BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-21-18-6A: A man dressed up as Chewbacca to surprise a child in need of a heart with some great news.

Wednesday, March 21st

News and sports. Today is National 321 Battle Day. A Florida apartment complex was on alert after finding a mysterious package that turned out to be a sex toy.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 C hi US cellular rock. Well Seattle. I think job. Another new big keys to access. From her illness Steve. She starts this issue off phone heartwarming story. Let's do it the students and I really use the word hard because. Last week he cardiologist and Chicago hospital dressed up as shoo bop guys to share some good news. That's that's a girl. That's admiral fart and Steve continues to Dhaka. And calm day and he did this because he wanted to share some good news with a teenage creation name Austin. He was waiting for Newhart so we decided don't give us some good news by dressing up as Ji Bok. And well it's huge response a man was awesome there. Her. Whom they inform me who need. Back time. It is easier time. So holy ball sized dogs. I would be that well we can use those to be made it did but the heart is what we have a kid rolls holy balls that it doesn't the most pure reaction ever. Yeah that's sounds. I guess that said that was then and now losses heart surgeon by the way a success toll ball slowly evolves. Yeah that's awesome. We I I would like to hear that again and again and again you know be the cardiologist just a mr. Bobby give this kid some good news because he's waiting on a hard. And Julie came in mid ally Chris submit to translate because it's hard to understand chewy. I understood just finally did you get somebody had to play Hahn in the situation translates rooted there. May fool me for lady who need. I'm. You can't. And holy balls it's okay. I manage a wholly false. Now that's a heartwarming story. When he's warming story as well. I love that kid kid's awesome that kid is great he's got himself a new heart that Stetson suite business Daniel caught yeah holy balls and news. Lot well we go from that story to a story about a Condo that was evacuated. All because of an adult toy. Guess he's gonna tell you about this one he's got good news for him at 617. On the rock. And they expect more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I don't point nine KI SW Barack. Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news suites teammates. Well thanks guys. And they gave me three days rest wrestling fans got up into one day oh really it is a great thing to one battle Harlow wrestling promotions. You cool if your recognize regional battle and never sure where it's they've put some social media will be should have retreated today today it's it's was it's been proclaimed that advisory to a battle all I see out there on the mission are all. So I saved. It's spiritual battle maybe dead okay well I you know what at some point we get out before game day. OK I take it day I was at march 21 that's why it's 321. Colleagues choose one OK you know life I actually think that's free content that's right with god give you guys that. Got to show on Friday come check out of all fitness and and also the big show goes a step daddy of the smaller the granddaddy of them all and everybody okay good. That would mean a big joke. It's our shows us a battle maniac it's going to be additional box on April 20 on fortune money and no I'm real hope blog about it when information once it got some of my fear of matches in three to a battle just enough. My blog tea KI SW dot com nice. Lot of fun if you love we are wrestling us wrestling fans aren't very good mood right now because yesterday's big news was announced that Daniel Bryan and medically cleared to wrestle again. Feel this good news Houston because it's a concussion and he went to. Cracked on the doctors and finally proved that he was medically fine to be able to get back in the rankings again what year 83 years it's been three years. Well I can't believe it's been that long for ever wow it is wow pretty awesome. Because so most of that might not be awesome and that's not a guy in Florida who cause a giant evacuation and a Condo complex right everybody was nervous because he noticed a suspicious. Package. Well in nowadays is everything going on and off the course right so it was an unmarked box and address on it. I belong to a former tenant who's involved in a nasty lawsuit. With the Condo associations and they're like yeah this is crazy 43 units in the building again a suspicious package that turns out to be. A sex toys and also was a package. Very suspicious package now to open up the box and yet they took about five hours before they realized that it was just something to make somebody happy. Shutting down the stands. So I was admits it was as if he's condos Anderson. Yes that's what you isn't here yet so enjoy the Florida you pick up her suspicious package. I suspicious. Yes especially Alfred its package that initially tried Sherry. Dude I do know how to talk about this story but it's just got to be one of the strangest stories ever a guy we're gonna plywood factory who died. Because well. They have loved one of those air hoses right yeah and for some reason. It's got to be a good idea what that air hose in the same spot of his body away and turn it on its way. Yeah they did this so the front side of accents backside oh damn. Yet there at all item or use. Geez I wonder why that what happened it's. No. Wow coworker that's one shot that the next golf jam now all you know when when you're complain about your co workers. You know I know some people obviously Georgia we did you meet yeah Jenny is never done that any of us within their home is not yet. Not yet but I say because Danny B readmission maybe we give him the air posters. Hello. My gosh man night's Obama news to share mean and obviously hopefully things you turn out great you can make a crap ton of money elsewhere but I. I don't know if you guys like social media yesterday but off Luke Wilson. Ask formally under Seattle Seahawks he put a big thank you goodbye message John McCain's a Graham on. Twitter and all those places are thanking all the the members of the Seahawks organization that coaches. Todd general manager his fellow players and as he said the incredible fans. For a great experience for great five years is there a time filled with gratitude all I can say thank you had my time the general comes to an end as we fight for the past five years. And op Ed pieces and suits well thank you for embracing me also the level of passion they know what's possible from a fan base it was incredible. Thought as far as where he's going next maybe you'll find out today I have a feeling that's probably what's going to happen because while yes. I would imagine that's why you put that message out there yesterday I'll play goal keep you posted once we hear of of course he met with stuff. What it was kind of like your hometown team the Detroit Lions and he's facing candidate goes basically the only area south. Yeah I remember correctly. If he's from withdraw them I'm Terry I'll nobody else that was the jaguars and Panthers are so. Yeah man great great five years removed Poulsen is definitely became great friends of the show and I'm onto other things. Today vessel off to a C outs to pick up a new offensive guard guys are obviously trying to fit fit to strengthen up their interior offensive. Line it's a man by the name DJ food here. You broader. You've Lugar your Flickr. Was jealous goes obviously he has enough amounts. I guess of what people thought he would need to do a number eleven overall take second place thirteen. We look pretty decent flashy play with the giants. And out of course you've got Mike zawahri as an offensive line coach who was with the giants so obviously yes. And Tyson this guy out of I don't know what are important CR IC it's gonna. As far as whether we got 58 degrees and inside. Yes so that until really sad news that down. Luka didn't include us in his thanks I'm really I'm very disappointed and that he ran characters don't read this he told me is against you Symbian Texans are on and I really want to include your BJ especially DJ yeah I feel like really we're we're what it's pretty much made his career in this town and boy tonight Heath. Next summer talked a little do we get a chance so I'm glad to really let him know that you know. Of this or cinema and at top news Detroit Lions signed tight tight end Luke Wilson associate ads onto his hometown team man he's going to the team he grew up being a fan enough. Yes because that's going to be very cool. Golden Tate still on the lions Lou I'm all right demos we've one year deal for 2.5 million dollars follow while they're fresh and and it. Our ice can't argue with that. I mean every posted a picture while back of him wearing a Detroit Lions are uniform in pads and helmet as a kid Susan that was his team yeah. That's awesome. That's a bomber now so that that he had to tell us now this just did Luke Wilson of course I no longer with your Seahawks and now it's been reported that he will sign with the Detroit Lions if he already hasn't. And we're gonna miss him he would he was one of the favorite athletes we've ever had on the show man named and well we thought we rivers element of us oh montage of our favorite moments with former Seahawks. Luke Wilson. Save or improve and get some nasty. Whose games in the you bring you more news Morrison. Well as equals this guy's a nasty joke about it. Format I've played pretty well. So we actually have they. It's almost like our children's. Amazon feels. There have been no touch. All of them combined Paterson insure money back to. Talk talk talk a lot of volleying off off. You know I'm I'm a new shoulder. Did you dim his arm may. Doesn't protest bugs broad gay supportive role. And she's proven tantrum. Those who knows little says. Someday come back it's Pinocchio well you know they're looking over your best interest type stuff. And I was doing. Hey man. So tension that day so people hopefully it'll all be like I'm ready to pro Bono. I don't know fantastic. News outlets and you know. Joining me. It's fun if you people rock and the little security when you enjoy it is spending the first time. I'm I'll never forget this program and you know Atlanta. These two former. You know that she had a history. Immediately remembered from an eligible Americans lose a whole new light bright eyed and bushy tail that would give him my whole life. That's my Jersey. And Steve you bring it applies to all come yeah. Don't do that no cause or. And make him a disorderly zeroed I've gone for a little drive this morning's couple minutes ago and it sucks. A speech on the map and it's just going from Ontario to Detroit. His way to say that clever way friends to let people know where he's gone yeah. Well I hope we still can have a conversation in the months and while he's a favorite of our show even if he's not on our team I think that. You know if anyone alliance go get some insight from Luke once in awhile maybe maybe close at playoff time if society and elsewhere in it he's not which I. I love the guy but I hope that's the case. I mean Vanilla plain to see us on the glittering for the lines because of him. Yeah so again if you if you haven't heard Luke Wilson number 82 no longer memory needs you for your Seattle Seahawks. This is definitely. I've taken a gut assess offseason for us seahawk fans we've. We've just seen a lot of favor people go and for listeners of our show. Luke was as popular as as the Richard Germans as the Michael Bennett's today and and the Jimmy Graham no doubt about it don't you touch that ball use hearsay and really just doesn't just a sea of in the books now which is pretty awesome we have a good dude man. But maybe one of the biggest hippies if you will in the NFL this guy was really just Al there will always thought I gossip Bob commend doctor Bob in his return to talk to Bob Kennedy and I just got to play Detroit doctor mom's gotta go to Detroit to help Luke's don't. Good dude that Luke Wilson is a good dude in its god you know edited. Well alliance just got better at least who they are a great class of guided they've added to their team no doubt about it. And I we've I hope we don't. Media is in good hands and there's as they can get their hands on him and I mean he's he's not the most fun on the radio. God that's a fact CBI and the LA they they got some good rock stations out there are so I'm sure you know if they're Smart they'll they'll still listen Luke who bring a Mon the little hippie tock tick tock that's what it is. All right so Luke Wilson no longer a Seattle Seahawks now Detroit Lions. Yeah does that we'll bums me out I got guys that because I mean you know he's been such a cool guy for us is. There is so great and community in. You know we we get him realize these players vote for for some reason him he just connected with us more than any the other guys and that's got to do it's a sort of approach that is the trouble with the NFL because of the short time that people Savannah on teams and five years is a really long time. For an NFL player to stay with one team unless you're like a star quarterback or somebody. Or even a star receiver five years a long time it's great round yeah so brave but it's still too soon too quick to. He's fifty now and it. Death of a whole new team and a whole new team yet but still with. A crap ton of Pro Bowl players and they're with the team for our very weird it's like you've still got a core of guys that are. Fantastic and its top of their game that we've had for awhile. Who would be obvious who Russell Wilson and with Bobby Wagner KJ Wright and leads down you get it you're in good hands but it's still like cloudiness a lot of new faces. And it's going to be XE see how it all blends and how it all gels and really really is I I don't know what to expect because like you said those are good core players. But you you know you gotta have all these other new faces make it happen too so we'll see it's it's gonna interest. And only coaching staff pretty much had no dude it's and it's the whole thing is new it's oh and it's hey it. Numbers is are you like sports must love Luke he's an awesome guy goes to make you love hanging out not obligated you just wanted to be on the rock I absolutely. Yeah there are times where he was told not to come on our radio show by the team. And next thing you know he says you tell C a man don't don't now some comments coming in Rhode yeah Michael okay. Here's a hostile to this that's his team. March 2 zones enemy we would some dude. Don't do this it'll get you in trouble we don't want you on the show you we love you and everything but will white he had trouble with the coaches or anything speak coal is like. Okay now I gotta go to the room and I we want to exercise here come the Wilson's Jersey burning top cop I hope not from Chris I'm gonna go for a bilingual subdue the guy usually yell you Chicago Aussie guys you hear clearly a trader theories trader. Yeah. Yet it is it is an interesting thing I mean it's the same deal made days as with Richard Sherman they didn't want them. Yeah and so we end I mean I I assume that authority his price was too high terror it was a similar Richard Charles actually you know you can't begrudge people for trying to make some money in a career that you don't know when it's gonna be over and you know you hope that the money you make will take care view for the rest of your life and these guys are in their twenties maybe early or some of them in the early thirties. Bella and have a whole life thirty years before they retire so they hope that. You know all the banging that their bodies taken ever since they were a kid I don't know I definitely did yeah yeah they are big lesson that adds Albanian somebody's taking Nina das of Vick he's got a similar retirement payment okay shed. Ask your eye on Detroit's yeah well you get a lot of good bank for your buck in Detroit and that's for sure that makes you know like a very burning her panties. I have my career went to burn the keys panties she gets she's left for Detroit when Detroit radio station and all right man well Luke Wilson. No longer a Seattle Seahawks. Now Detroit Lions Vicky still here. In the video public. True. Don't get much more touching. I tend to see inside. Yes they Steve he did get this one right. Which pop star had an eighty's hit song I could tell screech it's tough total breach of its time. As a Jenny I yellow wind I have no idea what you think you're OK okay. You that turns out you were right Stevie Danny Aiello as the dead men video do you know do you remember an old obscure Madonna video actor still he just wasn't embracing the fact it should have baby on the way yeah he just didn't get it. Just to preach. You are shot at BC okay you've got a 206421. Rock who claimed these days at 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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