BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-19-18-7A: “Where did you get busted and what were you doing”?

Monday, March 19th

Beat Migs. A pair of strangers were caught joining the Mile High Club on a packed Virgin flight. Luke warm topic.


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Aides and his time to mobile number Monday. I know Steve doesn't need to get to pumped up he didn't have a crazy weekend with a mile saint patty's day no injury getting green beer just days of the little ice cream drowned there yes right and sought to turn out. Faced with social and so and how western social I got a little dummies dropped myself. He's in snack cakes cost estimates this guy came to our game parties and Taylor but I varieties is would you rate him as Safeway and just all the little that is they had. I'm like oh man I love loans every Israeli knows you very well Andre has isolated our Josh brings the good the same package they cookies a little daddy's on like Arnold you wouldn't know I'd still closed and people are dragon. I was sweeten the well hopefully EL our contestant here isn't nursing a hangover we got Jeff and you're allowed to take on Steve Jeffrey there's certain. Yeah he's dead body what to blame for today's Steve apparently he's got slammed fasten demolition derby has already this brings stare off our April 21 go to KI SW dot com if you wanna get slammed fastest. Also are available now at an adult care dot com price do you get out to be here. For those playing it on Jeff we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff you can pass all you want. But you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready must somebody traditionally mozzarella parmesan and what other kind of cheese lasagna. Muqtada ask us what letter is silent in the word mechanical. HU asks which member of The Beatles wrote here comes the sun. Jorge Diaz as to what it was singer Mel c.'s this spice girl named. Us do but right now I know. Now to this story twice as nice what was what is the main liquor in Manhattan cocktail. You know it's blog doesn't know. Into the globe and ask her what appears early ninety's did Freddie Mercury passed away. Well 9190 and 91 yes what is the capital of Israel. I don't Holler Colmes you know I asked eldest performs his first concert in what year of the safeties. 15100 no DH now there's deeds you die and someone I'm raises false alarms is said to cry I want. You ask 123456. Incorrect not too bad I hope the Israel won dozens concentrate on the road I don't think Steve if that oil and I don't think so now let's geography question of the JR yes okay yeah I know it well I think I had my little as he knows that Yahoo! we'll see. It's in my mind you ask me I thought that Jim might be king himself from want and Steve does magically. He's getting answers sometimes when you don't think he well he's magically delicious. No no strikes in patty's day's over with Tom Edsall tonight's debate on still delicious. That was creepy yes aren't. Are you ready Steve. Traditionally mozzarella parmesan and what other kind of cheesy lasagna. She has staying went letter is silent in the words cannot cold it's. I'm dolls I have received no case yes no it's a mechanical physical which member of The Beatles broke here comes the sun out battled other side George Harrison's yeah as what was singer Mel c.'s spice girl name. Sporty spice yes yeah what is the name Madrid in Manhattan cocktail. Go Bob Bob Scott now perfect advice what are your early nineties and Freddie Mercury passed away. 1990 know anyone asks what is the capital of Israel. Israel says he's no good. Aberdeen no Thompson quote no eldest performed his first concert in what you're in the 60s55. Now to before yes. Someone who raises false alarms this enterprise wide Waltz yes. It'll air in the ninety's still mrs. doubtfire I doubt he's Robin Williams gas since seems huge win ninth this oh sorry let's just. Yeah anyway Erica. Well I got slammed just did it's fast it's. Jeff website had a chance but Steve we decided to be Smart today. And I know I hurt my source do you have a normal man. You do you do it hurts your. Steve did not get the one that I thought he would engage each and every other single one. The capital of Israel and I think he knows this Jerusalem but there you go yeah you just figured it out cinema. I don't mavens say that I don't know I just I noticed you went for the comedy was Aberdeen and to quit left off to a Jerusalem to yes because you would have encouraged. Passionate about those two simple. I think Al the last of me if I guess Jerusalem. But for now I'm quil left and it's an Israel city 200 replies I. The unit. Do we from pumping up on Monday we did a solid it did do was wrong with your right you really lose and you're out of it RE GUI. I don't remember a plug the pumping up song that (%expletive) all right cool you're the one place that I know is making sure you just like Los the last harvested near the I doubt other than I'm not the only one losing my my doubt but that's great wow. One thing I woke up and hospital only do we put the pumping up song. A graduate Steve I don't know. And you won with not maritime smoke and did you pass out but stay on your feet and possibly yeah that's I was sitting at that moment some about life. That's pyrite and guess Jerusalem at the time I was probably blocked out jerked her absolutely wow. That's this is clear mind yes tell you as a messing with me no no absolutely know that we played the popular song I'm sure a lot of it suited NN. I had eyes eyes today any different yeah. There you talked it out okay. They've idealist who somehow yes they're yeah so he's clearly say uncle Chris did you do it overhauls the whole show sound well Chris was drinking his ass off when I'm surprised he showed up now. And Vicki well this is always visited like you whose son she's on I don't know like you when you ever in its I I hung out a bunch of babies this weekend so I'm viewing LBJ didn't leave him. The only containing a flat. Everybody Howell got guys from five yeah. We've had a big injury you know my nieces silly is that all there are a real baby a year old and then a six month old and I think he made the crowd. Meaning her and yeah. It. I love kids but then they do stuff like. KP costing your math and hand over your mouth and tell you that they can't do it and I'm like sure it'll oh please your kid Pearman our new not and it's like oh god I. Makes me not wanna have kids I mean he's never even the sickest in my lifetime when I had can the women's kids were little I'd say Kathy and I would get six so much because in the little germ factories and tell us when the bloggers this car yeah. Honestly let me lawyer knows really don't want you to touch their face I don't. Well they always want you know hug common you know Sarah is always touchy feeling when she's on got a cold she's drool all Loria who like idea. Daddy is a guy that's really ask Sarah that's what I wanna might then I get the flu my knees ran up to my brother and hugged them from behind her her Shays is right in binds the white to bugger all over the back of the shorts nice so is pretty cunning and this trail that kind of look like the snail trail. Is down as though the his backside of the Paris is often thought they know one hole you look at all I could go delightful time those children this is where are those masks you know I should and dostum and whatever and are the people ask. I show or one of the little welders nationally they cough or sneeze my way just hits the battle which you need desire I remember when my doctor tells me those paper masks don't work and for Summers and I don't know why. There's a bunch of people UC run around those masks on things you may work did you ask the doctor with intentions of wonder where yes I'm and we should doctrine applied to you that yes that's awesome if you came to work wearing one of those masks as I travel a lot nicer look dude I don't I don't wanna catch because the flu is horrible my wife got bronchitis from it so. I was going to see your regular dude we're gonna do. And she said oh yeah I get those wet wife Cynthia white bacterial things do that you know here's a nasal spray. And nice and what about those masks everybody whereas I should try to put those on just those don't work. The White House they Wear them should I she said I she's so I don't know why I think where I'm either she's I think they think they work and therefore that's why they Wear the Jesus but there's no medical evidence. To prove that they work. They need to step it up to make it more fun might have fun stuff on them good I'll watch on new Japan like this like a sponge Bob mandate they saw a then yeah. Okay so what's need to temper wrestling a lot and I was watching over the weekend and did the entire like I'd say about 70% of the crowd wanted to clips that they showed. Everybody had those masks on innocent won't. Men's ever once sick. Or they all just don't trust the person exodus germ from Jeff they do make some fun dentists ones with like fake teeth on the hair and mustache is candy funds. Yeah I'd like to say my stance yes. Top all time high back I just think the dentist ones is because they did you sloshing all that water Iran and I'll have to pay and all yelling don't communities and they just don't wanna get interface. I get back but as far as germs being IDs did you still you know you. Does it goes in your ice that's where stuff can get in there and those mass don't cover your eyes and she says that the highs of one of the biggest places that we get germs talk yet. So hey I'm looking at the Tex lines and maybe two other people are just about it and as I am or persons that know Guillen played pump it up you talked about the rock bracket and moved on now we persons and I don't we call the pump enough Sami played this morning Steve. People amassed some of the I don't think so now those other prisons Steve just have a stroke yet. They do over the weekend and paste the I what do you put upon roadside completed and all we do the idea all right. Again I'm the way for a morning. At Texas a big deal I'd miss snail trail. If you leave. Ted everything. All that stuff just works for somebody else that's disturbing and now I look at a snail trail and I just get rep I don't I get repulse IL seven of the sanctions were all over the road here okay what's up. Okay how deep do you go with wrestling what the hell is Nugent. Wrestling I know the WW Wii is minority NWA is. I know all you theatre I lost Kyra element to NIC I know all that would have an ordinary graduated U regularity would help and is Taylor Jack Heller is no Japan wrestling arguably the second biggest wrestling promotion and all the work well I don't know any other wrestling but the WW he's arguably you're probably right but. Orioles and do you plus wrestling fans know you do that we just talked to Chris Jericho on him wrestling and you Japan against I just amazing I know both the I didn't women in Kansas is junkets Chris Riley said he wrestled in Japan I think knows a whole new league I thought they were just doing a fun thing I know you WE know exactly it's been around forever since the seventies might cause I'm forever but I since December yeah a wealth really does a lot after forty years old news new Japan but yeah I know about it thank you Rex. Bonds and you two guys are super geeky it's like me talking about like you know some deep deep scifi Sheldon nobody knows on a network that nobody can not argue with your mother okay go as high as we gonna super duty are fair enough but I guess I watch it. C.s you can never make fun of me just what I tell you can't quick as you know depend on us you yummy but you know you've got what we do. I guess you just said this remake of weren't true but everybody agrees to raise and I'm sorry I'm not watching it. Altered orphaned black. Logan gray should hook. Yeah. I would might see in the carriages and both of those shows get a little bit players gated and then they you do in Japan. They go Alter or from black event yet pro wrestling pro wrestling there. All right I had to say about two people this is awesome to people they just met. We're actually caught joining the mile high club packed flights are now why does that happen. They just met the best part is what how the rest of the flight reacted when they were caught you know us we get audio you're gonna hear it it's 717. Mom Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. When nine point nine KI SW the rock. I'm Seattle. I love this story for a lot of reasons. Because it's about people having sex on a plane. Standing in the airline is virgin so that's. That's good. A couple who just met and virgin flight to Cancun tried to hook up in the bathroom mile high of wow and I guess they made it really obvious and so the flight attendants are there banging on the Darryl there or does banging on the other side of the New York. How can that we're not. And now the task is you know what man again I guess you're flying to Cancun you're just in a great mood because the passengers all cheered when a couple finally came out. It's. Okay. Crude god come on man and decide where the crew members said would you jeopardize your holiday for a we'll look at what is your name media oh really yes I would. If you can raise I mean that's an exciting thing you just meet somebody. And you go on I don't know if that's ever happened in my entire life that would be an amazing thing we did about where they're coming from. The notice the obvious on alcohol could come from Cancun some surely you're still not quite festive spirit is in bad drinks. Apparently the crew opened the bathroom door and found the man standing when his pants down and the woman sitting on the toilet seats at all. How tall is this guy that it's a good does that those toes so don't go very high how well apparently everything was and it was perfect mom carry out. So. Yeah associated amendment she could soon return to his seed and the woman who later threw drinks. As well has now been banned from all future flights well. If you throw drinks you know and lesser any drinks out everybody free drinks the other NASA canceled it's great yeah ask around you. Got her. When I the is that bad Greece in the face looks almost out of Skype we make squares on it yeah so that's down low she's pixelated I'll. That's Oscar India flight attendant on an end today. Yeah. Installations everybody involved to me gosh now seriously. Except for the president really sees the bathroom yeah that is a problem I agree yeah yeah ideally you know that's a that's what they should have a designated got a mile high room always out what it is say listen we we we we have breast feeding rooms always you know I see dozen airports now mama Basra mama vans have you seen a slow yes a little when I want to build you way. Obama Freddie who among models and I don't give Boston a prelude what do you milking America. The problem okay yeah yeah understood it was like coordinating special yeah. Oh yes god I had I did just a cool only going to get away from the airport to cause room though is the doll body. He knows there ever asks that's pretty cool I think that's actually where you get to go yeah Isiah wasn't earlier though don't Don East Africa mr. I learned. That that that that. Okay. Aaron it again yeah that's. Give them. I'm I'm I'm ninety you must have been valued at one visit Monday ya the tax relief area I need some relief. Two people they just met were caught joining the mile high club on a pact to virgin flight based on this and it doesn't have to be sex. Where did you get busted and what were you doing it 206 forge a lot of rock Texas 77999. This story doesn't have to be about sex and where did you get busted and what we're doing your calls your checks after Radiohead on Iraq. The next morning and now I'm 49 K I guess helps you. Point nine KI SW Iraqis Seattle yeah. So are there were two people that just merit or Todd joining the mile high club on a pact to virgin flights. Based on this and it doesn't have to be sex we just wanna know could be segment and have to be. Where did you get busted and what were you doing 20642 Iraqis and also Texas 77999. Let's go to Chris in fight Chris you are on the rock. Firefighting on too much money would you of course they man. We put all of our eighteen. There used to be ain't got Carter's piece in to call won't round six cabinet no gas and it. And I would sit cooked and then your elbow or grilled error. And it and it definitely not a dirty every morning the magic would go to the bank. So I could get busy. All of by the fireplace and he came back early caught us. Also that was it was out on the morning routine you guys knew he has the wind blowing like this is awesome memory and a yeah. It can't be there and we are right in the middle. And eat right and there are so many salad tossing dukes yeah so those guys OJ yeah yeah. I'm gonna great job you know I mean seriously norm I never like my job and every to have sex with anybody has the job. Julien JL BJ while I could I just open our eyes. I still felt pretty are so severe problem. Also I L I admire so much oil. Yet you insist must now Mahoney rhymes books and are we doing Tuesday night bucks an hour yeah that's the I'm bucks an hour when did you end up where he's thanks systems. This stuff we've turned over here that. All knowledge called lost a thousand no no no action or there don't locked down. I don't know I don't know what you need to close CI I was thinking minute here that's unfortunate because I was thinking of your Tacoma the only place you go from mayors economist group I mean really. Sing it tonight. Who served OK I I Chris thank you for the call 206 where's and I want pizza right now. I'm with you man you know I like Gonzalez icons father treats are love because he can necessary he had sex on top of the peace and I I kind of feel like some decent right now it's kind of remember sounds delicious it's go to Mike in federal way might you are on the rock. Yeah. Hello Mike pretty. Mike and Mike knows OK Mike tell our money. They let you bet that would that would force Mike. I'd let. It. Get there we're doing it. The door opened the door it. The ol' boy. I wish you the it did. There are trying to work I don't bet. That. Rhetoric they order it oh. Why don't they don't make it. Yeah. I'd. And that it. Was always so did she did it work are you aware you're an obvious there I am. Little bit there yeah big big red the red white. And not let me start out. She pulled the blanket off of you. And the movies I watch them and ends up in a very fun situation I can imagine that that's that's how this one and Gaddafi now. Wait when you. Go. Girl work. We. Door and I. All options are seeing in knew you were seeking and Tom Mann that's that's awesome like texting again that's something I never did. Just think you'll girl's house no I never did that either means I'm I'm not because she wanted to sneak in I was a man get a restraining order is we're we all love you know you know older adult romance there won't be reminded me poultry today. Never had an immutable will and I could be I don't know I was there were allowed to sneak in in my own house. We'll vs those that apart poking holes McCain and the smoke weed from a copy him but said that diet marijuana your smoking. Tests are so. Let's go to Mike in Seattle Mike you are on the Iraq. Be nice area. Okay lists some might come by giant MM so where are you give us and what were you doing. Let me setup sub grid saw mom probably 1718 just got my license some I went out to dinner with the girl on a date and we're like what should we do let's go hang our that's pretty then these ladies needing only got eleven no I don't. They're just awesome place to go jump in do comment that country club in Connecticut apartment and so we jumped the fence and the ocean and opt out for a few hours just hanging. Going back between the pool and hot doesn't. Our Blanchard or dare next thing you know oracle boat in the odd though no clothes on and I get the right idea. I'm trying to put like a lifesaving ring Alex be my body are quite like he looked through it. Well right I'm sorry did they get stuck around like my waist and I am trying to get this thing off and then a security guard Mike popped out of nowhere and so on and there were no go along with the bull lifesaving ring around my waist jump this and that it's that guy right. And so we we we didn't think how we ended up running away a bum I have a lighting during I don't still but that. Yeah that's a scenario your just a naked with a lovely blue light Cyrano that's awesome run a little cargo might they are and I couldn't get opera like Connecticut like motor oil dominate. She's stands on interviewed him in the water Lisa felt safe to do it. Let me ask you know if you're the security guard and now one you're like OK that's pretty funny you see some make you do run through the wiggling around him. I don't know laughter that I'm less concerned about catch even more concerned we're getting a good picture of it it's our rob went right on that yes we are getting your to do this genius and are your sons and their fall while we tease my assurance anybody had a story would be Sarah my daughter Joanna tells this story is. I do involves Susan partner in crime on this one so I know when we're younger mother would never let us seek candy. And every time went to the grocery store we were always there for candy bar should never biased one. So eventually I got sent out to just start stealing funds size candy bars used these barrels the I solemnly here. After a couple times I got a little RR Allen kids Syria why else are we were in the car for just about to leave the parking lot. And I pull out these funds size candy bars and Mike Omar and I must of forgot he's from school this is so convenient I'm so happy. My mom slams on the breaks and she goes. Do you think I mean idiots. I know you stole plus from the grocery store and I yeah slips the car around parts played in front plate in the loading zone cop pulls me out and goes you're walking up to the manager giving those candy bars back color coma has covered in chocolate does what is unfreeze give mountain climbs are always in my eyes out. Were I. A man and I remember distinctly the look on the measure states being like. Ma'am why did you do to secure pork kid he's crawl H she's awkward easily see your face is covered in tears actually covered in chocolate I. I am so sorry I did it lead to steal the candy bars and ruin your store. And the chicks just like I'm happens all the time it's fine kid yeah. Here's a wet wipes it out I had my dogs like no you punish him don't want to get away with this. When you throw me a mow the blame break room. He really was an irrational. Not exactly. I never again though I learned my lesson. While how well do you know how old you were about six or seven all on its. 28. Yeah I know and my sister was also eaten candy bars and get punished at all for it. Only may I ask you the mastermind was the mastermind Osce Sarah I now CA gonna watch governors the wow I can't believe this is a story were Joey gets traumatize and doesn't involve me no involve how I'm just like. To contact him and part of it I mean in personal joy would have little bribe me because my younger alias and came in their idol. Don't tell you motorboat there's a lazy and three musketeers a zoo or shared the candy exactly we are allowed to go back there. No I never went back to I know. No listen to her. I cried I I legitimately can actually got to still exist I mean as soon as back in New York Verizon dishonor yeah he had us where we moved to pause over there is here so let's go until today. It's a decision remember you Darren and I also underpants stuff I don't wasn't doing his job because wegmans was your favorite story was scenario that's why it sucked yeah. Paul hall toward military supplements plus you get reports candy yeah that's half of the Jolie shotguns hands that went and an advantage over the keys. Yeah Oxley CD. That's awesome. All right well we were talking about pizza earlier does that how that's how this whole thing started really when one of the guys in and they haven't six a salad bar pizza one of the calls hello hey REI and we had a pizza place that owes the entire country pizza. After a tweet they made over the weekend that backfired on. They say is a great idea and so never happened. And it happens and I'll tell you about it it's 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys keys here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. Totally rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. And I knew rebuild it you don't want credit for your time by making your payments on time. Job on your on your friends your mortgage I continue to make our payments in Charlotte carnage you keep your your case I'm you can also. They sent her cards you can almost always get a credit cards and almost. 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