BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-22-18-8A: A new survey says almost 50% of people can’t disconnect from their phones while on vacation.

Thursday, March 22nd

There are some really awesome translator apps. A new survey says 76% of people think that eating is the happiest part of their day.


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This story is probably the most bizarre story ever heard today about Bill Murray. He was on The Today Show yesterday was telling them how. He crashed a funeral. And not just anybody's you know probably one of the biggest funerals this country's ever seen Elvis Presley's funeral. How lucky Kiki get the balls to crash that it was back in 77. And it was one bill was on Saturday Night Live. You actually attended. Uninvited. Elvis'. Funeral. You have we've ever invited okay yeah I tell us your worker and her first ever live and hide something maybe warrant goes back when they had stand by downed power plants. I was at 27 person on standby and I got on the plane. And I just went right to the house and go they just kind of this sort of visitation and I'm medical or news photographer. And the next day I ended up in the bus. In front of their profession and it was amazing thing to see an extraordinary thing to see hundreds of thousands of people standing in a really hot day. Waiting and we got to to the cemetery and we were there early numbers are arrived people trying to get in and I know who she minister running across the cemetery in very real across the cemetery. All of a sudden the motorcycles came in motorcycle cops if you like if you moved we will kill you. And I just frozen and all the cars rolled life and they know they were all the steering important and their talk on cars buses and really zero point. I Helms is mother's grave I'm standing right at her grave site is very good present moment. That they are and everything to crash funeral yeah I know you just aren't that bad yeah I can imagine now be cool but that's seems so. I don't know I just feel like I'd be messing with the karma gods and the same time I get it you know I mean that was a huge figure in in in our our entertainment history. I would want to add the F I was as usual fan of Elvis I would like to be their sounds like Bill Murray was Lee's reverent about it. True yeah he went they're dressed up as Elvis yeah I wonder you know every now as an older man and he completed selling these reverent about it but I mean you know young homer I wonder you know exactly. It uses like. And as a very a year and a decision I was uninvited at suggests ICC should bring that up that's rather interesting that you just showed up. One of the biggest pop stars of all time you Will Ferrell that you funeral crashed at my friend is what you did. Yeah yeah I couldn't imagine doing something like that. Yeah it's the wedding crashed take out a celebrity's wedding I think that'll be awesome whoo man I feel like you'll get beat up. The Iowa City you see everywhere I think I hope I saw a man depending on the pro they depend on anyone Andre Kim Kardashian all that you do you get your ass kid worth every penny I but the food there was amazing now. They're drilling. Gold crusted chicken or something. Oh yeah they probably had some nearly you know Kanye he's not gonna eat the worst that's right here seven medallions and yeah exactly Connie is gonna get the best that's a fact. Our here's the situation. This new cut had a vacation I guess is really really popular because it's sold out for top talk in phone lists vacations which. You could do. I think you future. I didn't leave your phone calls cynnex wait before actually going out of their way to trying to get into a vacation where you don't kit to use your phone and it sold out yeah I mean just go. Play your own vacation for your phone and the safe at the hotel guy you are you silent about this companies where you gotta go off the grid the name of the company I say that but like something that I think a lot of us don't have self control. Oh yeah there's part of why I love playing hockey every amongst us I love the sport and I don't you know don't forget the showers had to the post game shower is definitely a highlight of the show run with men every conversation entry can be a little boys and certainly my solace in the shower you are the boys are a whole different story that doesn't sound are your boys are in the shower with a they are live they never leave me Kia which is great students loyalty. But. Thank you and I say that I did the vessel about hockey because I know for an hour and a half my phone isn't my jeans pot here at him somewhere. And I'll have an army I can't check my cell phone while playing Davis of the very awesome about that. You're absolutely right I mean more or more they're saying if you can do if you can just go you know go for homeless for awhile have a day or at least a few hours in the day it really does well first for us and our brains in the way we can relax and be less stressed. So I can see why. Because as much as you brought up we are so addicted and don't have self control that this off the grid company can all of a sudden make some cash by selling full list vacation now let's just take so season pyramid cigarette brands I disagree I I hope they have at least people take pictures for yeah. Apparently when you all what other trips OK here's the idea no phones allowed spoiler alert that's a promise vacation. And all of their vacation sold out almost immediately. And the trips cost slightly more than what trips would cost through our normal agency. Like their eight detour to a torture goal would be about 18102 people vs 17100 through Groupon deal for similar tour suppress a hundred bucks. You pay more in your phone aria. This is G yes it's very genius. Time and according to a new survey about 16% of people say they could never bring themselves to totally unplugged on vacation. And another 43%. Almost half must think yet they don't think they could unplug. I think you're candidates know once I'm going camping or something you can only have a choice Xeon anywhere employee and so I used to bring comic books if your going to different countries do your other policy brings something. To distract us from the company that she's around I need something like I can't not when you're because they won't we hang out we all go out and do whatever you're on your phone at the restaurant or club where we are used to playing in your phone so when you're camping and there was making some wars are you just paging through the comic book while hanging out being present like the most like the girl actually. You can't be no relax I have the sire knowing I got my little feet. And I have like my comic books it's like that's every thing in the world you go to lunch disconnect rate that's legal campaign. Well you know I and is just more than a typical camera for this Morris to US must I wanna make fun Vicki I get asked it. So that's a came out there is that yet I mean I use if you ever get free gas and I don't need anything that's right yeah everything's a comic book at that point. Yeah yeah I understood what he's saying no you get say it is the fault somehow for some people does allow them to get the run alone time it like puts a bubble around them and it's just them and their phone. And it is basically tells everybody leave me alone. So I get a you know yeah eight yeah there are people who do like to go on the wilderness without their phone the latest and maybe bring a good book or whatever and just chilled by themselves. But definitely without the phone you know really I'm reading a book even a comic book is a lot different then not unplug games and acknowledge it. We go to Hawaii make your my wife will be on her Kindle. The grand not a phone but on her electronic device reading a book as I was having an actual book and then Omar myself on our my tablet watching wrestling besides that yeah I think. What are you doing I do this on my couch I'm watching every reality iiroc. Why that was amazing scenery in front of me he but I I just one I need to know what happened to John C. That's why I love about the Kindle because it ye EEE if I feel like I've got a device. But all I'm doing is just reading like if I were reading a book and so it if it's somehow it you know it's it's it's sort of like guys unhappiness like methadone. From Gregory actually it's really put his site it's like that was me don't look at this story in the end it. It's not just vacation packages they're doing stuff also hotels are now doing things where people would turn their phones and at the front desk. It's an amenity. They you have to pay extra for so you will pay extra to give them your cell phone that and they save you one place as if you can make it 24 hours around asking for your device. UN Apple iPhone case of to biggest pretty funny. And what they do is it provide you with a dumb phones. Which is a Motorola device without any Internet access all of does is key to make and receive phone call so if there's an emergency UN I caught like that. And then they also put on clean your phone Wallace while they hold your phone and this this is a great deal. I and I love that. Yeah I've gone to die I've got a different seminars in a therapeutic self help improve motivational everyone a column let's amaze you pay extra Diana to give them. There you you're mug jury. But I will tell you. Having had been a guy that's done something disconnected I mean you know that last thing I did about a year ago I told you guys who million touch him because it was gonna surrender my phone I didn't have to do but they made that we were we were heartbroken if you're so hard brilliant here for me. Dude it was awesome. It and it's funny everybody the seminar is that not everybody did it. And I thought why not let's just you know so I turned in my iPhone day one and about eight days later I got it back. And our man duty it was awesome not have a nice thing. Like just not doing anything Mike my mind was free year anyway it would be I remember what life was like before this so it was like holy god this is what I used to do know before they came up with Smartphones socialize. Andy young and I found that. I was talking to more people because my mind needed to be engaged and it wasn't engaged with the phone so I had energy to actually be pleasant. There is something to be said about this unplugging and I might sound like I'm a 102 year old saying this issue are I think did you know if you been raised on the Smartphones like you know I'm generation Z. Yeah they're not gonna know anything but tablets and Smartphones a knock on notice like to walk around and have your minds freed up because you didn't have these devices not just constant information you have on your brain it's it's it's gonna be real I think it. I hate to say but I I I do think these phones vacations and the only way that young young people are going to experience the freedom of no phone because they're born into it. My keys and a vacation or out a bunch you go and you just have like a bucket or a bad or something I get onto your phones in here like what we do is escape our looks like god the one in Gig Harbor the escape our. Would you do if you can last a good mood obviously is always an escape room kind of it's just our bedroom okay good to put all your cell phones into a locker for the time that you're in the escape from now way you not like he could pictures are doing whatever four or. Looking up the clues are trying to figure Dahlia cheating. But it's kind of cool to know that here we are we don't have any snow won't comply with their cell phones nobody's being mr. distracted or whatever. One prisoners and I love camping because we are always from our cellphones and to a fact we make fun of people with our with their cell phones out. Our camping death Vicky union made fun of one that's why bring the looks just because of the eventually dies on me so I ask you one person who were sitting at the pyramids of it's a chicken chicken itself to commit such art teacher in its I'm someplace that is pyramids yeah okay. I was FaceBook you know I realize I was an idiot so we doctor phones no hotel safe for ten days yeah. She if you're going to different country you need that phone now especially if you don't know the language because I had that prom I was turning into an altercation or like verbal altercation with a taxi driver in France. And you would not liking that that's kind of why say kiss my ass in France right exactly and share my friend all the rest and as I love French dressing him I like and blanch. I love about it. I have one of those translator apps I started talking into my phone in it would translate for me that guy got super exciting keep cloudy is so he started talking and he is and we start communicating out when he learned how to say hey can I see your on your friends I learned nowhere else Steve French kiss. And. OK. I like Mickey's took a little better to slow higher class yeah that apparently losing a little higher I Loveland look. That is the only reason to have the phone is that translator I'm with you Vicki as long as that's all you're using before you say something and then I'll say it as a robot voice back they can't are all sorts of crap car right. Soonest then you've got there what wait what I would try to do is I guess I'd also tried to to just see it myself like try to pronouncing and he got a kick out of me miss pronouncing everything in French so you can say something emotional speak to listen French let's see how right you Michelle inside the idea I didn't know this apple is out there they claimed it was good it can do it to have a seamlessly -- hands look really nice to make our languished he's actually use your hands and really nice today. Jeff and I and it and the Japanese learned his vision must tomboy I just pick any language I impressionist artist Todd Japanese marks a shot at seeing if we gotta get this at some point in me you know who do you think it isn't worth the technology we have the type rather you speak it was trying to type the other one project in nicer way the taxi cab driver is almost a fighter before she figured picking up this ridiculous she did you have big hands that's a nice hands fast which. Oh that's awesome awful awful tell just what it is hard. It's. Sent to dead that's Arianna Star Trek into universal translator I'd like this Steve your really ugly. He's. Just. And wow now one of my Japanese that is fantastic at what is this why is is a pay up it surely Google app I don't know I remember if I think I paid for is the Google translate out. Who who yeah Google Trends that sits yeah. I have this linking to end okay cool drink I was an easier done. PG you don't. I cannot let go at that yeah. I had my house for dumb of the weather center and how much are those mozzarella sticks to. How much are those mozzarella sticks. Now the Arctic today is that. Oh my god I can go I think is that is that Japanese Japanese I can go to Japan now look. I know he's been so crazy and who. I don't wanna go to any other country because I'm afraid I can't communicate Google translate is free yet. You literally just as downloading this translate itinerary announcer next time I'm wasted I'm gonna noise all my friends of course you are. I don't tell and I'm going to be speaking Japanese I wanna learn how does it might testicles burn for you and Italian tourists I got German but it would determine you know we have sex on which. My testicles burn trio. That's our job sorry guys I'm learning text. OK nice services as a whole you guys. Twelve easier transit after tweets from home. Do and I I didn't know they were around since Tony twelve I have no clue about this come this result our restaurant this week and a couple or use in the translated to communicate he spoke English. She spoke Japanese. I have limbo thing is I had a different apple where I could look if there's a sign in link French I would just put my phone up and it would translate automatically attorney would switch up letters and translate the usually flop that was free also that's how I got around. Now open your shoes and what is pretty how they have a best female voice for. Home on the plane with a. Steve you want everything and you let you know they know. 13 believable. All you want to sound like you know I don't wanted to block offensive words dummy. Kelly was blocking offensive words are all now I know we can do during the commercials yeah. Jamie all right they've ever Japanese. But I translations of the Siewert. OK we're not knowing that I don't accidentally even asked that question laughter don't want okay well I know this is probably the happy. Is moment in your day it is but actually there may be other moments that are happy as moments in a person's day a much hype about when those happy moments art and we'll tell about happy moments in a person's day at 817. On the Iraq. And made some mornings on the rocks and 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW. You rock of Seattle. People want to criticize this show because we talk a lot about food guess why not us. Now we never talked about food now and ever us but now there's a new survey that backs up that we are actually talking about what you are most happy about. 76%. Of people in this third survey pretty much three quarters of Merkel. Think about it I mean it's this is the one thing that almost perk up. And boom when the topic comes up and we can agree on a mostly. You know I don't agree on the food we all agree that food is awesome yeah like if I bring up wrestling you'll want to punch me if you guys bring a boardgames Arizona like you know do something. To all of you guys are brings up in the moment and zero or whatever and read I don't know what does it do you guys talk about it starts yeah and these are good things we're all passionate about we can agree on but with food. That we all go yes solidarity and really for the most part I have to say that we all agree on a lot of fruits yes the other thing I do we really clear it may not be every food but we do agree on a lot of foods except predicts French Fries you guys are all idiots and on the Smart and I went down I'm with the one that I'm not they're not my favorite. They are my favorite all your right yeah I'm not happy. He goes on and I think they're gross Automask. Volume you're the idiot in the sweet and Jack knobs are really into the Jack now to a few of them are my favorite and are high and tied sticks yeah. Rice prices have. Denny if you add the fixed price. Yes I have DI comes out differently as we we can't be talking about Fries when the best thing about Dick's is there burgers he you you're you're medicated you can't have a burger without a expert or without the extra pressure on you can't know yeah and the American you don't locks and a strawberry shake your good guy I am I I do not disagree with. Either of those things and found dumped you fry one deluxe strawberry collier and seeing where the two for I don't know did surprise surprise of the mass anti deluxe defrag as the that's all Internet drinking and I respect her yeah no way you are your two deluxe one compass what you are blow rain comes here. Couple strawberry shake his thing even though we're disagreeing were actually agreeing not a lot of stuff we all agree on the burgers we all agree on the shakes absolutely that's why three quarters of Americans go guess what to have these moments of their day our win they are eating. Even because it's still legal drug. It really is illegal drug you know between whether you they would we we we need to do something to get the blues out of our life because there's a lot of misery. Like dissent all the things we don't agree on in the society that sees more more feels like this country's more divided than I can ever remember. Food is the last thing where I don't care if you if you bleed red or bleed blue it yet and our idea on your chest food is where we at least I got deep yeah you're gonna Dix deluxe. Double DD RAs and an asset for ice time here. Bass players the Danny puts something about a conversation now would somebody in the news in the halls about what their opinion is about food and I have to agree with Danny I'm never wanted to punch somebody so much in the face what happens here's like. We're just talking about what we're eating for breakfast he's a tad view food is as fuel for my workouts not his pleasure and I was like. I don't know if I can talk to anymore now because I view work outs as a reason why I can continue to he'd like to take exactly those folks to exist I met one really back in the days and there's seriously Elliott's. Yeah I see it you're right it is very awed to meet somebody. Who do fun not only instances of fuel but I've met people they consider eating just to be an inconvenience. They were singing even have to do. And my brain goes how are you a lot if that's why there are products out there there's a thing called solely lent which is essentially like BB formulated drained guess it's just has all on the streets and stuff it's really big in the tech community in my game developers and stuff college saw look like from the movie soiling adding a Lillian oh I was created you know the funny Hyde made a peep holes or so away England and gas I get it yet bahama. Hate the people when they go right now live to eat you can tell. I'd like no I do live to eat yeah that's what I think may in my wisely treasured not so it's not that she's an anti food or anything but the minute we finish eating dinner only so what are we having his treat. For dessert yeah of course or like diminishing its home base or from globe and we already have lunch it's a 3 o'clock joint somewhere in Kim's comeback tonight. Sort of duel for dinner tonight so we just eight Y if you're already thinking about the next to me only to us that's all I think about. He got theirs and I gotta tell them wrestling for mostly food here's the thing here in Washington State there's a lot of great cultures that influenced the food here and of course now I mean this in greater Seattle area it's one of the finest dining areas in the country but. Arena I would say I know 5060 years ago I don't know how to Corzine was here can you definitely had a great influence for the German influence you but I don't know about the Scandinavian influence I mean lewd assist to me is not a very attractive food. The rapper I wouldn't even either though little sister everybody there. Whereas you know Steve you and I were raised in Italian families. And that in and that of course Mickey rays in an email and that's Hispanic family. Those cultures know about true they were real I mean if his passion it is live T eat. I don't know all of sniffed the Scandinavian cultures so much has that as much is that. A the German culture course being in Europe I mean you know I believe I wouldn't say they're cuisine is as great as Italian are fresher. But still it's good scandinavians have the issue more dish Borg. I'm probably saying that terrible mourners mourn him engadget theory about a small nobody says he says Laura Schwartz storage virtual I think it's a smorgasbord isn't it does and he's racist or is more mortgage board. Small reasonable version birthplace are more on either way it's it's more yeah this smorgasbord just basically throw all the crap from one pot I know it doesn't dumbo dat it's. It's array of small dish is based leg and in some I guess march towards well Saturday and now I forgot about the Asian culture we have here too of course has some more reach out. So I I IE. Oversight this review I'm an avid gym attendee and yet you do use food as fuel for the Jim however. It's freaking awesome yeah. But there are people that just don't dig it and knows the probably the 25% of the people in the survey they do not have it as they're happy this moment. So even a three quarter of us say yeah I seedings are happy is caller of the day. There is a quarter mistakes that is not you know it is had to admit I think I know the person Danny's talking about that works here at said that Tim and I don't think that person is a very happy person. Oh my conversational like no that's why don't that person I can write downs is named Steve megs and also I have. Let's see if I know this person and see if I agree hundred SRI. Was it a person. All for crying out loud yeah OK yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah right that's what I was thinking doesn't come off as a very happy person no Ariel yeah. Yeah US there are red saying that about the Ted Smith but yeah. Go we assess at this moment is is when things were themselves and is in the look at cumulative went. Sausage is awesome I love Sox just a solid all that little one other little got to think your. And Maine and welcome you got a little guy. Wait any that he's a must move to make meat sausage not like oh really ailing saw a lot to me that's my second happy as long there and my little guy. Now I can't talk highly that you referred to as little guy well listen I'm not gonna lie you Vicki thanks to truth and advertising appreciate it that's what I'm saying. Survey also found its and foods that make us the happy is OK okay twice deliberately even at four get that 20% of the people. Seat eating is even more enjoyable than sex sometimes it feels that way sometimes yeah with all due respect him sacks. But yeah sometimes take a good diagnosis of its costs and crafts CIA or that moment when you had to -- day you're just starting gate your favorite food to go yeah just take that first fight and lob her a nice. GC Warren asked each and how can sing these guys get a room regional race. While pregnant I feel I I feel like GI filling a need to take a shower refugees talk about yeah I mean you can always eaten public. With a hundred different people. Yeah I always do that was my wife says sometimes and she sees the heat and the murder drug addict he. Oh yeah you yet you resonance to sweep the path and that's not good and wanna look at that X. That's why I love it to have them look like the serial killer uses look like so gave us happy I look back yes that's an usual nobody ever sees that. All right you guys just lovely so when I ask you see it out there I right now aren't happy as they were out here you've shot it's got to be something cheesy for sure cheese and love and happiness so you are close pizza. He's saying is number deuce side. Only two on the list are we any tamales tamales you might make me happy. I always a Cadillac the Mexican food I understand that but I do whatever we do surveys I do love where you go you are never anywhere near the top and I don't care about the contents on not know she. I think what I want. Flat back and study and don't be sad not know she'd gotten a I take it solemn. And always. Isn't Ali they've got to you know there's music B movie was some juice southern Indian and he needs to use that line and I got an update. I want to give me again takes it yeah yeah. Then you are deviant clue it is something I would like Israel as as the number ones are listen into pat pat pat all right our inbox. I was. Slang for Denard are you're on the right archives of perverts oh yeah we are just I highlight how excited you receive for Lan has seemed like she was winless softball. If you're coasting don's your very very close as far as being in the right ballpark he's cake. Why should she used. Yeah I T remarks during the work logically yeah I think these are indeed and an OK okay sorry soccer. Good she's like me so hard towards she's cubs didn't. And what I like he's a big Swede he said Ding dogs which are chocolate so what are you did cheesecake with a charge. You should eat you guys on this I'm pretty sweet chocolate she's cancer is a drop in what is the answer is god DM chocolate has gotten. Related to cheese. Or cake what is wrong with. Originally and I like it's a nice she's like you're close as he could top ten things I love are trying to get number one. We are trying to get you beat it's no number two was close the number one visited these would never do. All right and also I've fried foods is number three eject and it just yellow yellow works. Just don't right now we'll tell us Japanese team do you love lamb yeah he could hook. Loud and really be all right anyone's child let's number one a guy who's a makes me happy is Pete is number two hi fried foods number three all the stuff that. A grand dummy very easy to. There are pretty slim didn't you don't have sour patch kids anyway oh it's a good run my mouth dropped a flag that's it. Over and I hope I get extra icu and Vicky are forbidden to be in the conversation music because your both idiots. You're both children I can't I can't do this and how are working and I know we're we're professionals and ask you can't analysts doubt I'm mashed potatoes that are at least some things okay he's. Okay and he needs to keep I don't know. Steve you need to accept this there's never going to be a freedom less emissions that's good how would I wanted to know is committed what his condition this is a potato awesome Macedonia. And you have a commission on. Home. It about food and one inch thick plume as it might have cracked the top ten what was that Michael checklists. Its mission and I'm. I look at Q okay. Can I take obscure our television shows from the nineties our. Jesus you are right stay chicken fried steak you are closely. So why did you say chocolates as I say. The mistake it sticks you. I regular steak steak I love and that's number four on the list tacos and tock goes Danny you are semi kinda close. Only because there's a lot is a loop look holly is no idea why you knuckles John gets it spicy foods that I. I'll bet that would be number six on the list but John Asad. So good but no no that's music using a masala via a Cooper anti. Guys. I think about America I think about we on the list your chocolate pizza fried fruit stake. No protesters got a ticket tax tick checks are indeed number now what's close to stake. Burgers they're go hey I think you like all the stuff we would eat right now. All right so that's the city's nude first names. To have a toll on one day's Stephen. OK any limits that tells us there's yeah. OK so now we go it goes dessert is number seven on the list right and two to four fronts a similar number seven to desert the desert you love this dessert tie. All our Boston cream cart. No cheesecake you go putting like I you'll travel with your wife to get this some time since. Costa or Hawaii pop schools Hawaii yes and slice of dessert ice cream why isn't she ties dream yeah yeah. We will drive dies you social norm our wounds also chocolate this is close to this but it's not it's that it's not black what is it. And Allah. Chocolate if it's not black what is it wife Camilla are OK ladies and gentlemen let me I I was heartened. All right it's at night it's chocolate and chocolate is the clue. And if it's not black it's the clue what color what do chocolate. Yeah exactly it would you like chocolate but no yes that's a valid answer me morons don't know you know please oh please not black chocolate. It's not white chocolate has or any LC Libya color that you eat that's a dessert that's extreme now with pink chocolate spread chocolate come computer and melting chocolate amendments not a I was yeah. I don't understand you're a little analogy or champ. Brownies brown is a color brownies is China that it has been on the opposite this time it was the opposite and it was set up a sit it's not black it's what you well if it's black it's not black chocolate what they're chocolate back Weis is awfully excited you are. I. Only tell you you're the worst. Waving anti exactly that you would suck it charades okay. Well I whoever beat anybody like that you write about cheese that's number nine in the list. And then number ten analysts Steve did you gonna get this a 10 meatballs. No discipline Eddie that Sid Bass that I can. The maker behind us. But really comes from the people's really jealous is that Giuliani just trying to explain food so little children TSA had no thank you shame. You're absolutely right things you know I think the fifth graders are one this one. The well. But pineapple pizza some leeway enough that was a show and tell us who the F integrate it pineapple pizza is in fact enjoyed by intelligent people I'll tell you that. And then the rest of the trouble is I still like in the club bangers and mash that is imagination so yes I know I. Part of the country I still the world I'm Jonathan now that is posing as I group of an Irish mother and she was not a breakup I love my mother but gosh I would be great to have an Italian mother not sponsors house yes see you had that yet. You can watch standing there my answer all the time and meet some pasta. My mom tried but everything was it something helper that was heard a huge you know we're gonna have a good dinner if it was blank helper to malware Hamburger Helper. Anything helper seuss' how B Jackson he's playing board games or people who do would have never played again. Yes. I like wow I know because I play with Smart people that's not so don't worry about it. Chris. Started cursing you know everyone else is about the same dummy level of threats and you're so Smart why are you working with us exactly compliant not a Smart man you guys being ML I'm. Yesterday EO Steve couldn't figure this one out on the sitcom happy days the character of mass solo Takahashi was better known by what name Powell no snow melt now. Bonds he's now. He's just you gotta. Clearly for Arnold C member Arnold you can try to stay ahead ticket prices internal it doesn't matter how you are shot at dating scene you've got it 206421. Rocks. We're going to be easily beaten eggs at age 47. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help put back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And it's a great campaign they're good other regular ongoing jolts. People sometimes think you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against him once a garnish the stock has started and that's not true. I mean dangerous to immediately stop any garnish infantry I'm going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on. Which versions of your bank account your wages I'm and in most cases will just yourself liability. Out through the bankruptcy process. And we didn't file bankruptcy. Case. For you usually the day you come in thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.