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Monday, September 17th


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I see it. 99.9 KI SW Aragon Seattle. As did my B day. Yeah man like that search. Our thanks and best paying tribute to a buddy who unfortunately passed away. Oh yeah that's rice and sugar EI Diana motorcycle accident played no great fan club bread comic turned a rodeo and there you have hang on Saturday night at nectar lounge. Paying tribute to him his music and also celebrating ten years of the band. To be a pretty emotional an awesome night and I'm going to be there and it's good fun and today may tensions Tribune's somebody who's a fan of the band made the shirt as a tribute and gave it to the band and they gave one to me because I had played in a band for a minute whichever. We welcome good to be awesome band name that was the vagina as. Also vagina is yes I remember them no we never played a show I only spent a lot of time on the practice basin in. The I was sister since a year that we all I had yeah throughout of that yes sir here's a great guy and now it's sad that. He's gone yeah I you know what I heard about the vagina is this is say they had a deal on drums that's. Thank you added there. Thank you very much you very much the out pretty new sheriff if you're a fan of the music that he's been a part of he's been a million bands locally our Saturday night at the nectar lounge is where we're all going to be an imprint on occur in the rodeo going to be. Taken up and not going to be a lot of fun. Well I think it's really cool you know it is in once somebody does that goes out of their way to make a shirt for somebody because immense somebody like that for me I think that's a really really cool thing and that's a sweatshirts they may do necessary Johnny Cash like Seattle Seattle lot of nice tribute to him yeah so. Yeah I did have fun while I'm glad you guys get together sometimes it's a nice thing to have I get together for people just you know he'll to remember you know it's tough. It really is weird timing because he. The very ambitious plan that there's a ten year anniversary show and then word came out all the guys have been in the band for a couple of years but they're still all really close friend yeah. It is part of motorcycle club community as well so it is a lot of people that are very impacted in an infected by this loss it's it's way too young left the whys behind it is a good deed yes so Saturday night though they'll be a celebration in his honor. That's cool man yeah that's that's very very cool. Well Steve. I hear IS are today because you know I it's another workday you know you get up. Lot of people had to deal with that you know you just set the alarms sometimes you don't gosh I really. Why you're going up so early heat. And the Kennedy's Saturn RYA how long how much longer drive to do this and the good thing about getting older is they you know your day close enough having to do this anymore. Or at least we used to think we were closer. But now recent research is showing their pretty much more than half of Americans. Who are not yet retired say they expect that they've got to work past the age of 65. And for some people some crazy people think you know three out of ten people think they don't have to but that's insane because. Where you need life expects he's getting longer and longer and Social Security god knows what that's gonna become you know the next fifty years of fully inhabit I hate hearing that and it and it. I know that that's a genuine concern I just hate your neck because every month are every couple weeks a look at my paycheck and I see the money that goes is security in a micro economy. It was a great idea Social Security because everybody pretty much retired at 65 and died by seventy. Them so you really only had a supports somebody for five years for the most part I mean on average or whatever means at the white little longer she still got some but. Or the husband depending on who died first and the working thing but now people live and in ninety. And that's different you an idea supported for fifteen years Social Security just was never meant to do that. And now or asks is basically you know we're we're we're F Steve don't do my dad retiring at 74 then he went nine years longer than what everyone thinks and I. Think she really doesn't want to retire. They had again tonight I I think he's going to be happy not to have to go to work but I think he's gonna miss having something to do. Yeah exactly it's it's it's. They they see in sports that guys don't leave the game because they wanna stop playing the game they leave the game because of all the prep work to goes into it that's the pain in the ass up. So you're data to get his walking when he wanted to hang out they would sub do little little working on and Donna go for three hour lunch yet. And not have to worry about this foam blown out bad and a million questions in your Elan those athletes especially in football. Some of them decide to retire every or. Because there's owner Joseph training camp. Yeah up. Although the F it's it's it's a beating in the offseason ridge and you see a lot of these athletes blow up I mean you realize that they ate a lot but they were burning it off. Yahoo! then oh boy who who makes the couple Mason pub playing. Man they still DB from. We injustices of the flip side this is some of the guys he had he had the offensive line whole era are but he Craig Terrell when he was trying to the Seahawks Susan we have. Be a big you do good news on the line yeah I'm defensive linemen and as soon as soon as soon you don't his career it was a he turned into half the size that he once was because you know at this stuff his face of all this food to stay that way pop up that have a that's a great problem he had to have yeah well that I now I have to stop beating I can lose weight room and thinking about a boy I'd like to have that problem. Yeah I guides. Stand up and work out a little bit here and wanted to try really I didn't sell things I have a lot of friends or that it raised. I just like if I did take a week governor's job comeback thinner that would be amazing that usually doesn't happen this thing you have to stay away from all food yet there is that yeah. Speaking of all food how did a potato chip yacht potato chip to save in Marysville woman's life she's gonna tell you how is it the news for yet at 617. Nine point nine KI ESW. 99.9 KI SW Barack. The Seattle. Tickets are so now for pain in the grass when he sixteen yes coming back from summer. Tradition. Fossum music disturb Breaking Benjamin Aldridge anthrax window pain lots of fans will be also thrown on the bill as we get rolled towards that and you can hang up. Backstage and thus. That's a great experience the pain of the grass backstage barbecue. That's where bands get interviewed sometimes you do acoustic sets you get great food gave great beverages all the guys the B Iraq's that's gonna be there. That's how sloppy ministries to get is really sweet so if he you know if you know somebody that loves pain in the grass or just some of the you'd think would every time hang with us. That's a great gift or treat yourself. And also charity happens to two bucks for every ticket sold. It's a pain in the grass goes the buy dogs if I told you foundation they do great work all the info at K I SW dot com. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news suites teammates. But thanks guys next. Jersey mice giving us news and sports it's always interesting to hear these stories or somebody to examine issues and go to the doctors to find out today said it's of the nose wave worse but fortunately. Found out early in this dangerous on this happened to a woman in Marysville our name's Christine more. Apparently she's a huge potato chips and all I love this woman already apparently she needs ruffles potato chips every day. In the past twenty years she's the man. So it's a staple of her lunch yeah but because of Herbert Tito chip obsession and led to an early diagnosis of throat cancer vote damn reason being is that a fragment the chip. Poked her console. Couple months ago the other ruffles and average is they do so she's a while my throat hurts and Nancy Pelosi who's getting sick her husband think you know what go to the doctor and check into Jack strapped for something like that she goes to the doctor and it's not strapped and the issues not because of the potato chip. But that's what you know got her thinking. Turns out she had the early stages of throat cancers general tumor the size of a quarter all Aurora hello. One of the reasons being is because shoes a smoker for many many years answers you found that the diagnosis she quit cold Turkey. And the cancer had spread. Thankfully and catch in his disease generally means that the Kronos is the prognosis is really get itself. All because to have a potato chips and she's lucky yeah that's that wasn't the size of your Naples which is a life size of 600 dollar silver dollar so that is so that's only quarter size not Steve the nipple side look points in a new story not go back to pineapples Vijay hey now there's a hey idiots stop posting at a stop using those laser pointers and pointing them at people are they still doing Whidbey Island guy in trouble for doing it not once not twice but three times 27 years old. He's accused of shining matches that you know once you get a storm but like there was industrial laser pointers. A high powered laser. That's powerful enough to start fires well Barry employer had a couple of ferry captains back in October recess used poignant at the water and it's reflected off the water and hit them but he also one point point is that a police officer. Positive laser was confiscated he is gonna be dealing with some issues always in some court time and some. Possibly some prison time who knows what's gonna happen would this dude but that's not a good thing pleasing him in the Jimmy. There yet it's now apparently this later go like burn wood. Follow hold indefinitely image they turn to Jamie just. Speaking of burning wood or a lack of burning board when it comes to a baseball bat the Mariners. Lost eight to nothing. I guess we are horrible. Beltre just crush them Alia drove in five runs. 810 not famous on five game losing streak for the Mariners a year here in Texas Rangers out time tonight. It is now time and all lines tonight 80 wins I don't expect this is not the way you wanna start the season. Moderates Oscar destroyed yesterday and some pictures of their rights on this saying we're going hand it was supposed to be us than them. You know I mean. No I don't read that you missed my dream American Red Sox then are my like I dream that he can you can. We'll share almighty did you guys all the time this is your dreams are preferred that to your point there NC seventeen years Kobe Bryant making it all I and tonight against the misery that is the lakers season. And again that this is career props storm and amazing career obviously but I ma'am what else. Put a rough season for those guys he's played twenty seats twenty seasons he's 37 years old all of them with the lakers so notify you wanna check out you know historic moment tonight's tonight to watch the lakers game. Historic moment. IAEA and I know you're saying you're actually right it's too bad he didn't go wild on top. You know and I mean this is a horrible whimper of they don't know I don't even care. I don't Fleming at a basketball fan and in general I would have cared if there's delay delay like he was on the clippers I care is one thing I've resisted the warriors. But at the trouble is is that he's been so miserable I mean last couple seasons he's been nothing that injury plagued but he still an amazing player I still think it's cool of Kyoto watching guys go out and an Allentown terms I know that we as fans like to see the players go out on top of ride off into the sunset but these guys what they love to do while album rights a guy because he's playing and and not playing all that well I begrudge him because he threw a towel I mean one's taller that's fair a sweaty towel us. Ladies something towel and now about reduce her up as wrestling fans again it was a staple via extreme wrestling EC WR balls Mahoney. Capacity to 44 another wrestler that doesn't make it to the age of fifty. Just on here cause of death isn't known just yet but man that he put his body through the ringer and if you're going to be a part of extreme wrestling yeah now. That's its as far as whether 59 degrees and cloudy you know Stevie right. I don't know a whole lot about it but I mean I I know that they've been taking a look at concussions and be very serious way Leeson the WWE but that's another sport like football that. People had to take a double take go just how grueling is is on the body plus that this schedule because those guys work really hard. And gals too and sometimes you know you just do not taking good care of yourself because of that crazy schedule along with you know just doing the job itself. And even now the biggest guy in the world wrestling John scene just recently was in the news because he said that he'd be up for donating his brain if you can help others when it comes to like you know checking for concussions and I don't needing a right now of course but Yahoo! and when his time comes. I easy be more than happy to don't in his brain for research and let's ask any tough though for the doctors because all the stimulus see it right. If McNamee. And you're right it'll go see Johnson's brain and hopefully hopefully they you know for a layup to make a post notice something on an area where they can see the I don't know him real well there it is right there again. I'd tell you something there's a sand of the Detroit Tigers who I think I should be escorted from the country it's not right what do we do and he. He had an amazing day at the ballpark he caught five foul balls in one game wow Dan I. Have you become a foul ball no hole I always wanted to catch a solve all the Delis are coming at me I can't I get kind of scared I'm with you on that day I have one land in a row behind me and Sarah would have been dead because I die didn't protector. Here until I'm gonna come we have a new area coming down I mean I'm sorry that now that was when I in my are they come I think Jerry guy letting go out among the hundreds is correct it. Yeah I was at Safeco Forsythe autos and catch a home run ball behind him blew out one of the lights over me and I do you feel like you see you know myself fastest coming out until it's come out yet. And you rated regular gonna catch a homer of all you were sitting behind me catch you up well I had a job I thought you knew it. Yeah I was I mean I was walking around the park a and over by you in right field and a OK I might have been trying to get a fried twinkie and it was a blast and some like holy well I catch this and then I'd go oh. All of their state can be streamers you realize how many people have zero begs the Simpsons I beg death perception yeah incredibly tough guy I mean there's sometimes I don't bother the veneer and everyone's freaking out and make it twenty sections away from as I can put your gloves back on lives there guys got there I guess -- it's gonna take a weird curve and land in their glove that's why you gotta give outfielders amazing critic as they get I mean they know exactly where that ball's gonna be the really good ones and I know who used to play he softball it was always over my head I thought I got well I dim and imovie and I should have moved out even the batters to I was watching much of the Mariners game and I think it was easy can't cruise and edit it was a game in Los thing right and in the tenth. And it and he hit and I thought all man is that going deep is that going yard and I'm sure the fans too and grab it like. You can see he knew that it wasn't him it was like maybe just thank you know maybe fifteen feet away from the wall but manic. I yeah I'm clueless and out Susie leaves them the ball leaves the battle my guess haul rotten in the second baseman catches it in place but still. You know these balls go everywhere and there's you know there's a lot of fans the trying to catch these balls in the sky cot side of them. You know got to be like a sweet spot like where like you know deny certain spots they found out. Awesome not on the line by foul ball line maybe I don't know man. Yeah his name is set build Julien and he's 39. He shares the balls with the kids so I think that's really cool so he catches some but then gives them away which I think based also BF. So synthesis of clearly written story doses in Florida. She says honest to god. And anyway ladies Germans are talking about baseball's do you city made a habit of catching foul balls are sharing with kids in the stadium the tigers games. Since returning to his hometown back in 84 silly he's he's practiced at this she's she's doing business there when their World Series yeah I don't remember because they beat the dead Padres and Steve Kirby. Still bitter about it. You need to get over that but he never gotten over it's like thirty years ago after he needed it or that's from baseball died doesn't mold I've read. Dugan said he once caught a total of eight. Eight foul balls between batting practice thinking back in 2002 so this is not the first time he's got a lot of baseballs like does this it. I think you're right Steve maybe he's he's found a sweet spot them out we don't know Obama. That's insane I can tell that men from resenting you on this guy sister do she's price discredit the ball from everybody doesn't care who gets in the way of a kid but he's giving him to kids I doubt that he would care if he doesn't catch it I would see video this because I penalties catching foul balls like hang you know we now suitable hang over the dough in the front row just catch little ground balls for further than the batting person does you know the ball the ball boy or ball girl. I don't he's doing it that way I assumed he was catching him in the stands like they were pop fly file walls are lined drive file balls into the stands. And he was getting them I am I so I don't know that that's what amazes me if he's catching him in the stands without having to reach over on the field again and he's a season ticket holder but yeah I'm not sure who. Still it's one game. Yeah I just about writing a story about it admitted there is. I guess whenever he should have like all the kids kind of gravitate towards him because they know that he's gonna hand on the balls to cook for him and I skilled I know the tigers do some with this guy if they already have them because that's that's a pretty fair that that guy's an awesome fans. I would imagine they've they believe you would think it looks agents are gonna section. How he's able to catch them. It must be something about that new Tiger Stadium holds it was new few years ago to this glove man cause the glove and every Chinese is given the piece saying man was set up bumble and bumble ball guy and you owe by the waist phone guy Steve makes I'm giving baseball Syracuse Jim Herbert bastard that's what he's saying I'm. And it's his decision tiger he's probably the only person in the sand. Well there is that possibility. Boy yes your voice Steve the ball boy himself he was stumped on this one which companies are always great to cookies chips so a whole. Nicely there the whole house now. Shifts so more. It's. You never had a hole. So when I step on the scale and lament the fact that I can't drop the pounds. Perhaps it's because I know that Nabisco is the answer to that question and I knew it for many years of my life back into the ground. Yeah it was shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Who played beat Riggs at 647. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other question from a listener and how long is that bankruptcy going to affect my credit ratings. Of course most of the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy there's got to NASCAR he's taken a huge head. Not just your son's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you file hate usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. 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