BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-14-18-8A: BJ found a bunch of old audio from 20 years ago featuring recordings of his family.

Wednesday, March 14th

Facebook Drama. “Bad Piercing” – A woman goes on social media to ask if anyone wants to join her while she gets her boobs pierced. A new study says woman in their 40’s believe their best years are behind them even if they’re not.

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. The driver sizes is important so you get back and forth to work. Get your kids to school and back and forth to daycare he delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy and everything is an army discharge but they can be dealt with the new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back we're going on the road and just as I Planned Parenthood to restore your license and beyond. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me instead choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. Nine point nine KI SW garage. Seattle. Hi yes it was a fun day because. I didn't realize I had this old audio that I feel. Loaded and iTunes I was really Smart as I had and I cassettes on the on the on CDs. And at some point when I got my iPhone as my humble man I was really Smart I do is my friend I was seriously like this kind of thing where man I mean wanna lose it and I did that we lost Stephen Hawking but at least you know you can pick up. Where he left off well listen we can't lose two geniuses of the day I thank goodness I'm still here thank goodness so I had I had all this old audio that I would do with my kids every every holiday season. I just go grab the microphone mostly towards getting video cameras out even back then but I lose the radio guy so I do was describe a microphone. And I would interview my kids and try to get my wife on there which is always a difficult thing because she was really might shy. And it is also because yesterday was a good Terry Sheridan how she was excited to be on the radio when choosing kids seem Spice Girls only to find out that you were making fun of our. Yeah out and devastated the Porter she believes an end to this day that she did a great job generators are great renditions Spice Girls I was like honey you have no idea how bad luck this. I hang hassle I was Danica. Are sick and well if you miss. The initial Sarah. How Halloween six this I think yeah yeah yeah there's an and so this is Iron Man. Yeah higher than they did a year the the hand that you are right now sounded drunk gets six and still don't get Tony. And yeah. I initially if you I am I remember the outfit that she had on how she looked in of course and two friends who well put together because you know they the parents who do you money dedicated to cash Sarah and we didn't know the word regimental she was a ratchet little six year old about a about a swap. I would Wear like all the same color iron like one color and think bright purple idea and every day I Wear black. It pulls off like it was like a bright purple are breaking we should do that made it is it's bad dental full on jumpsuit and gaps and I did that tonight she's in DC a conducive closed dressed like that now and it's not dead they probably never go home with anyone that doesn't look like that. Right well I if you missed this great audio Sarah what she thought was a singing performance that would lead to her getting on big shows here's actually how our a Spice Girls rendition went down. Oh yeah. Our. Oh. I mean Mac yeah oh yeah and yeah you flatter me. Yeah. I can thank you learn. It's okay. I sometime. Yeah that's lovely delightful singer in six years old and her friends in Iraq and yes so there's more audio guy I had a whole big file off so I'm Mike song which I didn't realize and so. This is this audio is from back when Sarah was three years old and she said you know what at three dad I'm gonna sing a song into the microphone. Scarier or three years old and I'm in the living room right now between some laundry and you exercise you can into musical acts and you've been seeing a whole bunch of sons. And here you are a little sweetheart you're three aren't so cool. Yeah. And calm cool and cool yeah. More on John McCain now. Yeah I would have ruled he charity. How I'm gonna. I don't carry some guys are good now since. I can't be easy if you thought America has a call yeah cynical shop but yeah three years old is she really had a down. But that malady I got bad you did get out. Yeah I'm a single single can do is seriously do get everything going your eyes while listening to us to tactic that was the only son that was only son that age is she kinda knew the words to do everything else it was just sound. I know yes she was assistant Debbie she would sing and you wouldn't understand what you see it was like what you've seen inkling on what the hell is this precedent so annoying is that then head Joseph I think you can yeah yeah yeah yeah I did I live did Joey and I both live and actually and they seem pretty adorable so far it. She. Also that was good AG three she should be the Finkel your idea she's the Franklin yeah. So let's settle fast forward six years let's get heard 89. And last but surely not least everybody's. Here she is Sarah. Get out of here. Urging caution made his singing coming up because. And he can't. All anger I need. Dubbed. I did and yeah hole it's yeah oh yeah heat and cool. And good faith can't find it again not thinking yeah Jurgen. Lou the panic bad. I ate out and clean up her tank at any beautiful mom wouldn't. It. Ain't. And look at Cabrera yeah adding and letting the object. And high. 53 at your door wide sound values in my hello Dennis. Well I think she's into her own what. And employ your brother pathetic you know I just use hand they think it's pathetic brother and me and a. Yeah I know it is neat yeah I believe it is means I must say this though because the dynamic of the Stanley was Joey and I hung out a lot 'cause he was a little geek and I was a geek and so Sara was always on the outs. And she knows what to do stuff enjoy nice wanna be playing games so really I guess he's got a lot of man. She felt very left out those nice things there mom another Moses had about a brother and their interest I'm guessing shouting and yeah yeah but that britney's son how to chill that. Yes you did your children are ice. Available yeah. You put him ask the American scary guy that's how late but Britney was on which is an meltdown me. Of course you shaving or had enough now I'd like to hear Joseph d.'s deal might just say Samie in the microphone. Hello. Now that's Joey heard what he sounds like Malcolm at deep voice Joey d.s make it happen here's Joey d.s in middle school. And Joey. You can't change plus it's a minute is Chile and yes I am I need anyway so we'll let you know so little squeaky Angel guy anything she's thinking and you're doing right now. And it proved so I heard. Big. Well now and how I guess middle school is one huge step for me. And and you need to change up now washing out now anyways. She have on timers aren't so nice. Thank you very much and good night. If you do math I said yeah. All well and who didn't Google let's it's not a I have a lot of Orioles I ask you we did a lot of Orioles in the house so I wouldn't be surprised you the Braves and he really us. Yeah it was a it was a fun place to live with sister the raging story goes my dog the pathetic rather yeah he's title daughter is tough I'm interesting father. Now I don't mislead you guys and Sarah of course had a lot of talent singing but she wasn't the only hope quiet boy oh I don't understand how do you think we just heard or hurt we are very tell the family let me tell you this error Amy with a great voice. I joy was of course I he was real musical instruments. He was a trumpet player. No one account but ladies and jump. That hello finally to play hard pressed Feinstein ego Joseph or Jane Wells for the holidays please don't. After I. A quick mind. A display go out. It's. It's. Good. I know. You have. Now. If you were. I. That's probably you Jeff yeah hey man. I return a lot of my okay. MI que says delusions of Griffin here really do they both had to lose Granger they really does that trumpet playing no joke. Don't want 200 trumpet and don't have the chocolate anymore now I don't know I got aborted Arab question for your sisters tennis. This isn't so much for cents a I want and I. And wife knew because she was like oh you should play musical instrument let's sell it and I hangs. He's not influencing those juices like I guess he'll be the most obnoxious insert mean no one of the most of Nazis out and that's serve so we don't know how to play it while he didn't hurt I did not know how do you nailed it. That was my life steamy Yip yapping dog wouldn't shut up the trumpet playing Sarah singing in the language nobody can understand Israel if I had. What was better about my singing or cherries trumpet playing you have to choose one I'd rather listen majority trumping yeah. Learned yeah. Sir that did I hear singles fired up single cycle I was only it was adorable how do you mean enough to bring you part now Britney or The Spice Girls yeah the nine girls I really wasn't a fan have you as a nine year old I'll be honest yeah you saying mean things about your brother he called empathetic and now has a fan myself for LA really from nine and. Full. Seventeen. Maybe eighteen. Our it was a bit of she was an predecessors. Chip sets. Nice look at and it's oh yeah visual stimulating these. Elway and yeah I mean I'm very sassy. When drunk you still are like you are when you were a kid wow you call your brother pathetic when your drunk hello I thought I drop I called everyone on Saturday all of my friends. As saying idiots and stormed out there are gonna say she thinks her credit currencies tracked. Yeah I grow things good for China set NFL fans. Single. This there's a delay when she drinks and she should be drinking all the time she saw delightful an Angel is as well as the new selling birth from Sesame Street has not. I didn't have enemy a member of the single single laces out follow up on Santorum now. Nice welcome job everybody's tank Abbott who they Stephen Dodd just jumped out of the truck window after hearing Sarah saying. She didn't figure it out though they found a way for her to be a listen okay hey Dave says she went to singing classes and they dates they found the right to know they know whenever I mean you know our. From out of mess up yeah yeah and now tell him we tried staff and I was just a lot of trumpet. I bring an end yeah crawl last athletes he. Not a drama mercy yet. Yeah I was gonna say I'd nail it now what are the songs you know. Do nothing back then I heard Hough trust fund that was end. Jingle bells and and I think. Maybe that was it will be you wanna play the trumpet. They may be picked an instrument right and I was like all night carrying around a big tumor something and Ryan yeah everyone told me don't be that clarinet dire the salute guy you know so much well I got nothing left the size and trumpet really. Strip on drums as they feel like the symbols. I don't do drums now the front it was bad enough so yeah and in at least it was a leader and not that expensive an oven instrument was a much of are you familiar and hasn't played that trumpet in the house. You know what I hit my MA my wife happy yeah my wife wanted these kids to be culture she can understand that. You know she hated video games in that was what Jolie really loved it loved games and Mike I'd look at her go do you have you met me look at your married grab a trumpet player either I mean this is we're not. Now do you believe it. Yeah but eventually Jones is buried his head in the computer she just she lost that battle. We're happy that trumpets a break get a lot to say whatever you come. There in the backyard donated it was the only way to goodwill the first possibility donated to trash yes I did you go really trash. Yeah I was a wonderful time where Genoa this being considered a pathetic rather see now I know I got beat up the kids that was it. I just spoke the truth I was younger. Are necessary here at the lights still cheer him weird noises are convinced that that's true thank you hero. It is possessed is no doubt about it he was the red room kids. Now that we had quite a family dimly every holiday time. There there must of each other for the rest of light event and who came over like a joke okay trumpet player from people here. You know they did may be played at other one with a small food singing on the recorder. Yeah maybe we ought to read that gap. This sort of subtle you heard me in my voice you know I knew I was back to the humanity of it all Kamal please for rewarded cute. Yeah that's cute makes fun of me yeah you're only got one day nosed basketball exactly what I was at that was your sport up so there's an F you Joey I played the clarinet pain. That's an action much friends into his weird. More weird about it boy this is like I. I was the only one in my 20 section off to ban in different kind of insurance are the only one on one side and I don't go walked the other side and I sucked so really made it seem like I was you'll pack Angela rules like can't do anything right man. I know Casey band and it's. From good joke. Hot and only jingle bells and is gonna hit it in June desktop but not gonna happen. I got a question for you what happens was something goes on social media. To talk about getting in certain body part pierce. Oh yes it's another edition of FaceBook drama you can carry it may seventeenth. On the rock. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW hole. I could play nine KI SW Iraq. Oh Seattle. And these pajamas right give I begin plumbing heating and mechanical. And once again BJ is our opportunity to put on the dumb people that are on FaceBook. This special FaceBook posted John unfold because it yes we are acting now in this time playing the role of the original poster will be BJ. You'll be Kathleen oh nice read you'll be lazy sweet Micky you will be Tyler okay I'll play the role of Harry. And Sarah. Arguably the role of days it's. Very saw plenty in the original poster is Kathleen so Vijay please. Take it away. They come with me get my boots dearest on my friends are working but I don't wanna go alone. Are getting their parents. Don't ruin your beautiful Kobe's not aware that. Come with you to get them appears to thank you just see the finished product. I've never seen peers duties in person has sag held. Hello love. Contact great honestly yeah. We Kathleen has some pretty sad ones as it is so maybe now make them better takes. God knows yeah yeah. My girls are Kool Aid on their own thank you very much it's gonna spice things politically. Yeah out there are great as it is no need to spice and think up all the attention he's just. Almost even before and after seeing which is to. I'll Tyler it's obvious that the great canny somebody tell me which way is better and it's not my girlfriends Jamaican. What I heard you have to do well. So picking up and now we're OK I bring a blindfold style are hot hot hot hot hot shot yeah. You're just jealous you don't get to see my tough task test a two thirds say sorry not sorry a women reading. We turn your mother sees this why even talking about the some unit. Sorry dad hello. It's. Yet again. Yeah. I guess I'm not really that was that kind of ruin the mood Miller Light filtered out of that post. Again when your friends lose your parents on FaceBook he's got a Susan little candle to have that kind of relationship. I want that kind of relationship. No we are learning gynecologist so your daughter being high I sounds very weird at a concert actually yeah story lines yes and I hated end and I had to cut the cord I had never privately with a guy colleges I know you please kick me out of the room I don't wanna be here which is a mine and people are out of colleges IC as a money making opportunity and how much money's gonna cost you. For me to keep you out I'd probably go get into the gynecologist at this point if you gonna try to re basically extort me one thing that's a tough thing when she finally good gynecologist some shirts and you know one of the points on us right Vicki and I don't know I love my gynecologist she's awesome idol wanna trader for any magnetic Everett for like all my doctor needs are just like my best friend -- school's first of all Steve if you're a gynecologist I don't think he would survive the first like five minutes of any particular interview I mean the people just goes Steve decree beyond dollars and now I'd be a fantastic ecologists. Your face a little to express is so something like oh all right Jack that I yeah I'd like cool. Let's well that. Generate drag down there can't dance which is alien would have helped a lot for you hung out well. Slow down you would not be good guy good the census smells here that's not. It's easy I'd be a great parent you would not be your turn now. Ghana sub a new study for you Steve Jerry talks I know Jerry that guy now downgraded yeah okay grace. Since it's. Not fair lady cards that show I know come see Gary the arrow just so we ego a plague. Has your name like Cessna. Crazy question low brow look that's how low -- the outside so you have a line. She Asus come clearly Limbaugh out of that line is less than you have one. Rice. I am sorry to me coming to a new survey original thought about how do an in your surveys I don't wanna know me know about dairy again okay you say that for years say that for the makes guest. Direct current. So I this is about women in their forties tricky. He had ten years freely get there right and I got twelve years. 28 and 28 dollars an object charity yet I'm in between insurance and now. So okay eleven and a half year primary moment south yes I know of yours away find whatever you know why he's my body won't do laundry machine or you're dead. He struck. That escalated right did it cost I got a sixteen years he's. That's right got to make your monthly yearly visit to carry the guys down ha ha ha ha ha. I stereo again and again accepts most insurance it's okay so I'm quite. Of course you would Gary again has success recording no doubt about it. What are their forties. This is something going on women that they might fear that their best years are already behind them. Even though they may be actually enjoying a new golden age. Okay. Interesting because this so what was this actress that recent news pictures post who have earned. People retire like she's really beyond hot up and coming actress and she's in her forties and he were pushing patient right there she still looks great and makes its. Incredible it's kind of sad though like. They that's gonna go anywhere to go they kind of tabloid magazine and people are comity or how good she looks for her age when she does looks great. Again even before hurrying Charlize Theron now home. I got those Betty white's bad yeah he's been lights season authorities. You know here's the thing that used to be a compliment back you know when I was in my twenties. A woman would love it if you pollution is great for her age but now you're right now it's just seems like it's a slam yeah he's gonna removed hell I could Mike I'd. And I said before written that Jennifer Lopez's hotter now than she's ever did. There are some people got the other people feel differently but for me I know I'm the issues. Which is a fly girl I was about as hot chick you know his with a pop star like she's pretty attractive but now it's a hole. That's that's. That's a number one how much say this I think it's because you're getting older I think something happens to us that we started finding older women more attractive than we did we were in our twenties I because you laugh at me at some of the woman I find attractive and they're in their fifties I think see new opera still hot and she's in her sixties I don't think she knew offer was ever hot are blossomed in the hopper with CO OK and that's probably why you funny she doesn't she looks the same to me that's the thing you know. She's seen her sixties. Now granted I haven't seen her like in person but the way she's present and everything I've scenery and including the commercial for psoriasis I think I see her and she still looks amazing so is Jennifer Aniston Sandra Bullock yeah I. Jennifer Aniston and was a horrible bosses there. That's hot she's way hotter and she ever was in Frank's I think though I'm gonna save us Sandra Bullock's I don't know it's a new look for her I just saw are the Academy Awards she looks very different I'm not saying she looks bad. She doesn't look like what I remember her look like and you have to see latest pictures Sandra Bullock I don't know she's had some stuff done our. She looked very different the Academy Awards I think she still looks pretty free and high too different I mean she really kind of what gives you a looks exactly the same. Is she tees does that hurt the Academy Awards. There's an Oscar under some guys say yes yeah it upside down at the 22 Oscars ha wow that didn't mean you know maybe it was the lighting them because she didn't look like that picture. How might have been bad lighting. Yet did you write that picture you show me Vicki judge yes in remote looks just like she always sex and I'm 26 years old Jennifer Lopez definitely hotter now than she ever was injured Bullock is 53. Massa she's my demographic I don't make sense of course she was she was in her twenties demolition man right is that those will be a thing up. Yeah yeah so yeah I forgot Dahlia and she was early thirties no prizes forty feet. Yeah dude yeah all those people her Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani exultant economists hotter now yeah and she's like close to Canada so that's a red because he's anti Stefani are excited that I'm not anti stiff caught me out more along the lines of anti pregnant pictures of Stefani and has ruined any sort of spank bank forming. I'm not for Steve yeah I'm not really concerned about your bags and Gary they got no love those pitchers who isn't. Yeah the perfect gauge apparently underwent an immunity from my my business well really hundred RB kid dynamite. Yeah she's the world's greatest gynecologists. And a night that's a good name. Think it yes so even though women I think him at their best years are behind them the perfect days now they're saying it's 44 for a woman and and as we're taking a look at these celebrities. Barely showing that you can look sexy MB is as amazing usual always have been what is the Dominican that they also. Men and women nowadays is just we're healthier and well on the most part our work if there's something going on does not just plastic surgery and summoned. Obviously dad doesn't end zone for some people help but I I'll I'll run into people that are also in their forties is saying not your celebrity person to save him from regular Joseph. As a real great compared to maybe icy polar pictures coming I am whatever but like it higher instilling nowadays forties season. When I was younger I just really old and obviously hasn't seen that when you. More I'm thinking has a one thing to do is the fact that we are living longer so forties are kind of becoming the new thirties thirty becoming the new twenties. But also on top of that liked what you win here back in the fifties you you had to be certain kind of mind is if you're never lose certainly I have elect a certain way you could be used being off flashy in everything now it is like you won a mini script fifty go for it. It is interest in what was considered old running people back then were dying anti close to retirement age so when you leave you're dying in your mid sixties and people smoke there was a lot of smoking going on. So did the idea being when you got your fifties you know you have about ten maybe fifteen years left. So maybe and people stopped moving like the food seem to be healthier but people didn't move around as much see a lot of people exercising doing yoga more so than they ever did. That could be it you yeah I mean really because I remember watching shows and ball with a Y show I love lost in space. A doctor Smith was an old guy he was the old guy who made fun of oh my constitution I can't do it so I looked up the age of the actor and I how old was he met. He was younger than me. And yet they portrayed him as his old out of shape you know old guy. And it reality was like wow this dude wasn't really that old but for the time in your fifties your considered old truce is the social media Aaron cereal and yet he preaches and deal with looking good at all times. They're saying friendships a career process Christmas I prospects are all better for women in their mid forties. Channel that's the same for guys I think if you're human for reason you're in his career prospects animal attack and maybe if you're on your way up a lot of guys and a cabinet. They get fired and have to take half salary because you know this cutbacks whenever I hope it's the same for men. But that's great if that's actually career prospects are better for when I'm mid forties for them pan out then you know what do you go visit someone has to think slipped from my career. Play up to aren't good job but if you're here your forties and other work for the deer stand there come a woman. Hassle and in this survey said they've never looked better and 85% of them said they started to feel differently about their health and wellbeing in their mid forties. And as so far it looks like a women have a lot to look forward to Vicky clearly hates you because I love going downhill to help them get yeah. Maybe. I was really good for you. Pop Sosa I'm with you rev pregnant pigs and Jessica Alba ruined it for me. Thank god there's others pregnant faces a crisis on each. Come on the other vote and others I would that I haven't seen that pregnant pictures and the other girl come on & Associates are now c'mon. Jessica Alba is also like Jennifer Lopez in my opinion I think she's hotter now niceties she was a perfect ten back. We do so she's still great and she has been such a Smart person with her money they've really I mean she's mega rich to investment she's made Jessica Alba I mean. Talk about brains and beauty together. M I'll think we'll ever hear from her as an actress again because I mean she's just made so much cash to an all those other stuff that you don't need to talk. Got another new survey Stevie ray doctor I know OK got to might. I'm sure this is a wrestling you're going to be a dynamite kid the dynamite kid. We'll persons is so easy pick here I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look. At. I don't know six PC I think a long answer is I know were pro Bono yeah. I mean did you can tell you I mean if someone needs to have you take a look at some men down their let him maybe a prom ami you wanna look down there. It'd add Vicki is that a day is that true have you ever as they want your friends are saying hey I had an issue I have to take a look as they won't say to guys that they may say it to their girlfriends. Andy says oh my god no I don't wanna. Well I mean if it's some sort of late tumor like thing that may be but other than Lance is not a two month following doctor if you don't have a tumor I really am not at all. Little I don't know what's gone and there are not a knock. Dermot if it's a tumor like I can at least say those tumor Muller in Rhode hasn't I don't know what I'm not a doctor but I do have WebMD she. Whether we now look likening her own hair. So there's a new survey about us Americans that are working. And it turns out to pretty much close to half of us Americans that work. Are chronically under slept because of their job. I have to say I know exactly what they're I would I was way you know last week and I really and have a good heart Arlen myself and I realize you know and I'm not enough sleep I gotta try out more sleep. And this week is my new sleeper the only. Do I still alive till I got denied a lot more killers come and how do you feel you would know better than me I can I don't know that we touch well yeah UCL I mean how. How might all be around his licensing is last week I was really who'd wanna be around me I was cranky last week yap as opposed to well I think this weekend I. Nice surprise as I was. Basic fine. I find is the press I guess from Elton yes she says he's fine. Well we would do that she compliments over your kid Koppel mice come that don't gynecologists Amano motivational speaker circuit time. They aren't really running coming on freak and a unicorn. Sprinkling. Sprinkles on us. Recent talk about this on my first seriously their might be you know coarsely next week you never know he's a good mood yes and I know it's. Yeah I am I guess my mind and I don't know if anybody else has this. You know I I'm resolutions which means if I could just get the last couple things done I'll feel better and I think I can go to bed. And then the trouble is is that it's like 10 o'clock and for me that's way too late yeah and I think they feel that is an accomplished things but this week I've just said no but the 2 o'clock and have had to shut everything down what time is shut down times for you know 830. Okay yeah I mean I don't try try to make eight but I was like I'm struggling Asus struggle especially us on our death but I I went to bed at eight on Monday but then gets the slow leak in into a 30 ish 9 o'clock meant by Tom Mastny comes errors every board game until midnight. Well Thursday I will yeah Thursday there's a board game but I mean I still she'd get guys' eyes now and Friday and Saturday forget about it highway Bledsoe weekends I don't to show its cheap weekend yeah she will put Biden get up my wants he sees you know when you have them much whenever regular job. On non weekend you have to get up at a certain time. My body's a weird though because this is so accustomed to not getting a lot of sleep mine always weird also visually Nicky young to laugh yeah but you know your body is clear it's nice and they've done. I nice is not the word I'd use for your body take out. Couple days old. Pair. And that's very nicely at night and day they don't like crack spread it's a little like bouncy. I like that little deli and right that's fine but I'm saying is that. Physically OK I guess I'll I'll think oh why don't we can you know what I'm gonna go get try to get nine hours sleep like last I went to bed early. Talk about eleven at night wide awake like I gotta get their work. My alarm go off they'll look at my phone this is 11 PM all realize. Wrong with me while next week there is like I think I have been reading on the Facebook's manager Erica post has been flown around that there is a small population of people that only functional six hours of sleep that is the most like that yeah we don't need a whole lot of sleep and there's very few does that he hey I if I get more than 6 I am an awful. Mental shape fears I just jumped way more tired I yeah. If I go past six hours a non a good mood and dude. They can and I'm not getting eight or nine hours it's not fun. Most young people actually gonna have the issue was not surprising young workers are more likely gonna slip and anyone. And their leg more than had like 57% of them have the Chad basin loosely because a work. But if your between the age of 35 and 44. 54 excuse me you know what 45% do you still though work is keeping you from sleep from. Prison though not register tonight fortify an hour's sleep tonight there's a legitimate he's dedicated so I can imagine that that all resolutions I didn't know we just had a can't. I guess I must now I didn't know he was pregnant yes he would ask you a disgrace he defied science after a trend is incredible. Well congratulations Seattle lease we are not in the mostly deprive cities. Miami Nashville New York's national interest in New York Chicago and San Francisco I mean for those cities are huge cities in nationals and you know a decent sized city but a smaller one. And here's here's the place where people get good sleep. Alaska Alaska could not know but you're close for many Minneapolis because it's a cold city. Cleveland's people are sleeping good but bonds were predicting living Cleveland tea bag. Your fairway gobbling up somewhere else oh DC people sleep good last politics on how people Susan good and that town. Drugs yeah I think you're right continuity to be so much stress in DC and as a whole idea Ireland so chill I know and you know I didn't show up on no no point city showed up Pittsburgh and San Diego rounded out the best places to be sleeping. That's just nuts. I'm right here reasons why you wanna know why based on work white and I didn't sleep poured into many hours. Yeah you don't hear what Steve at least from what I can tell you used to it's just live here at the radio station I was like do you gotta. Yeah thank you are getting get out of here right now if you work at home get out of here we know you're here in you do it you're a lot better with that yeah I tell you that Thaddeus quickly see my. Good idea you can order your house is this is a different environment was also a lot different times thanked and I didn't have loved Smartphone. Or you ability I think you know laptop I was so like I don't want a technology so I if I need to get my work done I had to be here until it was done now he's like. I get everything you need to get done. Here in the doling I'm going home might do the rest at home what are yeah here well auto volume but my home senate has always been better than whenever workplace and then all of a host of my couch in my cell phone. Oh yeah and in my office has found that my office is a technological marvel I mean how hard headed hooked up like confused so many cable company people and people are command. Because I wanted to have basically better equipment than any woman ever want to be able to do I wanna do. And so they were always so you watched Ford yeah. Malia and if a doctor and Doctor Who of course. Yeah so I mean I'm out I and I love it because I'm stem and it's I'm in my house I feel better in my house than being at the went off like I'm working yeah I know I'm work I love that. The only problem with that they're no becomes sad when useless we present with a significant other. Yeah around to whatever it is because they're more like she's still answering emails are now whereas I've tried Mia patterns for the photo away and not answering emails once that he owned becomes quality time with the mrs. so I was a big issue in my in my situation for a long time so safe and happy battles obsessing over work related issues and you know that happened at home for a lot. Probably Lulu I am making employment night at home put the phone away it's time to have some fun. Toyota puppets and you can. And that she. Well let's teach you to sorry they're really human being who's edit yeah all right. Okay well I guess say Steve the real human being was eventually this one out. These beetles out there I know road came out and was late year of the 60s68. Now 69 C as. Ten plus interest in the carried a gun and Duval won only take you. You're shot at being Jerry. 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