BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, March 20th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Aides this time to turn out more typos are now. Here there. Slow rolling the re mix yeah Tuesday is taco time maybe somebody's had a budget copying has reached its our garage so tacos. Dig down a lot Alonso tackles mine let's Georgian president today we've got Brian in Bellevue Bryan are you there sir. Are you doing great do well Bonnie what's playing four today Steve. Bradley's plan for parity is Chad and an essence and Lindsay sterling over at the white river amphitheater on September 7 courtesy of live nation that KI SW dot com from the Vito Georgia got Evan essence. I don't think he's excited about it SEC was an ace is you can't tell us that she is except. A move he shot yeah yeah lose. When you easier to get a nice that our current Stephen area. Wow yeah. Is for those playing at home. Brian is gonna have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Brian you can that's all you want but you'll only get three as is her question are you ready sir. Which two friends won Oscars for their screenplay of the 1997. Movie Good Will Hunting. And better outlook as a country does cafe Ole originate from. Repeated what country does cafe delay originates from its current ads which ocean is Fiji located seems to. It's. You don't seem to know it's it's. Thank you as the impersonator and Sears isn't she with what number army's standard keyboards. Little barrier or no no depth of water is generally measured by what you next. What are it desk tells water and I'll I'll need to know. I don't you ask what kind of animal is just he's cheese. Even out yet as to what is the name of the loud sounds looney tunes rooms Stearns. I gardens asks what does he ask to be and he stands for and RSVP. Didn't. I'm. 123456. Corrections. Well. Right now in the middle right there I am trying to Siro and otherworldly gear is even though it's not officially I'm reading here it's not official anymore but I guess that's an old tiny term yeah. Yeah. Yes. Why oh that's fascinating OK I guess they had you know that what didn't. We'll talk about it and OK in that movie was wrong I love really need you now from what I can tell I see what you're going without time to look to find about that comes and finds out of the house and that's how I. English. Yeah it's hard it is I know that hey Steve. Are you ready yes. But I thought I always do friends won Oscars for their screenplay of the 97 movie Good Will Hunting Matt there ruins today at halftime yes. What country does have to lay oh lay originate problems. Sane to know Mexico never. France yes and what else is DG located in. I that would be Atlantic now. Specifics you ask are these campers and Jersey he was put number Ernie standard keyboard it's eight now he's nine now. Simon's yes. Jeff soap and water is generally measured by what do you. There are some leagues now. Nurses know tigers have been in the leaders know what kind of animal is Chucky cheese kids Iraq. No timeouts he asks what is the name brand out of thousands looney tunes rooster. Foghorn legs and Shia and Al shall save lives and what to do the absentee and peace stand for and our SP teed. Steve. Adds even Knoll. And she's how. Steve bad screen that is. No you just stop there your ducks are 103456. It's that other. Ha hey John Bryant even like yep you're late I'll I'm no I'm not idiot idea too far and when you tie you win on this fine program to job man. I hate I'm Reynolds and it surprised comes. As excited yeah you did figured out it was seafood place is ours anymore does. Respond day terrorists it's off fresh on this won't do it as well Francine is yes and I'm saying that I have noise here on this movie again another day where I guess it right after the questions over mountain and would've gotten you know when do I now into victory song. Then we get none of those types like Chucky cheeses Iraq. I asked how can we just feel like he is okay but what what tests treatments as Chuckie cheese. At one time was also Iraq at one time doesn't mean he is now weighs nothing now aren't they all gone or some Merrill there's still one and I don't harass CIA at a Toys 'R' Us are gone Teddy geez there's still a fairly fun centers for children of all late season. I checked out leave because you know I die because legally because the movie was 20000 leagues under the seasons would make me believe then that that would be a measurement. Of depth yes but actually it's an old school he's saying measuring distance that they just decided hey you know. It's a mile underwater basically is what you're kind of like what they're user now almost a happy earned particular kind of unit for depth yeah. Steve you couldn't fathom the answer did you know. Is it's Adam's yeah it's. You are trying to attract compact mirror when I guess that one but I got I've also marking with leaves out like yeah and then you had nothing after his belt already dancing every other answer was correct Intel you got there you're dancing your Stratton he broke me yes now you get a taste of humble hot. Mr. stern needs teachings and name of his book. Well I'm he's dead how are really know about W Vicki Byrne picked up about that is but this is his daughter Vicky hum sure that's gonna go to our congratulations to Bryan on tying Stephen thus winning the prize that's it's got a new you tie you win you win and that's how it works on. All right you know I this did this tech study I'm very very happy about because it's it's very irritating when I walked into a store and somebody just comes at me. Yeah you know what they need to do. At stores. Does that give you like a sticker like I don't care what color it is rumble sticks that you can hold your hand. Some images says somebody is already bothered me networks that your company yeah. Because I sometimes you go to a place him I'm my wife is you know she's Chelsea is my getting. But after like the seventh person that that certain clothing store has hit her up about Blake do you need help she finally shows the dark side and I licenses that I'm foreign leave me Roland you're all our. Dad does think just give us something like some kind of indicated it says a write your sales associate as a ready bogged us. You'll need to bonuses while. Yeah I I 95% of his seem to think that dead that's exactly what we want and need to be left alone so how are these. Shopping people so clueless that just happened to me it was frustrating is when you walked in and they bought the hell out of you you know I just walked in I know I might want something I have no idea what it is. Okay let me know Eddie and and they never bother you again and you look around like I was in a particular store where everybody dresses like the people that walked into the store yeah so I don't know who's working there like what you're hot topic in sometimes I don't know who's working there and who's just fine there. Israel is standing uses their buying something because it's buy one get one half off pretty much down. So I've got the product in my hand and I am looking around going I really would like to get more information about this and I'm Aaron Rouse an honest to god. This one dude was still owned looking Tammy. He was stoned and I thought for sure he was a customer aha and then I finally went to them to the registered say hey is there anybody can help me get this. And I don't you guys did pretty advanced donor sandy comes over through Santa so man they go well I don't know you don't I just looked out with this item in my hand you this I mean that was. So frustrated this guy yeah and I zero undercover cop whatever the case and now yeah story young people hang out I wish I was. Dude that's always the case so when you walk in like forty million. Sales associates you up in that we you do need their help none of them still walk pilot you don't exist tournament outdoors Christmas shopping at the same type of place where. My what's the easiest accosted by all the sales associates and I'm like. I need help I don't know what night. I I have what anybody the right size and I'm looking around I can't tell them where outfits that match so they're all dressed. Like their shoppers yes so now my country a which one actually works here which one doesn't go like the about it so I started playing with a pen and just. Has taken a model in looking at a mention that three girls come over do you need help so yeah. And the way to fix it dad and isn't held any help put this on my head I love this plan depth I want candy so help you real quick and duke. Because we're matter where you are you can get an auto body shop closed and might look candies are aspirin bring your album as a player and on course for a certain company at the mall. They wouldn't tell us like. It is a matter who locks and you have to sell them a bikini fight and it was like he was and so 500 pound man would do whatever you have to sell them I teach bikini because they're on self serve. For back to how Thomas C that's frustrating to us that sort of person that works circus value the awkward person trying to sell bikini to me like yeah everyone hates you because you're like why do you see are the key sale today you have garnered you have a niece thinks NBA and I creepy at all yeah now see that's our daughter. I think that's why retail (%expletive) me off and I would get into so many fights with regional managers who would come in they're they're they're not the boots on the ground. They don't have to deal with the customers they come up with these stupid ideas. And say oh yeah you all have to do it and I feel so badly for retail people that actually 'cause I know. They don't wanna be used in India and would you like to do this would you like to do that tenure and when you're paying for the idea which like the give a dollar this and we like to join this and I mean they they want to join this rewards program where there were no rewards. Who I wasn't always this program while they cash back no. Okay then why wouldn't wiser awards program what you know white guy you would give he'll pencil if you by so many damn he really was that dumb and I might. Yeah you people who shop here. I really wanna pens so I don't really. That's the rewards are getting your information I think it's any ridiculous amount of emails about the sales that I won't deal to take advantage of clean air and give it to get scanned contest BJ. I also blocked off I'd like 200 dollars worth of product whose and then they said. Here's a coupon. You have five days if you come and buy something else and I'm like. Are you so a fight just bought a hot girls were the product. I could then to come in and get a discount often and he returned it I'm so frustrated I I I can't stand the way retail does business and it's usually. Where people are making very little money like we did tell you did. Israel like it is not so it must let him making them do that yeah I talk to your former uses of the customer service rep who's desperately trying to help you were told multiple times a week to engage within the first ten seconds that you walk in the door if we don't we could lose our jobs and I wanna tell you something. Someone might mean media I yeah I yeah and I used to stand up to the idiots and I was right nicest of the eighties at the supermarket and I would tell me you're a moron you don't know how people think. He should all take a guardian psychology class is the retail worry. Because here is 95% of the shoppers don't like this in these companies don't understand their pissing us off. It makes you not want to go back to that place that I was because of this and and you're right the employees are told to do it and it's the wrong. Thing to do Jammer being out of place and an era of super aggressive and much whatever I just need to get a black teacher a plain black tee shirt that's I was. The guy they also comes over to me would a stack of stuff because I picked up some clothes and I think we'll look good on you and I'm. At him and I'm looking at these. These jeans got like but dazzled pocket syndrome I can't thank those super flashy affliction type shirt so like all got like jams in nominal Mike. Dude I lose jobs like man I'm good thanks I appreciate you. I'm getting is playing black T shirt. What part of that at least you think I want to where Elton John's been Janice. I'm you know he's had been told by some told hey Susie walk in the door. Put together an outfit for them and maybe. One out of ten will do it and then you just got out a crap ton of extra sales see that in this that this is the fish running from the head down because it starts at Walsh. You you know the pivot the shareholders of the company to go make more money and they go we've got to make more money I mean people command and we do do a good job doing it make more money and so than the regional people come up with some stupid idea that lease everybody goes okay Josh you've foursome you give my much o'clock. And it's just save all you do is manipulate people or make them angry and of course the stock holder doesn't care because he strip mining the whole place anyway and then he's gonna leave once he gets his golden parachute the company goes out of business and everybody's miserable. Or what are Romano. Here there's a similar to the pencils are you read some guys skip like bombs find their issues. And he's Katrina some of these stickers. At the front desk guy Garrett at the cashier at the table and to do with the steroids only I'm on the stick around and I'm not in the mid market for sticker or some fine and on state. You're going to win this degree isn't mister Carlton a sealock. Find a man why trust me stickers. He does want to make money I and that's how I get extra money if I saw stickers but boy it at first I thought bot what it. To sleep so desperate I stickers and I'm by six stickers. City but it was obvious to just be honest man I think you know that makes sense now regularly so impressive but these stickers do that would be great I missed on my drive I get used to stickers. You come up with something. Heyman I don't have to tell you about this but they're gonna firemen friend also stickers and so they come and sell stickers do you think you could take one again if you don't want one. Padilla to one DC guys and are you to talk to your manager can you believe your bureau associates try to do lead to. You know on and I've been a manager I know and I got a regional manager and he makes a softer. I mean just take a lot more to move east ever take a mobile approach. This frankly it is the genius that never has to deal with the guy I hate to I've always hated that my entire life and that's why don't have a job in retail. And I got fired we just sort of place promote peace I'd like to go somewhere where it sells decisions there's a sadness Lumix like New York behind everybody zoom way in hell I've got a son looks okay are you paid who would you like a stickler you can ensure okay current exodus north Dubai. It is time for listeners on the loose where you get to pick the topics you get to guide to show here's a number. 206421. Rocking and also Texas 77999. We got your calls we got your tax whenever you wanna talk about midnight seventeen room. And Dave's morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I've got a point nine KI SW Iraq at Seattle's listeners on the loose proxy fight card choice. Blisters on the list where you pick a topic you guys who showed 206421. Rock. You can also Texas 77999. Whatever you want to talk about. You make that call but do remember Steve has one rule this show some energy embrace these days otherwise. To say goodbye and good bar old friends go to heaven an Auburn avenue are on the Iraq. I am a mother the show which Shia force buddies. Saw last week you guys are talking about character depth so they dot Q yeah and so terminator did. Since I was a kid like organs much more my favorite series so. Terminator two at and you know win the Arnold gore himself consultant of all of the. All yes I get that seed that is huge so when you know the music system along the and I realize that he's so I feel like he rules Reebok. Not I ask a Walt eleven year old Lee just couldn't even handle that. So I break down in tears almost every time RT. Yeah you are doesn't tough watch our memory acid to be like I don't know why don't I like this guy remember I hated him in the movie. And now I wanna be his friend. And now have like Dallas McPherson because I'm I'm only 21 so now we're Blake I've probably seen terminator two more than I've seen the first one. You delete sow doubt and I want most now on my favorite so when I when I saw rather guidance I would broke down. My minority that says that I still like terminator won more than terminator two ya. The most fuel and Torre are why are yeah yeah. I just did just speak to you every miss the first one. I won the first one came out it was awesome but Andy's still lost that an attack in the trust trouble is is technology got so improved. And he was really way ahead of the curve with his technology and CGI adaptors such an amazing movie would you say terminator two is like of all the movies that have had sequels. That's the one where the sequel is better than the original. In the I Annan it. Godfather two over godfather really. You don't wanna yeah I guess you know I think I can see that god I can't father was amazing when it first came up a godfather to was cool to lose so. Yeah I I think a Star Trek one over Star Trek to the movie because Russel Arnold they got there yes larger Roma such a pile that stick and they could have done and you used to so it was such they're a much better improvement and of course for a large states. July 01 of the main characters and us trekked to let me try to clearly better are well Terrell is just kidding I. Seasons yeah I'm sorry I thought I crush on. Bottom and there ago how to share you until we were friends. You know you think about two when you think about terminator two. And here's a kid that's rebelling against life doesn't have a father figure in his life not getting along was Monty as a maazel crazy for good reason. Is so I can see why anybody ahead daddy issues at all or didn't have a father in their life and then all of a sudden his dude shows up we'll protect and keep them safe. I think that resonates a lot of young dudes who are a who's gotten deeper on this movie than ever got to I thought we almost like to be explosions I think that's why people were so emotional about Arnold getting lord and that I think you know he had any issues with the dad which I know why did. It's it was a tough one to see the guy who was a great father for your your melted like that one person not a couple few I've just had aliens over aliens. Yeah adult. Those are two different styles are there will be no alien was all or aliens is an action so I could definitely see why people would like the second one more I mean it's guy and you know Ripley in an awesome front loader you are using flame throwers and stuff. Thank you are following Hamas and Olivier yes she'll love those sound effects are sometimes I like rocky to better rocky I go back and forth on that I think they're both equally awesome. Just depends on my mood the same would alien outmanned it was we didn't do it we had never seen a horror movie like that we it scared the crap idea. I mean it really really did I mean that's why to me it's a better movie because we had never seen them before they shocked the hell on the face hugger and the popping out of the stomach. And I was still to this day even though it's cheesy looking by today's special effects dinners at the time to elect won't ever see a pregnant woman I expect the only in this. Saturday's summit and whether that was an opinion about teenage ninja turtles to secret of the use as opposed to number one is it just because it has an indirect and it don't enjoy and should go and check out this was ten times better in this for your dumb to allow. So that's I think we just an is that I know about this one empire strikes back over our new hope you know. There isn't it that people do think that's a better movie but again and I saw Star Wars new hope when it was new etc. when when I was seventeen years old are so empire strikes back when it was him but it blew me away that's why always open new hope over empires I expect slightly book about babysitters to over babysitters all of course yeah yeah seriously that's when it got real that they really figured out what about the Dark Knight as opposed to Batman begins. You know I had the jokers performance is fantastic yes I'm a first and over Rambo. Herb first vs rabbi also first bogeyed the first BI think Rambo is better. CL I first blood that now. I like Rambo better yeah. What about the Captain America as you winter soldier goes to a soldier what do people think it's better than to America the first year I actually sinks that I ranks them civil war. Captain America first avenger then the winter soldier drought is over the end. Yes of how could have been married three or one record 31 yeah I kept America free not be the best one we've cirrus sedan everybody. Except the Hulk Thor could talk yeah. Numbers out time and again he's as we are still friends Steve Bob Bob BJ's right daddy issues for me when he came that was the key to turn it to how about that C I don't something Steve post racism would Steve terminator over teach you cardinal was scary machines I'll tell Arnold was that first one man. And just. Oh and I agree that we see our it was good but you know here's the thing I'm twenty EC four years old to come out in the eighties season and then of course T two in the nineties and I my thirties. And the liquid metal dude you know I mean that was just like that Richard Pat's are broader route had yeah I mean his brother was so it's 1000 I was seeded team whatever you know the T 1000 t.s yeah. She was amazing. And he was just such a better action movie and also Lynda Hamilton was bought fuel she was just you know the Seattle I mean it was such judges it slipped your brain how she was just a kickass machine as opposed to the character she played NT one. How about. Teen wolf fourteen loss to east. We're talking Michael. Wow that's that has actually brought that up as true could make me wonder virus so president Dolphin's tail to over Dolphin's tail what's so that's a tough one sister act two is that this is better than sister act. Axel she was back in the habit. My god threat. The fact that you know let's subtitles does approach you and that's a line and task you're on my friend. Let me go to Matt Renton Mac its listeners on the loose you think it's up to you got to show Shia force buddy. Thank Aaron wanted to talk about your retail site you may just yes there. We. We train from the moment we walked in the doors and any customer that comes close you talk to. It's gotten so bad that I asked customers they need help. Down a one into the store they told me now also left them alone went back to my job. As store manager and it's district manager Lauren from one side of the storm and next to be out there to the customer. And down make sure that I treated her correctly. Yeah there are you know let's say son Matt I would love doesn't mean unreal I would love to meet with the district marriage because I actually have a background and retell both the supermarket and the clothing business. And I had many fights with those idiots who want to we're not the ones actually interacting with people. You know they are clueless and I wish they would take psychology classes is not a petitioning mandatory that you had a major or minor in psychology before you get that freaking job as a district. Manager do you think he'll be just a simple process is so I talked to these sales socio cough took customer sagging any help. If they see no idea how would you like me leave you alone and BCS take okay co Grammy when you mean an end to problem solve everybody's different I know wants to be. What's a sales associate up on their rear end for the entire time there restore. And U I you know that Matt you can tell from body language and we are you know when you got and still they make you do something that you know you should be deal. There it's easy to tell Ned Iman are some of the practices they have stamina now aware Estrada. Almost survey do you have if you don't score a perfect score. Your bonuses and everything you don't have to beat street Louis city you don't get straight seven. And coming everybody come to improve on something you're always gonna find something you don't like some minor so I know I never used to get scores that were perfect scores anywhere but now that I noted your bonuses are tied to I'd everybody I go to do I'm the world's most. Small time workers anonymous and that they thought I don't know anybody on a bonus OK don't. Exactly that's the problem they are judging you and putting you through rigorous as if you guys are big time money makers that's the other mistake that these managers make. They've put you through all the grief of all this is good news surveys and and judging you and and the goal here is your minimum wage. It's ridiculous I mean they made miserable customers miserable employees. I'm telling your managers are idiots and I'm telling you that right now Madden I would I wish I can talk them because I had experience in both those industries. Lot of stupid people who had that manager stripe on them that they don't but more importantly terminator terminator two very. I exterminator till death. De LA. You judge does white Renault and judge today and every seven nightmares. Matt this is solidarity my friend I mean I hurdles yeah I mean you I cellular life retell you guys know what a life your managers are morons and and I'm telling you I know through experience desire I was on the ground that's why don't we're gonna be as Smart as I call the morons like firemen but you know hey something's gotta do it. I really I I remember the conversations I had man and it's just like. You guys are not here CAA and you know it's a sitting in the military you hear a lot of military dudes go. We have to listen these idiots up top and they have no idea what's going on in the field. It's amazing it's just like it all the way through life idiots think they know what they're don't know and that's why I work with you I try to tell you try to educate yeah yeah. And you know our opinion on it you know. If you like terminator two where terminator won every primary checked out that's what it is this is not a real conversation anymore ha yeah. How you can pick tee to write that he wanted to teach because whose real man oh man don't really handle Obama felt real liquid man role. How are we really oss deliveries the baby what is what you. I you've been the topic finds these two guys to show. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. We got you calls we get your checks probably in my because I actually like total recall we're both of them. Yeah Omar and or. Are you kidding me get Josh to mosques are Yamasaki suffocate them at third yeah yeah error. It's a great way to go up. Austin, Texas that's 33. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the I nine point nine KI SW Iraq goes Seattle is cool listeners on the loose do you pick a topic you've got to show let's go to Brad in federal way Brad you are on the rock. So hey are you know god that's a bad body which yes force today. Once you were talking about culture last week and I'm sure to argue last week but tell Wanda let you know that I want stole weeds from top senate Judas Priest or he walks closer tonight here is that correct you still leaves. The Sox did you it's. Yes yes hi I'm coming down. Well you know 1415 years old with it first concert deter rollover tour. And we ran out of lead in the shallow end. There is little area that was real. Off between stage you know you're in the bleachers and we're up in the bleachers taking a break can I looked down in the called China cable shall we need at this culture confiscated from you from all the coaches go worst. And show itemized plan and execute perfectly in my Shaq. The loans whose side. I I've I would tell me and stood in front of the blue table with the cops went back and I was rocking out to the show and all the sudden he hit in the back so what some consultant and turnaround in Little Rock shirt. And almost three we're up in the stands. Saying hey that's more you do that in Maloney. And they're trying to reach downforce so I pick it up there you are going to hear this to own all three car actually turn around like to see what kind of lawlessness and blown up and that's. Studied Spanish. And when they turn their eyes I just grabbed three handful lead Muster got a couple of very. It's. Grace free I'd say you're Fred Armisen and do the roof when you got away with that. Thought it was it was I was ready to and start actually into the crowd if they can't eat you know they got an APB out throughout rocker with a more you know. Good luck finding that guy that is actually pretty awesome and I guess the cost now have to learn may we should leave the Wii Wii comes down a big fat at table like that's. Would you change he changed it since Larry we're here was this again first we'll which were was this the Jews priests. Serbo lover you'll probably like 1980 side at all yet analysis of that was galaxies on 33 years ago basically Amanda nurse are on all cylinders. And and of course the cops weren't so thin now that you're here and it's exactly how we got to that's awesome. Precisely I guess a legacy for most of that Detroit rock city movie through quality goalie coming yeah absolutely kids. Going to kiss concert legacy that's happening in that movie it was a simpler time yeah it really really was sentimental parking lot Pavia. And Hamas is 25 years old back them. To work yeah. Oh well about yeah let's go to Steve in Seattle way admit there's Steve over here Steve you are on the Iraq. Hey good morning BJ to Marcy welcome to the show which you got for us so you know. Certainly recently it has been a lot of our. No news about airlines and I'll be emotional core animal pointed out the big one McCain's news of the problem people were having was this someone wanna bring an emotional support peacock in one of the airlines like OK no. Only deal wonders about the one where they put. The dog in the overhead compartment ordered all you have Al I didn't realize it was an emotional support dog they did I'm assuming you all did to some people just bring their palace usher I used to do. But it Alex and I visited yeah toss it was united boy these guys are not having a good round. Okay. It's time I told myself you and I look okay. I like Tyler is that I feel like doesn't get it right and obviously I think you unite it definitely is made mistakes which she's I hope who wasn't Dem because god how stupid can a company B yeah it looks like they've actually suspended new bookings for pats in cargo after loading three dogs three on wrong flights we knew about the first two but yet there was a third one yes always a dog the one tonight tomorrow night's or another country like Japan yeah and then there's another issue as well they've had three dog issues I can the last couple Wii well I hope they weren't emotional support talks to us I mean you know that's a good score yeah legitimately need them I'm not that you don't need regular pad but really so it. Yes oh yes this that a lot of cut controversy as daylight colonial and how about the whole thing what about it Steve. The whole through do you have Europe pat writes yeah balloon to almost sounds. Sometimes a series have a dog I would blocker and you are here to tell you what I did try to get a dog you let them because let you know I I need more responsibility in my life. You know I guess I'm enough to do I need to take care and am well I'd say. Every cadet is an emotional support animal I don't belong on the equipment. The I means. I don't I don't really follow mine with the emotional support stuff is as wildlife unless is a serious reason why someone needs to bring a pet into any kind of establishment I just feel weird I mean I Don it Wear light on the Gonzaga food place wouldn't with our Don Imus is a press dictators animals and stuff but. Add them the data go to Home Depot or Lowe's. And as saying I guess every Lulu in amounts and only Vernon Carl don't do that either but I Saddam walking around trying to find so yeah hardware sterling global. But aside from hound dog and like the old Yugoslavia like it's the exit polls are just Eli boldly or get out here. Yeah I know my guardian and other products you don't really and I mean send an Ohio like I don't like that got a guy got to be also lying quietly released to stop making noise here now. And I mean I see I here's my thing if if it's not a big store it doesn't bother me because I know that the Danbury and the fur or won't he won't get in my face but if it's in a small environment. Com and I don't prepare might just basically just overdosing on clarity and I will get the flu the city and that's right tell everybody go imagine what it feels like to get the flu just it comes on you your whole day is ruined because of the allergic reaction are people bringing dogs and yes I am which indicates it sucks for me I wish I didn't have these allergies but my whole day is ruined because somebody. Wants to bring your dog in clothes cut it cut comfort Iraq quarters around me I'll admit it but the big source of the planes I have an issue with this like really I hope that's an emotional support dog because we'll probably sneeze my ass off you because of this. Are all emotional support Doug an airliner closest dealer. You so you. They're legit what you said this Steve I will say this and I appreciate the call so I know what you're saying first of all. I am the exception to that rule because I got the dog because my family wanted and I never won the damn thing because I knew was too much responsibility. Those dogs provide no support to me at all they do is nothing they do for me that I find emotionally supportive they are an emotional pain in my ass secondly. I don't know enough of our world of psychology. And psychiatry to no that if people who have like say bad PT SD. If in fact there's something about a dog thought that really supports them so I'm not gonna be ignorant go I know because I really don't have any clearer about that. Right and it's a lot of I mean dobbs for a great joy to a lot of new granted you're not that's her job and it's still I think it's a look I recognize that I'm an eight might MA typical. I just wish people would realize hey dude. You know what some people like some things and something that doesn't work for other people doesn't mean you're a jerk but she's. Believe me I don't like dogs and they do nothing for a stop being so aggressive to each other both on both sides again if you have the dogs are now dare you when they had to be joining us how dare it. I well I realize and you vortex in Home Depot Lowe's the encourage people bring their dogs and you reunited at the act I don't like being stealth we'll see this is why is Randy Jackson always comes into the big posse. Because he's always bring in his dogs are. Say if I don't I don't look at Marshall with Reggie Jackson so can I I can do about this one home people Olympia has grass carts for dogs and grass on the bottom instead of metal. All that's brilliant it's that easy because Larry that I have to say that's pretty brilliant do us. Jokes are as of right there is a story of a dude who actually worked at a Home Depot and had a dog that he needed not an emotional support animal but. One of the actual helping animals and they guy gave him an actual fast like the dog had a Home Depot best. I remember that you ask anyone Lulu Daylon dogs there dad but you don't Home Depot man they got big X on a ceilings and they get air conditioning whenever I usually a gallon of lows will give her a vet to see more from Lowe's and The Home Depot and lows yet lose. Damn good for you because I read an article where they like Lowe's is trying to make it happen because home Depot's kicking that's tough nights earlier lows fan. And I'm not sure either one is Ohio hard they're going on deeper but I always to do we end up at Lowe's more than Home Depot. They've got to look that nice candy good. Gesture area now I know you're gonna Los OK and you had a series C a Missouri fruit snacks dear Home Depot you know what to do now. Steve is still an eight year old going mommy I want that at the cash register. I asked hustled. I have a big question and he's we answer right. Now but derided castle. And it's essential or illness haven't come on come on tell you at 915. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Game John. Why do Ryan castle and essential oils have in common goal I have noticed that I mount. Throw in some breasts. Yeah you have money though the great allies come mobile yielded just some softer but there's a subject now. Just little stuff to match and then the pop up and moved it back. Hey I'm confused because when I say that you need to read a little of each of them to get a smooth feeling oh. You want to be from the flu flu section of the store and paper through food cook food section to prove true section that's where Bonnie shops. So my birdies I like it the ends of the section then both moreover Steve you referred to as therapy. So yeah he gets it. From my beard or. Well rank castle is kind of giving you a little bit of it's just what this article because it's all ball then go and movies. Yeah and they are saying essential oils which I am friends with David push he's on me and all the new age new fireplace in my life throws me into. And according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences yet eights of the chemicals and essential oils might disrupt your hormones. And make you grow quote large breasts is especially bad for a for teenagers for young people want to view the damn news and if you're younger you the SEC its worst but I suppose. You know some people decide they wanna go from man to woman maybe I'm getting an extensive surgery they just slap themselves of the essential oil lavender well it's gonna do it there. Ask my wife Christie doing to me and the middle of the night does that bring essential oils are really didn't successes. Good but it's still on the offender of no run downstairs so I can build bigger nice chest pulse USA didn't know I personally. When I grow breast semis thing if I put them and I was on my way to find out for sure to eject. Foot and I never really that's. I weird here it's only show okay right just lose up next and he is all right and makes. Humble about justice for somebody moral right now I'm not that text line tonight they're going to be so screwed up when it comes in the whole idea or concept of tying the prisoners held 66 on 420 yeah right. You're a month. Okay. We're here a month. Yeah maybe it's time travel. Yeah. We know you and your brother and I like Joseph can now. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney secures another question from a lesser. If I filed for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something he. From here is easy do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually was the trust he pars the trustee's attorney. When we visit one of the things just. It's critical that bankruptcy is that she's here here attorney in the horn all America all of your information. This all your assets and all of your creditors central were trading for your discharges your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. It's sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given record than yours truly is. 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