BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-22-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, March 22nd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Got nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle the Seattle rock rumble is on now and if you want to vote for your favorite bands and giving rumble champions. Go to JIASW. Dot com and easier favorite Seattle area bands and artists are going head to head man. It's on this and see what trends are doing well I just seem like grunts are meeting on us we want her knowledge of beef TI now mother love bone at some point which you pretty neat but it's. It's fun and I'm of the brackets are now Nirvana vs Green River that's happening in the big your bracket today sir makes a lot yeah will he beat. Candle mark. Know him from Panama so little but that's in my life definitely guys cause they retrieved era against the gets. And then you got that's never treated and they actually go out please write. We never had he done really. Terrible man in the first round Hoya get through to thirty. Oh yeah. All match I was over from those who brought you know what was your first appearance though yeah yeah knowing dances where all freshman Dan Ellis is such a young team they're coming back out we'll be back next year will be sophomores. Figure sees your owners faster uncut. Let's. Your votes will matter I would make it happen that's how teams get to advance in in the Seattle rock crumble bands of course. Had not only does your vote count but if you do vote you'll be entered for your chance to win tickets seafood fighters. Pearl Jam pain in the grass so yeah voting. Could get you big tickets to the Seattle rock rubble supported by Templeton ride if you want more info you wanna vote is gonna chase I SW. Dot com. It's time. Don't mean hey it's ignorance under. Sorry about the and this time it's announced its. Because. We got so we had a couple people here brought some great great job. Lacey Tommy came in Lacey. Look up some stuff we talk a little earlier on foods like a happy time for much of the day yeah. Day 88 cupcakes all manner and in some peanut butter butter finger Oreo cheesecake or might not show. The I saw at have you had cracked pipes fool yeah I haven't had nearly enough to -- to say that right now growth and that's all I have to say the little one ally well let's get a weird in here because they made regular sized cupcakes in the mini little teeny tiny ones so make you feel and do not mean much any reckoning gamble paper for podcasting later that's no great great. Well as writes it is impractical and it moved downwind on law pop pop up once you're going to need in northwest today stats and what are ready to party yeah. Congressman like yeah I work only for hours a slave and I'm shocked like yeah we're gonna have to tune in watch that that's going to be outstanding at what time is that it beyoncé Steve I don't clock please daddy king's I realize why Steve and good north west he. Wow all jacked up with your kids as did today we've got shot in Auburn chuck are you there sir. I am excellent what is playing forty days Steve tickets to CNN and essence and Lindsey's just since she. Sterling yeah I don't know why we're amphitheater on September Germany and yes good KI SW dot com for all the deets the few minutes ago and in essence and Lindsay sterling get your tickets now live nation dot com Aristide that air. For those playing at home chuck will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions shot you can't pass all you want but you'll only have three guesses per question how are you re able. Yeah it's also a new baking show one Netflix what two words phrases used when someone is trying to recreate something and fails miserably. Into what decade was Frank Sinatra born. Authorities now. He's now. Didn't know Jesse Jones lives cage iron pistons dared to have more collectively known as the Y. It's tough want to. At. Aren't cartoon superhero canine is also known by his alias shoeshine boy. Yes underdogs and you ask consistently is the largest island in which seasons. He's got a strange you ask is poker a pair of what cars can be called snow mass. Now it's. And now. And it's narrow alleyways city would you find Wembley Stadium yeah. Twins was 90000 to. You know. Or would she stayed whiskey large indeed US representative for. And we stayed with Steve large into US representative for. Yeah Georgia in new moon and just dropped induce. And our whole story. You have depth to correct and I just got its yeah I don't know I don't know enough guy announces. The whale he's he's. I mean. It's the normal look look dad I mean it's definitely. The bull yeah. That means he's got a lot of sugar in them. He's kind as bad as an out here. You lose a regular didn't wanna say never or never but at the same time through yeah exactly OK guys these are you ready yeah. Also a new baking show why Netflix what two words phrases used when trying to re create something and failing miserably. Web redemption now. Not assets delicious now hello Chris Jones. Hells kitchen no and what decade was Frank Sinatra born to go do twenties and thirties now. You can ask Jesse Jones would cage I insisted daredevil are collectively known as he watched. Do the funky bunch and go. A heartbreaker stereo. Who's he wants peace early so cartoon superhero canine is known by his alias shoeshine boys. Underdogs yet as Sicily is the largest island in which the season's. I was visa Caspian is no schools nice. Italians now the Italian Aziz the blue narrowed elusive in poker a pair of what cards can be cult snowman. Compare rates yes you are just city would you find Wembley Stadium. On London's you know at all. And Steve you and for current act flowers I we reduce our times. There are it's. A good job on piazza out procurement nearly doubled him yeah. I'm well I mean yeah. This is what really follows a pitcher's duels. Yeah actually I have allocated to game I would call list is the low life trash eventually blow they're badly that's very sad that manages it slightly below average. Yeah I know I don't think it's limited. No four is an easy dad knows no forest a definitely an ass. But I'll tell you I mean you don't migrating scales absolutely he would be six Seattle 100 what's an. Yeah I don't know if we got ask we've just went all the way to. Yeah it's just he was here yeah the host here in the desert and on time Germany's. To Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean seed them and you Randy chuck got correct yeah I just got Jones Luke cage and distant daredevil arc collectively known as he will never guess this. What the defenders yeah tennis is joking though I don't isolate and it isn't gonna 90 you know that and the new baking show one Netflix that is also a two word phrase when used to trying to recreate something in failing miserably I would just say epic fail no close that's a good or not that way it's when you say yes if there's lunch local nailed it and you'd be correct. Why does that say yes it's called nailed its. Hans OK TI is coming without a clue a Smart man is annoyed me yes I don't ask me what that clue who. So was saying nailed data is when you show a team on the Internet and you showed actual saying that you did or I hang out there and the like a totally nailed it and you show the absolute failure that you try to do I call him while you know what I have to tell you something I don't know that I'm old and that means does not registered mail that's me but I now I know what you're basing in on. In my generation we would totally never even think about and it's also now a new baking show on Netflix style salute the ridiculous wow with a coconut. The one episode that I did watch he tried to make you mode G takes so it takes a look like the little smiley Casey faces don't and I I don't know OG is outdated and improved towards you can't stay here and no it was that the kiss he won the crying line and then some other one really chocolate cake Kokomo Jacob moss and Harley. You want as a tall yeah I would it say that comes and it's it's if it's delicious chocolate wanna like you were shaped like smooth. I'm OK with that I make my I don't I've eaten I've beaten you know takes shape got a human body parts of 40. You know a product line as long as they taste good out here in the output that. Penis cake in my mouth I have heard that the recent three to about a lot Otis again he left town so he was so we all mobile and who have bought. This takes a bed about nine different types appeal his case against a guy that is also an honor and notice again before he left to go to California back home. And there's fidelity to different. Wow well you know that's a variety otherwise there is a unit and others thought I guess that makes sense battle again wider it's a variety free you know there although it's just very filling. See that's the keys ladies you need to know that there's a different variety of sizes and whatever but they're all very delicious and you don't have a turtleneck on them. I know you know and how are you guys are edited weirder guys are neck wrists okay. Thought oh wow okay our congratulations Steve you won with out for correct yak on her for congratulations to use your checking out reminiscent Lindsay sterling at the white river into theaters September caller number four. I feel like that is my first example of a generation gap and Ellis to nail the thing I would never gotten that 'cause I'm not I really don't know that I mean the people use it for both ways it's not just because they did not make something they let us say we did something well. Gone. For work a bunch of people reach we did something and you go right now they say I positive I would be pissed at reds and that was my question and I got it wrong but on the flip side. You can also like business uses a community and you can put something up and nobody cares about is mailed it gap both. That's a tough one but you know what that that happens in life. I think you show me know he's different night attempts techniques. That all the creepy as hell where they try to make him look like something had been this is nailed it I think it was an actress Mia. I talk like a porcupine or something in the bottom one Headley the weird Donnie tees so creepy let me ask something or is it just takes it does mean is used for I usually with when you're trying to recreate anything from contracts they usually do. I don't know arts and crafts thing tail. Well that's clever they came up with a TV show then called nailed it especially if this means is popular within the food community yeah I you know I in LA is much sodium added rather. I just missed that one over my head. Was or Steve Martin questions of people are asking about oh yeah what what where receive large and does the congressman or senator he was a US l'Alma. Yes yeah they go where. Here's Oklahoma all Oklahoma yeah you didn't get to that question yeah so that was why I didn't go back to a sorry. Straight. Series. Okay he's going to be act funds go headquarters in Everett on April 20 years ago misty margin Popper is RD one I don't know about this 31 and it's in my house. Nastiest and you know out of pocket Steve margins in the I don't know let him out for this young lady amount dude I got to deploy we're Stockholm syndrome he likes me. So let's see large is going to be at the phone call headquarters yeah. Yeah. Get shut everybody Gerri for monetary big dogs soda food Chuckie got back for me for my birthday at math makes fast. Steve large and pop. Some Coke company dude seriously. Why didn't we thinking that they those guys are just fool you done if we thought of it. Well yeah we would have done these guys are still there Megan thank you just local it's a local company doing something that's geek related like I look at myself and though. Time such a failure. I mean I don't think don't let that be the reason why you feel your fellas my other brother is now I feel good about that. So Macaulay Culkin do we here's a headline I didn't think I would care about but about Macaulay Culkin and his virginity. That I didn't think that that was a story I care about but that's a big story today he says he's doing interviews now he's he's a lot more maybe just maybe he's like their act together or maybe it never was bad he's just finally at the point where I come court talking about. Home alone a million times a red mark marry new news on on a Ferris is podcasts as well there are cameras deadly heat just like he got cleaner in the last couple years actually so that all our and then he wasn't doing so she took a lot of indie wrestling shows he's a big fan of wrestling stuff to Sony's assemblies like categories it's kind of is that piece he's got a lot of dough and yet and since you brought up on a Ferris is podcast. If you don't want affairs suddenly she's a gem of the Pacific northwest's. You know on the TV show mom and her podcast called unqualified but Collie was a guest. And he talked about his first time and he didn't say who he had sex with the losses rigidity too but he did say that it was special. Many added some details he said job it was a grocer weird. He said yeah we planet. I will not tell you the next thing he said. But it was seen out of character involved there's a barn in small stuff GC said this is weird in my doing this right. And ice and also we listen to the white album. And I'm I'm assuming the beatles' white album that's what he's talking about yeah okay. There's fifteen years old. When he did it. Well what music do you remember this on meet or anything about your first time. I do and I wasn't sure that I actually. I was thinking like who was this in my doing this I music to your music all knowing any musical music. Fat I'm just going it was an accent I thought it was an accident I was like holy cow wait a minute I have I mean I never forget it was pan terra. Oh really liking hot style follow it and Arnold. Well I'm out of this listening to it when there's a college in this girl came over and did things got a little more fun than I expected. You know now there dad and her work. And a chance to change the song sums and while the that's the sun is going to be going to it's a very aggressive song we hear venerated is gonna guess where are passing cross style. And that was sought I'll wow now does it did every do you guys all have songs I'll I don't think and a song remember my first song for the first time ever had sex I lost my virginity honors high school bleachers pace. Because it was your high school's fight song. Know a lot of truth is somewhere else around that Don guy yeah now let's be clear it wasn't the football team right it was just one other. One yeah OK okay all right I just can't use and the high school which is a my ego boy this this lake it was the only place and one we did get privacy as we can do in his house or my house who's telling me it was December so nobody was out on the field poll how well we waited fifteen. See I was older man I eighty I might have been 1819 years old chunk yeah and you where you earn policy so twenty. Fish fish and a 91920s. And does not maybe not ideal ninety's Sierra losers because these are going to say yeah. I was saving myself for the right girl oh is that necessarily good during and Sarah yeah I guess yeah. And a write songs and director of move first goal I was willing that's actually yeah. I think I'm the only one though that had sex has to loss of virginity to the woman he's married to them. Or there or the person imperative that we MI would be weird man since she's twelve yourself this if he's he's not not be good gasoline right now we're very we're. And I mean that would make her. Seven yeah yeah do you not only would you be married you'd be in jail Villa right yeah. Danny did your song though when you guys heard him all ran neck yeah welcome to paradise screen name. Of course it was yeah I mean she is this means like sublime person she's like oh she went and changed the CD for me our. Own and she lets his seal it should have a good Seattle wash our listeners that press me down Solio's better. City down that was she just some random ocean girlfriend did you mean notion anybody special or just like you're here because a lot of times your first time is do is see you later she is like a girl in high school that we chatted. Just learned all the times op fans don't really collar girlfriend that you. I had no game there was nobody in high school and I was gonna get anywhere near now yeah I was gonna happen. Read did you have his arms trying. I know it was just our awkward silence and how could I don't used to work fronting and why. When you do your grunt and I heard honestly Bart police Tilly started no no no now we won't get into that. How he did more play at no point. You when there's. Been times where I am completely love Bruins blew it by you know do you literally are. Don't resist and that's when your sex or something about taking care of yourself. That. True yeah yeah there's a lot oasis are about making love yourself laughing you both for the most follows news that there's a concept record about restoration should. Death it's funny how bans women in their twenties has to relive this thing about it. I did verses the silenced rivers and easy to his epic it was come may become disarm by K seven tournament I want somebody to come to America and got them. I don't beer loaded I don't know is there a sudden you see any faces when you're doing that sun know vinegar stroke Steve he's somebody else originated this song we are the world and I hated ever since. Well damn what the whole wow how does that inspire somebody get in the mood. This person wasn't music but there was they were watching the fight club dvd lost his virginity I'll that's interest and done. Wow. Yeah I know no music it was just he really doesn't know come may become. Broke you find that song that was my ex and I don't think I know that's doesn't get jock jam yeah who did it again. K seven K 71 hit wonder okay video if I hear it yeah it was a huge hit. I probably know it I don't know what year Abreu is it it was a big well let's say if you were twenty when we talking about like guy nineties. Well this is this person lose their virginity to and it's always you paused and terror are your pet that's right right answer can be become we got a rep. I read says yes there's no bad words and. She's only guys Ahmadinejad summer it. I would like this is what this song is about Dallas yes. He ran 93 okay though isn't negative spin chorus. When I was there. Jesse about. Find out. She is currently at aqueduct I don't know this song why I do not know this on my street you would have known that on file I was site in my early this I was about sex. I know oil and I think he he's right and he's just ask you look morning out okay yeah. See I always got there and I was not listening to that kind of music I was working in Iraq stationed with the you know collective soul and Stevie Ray Vaughn and and been in new Guns 'N Roses pretty much. That's where I was so I I of that song I have no clue about unsolicited they lost there's a listening to KI SW. Car owner we were aren't gonna happen Gary you've got to put us on where an aphrodisiac yeah. I wonder if anybody Leahy who takes care of themselves or and gets it on wall or on. And I would do wouldn't have the odds and what beyond kinda wanna know I kinda don't they really kinda wanna damp and on up. That's just doesn't think I once I think we're on your face Thomas I was looking for audio and then I started doing my own thing. And I realize I'm listening to us into I had a quickly changing because there was not Oregon where you want I get a we're taking care of business while listening to our show. I have the show on the and then I started take care of business and then I realized there's a giant beat megs. Oh yeah since he's a I don't need a high IE. Got this I mean I've never heard of like talk like like talk from being a singer might have in the background while you do when you don't you don't I do watch some videos from time to time. And there's some bizarre stuff on in the background. Well. You know while he's receiving some gifts from diseases is Wii's wonderful girlfriend and is always like some Jerry Springer or some links on the background might. Tammy I that would distract. Me ha masters girlfriend and eyes go teasing was putting on Harry Potter. Can we see is somebody cited me to watch the movie in a minute issue put to a movie and I was like it's going to advance Terry pound her she she. Harry Potter put her in the mood I get this was a woman went all the vendors who picked on a one out and underwent how can Harry Potter he gets on Centre of accent man and a friend who turns still like the puddles ugly just butter did my kids. The actors are dismayed then the this trip I don't know I didn't really wants I don't think so I don't think she made was making anybody horny a little bit at a Manhattan College. Thanks indeed for asking the listeners to let us know if they doing now I'm reading and listen attacks of people that are doing right now okay. I can be traced out what they're saying it's a lot of dudes there listening right now. Wait a man married name better take care of themselves louis' station by the time I he says I hobbies and you don't don't come. Yeah the one I do indeed he's ironically most of them doing it right now great. Wrestler and stand restarts are you don't. Who is really all. You ever say we listen we throw the monster game Steve starts out and sexy. Him and for how you do it over there. Thought that's really do good high gas keep you don't runner on were proud of you can't go to the gym today's your day new Jersey's bear stuff strong. Blessed is gonna be awesome. Road underdog and Susan Taylor and on is a fresh rabid haters when you know and you do it you do it's an investor your abilities and know you've done. You put a you can ask you go to work. Brother brother and not only can say your prayers your vitamins and she she Adrian as fast as yet have reached the grass. And hard. We'll rather. Wow. That's right. It's very room you know I think it's time to let the listeners who. We're not where I would we're comport word clearly check out right now so just don't stop Steve older brother knows how. Just drive elicit some of those you pick a topic you guys showed 206421. Rock text that's a 77999. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. I nine point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle's listeners on the loose you pick that topic. You guys show at 206421. Rock you can also Texas 77999. Listeners on the list brought to you by car toys. And whatever it is you wanna talk about. About the floor is open to him and say we wanna say but whatever you say. It does have to fall under Steve's rules it's a simple rule be tennis is to show some energy and bring it. Don't Boris can get to the course otherwise you're gonna have to. Commencing about borrow from them. And let's start off with Joseph and Basel 20642 on rock Texas 77999. Show you are on the Iraq. They get the color you are too bad Joseph what you got forced to the money. Us so I guess like one of these that are you guys about you know colonel local. Local singing music scene going on in Seattle and how changing from an easy out new default. Yemen's Syrian government and it needs all that the next candidates. So you're talking a local music scene are you talking rock especially because so I mean. When people say Seattle and you think of music I mean we have a lot of great music in this town but I do I think we're known as a rock a local rental bring local rock scene but is that what you're referring to. Yeah yeah certainly I mean I am personally musician are written in now why did you end here locally and I did see it. You know kind of changing. You know like I feel like we're losing air and you lose all our rock based on this. The turnout this kind of change a lot started going towards the EJ. That it staying as well I'm. Sadly that's exactly I mean I think it is represented how it is just in general you know without American pop. Culture and Susan and rock is not necessarily in the same model as it once was so I think they're immune to saw Barack club these is part of a lot harder Friday's closing used to be so. It's a lot cheaper and skated DJ and Indian dance music seems to bring people who clubs a medicine that's not my scene and I don't I don't have any ill will towards and sometimes they do enjoy it. Seeing a local DJ are deejay spinning you can do some stuff but. Yeah I sometimes look back and think about some of the clubs that we had here in the north west semis it was the OK hotel. And I sit and spin. And a few others like the color box number pioneer square used to be great for just a crap tonnage is interesting and fun close UP one cover you go all the different cup clubs and gas got different styles of music. If it definitely is a lot different now though we don't have all those clubs that's that's right like the mess I read the crocodile even the crocodile feels different because it's renovated it's different it's cool but it's not the old crocodiles that sound like go out and all that time poison them in the middle everything's. But you don't have as many clubs like the crocodile anymore so when I was there last night to see in the room filled. Up to see rock music it really made me happy now just really known OK there's still a rock audience is just not. It's not like yeah yeah he says not what it once was but you know there's still opportunities to see Roxio is just there aren't as many clubs as there once was. And at and show Leo its interest incas that you us being a rock station. We see the trend in the country as far as how rock stations are doing around the country and you have thing I've noticed is that you know rocky used to be. The the counter culture. Anti authority. This whole of humanity where people would rise up and go this is wrong this is not the way it should be in rock was a great anthem for that. And I feel like hip pop it's kind of stole NAFTA under a little bit from us where if you want something edgy when it comes to a message. I hip hop artists is taken out from rock a little bit and I don't know why that is I don't know what happened to rock that'd be you know come back it. Alex had this yes surely I mean I feel like I killed somebody so that you the other it is did you know that pop it's gonna take in. That edginess that you know anti Cory turner. Figured I believe that rock music used that as Kara has beat. Go to war mode or Canada being edgy as it rock used that haven't built like Barack actor kind of operating out nowadays and maybe that's it that's why they did cargo and after that it. Speaker absolutely pleased. These solaris is a little bit it's just a different time this is about there's still some edginess to some out of some great rock and some great aunt Frances and there's a lot of all let stolen. You know and time in the eighties resuming gangsta rap was considered to be veggie thing in a sudden. Just tell us a rock came out that was considered as you saw cyclical I think right now loads and it's weird stage as far as. Being consumed by mainstream. America or move me into music fans but it still there's got to do a little deeper this is a great dads out there. What I love about rockets you still have pet you have heritage bands you know you'll find pop music who. Pop music doesn't have Harris has an idea Hanssen thought there has grown up with them and I think the you know I and I can't speak for other formats because rock is really the only mud and super human with who have for a good part of my career but. I do love like the idea of the Stone Temple Pilots pearl jams those guys that are still making music Alice in Chains. They've been doing for a long time that's a great thing about our genre is you will have people that are committed to the art where pop music is just so flavor of the day. I said Hansen yeah I mean outside he does have Hanson and nine cents lombok WTKK. Ya I know rock guy yes every I've movement. Obviously talked about and shout out to Terry Daly. I different cast have you helped put together a great benefit show for multiple sclerosis and SMS and now I am on Wednesday night packed up the crocodile resorted to 300 bucks for a. A great cause and we got to Texas hot damn Steve let's say it was awesome thank you guys again for great show. Hang out taco lawless and let me buy you intended drink I was great dad to Mel you guys donate to a great cause Hillary to do it again have a good day you know you can for the die Coca. All yelling or you die kogan out there west side and the best I've played the show Beaulieu. And our senate just needs to sugar as a way to pass out of eyesight when I seen you play the drums in my cap. Doing how's he stills policies still vertical threats seriously now because I mean you look like you are and have in the work out a workaholic took a little bit to frighten me after this I was over at a sit in the back because I was about the blacked out yeah I can imagine out. An assault on us all shots and then and so our idea accident site. I do not need that now I just don't like Chicago. You are the worst of it we I only drink at all night now. Has your your right to sugars which are needed its listeners on the loose where you picked a topic you guide to show from. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. 933. Wanna rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Analysts who'll listeners on the list you pick a topic you guys to show. 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Aaron if you Alex Aaron EU Iran Iraq. John guys you're everybody what you got man. So Florida QB Jake what do you feel also testing in an SU because he knows your stupid. That's right Kreutz. We talked and you must know like a long time how you feel like being so low tech the movie's ultimate movie at all and you should ask Steve and I'm excited about it now I think he's going to be is his best effort. Halfback. You know oddly enough I thought I'd be really pumped about it and I've seen the trailers and it really hasn't done anything for me yet. Yeah I was consider it has its aim Amy it's not just tell Harrison Ford yeah almost would have rather than just say hey let's suspend reality. I know we seventy something but he's got a near any Chinese and I yeah I'm just because ever since and now William pilots. They just have to pretend to be young pilot. Outs later this Aaron I'm a little afraid to say anything about a Star Wars movies these days because the fight Evan having non BJC's key bonuses to those two guys into my. Yeah I agree yeah I I talked yesterday about related distant idea yeah you can younger it's like anything. You are you still see the solo movies I'm not. As an about it I was. I wanted to be good but I don't know it's going to be like you know what I like. Throw one which was that the first Disney release non Star Wars are Star Wars movie and I really like that and I'm I well yeah. Still man I I'm glad we have more movies about a universe that I love and other people are all pissed off I'm like dude. I'm a science fiction fan they grew up in the sixties and seventies where there was nothing I mean it was all westerns and if you're lucky got a scifi show here and there. At and a superhero show may be would we had back and men may be Superman that was it I am so stoked at the time I'm living in. I guess my question free so the people that are sent about it they can solve that by just not going to see the movie has descended like that it's no different than the few big emitted a day and continues to go on when a lead singer something might happen to them thousands is always my example but Allen now even stones of about three good example that. We'll be right all got hurt I can. This is not I still don't are not okay well you know what you can just not by their record listen to their new stuff and and caller good and it just enjoy what you once had. Whereas someone like myself and assure like you would scifi films I want more. So when arguments until palaces throughout this new record which by the way is incredible from beginning to end its atmosphere records could be much Erica this yourself it definitely has so far. It's like I'm I'm pumped about that if you don't want out. If you don't like no one in before you're given a chance to so watch you don't listen to it. You and I are very atypical because usually people who love musical love that when they were younger and then that's the only kind of music they ever loved. And anything that changes soon like you said sometimes have things changed not because the band wanted that to happen. It's the same thing with pearls and even though everybody still there but peoples go I don't want pro Jim to make any but the music and made back when I was in my twice. So some people they use this summer as the example of Pearl Jam yeah obviously is just drumming styles and have you believe the data every season got to dig out of my maternity earlier stuff not the first arm revoke. Got to kind of came on towards the end of the ten tour and and also did Doug albums after that first couple home. People right now are quit he lacked I don't like any economical and don't listening yesterday dust and yet so I don't understand how that's a problem for those Palestinians that want more this is an option for us to have more notice amend the console fell. Am I haven't even gone mad deep and I know you're drummer but I I really all the attention because psyched I don't even think I notice a difference in drummers on if I guess we can get super nerdy out of but I won't but I can see you downed improbably. Within the real killer songs illustrate. How Pearl Jam sounds and feels different plow from their earlier stuff as a personality has nothing to knocking their new stuff Matt Cameron is arguably one of best rock drummers ever. Hop but there's some people contend even though they appreciate how counties is drummer they don't feel he's the right fit for Pearl Jam sounds really yeah. Wow because I'm a musical idiot if you could show with a difference I would be sometime you can tell is is does it doesn't take a swing to what they sound like what a difference. Are right now. Okay see that it and that's 300 and the director probably you're absolutely right it's just might I'm just saying I'm not saying Iran sang my in my ears are just I it's like you know food you know like if I have too much salt I'm not a real taste anything and it's really really well prepared and well all season goes on used to just an overly salted food diet. And it's probably same they would music I'm just not paying attention absolutely yeah. So but he I. I love that they're making movies about stuff that I love I love it eleven to making TV shows about stuff that I love whether you know we know its cash and some of these things are fifty years old. You know that I hope they're different. I just watching old TV show and am I tell you about this. It was he was an old Star Trek episode one of the first ones Aybar did. So this woman's a scientist and she says to the guy who's like one of the crew members who's basically the dog of the other crew we tries they have sex and everybody thought you had like nearly two Barca. And he basically makes a comment like hey maybe. As she's just like yeah I do now well she's dismissing because look I'm interested in the scientific thing I'm here for not to have sex you. And he walks away golf god what a walking freezer unit she is like she's frigid new and I'm thinking. Wow that was acceptable dialogue in the sixties there's no way you put that in a TV show today where you go because a woman doesn't wanna have sex with you. She must not like sex at all. And I'm thinking. God start tricks a little different because that was a pretty I think L a pretty loser thing to have in the but that was what they did in the sixties that was considered okay dialogue. You know but I mean we've we've changed. Since stupid Nightline anyway well from the sixties though that was like a line that made everybody laughs yeah he's very down to edit. Yeah oh yeah I do not mean that. Sits pretty wild to what some Mosul shows old shows from the forties and go holy crap we were we were sack which is back and do know this earlier did I mention eating roll we're done about all this movie about where you still got like eight humans I don't I side as a kid. And there is is I watched since stoned and it turns the comedy I got my mom still did she felt horrible for lasting parts hah now I forgot it I knew that I remember that they were actually being cannibals in this movie news was hit comedies like it's kind of a dark com yeah. But I was a kid when I watch is now looking back I can't believe they got away were watching this I can't either I you know I should watch this kid it will here's the premise according to the Internet. It's 1982 film about a married couple living in Hollywood who resort to killing swingers for their money. OK. I did pick up on that and I swingers in this dry and you're watching this is a kid is an end. I remember finding great entertainment and watching it and we'll just watch O'Reilly parent's tragic to watch this idea and I on HBO of course and it would be have a friend told me yeah. Controlled states feels the greatest thing for kids because there were movies you'll never have access to and we rented it at the local movie rental place it was like a blob was that a modern pop shops not only is our rent is just to cover had a giant there's a cartoon you Malcolm big teeth. And I don't look like your refund so I ran today announces a put down my heart of course again. It's messed up movie. It's not a remake itself as a whole corset it's a messed up Moly let's do it. All right if there's a big question that needs to be asked Steve okay and I know I know that we get the rock coliseum is the answer. What Jim Ryan castle and Muppets have in common and what it's like at 949 and Barack. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Question of the day right castle and Muppets have in common hang out with the grouch. OK. Maybe day. Lots of takes about. Hands only in certain places you know that was the first thing I thought of him I do I won't critical of the no no place okay Fo new I did yes yes place and then hand. Countless citizens do that once you get excited when he sees both send us. Whole lot of hands up and and a up and yes and both electrical attorney. I can determine. She gets a childish grin on his chase them both around yeah that is stripped. Iraq and this girl very good to see you guys know frank cause frank Oslo legendary voice of the markets as well as you go to. French guy. Frank says Disney it's not do in the Muppets right. Disease where he's from where he worked with Jim Henson in the early sixties. And had a got a lot of great voices like Miss Piggy Fawzi here now. And I AS no the Muppets since dizzy bottom and 2004 he's not a fan and direction says quote as much as Disney loves the Muppets and once the best of the Muppets and they truly believe they can do it. They go get a you do pretty solid this big decision Pritchard well. He had here. Feel like Mr. Big and I hate Hermann let you know but I appreciate him right there. I TV right. Didn't Miss Piggy wanna take lacy and Tony for sitting here watching so they brought in some really good stuff to eat and rank castle yes well he's just delectable. He's up next week twelve pack. Manx. Are bringing it back when super troopers to free love of the show Steve lobbyist Eric Staal and past. On sale of funny stories college oh series but frank is there necessarily but I haven't prosthetic leg drive I had a wooden legs. And it became a singing college to a village drink got a little. My what a night it became the same guys who offered up after themselves. You say hey there's leg shots afternoon. There was an original does good. And maybe some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other questions molest her. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way Q and when you go to cortisol before and the judges actually was to trust the hard the trustee's attorney. Wanted to be one of the things it's critical of bankruptcy is if you give your attorney in the horn all America all your information. Lists all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for reduced charges your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. You can sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you've given record in your attorneys. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com that's just choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.