BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-21-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, March 21st

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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I don't quite IK ISW the rock of Seattle Saturday April 7 in seven slide coming a few months foundry cause he's so awesome so pretty cool local brews. He got siders got for years. He got sliders and these are samba just double feature burgers and other tasty meats gas closed desserts are going to be there always Hollywood big hits and those guys have always stepped up where gals we've always stepped up a bit of testing take you know verbally beat India. And tacos and it's very similar in five. All this time it's. Bruising burgers and sliders and CNBC if you if you if you lover and bacon fest if you love your particular topic time that let me tell you suck man you're gonna love Simpson's life because side. Lots of great lots of great beverages and lots of great sandwiches. So good. It's a day of all small and local local local. Yeah awesome I know those six. And sandwiches and sliders babysit is like cutting our friends at treehouse. Mean. I. We need and. And women's land. So maybe we should go whack him instead of black always ask Steve you were a victorious watcher earlier today I was there last night and you words Nowak daddy you know he really relax that is why does. That's fair. But you may be the Y key right now we're already whacked daddy placards. He's still stuck on crisscross there make you don't but I'm we've got doesn't indeed well to take on Steve does deny you there's cerner. Not grown so clearly what's he playing for today's enemy is time for parity is CNN and essence and Lindsay sterling there under the Wye River amphitheater on September 7. Good KI SW dot com from the. Those are playing at home Dustin we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Dustin you can pass. Asks all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready. Your birds on the sitcom happy days the character of matzo Takahashi was better known by what name. We'll continue to now. It's Crazy Horse and sitting bulls were born in which you west's stage it's. Not cost now yeah. Now. And almost no reed Richards was mainly a member of which superhero team. So it was meant to reed Richards it's the Bruins now this tournament now. Last now who played less Grossman in the film tropic thunder. Citizens on patrol in mission to Moscow are subtitles of sequels to what TV's movie. A what a musician was drafted by a band called Crazy Horse. It's. Terrible look you know. Hot task in relation to cars what does the acronym rpm standard for. Hurry through the narrow moon wind and dust and Adams and I you can zero OR OJ. Does. Well if wow. No manages to it. Did you say why the ball will call you back. Is it doesn't do something a little bit yeah. Let me guess you Kirsten I know he did not it's now but should sorry yeah it would have been a more interest in the yeah well it was that good now yeah yeah nice congratulations on your liking Steve yeah you should shut up yeah. Talk about what matters here and you don't have to be much of Linux. Are you ready and get zero right well on this. That's bad. On the sitcom happy days character of mass solo Takahashi was better known by what name cal no snow melt now. Smog season and now. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were born in which US stays. Nevada know. Montana killed. California now reed Richards was mainly a member of which superhero pork pianist who played less Grossman in the film tropic thunder. That would be Tom Cruise yet as citizens on patrol mission to Moscow or subtitles of sequels we like eighties movies yet as to what musician and a but musician was backed by a band called crazy orders to Pyongyang's asks in relationship cars what does the Akron and our peace and stand for us. Revolutions per minute yes as deep Japanese dish whose nod he is made from the fresh which freshwater animals trip to know. Feel yes which UST has deep postal abbreviation WB's. Oh West Virginia caddie yeah from my eyes is the French word for quite sure what. So I don't Friday. Lou and as Steve you win seven Q do say yeah. Cinemanow. We even worse. GAAP. I just doesn't why he answered so poorly Howard. Yeah reduced life and actually yes I lost his hearing I know he's using young guy he was like 22 or 23. WV. You need to get to that one he's finished data out RPM glad I mean actually he was young so maybe the fact he would know Neil Young murder police academy your. No I didn't have a Louisiana and I totaled one over my head oh really happy days mind you but I didn't know those within the subtitles for the please gentlemen resign totally forgotten well and Vijay who was Matsu oh Takahashi and tell us yet Arnold. I should now yes I was the first gaggle Yahoo! and then Arnold took over and we'll do it Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were born in which US state. Is it Wyoming no you're close. Idaho old North Dakota because Dakota it's very dirty fair game elements OT and then frank lies is the French word for what's a guy you know Vicki knows this she is still exceeds. And I'm proud gene known for Mundo for a mosh. From my just French reform and a yeah lets me get it. Now congratulations DB one with seven correct that's right congress seven EU are checking out reminiscence and losing sterling at the white river into theater in September. Caller 7206421. Rock just like that you're winner. A new survey what they did is Jason Hayes single people talk I we want you to name the worst things to Wear on the dates. Then. I'd say it straight jacket. That should be on the list of if you try to do in mind that no I don't think you should take it came to and is there are so Vicki what do you think is the worst things public awareness day with a jolt this actually know that the hot that's awesome I'll. This guy actually wore them till she you know. And I moves. Eight zoom in on the same shoes and outfits on those does all of their rotation never rewarding yet I don't subtly like jokingly make fun of him for any alarm again. Think drugs. Yeah I don't do it the toe shoes man Newton yeah. I just look weird it's not on here though I will say shoes. As far as footwear and I'm very happy proxy. Crocs is number three on this list you should know awareness day it's not cracks are so comfy about an eight. On a date there and stared don't stare at his fee don't worry about our category honestly sorry now do you get you know what it is the reverend we had that one and turn. Dad did number two on the live sandals FiOS socks with sandals sales Generali had Manny well sandals as most of anywhere you are so it was Obama gags and make it. The ball gag is not on the list so you can Wear a ball game it's. Especially unanimous you'll movie yes and number one it's number one is old school. Also resist wedding ring just try to worst in the work to date I. Saw her point yeah. Number one on this list is something that's always been a situation and it's and it's it's I find it fascinating and it's still a problem wrinkled clothes. If it do you notice of people are wrinkled clothes and go geez I hear your your mass -- super race we had things and to those people like on dates with the wearing T shirt Sunday it's like I'm not going was somebody has a button down shirts you know really noticed the future has to be really bad if it's wrinkled T shirt. I guess that takes effort to wrinkle is he sir can I am so old I would know my parents would never let me go wanted to it was just T shirt it's just goes to show you different cultural time and time depend on where you don't want now never never never you've gone now with a girl you were nice button down shirt at least. That's what it wasn't my time you would never Wear a T shirt even you know. Even though like you said beginners and cool T shirts I had even men. My parents like no you don't take a girl weren T shirt he has not Cassel man just getting coffee getting couple drinks just wears you know whatever they say I don't know if that's always been the case here because look for a lot more casual look of a northwest the rest of the country that's a fact. Our review here's Robin Burke and socks are socks on and shorts maybe Vietnam DOT shirt and a baseball cap I'm just wondering if if you know people who we know our our native north westerners in their fifties if when they were in their twenties. And dating are in their teens if they also had to Wear the button down shirt or could they get away with a T shirt that I I know my generation I could. Another is the level because the guy that warns it's moved shoes he wore just a pair cargo short summer hand dirty. And you wore like a marsh Marvin the martian T shirt on the they had holes in Antalya rolls eyes I did fine and I didn't care one bit he didn't know. No and be a problem he was. I was not under are you sure you wanted to go on a date with you and I hit it and it was swift decision that he knew everything in his power to not be due to what he sent me pictures later and yes. Some really need to actually initially my set till it's an addiction attach ill send you Don McLellan all fairness another tattoo on the Don. You know now there was not what is it with some deeds pay an annual white is atypical who. Your wife Jacqui since you wiped looks so put together first began but I'm mostly or sanity Sarasota. I'm only saying anecdotally because the with the means that I'm doing my right now man and I disagree you know Seattle you know better than even the because I've run into my life I have aren't a lot of begins lately. Because I don't hang in that crowd the back when I did because we are vegetarians. They were more like the people Vicky ran into well your wife. Times change man is god. The net do you sometimes I'll talk to someone and you realize derby until it came out like that towards the end of the conversation or. I know a few wrestlers that are Kirby and if you saw these guys I mean they look like. There has deteriorated like forty onstage every single day and just hitting the gym all the time hunters ripped and big and it's yeah it's a whole different world man maybe in his will cause a better option before it was leave your TV and you got even dark. And that's it there's a better options and holy T shirt then Intel got back. He wanted to decades in care who shows up for a team like that she is weird guy how real exercise address I look horrible my wife stress and address. How about this baggy clothes half the people say don't show the baggy clothes. What a Yahoo! I mean did did the fashion wise it's changed I mean yeah elderly Aggies yeah we take dramatic dip wearing jeans no jeans. I was thinking like a good chance like sweatpants baggy big lead helical lounge where I feel like I don't know weird. How isn't golf a woman shows that the lululemon type of pants though as this nice value I don't are vaccinated the better how about this still granny panties or other unattractive underwear. Don't show up and now like are you wearing now outside of your parents unless you can tell from their parent line that or if you just put out the first Nader's second date. You know you pulled hands Elian checked Yemen have sex so lets us. I got to rethink and a girl it's ready to have sex it's got to have at least a non granny panties pair of underwear she's nowhere is the thing you try not to hold it up. So you win the ugly underwear to deter you from having sex with a sky and then all the sunny find out he's really charming he's really sex feel like I'm gonna Gilman a bathroom cool crap I'm wearing ugly underwear. I'll OK see I wouldn't care yeah I wouldn't care. I mean seriously I would recommend wearing diapers I would you can get yourself if there was a young girl wears many pennies actually crack up actually yeah. Is this the chick is hot and I was into her I don't care what she's wearing underneath that I think these are kind of coming back in like the high wasted and where they're headed kinda I see try. Actually designed to save mine so thank god they're back in style spending resources know what about while wearing a ton of money did is that ask. If you notice your club know they exit from her stepson in the date tough for all you other Arab red tape with Chris dull no real date in this campaign in she'd win every day I does it go to college. How about board shorts turns out he had Borchardt don't Wear those turn and it. A recent tensions have wondered why do you meant to tell somebody that close that are too young for your age so this must be folks that are in the middle aged or higher that are dating because obviously if you're you twenties there's nothing too young for your militia wearing a little sailor suit or something. And why you know we I say that sees what is coming our way out it's awesome that they could be that. Not hesitant to short or too long I either assisting a pants is too short anymore I think that's the sound all right. All I am just a different between the and the people who which I don't like that fashion style of the shorter pants but you can tell. When so worrisome that's clinical fashionable as opposed soldiers wearing pants that don't sit them down. Low rise pants. I got my pants up near a full month and then super tight shirts round out the top ten she mediums this mediums know what this mediums. Yeah how I shot my granddad bonded for nowhere this medium right. When I can just show wearing a bathing suit water wings. In the right place yes if you're in Hawaii I think that works. I'd especially the water or eczema shows that you're safe. It is cyclists is on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show. New names to a 6421 rock Texas 77999. And whatever you wanna talk about when you pick a topic you guys to show and your calls your text and I seventeen I'm around. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. That's right point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle as listeners on the loose where you pick the topics you guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas 77999. Listeners on the list proxy fight card toys and remember man whatever you wanna talk about. But whatever it is well Steve as a rule you must follow this is simple rule reads and that's a show some energy and bring it otherwise we're. And then seeing the bar old and I'm gonna start this off with Evan and Auburn avenue you are on the rock. Totally knocked out of bed ever and now welcome to the show sure which young force but he. Well I think our our our best and the ER it's. Our guess not so much deep. But be gaming it is completely wrong about your don't throw extra it's. I'll have to come into the decision something even now I'm odds on board with this guy. Having preach on brother. Well I on this especially after yesterday when you compete he was about Islam and speed. Again their you're wrong married but I you want the songs are saved. I though this under so. I do agree lost a trilogy the original children with my brother he's working so it's the first time he's actually see them all. Think you love them I mean there there are gone and there's some bit and eighty don't hold up the bowl and I have a lot dirtier repaired you know. Tour and George Lucas did your old they basically added an all want to see if you could your original maybe in such as airports but I have mighty VHS copies around somewhere sought to block Arnold yeah I'll keep you love them so. Fourteen year old and 22 so can't get plenty that. Well to my original statement was an an and I appreciate the call Evan and I'm not gonna tell you your right or wrong for liking a movie that's alike. I actually I light. All the Star Wars movies too like some more or better than others yes. My point was we were in this gigantic discussion we're someone's being a troll on the Internet. And refuses to acknowledge their being a troll saying that I'm being attacked people are attacking me and I just point out. You said that somebody had to. That if they liked Star Wars episode eight they have crappy taste in movies right it's a crappy movie and I just basically saying. If you go to you what if you are basing that a movie is crappy and then you give me reasons. I'm saying the same reasons you give me are the same reasons I can use to say that episodes for five and six are crappy movie if you I just going by the same standards you're saying. Makes a movie crappy to add to the Internet guy. And it hit a picture for those are listening every time because of his FaceBook I notice he's still on that correctly yeah this this argument was and going on the reducing geek nation FaceBook page yes I don't wanna play along go to BJ JD creation of FaceBook journal Lichen and all that fun stuff but. You can join in on the fun that has been BJ all morning arguing when the two Michaels coming out Star Wars it's been fantastic. And it's it's I'm enjoying it into Sydney because there are moot because it started off with a cartoon made to keep posted word shows this guy walking into he's happy this still was walking he'll grab from just loaded with your goals and there's one guy Euro look far and it's tough dude walks in and instead of using any other Jarno uses the Arnold right next to the guy would argue with same. Which is of course we know is violated amend drum roll call out Kerry's view that its attention to stay warm so while I easy wiley is urinating Nixon guy he leans over his old by the way the last genocide is a horrible movie or something like that is today the last that I and I think you should too I guess that's it yeah and that's a joke about a lot of folks who hate the last gen I and I think that everybody should hated. I mentioned Sarah that and it's such a polarizing argument amongst our worst sense that this even came up went a few weeks ago at my church and mentioned that when it happens. That our pastor brought up how upset that. And said he obviously sold exaggerated but he wasn't happy with how the last gen I turned out he wanted to like it. And he was gonna keep his mouth shut and you put his friend and his friends ex what do you think in and all the senators like. Word vomit just I did not like you for all these reasons doesn't wow yeah I don't know many movies take you brought up in church. Debt you know that sort message passion about it in the last July has that. Well Star Wars in general there are a lot of hard core fans it's also a movie that many people watching they were a little kid and it's really tough. To match the magic. All of you loving something when you are toddler or you know before you were a teenager. That that that that world of what you love is so magical so precious that if he gets ruined and anyway your brain you can't go back and have somebody tell you like excel Vicky I don't know I just don't think the crow was that well Donovan movie but you can't tell begin active she loves it. And you know like her that she does it's not horrible movies like you rate Emmy night I don't get mad at someone really good league these electronic book that's totally fine highlight what I like you're likely like that's totally okay. I don't have money with that I had the heavens there's some guys it dude I just tried watching wrestling I don't know how you don't like this crap it's the worst in the sermon Mike I loved that car you know if this turns out. Do its own pennies and a bunch of you don't respond and a half because they meant a school. Yes highlighting would you like that people would biggest total crap both for me I find great entertainment and wrestling any road frenzy. You know music you settled down jam don't need you so upset about what you make the amount of San Jesus makes settle down Chevy just said it was crappy. A whole lot. I don't even think. Sadly I'm just responding because a source must do is reply to people who write us. So I'm just giving your response and I'm just trying to say man that's cool you don't like it untrue things you'd like to people who like either it's not the end of the world I don't know why he needed to tell me but that's funny okay great. And I'm not gonna settle down champ if you say something I like I said crap I sold I wasn't settled until it's only leno's old number Ralph it's it's it's condescending and insulting and being mean weather and and make all I was just kidding no you weren't or I was just saying no you weren't. You're being meaning condescending right you rated appointed tweet me to tell me how much you hate something that I enjoy. And I responded and I wasn't gonna argue with you I think it's stupid are you include someone over that kind of stuff but. And then here is Letterman I mean I know you were doing all morning and insularity is time now. And it's it irritates the crap out of me. It's just say you know for me it gives people another reason to be mean on the Internet and that's what I was pointing at us and I'm putting up three missile discussion. I'm not gonna try to tell somebody they should or shouldn't like something but if you are being a jackass troll on the Internet yeah. Then I'm gonna point that out and if you continue to argue about how you are justified in your opinion and I'm like the dude you're being a jackass troll. You can have an opinion but stop being mean to people. When I say I did this funny is that people get offended when you don't have the same opinion as them. And that's Somali politics that's about serious stuff we're talking about sports. And Tony I know entertainment and it's a device they don't like something so it's really upset about that and they get angry and aggressive about it and slick. Dude is cool you might get I don't care if you like it I'm just saying I don't if you ask me if I like something or don't like something it's always has paid did you like. Lord of the Rings the second wanted to acknowledge how crap in my opinion. And it put that in my opinion I know other people like it don't go out upset at me because my opinion doesn't match shorts. Yeah but I mean if you tell some it's a pilot crap you are being incendiary I mean you and I put it on the show if they ask me what do you think about a movie I don't like it is fine but say it's a pilot crap for me then I ask you why is it just walk through that there would turn to our good OK I can understand how that so it's not talk crap it's just boring for you would I want by a few piles of crapping out there to see Tyler cracked me and you know. Do they don't how crappy meets yeah myself and Reggie he's heard Jeff Tyson to do recipes a pilot crap it's not like I don't like it it's all it's a pilot crap that's a whole different states for you Susan Powell credits of poker. I I I may be your teaching me something here that may be pilot craft is really just. A different phraseology for some would say I just don't like something I would like this to find another phrase because I get really offended when you say something I like is a pile of crap we'll be honest I crap pile of crap big dog in the part taken and got DM dump. I think I would summons has a lot of bad guys can dump. Which should you and god damn all the time all of a sudden well because it's all right I African doll house that with so we'll forgive but I just did dump all right Eli it's just dump. Pile of crap I don't like that phrase it makes it seem like my movie is. Well crap here we all agree noted that the crew is about Kraft. If it pisses us Vicky yes but that's. I pity you though her listeners I'm Lou. Aaron Harris community. You guys are all availability about the shock shank redemption. Opening credits her friend yeah he's ever gone through it and never will or will one day you will never get to the Shawshank redemption is all I do O grace. Could script. You pick that topic to guide the show's listeners on the loose. 206 or to a rock Texas 77999. I just I just can't stand the Internet today. Your calls and texts at 933. Sort of plot holes Star Wars I'm sure that. And they X mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I nine point nine days I. Still the rock of Seattle's listeners on the loose you've picked a topic you guys to show let's go to Norah in court Ludlow Norah you are on the rock. Morning glorious good morning Norah what you got to force today. Well you know I'm not trying to start lawyers fumble on wild. Truly people what do you. Now thank you her that's that's that's the very accepting call right Erica good about my life which he got I don't. I don't salute. It creates large groups changing at Saint Louis pickles. It's about about pick is to protect our. Article used to actually how okay well I don't was life changing I mean Steve likes to think that his pickles life changing lose as a result is licensing their own. Well here's the kid anniversary ancient you know sometimes when you have a leg cramped go to muscle cramp and thought hey here's somebody and Steve gets an anal Charley horse you've heard those Amgen. She. Oh era. Well I don't let their cribs I mean seriously there and then then they call the male Charley horses when they're cramps right in the streets or area and they are brutal if you never one thanks for sharing Vijay and I mileage is complete now I'm a guy like our information helps with dozen roses was leg cramps out of love and anything about new remain on Charlie horse Vijay please tell me my Norris got a little freer Charlie but I can erode some pickles on there is every time it's only. We know you are ultimately turned them to to produce it you know leg cramp drinking technology is so make it go way instantaneously and I see where I didn't. How local pub players in my life stone then made sort of way to bring it to football games that they get cramps but districts and took a list. It's still good leaders such and you will not it's faster than a banana and he'll get rid of the crafts and stereo. Hostile I tried that made my religion should I drink. I'm not my candidate like maybe tax cut but they're Reno yeah. You don't think that much and how did they sell pickle just by itself for joystick and DL my uncle Aaron holds the best. I just got a big darn deal Wal-Mart they're late to big term bull side there are CommScope and just to date you have lots of Jerusalem. These optical Brian add our total wine and more too because electrical like shots. Testing grounds aren't case so I I mean I know you might DM king Norah but really I don't know what the official term is for the it'll Charley horse and across to all foreign galaxy some weird guy and so I wonder if there yet to buck chug it is it a spasm in my financial lakes is made the privileges were like as I mean seriously nor if you never happened Alexio because they are painful. No I I. Yeah uh huh I don't know if you are now few unforced feel insulted that now could be pickle juice. Appreciate the call there thank your for at least seem as if the total doses were we will just take a pickle and apply to the area of pain. And you know very forcefully maybe that'll help out the help. Solve the pass on that one be sure. Yeah that doesn't emerge painful I had an idea and sometimes last for about an hour and it sucks Vicky volunteers. Show me the tickle I mean political enforcer I'll see you later. We can still Dennis the other layer right yeah yeah I'm down some days it's the be yourself for the SMS showed tonight we need is if you lose showbiz you can much love from Justin and Hannah yes tonight. Is on the beach and Terry Daly put together because sciele rivals this model Soros aside it's very near and dear mom suffers from it and Dodson and her and a lot of rockaholics abound that seem to have somebody in their life David suffer very is that how it all started this since I was of people including Justin Hannah. And not Kyle please return wide only in the wreckage he also suffers from it and so. They all got together and decide to put together this benefit show called after MS and it's tonight at the crocodile and it's on a fund raiser to help out local chapter of the multiple sclerosis foundation and dobbs Tara Dooley could be hosting it along with. And it and then I'm in bruiser Brody were going to be starting things off Friday at 8 PM tonight will be playing out why only in the wreckage and retiring after us in the woodshed so. Some really fun music lots of prizes and be your way auction items I guess it's Harry Dietz at Smith will be heading miles from the men's room is coming down as well. So it should be a fun night for great cause so if you're not doing anything tonight there won't be that later tonight for those view that has worked tomorrow it starts at eight so where's that again that the crocodile titans could KI SW dot com to get more information. And now coming out of us. It's really cool to help ought to benefit like this and because the fact if I'm not mistaken and I NF I am I do apologize but I just ice I believe I read an article saying. That they've got some stem cell research that they're seeing may very well be good at treating MS. So the more money we raised to be able to have them you can do more to put more into this research because it this lead this stem cell research. It's amazing. If the things that they can do it it's it's it's curing people of blindness in certain situations. And I thought I thought it said that it was a also in some cases they were doing some preliminary treating of MS to see how stem cell research it does with that. And again they need money so our benefit like SMS set tonight at the crocodile that's one way to give the money man and child to the movement project which is a local our group that does side lots of stuff for the genocide foundation. It's listeners on the loose you pick the topic you guys to show let's go to. And I in Bremerton and you are on her a warning yet that morning and welcome to the show which young force today. A couple. We're talking on the manager Omar the one thing you again that made you learn your lunch oh yeah. I. I was there any momentum from hurricane. Well I tried an animal fur or I'm glad and that doesn't suggest can get nothing out of working so I'd like. I a lot of light streaking behind this. Yeah yeah I give you really did did you just go randomly get one did you go consult anybody about this. Well there is in the anterior couple blocks away from my house I went inside and I can't let the ladies that I know what do you chats and she gave me little one inch brownie. I think she did only try how women I don't remember. No whoa damn man. Do you do you remember the idea memory in spite of losing your damn mind your members and help with the pain. And that wind. As palpable thing called dragon mom they were the main thing it did they drag mom worked almost instantaneously. As we forget IE. And let those Italian Obama's own urban dictionary. I think she's BLM like a hollow all. I know that there's there are marijuana topical bombs that you can put on your body is supposed to help out. Com that we've we've we've got to be down the road with Sarah assuming any horse for Sarah Sarah's gonna she she resists any type of medication that can kill pain you know Steve Ballmer should create his own bomb. Steve Ballmer Rome. On us. Plus that that I was again I wish you just isn't up in your head and you see exactly like the team that puts these things together. You know it is a big board meeting going on in the brain of Steve here's an idea. If there was it's always 5 o'clock Friday and the guys I think Lawrence Foley checked out I think you're right about that. What Hannah so I definitely the ball in the works and you recommend go get that Dragonball. Ali asked. There and then that little that may be completely forget about any and all Peyton. Yeah dude I mean it's out there that outside of those. The marijuana man more and more people to say great great success stories with them and I. And I know man and I know you get the right kind of credible because there was one time you know Steve are ahead that venables told what I did get off the plane to I don't think I had a lot of it either it was power. Packed with those are the good and wild west days before they had like a little number of milligrams and there's so you have an idea how much and how strong this piece should be that was the old days of just have a little bit of a nibble. And you should be fine yeah and then a little nibble becomes a good chunk and the next you know you're free to go down an escalator yeah that that ever happen and I didn't have a Steve. See I Molly no doubt it. I really want to brownie civilian anti delight is doses possible cause I wanna eat the whole brownie and your family wanted to brownie ha ha yeah. Or Ed. Brownies in any shape or size photographer can win handles her trolls both of you are there's a big question needs to be answered what do. Brian castle and a drive through heaven com. What is LA and made nice fifty. On the road. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW on the he. Game jarring action. Once you Ryan castle and a drive through abdominal you can have a lot and I've grab a sack. That's an extra pickles if you want. Our exit Nicholas prize OK then familiar and the text of course someone says referring met his wife Steve used to visit them three times a day job. And your ball out of gas Ricky Henderson still you have measures and instead premiums are quite a very this this is all of a sudden service some little poly amorous have you know sometimes things happen I agree that both BJ. At all. Well you need a couple people help you actually live up. So I don't always serve on a drunk woman who mistakes in jail security Booth for a drive through and then tries to order a breakfast sandwich. Wow you you guys that they did deliver her offer breakfast sandwich is that the job security he played as you've probably got a breakfast sandwich and a new jumpsuit yeah race lives Sherman and I'll massage oh yeah I'm as an amateur all her internal workings are trying to get his face amounts of not so subtle penetration miss some new friends. How it. Yes she's 44 her name's Liz Smith. And she was driving drunk in New York on Friday morning apparently she wanted to breakfast sandwich Emmylou mamiya Akamai. So she pulled into a drive through and ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. But it wasn't a drive through it was a security move outside of the jail. Well you know like they say they you know why because of this Ferrell movie and then move your right to the right place I think we can all agree that the morning drunk as the saddest of all trucks and and that the sheriff's deputy who was Manning the Booth. You know this is so she picked the right place he goes. Of all places that she's got these guys. Debbie leg Liz I think. You're you're. And and it's not our breakfast menu now lady Maria only your lunch. Also the roadways is still he was like well she's juggernaut bomb's gonna let her know this is a jail. She would not take C this is a jail and I can't keep your breakfast sandwich for answers or she kept asking for one anyway guys who had announced blew it. Here and so they were like yeah I think you're drunk you're gonna get arrested for felony driving while impaired. Don't she got breakfast in jail yet that we're still waiting for that info that would an awesome they actually did finally bring her some. I want to thank you are listening right now sold here and you breakfast anywhere in jail in bed or at least twelve back tees up next. Thanks. What stage did you enjoy doing. You didn't see full body like. It's. Really weird about eight get a big budget. Is it because you causing pain or is it that because you just basically cleaning up the body which amino a lot of people love doing this when Willis squeezing pimples or is it is it. He knows it is his sadistic what is it yeah. There's got to. And makes money is on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come in just in my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help you. Where there were any basic questions that you have. 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