BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-17-7A: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a concert?

Monday, March 20th

Beat Migs. Steve got to interview Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers and Chad shared a story about watching two guys using their prosthetic legs to fight. Luke Warm Topic. 


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We'll hopefully this some of the coupons dot for a Monday. Yeah it's Sarah Sarah's and now I think your producers snap snap generals felt let's call -- that yeah this last sentence there -- -- answers like you don't look like you have videos and I had a cold you wanna do your own rehab this is well look like for them a filter not to make you look happy to have as a result they look like somebody to put up that the mask over your face her bunny years or so they'll tiara for some market and the enemy eyes -- majors I super huge anarchy or you take on that filter and all the chicks like the phenomena the dog would give me my big Tom. On base doesn't really well let's enjoy the battle is disturbing. Yeah. Okay how don't need even look at that face on every track from Hawaii had a growth like the party okay. While while that film that basically means something doesn't it oh you think that's what that means if they put that still dry means they want to. You isn't that filled out the auto present monetary. Dupe our go live now. Let's do our kids as sixty got. AT and still didn't Jake are you there that are. Oh yeah absolutely in my arms are. And also it okay Arista yeah please don't. Look at what his jig play imported day I'd like to tell mom but I can. Let's just say it's a gigantic concert that's coming to the northwest and you'd be very happy when my life but I can't and it because the announcement for the shall. Happens at 9 this morning is the first minister beat me you can't tell I don't know I don't know but I don't it's you know sharp drop appear. Upper big huge period you'll be happy if I do I do agree which is of the my wife never said that. This right Steve can't addict. She knew him. You know viewed sure you're gonna collective soul Bigelow. Like at all costs like five guys are dominant and well yeah. Some people view the lead singer adds that I am and I'm sorry Steve did it and those blank you know. Oh yeah which East Coast city was the first US city to have a subway system. We'll Philadelphia now looked New York now we'll just tax. John are vocal owns which sticks tissue as felines. Garfield yeah asks how many sides this thing Don as Don has asked. And aren't now. Are now brings the total broad directive 2001 a space Odyssey. Best tool is the Roman god of love and beauty and Aphrodite and now with a Little Rock let me just now it. I who played the title character in the 2012. Movie magic might. All draft where there was very long it has long grain Himalayan and wild are all types of what's the next Bolton has her. Perfect. Right to ask any tees are there in the word gets a pot a list. Sports now expect three yeah. Three per acts. Hello we're on lenders yeah happy because it is he'll be inundated LA Ciba Sanjay here beer and what's happened since its Dublin for anybody. Well suited me and I and I it's doesn't. Steve I know is already feel pretty good about my put John holders of soldiers NJ yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I know little breather there. That I'm actually takes so much man. Steve are you ready. Which East Coast city was the first US city to heavy subway system Thai New York City now. Plus is meets the Massachusetts know how to redirect. Boston. As to what's on our our phones which ticked tissues you line. To Garfield yeah asked how many sides does things on I've gone have. Non. On our patent entitled to. Sex now including direct yet. Who directed 2001. Based Odyssey Canucks Tom Stanley Kubrick yeah as a little what is the Roman god of love and unity extradited to note. I'll turn Paris open there is no no he's my tempo and terrified. Know who played the title character in the 20s12 movie magic might. Is that Channing Tatum ads. Long grain Himalayan and wild are all types of what's boot Bush's no problems. The price you bet as company PD's are there in the board at the bottom interest picked upon missed three yet as to the beginning with Pete what is it never worked first. Perspiration yes wow you know they're 1234567. You and I guess. I didn't need the. Thought you. Thank you man have a good week. All right so that means that I don't wanna tune in at 9 AM yeah and find out about the cost you knock him and go to asks is this it's. There are not good for this guy. I get figured out a not a god has nine sides idea. It's funny usually go for the number six in the ninth saw it I was but I can't they didn't count that don't get four deaths that's right because you said an audit non. And then out who is the Roman god of love and beauty. And it is that artists know Venus females. Venus yeah the roaming guide your thinking Greek gods yeah I'm I'm typically on the side of the Greek gods are aria yeah green dots from what. All right thank god. Congratulations Steve what that what their help you got seven correct in the win all right so our caller seven is yet in the super secret concert that's going to be huge gigantic all right so you're not gonna tell you what you want but you'll find and a 9 o'clock to be very happy to 06421 rock rockets 7625. Call a member seven you are winner. Of something and you'll find out at nine. I do should be really really happy. I'd be crazy to think if you're not if you're not then you kind of somebody don't go nuts that those tickets yet at that point why even playing my table even breathing at this point if you gotta be crazy about this big announcement and on excited. Are you really how. Yeah yeah wants and they've been here I've you know why you right. Now ya I can't remember actually but we can say Tim and give it became your any hints at a clinic to typical venues that danced and played like the keys today. And yeah he was the last and they were here but it was like. Maybe seven years ago six years ago. Yeah I was who knew it was sometime ago yeah. So to have a good time you yeah he's Canadian over the closest and I don't know what I am among Coleman's as when I am. Are you wanna shot of beating Steve you gonna have it later on this morning 847 as well tomorrow at this time bead maze who played twice each weekday morning. Don't forget the online on demand version play that many times go to the Vijay mis page of K I SW dot com. Well talking about musicians. We had does some tough news. It's a very passed away over the weekend at the age of ninety which yeah I'd. If you hit nine yet he had a great life especially if you're somebody like Chuck Berry who was considered basically the creator rock and roll on a lot of people's eyes and try to live a pretty crazy life. When you think about it like over the past you know I mean that's that's a long that's a good broad. Or how crazy it was because he did tonight handyman. You gotta be doing some bright if he gets a ninety day out it may be really is crazy of a life as you'd think. I had an opportunity if they learn those ones are now I kick myself used to like us on a show in New York you know I was in new York at that time that this is just a couple of years ago. As I got every kind of cool it on the beach very fan and partly Buckcherry more than Chuck Berry Italian and but I don't doubt be kind of cool to see one that they'd be true innovators of rock music yeah didn't. And now it's like. You know think one of those things really you should go see those artists when you can because who knows how long are going to be around especially. At the time you felt like 85 years old Nellie had some nice words to say about a fellows I guess they're both in San those musicians Chuck Berry and Nellie. I LE of course. When he was asked name is favorites on the berries. The trouble was is that we couldn't come up with anything this is great if he's gone on long let me just let it down version are about to listen to you don't want tension about the importance of Chuck Berry. And tanned cast asked by whoever they TL zero quarter whoever it is hey kid were superior to her Barry Slotnick insists. Doesn't just couldn't do it. OK. We lost the first tee of Saint Louis. Half the history and these has been made and it's time. Yes good. Favorite song. Okay. Lobes that either I can not really Dicey for a birdie that does seem like a legitimate question follow up question to would have been sent ya. Media Haley said a one that was on that back to the future. All I guess Johnny be good yeah you right now she's like US 300 songs. I was there at my day knowing Mike Daley was your favorite on. My main yeah I think guys sweet little sweet sixteen a sweet little sixteen Riegle sixteen yeah that was that soon that I think the Beach Boys to contact each experience that can we borrow the medley we wanna do surfer in the USA. And so and it's in Iraq if you look at surfing USA Chuck Berry is listed as the writer of that song because it is ripped off his Griffey got an and yeah I think he was on capitol or anything is. They really asked him or Capitol Records just say you know what we're gonna cigarettes and movies are great reformers gonna give it to the piece was I don't know how things went back in those days in the sixties. But yeah he checked hairy I thought that was weird is like how analyzing the writer of the song he never did this song and then I'll listen my ritzy little sixteen might. All I am the same it's the same Melanie. So that's. In Paris and I guess you're working on a new record. Which is going to be as personal tie guy apparently he had finished already but that's going to be. Some denied a lot fewer and pay attention to guys analyst sadly you know and NE RS and have got no sun. Whenever there are it is becomes more important I wonder what to have kind of record we'll come on him. You know at it at that point it was like stepping into this first album of new material and 38 years 38 years like what it wow that's got to be weird like you know. They. It better be good fits best 38 years like rifts that you didn't sit non. Yeah if you're the kind of guy at the kind of Rasheed dinner like you know sixties arrest. It's you know I mean yeah or my Ding a Ling which was probably the most current for him well person that was only number one hit was my dangling. Yeah it was a fun song I ever we've we I mean it was it was a great sign of the times as a side dirty and it wasn't a thought the way he sang it may sound dirty. Where was big when I was drawn up. Does that mean besides back to the future like. Q do you know anything about absolutely nothing big but do you know from trucks backed in future lies in realism with him often just a truce is an actor I. I just like I've just sit I was glued SEW moderates like me that's on. I don't know exactly again I've no idea. Danny when you. I'm not from actually featured young America's green always presents. Altec ad they've played alliance I knew the song and really knows better now Johnny B good is a classic for a lot of yeah yeah. So yeah he passed away the age of ninety years old. On Saturday but you know what you get to be as famous as he was yet to do what he did you live ninety years I think that's a good life yeah oh yeah for sure. I mean I'll be happy of the obviously at the ninety. Maybe and you put your first record in thirty I'll cross my first record three years will be fantastic. An engineer in Spain here's some cool created interactive sex doll that talks do you and response to fourth place. I'm as sort of waiting for. Finally. Wait so now we need to have four play with robots. Well yeah I don't think the appeal of a robot got to like you don't do anything you don't really wanna do well I can see your point there Steve. But if you're married like myself you wanna Leo thank you make it look like my wife's she's on the towel on him. In other bigger race because it. Picking a batter he should. Offense. Now because it's Samantha and is chemical cement the uses. Amazon's Alexa the place a romantic music so I want. Romantic. Why didn't he won't see him on T. Yeah so this movie in the east team for easy use OK okay yeah. I'm doing. Getting enough songs stations from it's. Blue songs me. Only doing well on its. Yes or threesome. Of robot threesome. Eyes out weird that the computer and Samantha telling conversation with the likes of you really need to be human anymore. Yeah you're right man that's weird. That is really really weird. We years. And that's just Tripoli. I don't know wasn't do we later tonight here at somewhere where somebody put a video together where. They had to either to Amazon echoes talking to each other or an Amazon check on a Google and see how long they would go back and forth talk Arizona yeah I thought I can't remember what. I remember we had some openly incidentally where they can talk for it's what hunt I was a stupid conversation but they were talking to each other for a long time but doesn't go legit conversation credit I mean I don't know who typically when they get home and see your significant other goes would you like to get romantic with me. Try that tonight Samantha in drag a sex doll do it. Samantha would 100 that's right you and I not you know what your wife she's got a little to Samantha and what's the mood lighting on yeah at 40% yeah she knows how does this does look like. I did that it was like he established that his mood lighting 40% 40%. He's got his love channel yeah I get the music for it plug him greater resentment Nine Inch Nails closer. This is right and it still probably the Lou do you think you still say the symbol sex star Willis sex although what that shocked look on her face she's. The Ole notebook yeah. So the red chili peppers they played a sold out show on Friday and are very O Steve may Syrian ally he get the Shalit Jimmer Chad Smith before the show. And Chad shared a crazy story about some fans at a chili peppers concert you know which has set a 717. On the rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. That's nine point nine KI SW rock of Seattle. But actually pepper drinks out playing a sold out show its experience. Rose and M I got to go to Michelle it was unreal on me and Danny was there as well and man I'd never seen a better light setup. At this really are like it was a visually like if you were on some kind of a hallucinogenic problem at all laughed because you'll be losing your mind like. Now it was the backdrop behind them like all these Trippi visuals going on but above them were like I if that's true describe it it was like hundreds of candles. But look like do the light they look like candles and they all moved however they wanted to move depending on the candidate they were like on did that so they can move. Individually they changed colors so create like this weird wave effect there who did doubted dip up higher so. No matter where you were sitting you're getting like a different perspective of that light show close up pictures from up in the 300 section I looked super weird and cool. And ended from my perspective which was like Andre got the sound board in the 100 level and I was like whoa this is Trippi it was off and I never see someone that it was grab a video up on my blog today where you Tennessee. Are just like this all and they're just moving as it shows going on coming down and coming up it's. It's really cool. Yeah that looks really awesome even on video that's pretty amazing yeah it was it was it was a it was a Trippi Tribune experience and and they they sounded great. We had a great rant about how the Sonics are still be in town with a lot of choice. Very colorful language why was pretty damn coconut ass off fan and you know obviously he as a best wolf and the key is like almost I'd love. That the Sonics back so that was kind of cooled easier. And admitted some songs off of one hot minute which typically they don't do because I was the on the big it would be Navarro. Well he's going to ban obviously you know when Johnson shot they came back and he didn't have a connection to those songs and never play them life. Problematic and you guitarist has got Josh and now they're doing some of the sounds they do like airplane it was like are so cold here this long alive man. Suit and you you're there you and he said Smith yeah Iran before the show we went backstage we got you interview. Alum we get interview on Chad Smith and it was so called accident death amen from Carl Jones walked him by. I didn't see any better but a battered then went up on stage during odd Jack irons to Susie opening artists. And Jack was the drummer Pearl Jam an awesome drummer about a Red Hot Chili Peppers in fact he's a guy who introduced. And better to Pearl Jam. Are so he was the opening act and Eddie went up on stage and did not Pink Floyd cover with Jack irons which is like. There wasn't a ton of people in their audience yet it is those kind of cool like a wall this is insane any better up on stage. We jacket there's been posted a video that in my blog as well as pretty damn awesome but. We got to chat with god Chad Smith which was really cool for me because I'm a drummer. We're in the rehearsal room where his drums are set up we get the second set of drums and David camping keyboards they could jam before they go up on stage. They can kind of warmup. So school to be in that room so we talked about being drummers together but we're also. Which I didn't realize until I've liked and I forgot about now remember while we're talking that we're also we both played. Hockey we'll both goalies it's so there's like that that moment of whoa this is Trippi. It make a wise that goalies are always also drummers and drummers are goalies and then and it kind of went from there it's nice we have a clip from that part of the interview. I don't know something about hockey and drums tonight some hockey let me do I bully. The miss you this. Great baseball catcher. You drops. Partly. This year and the big catches Kurt. Indeed tool that Julio closed our group. Go to and you have the last the last signed offense and our defense you know you'll buy the drummers in the bar there so heartened driving. You know an art in our van idea I've you know I'm calling all the shots yeah. I. Know it's usually the I think there is. Some weird connection you know the personal. We are the best you can every position where every hockey there roms are based. All things easy here you can enter you don't see everything NASCAR movie. The behind the kid person off the topic had craziest thing you've seen while you're behind dictate where to be. On stage or in the crowd. Early on we do festival in Holland 1990 and it's chew. And that it in the Dutch people are big people. Vikings' regular bit or just big and still going to like all didn't they be there no room. We're like your next month there's something very every school should be leaders are good people bruised his mind a little effect. And there and so the big heads in the big people and her parents perhaps reduce ours are cute guy he's hitting each other with prosthetic leg and I replied yeah I want to issue a tennis shoes and other one did it. Well no well what was coming off why Mahmud Margaret will push coordinator. Iron you know out of each other. And I thought that was pretty wild. I hear every day service that's been touched people didn't show it was very quick. But. I haven't seen it did an awesome conversation. I hope conversation with yes ground that was hysterical as some like we all just ripped a giant ball surely did and we didn't look like if felt that way I surely settle again guys who just in a report smoke yeah I mean hold their lives and there was really almost no talk about their iPods could never put downward few questions until they get in as labeled this the most the times about the Wii microphone during years ago that seventies style microphones at. As I usually keep doubt about that because he stole a similar microphone when he was in the high school so I become men. Really who he was a great guy. Yeah that's say it sounds like he's a fun guy with you know great stories and and I love that story I know that's I mean it is just just anyway it all you deceit to be will be each other up a prosthetic legs he got to Vienna. Which we have one guy maybe beat somebody up over senate labored to a home gonna add and they both have fake legs and then hop out after escorted our elected to put the lights back on my well we know of the security take the legs now that's a really good their weapons they're weapons yup that's a good question. You know they were hopping mad Steve reds. Armed topic. So I Chad Smith of the chili peppers shared a great story about watching two guys at one of their concerts. Using their purse that I legs to fight so based on this we want an elf. What was the craziest thing you've seen at a concert or any kind of live events. 206421 rock rocky is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. What's the craziest thing you've seen at a concert. Toward any kind of live events. We'll take because they detected after we'll throughout the killings on Iraq. And lay eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I don't point nine KI SW Iraq on Seattle's. Jasmine the Red Hot Chili Peppers shared a great story about watching two guys at one of their concerts using their per static legs to fight. Based on this what's the craziest thing that you seen in a concert or any kind of live event. 206421 rock rock is 7625 you also Texas at 77999. Let's go to loop in Lynnwood Luke you are on the Iraq. Today we will lose somebody. All right go how would go to C the bunker bad Nolan back. But are geared back back in BK and that era go up yes. I'm not knowing that he's excited about that and disallowed goal seasons that the cat. Our I admit it. Borrow it back out back you're well. Eric Becker broke. And brought it up we got it. And I. I don't know people are not. Eight bit fired over it crop. You know it the chicken. Or heroin way outdoor air air. No way so the good and spits fire into a crowd and let some chicks hair on fire. Yeah you better. That are without really really huge gray area reached in being my dad and uncle all they are utter hair out or you're out. I know we dated for two years. Wallace. To decimate city where the hero you saved her life who do you data grandpa. Cool under foreign. I don't get about they have that is a great story you tell your grandkids and only lasted two years. Lou who. Good you're. Yeah. I don't. He's a German open airs is that we is that there's not a breed of dog. No pairs like demanding all the German nannies they're fun but not for long term is what you're saying I'll keep that in mind. Why would they think that was a good idea debris fire into the crack this fresh at doing a tragedy that we've had yeah that is distaste and that is not yeah. Wow. Okay yeah I what you're gonna get into. No affect so I guess yeah that's for sure and you know what I mean she can appreciate the call man I mean if it really worse I would have been. My lawsuit against maybe even you know those whoever the whole place and venue who know yet and nude. All your opening acting on the same man communities there if you ever have an opening act in your big grin on his next thing you know they're they're doing what. And maybe they read a news Montana's have been Dennis Cabot similar pop hunky kind of abandoned in this 1000 name of the band man can. You do this I feel good about just adds completely brain are out there at their show and then there have been but regardless him Tom Foreman in approximately upon stays on their forget this guy Allen and still keep in touch him from time to time. That I talked to him after it happened you and I see like who you're wanna take this twinkies. And put it up these you know well he's an old and it is all finger goes clear that say thank you can get. Apparently this person knows that everybody every single time and I've wanted to do it every single time and it never pick me why. You know we can recreate it got really a lot of completely crazy up there yeah we can get us our value is yankees if you want him but the guy did it. And there's like guy and I remember like yo kid staying in touch him he's a kid at the time and it's a major. And over the course they think he's gone on to do like good things and his wife and I just crack up every time I hear from is my life is good and I might. Nobody in your world knows what you once did but I do so they go up was safe he drops trial on there goes the twinkie. Yeah I think yeah well let's. And I believe it was easy to. Our. Whole line yeah. I just like padding and yes but still let's get an idea of his free discussed I agree it's just like to allow all that Herman a Bloodhound Gang had been gold club deviate in Seattle remember they did a show and they brought up somebody on stage and they said we will give you. It's a T shirt and twenty dollars if you came. Go to the bathroom in your pants number one hour early and you have until the song is over to do its medical kiddie pool. And you know like so that way when you get all over the state must carry that he's just did there as they're playing just drinking liquidate him whatever. Just trying NN that may not king was like a glorious moment by the and to disarm all the sudden you see his pants trying to take. Anyone not like. Like we're all cheering on this guy hall and number one is and so I think I'm old designer remember that in his shows I went through nobody's taken twinkies is pretty damn highway era you know. They're pretty easy tiebreak he had no one's gonna Hershey is still there with the twinkies nobody sit there irrigating the the pants though is doing any of that hundred Danny was hoping to get picked for that to the I was actually had a I think we should add Danny will get a kiddie pool C peaking go to the bathroom while giving up violated my twinkie can we do that can we recreate that for old time's sake image image archive I'm sure we get that done. Hey hit a good idea when would mean MVP award from a game it's never a good idea to think both your wife. And your girlfriend named as an inning on do that as one athlete that happened. He did that we've got the audio you're gonna here at 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. 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