BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-19-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, March 19th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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On Saturday April 7 sit and slide is coming to the Fremont funded still weeks away man. Another way for you to enjoy some great drinks have regional breweries providing some of their best brews and sliders and other stuff man. From local restaurants showing up their murderers and other great fights it's going to be great I can't wait and Teresa. Have fallen. But they're saying is that supposed lies in June or some local Simpson's sliders. It's pretty I mean you know what that says it all edit. How much I got to Mercedes ginger brew. Good to have life long break up a full tilt ice cream is going to be dead. Okay in the Michael might include data source Idaho law. You want tickets. One more influence than the KI SW dot com precipitous slide benefiting our friends at treehouse. Being. Time. Maybe now we. Even exist. I'm no longer enough for lunch today. See this play songs. People forget like yeah earlier goes into it into my boots and they'll come back next week do we play the song yeah. Everybody. Me. It's. Agreed that we can now play pumping up at 6:50 this morning I went to the user replay and Matt in fact did this play and it's her that's I don't believe you over you can not believe me all you want but it happened I love that you did it and you don't believe and that's why things. Yeah you're in charge of that yeah. Thomas. It's. Okay thank you find in the NFL revolts yes. The Saddam Michael medical listen that's. That typical kind of problem that. Oregon doesn't it really got Justin in Bremerton to take on Steve Justin -- there's certain. Are you and your excellent play imported hasty everything for tickets take got Evan essence and Lindsay sterling over and what you don't think he's going to be there at the wire all right September 7 courtesy of my nation go to KI SW dot com probably. CNN and essence and Lindsay sterling. Do you tickets now at live nation dot com Aristide's that blue. Yeah yeah yeah I'm good. So I could have now figured out here. Ask. Yeah for those playing it on Justin will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Justin you can pass all you want but you'll. Only three guesses per questioned how are you ready 111001000. Wonderland which character was taking ET with the march hair under a chilly. Better yet ask what color is passed recast to. Where you ask who has been hit songs my away and fly into the moon. Great now you ask what does the abbreviations IQ stands for. They told us quote Diaz knew Greek mythology what do the cyclops forged pursues. Its. Are towards no it's murder now it's quite able to ask who was the main actor in the keystone cops tales. Bloggers ask what is the primary leaker anti sex on the beach cocktails. Our blog just ask what animals' blood is dumped on Stephen king's carries. I'll take a plus if you ask what's company produce the brownie camera out. Who played the title character in the ninety's movie attach Adam's yeah Brodeur to the yeah as what company produced the brownie camera I'm. Girls got to know TTP. No worse. And nine out of ten almost a perfect ten there. Just anonymously existing or does anybody know company that used to do cameras I guess that's dad goes I think that would be edited gets there that's ice guess a camera kinda see Steve might get down a little bit wiggle room stuff can pull off of Jimmy cargo. That's a good. It's a good one and I guess now and Steve has been decidedly off his game today. And you didn't win but you're not even paying attention to the old things he's doing sometimes people throw no hitters on acid it doesn't match. There hadn't heard of wins and when you're NASA right now are you come out of town home. Yeah normal. We're not I. Are you ready. In 2000 wonderland which cared or was it. And Alice in Wonderland which character was taking tea with the march air under a tree that the Cheshire cat now and talents no. Don't lose the character so it's I don't know what Tom and Jerry no glare color is not freak out. Orange and yellow snow yeah. It takes now Ireland had hit songs he's hit songs in my way and slide into the moon's limb kids get to know. How tough Frank Sinatra you know as to what is the abbreviation I guess you stand for. Intelligence quotient as terrorism case in Greek mythology what does this cyclops forged for Zeus. Gold notes narrowed top flour no Tommy's. No who is the main actor in the eighties film cocktails Tom Cruise asked what is the primary leaker may sixth on the beach cocktail I got yes. What animals' blood was dumped on Steve thinking scary next. I don't know don't hate you as to what companies produced the brownie camera. Dependent snow yeah. Yeah I hope you DS no. Oh. No one 345. You lose Saturday. No no I you have a good job buddy. I love this Justin you are winner my friend. All amateur yeah and also that means this. Christine via gas Steve Steve you lost I know thanks and I just didn't didn't get. Damaged. Paprika is bred. Barrel around that diligently to in Greek mythology the cyclops forged lightning bolts or thunderbolt one of the other I would take both of those. And then the other one that both of you missed the company that produced the brownie camera to camera camera. All those two KM no I don't like watching it from them oh we're so proud no Canon no tennis. Are you guys are not going oh it's Kodak it's Kodak and moved to come on. Tyson camera names like oh yeah and it got Darrell and Elise you're close enough there without when Vicki it was a brand and brownie camp. The breath I don't even know what the brown I didn't either clearly she's easy road dump had those just like I don't know where I don't mind is not going nowhere I wanna go there why would anybody yeah. Brownie camp and enact the department of your why why why why it's the I don't know man okay until now. Just I just NBC news only immediacy would be and I got this great idea guys you know we don't have we don't have a go pro for your buck. I got up Ronnie can't sell to doctors for colonoscopy snow or don't ask representative here. That chills or Colin you know this hey Colin which are Ganassi. I don't know her congratulations dusting on beating makes this morning yeah you. You tired V makes you get the prize that's our oral. But yeah he wanted yeah paces of talking about the brownie camp let's go to the Pew Research Center paid. Turns out about a quarter of Americans say that they're online quote. Almost constantly. Yeah because we told you about that Chinese woman and had blood clots on the brink as she was online on her phone while on a twenty hour train ride and didn't move one bit. And then when her in the hospital there of course she's on the fourth hole. Twenty hours and there on constantly untrue just resentment at constantly online. And about half let's check the Internet several times today. My gosh I think yes several is an understatement. Yeah. And how about this though still one out of nine people. Don't use the Internet at all. And those are the happy people in our country I imagine they're talking about adults because we know little babies are using it and make up people. That's not sure I still lot of kids these days with their little tablets watching like YouTube videos served well how would you say thrives in the youngest three my sank two or 30 really to cast are not okay that's impressive. So I similar money and on a walk but they don't use a cell phone exactly I saw my cousin Gary my niece does she doesn't have a tablet her mom refuses to get her tablet. But they gave her my iPad to she can watch your cartoons in the in the room with us and that she was going to at this Seles tapping everything she's not even three yet kansans isn't even blame the tablet. Dude how I like my wife's friend's kid like music I don't know under six months old right it's such playing with a phone. And rules on it and changes the language to Chinese I don't know yet how that happened but it was awesome. It's likely that a pro look. Pause now and shiny he's since that's fantastic. That's why any a stunt phone. Yeah nearly beautiful cares I had you know my kids anything that I really cared about them and they want and I got to stop one that didn't matter. Other located freaked out the dad though because at the table there's a wanted to at camp and the kid puts his head to break and they can't go and Heather and hello it turns out it was just a candle at one of those ones that concern now and a battery all of yeah looked real good has it the Flickr edit. They got a minute I turned pale white yeah sure did yeah. He has this thing mammoth kids ivory Arie I hit those they ER childproof everything. Your life is like a stress ball because you you know you're hanging out as a couple have a great life. And then you realize all of the danger in your house you have no idea until all of a sudden you bring this little creature in there and you gotta lock everything down volume imagining when your first Def music. But Joseph Gerald is right yeah I don't as far as -- make that was they don't prided that you inhabit a back a pamphlet to tell you how to handle these things have so you're learning as you go and say oh my god didn't think that this can put his hand and candle and you don't think they can open the refrigerator you that's the one thing that surprised me is you would say okay well you know the refrigerator winner and two people would get refrigerator a locks I'm like why you need a refrigerator like that's a heavy door for I didn't refrigerator box some union. Kanye go on the kitchen areas he's got eggs all over his head eggs all over the floor he's got he's pulled out the pots and pans he's he just justices like compliment. Very tough I don't guess Jay you are Heusen with Wilson they try to be a cook firm and it. Also do so says the young age you know it's it's a cute thing until you realize I have to clean all is not like Cathy she's is all. Is cute she runs and get the camera and then tells me running at the broom and mop is like I had thanks did you really tip your wife clearly was doing right yes you know it was a prison Malcolm by his son is not an iPad at one years old. I think you have to I think keeping tablets away from kids is crazy because this is technology is only mean more and sauce in your life you can't do that my daughter's three CS or tablet for learning only place. You know Steve you're learn and every day of evidence that it. No I don't know you're saying learn about sex shops. That's that's inappropriate story is a family shall isn't really that it's like I do have my family on the show so you kind of right. So weird family show when it's apparently shot so. This I I would this next thing about to read to you I would say is very bizarre except I know firsthand that somebody loves this particular substance OK so therefore I can see maybe this is a trend I didn't know about. Did you go and for people like Steve lucky enough to have one of these restaurants around you yes pickle juice slush is are coming to song like this summer. Pickle juice plus. And I what do they say if I didn't have a daughter who just loved pickle juice and please no no comments are. The failure yet we don't hear about your love of the pickle yeah. I don't know that's not what we're tonight. But yeah I I can't believe I mean my brain to go with you somebody wants a pick to slush really. And Sarah is and you are you excited about the idea of a pickle juice slush. Hank. I would definitely try it for sure yes for sure I too. I love pickles I love the Jews of killing the Jews on things you like pickle confused don't like alcohol as drinks yeah yeah and or Reese hit a shot of leg whiskey in the I don't know my back man yeah. Since twice in this day and bringing up the form of Tacoma once for the juicy Lucy burger they also have all these infused alcohol. Different types of occult hey you know lots keel the demo pickled infused. Vodka I haven't tried to and that's all there really is it couldn't imagine now gatlin is Mary would be delicious lol okay that in my at all do you want but I'm I just I would a soda violate the youngest are trying to soda and good Jack will be like pickles. We only tackles and no it's not going to be good like I let. HI uses terrible on single yet because you don't like pickles I beach trying to anyway definitely you and I. I would lie then I would Linehan. I just I love the pickle flavor you like pasta my classes like dryers and put some pickle juice on I lost my. Analysts are. Are you gonna end years she's been doing this for years but she was crazy turns out pickle juice is one of the hot food trends this year. And you've been doing it for at least five years vs just pregnant woman's paradise yeah you're right and my wife and I auditing pickle juice I'm sure they'll love this. A lot of people differ hangovers are a lot like there was saying it's a really good surely you know a chaser because it cuts whenever alcohol drinking when I worked at the restaurant. All the time I have to be making pickle lax because people just ordered with her shots I didn't try something now without Glen from window pane and he's a dozen shots here and sharing it needs a pineapple back I'm an element for what is ahead of what is the pickle back when these things they see take a shot and then it's a chaser used to call to chaser got gas so. So we dish out to kill and then slammed it little thing of pineapple juice is like what where's is your whole life. React that so strong and it just like with coats this keel flavor and I agencies trying to I got one better you take an orange slice and you did they in cinnamon powder. And you take your shots up on the hill orange has a lot of effort I didn't immediately know like most tequila bars will do if Loria. It's it's a game changing its seriously it is so dead. But now I want to share with an apple T symbol according to food v.s dot com they got to sample this new pickle juice slush that you get on sonic and they say quote. It's a unique syrup that provides a punch of brining acidity but has enough sweetness to take the sharpness on the flavor. They know since you can't see this this is by the way and slush that you can get it sonic and make it sound like. You know top chef Gary informers a pickle juice is the best remedy for a hangover could cause sonic. Mattresses try frying eggs and pickle juice it's awesome. Man that sounds great I'm gonna see if fighting get mom to do that Sarah that sounds awesome I don't ask me and I mean Korea and leaders of the love hearing sir reciprocal. Okay thanks Max sensor. And month. Also if you don't want to stray pickle juice drinks they have the syrup that sonic says they'll put an end you beverages of you wanna pickle juice Coke you can get one. Pickle juice coach how would be strange blue moon there is fascinating Gibson why physical putting. Okay what. I don't know I sort of typical wedding and that's somebody else entirely it is there is many members as maze of apple chaser is the best for tequila I agree I gotta try it I know you agree did you the onset of the first place yes I love how you agree with someone who agree with you why it's like reading the Smart tax man who's had their go through your eyes and aren't herded. All right you know what time it is. Time for listeners on the loose typical part it's all about pickles it's a party this is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show. It's totally topic. Really you can go pop the dvd you can saw little merit. Join us exports to rock Texas 77999. You want to pick your topic you can hear it. Nice seventy on the rock. In an extra mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I don't point nine KI SW rock on Seattle listeners on the loose proxy fight cards toys. Do you think the topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock you can also text us at 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about we've put on the table. Because you're the one that put their first so we are seeing Edith I don't know tonne hi Elizabeth Toledo seems. He does have one rule for Louis is on the list necessary some energy and bring it we might already be violated no rule but if you can do for. About borrowers turned 206421. Rochester since 77999. Our buddy Joseph Drake Joseph you you're on the rock. Good morning your buddy gel which forced anybody who. What you are talking about the new avengers movie in our military are you more excited for this let me let trailers such a course there are sort of solid already got a job buddy. Well how these. Yeah well they're. Everywhere so are you got the target you don't that you have yours each and what not to root beer and I had discovered a tricked out here that I'm gonna share which he urged all right guys as we would really don't have Thursday night the first showing her Friday night and Saturday is also the first weekend for all the 44 source of all I I quit do -- first showing a long time ago aren't playing Dallas are -- I get up on -- elect a regular early like every day of the week now certainly not animals and he'd be tended to actually really do like the first showing on Sunday morning when we know it's going to be easy to get them and it's it's no problem. But what I started doing years technically opening weekend avatar in my life was all excited that's true we gotta go opening weekend and all the excitement so I'm like OK let's try. I'm gonna try something I showed it at the theater which might change when I had my motorcycle accident. But I'm I don't we've we've bought the tickets and hobbled over to go girl at the door and there's that line in her right dead into between church and unlocked door or is there any chance we can get in early at least peoples like you get a street like sure no problem just stand over here. The that we would like the first people went. And we lit sat down at the wheel chairs that they have clicked the wheelchair but encapsulation. So I legroom flagrant two dazed and I'm like all right Brad Pitt so married and we go to the movie I bring that hey he's an all Jones. I could consider I got plenty of leg room I got nobody astronomy it's easy Kyrie. Limits greasy. All right man well that's the strategy may well we have Joseph on the line deaths of us hope we don't talk we just frosts are you just recently about a time that Chris Jericho came to town and it just so happy about it town. Say this Chris Jericho we had on Friday is a huge fan of kiss. And yes and he came to town and Jeff Krauss are buddies he took them to Krakow just some random day and it just so happened that Jews kiss cover band was playing. And hole and you see the pictures trades them the number but my dad that's. Good or bad I don't let you down. Do you tell the story of when Chris showed up in him what happens. Aren't all luck. I chair and standing in the bar in full cost of America and every great and that CIT Jeff where else come in that the door you know they show an idea what not. And I'm like oh my god. There's Chris Jericho. It's like okay this is kind of cool so just comes over with Christian Christians like. They don't pressure no idea he was walking into Rochester new bat pretty solidly in May eighteenth hole lipped out there and then jealously they allegedly public hagel I know exactly who you are nice dementia but it took a backstage in the Dresser and we got it's a little bit when I looked up and next ML seem to answer Grammy yet chicken little Paulson at least. Wow. What a parent Alcoa's. Biggest you'll only face huge items like face timing him at some point while the show who is going on it and so Paul still is watching Chris Jericho watch. To distribute and almost human while bad example total Tug on six degrees of separation now when Joseph let it be awesome. Are you also have real muscle on stage and they're Jericho jail on charges locker outlet a mad man. How cool is that that's gone on every level and her tool. And then the crowd Chris told me it's something after we went off the air he said and apparently any history of U bands that wanna be just to be banned all Jean asks of them is to break them. Is for them to write him a letter to saying hey is it cool that we are going to be attribute and for your fans that's only asks for. I'll that's for. I'm number I don't have to do that but I. I found out that somebody it's certainly something that they're G or concerned about she chairs tribute bands need to take them. Because the blood premiere and we will be able to do actual ice sent a letter along with a picture of the band to Gene Simmons dot com and I between me and said. Take your GM Paul Purdue we couldn't look you guys we wouldn't be able to do this we can't do it spent a lot of money on Disco records are toward the purchase. That's the you know it's idea that accomplice is saying Dynegy would want executive and didn't know much more public forum which I think. Genes all about promotion how does not love that. Yeah I'm sure egos stroked your book bingo stroke rare. So those awesome as a battery only gas Aurora new noticias cause they don't care you recover and do retriever and whatever go ahead that's awesome originals like I was a little respect. Joseph I love that man I like as you've got a great job you tribute band and I love the fact and actually Paul Stanley got to see it. In that it in the ID six degrees of separation with Jericho that's also. Yeah. Dignity and I noticed we find out some cool stories about that. Kiss tribute bands and Paul Stanley Jericho and how to get into a movie with a cane. What are. How it was funny gobs I guess and is sure to find the show he brought to the fact he was on our shall remember you don't tax them easily came any credit that is on your Shoney's that's cool him hey guys would you think communities near meth. They use. Do I sound drunk and I think I was still drunk from the night before I was hilarious because while he was in studio us like it did Jericho it's true I'm Craig no concede this was a little bit more. Yeah you know who's gotta go and we are tensions at times combative super nice but does he seems a little more loose and mass so he was still feel some of the effects from the night before apparent I have barely admittedly he was pretty drunk the night before and that's awesome if. Every you know like a guy a little bit tipsy is I think always a lot of fun. I just a little casting disaster they you know that's a person doesn't let me get a little caffeine to sort of counteract that but what happens is you sound like a crazy person a little bit I love that. He's notorious in the world wrestling like you do not go to recruit recruit Chris Jericho I called and in a lot of wrestlers are known for being guys or to put a few back so you say you straight edges are you saying oh yeah he's super straight face that's yeah that's yeah during a drink for drink you might just be blacked out by Britain's. One minutes that I either you know what that's that would take me long but that was a fun interview and I'm glad that. Good people have a good time if Ozzy show our place is packed via very core I saw some pictures of it and I look like there was an of course. Jericho looks greatest front man and I mean he really he he's living the dream that he wanted to -- make it happen he looks he Leahy reminds you so much of those great front men from the you know we days gone by all he definitely goes back to the eighties era of metal where you just about the big showman and he does a great job at it. It's let's is a loose you picked a topic. You guys to show at 206421 rock Texas 77999. Margaret calls and texts at 933. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq go to Seattle. It's blisters on the loose you think the topic you guys to show it's 206421. Rock. Text 677999. First fifty in my wife smiling at me in my lady we just try to watching falters. Carbon junior recommendations we. You suck now getting assists while two episodes and we're hooked and she doesn't even like scifi. Yeah it does he you don't you don't have to like scifi because it's really detective story it's a greedy. Detective story that happens to have a scifi feel he is scifi setting. But it's more about like freedom fighters in a gritty detective. And it's it's a really cool story end there are. We use a lot of make you didn't watch the movies and sloppy job you had me I see all our night a lot of floppy CZ Vijay got to know your out there thanks to just talk about the mood I gotta get sticky back to enjoy commodity exclude those of us after all yeah. I seem to get back here. Series is security Q would the orange slice and cinnamon and it's awesome but try to wound Germany weird you have to try to yeah it is legit tasty. So it's still so you do orange slices cinnamon and that's what you each expect particularly. So you you take your shot of tequila then you preemptively he sliced up and orange in you'd get into the cinnamon powder any dissent on the orange it's an empire heed your time. Yeah it's so bad series is an awesome Mexican restaurant in granite falls to guide Mario makes margaritas and pineapple on hollow Pena was the best ever. That's not to far from where I live look ills are suitable as a Mexican places in granite falls falls until we find it. There's a couple of tiny Pluto and every Mexican food restaurant you where's Mario Mario. Is really one or two Mexican restaurant it's not that okay. How big do you do the reconnaissance. That's the word yeah that was your checking out how okay thanks uncle Chris yeah. Even you know Chris too much any rights to decisions for us only so like yourself today and easy and do we deal. We've teased and I SMS Adele on Saturday they gave me a couple minutes of their time butch and even save let's show let's push your decision this guy he'd like literally came up tourism is like today. You guys are awesome. I was about it yeah sorry gotta say that's the best conversation when you're that you're just thrown back the breeders'. Yeah it's always I shout outs I'm back and get his name I feel bad but like becoming a bad mood at a certain. Eating establish all really were the bad mood is somebody you literally Alyssa came out blazing everything are they trying to I don't I don't that Mason meets you there's also I think I could I think it was very visual my face I was not happy yeah because. This is place that we order usually delivery. And every time they screw things up. And I get my wife loves it's like keep trying to one time it took them two hours of delivery were known that deliveries notice said there's only unity thirty minutes to hours and I kept calling them and they kept telling me all these lies may finally showed up so I might not happy with displays as it is the stylishly I really want displaced launch might OK fine. But I'm not waiting for delivery we're gonna go pick it up and you can do that also online we can pay. Ticketed fans all that crap. And you show up ill be waiting for you how they anonymous sign in their status that says no wait times if you order I'm all right so we do that. I get there were ready like two minutes behind when it was supposed to be ready so much all it's going to be there for a walk Grenada and eat a bag of food and we can leave. I would ordinarily guys working there are seeing that I was late. Here's your Steve right in my gap I've started to order yet. War and now look I don't Mike. You saw a rich and then at that moment this guy I'm super nice and his wife and they're like hey man big bad and I'm like I mean you. But I hate this person I found a problem awful like for the rest of the dead cold terrible lovely trying our athletes. I feel like such a jerk like this you need to come off pissed but I was pissed that this guy because I've history with Sam McKee might million. And in the mud that's just making me my stuff and he's trying to tell me all how you get like his body Dele but the way to he's preparing because I'm there. And finally I just lost it. I'd like like yelling and I go hey man what part of no waiting if you order allied dude did you not understand music Wu well a good modes Raj and some people showed up comic I've been there before when it does a lunch rush and you say hey you've got to wait because I'm an online order it needs to be prepared before yours and might make sense. Debt that. I was how about you hire enough people if you're getting much are. And so passing stats I don't isolate I felt so bad Dow has been a guy he's got his stuff and left and I I died in one and these guys added him. Because the guys making his food before my about just like. What's the point of doing all this crap like ordering online if it's not going to be ready. Still there's two things wrong their first of all light you see it's always tough to put a brave face for a casino. If you just regular Joseph and nobody knows who you are you get to go in like everybody yells and beyond seven the situation is upsetting. He's so tough that when you like you know you have a bad situation and you know some people who are famine your work come up and you've got to turn that off. And turn on the happy face gas so hard to do and then secondly. You don't I tell you this man. You're a better man than me because I would say no I guess who's never going to pick up food there again. This guy you love this place so much you go deal with these idiots out there and they're out to get ready to I'd rather eat off a dogs placed in go to that guy's place again and it's construe this as this. They Erin yeah X I hate bad service in the may make excuses for their bad service. And I hate sex toy as those videos. Sorry judge Amanda typically aren't I this never happens typically I just got a guy that's darn bad. I'm doing okay yeah yes. I would say it does a body good and that's our man you might say I love when you get for you tea and when you get this way. I know it's really bad because I overreact to everything you know under react to everything so if your fist of a heart I know this places that don't text either that's. You've ruined that listeners stay out of my room and they used them nice and Mike and I like leave me alone yeah video like you said give a can tell and then they feel like maybe it's them and it's it's I felt bad Jack has and it's especially around here folks are so courteous they don't even want to bother you so then. Dig all right it's not it's kind of rude but I really wanna say hi Stephen and if you have any sort of like. Look like you're not happy and then I know all day and now Seattle I don't know I god CI was drew Tyrone Steve and everybody's everybody's miserable at this point except the idiot who's basically laughing all the way to the bank did you still paid for his food that he didn't make on time lawyer I'm persistent and intensity you kidding me now with the tip many service whatsoever to perform this tipping BS is that ahead. Don't think the weird thing at that moment like. I almost one MIT. I would have asked bus when in my damn stuff I wanted to get the hell out of place or so match. I don't see I would because I wanna sentiments as I got a bag to make sure didn't miss it the food right then I always said I want the to ensure prompt miss which would tip means. Back yeah and see what he does. And the whole Tom looking at this giant sign that says no wait time yeah to come see you terminate the Hernando man. Again aren't you may bring me next time both I'll go over last. Don't listen you know what let's just drop beyond seriously lets you drop the truth bomb right inside this guy's joint let's just do that and get a response that's what I bring our bring the truth bombs maybe. All right great dream a muscle you didn't like Arnold muscled you know you what you want and we wanted to answer is pork I mean mr. misery and we've made money. Now you get to do is watch like the and a fun happen as you just a miserable guy with miserable patron it'll be great. Watch the world imploded our brief talk I receive I'm OK with that you'll have a great time. Here's the big question for real what's right and Cassel. Homer Simpson have in common. I'm gonna tell you at 949. On the ground. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Game jarring action. Flying fast and Homer Simpson haven't commented we did John discolored it. Eyewitnesses that they both like chocolate and. Obviously it did need. Who is that there's more at home button. Shockley CD I don't know what the context was that's got to be it's gonna be really old I thought that was maybe just a really bad Homer Simpson pressure. If I'm not mistaken must know most chocolate hot. That he was exact amounts yeah three days a legitimate chocolate city was there Lara will present around town when that mayor dean to me chocolate city. So mom. Shockley CD that's immoral. One person they're both of the chase of Lou Harris yeah. Both are filled with snow okay and both ladies donuts surface sure I'm not okay. Tim. Yeah obviously CD to get a guy that gets pulled over and gives the cops a fake homer Simpson's driver's license it happened in England and thought that would work. Yeah it didn't work Danny got charged her in overdrive Miller real driver's license drug and insurance and just. I really elegant shocking crime Daschle he's got a twelve pack this chocolate city. In case. I'm trying to look like a life living in like my body like like going through it. Wells I don't siren do it gets stuck grounds like my weight and that's security guard like soft out of nowhere. I'm sitting there would no clothes on with this little life saving ringer on my way I'm trying to jump the spends a. That guy right and that's all I saw you you just the naked with a lot we will lifesaver under the office I don't know if she needs to handle the abuse and in the water usage policy to do it. What are you. And made some mornings on the rock nanny nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost aluminum very vigorously constant course very demanding what kind of drug issue finally. There's a certain amount of dropped. Ports costs and other out of pocket costs that you're going to have in any case. 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