BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-22-18-6A: . A woman called 911 to find out if the dinosaurs at an exhibit were real or not.

Thursday, March 22nd

News and sports. Police are on the lookout for a woman who stuffs toilets with 20 oz soda cans clogging them and causing damage.


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Yes gets closer to the weekend baby so that's a good thing. Also you're very very happy stay quite that. Because. I think I found somebody. That is it is dumber than maybe people might think you are. Who's a good way to start the morning well I'm glad I know you don't you came in this morning dig him out of the dumbest person on the planet so. Now you being my great friend that you are death have sounds amid stubborn enemy that's reds I probably should awarded differently Steve. I found somebody you're smarter than how's that does that make it ourselves BJ EC the sweetest thing there we are about this person that's it saying it's all above freezing. Praising Obama. So yes hi this phrase something. We. So there was a dinosaur event for kids in Arizona last Friday and nice and dinosaurs residents. And a woman to have a dinosaurs and the one that's sure they have what an Arizona why not a Washington quite nice for you the student Puyallup. And there we you have all dinosaurs running around the ferret eat stones I think we held many years now another thing but I think one of our news and musings actually did have a dinosaur event there was. I won I don't know if this is the same one but it was pretty cool okay. And on this woman she called 911 because well set a very important question she needs to know hey. Are these dinosaurs real. OK had your right dispersant is dominant Malario. I'd won the view I do you. From the domestic do you call anyone here really. Is that a question you ever ask anybody I these dinosaurs real snow she elis said hey hold on hold I know you think I'm a moron but I know it's dumb question. But only checking because I wanna prove my brother wrong which is why she said oh yeah I'm calling 911. Trying you have an emergency going on because I'm an academic question now monocle he's the term debt gave birth. No men here okay go ahead umbrella group of god I miss her crew and the oyster balls so yeah I don't I'm not usually armed. Egypt from beyond just has no idea that limited let me look it up and educational experience. I could be kind of tired or not any Laura and I don't you know he's not realizing just amazed delightful little grill. I think he yeah. Let's say that election. Aid convoy hit an odd day and the dinosaurs eating the passionate candidate would I know crew entertainment. And it's okay from top to three at any cheap part okay you are right okay. I didn't think he theme I'd want my grandparents he he clearly brilliant and I'm again and it might do eat everything I could maybe look and evaluate but they're not actually. It's a yeah okay right yeah OK okay thanks. Mac yeah. Yes stupidity is a genetic thing I didn't think that they were real. Life OK I got to sit the 911 operator is awesome because clearly they weren't bidding meet the person feel bad they just kind of the victim must have been a slow day in as an iPad one be a slow day. I birdied 911 operators via a lot meaner people that had real emergencies and I like that at first her first thing was I'm not sure I usually work the night shift yeah well. Well there's dinosaurs Alex on the day I thought you knew that that says yeah that's that's I don't know you see the pictures of the dinosaurs at desert in Arizona how bad luck. Do pretty awesome. Well you know what I an end and I did they were saying so that I that we had this event Seattle I don't know I wonder how this should be the best part is. If you look closely there are human legs and a dinosaur stuff. EO that's the idea that you're there wearing black pants he just was Cecilia analyses but I via the dinosaurs were room where they were basically costs and that we humans war and they look great on these kids get the pet the dinosaur saying. Dinosaurs a real game with a black pants in the white shirt if you look at them closely wait Jurassic world wasn't a documentary. Now did or Jurassic Park was for not oh well OK okay addressing world we just know we we that that was just a fun movie Jurassic Park was really. Up somebody says there's an event coming to your job fairgrounds god Jurassic tore would dinosaurs. Listen I ask and it comes without they don't have it they heard us talk about it there was definite cracks. Yeah these people running around we kind of let them las raptors in Jurassic Park so you know that that would be about the right size -- everyone here agrees fairgrounds in Monroe on this weekend next weekend according to one text are well I am one important question what's that. I think the real I mean Monica and I won one weird column I don't want criticism using brain cells just listening to this change and by the way Steve as opposed other moments our show. By her accent she comes from your neck a little cheesy it's elegant New York yes she did that. A yeah that there's a there's a lot of bright people that seemed to be ads you know traveling west from the great State of New York sports history during your point we have a better serve and every morning from six attack and when BJ Shea. Yeah it's. Okay. Always good relay yeah I get a text that hunch driven tech sir I was measuring. I don't know I think his brother my brother said that there's dinosaurs. And I did tell him he's not true all Zito radio Seattle lazy diagnose what they and that's really all. Yeah that woman is she's Jim genius right there. To estimate I got that 911 operator handled that I did make it even went to a point to say I'll check FaceBook for you yeah make Howard like Google a bit silly me all of Google it bitch ladies and gentlemen. She FaceBook debates I don't like through it lady if I were you for the police of course yet you candidate disparaging remarks like that you'd be courteous yes. Well yet that's I'm not mom one handled the hate our dinosaurs real question. How would 911 handle. A toilet being clogged by the mad toilet claw her because police right now they're on the hunt for indeed. That person that had 12 o'clock here. Which by the way Steve I think has stopped here are building so area there they did their back I mean does not heal this day we act I don't they let that guy got yeah sort of died but this summer it took him that his mental. The Mets for the clunkers back in our building unhappiness and the police yes and the police are look hidden from the transfer of the club here we both with the guilt about it at six and boutique. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW okay. Point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe getting them to renounce bullets this is news we've Steve makes. For the ICI is announcing day today music. Happy national can clothe day. Continues every day for us now works well for you I mean I'm armor all things that so and I must have suddenly you guys I didn't realize that maybe we all need to fall in line and follow your lead off golf dead tired are you don't like let's get this fight fighters. To go home people. OK I was up spiders are real guidance and as. High as. I must decide lady in Wisconsin that's causing some problems. I just like Seymour Sheboygan so the Sheboygan police department finally a little bit of an issue for the past year and a half. David trying to find the person that's been clogging the women's toilet at the community center hello it's like calling her stuff mad toilet clogged here. Now you thinking what those who believed to be doing this that's not. That's not what it is with this woman does this stuff a twenty ounce soda bottle into the toilet bowl every time. It's funny because of the police department put on their FaceBook page why do this I do not know but if you help us find the person and I will tell you. Very strange and grows but that is a reality of life. Apparently it's like to thousands of dollars in repair and labor costs. And also meant that the bats enjoin you and abuse at the time all because this person decides to play a twenty ounce soda bottle in the toilet what an ass. It's host club twelve times in 2016. Fourteen time funny seventeenth. And three times so far this year I'd imagine that. Based on stats she's gonna go for more than four. I loved her in how the death penalty for her death penalty yeah I mean this is no reason that's pretty. I see this tackler it is true that the red uses everyday all right fair and half full pool cruel and unusual for an added thank penalty is actually a lot less true. So it's about this woman who's doing time DC things but that doesn't mean that people are due in DC digs here in our own backyard. I don't know what the postal announced some people but. Hey if you use those odds this community I'd say the bike sharing stuff I got the green ones I guess I felt that I yellow ones how relaxed and he likes infusing them. Bob they're letting everybody know hey before you use those fights. Check the brakes. Is that some candles inside the cut the brake lines on these fights. Really my face again idiots crisis to make sure all the wires are intact squeeze the break successor resistance before you jump on one. This are riding around the streets of Seattle without really soft diplomacy and you like golf I can hit the brakes and nothing's going on behalf. The sooner some serious comes from New York woman by the name of Warren. Says her life was saved by her dog Vijay finally we might have a reason why you need to have a dog what happened the dogs smelled cancer on her. Oh wow. Her dogs and get how own name's Victoria kept sniffing a specific spot on her nose. Turns out that she had skin cancer here's John here's Warren talking about it. There's the old term who rescued who and I think it's it's especially churn victorious cases. I pull up and stay with CNN cabs last television and things like me asking and she started. Smelling a specific area knows the exact issue actually touched her nose to mine went against her as he had kind of leaned back and look at me and smell it again and looking at me and it was very odd and she kept doing it repeatedly and I thought that that was a little bit unusual. For her video. It's crazy yeah and that's that's pretty wild the case and now I've I've seen a lot of dogs and yes that means a lot of listeners freak out just what it does my crotch of cancer. You know here we are proud owners are so you know. Your crush does have cancer that's amazing noted I was able to notice something was up and cheap seats at least picked up on accusing got a kick out. And Jackson guys that's the awesome part of the story because. You know the fact that she was Smart have to go OK this is interesting and rank you know dogs have an amazing sense of smell school storage they would tell one night does in February but I are about to have a seizure or whatever and he. We have reason why you can get a dog you know like that's actually dog story idea behind parent nights sad how little friends I had to ruin that. She's not a congratulations Amazon they're now the second most valuable company in the entire world. Really yeah they and even buy you some of them marquee value of 7766. Point five billion dollars. Just stop getting ahead of odds global food their parent company alphabet. We'll assess whether those big ball in his Amazon yes. Time false idea that they are like hey you know where big company we need big balls this for years now and all serve. And he gets so what's the number one was I able companies in the entire world did you just tell us. No oh I don't need to speed out Kubel. So Google's number 30 OK gotcha number one it's not vivid video I know unaudited output is an audio. It's well limited and it's got to be Molly moon's Molly moon's no not even in the top ten Camellia so plus I'm sorry yeah big onion gases. We target management so much money that lets you may vote. But it's not target I'd give us a heads now was what I had old school Nintendo controller I have a lot of like why do I want this Palin's. Christ that's a very bizarre hands I'll guess target you're wrong by Daniel though they're reviving target tells you what to fly and Danny any guesses apple correct. And Danny. The crowd support has been rich experience. So great I Petraeus and I know apple does really well in our country but I did I I always thought that there were other companies doing better than apple now world's Collins phone. But I guess they sell other Sawyer does ask cool cell blocks. I saw apple yet Kate congratulations size and may. Across the China daily you know does make your case W she put together an amazing event last night after MS are a benefit for the multiple sclerosis foundation. And does she raised over a real cause of all the great rockaholics can Muster the crocodile to great music I would shed why only the wreckage and we got to play as well my members of Brody. Freeze over 5300 dollars for the tie last night well on Wednesday night places. Yeah pretty damn awesome so. And who came out thank you for. Coming under new who's donated some people donated online in other ways as well that was very grateful. Spots they've got nothing to do in the middle of the afternoon at 11 in the morning guest turn on in five I just got called him. Got tapped in to be a part of new day northwest its cross evidence the cancer come democratic. You do this body I can do this I sunny and I went there we also. We almost while we were losers everywhere in the losers for this time no thanks to you I was a reason why real losers. I don't know man I feel like both of us really know John well yeah Harry Potter question right gather you have to be a senator Chris tonight. No you're right we'll both losers were both losers and as far as whether 767047. Number dyslexic. Oh yeah it would be nice it was 7747. Degrees and rained. The other cold weather's come back and there's some places could be seen some snow this Saturday heard the F. And it race each coming tomorrow we we we were tease yes Indy before first and now we get this winter weather combat than right. No we are to blame it's like the Indian summer never complain about that now knows and like this is too much awesome weather. Classic on an Indian winter why I well you know what I guess if I were somebody I want my name next to somebody says are we going to be connected would have been negative all right so then we'll call the red winter then cracked yeah that's about widgets coming. Yeah revenues coming. And it doesn't sound right either actually. Government. Never you mind. I Stevie by the way you look really good it did I have to give you credit gestures figure and you had a really late night last night here's the thing I look like crap all the time so it's easy to hide but I don't look like crap. So I don't look at different because every day coming looking like crap yet Danny's wanna puts on make up on the days when he doesn't he look like today Danny Lee and you don't look as good as usually do. It's Thursday man. Now where's the guy liner man am I feel hurt I know I should've done and dismissing as we have guests today but now now tell us down. Yes there's there's there's a late night. Yeah I mean I got out reasonable time make eleven they say I'm home but a reasonable stream for a normal human being wants a little bit of autism Woodson played less wanna see some of them loyal graduate student guys on an actual weekend those guys are so incredible they crush it can do I knew there was a lot of fun as hundreds of people and everyone says hi. And that I everybody kind of and you see you and you EU is there. They know is no I didn't even know shoot there are going to I don't at three finished her set I don't mr. Graham NI CK us have you posted Sunday that's putts and and Ted that's awesome picture of Michael Holmes is person looks just like Vicki and I love the locals like all is Vicky side and I went on a mad search for Vicky I'm taking me into his eyes huge club it's a crocodile look and Arlen was Mickey. They receive a join me so I say hi Vicky very leave don't become a route which comes to see my dad why. Finally find out that there is an upstairs parts of the Krakow that you realize. No no no no I remember multiple comic. There is a balcony a news lobsters and I know that they people who's going Darren and seeing how out yeah and then there is that he always I was a VIP thank Susan yeah upstairs you know I'm short so like when I go to shows I like to have the best view possible and it's usually best he comes lost art so I just go to the top. Placed or go to the back and that's where wash Christ's death nobody knows a great time like I was overly caffeinated like screw this I'm gonna go. Like an hour before the show started income came up with my buddy you know it was a blast so I don't know man who's a great time if he did I see them again I'm an Obama freedom I'm pretty tight she goes I have energy drinks if you have. I'm energy during the 10 my god this is entitling energy drink actually called it all in all and I called Allen's. Because I don't know how are now we got here at work and I swear to god there they wake me up better than any can't ever would play cat probe boy so I'm tab they said he wasn't. Gay anyone because you've been you have a human under the weather when you told me she was there I'm like yeah. I'm music he's been sick I don't know like. I had you know caffeine yesterday LA go do something all right. I conclude anyway is probably not as well well when it comes. Gradually is everybody was a great cause and Terrence awesome anyway so I'm happy to see there was this is a success for her since she was above one of the organizers and strategize a good stuff to talk about about Taj is why it's important her with their Mohammadi was there mom I've battles MS and how the guitar so why don't in the wreckage he also battles it. A couple other people kind of from my dog got the discipline rockaholics McNamara and some of the one that Hamburg came up on stage and talked a lot of young people like these are people there in their mid to late twenties. Talking about. Having MS and how it impacts them in and just how fast scary of a disease can be in that and hopefully with money being raised and things being done a lot of people are tired fundraisers over the next few weeks. I know does not want gonna Darrell Stafford not on Saturday night for MS that's what we really could shown modest finds. Hopefully they could steer out a way to make this something that people could cope with or maybe just get rid of in general. Yeah definitely man and an N I and every bit helps and yeah guys they're great job last night so that's that's awesome. That is very very awesome to have. Also last night Charlie day one of my favorite news from always sunny in Philadelphia and obviously he must be on their talking about the new Pacific remove because he's in that as well. Well about Charlie day is that it doesn't matter what you see him and he he just sat out because it was so distinctive piece Charlie. Right it just feels like it's the dude from always sunny in Philadelphia and everything it doesn't matter what movies and what television show years and I feel like this is bad guys is making an appearance and all these shows. Yeah definitely I'm with you on Matt and he was on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about some of the pranks he pulled on his college dorm mates. First day showing up. On the first floor of the boys aren't all that door handles are covered Vasily. Boy and add more wasn't done that does kind of land pranks we just there's nobody and I and we cover all their shower curtains are waist high. I should know. The next morning if you get you have to go where we're gonna we're gonna CPU so head. I that's a good prank. Ours did the big college storm Franken can edit in our floor was on three wood who's always in the and daddy were usually lose after a night drinking that's and you really already donated their skin. And you were still embedded at some point there in the wake up. You would go to grab one of those is like garbage cans pails whatever good people on these days that's crazy kids all those kids at their arms sales to fill it up fully with water. So I was like eight and he was yelling and a couple feet tall pale and it's over water and then just kind of tilted on that person's door. I don't know their door all this water come crushing down of course it does put of course with with. Franks and one wants to go one step further and he got to blowers trying to shut it down when he wanted to guys stop that giant garbage. Tea are OK you know what I mean ideally yeah under several gallons yet that's and filled it all the way to haul away Diddy. Opened it up flooded the entire dorm floor of course noted that room. OK we're done I got this can happen to me once and I liked the school papers. Here and. Floor back in the old days Rihanna or put a word processor and you did it in and if you if there's someone screwed if you make a photocopy of it you had gotten you in every type the whole thing. Oh wow. And red carpet isn't real loser woody wood floors they word like tiled 4% say no I don't yet tile floors they knew what they're dealing with the animals there when they're you don't put car pre or would force you put that she Thailand on the list and oh yeah isn't the worst feeling ever especially of socks on he stepped on a white carpet gala with socks on. It's he started dry T I thought I would I thought I missed out on something when my dad may be your computer a commuter college student. But now I'm so happy OS because I am sewing and attentive I would have been gone the first time somebody pulled a prank got in and out of that school. Oh yeah I got the guys that there was there's a harmless prank but it has escalated. As as the much I'm I don't dig those kind of things I would be this dune there would be the dean's office every day you don't you do something about these animals talk. Did anyone else ever did anyone else go to. Go to a dorm now Biden I want my ideology that now yeah I don't know I you guys missed on dorm life and yes sounds like sharing showers and yeah I mean what are buckets and principles story I measures are telethon that's for different reasons now. I apple shares showers it's fun yeah you do actually I'm and maybe it's a dorm life acted am I'm. I am such a loner then I'm so happy that I didn't go I was so mad in my debit now. I thank him that he never let me go to a dorm because I don't know man asks I was the best part about college it was just the whole. All of a sudden learning to live with other people and I don't know you know it just. I know another like always while you get super cold water and hasn't taken a shower you'd throw and Olivia and saw all I that's perfect again man I miss I missed all that fun and it just totally sounds in the latter fall you know again when you're the guy that always gets tormented in school blessing you wanna do is go to college and then be the guy who gets tormented ecology is. You know you kind of Leno on at eleven this all the way through school guys. This guy just accident he took what we used to do to a whole new level. Some guys Steve we did the same thing in college but it was five or six people in BP in a garbage can also I see that that's just how much I was where were you when I needed someone really special and be in jail he's getting up. Education. See I'm so happy I didn't do this. I I can't I guy just can't be around idiots that that's why you were put us. So good it's a good point. You're right I did you reevaluate my life and really good. How college friends of the vast. Yes they steams mr. college prank here he got this one wrong specifically you raise good production of its immediate what type of animal is a really alert. Tell us how now. Forced to know course. You know what anonymous got a chicken I don't know why we didn't think of chicken Emanuel when they receive tickets I don't know why we didn't eat chicken but why would we take a chicken just because if you don't know meat would you name the Big Three for a horse of the cow that it's us and the horses runaway is Steve's going to probably you know he's a guy who won European buckets. Even horse while he's doing and I don't know what that was necessary to acknowledge ram you guys in your video digitally create a horse lags well that was the answer was chicken and I. 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