BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-18-6A: A man does in an incredible police siren imitation.

Tuesday, March 20th

News and sports. Today is National meat out day. A man got busted after robbing the same Costco over and over.


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So let me tell feeling here because it's just given up I but this is a great video. And a lot of great audio where there's a guy online. I'm. And it's key to imitate a police siren it's guy's incredible. Yeah I don't know what you can use this skill form but this is it Sid she knocks at a park yeah it's then again he's just making these noises with his mouth. I hope we had too groggy and don't think the Pope post coming your way but here we go. Go low blood everywhere you know please envelopes but no luck yet and I'm learning every night you're sure you're by former averaging one. You got to see the video this Texas looks like a cartoon character. He does he's got a very exaggerated eyebrows. I mean. There is no do we usually sit on fleet thing whenever he what is eyebrows are his eyebrows are definitely Johnson and he's got very little hair like he's got a big forehead and it. And miles nibbling do we need to forehead changed man I it's just 'cause of the eyebrows because the big four breath forehead the eyebrows are huge if he had played more Hannity here you know on his head. I only the I ever got to pay he's all eyebrows and he's all teeth. While look at you to site completely being mr. Plus why I'm in a remote part what agency is cartoon character to I didn't say that Danny did I ever say he was a cartoon character honesty I just it is nice eyebrows. Well I think I thought I heard some agreement when a series like cartoon character like Elliott those eyebrows and don't put words in my mouth they're served so you do it all eyes eyebrows. It those morons to those are huge eyebrow presents for people want these days is they really want huge eyebrows high Rahman done because I know how I probably haven't myself I wouldn't you just hate on this guy yeah it looks different than you get a dozen different. I just no way out gonna comment on is the Stacy Mason he makes a siren sounds and you can change as delegates as he stuck with that kind of the law for almost always about the light just pension giant lol yeah and that's the cartoon character faces looking at yeah. Yes so if you haven't heard where if you just tuned into this is a dude we're talking about that not only is he familiar cartoon character but he actually can make real police siren noises. Hello my underwear and long legs envelopes but no luck yet and I'm learning every night session you're Bob won't forget one. Odds saves you need. Earlier this reminds of the Michael Winslow is Hamas in the police academy movies you know Michael Winslow and he could be the new white and he could be the Michael is all of our generation. Yes he could be because my hour back and I hate to that you're spewing swords and how well Mike whistling when these guys on sun on YouTube was one person writes damn well considering his face and is useless useless talent. I think it's the same symbol. I. Damn dude I want you all know damn near mr. I'm NORAD tarnished. I don't I don't you pretty much said that and I look in the mirror and I know what I look like and even I can get a date so I figured he he's he's he's in better shape than me doesn't get that talent and persons who are my shouldn't be metered out or impressed. Yeah you got to see a video on do you agree Jimmy Page and carry us so we dot com you've got to check on the video because he. I think that makes it can you do police sirens sound you know I can I can't do that. How about you you're trying. I'll try Hillary tourist draws and you said that you know what have you ever really tried I've never tried as you know attractive side going to be a virgin experienced problems is that the forehead for Dallas it's. Eyebrows I got the eyebrow he does I don't think she's do you gotta origami eyebrow always seems to be my brother he has to be idea you got to Oregon teens and eyebrows before ahead you are obsolete I don't know about Jerry I try to look constipated I as you probably best I think that must be used it's that. Has to help you got that down by a negative view a little less only because I'm looking at you necessary action and make it to you sour patch on your muse is what I am yes to answer sour person person all right. Wow how does that does. Some of detecting speed I was gone for dead dog there or at least nine are as I did you better probably not try. Or. How can now that says that that that's that that sounds like why you know I am an NNM maniac didn't stepped on her Tug in your cap yeah. Did again please. And me me and and rules. And I'm not Danny do much better than you no matter at all. Yeah strangling his captain did you say major turnaround. Oh the narrow. Turn out down here how much this one. Right ally. Actors merger were putting an end this I'm in this sort of we all do it together with the guys you wanna go the other Napoli symphony yes are all together and we got a guy. I I have to say just in case you wanna since an angry tweets are text or emails are our FaceBook messages. Steve may exit has recommended as the idea that yes this is the moment where I realize how thankful I am not get a paycheck to do this and -- officially we'd like to take the stance that this early in the morning when people awake and out there that they they this is why they put like beautiful music can do is already your daughter and here's have you ever siren and I okay yeah I don't feel like we need teetered Cyrus who's seen this better than an alarm clock for some people it goes off and this is what you're hearing June is that he's taken a renegade Shia do you think this is better resentment and your heart muscle okay. Us. It is known name it it's yours. Of the crew yes. Yes. I know I met some saying that talent doesn't fall too far from the tree you don't think you think you know in this series pull at the shoulder I thought I was getting pulled over and got on ordinary. Yeah so OK okay yeah I actually answered sound just like while I rose on the bliss from Ohio and received good news impression radio gold right here guys almost together all of us the other with the guys OK you're the conduct do you Linas was is he starts Rio golf. Jimmy Dolan Mozilla were the only envelopes Bono my and I can remember every nine cents you're your own mind won't review one. And. Yeah. Yeah. Are you in another an attempted it and listen to Eugenia supposed guy we like our version of bohemian rhapsody are rare here. For deaf people I guess Jonas Brothers aren't you screaming narrow down. That's lovely. Okay that's lovely thank. Tell silently and Serra went that that's wrong. Jesus is pleased to love this show take care guys yeah. I don't play against Steve may send all of your complaints to Steve makes I think is stupid idea and by the way after we've done it still do how's that. Yeah okay. Right guy that's labeled the Seattle man who got busted. Greens too consistent with his criminal ways and what are we talking about C looks like it's got news for its success and. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Okay hi SW Morocco's Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe getting them to renounce bullets this is news wins teammates. Thanks guys say is a great day yeah allies that. Happy national great American meat out day all yeah which is why the keys on your today because that's all right it's. No yeah. Sure differently had thought about that whole beer okay you have one you can only enjoy one type to meet today for great American eat out what you get. All I am I gotta go and meet the mall. A meatball path and it's yeah. The allies had a good win yesterday that's licensed still there meatball sub are being lost ground meat balls tall man now you know life. Yes but yeah. Yeah. I like both those ideas maybe I like them both those guys here are meatball sub is awesome I know I like good constitutes. Grab what about you Todd got a note pulled pork. Lowell. Went to a place this weekend at eight bad pulled pork on a hamburgers and I pulled pork and hamburger patty all he was saying how can change my mind and I'm fortunate to hold. Then let's go to doctors that yes this Christmas present this I know you've got a lot of yeah it was very comfortable Fleischer missiles dressed to impress all standing. And yes I back. Hope so Mexican gang. They say yeah is Julianne is Tuesday it is taco time obstacle was chicken wings. I just went chicken wings I had chicken wings in a minute okay that's just go out and enjoy you meet people. I don't let that didn't lead to the sale of these guys thirty years old he's from Seattle and he's just got busted. He's been robbing the same toss go a few times recently. And their recent he's got busted his free damn funny. He always takes the exact same as escape route. Whenever you Robson Mac costs go you are right on the same emergency exit so when security guards figured that out they called the cops like dad this guy just keeps. Believing that these two women. And so the cops just waited outside of that one emergency exit when he did the next time. And I guess the guy in these chicks they were busted the door with computers and vacuum cleaners in their hands and the content sitting there waiting for them. And arrested them that's passed. The guy was arrested for robbery charges because well he had a knife on him. And two women were both arrested on theft charges and you gotta love the Seattle police who always have fun on Twitter. And they said that he was arrested or they were arrested quote and pulls. James Foster dad and I yeah. All right. Call go from one when idiot though we haven't media that's making news and elegant but I would imagine is definitely a storied and also who doesn't indicate but as a hero. Okay we'll have much over 220. Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies here in Seattle. And give more weight strangers I heard about this lady Jenny has a couple girl's scouts and ignoring her feet were selling cookies out some of grocery store the other day. Some woman just want him and how much would cost to buy it all the boxes that they had. 600 dollars. That's how more than a 120 boxes at five dollars a boxed and since she fought the mall and then she said hey could you help me and these costs up to random people for free. And the reason why she diseases hoping that you can inspire people to pay it forward when it comes to cookies and he's also I think he's out today well yeah. Spring forward yeah with the meat thing it's a mediation thing if George. That's pretty awesome golf yeah well I tell you what can I ask your list I know that's the problem is like what stories that. Clearly that the surrounds that have cost Starbucks has got their new. I guess unicorn strap which you know it's inspired drink that's being talked about right now OK what's this this one's called the crystal ball strategy now. What it is you can so I didn't realize you have a lot of money for this straight a crystal ball trap machine to hit stores on Thursday. It's midriff turquoise peach flavor that's world with the now and then we've seen for the privilege rock old console mouth rock candy on top. Oh yeah yeah Iraq ending okay. Kind of sounds delicious its don't be unselfish. Four days before until the store runs out of the ingredients and I press service employees are so overjoyed to have to make these I would be surprised a couple of games played like we already read at the ingredients for you haven't sold one yet. I don't know Lattimore had the ingredients. So I feel like Starbucks is facing just changing the colors and that's kind of the same. March. Radio people and keep buying them and you'll have posts on social media so that there donate. Top men and women marry you know how much I loved blockbuster. Yeah it's time for me just finally just give up my hopes and dreams of one day working in a blockbuster video that one blockbuster that was left. My guess is still a handful with the day one that everyone talks about. It's a blockbuster in North Pole, Alaska there's a special dye another device I'd invites network about that. They're shutting down now are all so now it's going to be down to eight. Knows he saw at times made this so late I got my khakis and got my blue shirt I'm ready to go. I still don't understand. How old back there even and that's why they get that one the Internet is not the strongest also includes its. I think maybe Monday also maybe not maybe the various small kind of not necessarily addressed why hasn't gone up there because that's our red box for much would also help those folks obviously you much cheaper than red box. Associates walking into a video store just kind of going to see this movie demands you right dude that's it's like to do it wasn't around long. The only really wasn't. Highs today graveyards have some not a money issue series dating it's a free ice cream it's the first day springs a dairy queen giving out small and I'll hold. Australia participating non small dairy queens. Cash and free cone day itself ego and also the country donations for the children's miracle network hospitals so get your free cone. Johnson money and finish your car it's a non mall mostly yes and yes it's a drive through. Didn't free cone and I you can do DJ hides as far as whether to decide the reason sons and actually have one nice. All right you and I Steve many times are we we have vendor we've been to Vegas and a couple times and we've seen sirte salacious. Oh yeah I do know that's not my wife and I we ever gonna see assert distillation are not together right okay yeah we see another day yeah one guy got a wife and I we went to The Beatles love. And I'm whenever they come to town values at the merit or part of we you'd see them over and died Everett endearing and Everett yeah it's. This is just a spectacle man even though I never thought I would be a fan of that type of for both art and that type of performance. I was sold after the first one it's it's just it's it's incredible watching what those people can do and that's the key that and the key is is because they do a lot of this very high off the ground. And you know at one point oh at least in my brain you goat cheese Iowa mean today because I'm looking for safety net saying I don't think I see some nets over here I think is I mean. There's there's more often than not there's nothing that yes you know I know we think that like oh my gosh a person's a pretty high and they're just. Once slightly more mishaps. And that's exactly what happens I saw that he had over the weekend down they happen in Tampa and now search insulate performer did indeed die when his hand. Slipped off a double rings and according to the folks it's it is latest in a statement. While he was performing the aerial straps number of longtime aerial list. Young and I know sell onto the stage and you know not being there BF 38 year old fell twenty feet. I'm and they tried emergency procedures he was taken to a hospital but unfortunately he did die from his injuries early Sunday. A and one person intends describe the seas quote. They were doing a dance routine on stage and they had these streamers coming down from the roof and I know that I've seen that's human chain. One of the guys losses grip and fell from this Schumer down to the floor. Everybody just stopped on stage and we're just pretty much in shock like we were. But I honestly don't ever remember refer a friend a decaf oh yeah they travel together they do. They go to different cities and sometimes create a residency through where they'll be there for a couple weeks I mean I can't. They ought be super close and you know when your audience members sometimes. You'll see something like that go why can't made maybe that's not real maybe that's plan but right you see everybody on stage in the performers look good shock. That's when you go okay this is not good yeah damn dude. Yeah I didn't know how it handles only imagine being the audience season been like that happen. Some of the stuff that they do mrs. Out there again. I feel like though if you're performer. Kinda think you know that's the way he wanted to go on the way I wanted to laugh amino fight guy doing his job I think you know what else I mean that's that's that's that's what that was my career I'd rather. Well and what a better way to die and ended just die right here I mean it was he psyche for you guys are maybe it would maybe have a party but either way a rarity have a whole montage ready to go it's our ask plans. I feel I'm on the opposite end of that I know that you've always said that you're the person I would love to die what you love doing death. I the more I think about it I'd rather die doing something I'm not having fun doing. Like I'd like to die yet the nutcracker. Going to be in the hookup got something or not I don't really want to go I don't want to be there in his I'm going to have to go out imagine but I am a Missouri. Islamic Iran awesome and I'd be probably be more entertaining for all the guys that don't wanna go to the nutcracker are also may have to deal with this guy did starting in front of them they can even say they're they're missing embryos CC this. Four I was so much misery they just died right that's why you should bring this. Yeah I don't know if I wanna dice doing something that I love there's a final I mean I wanna keep doing what I love I I wanna have like does some meatballs. And I have the microphone we'll ice cream. And then that would be good. How about that you set that up Foreman at ten and you'll. Well what will put you on at a board game at a metal back sir. Yeah house for a majority nine with a nutcracker that's how I play Maria that's a nice guy I wanna go at your house during a board game night. You really care because you might just have fun. And then what are you gonna do then you can't die. Tennessee got to be sure you're going to be miserable you really don't know I don't know I feel like I'm pretty sure I'll be miserable even though I read guys talking about the settlers the violence and climates and irreverent inside as a Clements and by the way isn't very special and if so there's uncle modesty thank you yeah that's a great candidate right yeah that's a great super duty and actually settle and yeah yeah I didn't sound like to be out of habeas and a music that's studio then you you guys talked about it I oozes out of the secret double agent spy and I took everybody out nobody knew it was SAS sounds like you inherit carbon credits are about wrestling committee writes yes does the same thing and I'm positive I'll never really change your mind please I actually at least watch some wrestling and and I enjoyed it I've clicked on a couple of your pictures of you guys playing board games he's played exactly one board game. Have gradually had to pull items I've actually bands who lives I mean I watched it I watched it yeah actually haven't done it. It would be like me looking at pictures of wrestling and saying that look stupid I'm never gonna do it yeah I was actually watching wrestling I've I I've I've I've watched that only events in their. I guide their good. I mean you know we went to wrestle mania you and I will at the broadcast I was so I Islamic yes he does that do yeah. Like I seem to be done an expert and I enjoyed everybody I thought it was a great event directly these days I'll play board games. Hey we're gonna get you out of your compound into Allen went directly gonna drive was new massive arm twist but I'll do it via our. What kind of Flutie and had that day I would you wherever you want falls on you know on the seat and he falls securities we can make that happen Narnia saga okay hold an adult for guys because he's very into he's Brad he's already been today how many times have you gone cents. I didn't. Not and he's had recently why not. I mean you know here's my advice how she now. Wow you you've all of a sudden it's. You've gone into the Steve Morrow we don't need the invite him as a unit no win as a team dynamic well I haven't had one of the group games a onetime charges go hey everybody let's do it and the last time I did. Danny could make it. And so then adapted because he missed one he's lost a less well I'm assuming no I'm assuming that he could make you never answer either way always on the list so India also Denny and cry about it but the thing is is there have been group games and he doesn't response. I don't know what I what else I do an invite you guys let Danny he's like he's become a Seattle insider. Why would I say yes or notes here and I I'll just didn't are always a double we went two years his own son a he stands firm grasp on the Seattle streets. And I love yeah I love how. He ignored the invited and then blames me for not invited to the game I. I like the posts yeah okay elected OK yeah it just I love people like that who might impose for an invite but don't say go. Sometimes you can invite him. Now many a time in probably three email and I went once. I went twice then yeah this is to edit digital by the way had a really good so yeah. Yeah so you know so that was taken strong says of course is gonna yeah that's that's that's the key I abide provide alcohol that's the other thing Steve I provide alcohol can you don't have a good time. I know I know you need in my house in order to hang it may need alcohol so I thought that years ago. All right I SA Steve's. He's brilliance but not brilliant enough for this one what is the capital of Israel and Israel say he's now. Aberdeen is no time to quell now. And then of course you did get an after was like why am I guess Jerusalem and you then we're like EST I don't know why it's you lose it's only city I really know it didn't Israel I don't know I blocked no one else for the game yeah and it because you didn't. Yeah and he'll have a chance BBC 206421. Rocks McLean V makes 647. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills and how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy season you know one of the things people ask me all the time the bankruptcy borders that. How my going to tell these fees and costs because she knows I'm here because I cannot afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand that I mean are being in seeing him in the bankruptcy field. 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