BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-18-7A: If you could mess with your past, what would you change?”

Tuesday, March 20th

Beat Migs. Steven Spielberg says that he regrets messing with his past, and digitally changing the movie E.T. Luke warm topic. 


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You want more information about this you've got to go to KI SW dot com exciting get your tickets at sickness like benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean. Now we are. Time to turn down more schools aren't. I always got a bird got your number of them tacos or current Lansana as I would learn at Dana stand in line into national meat lover's day and listen and this can have Carney SI that top go so cool Haley you missed an American anatomy is going for the pulled pork I think. You get ready to talk to us because again you know unless troops Tuesday and it's tough because I'm British and let's start it doesn't today we've got Scott in Seattle the take on Steve Scott are you there assert. You don't excellent what is it imported tasty for heaviest Clayburgh parity is checked out school I am fast babies and demolition derby over at this spring fair Puyallup on April 21 go to K I SW dot com. For all the details if you wanted to got slam fest which will be emceed by. K highest of his own tower and Daley nice stretch so go right out the slam Jesse Perry daily. To get ourselves out affair dot com Aristide get out of here the. For those playing at home Scott will have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions Scott you can't pass all you want. Only three guesses per question are you ready serve her and I'm ready Nissan from Snow White in the seven dwarfs his whistle while you watch it's worth. Yeah ask what is the highest mountain in the world. Mount Everest and gas which large cactus keeps fastest land mammals. You are now. You ask Stockton is a city in what West Coast state. It's no wonder you ask to play this I don't care during the 2006. Movie not a jolt deep brain. It's one yet as to which pop star hadn't eighties hits on top but don't screen she's. Madonna asks what a leader is equal to how many leaders. One doesn't. Know. And you ask what year did the first episode of better calls all care. You lose thousands or even know. And yeah. You asked when she's USC has witnessed three Seminole wars during the 18106. Oklahoma and no. What letter is silence is no word Arkansas. Our content core. No I guess the second hash. Adds real nice isn't yes absolutely correct. Good job nine correct manner Scott had to forget that one out hey he had a last second chance there and you you took his time figured out assisted out and got a very specific gets in there yeah and I appreciate that. Someone who's enjoying what I exactly and and all wounds and he's fast he's back is he really hey guys. I guess she's right there you know we give Steven answers sometimes he's so long remember Abu or don't not we don't wanna give him many bonuses here will once got to win because you're a song and I do. I mean Steve from rewriting. It's based sun from the Snow White in the seven dwarfs his whistle while you alliance work. As to what is the highest mountain in the world on Mount Everest you ask you wish enlarged that is the world's fastest land mammal. She got to. He asks in Stockton is a city in what West Coast state of California yes and you know who played the title character in the 2006 movie not tools Leber yeah checkbox. You ask. Which pop star had an eighty's hit song I'll put Joseph preached. All I had to doing a radio talk but don't reach its load time. As I did any I yellow and I know right here you can go to baby is I. You won Decker a leader is he eagled how many leaders and ask what year did the first episode of better calls all air. 2015 years yes and which you less stately disagrees Seminole wars during the eighteen hundreds. Kentucky is now it's time. Miss six weeks now it's New York now what letter is silent in the word Arkansas. Yeah. Steve you've and I. I had. Got into the crowd is already a lot of Jamie good job sky hey man I ran out which on the holder Scott tell you how do you surprise me a good job. I did you go Steve be the one you know history somebody holding you when you put them on the older guys. An emotional warm embraces. Just just how do you have for a little while it's a special place for winners are tiger stepped up the US state that witnessed three seminal wars in the eighteen hundreds I live got everything in Florida yes you are correct because of the former seminoles as. I don't know Florida State Seminoles. Did they just do a big village in the upset somebody assignment you know I thought I don't follow those hours of that I think I'm accurate about that are somewhere I don't know officer Mans or mom's best book is not following closely but I thought or something good about someone else yeah I heard I heard them earlier falling closer and everyone else in this room but also I took a look at Danny Aiello and turns out you are right he wasn't Papa don't preach he has GC never even heard of Modano when he was asked to play the role of her father and a video really yeah he is like who's Madonna. No was it catch after losing one of her videos or on any loss I saw her I can't believe you're such a Cyndi Lauper hater because of the fact she's a wrestling so I don't Walsh as Syria with the WW left back in the eighties rock him wrestling she helped put the WF on the mat para TV and I represented a little bit more respect. You are not going to I don't know how I saw. I said Kyra I tried for rescinding. Congratulations it's gotta die of Steve has more date yet he'd sigh Steve or beastie get a prize just like that pretty simple. All right I got us there were great years I we told everybody is celebrating national I'm meat lovers of all Leo whereas if you took today off says the national meat lover's day and it's it's it's a holiday Percy hesitant to contract vacation sick yeah sic a work in the gap yeah. I was wondering about that she was a little Spacey yesterday even more so than every and so I thought maybe she might have some them. Yes he thinks yes and cried from some kids. Yeah let's do let's do different hang analogy is little kids are givens in ten straight down baton con credit to go to too many conventions or hang on too many kids you're gonna catch some time. Yeah I never think about that when you're at those conventions not everybody's being very calm not respectful of other people on germs and a lot of folks paid a lot of good money and men they've already got their badges and so they're gone through hell or high water right yeah. I knew or do they went to emerald city comic con and he was I kept posting I am sick sick I can't live from sic him and I saw in my life. Dude how you do it gives you feel like you may be patient zero is among a shake your hand area really get around a whole lot of time. Yeah but I did you pay a lot of money was something you know any idea is solid sickness gets out of it meant of course kids are just kids. Absolutely Denny how many times you think you've got sick who hang out with your daughter Lily. You know it's actually she only got sick for the first time this year and I wasn't in New Mexico school. She how we should sick she was that the best time to be a father just the best way to not get sick from your kid is delivered a different statement. And it's not so much they get sick via facetime every night now she can see them elsewhere how old is she now she's gonna before. Yes see this is the time. See this is the time where she's going to be and then when she's just gonna kindergarten and hanging out with other kids that that's when you're going to be so happy you don't live around Dario says she's going to be a carrier man. I'm I'm about just destroy somebody's world right now I'm not that Tex lines I they're going to be so screwed up when it comes to the whole idea this concept of time to resist I'll make you sick on 420 you are right. To march. You're a month behind CNN news day or year months ahead yeah maybe he's a time traveler news. This sport it is my leg all stowed the aspect showing us. It's towards one man and all right now it's up. 320s and I talk about projection you know people go I think guys know what's going on over there. We know you've told us dude that we know what's going on how does that you are candy yeah. Six on forge what you are right. We know you are known brother and then our token out that's worse than they can say is Thursday you find out it's Tuesday yeah you're right you're right gazillion if you're for twenty Sanyo like now. Oh. Yeah Alex not court play. All what does that have to do often celebrities celebrate all that it was all right and whoa whoa bored to death for April 20 and is the senate to go to work on March when you might get fired Sara thank you post on your chance to get to work out he calls boss he's still hey dude it's 420 somewhere. During samarra chooses to go and yeah. That's awesome. That that that that that made my day. Sentence yes of Vicky is out sick that's what's gone on I got to surveillance and the most common dreams and nightmares of people have homes. So teaching you remember anything at all by your dreams and nightmares that you can say is a common theme for my right now I think who could constitute as both a dream and a nightmare I had this weird. Dreamed that I have been going to a a ballet recital. At the Fifth Avenue theatre. And I show up and I'm carrying Lulu and Lulu Gloria and cheers to you. Now that is carries don't know why I keep having this dream wow. That is very specific now while the label with my wife. This is mile loop going to the ballet is tiny dancer playing in the background no grab don't get crazy with us. You know we say silly when you when your relationship with the dogs in that nightmare. Pretty much just goes right back to some of the allegations are throughout the day and night day night and you're not there was your wife there was your dog yeah it's all assay but I stepped recurring dream right now is a lose during a Tutu you're going to benefit that you did see some ballet. Yes for men the most common recurring dream. Is pretty much same as women and that is a strong desire to travel. How about that men and women drill traveling somewhere new that's like the big dreams that the average man or woman having the survey has never just about traveling. I'm Heidi I've had a couple dreams of wanting to go to places I've seen like I wanna stay hot that's just all over the ocean I think it's him for a Bora has seen pictures. And it's just a hot like people stay in Hudson there in the middle of the ocean like they just good use push from way out author post. And all you're surrounded by water everywhere and it's just tropical almost like Jack had that you might all be so cool why are you holding a seven pound dog wearing a Tutu. No that's southern legends are received by just me I'm there what's up my wife. I suppose I'm the weirdo here. Rev what's curious the most recent sort of recurring dream is like this weird I am in like this. Sort of plagued Bourne identity thing going on unlike has size fire hotel. Rihanna is there. And well he gets a little sexy. Yeah what movie was all we every SX you re on I had yeah asks I recently this faces get really rather know. Jewish she was in the how do you Rihanna did you ever malaria and moving no I have not only are you Siri I have not seen that in all their that was a chase sites imovie there Rihanna Rihanna was and you really never. Did you know she was absolutely no not at all the last movie that's I sure that I knew that she was it was a battle share. All that is so she's she actually isn't that scifi movie and is a lot of chase scenes and that's my I don't know this is HA RD naming a very bad movie that every hope was good as you just kind of lead me by the had not issuing a pain to junior dream god. No I will say this though the man's nightmare is largely the same as those reported by women and it's all about falling and being chased and being attacked. Except for women they also fear losing their cheeks. I guess so I mean you're you know you hear smiles a big thing and I guess for women sure they like to have a nice smile or makes sense. Among those big guys they they dream about in addition to traveling sex and having superpower Chris oh yeah I do I do love the ball close yeah. Sex okay we figured I would not say president really must have a superpower real at a banging me on an outsider artist. That's that's quite the score over the course of my life I've not been able to world look at certain coworkers because I've had like I'm really extreme and it's been good to know we're gonna so we know and I walking and I am not gonna say a thing about it and why not televise it and human resources nightmare not everybody has sex dreams about miles steer yeah I know I'm miles is still uncomfortable tied. He's ramping teach you today is doing a reality was he and I went to the ballot there and I'm like yeah so I slammed down there. And of course superpowers and economic deacons I dreamt about being Spiderman so many times. Centered about having muscles. This there is superpower. Well let's show the Hulk. You remember it was a recurring dream for awhile I would I'd get out of my house and now look down and I realize I have muscles on my wall crap. What Obama wearing these shirts I take my shirt and are not so nice as they. So got a weird like BG's take Disco song starts flying on just walk in the streets and end up at this community pool. But there's like an arch. Kind of all a walkway over the pool yes I walked up to the top of the full minute to start flexing it once cheering at flex I can you're staying alive in the restaurant in my brain right now as is happening this was an on going dream for. Years they needed to union need to be studied. Why are eighth I was a flurry of need to do you knew your dreams are really out there brother. I'm a little worried about it. But that was that was a superpower yes I assume are watching December mussels that do her stretch my muscles bring the party of that's your power and I'm I'm muscles bring the party can. Folders is on the list even had a dream about who last night parents called passion eastern about Steve's dog you're at a party up in the mountains and you brought your dog and she kept trying to bite me. That's on my little or no sense that's an accurate dream. Okay. Well a young kid so mood seems like just men and women we dream about pretty much the same thing as far as our nightmares go somebody's is a recurring teeth falling out dreams mean that you're worried about money. It also says that it's associated with feelings of powerlessness and loss of control okay. Any fear this don't they don't now but I'm gonna cut this short right now are you yeah because my wife has taken me a dream experts and analysts and everything and they all have a different answered the money or the powerless. I don't I don't I. Unless I know what's I scientist a neuroscientist at notre brain or somebody that's really like a professional I'm not gonna believe any dream interpretation how they notice it's the Internet managers look to not read this other one also says that it's about anxiety okay now which is sort of like out powerlessness and loss and I don't think you'll see it's all coming together. I think you could say that about any negative thing in your life like oh I had a bad dream all you probably feeling anxious. Are you probably selling a lack of power control. I mean seriously it's like the idea Delhi dad here here's another article that talks about relating to vanity communication an embarrassment powerlessness south there's a lot of them that yes pago. Yeah yeah yeah yeah everybody knows and loves to talk with African chorus goes I don't believe it don't believe the hype. The keys who we learn everybody's dreams. Don't just a nightmare as I don't mind nutrient. I Steven Spielberg boy he had a dream and that was to be a fantastic filmmaker but you know what he does regret assert some thing when he comes. One of his biggest film so what is it Paul Ceglia had 717. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I've played nice AIS. The rock comes Seattle. Back in 2002 the movie ET. NBA. Was released for twentieth anniversary. To pay impressions. If you miss it. And so what he did go like Lucas had done to if for some his movies he went back and he made digital changes. Oh I forgot about that he he got a lot of Health Minister you have people were pesky remove the federal. Agents is guns and gave them walking talkies instead people are not happy with these changes. And she was demolished in a recent interview quote I learned a big lesson. And that's the last time I decided to ever mess with the past what's done is done. And I'll never go back into another movie I've made. Steven Spielberg and why that's cool at least he's Mike Lucas admits that he messed up. The other is Lucas still hasn't said a man I should I not. No doubt hock yeah Lucas. And a San Lucas is point of view. He really didn't have the technology do all the stuff that he wanted to men and then years later when the technologies that your fingerprints. The figures are just all my god I want to but you can't yeah you really January I like a movie just as it is I like music the way it is you didn't because that's where a band and that's where movie maker was at the time of their life yeah I can imagine my blood Led Zeppelin going you know what now. There's pro tools we should go back in six all them little errors or the timing issues whenever it may be. It's all the numbers are still alive and what I wanted to do in the band again but he. I'll be just a single huge it's perfect the way it is that's that's that's the art it Stalin Nike can't. Week I always he went and go back in the studio and we do. There are older records I know some night and it Ozzie has done that before and I do more to circulate in the royalty rights from out of the hands of some of the other members are some like that there's like. Thought the same and you can't really can't replicate that in certain energy that was there at that time he beat you can't fix that. And I would imagine they're a lot of these dudes that write these songs would beat and you know what. That's sounds kind of harsh. You know because they know who was about a whatever they Lizzie O'Leary he's the lyrics yeah I'd bet they'd love to do that. And I it's just you know I know it's where you were its what was going on and it just leave it beat. Yeah I mean you know Biden he'd have been nice and Norman about the back story and I don't know politely knocked on the front door exactly got a guess I'm just I may back doorman under politely not on the front doorman. Yeah your ring the doorbell attacks and hope that you answer of course and it turns a Jeremy you know what he just spoke softly in class and he wasn't you know harmless a laugh about everything was hit by anyone's press tally was actually pretty good estimate for a miracle itself. Our topic. So Stevens still says that he regrets missing when his pass and visually changing the movie ET so based on this. If you could it mess with your past what would you change to 06421 rock Texas 7799. Niners. If you change the tapestry of your life what would you change. Your calls you Texans. After antivirus and on the rock. An extra mornings. And now point nine K I guess tell you. And a point nine KI SW the rock and Seattle. Steven Spielberg says that he regrets messing with the past. And usually change the movie ET based on this if you could mess with your past. If you could change something you regret what would you change to a 642 on rock you know also Texas it's 77999. Yeah a lot of good tax side as an ally guy I would change I managed my money and I would save way more build my credit up more and not just had better financial health at a young each. Yeah you know I had my dad's. Try to tell me about that then I just had so much disagreement seminal day in life and just said I'm not Ellison's you'll ma'am what are you know. And that was the one thing he did know. Yeah you even know it's funny he was not a rich man as a matter of fact we were lower middle class and pretty much our entire life was. But he's found a way to still be retired NB okay death you know and so he really knew his stuff with a very little money that he made. You know what this Lori middle incomes and cut class family a family of six total cost no choice but to street analysts say even release mar what is money yet he really was amazing he still had figured it out which I think given credit as I thought you don't have any money and he had an he had a brother was really successful one had a lot of money so I just like you that you're not the finance a Smart one of the family while I was merely turns up my dad nobody was talking about. For me as a unit it I agree with that person sources say I wouldn't it dipped into my 401K when I was out of a job Betty I should fear out of waited just kind of struggling to get by. It's only get things going into leaped. They're kind of had to start all over again after I dipped into it. But the big one for me and I still look back at his house I was going to buy went from my house in Lynnwood. And aggressive I think Capital One has been more than X amount of dollars. And it US house in Seattle that was just a tad over that X amount of dollars whose time in the Rosanna area. And this before the housing market went not see and I don't want this is this is more now one Hispanic to find something cheaper but it was perfect electrical shed I could turn into I don't a rehearsal space for music and there's a perfect size and and then I ended up buying a house in Lynnwood for more than what that house was because I just finally gave up on and I need that I am not finding it in that price range and I genuinely believe if I wouldn't have done night I was still living that house and be in Seattle. For how such wage she couldn't any home that I can ever get now. Oh man here I mean like Ali audio video that's like with me I had I fired a stock are often because I want to invest in my own company that I was working for. And he said he your business sucks it's horrible and no don't do it and that I mean it's it's time our our the company I was working for a they were there there there's stock was like in a box I even less than a block. And he said no the movement and LD multiplied by like twenty times in so I was like I was so mad and I call on the phone I said. Guess who's not coming my stockbroker anymore. A guy that you wouldn't even the lobby of put my gosh thousand dollars all wanted to what was like a thousand dollars on there. And you know I would have been like it would have been amazing to have that kind of return and use that ozone invested time peace and allow you to come in the jimmies. Yeah I definitely this is like at of course you simply wrong about my business which I'm still in the which is still a really you know listen business you shouldn't listen to a fine now yeah last night Allah you're darn right he should divide that Houseman said about that how this guy I know are just I just so pissed yeah so pissed at the guy. He was completely wrong release later it is that companies owned on the toilet. As I know they're actually one of the most successful companies now on the business so you do know your talking about and you cost me some jerk. Now yeah spread your legs let me keep doing the Jimmy Wright did Jim budding go to dinner summit 206421 rock Texas 77999. Dan if you could mess with your past what would you change. It's got a lot more and he had Huckabee nor financially Smart but it had to deal for a ruling came up blank credit high school. I worked for company today it snatched 100%. Below what he would put in which is like unheard of home. Yeah that I remember some of those companies I wanna works were backed down. Included dollar into our warriors. Yeah that's tough stay you know I don't do I'm with you I mean I I I I was like out there some diplomats 5075%. And it's true where I'm Matt. How legit are at school I didn't think so he knows but next to do real solid benefit or the repercussions of not doing joke that I would have attrition the ship back on now 10% of each paycheck wouldn't have hurt we never expect you know a little toy and had only to have Lebanon learning your child. Yeah I Alexei some and I appreciate the call Dan and I'm gonna give some advice to parents because I did this have my kids because I remember myself OK you could not convince me to start a sin no plan in my twenties. You couldn't do it there was nothing you can do you know I think about that again I think a lot of us who don't look back on some financial regret but when we're young and dumb and we want all the money to spend. I mean you're not a military you know commute to connect with somebody like I am I had been played people are junger saying subsidiaries should do this might really mean the apple on I want my drums stopped in alcohol. So here's what I did would you do I mean these two's at least two geniuses that are working with me. And I your children gas so what I told them as I said look if you're lucky enough to get a job in the company. Here's what's going to happen I basically made them I say you're gonna put X amount of dollars was a 401K. And then you're gonna save some money and we're gonna open up our retirement account. I've got them both on retirement accounts where basically. I said look I'll help you start out total contribution I'll get it all set up. That we didn't have to do anything it's in their name and it's already in the process designed knew that there was no way I was doing on my own. And that's the one thing I wish my dad did I wish he just drag me down there and said we're going to do this because it twenty years old eighteen years old. Like to dissect you just care about beer money you're not thinking about 657. Years old that's like a lifetime what eight. Jones and is that as good as they wait there's didn't catch it tonight on me yeah I find this yeah I get a trip to Vegas to do yeah oh I especially for Joey. She's so fertile she saves plastic utensils and straws. Yes that's true less cheap. OK now I think there's a fine line brassiere a clear ironic she does not spend money I am amazed. At the fact that she doesn't spend money anywhere and all goes to the savings thing that I write for her and she's actually afraid to throw into liken our retirement account because she thinks the world's coming to when and she really wants under her mattress. As she's not a termites is going to be an old lady would all the money in our mattress you know that's where she is a lot so maybe it's already. Hi Larry Johnnie yourself sliced so what we're asking is if you could mess with your past what would you change frustrated here and Iran test would not have fallen in love with that orbit Mac's wife asks okay. And that's. A little bit there. There's slightly bit sad to I would I would say it's getting married at 21 because I was the Mars it's way too pop. Over the Niger to kill me for class in high school and get expelled ruined my sports and college never again. We had a duty and did you come back to high school hood unless you must amend McConaughey say yeah that's pat Sheehan owner who they stay the same age plus hour out of Iraq uncle Chris is in the room are what is it regrets I nemesis r.s seven named after him what. It could be an amazing thing one. As the source no no I might as much earlier than that IE I had a ton of action figures and as a kid GA Joes Star Wars all the stuff all the places to go with. But I'm. I yes I ate you know did little kids didn't do much with firecrackers and the room off of buildings and stuff yeah received GI Joseph action figures and time off to a couple bottle rockets and CR Smart they would go exactly that was fun doubles in war games man. And I and I hadn't I hadn't been you know sufferers about being more careful what you have no idea Soledad nice should have been euthanized is child while maybe you should have been when you talk like that Gasol for nine suffer an excuse anything that Viagra to fix. Maybe if it's. I had I'm. Taught taught the value of self restraint. Oh sovereign eyes of course yeah or is there were on time it's so if I had those things today. We you do with them so some upon them borrowers money Steve I'll so much money if he can resign him yet he kept him in the boxes and everything that you talk and been genuine and those fond memory and when you have those from memory so they think about it like. How money a lot of money now or those awesome awesome childhood days how much money that you would have right now and those old probably with a collection I had hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then he made a bad decision yeah you lose your your your financial lose in my friends get about a lot about our nose suffered on yourself I am on. Well I don't know if you know how well go actually go to Stevens of Stephen you are on the rocks. And good morning guys Casey welcomed the show Shia force somebody you what would you change. If I go back I worried not get a vasectomy guys. Oh dude so why did you get a vasectomy. Wanna I wanna I wanna get I grew up and household with a lot of kids then that things were super tight financially so I figured I'd give my best shot a one kid. And I ended up led chronic nerve pain from the surgery it. Call no dude so the surgery itself to his wrecked you know. Yeah. Ed. Constantly heard every day you it's the same maker down Larry. I think his voice heard I don't know. Yeah yeah how much in the thick cotton mobility issues sometimes to it's. And there's no the only sport I played I'm thirty more now on a bill like basically I got my you brought some ads. Our students are here that he you know yeah I mean I don't give vasectomies do Groupon Z. I'm yeah I had a good yeah any intention you were being responsible. It's it that's why for me man I'd sure I I messing with the body even if indeed unit for the right we unless you have still I just man I just I just thought. Just don't wanna see that happen because of because a situations like this and if anything hopefully people can learn from you Stephen there's maybe there's another way not to have kids and have to go for second mine and there's nothing they can do to fix or not. Well I just out today article this morning about male birth control but they're not sure how old located in the early stages but yeah I saw that you directed their. Yeah during the making there's no surgery any any kind of sees that he had done that help you like. Just without the pain. I guess not now Jimmy can stem the fall that's a vast. Yeah I do I I will say this though I hear more more cool stuff most stem cell therapy I have no idea if that'll help the boys. But stem cell therapy is helping people CH and bandits opened people's knees and if you ME as the stem cell therapies insane if it's as soon as they say it is. I lose it talking nor wrestler Matt said outlets in Major Wright neck issues obviously I'm those guys on their heads sometimes and and other parts of his body shoulder issues and he's thinking about going to a different country. Where they will do it stem cells the stem cells type stuff yet you can say it I can get it yet to lose why can't get it but apparently he didn't fur but it's a crap ton of money somewhere else like a different country where it's not illegal or in his country but. It's a major risk to take but he's one to do it because of the lack issue static. So I know some of the places that are legal around here is not cheap and and the insurance won't cover that's when I also was told my doctor because I got a neat thing as like. Whenever she gets a stem cells is like you drive and it was at least I don't. I just say Iran ice and run to stem cell may stem pal. We dug my stem cell power to tell you pay for which stem Alcatel Santa subsidiary PayPal. I'll really say hell yeah why why why isn't it everything they really works is expensive you know. Writes why why do you think that all the drugs that are out there they make affordable why can't they just give me like a generic stem cell playing med flight via between our coping they occur Humber and yes Kirkland stem cells the at some point Costco will have Kirkland stem cells you know that's a safe place locked yeah exactly stem cell select days ago. All right what do you think was voted as the number one fast food French Fries. Who this is it because we had recently heard a story about another company that's really mean they introduced Fries and it's been very successful most successful thing they've introduced. No long long time one of its them well you know its food its us will tell ya at 747. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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