BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-14-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, March 14th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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These are some drinks and regional breweries enjoy sliders from local restaurant showing up just murders another great fights. Hello this is I mean simply slide is a day of awesome local six. And also among local sliders. You don't talk about red brew beverage. Meet these sliders okay. Oh by the way does benefited because our folks treehouse facets of the side benefits you want tickets you know it is OK I SW dot com. Machine okay. And no TV. Man. Aches and well maybe we did watch him instead slack slack well. A lack. Do you have yes treat referral whacked him. Know why old these aren't made a black and he's been in the way commitment and wanted black cat he has been lacking a lot faster walker. Master well you're black. That's cool we'll see how that fares against your competitor today we've got Daniel and shoreline Daniel are you there sir. Yeah I would figure hey Daniel welcome the show but what's he claims ordeal and appreciate them a great slam and I notice I do I really appreciate that. Inert national lackeys. Well now I flatter lie like a video tie and that will be able to ride off into the sunset together what I knew what I was yes. Let's hope so let's play Mercedes so you had three friends gonna 102018. Seasons off. That's when he she sees an opening already evergreen speedway Munro our march 31 Gooding KI SW dot com brother deeds doesn't do wanna check it out tickets are available now what do you takes. Dot com all right Steve. Daddy okay. For those playing at home Daniel have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Daniel you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses Byrd question are you ready. Our credit in Saint Louis is Gateway Arch is officially named in honor of what early president. Yet as to what ABC show features a fixed featured the fictional band drive shaft. Oh yeah as to what was Tim the tool man's last name on home improvement. Yeah as Richard Hatch. That was the season one winner of what reality competition jokes yet as to which princess was the object of Aladdin is affections. And ads which meat product was macho man Randy savage as spokespersons towards. Was that. You ask will buyers is trapped in the upside down on what's next week's show. You ask who played Stephen Hawking in the theory of everything. Else yeah. What was the name of Roger Rabbit and twice. It's just draft time yeah as to what was the name of Barney and Betty rubble side and on the Flintstones. It's. Right there are troubles. Spam man you act in Tennessee nine out of gas and nerve grin do they look like there's going to be a wacky nowlin on staying. Black black at it like it is certainly do now it's. Just had no I decided we welcome including still. We jinx. It's. Expert commentary once again money back yeah yeah that's the and you guys. Steve you are you ready. Saint Louis is Gateway Arch is officially named in honor of what early president and cool mom. And Cleveland dealt John Adams now. George Washington now let me ABC show featured a fictional band drive shaft to. Oh my gosh there are men and I would be lost Aggies actually ask him in the tool man Kansas last name on Taylor remains yet as Richard Hatch was this season one when survivor yes. Which princess was the object of all latins affection and prince's speech no. Princess stereo lost no management princess area to know her. Which meat products was macho man Randy savage a spokesperson for. Slim it gets he has snapped into it will buyers are trapped in the upside down on what net changes announced yet at our school play Stephen Hawking in the theory of everything. Nicolas Cage now I'm. I'm I'm I'm an old Julia Louis-Dreyfus no gesture was almost there and Kathy Bates is you know what was the name of Roger Rabbit twice. Jessica Rabbit out. Yes 23456. You'll soon. Yeah I lost somewhat kind of basic nine black flag while some don't lose that would be new releases. Great idea. Yeah nice job there Daniel congratulations buddy. Daniel with your fancy answers. Feel most at an Irish accent dignity knows it well you hang on the line Daniel's parents Danielle it's. And. Adding on top of the Martin Zeno Daniel Daryn and I have. He the president that was named in honor of the Gateway Arch was Thomas Jefferson posthumously Jefferson Davis didn't I know I didn't crack addicted and I love the question he didn't get right both of them missed well and that's why we we we're talking about a misty was in the room I knew he wouldn't remember the answer yet exactly that was a question from earlier that you had revved change yes yes changed one tube be about Stephen Hawking and it was who Patrick Stewart played him in the stereo everything it was not beside it was not Patrick Stewart. It was Eddie read main. I don't know how you are admitting he's a talented young actor who people love and he's already got an Oscar under his belt yet because of Stephen Hawking death. So it was and I saw the movie MA he did a great job did you yeah it was a powerful movie united know Stephen Hawking was a ladies man. Yes and married is nurse this guy's in a wheelchair when hardly any game going on because of the AL us and he still was able to basically get his nurses say it's you and me brother while breath. And the well our congratulations to Daniel on beating Steve this morning ya and again of course you wanna tire beat Steve you can let's get to the prize and if you don't know by the way Stephen Hawking did pass away today at the age of 76. Ironically the same ages Albert Einstein. Or coincidentally and not also the same day that Albert was born. To the most brilliant man that I've ever heard about it my time Pablo excise me tea and besides Steve. So both died a 76 YNN and now Hocking dies on Albert Einstein's birthday nuts just not that. And what was today's also I learned and newest national pie day but this it's also national. Scientist as. Oh really it is interesting that this again how bizarre is that that's the day he goes out the clock makes sense its national signs is that because of the fact that you know. It's Einstein right a minister Ali after an ally absolutely yeah tiles or any of Danny credit Danny's going to be with these I. And you know I think we've heard it I mean he came up with the idea proposed 76. Things like follow he's got a created the idea that there's so many say yes he did he found a museum burn them at the same time it didn't turn it into Seattle and make them died the same age yeah. So docile and land him Sardinia and I know you like to get attention. And carry credit in life so but I think it's nice pizza that's not from just dislike a few restrictions on the Internet access to tell don't make it even death. I taught us to see I think because of you know like Denny's pitchers he's he gets ready forlorn. Especially today as rare island of PS so I feel great strip on my face. Have you thought about I did the tattoo my wife at the attack to buy liner that would say you have a lot of problems. I didn't know that was seemed to me but then it would be able to stream put on the diners today yet potentially for us yeah every day. You Rhode Island there every day. Spoelstra on not ever did like I didn't wait days I know there are not every day sun every day depends on the day sometimes they don't take showers. It's still they're from the Davis who haven't realized why designs is so piercings he died there thinks it's a guy like Harold and yeah I Don't Ask Don't Tell our own. Iron Man untouched through a reverse pilot you know the rumors are Yunus facility clown in the eyes eyes on look at anyone you know looking anybody out are you refer yeah okay I like it. Steve good news for you what's that turns out deal or no deals coming back and overweight or you don't got checked. I guess CNBC. The cable network is reviving missing yeah ha I Howie Mandell is going to be your hosting the more importantly they bring him back on the hot models and hold the briefcase. I can't believe they wouldn't you can do without the hot models. Yeah I'm now here's why CNBC says they're putting the show back on the go it's the perfect fit. Okay you're you're a serious network a bomb finances and money in business and you put on the didn't show true TV show in late March Madness games ya know when that at this point in the History Channel showing fashion shows. It does it. The name of the network doesn't matter anymore religiously wrestling was on the scifi network as true but they're trying to say it's a perfect fit because of their focus on business and money and now is about money muscle strength jets a bit of a stretch. Good look where we like these models to don't know when this is gonna happen there ever premiere date but they they say sometime in the fall. Adults we weekly our nightly. I just can't imagine they can make as much money off of it as opposed to a network show or maybe they can I don't know symbol C. But they did it for six years I noses for six years have not as they are watching me two seasons. Let's say I have to get 573 episodes of that. That's the problem with those game shows that you get excite you you watch it in and after I like all of this is the same things yeah. There are different and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? it was awesome for a minute. On the wall I really was into the wall for a couple times to Chris Hardwick GAAP and LS about a half the season never realizes exactly the same it doesn't. Yeah I it's it's play golf. Which I love yeah but I guess. We lob play go and you will they roll out on I'm on price is right every once a while but we won an entire like our show based on point oh I guess not I honestly thought I did yeah. On the we did I think we thought we did but now he relies you know we don't you and are playing golf. Put them for some reason the price is right is exciting and fun every day. It just depends they're different. Yeah DI exactly the brainy people love trivia they they know Peter is pretty you're duke you're right yeah math and wheel of fortune is the same damn thing every day. When you think about the then again it's you trying to figure out a clue like it's like trivia and its own weird way noted is maybe because those gives us something that simple. It's basic content more before and after I can't figure that out. They do the before and after will fortune call I always screw that up they've gone even neck more next level on that they do crossword ones now all right I don't like the letters are going up and down the words are going up and down and across his writing you might Diana oh OK don't bring up old stuff buddy let me read sort of done really good estimated simple man's jeopardy but I mean supplements Wheeling it was what he lost in the simplest way he went on bankrupt. Yes yeah three time you're so right Biden oh. Good at that. I hit a killer researcher apparently like the original dealer no deal the united tents are gonna play for the top prize of a million dollars taking their chances of 26 sealed briefcases. So I'm guessing like you can't just have the briefcases there were going to get the early eighties. Yes I want this is what Vicky decides she's search and I think that we even as unity of times they're like hey how old is his personality guarantees like on my game and personally I really tell. This person and then like I didn't hear the person's name I don't know why bad for you not listening tonight you're. I'm here Harry obscure baseball you have the time I don't know god DM headphones on and you don't hear what we talk about lunch to make you know mark is on like one of the Seattle check yes she's also on its gonna marry Prince Harry. Always shows you that the Seattle check there was no jealousy that was aren't oh that's right and Ron is a gal let's get a Prince Harry was one of the models. Well Leo yeah I wish I didn't realize she was hardly no deal model TR. When she just hit the jackpot was so that he it's yeah. Mean she's an actress and. You know he's gonna hit the Jack you are on prince she's I mean look she's lucky and he has you know he was gonna find a gorgeous woman they always do you define a prints were ever. You can find a model from deal or no deal or a hobby is that is that there's a lot harder to get a hotel what did you Deal or No Deal mylan is with the price. Have you heard the latest controversy you know whether it's too late start whoever I guess what's the latest controversy wells is talking royalties but that TV show the crown you know what that is it's a show about queen Elizabeth's they say it's pretty I Netflix but here's the thing. She was the star of the show. And she's getting paid less than the do there was a costar and socially the big controversy because like it was she's like the only thing she's a show she's cruel but she's the one and she wasn't getting paid as much as the guy that played her husband who wasn't even really the big thing. And but then they go you know why. You're right we need to fix it but it's actually fired everybody because they're getting a whole New Castle she wanted to get the rate is because not on the show anymore. Pay resolve the problem we fired both the view. They fired how pay the star of the show. Who's a woman less than everybody likes somebody else on the show when you know what the world is like today how does that happen. That's a huge fall upon whatever whoever made that show she won. And I imagine happens a lot just in regular life but you know not before I do Dodgers are there'd be like this is what I made but new world of Hollywood you do find out what people are making her. Yes but especially in Hollywood so I guess you would think that they would. They you know I had like she's going to find out that she's the star of the show making less than the guy asked Khalil and upset her. I like the guy and everything in the you know I mean he had some notoriety but still she was the star its sweetness that we really flipped me out when I read that story today. And and a causing all by the way she's not coming back to soon get a chance to make money off the shelves. Well all right I guess somehow watching that so now the protest yeah I don't blame you do. Patriot militia because it's the crown. It's I mean like a lot of a lot of fancy people love it you know because of its historically Elizabeth I got dobbs and I'd be saying well done and that means a lot more entertaining. This is a little slower than Downton Abbey because it's about real life. I know and if you have small word hostages are wrestling AME ice down my wife and I watch both and that we like now. Ali you know we we do like the crown but it does take us a while you're back to episodes like we'll wait and maybe a we're still on season one and Marty wrapped up season to that somebody just it's heavy it's just a dance show and it does make Downton Abbey life seem much more action packed lake. Hillary doesn't car crashes on and so far what we do want to be written off the show so we crashed into a tree got to know the action that's the action right there god and I notes at. I cyber listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guide to show 206421. Rocky you also Texas is 77999. Your calls. You your sex that night seventeenth and on the ground. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW bureaucracy its listeners on the news brought to fight cards toys. The list goes on the list where you pick your topic you guys to show a 06141. Rock text us. At 77999. Whatever issue wanna talk about it's all yours. You have the floor but Steve has a rule in December will be doing a show some energy embrace it otherwise we're going to have to value. And then take your eyes and bold and start to hugs and ten more cons you are on the rock. Yeah we ensemble I love the show which got. Well I'll go back in the nomenclature shows that Iran generator and I try to alert. Well I'm almost up to do my 3000 acre you look at. All the Ronald Reagan and I dealing YouTube channel what do you do what do you blog. I got YouTube channel Erica blog I'm on every single. Social media platform I'm not so well known in the states edit morneau and again at south East Asia they call me they got it wrong and over there and godfather of Iran and I'm kind of cool. That's truly honored. And also do wow are easier to use his hands yeah. No no no but I more more like Ambien that Taiwan. Aren't so what's what's the best way to eat from a new rules. Are now cool calm and and I'm doing tag on it and people do that deal like the beef flavored chicken flavor they shrimp flavored. Honestly right now on my top ten list the number one on out of Singapore and it lock ups later I would like. Creamy coconut TCU crude Janet bingo and on and yeah 880. It is only did token who are so Monday sprout. Like that most of the we're looking when he your radios and it just looks delicious. I don't. So I yeah. Listen it's taking new video and sound and light despite it that you missed it in the world. Actually come out a list every year. Space CSI houses don't Soria Hahn's a year in the making up a living off doing this does that mean you leave your videos look like they're pretty good production and I hope you're really make some cash houses deal. Big thanks guys you now some of the video they do a little bit advertising on the site for companies. Yeah I did. And my main job is on the scale on data due. How do you yeah. Yeah I think Billy I had that's. Yeah I don't you get your kid involved in some of the videos as well that's awesome. Totally got to keep them and so it took them and might. Everything so highly unlikely noodles I don't grab the tuna that's your yeah. I'm pat Bradley 43 euros. Do not tell us they Andre he's 43 year old my birthday a guy that's from our. And I had thank you. So I saw Robin raider which is if you just go if you search the web just rom and raider RIR you'll finalist often today in the site looks good the videos Ross some celebrating the instant noodle for sixteen years later so I'm happy to have you back into the new places I've seen open up the south senator ended W squared Suzuki have you been in that place just. Yeah I checked out Khannouchi don't want bad honestly. Japanese longer needed to do it like I mean I know I had a dialogue being. Well I've indicated India and descend too good and Bellevue and I've been to one hopes she dude in her friend and honestly I hadn't been brutal that I like better today Allen had an altar is played and how about again. I tried 3000 varieties Schaub and trying to go to the range to pick from. Is there a restaurant in town that we can go today you're guaranteed failure good Rama noodles. I'm so hungry. All of them tremendous still exists I need. Overall men now and I I don't know I didn't I didn't three Rahman's joints but if they still exist Malaysia hey over in the recommend that they've got really good curry noodles rice worth. Malays attend her I want to so we'll look at that scene there around. So yeah I just gotta run I discovered this T shirts clothes and everything search for rob generator that's cool and do it I hope you know school piazza stayed home dad you found some cool stuff to do their own noted and at that say you know got you some acclaim and hoping recent box into the house that's awesome. Yeah. I'm may appreciate the call take care specialists in Johnson City in the food and yes we got by a nurse just. This just came in you know like this whole concept BJ almost makes it worth making a trip to New York Jewish at the sound and April. Major League Baseball is hosting food fast what's this to a featured dishes from all thirty Major League Baseball teams see you go to one spot in each team gets to submit one signature dish that's a great idea. To enjoy it which just seems like an incredible. Sorrow I pull is that we think would be the garlic Fries or something from one of the Asian players are we having correct Null and you're not gonna be happy with Seattle spec I really hope it's not crickets you are absolutely correct all. Now while also. Grasshoppers talk hour. All that's ridiculous somehow through a process that is so ridiculous and stupid during a big Twitter is Gloria Julio what. They gets people talking about the marriage no one else is talk about anyone else's food on Twitter now for food stressed that everybody's vacate Duke's go to the Mariners are offering. Maybe there are they look sound like you're stupid. Food fest join us it can achieve something you're eating a grasshopper I think you're right Steve I think Major League Baseball saw that we are crickets this and had then said grasshoppers and we're definitely making that part of food fest just to get the attention in Arizona they're premature dot of course they are. Because that's good yeah. We have signed we may we we're we got the cream cheese dog do do deter dog is topic frozen yogurt chocolate sauce Carmel whipped cream and cinema chocolate ice to doughnut. Oh my god that looks amazing and not eat. Oh man and I you know what Imus feel cool dogs of the used to sell a Fenway so I'll take that your dog instead dot Chicago of course the becomes a premium to Chicago dog. Rob Pollock and and is that the pig tie with a pig that can a barbecue spice tortilla shell. Suffolk curly Fries McEntee pulled pork coleslaw home Monroe to record peak and a guy out we're fried pork rinds on the side wow I bet everybody's got something you wanna eat except us yes absolutely. Times well as Miami got to be can wrap playing team. Actually this really get as possible human beings. Tutsi Boston three lobster roll off course the lobster are my sons is ditch there are garlic Fries or sunny wish come on the tickets are good down a set up Danny. Can you know. I had no not that is not what I want I want to of the delicious also Toronto has got the jerk chicken not Joseph of course you tell me that's not as good as a grasshopper. Grass suffers or I'm just saying they're really spicy and delicious they're not delicious delicious easy to do keyword here you for crack and I should just license to tell you finishes yeah ballpark you're only allowed to have cricket that's fine that's it it's grasshoppers guys out there right there are. Grasshoppers you tell me that that's better than I tickle a chicken and waffle cone from the Houston Astros Osama orange chicken match on potatoes. Honey mustard inside of a waffle cone yes Houston and now what's up to its institutions. South side horseshoe over through the Chicago White Sox tied sausage price cheddar sauce and garlic test -- are we going to be the joke on the Carly did remove the chicken and waffle cone follow. I want that so bad why why we have such great food at Safeco why do we have to be to joke with these damn grass likely because people are talking about us man that's why. I'm drooling right now put the flame thrower Cleveland's. They see as you collect a steamer yeah that's exactly edition pulled pork burger with bacon jam coleslaw on flaming hot she dose of the Yankees had to bring in pizza right. Yankees have. We how. Is that right and a double bowed to can import crying served in Ambon no whispering and pizza. Why haven't seen it. Yeah back in New York would be the place when they're not to have on your ex SM pastrami sandwich I doubt I'd that goes yep. I Pittsburgh got a pulled pork Karolyi hoagies and I think saying it Pirro Yogi Berra yeah I mean I'm already before you guys are giants they have not crazy crab sandwich. Attention discredit you would Mayo tomatoes garlic butter and soured its recipes pizza just to pedestrian is that why no must do pizza. Aaron I'm not seeing pizza at all and now that I gagged necessary I guess this is to come exam which is on not shows. And insects. That's unbelievable honey we are a win are where the talk on top with the idiots that's what we are normal person I'd like ICI. Added somebody hey go line there's like no thank some fault. It does give it I you know I mean that puts us on the map people not the Mariners are about I guess who's gonna get upset about it on the insisted it's. Don't confess I know we just have such great food is safe course and you're right I did a lot of ballparks and that's why it's just a that doesn't fairly highlight this just makes us look like we're weird. Fighting this is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show and Joseph six point one rock Texas it's 77999006. At 933. And on the ground. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq from Seattle is listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys show. 206421. Rock 6677999. Let's go to Alex late day Alex you are on the Iraq. C didn't low and Larry you but I. And editors. Alex which of course and anybody. I'm OK if someone had thought more about that fictional characters that kind of bum you know and it right. Yeah well yet has so we early talked about how one of the exacts from HBO spoiler alert. So they're pretty much everybody almost everybody is gonna die in the next season of I game restaurants there last season. Somebody which just fictional character passed on in the in the show or movie that you were bummed out about. So what do want from me. And it's funny because at first I really kind of been like Jim what they'll Leonardo DiCaprio blood diamond. Oh yeah I haven't seen that movie that is it and I hear it's a good one well. I have hit an amazing movie like it kind of makes me like never qualified I don't ever again. And you're done. That's why I don't buy diamonds post because they are you guys in the movie okay this is so expensive it's. Here if I thought that really kind of crowd and a he's bad at a guy I need it it kind of not like him too much let's overtime it kind of started. You're out I realized some of the wrong he's doing any kind of slowly they didn't piano so it's going on that. They're really ready EDT and don't say that. 08 he would actually had a good guy and yet you know shot and he he he saw no long you're like OK you know make him but he just sit down that amount you like yeah well I'm I'm down our. Yeah I don't SNL hole redemption thing is usually in a scene and a lot of movies where you finally Dino the bad guy goes good with Danny's done. Yes it assisted yeah you're right the bag I should say better appreciate Dallas AF. Kind of a spoiler alert and imovie but I've heard good things about blood done it was one of those serious movies read our I gotta be in the blues sit down and watch a serious movie mysteries of the carriage and Michael Clarke Duncan played on the green mile yet I was a boxer you. You. A farmer died added barbecue at a com yeah yeah that was tragic it's hard very very hard Favre go from super troopers and illness beer fest. Yeah I have something tanker everything and that was so always who was it that homeland fail then shell had failed to that is as hyped Q do you see that Catholics and you know you're doing any alassane. As a senior staff are excited though makes we were gonna be super trooper guys here in studio I can't believe super troopers to Israeli year old you seem like we're asking for years and I thought I guess is not happening Nixon you know I I you know is saying hey it's coming out I wanted to know dresses are super troopers out to take the last time when the original super series came out Dell dresses super troopers and I saw just recently they eradicated WWE event. All dressed a super troopers. I wonder is still true now you remember the last time we we can talk to these guys and us guys about a before they thought it was stupid because nobody knew what the hell was going on right came in dressed like cops right there were forced to dress up as he super troopers before the movie even came out before and you always talked about refer became a cult classic they were just these actors dressed as. Cops. Yeah I I do it it would yeah I see this time it makes sense because you know who they are but right. It's a tough one to know if they're gonna wanna give up their meeting get Al slipped up on the gearing would be great if they did yeah so we'll see yeah yeah because we've had a minute Souza is. And we getting everybody hordes don't ever won but I believe Paul. So he was okay and this coming into items and that's the last I heard this idea and it does. YBJ came in my way back in an era worked at the end when they were just Soliai never gets all of them were here but that's before anyone knew they weren't here isn't as busy obviously but yeah yes so I as a right now I robocalls going to be your next week are very excited that's pretty cool. I'll do it texting I had Steve statute turned out had the Texas always you know yesterday I was difficult I forgot about that gap by everyone's always so leaving yes sir I mention is getting a chest piece. And are you good luck and good value our commitment now I get why people say it's up. Asia. It is our mental and physical beating like you just you are. They've all other textures I've gotten obviously enough to remember where was designated hurt they all hurt some hurt worse than others but like. Typically you're hot spots where you can kind of tolerate it. This chess pieces just like three and a half four hours of just. I was pulling into my adult and nothing else to hold onto but I knew something to squeeze night to make an idiot had a stress ball my car and embryo with me. Almost. I don't off my parents because they are horrid but it was got through and insist feels great when it's done. You know they turn those things right sake I think guys style I'm not into that I'm how you guys who's in desire and there's no pain that I want in my life ever so it's easy it is nothing worth it I mean it's obviously you can sit through it it's not like as if they guy and that report was like I need to get doors already got his radical PIQ was relegating whereas like our. Our stop but who's there are few moments especially when you these at dinner meal. Well I want our bodies Joseph or some way or the other stations just not going to be as chess piece and he brought a good analogy. We get over that wind pipe it legitimately feels like he's taking a nice to just slowly cut your throat that I'll OK I'm not happy with this flurry this up but. I'm glad that it nothing ever doing anything against her near future. Because that an insult to Tony Mitchell and endeavor alone and that's what he did as a final no notice more to do but this part of it is done to you know be more and and onto it and now you Tony's try to ensure Port Orchard a lot of people are wondering where I went. Tony doesn't gym work great shopping Port Orchard Iran networks says awesome good people and salads Tony makes those it's always good to see him and he's just solid. And it is positive picture don't take my shirt off and at that that gets too hot but had two point yeah I can I can't do it but that's pretty much what I had done well but every match race you're in Sudan which is I'm Steve makes. I guess readies the bruising it's there's no readiness centers of for a little bit in the heart well that that's all bruising bruising from the Nielsen. Well all that's gonna be shadings and yellows and all the great jam dude but yet I was fresh fresh I don't know rest of the chair. Man you still have a really liked guy tells us the meaning behind this are you going to learn you kind of united yesterday but that's a pretty epic tattoo about your hard. Stones like crumbling away as the hearts at the wrong story out of necessarily an exciting story for anyone of the meat inside that meeting obviously all of my do either in the moment in time has a meaning or they're so this one. Yes all part I mean. They aren't as meeting OK this yeah I mean you can kind of put two and two together for the most part but it's just. Do you know opening yourself up and not being so guarded and not have such a big wall. I had and that's not necessarily right now I need to do that it's more of just over the course my life I found myself. Not having a wall up with people look at this is trying to be more accessing and soon it'll do us the walls only I know how and I don't cities typically tough Berlin Wall or my whole body Jews Israelis. I'm a guy you like Donald Trump over here you make me pay for as well but they ally joke about it was based off of a police districts experience in my past really outlets also. I am going to see now I respect that yeah as holy arms since his late part of this is the MacBooks along assortment. Current bush started it was those holding Iraq once and I just missed so messed up I saw the heart and they don't the rock was breathing and and I heart beating war. Moon. This is like guys I got super introspective immediately you know head isn't good trip right there long story short several years later now it's on my body. Task could trip and I. That is awesome dude. I am credit did you get the red tattoos in the chess pieces I didn't realize how much of an undertake can be. I give credit to anybody that gets tattoo desire and the like acupuncture there's a surrogate municipals tattooed him here I'll. Past hello. Oh no I did the net follow the worst is a stardom. Socks off. The doesn't wanting a stern and test your I think I'm done now yeah I don't think imminent don't let him know hers I agree I do three out of three for our sessions makes us on never get a touch stop it hurts so bad once enough people out can't see what they visiting exhausted my use doctor numbers eight and there's another thing called lake. Posh for a yes I is just like a regular numbing cream when a decent the bad stuff still doesn't do some sprays that didn't know him you know and we appreciate the right kind this summer and good for the ink and some are they leave you do your research doctor know much. I I didn't I honestly thought of when he's back there will be daddy I want doctor I'm just hearing about just give you some of that now although want to wait it's phrase something army I had some kind of chemical or some kind of I Cameron that the word but to have something in the ocean breeze as an immediate ten revived and it it. Date it numbed it for good twenty minutes not for those sort of minutes it was like I was at an Elvis and at stopping them below only news Lilja. I could resume as either dad's dead straight in your armpit Don it's a bit slow because they're picked I'm not. I had some like just recently in the inner -- that are not not not OK I don't want to irked at him either you guys just you know he really commits any intent to I can't waste my own view of our Ariel you go yes you do the answer is no unless she knocked me out drug me I will not have a tattoo or let's say you completely blacked out dragon go listen and I asked. Downey and black has turned them challenge accepted you don't know me up on the whole body yeah I know you'll put you on the stairs put it down the end of the means of that tattoo on my boys that's all I want to employ just in to bunt. And it's that it's even better. How do you face now that's just very want to Chris what's the taxi to supporters our lives are loved to have a good tattoo artist if you recommend a person hundreds or recommend Tony Mitchell. That's what he's tried and true they go to orchard just looked it up on Google you'll fight we had a big questions. Some farmers. Greg dogs. Here's a question no we can answer this one went awry and Cassel and cockroaches have in common I'm gonna tell you at 950. On Iraq. In the aches mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. He. What's your Ryan castle and cockroaches salmon com if you come in my house give gifts. Names and your shoes and then we'll take a moment and then the home where when your house to. I'm confident in the work. Alex could I just so cottage. Yeah when Texas since he could probably you both that the Mariners game Alia hi I would be fried and baked in good. You can have either option now both of untested MB jedi. That's true. That's I mean. And poster from dark dirty places it's. She's suffered both before marrying his wife okay well one hotel in Spokane yes comics that plug it that thug. Non OPEC Arabs who got you. Let's say right now man if you are kind of first let's it burn things down and showed his era arson suspect. Place where you say I've always kind of Orange amber algebra cockroaches that's why the building caught fire. Yeah it's a good excuse their works. He's 55 his name is Christopher he's from Alabama. Arrested on Sunday because Jack he said a bulletin board on player in the lobby of his apartment buildings. Police say it was the cockroaches he wasn't trying to say is going on fire holds idea. He's say he's in jail for us encourage every champion from Alabama obviously the smartest person in Alabama. You know I think he's known to frank castle obviously. And I had in very bad and out of he's got a twelve pack at least. In case. You lose of course I've newsroom musical instruments he was a short flight path I. As quick mind and just let go. It's. John. Yeah hey man how uncertain trumpet playing now general no wonder the trumpet. Rock. Point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis. Well actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come in this in my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help viewers who are any basic questions that you have. How are you get your car back. But they'll schedule usually spread a schedule you for a free consultation with me any good theater. Can only would you personally we'll talk about surely the basics of your case and I'll pay you your question. And answer session they usually rely on your view they usually last about thirty minutes. Now we'll get the basics of your financial situation. I can answer your questions and we can talk about whether bankruptcy makes sense you're just on your non bankruptcy option. And now bankruptcies could affect you processors. Thanks Travis did you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime. I had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.