BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-19-18-8A:There is a new dating term called “Master Dating”.

Monday, March 19th

Facebook Drama. “Good Looking Dad”. Friends mistake the passing of someone’s father as a new relationship. A woman almost died from looking at her phone for 20 straight hours.


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He wants a free lunch I got some guys are the little Caesars offers free pizza for every one. Good for sixteen seed to beat a one seed in March Madness. And it actually did happen now is this hasn't happened before a minute and a sixteen c.s go ahead and its number one seed all in 135. So it there is so this seemed like a safe bet for little seasons ago hey guess what before the game they sent him a sixteen seed beats once he between this out little Caesars. They said they give everyone in the country are free lunch or come off. And that's a personal deep dish pizza a bottle of soda it's like a safe bet a man well guess what. Now look it happens yeah I knew he had a University of Maryland Baltimore County they beat Virginia. In the NCAA interment sixteen being number one and they did it that handily to miss it free lunch talk about these crazy happens and they had a whole marketing data would happen on Monday Monday April 2 from my eleventh period of 1 PM only and all that kind of fun stuff but then. And then all of a sudden I mean you can't. You can't I mean they can afford that kind of free publicity that they're getting from this it's worth every penny as surely as if ME ST I never happens and if it didn't happen you're right nobody would care right but that fact that it's happening now relies on him a little Caesars and I. Yeah I I I wonder what it would cost to get the kind of publicity they are getting for this and then how much is a tossing and everybody who goes in there that day in April and how Smart or today. That have already the fine print. There on that little banner before this game even happened they said if it does happen which we don't they get well but if it does happen you only have this window on this day you have to that they get an open ended I would imagine the backlash would be brutal all of course values when I'd be one day for a couple hours of we're ready establish that. Yeah and Emmy I don't know how he George unit take him up on it. I mean I would Illinois I don't Henderson is deserted her in this calendar. Yeah espresso April 2 set yeah. Between 1130 and 1 PM April 2 checking out a little Caesars giving away free lunch and and you don't use walk and ask for it they said they give it to everybody. It's not a sixteen seed do you remember once he's in March Madness and that did happen to a junior thank you Ross take away mine I and I try to that is going to be all right what do you think I would I would I. You know I would think so I mean Danny's probably going to be there are too young to wake behind him. In general Monday that's perfect was on by my house on the on the golf once a day I do west Seattle probably not contact we'll treat each other. Scutaro free pizza I know something I really believe the both of you we'll do it. I'm deathly guessing by UCL crazy line is on the way home that's the call I don't wanna Tacoma that's really close to the house and a price gonna check out and see what's going on I know we're all like it's gonna casually drive by it is sure old Cray Eli had cheerio iron. God sends data. I'm sure they're like all boys. The son of a bitch but yeah that when you realize how much every news outlets talking about it's all over the Internet it's. Yeah that's great too little Caesars that's a good and that's the that's fantastic whoever decided to come up with that. Did did you know Bradley hats off and of course they are so stills of them down little place in Baltimore fellow college made it happen. As an I love their dared Twitter page for that college is just demise. Taking shots and all the people are making fun of them before amateurs a couple sports reporters like you sharply out like a young Virginia got this one no problem and they. As the game is going on does. To Marilyn BC and whatever and how this UMBC NUM BC. Which we had those people that doubted them like hey what's going no you sharply over there champ. It just does it really is a fascinating thing. When it comes to college athletics because of the fact and all these conferences. Slay their own people and you do you think you're good you really don't know cushion not playing a lot of other teams from all of this is not like the NFL or Major League Baseball. Where all the teams play each other and you pretty much snow okay where you stand in college athletics she kind of don't know where you stand. And if beaten in this proves that you know Virginia you think OK we know what's going non-GAAP. And may know yet though it still turns out that on any. Please think he would have made the adjustment at some point. Yeah Manson when it was Clark's a do you see that in the NFL where you go why is it the Seahawks have their asses kicked by Charlotte sometimes teams just don't match up. Right well the last two Super Bowl winners the Seahawks beat the regular season yeah. Stallion that's the funny that's what we thought my god you're right we thought we're gonna do well. We. Journalism we couldn't handle some other teams and everybody else could. Yeah such a bummer man ups are good form essentials series spot in line for myself for you raft policies to call I don't. I ninetieth Erica impure ought to do the same communities in America west Seattle. Please give. I did you know on America's tell us you guys gonna say like I have I have been abides by Capone you know premium for my Tuesday morning breakfast is cold pizza is good math. We'll part of this being free don't you understand not buying it at this I'm just freezing your you right Pena then yeah don't worry about you get it down the only gimme two sets of free another all here to freeze that's promising to do what I do and has a little cable narratives and a free giveaways somewhere I would leaving the change my clothes in the back. OK if it's and that are you willing to do that Geisel scenes like just a few blocks from my house. Yeah yeah where mustache and the like one of those you know if those big nose classes and going and I have one for that reason a young. Perfect color Bandana our heart failure all of us who thought thanks hand. All right I got a new term for you guys this just in the urban dictionary. You guys are familiar of course would be lovely word that when you are the mass of your own domain you know if you go to the fish store and buy some bait you know that is right yen you know that word. Yeah so that say you know that one. I'm doesn't want called master dating mastered aiding master dating some new things and they keep yes. This is when you go auto loans and get mastered it usually is. Master commander guy you would think that that's what it means but it's not master MA ST ER no they stole it the way you spell the other word. All of which means you pretty much go solo. Go now alone like seeing the movie by yourself going to a restaurant laws and now they come up the word go we go down masturbating. I don't know congress say it's all fun and they are they gonna just not hear it as you intended didn't think you're seeing something else I think the people who think they're on fleet you're gonna use this season and our guys don't want all that crap I'm just stay healthy children you are happy crowd. When he saw her when I'm on sleek and I master dale luck as always in California so yeah I I have to go to a movie have to master multi OK so yeah what's your opinion on this for some people don't like going to anything by themselves restaurant. Movie theater. A gentlemen's club you know all those things. Com I. I that's why I love food courts I I agree and I think that's why the food court or bars that they set up at restaurants are like a Starbucks. I think did that yeah it makes you feel OK to be alone I think that's an agrees with Starbucks is so popular. You can get food dean gets average and you don't feel awkward being alone cause everybody's there along 'cause I used to not wanna do that I yeah I mean I didn't wanna be that guy or reading a book. At the restaurant table like a loser that used to be the idea you being a loser we don't need to read a book now you turn your phone exactly it's great this so many people along on their phone but you know back before technology and I'm old enough that that was the case. If you were at a restaurant by yourself. Breeding a book or just there you were a loser because everybody was always in couples or groups. I don't I've had in the past rep told you on the go don't go to a movie heroism Lucy movie miracle that's Osama because this was my. And and Joey don't always know when it's one myself why how critical race and the movies yet are. I'm not intending to my dad talked to anyone even if I well with somebody so what does it matter if you're absolutely right and yet I always wanna go with somebody rewrite you never say anything and I want. It's nice knowing that nobody's gonna try and have any in my popcorn. Are Hillary. And with restaurants I mean there's been a few times have gone to like the form and invention -- like it was in Tacoma no like all that they're happy hours fantastic they've got a juicy Lucy burger and I can I was crazy but I know wanna go inside just went by myself your master Nader yeah I mastered all the time. It's going to theme park by yourself as fantastic as well did you get to use all right airlines which gets you invites me or unreal and Lindsay yeah oh yeah that's a great idea yeah it's it's and I would like recommend going by yourself whose teams are Denny by the way is our theme park expertise you've been a disease of Disneyland world whether how many times he oversaw. The calmest yeah. Yes of your life you want tip seriously just email Danny because he will tell you he says Stacey he's a theme park came. Bottom yeah I'd EO Steve I think that. I gotta say mad out too because I never would go alone and even now I have a hard time going alone. I love going alone yeah and I don't think you're I think you're the winner on that I. And the winner. I don't watch and I'm winning your. You're winning a life C thank you -- he doesn't link restaurant is totally fine to yell we ever phones Sarah Bernard comic book and I he gonna movie along because actually I'd love to discuss it is here let's go to some random person I want to thank what did you think and just have a clip boards and excellence where. Like I'm doing a survey would you think if we think this part was again. I would think you just need to bring something movie so you can get into the movie. Curb her honey seriously I mean they've not to Gabby you look young I would think that you're getting tight like can you go see that rated. Yeah I mean you carted them and I haven't been carded at the movie theaters yet. So I I am OK at the bar is all the time but not yet he but just like him movie broke the past or just go see the movie was your buddy and if you want afterwards just excellent it's cool it's a good step. Now see I go with my kids so I'm gonna do half can lose again the zebra yes I don't personally think by having kids as you can take into the movie. I mean that's that's what that I was so happy that I didn't go oh really my drag Joey along let's go to it. And he actually like C hello I'm always wanted to CNN that an enemy is Sarah's lets everybody. He's unbelievably with Sarah gets sick and all elected the 3-D IMAX stuff so I can't take her as much for that is character popcorn bucket maker of doctorate so yeah rallied that's what I wanna be next to somebody erection. Boomers is going movies alone amazing you know of the sort of weary and sit over snacks which movie to movie time and you've basically always have a single seat in the best throw of the theater. Speaking of movies by the way I just wanna say this but sorry. The rev is in charge of a lot of our content that we talk about the show he scours the Internet sky the stuff. And I just wanna say this we need to take him off that's why quiet young ethnic animosity what does he do until there's a great job until the bid until like the last the second the second week of may okay. Because any time is a guy dim avengers story he's gonna put it front and center in all the things that to talk about love the it seriously enough. Man I don't mean news hello and everybody knows the movies coming out. I'm not I'm I'm on the another typically don't wanna be a grinch about people who are sick of hear him up you'll talk about this day and trailer. I think people who are set Brothers Charlie and actual movie. I agree I mean it's a good trailer that that why I amaze I choose not to watch it because how much people talk Turk did ran almost cried I get chills everytime I see is is headed in the first one. The first trailer that's made yeah does the person was the teaser this lease all the character is using a little bit more of what Condo and you too you glad you campaign as we need to come down to Australia. This is like eighteen movies in the mid teen for this moment. Yahoo! I I legitimately got excited for the 82 trailer for the trailer of the day before yeah. Hey Steve again let's I said let's take a mosque is being charged or what to put in front of us to talk about until at least after the movie comes out what makes a trailer so great. I had the excitement the anticipation getting to see where they're going to be had a ways does story and the fact that I got dizzy my theory character of all time Stan knows sobbed and I hear like he loves that they understand -- a month he does in this but does that yeah ST SAI mental academy insane this fear is an ad notes yeah I know that's not right heinous naivete as well. Now it's fan knows. And they show off his helmet now is really cool. OK okay this has had a Santos. And helmet hasn't gone Atlantis has a Garland and helmet. Guess I would say this he and Ricky not the always excited turns out the tickets on self Friday morning 6 AM. And within six hours avengers is an eighty war tickets pre sale had broken the record for the fastest selling superhero movie the first ones browser Priscilla. I am not gonna I mean my friends and everybody that I know they're like Thursday aren't aren't going to do I stood in line for Star Wars lasted for two hours I can only imagine how I'm gonna stand in line for this movie I buy I bought my Thursday night tickets and about my Saturday night tickets and and I about the Thursday night tickets but I got the reserve seats at their -- I'd -- save you get the reserves she's on the way in a lot yeah I didn't do reserve seats aren't they want and the other theater that I went through very dim wit there they were all gone reserved seats are gone we had to stand in line like you know like like to comment people. Will you reserves when I am that famous. Yeah. I'll ask now I think as I was a little slow in my seats are literally the very front row now yeah why you know please so yeah 'cause I minute in a recliner. I'll be able to reclaim a little bit sort of figure in this country Ralph. And this camera Sox did I know salons don't ruin the movie for me it always happens when I like take my time not like I know a free right now saying this really puts them through hell and and is now knows I don't. What do you think is gonna happen I. I think as it was a dual narrow that down in series right now what's gonna happen comic books you know we've seen Tony Stark die we've seen Captain America died the floor what if they do something from a law books we don't know is this true Christians. It's entertainment system planet you're famous fan knows. Crow blue and. OK I love this so again. Well moratorium unravel that as you know that show the next story I pull off here is going to be another guy dancing in Astoria. All the cool things of the day this can do. Hey I got a question for Oreo what happens when a picture leads to a super short but awkward exchange on social media and I'll tell you what happens in the epidemic another edition of FaceBook drama you gonna hear it paid 817. On the rocks. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW home. Nine point nine JISW Iraq. Seattle. And Vijay once again this is our opportunity to put on the idiots that are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook posts a short but sweet one. And yes of course we're gonna act out the drama that unfolds because of accidents around red you'll be playing the role of god the original poster and your name is Randy. Mickey you'll be playing the role of drew yeah. BJ you'll read I am OK and I will be Linda. And actually read a poster is on Diana's pictured as posted may be comments on the so Diane poses a picture of her in a man. And then Randy takes the way so rest police taken away. Hey guy had great add so help me please do well and G Dow added he's a Lockheed and. And he is I'd had. And he still does wage and a. Tell Angie. I am so so sorry I doubt he was your answer you look so happy in this picture yeah. Is. I'll stop now and our keyword. Hash tag lighting up now. Right to the point on Iowa and she's gonna sell semi defense who. Eric how are great and that's all Arnold. They might kill off console that's horrible they Wear say acted that I did you look so happy in this picture now I know you an idea Linda sister. Dropping its sorry yeah sorry. Man. I'll tell you though it is it is it really is symptomatic of what we have one of the biggest problems we have in this country item over the world. And that is the mitigated apology. You know people don't want to make people feel bad but sometimes you accidentally do ya and you immediately go oh I'm sorry but then given excuse that just says please don't be mad at me I didn't mean it but it. He realized he make it worse than you do they just go to my bad I'm sorry and shut up but the mitigate an apology just ruins everything and then I'm on the outside in the. I am saying you're you're grieving so maybe you forgot but. They're going to put that cash in on the picture. I mean Chris you are opening up an opportunity for people not realize what's going on than they might say something that's not a necessarily appropriate. I Jesse I don't know Smith I disagree I think we have. So obvious he was right he was all the LA you know I mean it's not OK I know Vicki I have been mistaken I Anthony Anderson the blackest of all people he thought we. Or couple million people think he's right there are no. The only my dad my husband all the time. Small hole on I. I know he looks she looks pretty good we've got a good hours early how to get a doctor's appointment and this why my dad just kind of snacks thinking I like so young and I'm seeing nearly now. Daughter that thinks he'll let me look now I look like crap today. Yeah well I believe I can get is someone that not only and only she looks like crap arm may be. Yeah. And I feel like I'm like forty years fifteen all maybe deserves it he's calling a younger chick yes we always make it about you and base and you definitely pulling crap. Because we kind of did look like wrestling team. Guy can be would someone who's younger yeah it's still my dad tells me hey I can't I can't I can't tell us crescent mine because like mine thank him. Yeah here's the thing is she based her dad don't abuse on looks like crap Steve maybe it's a little sensitive for use because you have to be with a younger alike younger wife. Break that I look cracked yeah there are ya we'll see it it's it's that they did your father does actually look good for his age when people like if I'm without followed Sarah. And they'll say hey we did they you can tell they're going. They don't know what to say because they know god you are all look at bastion really did you pull this that's I know I think of that and their head. Give us so they don't know what to say about us as a couple and so I see the opera that her face ago. Yeah you know artist daddy and daughter shopping day I mean I help a lot of little bit. Well anywhere should adjust his daughter is an arrow pointing towards our Jewish religious hasn't says daddy. Well Brian I know it's. All the different like Barnes he bother you less screaming daddy and daddy know you have been under. Around my teenage cousins and people think those are my kids that we only have a couple years separation so I am very. Very we sensitive about very sensitive Fatah protesters is a lot of Graham goes on around their grandkids. You wanna you wanna make some points if you're in the golf world is your if your guilt country is still halos your kids. That's it now I've done a couple times like SARS have yeah play. You'll find there are some of us are just consulting. They know immediately become my grandmother my saying hey I saw how all your kids I think I had allies and a Democrat and I is a train. And next thing you know. Do you think she makes you know dentures are coming off such an eighth party. There. Anyway hunts. The the so yeah that's right Denny you us this show your work and I'm congratulation drills in the coming up until years congratulations buddy. Can make the right choice. I don't know it's happening and more now you know how to get gilts. Yeah that's the most important do you don't like and your relationship but if that ends and taking notes yet they got to go for the dead ticker is a minority group that doesn't get serviced and often get a lot of you know attention and that's the guilt hunters I wanna help out posters and I think all my mom anymore because people think my mom is my girlfriend slash wife it's such because we look a lot alike way to boost her EO Brian from Tacoma. Yeah I think you should be able to see if there's any similarities you just got to assume relatives and just say nothing. You know diet they've got this will not go out with their civil I mean medicine is that there is check children anymore like I know what we always a jump to the conclusion that you're with your daughter and beat you with her father maybe maybe we are perverted couple world is this how. I wasn't a question of how many times that people really go well with their parents much anymore when they're like in their twenties and thirties like you were where there it's just like. Dad go now with the daughter mom gonna what I just not yeah because maybe it maybe that is a weird occurrence weird you know I did you see in a group like when you see your parents. Maybe it's all do you like you and a couple siblings you know right this is a group this is a unit. But how often do they go all compares to you maybe not a lot but I mean I indicted as Sarah and I are out shopping all the time so you can do their part throughout their distinct you know coming on this guy with this young chick. They're probably pass because they are highly polls that he looks like a troll he sounds like a troll. You know they're probably really pissed about their life yet a done about it. All right. So I get this story for Vicki I I highlighted this for Vicki because this is. I've everybody on the show ST so what to do we look like crap and you were your dad yeah okay that's stories behind this okay the united. Turn but if anybody if I said she Steve what do you think is on their phone most on the show lol oh man well you know it's a toss up between Mickey and Danny yeah yeah you're right. Good hello there and nurses and yeah it's a Shockey doesn't have his folder right Danny is giving Dickey Iran for her money but Vicky still has a very shortly you know it's Zaria thin mean I'm just church yeah. There is I am very valid because it's charging on Larry King is it that's the same reason this he had. Thanks to resilient on your phone yeah. I sort things. So high YouTube geniuses here's a story Korea a woman who looked at her phone for twenty straight hours almost died from blood clots on her brain. That's. Critics say man I'm so I can watch Garcia found blood god your boy it. I sure you're on the front nine I don't blame where it's OK I humbling drug costs is what I prime rapper. We have blood clot in your brain from looking at your phone 47 year old woman who was traveling across China on a train last week. She was lying down on our side looking at her phone and she didn't move from that position for the entire twenty hour session. Familiar to bathroom that was so she get off the train chief scene and on the platform yeah I even I'm told arena because I board game a lot to Dodgers do you have to get move wants them on the Ambien problems. Yeah blood clots on her brain he rushed to write to the hospital. And he said really way it was the same posture is what happened for hall and saw press all the blood vessels so I guess it was in the fall after all not too bad it was Obama is the phones are you think that his life. But sisters have been stuck like in a static position you know looking at her phone for all for twenty hours. She didn't move I love that possibly you move a little bit today here and hostile she's recovering report to show up to talk terror. And out of use the other picture and what are they see her on her from finishing goes. I got. That's it that's it that's assign an addiction is at. Granted you're right I did sounds like. More of it was because you stay in one position but it had to do with her being on a phone it's the phone did it. They guy was a wake up call to maybe get off that African phone Yemen a country that in these phones right now dude I mean this is weird. Yet it is so weird seeing people have conversations like got Ollie is walking and I'll be here and people talking but they're only by themselves yet it is such a weird phenomenon because I growth at a time where if you saw people doing that they were crazy people. Anymore and he's got a Bluetooth yeah and so I itself back as my hearing isn't the greatest so when I hear people talking I think they're talking to me because why else would somebody be talking in southern to go. Hey LB like. Now Charlie hey and then Al you're you're gonna talk enemy and they do you look like why are you even looking at me in my because you said hey you know and allowed block public place. Just happens in the elevator all the time there's last week Iman yelled at him some and they don't what do you think for dinner. Because look at the look what you need to know now doesn't I don't know why whenever my Weis made it and they look we are all on the phone. Among all I'm sorry when I know what I'm gonna have him what I think I'm gonna have for dinner my here's what here's what you know. My wife gets it done in the kitchens and I have no idea it sounds of the met my wife makes Tom McCain mock castle what you did for dinner but then the other day. On the elevator as well all the on this guy goes you know at the L stands for. No I. I'm off on fittest you know I don't know how you and I don't you pay attention to lead this assume he's on the phone during Sunday and they are just do you know what the L stands for. He's pointing at the L on the buttons. And I'll send you know I don't know leave. Okay thank. What kind. Like elevator interaction is that smell like OK good one man could hear you leaving so you had Al for a hobby. Not any isn't it around your do you know what that tells dance floor. What's my step dad says like. OK I don't. I'll this elevator this is the longest fourteen floors in my entire life. I ask you don't you wanna I was going on me head of somebody like that they think they're interacting that we told by the therapist talked to people more because. That's also the most awkward conversation it was almost out of time. I'm so proud of them. Goes like this. I see maybe mid fifties so it is additionally a dad has total bad joke but again I am you know that else also says four. We lose our business they're here hopeful. I always. This coming Biggio would have done like this at all and I joke. How do corny jokes we got to know me I gotta have some report first OK I got at this guy that's the first thing I league wins. You know I'm the guy who got at least establish hey how are you and nice to CA by the way you know the L stands for at least you know they're engaged don't just go. Aaron you know did yeah arms like one. These terrorists are going to be set up before you go right in doing it. You know. I mean this girl for like fifth million Ford played amazingly poor play and everything in life when you meet some of the horse under NASA deal or EL one bit man you know warm up to proud I was told the draft. Yeah highrise. I've Friday our boys Freddie foreplay was not able to free this one out months and you writers for these movies and did not hold the shot shank redemption Steven Spielberg now. It's it was the other guys George Lucas now hi John Grisham now. No sir you're right it was a Stephen but he was the king. You were shot at beating Steve you got a 206 what you wanna rock the plane he makes it 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time. We're we're talking about filing bankruptcy the crowd of fans are needed and reviewed shed. Not just your son's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes a very use your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case. 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