BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-18-8A: There is a new list of the top 10 best fast food french fries.

Tuesday, March 20th

There is a new list of the top 10 best fast food french fries. A new survey says that half of millennials believe they are suffering from a quarter life crisis.


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But this was claims. That these are the ten best of fast food French Fries. In no more. You were yell. And this is according to the editors of food these dot com follow their only authority they know that movies like to work for food DC I would like to work at third base all right. And I will tell you this the biggest snub. And I do the folks really really really have unhappy about this desks. Well danger that the trouble is I don't watch your mouth here. This is like Elmo congressional really my dad I'm sorry Iran that was necessary the national brand they should be it and I'm so they probably wouldn't show up anyway even if they were as good as you believe they are and they're just real sloppy sloppy frying up my favorite kind of fry either rev I'm with you not say I'm not gonna say any disparaging I just don't matter I I just don't like that type of fry yes see he understands respect you show your hormel route should your. I like the fact of their greasy. And that they they had a potato skin and there are at their floppy I like the late Friday I don't have my show earlier and solicit you tell your life oh geez had an agent like the live Friday as the best how to limp beer in the oil earlier the better yet let's increase your flag that it's like greasy limp Friday. Burger King didn't make the top ten. Why did he that's a beating for burger chain. You lose Fries are really good mound not did Jeremy because I don't did say that you would change wing stops. We stopped did not make it and I think you're right only because it's probably not as big as some of the folks on this list are the folks in this list you've heard all them. I'm Trisha do little little sprinkle sprinkle moms are surprised I'm Rick a desperate ghost face can go spurious and sugar on there are real. Yeah so OK I am trying to had a really had sugar Fries should track. That's what I need of course and he Sherlock with my for a hike is actually on that's Romania ID cards and more cards doesn't talk to her friend group relaxed about light cords BSE about iTunes site. Weight loss and you're working out mama MIK nice. I just feel like this is they put it a good work out all you do is keep he has met I listen you show. All you're talking about is heating of course that's all you wanna do things right like you I guess it's a topic of discussion on a show all the time so true dude I mean it's it's so hard to make the choice man. Well number one I don't think it's gonna surprise everybody because people do love their Fries McDonald's yeah. And Danny says yeah it's the gold standard pretty old artist Jack I mean for the national chains I do believe that if you get to go to some other joints that are not nationally you know Z or little ways. Always part of their Fries are very similar to do X man for it I think your life dinner. Number I think in the right I might think of the right are little more crispy but they're they're they're pretty similar idea they are so there's a dog that's not a low low low what he's is that it's very similar today 60 I'll go to a little Woody's more than Dick's because there's just less flop page yeah its that eEye guys always talk about French Fries preacher okay yeah I don't mind I don't mind the scan on him but it's the floppies that I don't want person you might ask him I had. I god nature today and I also like sweet potato Fries is a couple places I've gone to the ram the hallway I have I it's been awhile but yet they do make it's it's it tries to ram. Yes I go to either Blake. Fast food joints and I'm just getting an amber I'll go to McDonald's and get Fries from there and then go get like really amber yeah oh yeah. Thought you were saying our five guys. Five guys came in actually number eight series of peanut oil and they're cajun Fries is what came commemorate. The funerals good no doubt about it yeah no doubt about it number two unless such continual not enjoy the Fries or whatever place that he goes to. Tens yeah I love McDonald's Fries that I create McDonald you like some burgers at Burger King better. No better but I like a good whopper every now and then so so you'll just go to our dolls at the Fries and drive on. Will you come ashore I mean you're like all right Ali had basically you're turning your your your lunch you that the entire freeway is a big food court for you lose go from place to place he had exactly what Joseph I'm waiting to pound for pound the whopper might be my favorite of all the fast food hamburger there you know to see changed yeah mom brings me right back into my childhood. Yeah that was the first murder I ever had Steris embroil us then yeah there's a whopper junior could add a little mouth. So it was but it but now I wanna see if you feel that way only because of the fact that McDonald's is not going to have their bid they're there won't have frozen burgers and Melissa they don't have them fresh yeah or fresher. Tonight I don't know what Burger King does that they freeze there burners or not I don't know it's the flame broil it goes a long way. So there was no such Italy waffle Fries how can that not when those started well. You know what it was close acumen and number two those are damn good idea and they can't remember too and back on the same team yeah. I would say this I think it's only because chick filet justice and everywhere the women don't hostess and I think there's sauces go a long ways to relate to Polynesia sauce is pretty awesome with their waffle Fries. Do we articulated my seventy Ted Smith and Arabs they do right Nokia tennis sauces you wanna look at all the sauce options and what you guys don't have suites our work. Heidi he's our indict that's Polynesian sauce with all want want that. Yeah this hour. Because they're fancy they've they wanna go low will the weather and I'll go back the roots. Yeah. Number three is a place that man I really wanna go to more and I think it's just all about real estate. You know they talk about real estate if you are happy the books about why certain fast food or anything is successful it's not about what they sell its about their locations are. And I think this is true because Arby's does not have anywhere near his netted the group locations that I know I see all the time away do McDonald's or Burger King. And I love did you mocha shakes and I love their curly Fries came in at number three current president Garrett but I don't see an Arby's everywhere so it and I also like a roast beef sandwich once Hamas like that is awesome do. But again location location how. There's a curly prior to and there's a comeback or. Our car. All you think that they had the first ones trade gap he it's telling you made a terrible mistake Steve had. It's a curly Fries now here's the sad thing about number four. Which we've got to do something in this great state of Washington. Because if it's number four and we do not have this change here. We have to talk to Jenny Turkic. Okay I'll bring higher and yes she's bringing hockey town okay why not see if we can bring a stake Shia shake shack to down let's get that done those are good yeah and we word didn't we go shake check in Vegas recently yes yes and we can testify the critical cut Fries are pretty damn good. I just. No and neither are you know they are batting eighth and critical cracked critical cut Fries are better. Yeah I don't even know where I can get to a nation's I mean it's a hot dog joint right out yeah. Highlighting know what that's Jose airports at home yeah I know we need MI but that's a thing when I'm at the airports like and I mean. I had an option present it is when he's on this let's we've got to win pieces in my new world 50 OK because those Fries are fantastic beyond their number five but state MS is shake shack beat them out we media some shake shack here come off. Our top buys Fries and cajun seasoning team and number six bonds went to political wiser today is awesome. So yeah you you dug it. Why lags its and it's a contenders right. At pocono window and I'm always going out of this pop eyes but it was a world war three amongst the employees oh they're all yelling at each other really low Kersey I can some things happen. And the manager does is like in the middle of it and finally just looks at the mall knows where you'll just shut up and get that mad instead imprudent. So I was on my road where you Tacoma I was it is not. Oh worries that job Bob Bob above our rented OK I've seen something similar to that happened in Tacoma yeah not a part of pop I ask you this I guess it's a great deal working easy to yell at each other the customers are all exhausted they were a couple of they were yelling and I heard them yelling before I even got to the window. There was also this hour that that should be the case because you're not getting paid a ton of money and you given how goodness to people should be upsets. I mean really given a tasty goodness and and somebody said somebody ought to send somebody else often and always on the matters maybe give this man is damn food you know might wool and if you're a hit from my chicken tenders. They're delicious yes I don't think that kind of stress should happen any job that doesn't pay us billion dollars I think stress should only be reserved for people make a lot of money. And then an innocent like a lot of people are stressed out because of not making enough money to deal with the crowd that they're dealing with them wherever they are that's why I work should be at least a place we don't have the field like Agassi if you go home we'll be your bills. The word should be a place where you are well lease is such a great place to work I'm not stressed out I know how to make a lot. So I hope you're right seeger probably bleeds over its colossal unmanned you know I want people to be happy where they're given need tasty goodness our heroes Elizabeth young kids. Those that these were adults SI SE that's CDs folks deserve to be happy because that happiness and there are many risky to who they are. Other items are you guys all hate each other but your your chicken is delicious so I del taco do we have and yes I do we do OK I don't have any around me different drives are awesome get tacos and French Fries. So you can drag down. Very close this one isn't federal way. I germane to drag down there before but they have really good chili cheese Fries if you ever get a air Chile cheddar Fries are the best things in the. I love the Denny's made the pilgrimage to stay healthy anyway is not is about one half hour forty minutes away from where you are yeah that's CEO yeah you're you're committed if you do that couple and impure and we'll look. Go F yourself. So I was just did you did you did you shake shack and you just nuts on me quite possible value just keep it to yourself you probably do. Five guys we told you number eight and at taco Bell's new season Fries I if they do this next year this list. I have a feeling a Taco Bell might rocket into the top prize and need to try these yes it was up about them I want to as well. There are great and then finally a recent C exec is going to be in west lakes in my demery current building right now. And Westlake I saw this all stuff going down this an issue because. You Westlake is completely they took up the food court yet it's gonna while debris in the shake shack yes some store on Robertson sacks or something just the health food court I shake sax yeah same sex. Always me shake shake it wasn't that we do want their premier guys shake check coming in Seattle 28 team yes. Did you when he really excited reporting it right yet yeah. So in other words it's coming this year dude I'm telling you we we enjoy these and I went down we were fails go to Wesley can go get some food. All I'd rank indifference you see more excited about that the the potential and NHL franchise coming to Seattle. OK maybe. Yeah all right so up KFC rounded out with their Saber their potato wedges. And yeah has so Steak N Shake which we have been to read the Mall of America love stayed in shape and sonic dairy queen Jack in the Box hardee's Carl's junior in an out in and out which. I'm not surprised that they're Fries are really. He. In announce Fries not gonna delay the day there and they're not the recent ago Congo for the better I don't remember how so waste of my head and now. But they're shakes if they did they shake things I think in and out should be in the top five news but they embryo all of those I just mentioned there they'll get their let's snubbed. Like Carl's junior and in and out Jack in the Box dairy queen sonic Steak N Shake none of those got on this list. I am surprised that yeah. Yeah Terry Young kids I'll stake should this is great news. Who told me that news viewed any. Know somebody on the tax on all takes texture that they made my day techsters. Amber's is a few guys are making it hard for me to focus on my diet. I'm with you bro I went to a place yesterday or two ago I went to well it's a called the island cross cafe on Mercer Island it's been there forever but they open up a lot of new places. And I was like as Osama sorry I wanted to still in business because they've opened up all his other joints. Artest a pizza joint naval and a couple more turns out they were there Iowa and I am myself a nice meatball sub about the sub. Suzanne you also had some meatballs I wasn't sure that they do it formats like let's do and I should get the meatball sub without the side I wanted to settle so they had to freeze UK while religious school you know white ball on a plate that's exactly what they did and you know what he made any email in total let this thing and I got some vegetables and go and as it was pretty damn good. Yeah deep but I'm. There. So yeah I know I'm so organized and break and I really try to be good during breakfast and lunch time. I like the meatball sub over at the the subway or hey homer of the subway. Hey you know Eric Massa yeah there was maybe we are looks tonight what you want on I'm glad it's some time after coming nothing. When that this is closely meatball sub that's it that's only need I don't need anything else no vegetables it's just a meatball sub. See that's my complaint with these sandwich artist shops it's like look you know what you make. I want that it in the picture this week is up and miles and take some people might want it that way it's I don't mind if they do oh yeah but it's like Q now why I gagged it he'll answer I want to ask you initially plausible called good hole that's a good call you know instead of some lettuce amid police say it's brought forth meatball fifty people notice that. They over there are a subway hey it's grave robber one I don't know if they meet in May so let's do this is it destitute Red Robin does Robinson Fries are fantastic I think their bottomless I don't think red Robin's considered fast food ya I really don't buy me because he came in and make their burgers fresh they've got like that gigantic firm and you. It's former restaurant I'd say it is a restaurant it is yet and I agreed their Fries while I mean Red Robin rougher that there were taught a whole different sprees at places awesome. I'd let me tell you about 95% of people who say their me. Wanna be left alone. When doing a certain some things you need false media that's it not what do you think that is it I'll tell you an 817 yeah on the Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. And nine point nine KI SW Toronto Seattle. You have to take part of the Seattle rock rumble and if you know what is meant it's an opportunity for you to vote for your favorite rock band. And see who will be crowned at Seattle rock crumbled championship this year. And he said bracket style except that. I you get to go vote right now and how. The team gets the bracket that's the idea that the band you want your vote. Get them perhaps to the next round where in the saint helens round the first round still trying to figure out who's gonna win you'll be Jimi Hendrix or we'll be woodshed will be. Here on Jones to come on honey. Matamoros in the mix. Against green apple quick step. Brad vs Harvey danger consecrate once your poison MX PX Dan each other gonna win an all Dixie got a great new local band called year of the cobra. So again the Seattle rock rumble finding the champion abandon but here's the thing when you sign up. This is where you can be the champion because you will have a shot at winning a chance to win tickets to see. Foo Fighters Pearl Jam tickets to pain in the grass so voting for your favorite fan could be profitable to usually get some of those great tickets could be. The Seattle rock crumbled supported by Templeton ride you wanna all the info you know way to go JISW. Dot com get all the details. All right so. I've got a new survey turns out that more than half of Mullen feels say they're currently going through. A quarter life crisis. Cool and cool yes only okay Udonis money all right this is so is Danny RX and Danny in Dockery d.s Joey needs commodity exit a quarter life crisis. Now midlife crisis we know what those are all about right that's and you get a convertible caddy some hair plugs message do you drive around never heard a quarter life crisis is this a new thing this is hitting the millennial generation 25 inch. Natalie thinks he's out of retirement thirty he's got to be because I mean your immediate limit to a hundred which mean a lot more people are that would be a quarter life yet. Death so safe so you know I'm I'm literally is all I know let's all 120 something summit quarter life crisis are your best your record like absolutely the technology is MTV go on yes yes I meant to be a body but I will be of great. Who. The Steve brilliant shooting it straight to the VR world okay you know what they listen man that's not too shabby explicitly daughters she. Us. So hang. No not yet it's but I definitely think it's gonna be coming probably a little bit closer to my thirties I party warn Johnny Evers about it like. He better try to keep me sane. Because I think I'm probably gonna go through on. It's a big fewer. I know I mean if you have down to hand one hand you know yeah I always they'll take it yeah. It's staff I mean the mice. That's who we are they a year you're worried about if your father doesn't have a job that means you've lost your job. I mean it adds that's true thoughts Carol your house. I mean I know it's a weird kind that earlier in the leg it's now I have a man can you know my dad don't get fired since that way her life is not impacted by. Think yeah. There's a contract year Sarah solid so went on to screw up in the company selects me Hogan did acknowledge and yet we got a when we gonna have conversations at some point and so far we are they still like me but you know I still have a few must erect every young and yeah I have it your fault. Oh yeah. Written but I feel like a lot of people my age especially being a female I think we go through that whole lake not a what are we doing with how I was also. And I have kind of man am I gonna get married and like our clocks are ticking NL. Yeah I mean if you wanna have a family I get it because you know once you get into thirty years old and you don't have kids yet yet you gotta think that'll pressure is that something so much ado here. Are aiming getting married yeah yeah and what I'm reminded of Eritrea. Four yes four years to figure it out yeah she's got Johnny rubber at least a man does she so we got a job and Danny to give them a job to. She's got a job to got a job dead gyros got a good job he's our work and did a nice you know as far as semi dated someone like that yeah don't hear that in jail. Yeah no right these are both like heating up that money in that not Johnny robbers meant to address different time. Clear them out very get a master's first since you missed 220. Something that's a third life crisis on a quarter life crisis Steve. Yes I indeed about. You either so yeah Leon McGinley yeah yeah exactly. Yeah so so so Sarah I I wonder about my son who. I don't know what he measures milestones on because. If he's he's he's definitely atypical when it comes to what you'd expect for somebody close to thirty. He doesn't seem to be unhappy I know that but I but he has Dominique can be very and I when I know I don't talk to a man I had no crisis man I'm too laid back that stuff people freaking out don't have kids they want Alison might yeah just relax. Enjoy your lawyer young you don't forget about anything now nothing I think I got all of that Susan no fear of anything coming up and a really good. Nothing that I like I know thirty don't worry you at all I've heard it's good. His friends her life haven't you people around you breast shaking gets through everything at that point you know I came you'll we don't honestly happen right broke my leg very don't. And got cut off terrorism crisis I certainly played so you're worried how great you like losing your hands I know some sort of weird right I just like I would be supported nasty etc. Yeah so you know your dad losing his job but no there's no he used to Taliban were there and play. 84 calories at all. In reality well he's not really counting on me he has no problem with a you on the other hand you definitely see Mike you need me to stay employed nest on nine. Yeah well I if I hope you kids have learned something that if I'm no longer here you can do something but you're still Sarah saying no no way. Let me just don't die AN I'm afraid of dying and dies so day I knowledge I don't know links thinking about it. Joey DC hopefully you don't want the guy Joey days is like uncommon there is Sosa's first quiet doesn't tell BJ anything he's a hit man I'm pretty sure I'm crest. I actually got underneath who goes to join these to be doing to newer to the FBI the CIA I would know. He had the also tell you I don't see music will live he's proved he's not. Qaeda deja. Until finally the last Leningrad and you know Danny B who. At least if you check off the boxes. Denny's done a lot in his young life marry divorce with a child I mean there was a lot of things that he's not I mean look at the American true. Early. This what does this say I feel like I went through quarter life crisis without meaning to you but you never I didn't like ask for divorce and how to inflate it just. The divorce have been I changed jobs moved from Albuquerque to add your hometown yes so you really jumped up and change your life yeah I got that back of the crisis driven sure but I you never feel changes are better like I needed to change my life is just kind of all happened when I turns like 28 so. They're young are you. KBJ losing his job as well that's kind of know that. So I you know when I was well when I was in my mid twenties I mean lots of changes are happening because I got married him so I was Wi-Fi right I got married. Then I'm not too long after that I'm moved away when my wife was pregnant with Joseph. And so west changed everything so maybe I was gone through quarter life crisis because I was done not with a life I had. Couldn't wait to get with my wife and get rid and I didn't want to do with my family I wanna be on my own and start a whole new life. So I guess when I had to the C and we get the way you described at this time of crisis is a lot of stuff that's gonna stress about things that are going to be happening. I never understand what people see someone had to get converted more like a Corvette nighthawk. Mid life crisis. What's the crisis this is examine a pretty good politics there you are right to me he's got enough money to buy any cease got a smile as face I never understood that either why that's a midlife crisis and said this is a mid life on yeah thank I think more people should strive for that do things take care of yourself from splurge on yourself. I don't see why we we poo poo like it's a bad thing. Well according to the joy you ought to vote you must you go into a midlife Krejci out what's going on maybe it was like being on the water yeah maybe I worked really hard to get something I've been saving up for enjoying in my life. We have 11 request by our listeners. We tease nods. He said why don't you guys put the Joey. Yes he's. No you haven't even yeah he's yeah. If somebody forgot that he had his own team he's. She's not a signatures yeah. Yeah yeah you are important son. Yet while Chile d.s always said to me when we have conversations he was not worried about anything. I said what do you know immediate fire whose job I don't know I'm nice I'm like wow I wish I had that because I know I'm. Even now we built up quite I think a successful you know radio show here in Seattle. And is a contract here I'm still worried and they get fired yeah. Even though I think things are good everybody likes me where Harry successes and sometimes. I've made and how. I thought Sarah let's step 1 yeah I am wary damage always got more confidence that I all these years and you maybe Joseph we should represented you I think I needed to represent me tonight I tell I tell you this. Ever since they did get representation my life has been a lot easier whenever I represented myself. I don't know what it was like can never come to agreements and anybody. Shocking death shocked. So this is what Millen hasn't sank his half of them are a go into this quarter like prices have come on business survey so what are they doing today did you will what constitutes abuse Corliss credit doubted I'd find something not making enough money bouquets and not buying correct so let me just tell you this. And I think this isn't a real and I guess Phidget Spinner classics it's. Well they. Did they they spend more than they are each month which means they're relying on their parents racking up debt or both but. I think this is reasonable. And I think a lot of folks keep Don Maloney is going you know what you should spend more than you can but I would look at one of my original tax returns and I was in my twenties when because I do every year I go back and see how much you know hey how much in my Megan out different events. I know some people right now are starting if they're lucky if they're entry level they're starting between twenty and 30000 dollars a year you I have to tell you something. That was pretty much what I was making entry level. Back in the eighties yeah. And yet we know the price for things have gone up in those thirty some odd years here in Seattle stop the same the lives here as it was back to make our OE eight plus. So I mean I can see why if you're millennial and you're getting the same entry level that somebody like myself in my fifties got one I started out. That's BS and I don't understand that I don't understand how a person Gonzaga called who's generally the problems guy who got a brain and their head. How is it that's all you're making the same thing that I would and by the way didn't graduate college and I was able to pull that down. Bad for this country of Saturday and I don't know what actual jobs are now but I don't think they're much more than 35. I don't think it's about it is yeah that's not a big increase will not in this city. And I know you can't afford to live in Seattle incident what do you do you got to move out of Seattle the day dollars and you go broke because the gas prices are very cheap. You had you're. What do you do about this and and a quarter of them say they can't find a good job so there's money issues and they can't find a good job then another quarter of hate their current job which was Joey. Because he's working with a sister and his father you try to get away from us we moved out he's working on us but I played on the Internet gets a couple of assuring us that. And finally. And Sarah touched on this herself before judge Ronnie Roberts relationship issues Lou so does the Big Three things being broke and in debt can't find a good job hitting your job. And they can't find that's why they're having a quarter life crisis most these money stories and read an article where money is an odd series for retiring because they believe that capitalism will not it will not exist and they retire. Well let's think about that that's a forty years from now forty Eagles could maybe 4050 years from now. They really think the capitals entry will be done by then boy there's a different speeds and I am I knew I mask. Yeah yeah is that I mean it's back. You know I iMac is working here and our MacBook iMac I know it's probably no it's not an iMac as just a Mac because we are right now we'll get. Did he listens. Caceres say they give is way too much credit to be like him capitalism is gonna be dead I don't see because it's so expensive to live in the city and it's hard to put money away amounts you know what I mean I don't know about you guys do when you're younger was so this much stuff to spend money on. I feel you can. Literally find it she's like an iPad or on CDO game for a you know like this in their expensing impulse purchases were not as easy to do is they are now I'll give you that and you're right there's a lot more to spend your money until we had South Bend to I did move the boom boxes enough. You know there's other stuff yeah I mean that there's always been a gentlemen's club so. I have always there's always places then your money joke that's our guest us like you get a 500 dollar rise on today and then next year's dives onto for 500 dollars was like boom box to became our next guests finally boombox to. Our job and let your boom box I would tell alarm system attached to it. I Joey. Daddy too yeah yeah yeah I'm forty so that's where I was spending all my money on on games site you know you know how the gaming consoles work. The consoles really artistic that they get to that's not the big ticket it's a snow 30405060. Is the price enough for each game you bought for that console. I was that guy so it's I I think you're right I think you started with that I think that's what really made dumb like oh my god what are you young people spend all your money on. I think my father's generation they just drank they drank a lot of them anyway. I mean seriously I'm not take and cigarettes cigarettes and drinking and that kind of stuff I think is what they spent their money dot com. Make sense and remind our mom I'm just like your phones that I committed super expensive phones when I was younger I got my someone those Palm Pilot trio it's 800 dollars. I don't really now brutal and you figure they have color on that screen and now. Yes can you imagine you get can you imagine we paid that much money for like a black and white goofy looking screen thing I mean that was nowhere near as good as an iPhone simply did it. Stupid version and a calculator and yes we were so happy and yet I really isn't a good note. Didn't hear it might affect yours antibodies time each piece but for a lot of us that had those eagle planners was based charity gigantic notebook which was your calendar. You were so happy that the Palm Pilot camera. I guess say Steve you're taken everybody Braxton Leo ordination as if they don't deja on top class that's. Oh man yes sixty did figure this one out our who hadn't hit songs these songs my way and fly me to the moons could this get to know. I'll I'll Frank Sinatra it has. Yeah well guess what buddy you're right about that but that doesn't mean you'll be ready when everything. Caller I think they're gonna. 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