BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-19-18-6A: St. Paddy’s Day was over the weekend and John Oliver did a mash up of reporters terrible Irish accents.

Monday, March 19th

News and sports. Today is National Be Happy day. There is an app called scoop that will help people carpool together.


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Of course they say practice a weekend and we if you fall all our social memories you know agreements and doesn't really show that destroyed. I feel I feel like him he's a twelve step program meant to this weekend. I lose on doing their part celebrating C had to say yeah I sure I had destroyed a nice greens. All right well you know I guess that was it released green eyes can now there's a salted caramel. A good American I don't care now I I don't I didn't go out from the drainage facilities whoever buys out good the grind house in Tacoma Sully. That place is packed into those places Durbin. It was packed and people dressed in green LC we don't even care at this point it doesn't matter where I am wearing green and celebrating like I'm an irishman exactly. And of course that's of people try to do and as another show last week tonight John Oliver on HBO. They put together a great montage of local reporters map pretty embarrassing themselves trying to do Irish accents for saint patty's day. Soften the Marlins stadium now including Maria it's. An employee hey yeah right now that's an alarmingly in my luggage. They're always in India and China because there's no better British. That would match the next. And so. I'll put up Harman do we have heard all okay. I'm not them until they want tax credit and accept. Yeah I guess your states. Quivering uncle Christian first call really our governor Chris I know is they had a nurse him in Denny's he went somewhere to go alcohol shopping yet they didn't fit and for a first Saint Patrick's Day. And how's Polly uncle Chris is our FaceBook page. And now seeing all the drinks and he was happy being an interesting way of keeping tally of the number drinks he had on Saint Patrick's Day. So this is a thing that day actually showed me you eat you depend on you and every time you have a drink you've you've put I hash mark on your arm. So they let on like chills like him and Leila let him play in a video game or days and imprisonment ELF dot net. Really it just so they keep it in and night and somebody says fan how much we had a drink you can look it's right there on your arm. And do and how many throughout the drinks at the end of the night I had twenty mark somewhere between mark. However our district trades through the shots are a little bit of everything you isn't like content every hear had coffee with with fluid and Irish whiskey over here awesome green Beers on people's trees and there hegemony. Post. Drinking shenanigans have given me the theft is the students will come in handy Nolan knows what. I'll jab at being able to temporary at every every other drink water every other drink water did you find amicably either would be Jenna ruins of a job. I could ever remember but there's a lot of gray area the into the evening if you know I mean. I'm looking at the picture or your arm worth all the passing marks on an adequate and chemical closeness as kiss me I'm fry racial. How does the public eye but hey that mean what does that mean. At 1 point in the evening my hat enterprise Jolie keys and I were talking about future iMac and we just thought that. Phrase was the funniest thing I'll ever heard and we were just laugh. Asked then if it's drama of the main character's name is fry yet. Show that's life and I look back got a little war in The Hague where. Kiss me I'm friar is PL that's a that's a geeky seemed if we're right there. It's enjoyed these is part of the French. He cut up to this about halfway through yeah I guess if he likes to talk about this is to get measurement Joey these two quietly can get doctorate Tim yeah he's a guy in Todd need to ratchet down yes and he's got Irish in his blood because his mom is Irish so there you go. Elliot you know at all my showed up at one point the US how hot I don't know how to save myself Tuesday just grab guys have fun. Yeah we really we laughed about the fry Irish thing as well bad loser if there's a real sad thing Chris you're lightweight you had to drink or pass some we just put eighteen. We want you remind you feel bad yeah. Tell you woke up feeling awesome actually I just don't resent I don't know I just feel like you know the truth needs to come it's the truth is out there Georgia guys end up. I'm the very last place we went to my wife and I went down to at BJ's group club because yeah it helps don't have much and they showed you how. I last days and that may be why we're if you drink short as we don't you have some ground through Birmingham that would add that on weighing. That would explain have you bottles thanks Matt Smith and Dan heroes you know all this is clearly he doesn't remember I'm now a museum we stardom ladies. To NM the magnet of magnolia emirates and then we went to so hot side no files I know and had a little kid brings out I was fantastic that I love that bar we want to go back seriously every Friday now and then we endowments and merchants apparently I don't remember that one at all. On knows that I had a very large charge my credit cards and excellent oh how well we don't agree Digital's 43 digital saucer gaga recklessness or it's just. I wouldn't be here today Korea or just floors a back breaker right there. Damn business have to contribute these pockets like a round of I don't even know well within a young guys like hey everybody Chile where then they would does an energy drink on top of your no no that was the Irish flag effort go all cash yes they had obviously tangerine energy drink in in at least the whiskey and and and it all like Derek flag when you held it up and I don't know isn't in there are some serious action gonzo who had won the best part was Syria is out Kucera and Johnny rubber showed up and Johnny robbers wanted to clean drinking games that merchants so we she's just we kept me going through drinks and use like you need more drinks yes anymore drinks. And all I remembered merchants was I think I broke him a toilet at some point when I don't remember so I apologize to merchants to amnesty were those two extra deck of cards I came home with came from the. Boy that's not something you expect to hear from John and I know that. He KOU exercise and Johnny robbers and Sarah did I they said there were gonna they spent spent a night for their anniversary and I get home and I see both their vehicles there and I'm like what the hell's going on there's a fighter something oh all Mike no really they get NASA originally rumored. The idea really responsible drums yeah I I thought all this is going to be ridiculous weekend and they had Hoover somewhere they wake you up coming home no they didn't come all that was a thing they all the next day because you know but I was sort of hi I'm expecting to would you be there and then see you write what the hell's going home then looked and felt they went they went to a hotel. Why I have a elevator music so there anniversary gala in the light on for a so ideally it's really just when somebody's like anniversary of their relationship really coincides saint Patrick makes you wonder lake so did you actually like each other we both trash. Italy India so either way. You know like they're trash your cursory and it works really well today use your card to get the hotel. You know there and luckily they did not use my card I had nothing to do so you're all really know your daughter they're all grown up now these kids to see them yeah so look at that so we're not the whole show. Really really I think it did today well. And you choose Steve Ramirez can concentrate on ice cream and stay home. Are you and I television and I are both pretty lame because that's exact pretty much all I did was to I didn't Allen to got to drink yeah Saint Patrick's Day Mac yeah. I did have a lot of the snacks also I was taken of it it's and we had cream cookies they were sink try to stay cookies to your value Eminem's. No I didn't have green Eminem seem to think about that man. Should know that this Helen is disappointed yeah sorry about that but it. All right Steve good news for you buddy. If you wanna drive in the hov lane I do you know OK because you used to get tickets for that as you weren't supposed to be doing it myself well there's now an app for that seem to tell you all about it. He's got the news four at 617. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9. Love Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. Thanks guys it's a big day a day that we did here I'm very difficult time accomplishing OK what's that it's happy national packed every day. Game road that's enough to go right so maybe they can help you get happy crap hit. Home. How we opposite affect his own peril come on this one. Do you and again happy go everywhere else if she's. I knew whom he only did one man be happy when dad is also a song that yeah. Now again we're that I if you if you join both of these two performers were somehow you know onto the next journey gaps that exist side are you happy. When about this one breath. Now. That's indoors actually got that does work I. As a little kid as I Jamie and David Cassidy digestive departures and in the bus why isn't every song that involves getting happy being happier. You are happy is like the most visual sounding music ever yeah that was hit me happy you know men and Kentucky needs a ride to son's safe. Okay he's okay that's what good is my diet had they are okay it's time to catch every age and I'm AJ ER zero. Close to amass so tawdry mess. That's the next on a new album amass your happiness let's do it it's gonna cost them. I hope you'll make me happy is getting the opportunity to drive in the hov lanes alma matter I'm glad you bigger offender you Jack. How many tickets do you think you grab your runup in your life all boys handful come here simply Italian boy that's a nice estimate yeah. So I don't and driver and then there was a moment in time where I was also getting those notices from our people calling 7764. Hero remember that number no yes I was. So going out I still see a science that was always the worst hour with this government course. Yeah snitch I'm sorry dude but I have to do my duty hi hello I'm mama remark about I'm happy to say that I am not doing that anymore but now there's how. Where I could possibly get to drive needs ill feeling against folks do. It's it was launched in Seattle and also in the Bellevue area and what it does it hooks you up with somebody who's looking for a ride. Analysts know where there's only just makes you feel like the Eagles. For our I don't know I'll hit shaking legal hitch I can. So what a lot of people do you set it up the night before so if you're going somewhere you go on the sappy I thought that guys driving their and he would like dazzled with them that way is that could be stuck in traffic. He can drive and ideas to be blamed Hamas apparently the car pools to a share of the cost of the trip with the drivers sore right because anywhere from like two bucks is ten bucks depending on distance and also the root. Profit got a new. Interesting way to bring a stranger into your car yeah then that's perfect idea this accidents due to. Dario if you're looking to be apart this craze yeah countries and your CNBC. Yes. Pay out our what our governor James Lee might have at. Accidentally leaked the name of our possible new NHL teams know. If you had today. I don't know if every case but it is funny he was doing a statement about not high speed rail between. Seattle and Vancouver British Columbia so he decide to bring up a hockey rivalry that would happen if all meaning have a a Seattle team that we take on the Vancouver conducts quote. We cannot wait to get high speed rail line Coughlin had the greatest rivalry and North American which is to have. The Seattle totem vs Vancouver cannot blow did they do and it's Odom. That. So before they can feel he's lived here forever. There was once a Pacific coast team called the totem Sosa junior hockey. Team right now that's called the totem is back back in the seventies when needs Seattle was close to having an NHL franchise it was going to be called the told himself. There's some history with that name and it could just didn't. A complete acceptance club but yeah a lot of people are talking about that. Kind of funny how like your children's I posted that so we mentioned earlier that's attached there was over the weekend people on our show we're getting drunk also getting drunk and have a good time. Ground yeah Rob Gronkowski your boy news because he cracked some new bachelor party. Wearing a lot for con outfit of course there's plenty pat did it turn out to get a writer for the NFL citing of somebody that you've been on the soft drunken all. I love god that's just it's fantastic. I mean he did the face looks good and they just gave up with the rest of the cost of he's six foot eight we have some like that if I had Kevin beard and he's a guy you know like that I'm Don. Gave saving green. There's a as far as who's talking to whoever was that he did say that he wasn't planning on retiring but there's also allows. Possible rumors that he's not going to be returning which was that the patriots though is that I is that why we let Jimmy Graham well all know we got more information. Very near future produced the best part is the team and he said that he would like to play before he said that he's coming back. For the 69 years. Okay grown familiar the winner. You know what matters of course they did matches it'd be him signing up for the C observation grand note attached that god distinction goes to Ed Dickson. All along was I would Bob about love about Carolina oh really so that's we got now yup. He's going to be just under three year deal worth fourteen million dollars. Possible soon after that millions for the past four seasons without the Panthers got 67 passes. For 807 yards and five touchdowns I was usually the number two tight end guys behind our Greg Olsen would that team. I'm apparently he's very good at blocking so that could be also part of it all definitely since it do what any time you choose the right game with the Seahawks and now be in good condition has. Try doing that out but Doug Luke Wilson lucky or knew what was going on with him. Over the last few days he met with the Detroit Lions also the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars still look inside of him. Of course a lot of the Seahawks fans love to see you back with the hawks but I don't know if that's very likely. But I tied the some of the teams also not coming back with off the men used a one year would see Ozzie that's Sheldon Richardson came over and that trade with the the jets. All right guys to me personally he's gone already decided to Minnesota Vikings for a one year deal with them. Sound is lost three mil to FC Dallas in the game was left on dancing did not have a good go we got out of trouble for. An elbow and he's going to be suspended for the next matches and I'm of course on the map towards Madison that's going on right now at the big talk was number sixteen university. Of Maryland Baltimore County UMPC maybe it's a lot people called the University of Maryland backup college yeah. But they've argument in my heart I think there's no Jessica to beat. Number one seed Virginia but they did that year they did not they do that they crashed in 74 to 54. That's the biggest upset in the NCAA tournament. Becoming the first number sixteen seed to winning game. 836. Tries to. So basically there are no perfect bracket. I would imagine that anybody has we have actually these are right no we didn't miss it only two point 18% of the official brackets. UMPC to pull off the upset but I'm. Obviously you get me the other games correct decision that you're probably taking a lot of watching. That's the thing man bashing gets something that right flat if I like if I was crazy that's picked at Michigan like couple blocks from my wages from Macon mattress free chocolate bars and something. Offer good value they beat Ohio State men's 84 so their back in the sweet sixteen now they'll be taking on Florida State find not Thursday so very out. Not a good luck to them. Next stop so from my final scene is still alive which is that's it's can tell you yeah I Virginia was my side newcomer he screwed you. Okay back to check my package and Kansas I think also survived two as well also has so far I'm only good Virginia. Yeah yeah I'm sure if you feel you have the more the whole thing I had to win the whole thing. Yeah I can find my practice time. Like the VC web for the double B championship I'm a fan because you are you at Villanova in Virginia and well. Sorry oh that's. We know what what is giving precedence I got that yet tackled like four degrees and some some. That's right mask Jimmy congratulations Steve you did good on the yields are brackets cited any money into it I tell you just know you're just on king five and really look like an idiot. Well I hope if I'm gonna not come in first I hope I finished. So far in last place Lou good one right the remember second third fourth fifth of would replace gas that's married a guy who sucked royally. You'll remember the Irene and here's the thing if you're the guy that tries a bit like you go the opposite and pick your brackets like immediate. You'll look good at least the first round yes you know courage to call pencils and obviously you look like immediately in Iran. But you might be to god to take the buffaloes a UMBC's notice and be also a new mega genius I'm just glad not wanted to bother looking. Yeah isn't it you're done enough for you must are okay who are just delete the file off my computer install. I like sushi but their goods nausea Bradley you're duke. All right of course Steve may not be great to take him brackets but you know what day is pretty good beat mesa you couldn't tell by this one in South Park what was Candice last name's Chris leaks now at halftime thanks Obermann is now. Anderson's now look now sorry about that. McCormick my friend classic practice day in a McCormick a good shot at BC. All right you guys to a six fortune one rock played Pete makes it 647. 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