mean. News I. Game down. We and it's well maybe I came instead black as a Wednesday we've made it to Wednesday were almost there are way bubbles were way better way to pay for almost since Friday junior. It's OK yeah I was late Friday that third or something here that's in this whole race. I. So are consistent today we had Tim in Iberian Tim are you there sir he's hold on trying to get amount that's why there we don't. Dan made there I'm no it's not him it's decent scenario. Tim. There's it does yeah and yeah. But simply imported is Steve Grammy favorites is John Robert Plant in the sensational space shift Jersey and America were parked on June 27 go to KI SW dot com brother. He's had no idea that is incredible Madonna one car to reform unless somebody ten the only one concert I hope to win a concert was it. Linkin Park and make you there's some problem. All right nice why you're Robert Plant sounds a lot like Lincoln Park yeah very much side yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you know Led Zeppelin right. Of course there's the lead singer Led Zeppelin the all agreed in June yeah. There are men I am car. I know how to tonight Barack I certainly it is going to be an SE CIA air. You guys know I'm. Sorry yeah I noticed that all is playing in a symbol has six. Second answer is Enqvist is Jimmie can that's all you want but you'll only get three years spurred questions are you ready run concurrent. This first episode of days of our lives and aired in what year in the mid sixties. 66 now it's sixty port now isn't as he talked to ask ginger gold is entitled what sorry. As troublesome as how many stars are there on the fly to Texas. One analyst who hosts the Netflix to show comedians in cars getting copies. OIRO. Gary as well let's ask the first album by the Velvet Underground featured less fruit on the cover. Are you now. There's no yeah I had no idea about it before it was a lightning bolt was the logo looks the San Diego Chargers. Not about Warsaw is the capital of what European countries it's. He doesn't start. That's just how long is a typical route and didn't boxing's. Carlton it ten minute now. Scooter. Had an hour before correct these are not so good start off gray you have and Ming kind of fell off yeah I sure did. Questions us or maybe you have a chance maybe it'll be didn't nickel metal black each other's slack. Maybe Steve we'll just this whole nother life. Why can't President Obama met him we don't yeah tasty. How are you ready and the first episode of days of our lives aired in what you're in the mid sixties and the 1960 fives as score ginger gold as the title what's true that is an apple yes. How many stars are there on the fly to Texas lost to ask pujols are the Netflix joked comedians and cars getting everybody else yes this is duke. First album but it's all the underground featured what we're on the cover drag plans no banana yes it's the forum was a lightning bolt what was the logo of the San Diego Chargers. You told us. Yeah as war lies in the capital of what European country Poland and yes. How long is a typical round didn't boxing's three minutes and asked what color were Dorothy slippers in the wizard of claws ready yeah ask. Who was the main actor is the movie a beautiful mind it's Damon all getting to know. Bob and I Damon is now. After last. I received. You and gas I deplore his dad not bad didn't give dead perfect record but unless I. I'm you don't announce. And at me. It's. Been yeah. News because it Jack Nicholson knows what it was a question do you mind also Crowe Russell Crowe earlier so close to a perfect and what was it to goodwill huh. They're using goodwill punt team. And then. It is you do the wrong mind movie for Stephen Hawking today well yeah I guess was he an am buying two movie you have somebody that there was a home movie about his life. I don't want to have their own short circuit. I don't think who is because you could esteem the question only have we save it for the next one yes next time nasty knocking guys can or today the next speed makes you have to just removal question did you do that perhaps a lot of work can always a majesty might look at. Well at our direction for our board talks about a fair enough I don't I yeah actually there's two answers that question I didn't really know we're talking about now he had on either I'll I'll I'll I'll give it out to be the question is I just actually looked it up. Okay earlier today may not be up W single ever helped you these questions I California it's no sweet excellent. You and your daughter helping me out with those questions are for the next two hours looking forward to the moment. Yeah ask questions get asked is because there's really actually have to do it tonight yeah you know so well and timely. Daria and I signed pro graduation ST you want with anger at yet con I guess what your check got Robert Plant in the sensational space shooters is that Robert Plant guy and how. Yes sang with Tom somewhere warm up caller number 9206421. Rocket yet you're winner. But got a new survey trip. So the average person wants to go to a lot of sporting events comedy shows and concerts. But doesn't like Ted you don't even a one concert we gotta we just talked to this is interesting because I just figured it was a party getting old. They're people just didn't want to do stuff anymore but more more it seems like people just don't wanna leave their house I. I have a buddy eat that I took to a show and I just thought always been a budget conscious of why our at the show it to you and Def Leppard along heads. Isn't so yes this is awesome and again they are pretty good thanks and it is my first concert in houses like. Your first concert that's amazing and there was a few years ago yet that's not security your thirties and haven't seen a concert that's pretty amazing been MIA concerts aren't cheap. And sometimes you don't have concert buddies and we were lucky we work in a good job where were quote unquote forced to go see concerts you know right. Yeah we're very very lucky otherwise I don't think I go. If you if not for pain in the grass I'm not sure I would go and I've no idea how many times ago to now on a year I've no idea how many cups have been to my entire life when I was younger and high school I went to three concerts total. And that was they get a big deal a member of first time on C Motley crew Skid Row next I was Aerosmith we Skid Row and then now poisoned with the war. Andy and yet now always awesome it was funny to see my cherry pie to guitarist they put his face into his amp. And and spit out some cherries. And those are the coolest thing ever all of that is very cool I like that even those relation Dickie it's still. So cheesy yes but at the moment it was incredible how you when you went to get to your first concert. Maybe fourteen this yeah that's pretty cool I was nineteen yeah I cows older but even that concert was finally that chill music Hilton junior high so we are kind of honestly that the show. We'll console was that it was god is an astronaut. And it was that's L core is Elvis just like I really like stone all I know Utah and Arizona and Missouri he never force your parents who dragged into a show. I well we didn't really have the money is I never asked that. Divorcing the most you can afford it especially these days and we back that I receive Motley Crue an I still. But there's a local lot of money thirty dollars or whatever it was 25 dollars gas in America get the same can whip Tom Condon. Does the same kid I wanted to say all the top condom condom all Condo and had cancer and Jerry never heard that well my daughter's never heard of them. Hey get a fish are old. So you went and how all you see your fourteen hours a thirteen four weeks if I lose whatever high school years. Yeah and that he was the guy that would get the tickets and they pay him and his parents I would go to his house majority Donovan as thousands perished or take us to them do whatever venue was. But it was a big deal yeah. Yeah especially right it was a big deal background instituted actually total cost does present some only 28 I've only been 21 constant was not in snails are you a few years ago it was fun though. People people wanna go to twelve live sports events a year they want to stay on make about five. We saw that I will always have season tickets to the Seahawks and he got to the point where real would get married and muddy and all these issues like you know what it's just not dome it's on the cards anymore and and they were like oh we can afford to go to one game a year and now it's like we go to a game last year but that is amazing you know I'm. I saw on TV every time and then they here with the receivers I had a piece of Kono a lot of games now maybe a make maybe three or four seasons that's about right does the same thing we meet with the Mariners I'm my go to three or four games this season pretty honestly go to like every homestand against a Red Sox. I mean I still see some of them gave the civilians but like I bought my two goes in in June to see then the Mariners and Sox try to buy for also all the games because. So I just a couple you know. And I are busy he's like parquet in the amount of money cost to eat the to link. It's from its process yeah Emmy it's it's an Indiana getting their sucks the parking and all that it really really does suck so I will say the bus system is pretty decent. You know except except play pay the rhythm of the Red Sox were Tom during the week yeah that was a big reason they're going to be in town for the weekend finally its first weekend series for awhile so at least I'm gonna see more than normally I would. And that's I was gonna say like so many shows are during the week like I am I in this moment on a Wednesday could it was just Halloween. But other than that I have no desire to go to a concert of its during the week I just not care about that either directs screw it I'm going now a place. Apple until Monday. I guess in the rest of weeping tired now city Thursday it would be that breaking point where like skirts Friday I'll just mail me. Yeah I have a hunch I appreciate that people wanna hit a constant year but yet they only go to two. Okay. Yeah I yeah that's what people's gets so ass stuff back concerts. They especially when you go to see a band that's a little bit older skewing more towards an older crowd like well the Guns 'N Roses. You can tell that. 75% of people that at that concert that was there one show for the year dad I was a show where their kids were. Being watched by the grandparents are by the baby sitter David your campaign and they got a hotel room. And they were just getting gas Droid Danny asked there you have awesome watching on fifth zero people falling over themselves and if you peeing on themselves as. I love that what we live concerts coming up this year which one I like I know it can be hard c.s which one are you most excited about this year. Hello there Pearl Jam yet Donnie nobody items themselves I think that they keep. How about an important tone for what pros in Syria I had some problems there's a lot of factors that are going against me. To see Pearl Jam when your hair and now I wanted to happen for you now we got to make it happen I don't know how but I'm going to make it. And I have to do some back Alley stuff I'll do for anybody I appreciate you would you have for you but I like that you do it for. Seem to help. Otherwise I got out that's going to be worth the ticket somewhere that in the Foo Fighters and have balance going to be pretty awesome and I noticed it's silly but it's a big deal of my wife policy Justin Timberlake when he comes a lot of dumb penalties taken that next day off. A little while we essentially eleven at night and he's raising money IE crazy young kids hostile to north. Yahoo! that you but it takes care but I thought fast and her you make you or someone steal a different. I'm excited not so much like I think it just punches cooler all left I am really excited Breaking Benjamin an wanna see this new band that's pompano bad rules. They did the cover of the cranberries and they're supposed to do it with the lorries and then she passed away and I've just been obsessed with the band. How crazy is that they recorded a cover of the zombie yes America and I don't know this because the Derreck Robinson WB's buddies with that and he shared the story. They recorded the cover Dolores is for us to go when studio and sing it with. Damn while on the day that she died. And a UK band I'm not sure where they're from but I wanna I've been a sad day our. Hi there really well I Erika. Because the fact bad wolf was from Doctor Who I wonder if they stolen from maps Yahoo! mail bad wolf is a thing's been around but that was a huge rose Tyler area Doctor Who think American Idol land. Now residential impact I never mind you also I mean obviously we haven't announced could have heard rumors and in the grass and she's a really damn fortunate yes. As soon enough why you heard rumors I've heard saying America or rumors are you of their concern not to get by the end of this month lives. The details assures everyone but wow yeah so move so release of the told sublease on who yes it's true yeah I don't wanna pay well yeah I found out lucked out real well at us all the way goes yeah ashes of a jam is woo other back together a non isn't pajamas to ask them. I even heard Steve from blues clues they can return for less buzz is they held a pain in the grass skimmed super super. All right well. Yeah so that's that's the story knowing what's going to comedies a big thing too that people you know I used to always go to comedy shows but then when I got in the business. I just got comedy doubt I had nevertheless comedy show events you I would think it would to see timber when it comes to town that some one that my like Garrett priest and that I tried Seabrook pressure when he comes down my dad always schedules permitting. But the last person like. Yeah I don't get to see as many comedies is a used to love going to see shows bassist. Yeah and getting an house is not fun dip people wanna go to a five shows a year ending its and they get to what what do it yeah I did a good. You know around here it is not Sunday try to drive anywhere downtown to get anywhere. This time is not made it very friendly for parking you know for some reason they like spikes more than cars and it's like well when you have shows downtown how do you think he believed they were not gonna bite there but yeah I like to bite from pure audio like yeah yeah. So I I I don't think it's an old thing I think this Seattle has really just a summer he's become of an a very unfriendly cart town. And until they build the mass transit that you know you can stay out until 1 in the morning with where you know Owen Bieber reliable. Who's gonna wanna go out anymore. Or. Danny was so listen you're looking forward to. The offspring and penny wise this Ressa taco stressed this summer all else yes yes it's going to be wrestling happening there too young did you leave Britney and dairy and it's a bunch of my favorite bands playing punk rock and tacos I can't. And mucho Libre series since two than there's plenty of the west. Shirtless men in masks grapple sounds amazing tacos yeah. Pop punk and yes. That's a Dennis Danny's life right there and I think as we did and we can see persona message his shirt off the listens those osprey that standard I republic day. Costs to. But I ran. I was just when you brought up fu fighters I forgot that they were out touring union and I have not seen them lies and I really want to see them lots. And that's that Safeco Field all that right now yeah that's a big one I've never been to a concert at Safeco I'd never experience that. Now another mention how thing I have either have my way whether we we see the stones is also century Lincoln presidential okay yeah I gotta tell it concerts that's it means there's a beyoncé GOP show. There's Tom Petty which now look back on kicking my and I wish Julie on that one absolutely I think Paul McCartney. Yeah a lot more these baseball silly so I have an idea he had to do about it yeah. And I guess at this time of course you know that this is the first time that you actually have the Mariners play the same time as the concerts on this is an element. Hey man last time pro Tibet and the stadium around the time that a baseball team was playing guess that baseball team just so happen to win the World Series Sawyer who said this tag of kids already see you sing it could be some luck what I'm saying is that the Mariners are winning the Stanley Cup I mean a World Series. Yeah I have a better chance at winning his every sound every play call to learn injured in spring training do serious dude it's it's ridiculous how many of our star players are gone now heard about the curse of the tried didn't know what's going off. A lot of people are saying get rid of the damn trident logo apparently when they use the tried it low load that's when injuries that happened. There's a whole article about all I ideals and new hats you mean the new hats because of problems apparently. Now and Mo Jo for the Mariners all I haven't kept up with that yeah hello. Media rated as I like it too but if it's hurt our players we had dude we just have we have we just had Nelly Cruz go down. Oh with a with a quad thing whatever the hell is that whatever whatever the hell it is summarize your waist. Candidates of the curse of the trident wow I didn't and I never heard of this. That's a beating time around I'd like those hats but yeah you know we are your resume if that's what's going on. But this TV executive of a popular television show who says that all of the characters of the show. Are gonna be dead into the series is to find. What show is it and I'll tell you it's 717. On the Iraq. The next morning. And now I'm 49 KI DS up here. 99.9 JISW. The rock of Seattle. Point game of thrown returns for its final season next year most of the characters among us we should say spoiler alert. There are a lot of people don't wanna hear stories about their favorite shows. I even if they're legitimate from basically released by the executives what's the story is. But he two when Dallas throws comes back for its final season next year most of the characters are not expected to survive this is according to an HBO executive. Who recent described a table read of the script to the final episodes in the table read is kind of cool do you sometimes see them on the deleted scenes are extras just a dvd sales aren't very long table heroics freezer parts truly awesome. And so this exact was recently at that table read of the final episodes. And they're going to be skated at their area 2019. And she said quote. It was a really powerful moment in our lives and our careers none of the cast had received the Scripps prior. And one by one they started falling down to their deaths yeah it was amazing by the very and everyone looked down and looked up and cheers were their eyes. Today terrorism the characters are coming up did you actually kill the actor Johnny rivalry yeah we're actually I don't know I (%expletive) done yeah how does not demand signal what was your drink. Justice at the end of the read the cast an up and applauded for fifteen minutes again this is for the show game thrown in a much easier fifteen minutes. And if that's the case when it up brown nosing would these acts can I you know we'll pull through this colossal yeah. I don't cut it for fifteen minutes that's that's old Leo that's that's unless they were just fifteen minutes after Rudy died and they had their their red they're seeing and they were clapping during everybody's final scenes perhaps maybe it was like two relatively fifteen minutes eight. But you're right Steve it's hard to think that his government are right for six minutes and fifty seconds just off court yeah pitching amid it would feel weird. They can't wasn't and it just felt like fifteen yeah she said the end of the read tell 59 days so bad. That's a lot that's a long time you're right I think she's exaggerating yeah. Yeah that's a long stadium come on HBO exact we have. Clueless wanna be test and another HBO showed an unpopular for an hour I have to yeah you guys got you wanna get gets a good point. So how about dads and this exact from HBO against weather alert says that pretty much almost everybody dies. While we Levy and the last episode. What are we to show what we I sauce on the senate over a 100000 deaths that happened on that show yeah I regret I would imagine a lot of them are are extras. Yeah Thomas has some insane character development you can create a 100000 character to kill off it's pretty amazing yeah. Yet it's a well it's Emmy for them they're Knology yeah we have to at least know about like a group of people at least it's yeah. So that's that's going to be that's gonna be a hard season for people casino there are people you want to survive. There's that you know there's the Big Three and you want the Big Three to survive. And I have a feeling and need him no doubt are all okay here and Karl I love that you actually know Walking Dead characters that's pretty amazing Carl's no longer when it's on the way the assets and outlined are so. Delirious. Blown up close to Clinton Aris yes I'll ask a underneath this good don't carry our area kind of thing there was your father wasn't in the matching delirious are here and I am nausea. And to our Gary and that was the same person now there's a John Snow and he's a hunky guys in Baghdad the song costar and there's a little dude. Follow up he appeared includes yeah also noticed Syrian minister yeah OK yeah those the bigotry yeah EDT may hit many minister. He said that they're the Big Three and it doesn't mean there are other characters that people would love to seize alive or dead but the idea being that if if one or two of those Big Three die out and now you kind of we as fans want them to survive don't way they would all want it yeah a lot of times you know what there's there's George RR Martin is at the creator. Yes yes desire has told us more characters and Steve has brain cells are hot compress it so true yeah it is a very very true man I mean that it gives you if you're watching that show exist just wait to get the red winning if you just started watching demon thrown generic. And do that on TV aids. Our topic. And that's what happens Manuel a show like in a throat or show like the Walking Dead they really kill off main characters which you really didn't seem TV shows a whole lot until those shows really showed you that nobody. Was fair game I mean really when gala throws came on television. They had a really huge factor in it I Sean dean who played Ned stark and you just figured okay this show is gonna be his show for the entire run and spoiler alert they kill him. First of your life or gonna show this one the main dude is gone what is going here. And that is that's kind of what game is frozen Walking Dead do and a lot of people don't like it so that's why we're gonna ask you. When were you bummed us by the deaths of a fictional character. Joseph 6421 rock Texas 779991. When you bombed by the death of the fictional character. Your calls your Jackson after Ivanov. On Iraq. The next morning and point nine KI guess helps you. And I point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. According to HBO executive your favorite game let's drones characters. Spoiler alerts. Scored his executive Lonnie favorite demon throws characters are probably going to die. And we're asking when we you bonded by the death of a fictional character to a 6421 rock text this at 77999. Let's go to Andrew and redmen Andrew you are on Iraq. Good morning everyone how they'll do it it's Manny Andrew would you outsourced and anybody. So for Harry Potter and skating at the hard way and headway Gary's how old guys. You know it's interesting I remission did hit me yet hard but I I guess I can understand because he was pretty much a beloved pad and really Harry's only friends that'll just heightened when you think about it outside of you know how mining Enron but I would have a miserable life he led Hedwig was his only buddy really. Yes and that's the main thing is we've all had an animal are Petr something that it's like it's been a companion for us light speed I know when you lost Lou little. Lucy I'm. Lucy I'm sorry lose lose here. Well good good get this stuff on our farm animals and Gallup white Harry Hughes and companion video out or. Textbooks and then was killed today and that is and there are beginning at six book and now I can see that we heard it's. Yeah eyes manifesting when you go on you should ask US I appreciate the call it because I know you why series Harry Potter fan asked her that hit her hard to. Because you don't know a whole lot about it right she doesn't get affected by anyone dying or like fictional show really you really really wants a lot like Grey's Anatomy. And I didn't get is that if I look over and she's like just nothing has happened to say years of watching a comedy and then decent looks or read some guy. You crying every three reasons I know left. And we're you know lose. Is up to scratch my eyes yeah that's what it is. I did so good there's a story not. Good as well but there a couple of characters are going to be taken off about Grey's Anatomy for next season always upcoming season I told her genetic odds a bomber. But it was like eight endorsers like that. My day's ruined like that have never really have a fax or like it does. A lot of us saw I guess hit myself in the movies and TV music you know listen are you know another spider in what was it yeah unless I guess fighter that really hit me and then when we went against he had a chain and dragging and he cried at the end to that's why don't go to moves that he anymore because Vicki has movies where you get cries and feel sort of talking animals remembers to set an old Geller. Good vial trend borrowing from Aurora Marley and me that was a that's killed everybody that moving all your warning that the move was gonna basically just make everybody miss theater cry but did dig pretty much do and I knew going into it did that was going to be a rough one a wise and I still went to see it and I was feeling pretty good about us Italy there's that scene and one knows it seems he's seen the movie. And it's without one person in the deer dismissal GAAP and Elvis and another person sniffles and it was a good domino effect. And then the next person and all the census like this the stereo phonics sniffles that are happening were all crying. In a movie theaters really weird crowd a bunch of strangers. Yeah tyranny if you do you even know what's gonna happen late in LA when we're what series episode flash and that was a data there's a Duff father daughter moment now watcher -- my daughter and I'm going to quite this is going to be cheesy all the good they're trying to do all my heart strings in the home some going oh my god it's hitting me did you know it's cheesy it still makes absolutely likes Obama. Let's go excel Apollo died in and rocky. Yes that was a bit like yeah I can appreciate that. Got crushed me yeah I can I that that what started like a Pollock that was a huge moment actually out beyond me because you didn't even like that didn't happen a whole lots of characters who you're kinda like it's no hope united that was a big one. And you know it was a they are sorely Dolph Lundgren thank you you're crazy man and I should like compare I got news Rudolph is always a bad guy except for he man he's gonna drag and punish her down. Now we S treasury and I don't forget that he did that might want to forget that he did that. I don't know I go to Carol Pacific Carol you are on the rock. Yeah me good morning Carol so what about you what what what were you bummed out by the death of a fictional character who wasn't. Waiting till. And yeah Lotta people are tax in my dad's. You know and it's easy at all and I know you know way they even though I mean it's it's on the show I think with Hamlet falling Shakespeare you knew that was gonna go down. Still you kind of hope juror in question the script to let's have Jackson live. I just think you know Kara did you think it was so interesting that they had a basically killed by another character from another famous FX show and I still think it was do you think it was Vic MacKey from the shield or was just post Miranda. Hey you also not sure. Lot of people's admitted they made it clear it wasn't for us music MacKey from the she'll yeah I know they kind the day I than they even say that but I still think that it was meant to be without me and I am I'm big conspiracy theorist. I appreciate the call Carol that was a tough one it was a great show too there a lot of and that's another show so many good people. Died on Sons of Anarchy or got completely abused I mean really really like at. Diplomat Joseph has the spoiler alert you guys very America vote on younger I was devastated when nom and trustee dot peace. Instructions and do not go I'm not gonna throw stones I did do didn't know I was so mad get a little gym get giants freeze are kind of heated up magician I was just like FE Hutus and when Santa came us like tethering your column the opinions yeah. I'm quite. You always say this though they are now yeah bonds Alaska. It's playing they've playing. Our man at magician such an a hole. We'll vs every time Kenny gets killed when South Park. I think you know what I saw last time can he was killed dogs on unlicensed driver I I I watched the last season tonight. Don't I mean I watched most of last season I don't remember turning being killed seems like they haven't done it is much like they used to. I wonder I wonder that's a trivia question unless I'm Kenny was killed and so part of what's gonna android federal way Andrew you Iran Iraq. Good wages so how much you man what fictional character's death bond you out. You know all the way direction I think all geeks can relate to you. It's where in the car and so little dark. That's a very well and attacks on yet that was a mistake to Rivera thought their TV when it happened. You know I've been reading the books for the last fifteen years and I've got this whole idea that our total lie groups you know. Or zero chaired spears and it is because a lot of guilt. Yeah you know and and I know I know a lot of folks who love the books but I really I feel like at the time when this was going on and the age and everything. I thought that Jackson was kind of a cool thing ABB you know because they're. There is death in the world I am met Joey yeah well I did but yet who's got a new buddy now he's he's he's got ready. Still have to say yeah well you know it's your face a lifelong friends that. You know who knows if she's related we're still we still got to find out who's cute she is I'm saying she's nobody's in the last week but I don't believe that either I'm a conspiracy theory about everybody. I insight you're missing your point Andrew but at the same time. I thought it only for the story for everything I thought it was really really cool that'd we went the way it went because you knew Harrison Ford wasn't into any more movies anyway so. I think they gave my great exit am I wished except you know Carrie Fisher had a similar exit but I still like to see Nate gave her where it looked like she was gonna die but that she sort of came back and people hated that scene and I actually love that scene. But yes I would hate to console thing as much as lot of folks I think that's what makes a movie. Powerful as they do get rid of the main character a TV show I mean it really puts the feels in there. And that's why would grabs I'm. I have a guess Freel but dumb I'll let you say it's just in case yeah it's well they habitat dies how should not that I wouldn't don't even and don't even bring that out all right I'm announcing a day off of that happened yet you love's gonna happen cats do or die. Thanks sorry but speaking of cats it was the person that I named my cat after I'd damage Carl get mad house. And that would be caught. Are Walking Dead it is so ironic because Carl is though it is the Wesley crusher of the Walking Dead. For folks don't know you they really didn't like he had just like them like Wesley crusher on Star Trek the next generation but the heat to heats. Or slipped a script and everybody loves them and they were so sad to see him go he was coming into his own he had the potential of being the future of this apocalypse and then they just decide to kill with the Stephen walker bite down not. Come on countries I disagree with the run and I I love the death of this that character because of what it does for the show no one's coming up probably the most undertake some presence human true is I think from great to breaking bad all that was a beating one person says there are literally screamed and cried the rest of the night yes that was so sad. The president took today off after I found that out. He was on the right Demi mad guy that was he was on the case for how long and then finally figured it out in no law and I was spending was good guy. Today I Garcia well liked a guy 'cause he make decisions who's very sure dimensional and then and then they really stayed there meathead they Sus Tim out as the show is the show went on your right yeah eventually just sort of really dig in him he's failed his is a good guys I love how they gave him more character development and with his rocks in his minerals have to that was his release funny about that aspect of them the I like that guy and I think that actor he showed up in a different couple places actually and he's the guy he plays the they generally shows up when Big Bang theory when they were working for the government. You know if you remember those episodes or not but that's a same actors love that guy I resist Happy Gilmore went subs diced. I was Rezko was a voter yeah. That's Carl Weathers wasn't it. I. Doing this to us why we are motion spouses tell in his first Apollo and the jobs and Jack Carl Weathers mania has been good for him he's just got back. Don't forget predator about to say yeah dad Fredricka yeah spoiler alert oh man. That's right man I haven't seen predator for ever I haven't seen Happy Gilmore forever I forget these moves actually watch a movie I probably wouldn't remember him. All right I hear so Hudson again because I'd probably want to remember them via wide to avoid the middleman and just wants to reenergize their remember him. Yeah OK I need a sing don't mind. That's why I need I need to know what I'm doing next pick. Very young thanks buddy. OK well I'm gonna do this. It's. Have to. Affect. Oh what's that they'll look at this guy's got a treat for yeah. Because I've got more embarrassing audio off my kids and they were younger you might have heard some of the US face harassing and Spice Girls. I was dead including one of them attempting to play trumpet back with. I'll watch for Kosovo. Was it Joey. 747. On Iraq. 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