BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-16-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, April 16th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Saturday August 25 Sunday August 26 yes for the first time three days of pain. White river amphitheater. Why don't line up of music I mean this is just an amazing all star rocks liar. The last farewell tour yet. So you get a get to see them Allison change avenge seven cold Stone Temple Pilots profits of rage the cult's. Three Days Grace lots more things to get the full lineup it's available now at KI SW dot com tickets are on sale now. And of course you know us know we always engage good charity and this one's greatest women really two bucks each to get. He gets sent over to the Mike palsy foundation supporting programs ever and homelessness in Seattle. Pain in the grass Tony eighteen all the info at K I SW dot com. Mean man. Time. Name now means days is dynamo lit up floor Monday. It's a pretty comfortable out there hi everybody I am you know I looked at both cleared some it's a gorgeous dead or alive. And do you look you know sleds I have nice but. Well hopefully our kid doesn't is just as pumped as you are there got Jay in Olympia take on Steve JU bears certainly will be won his remarks better than it did say that I was subject she said for a while. Does he play forty's he's taken CL starving in this moment I don't want mood here on August 17. Go to KI SW dot com for all the d.s does want to could see on sale this Friday. At 10 AMR IC get out of here. Those playing at home. Rare earth in 1982 which after begin selling spaghetti sauce turning over all profits to charity and about Bonderman you ask what you US state his closest to Cuba. Florida ask what was the name of the restaurant on the TV series happy days. Or whatever act which car manufacturer's logo was meant to represent a spinning propeller. It's Hendricks knelt. Vote majority to know it is tax. Terms draft who played the male lead in the 2002 movie hot she asked. What are you ask which actor from the casting the movie Rain Man won an Oscar yeah. And you ask what kind of doctor was dot com holidays. I don't moves. Direct yes I still wish comment it which comic is visible every 7479. Years since. Girl rumors of how we can recover fast in which you west state would you find for Wayne. Corporate forward Aaron Willie and Indiana Jack Norris 1234567. Grassley a close one man's it will be could be a close one half we'll see how Smart Stevie is well I mean it's not really how house Marty is it's just how much useless for. Imagine he has us well when it comes to Steven useless I agree with us. Hi outside information and that you solicit Jerry yeah evil he's many uses spinning information values yeah division head yes thank you Steve you're very useful thank you ran right I think some are you ready. Surf and strand in 1982 which actor begins selling spaghetti sauce turning over all profits to charity Paul Newman asked in which US style which US state is Harris is to Cuba. That would be Florida yeah. Was the name the restaurant content TV series happy days. Although Mel's diner now Palestine and we know Merrill. Lowe's it's fun place to narrow. Players in my car manufacturer's. Logo was meant to represent a spinning propeller. Are that would be Mercedes no. BMW yeah ice who played the male lead in the 2002 movie the hot chance. I'm Rob Schneider yes of which actor from the cast of the movie ratings and won an Oscar it. Dustin Hoffman definitely Dustin Hoffman as senseless kind of doctor was Doc Holliday he was and gynecologists. And oh yeah. I don't know why he was Bob clients lions and Seattle it's archaeologists. Carl Long in his visible every seven NL east yes I think if it can play US state would you find Fort Wayne. Indiana yes what do 345672. Okay Amy maps are. Seven wins on Anna song there congratulations Jake yeah are you tired lieutenants like when a better. Yeah I know turnaround brought out an element Alter. Yeah and it's worked and they're giving -- song but I won't hold that against him and I had to hang on let's say having it surprised but oh the one of them that you missed. TV series happy days yeah Hal did work there but it was called Arnold's mood Arnold says right up there and their congratulations on that BJ might take you my friend I'm calling because I'm old and I remember that show yes and congratulations to Jay on tying Steve today and doesn't win the prize more so I'll baby if you tie or beat Stevie when the price just like that. And it is interesting. You know about the fact that I know because I watched that show over and over again. Everybody has some show on their life that they watched over and over again they can quote lines and whenever right. Other people may watch the show but not to the degree that some super fans do. And so for me happy days I don't gates yeah it was because it was my teen years and it was like the biggest show on television so you watched the reruns I watch a lot of media. Yeah I'd like different strokes Mr. Belvedere yes see I know though shows but I I I may watch the episodes at most twice golf and that's it. I would be admitted to didn't matter what episode they showed of the different have different strokes I would always watch it facts of life was the same as any of those bad syndicated sitcoms from back in the day and they we all had bad syndicates it comes from back in the day and even today I think there's probably some bad shows people watching right now to do is bang theory is not viewed very highly in the eyes of many all a lot of people don't like that's obviously ratings what woods would also dated a lot of you'll love it but you know there's some viewer like the crap on the Big Bang Gary for the same reasons that people break up on different strokes and there will be people he's yeah and then exactly and there'll be people like me that below those shows because they were younger people it's a date disgruntled elements. When you're young kid. There are shows that you watch like Didier and I've talked enjoyed these about this and you know real -- say yeah you know what that new structure shows not like the other starter showing Watson I'm like Joseph you don't realize what kind of government that shows such crap now it's so dated but. He grew a little bit speed limit television shows are getting a lot of the text messages can you please I about lost in space not a person says I'm. Lost in space is awesome my memory Everett is the movie in the late ninety's and maybe you and our secure my data for episodes and another texts and missed the first couple of hours or DJ talk about lost in space yet I've got seven episodes and I'm feeling like a champ. Yeah I wrote a blog and I will tell you the blog you're gonna read where's the blog at Vicki. Can I said he dot com so the blog I wrote I wrote the blog and only three episodes and a whole. The soul and now I but I I didn't watch the whole thing I Don I'm done with the entire signal and come to us it's ten. All I'm is not our no they're hours ten hours and hours later this amount this came out Friday. And I didn't start watching it until Friday night as they say differ my wife to see if she be interested. She like the first episode she was jab but I don't know if I wanted xenon I won't watch all of it she says I it's it's not grab demeanor the way some other shows too and has about totally grab me honey you lost me this weekend. Wait okay. Soon this is a weekend where you spell your wife as tracked. And assistant in which you'll get to do very thought you were a couple weekends a monster yeah when your wife for so in Cleveland. The weekends that you have time with your wife precious time would you Weis you've opted to watch television shows without. I will say this I got to knock out six episodes on the plane trip. All that I got to do because the plane trips like two and a half hours could get to the airport I can knock out three shows before and three itself. Okay yeah as early as I was able to I was able there. Do three I should say three I got three of missiles knocked in on that one but dumb idea what's dress the seven without our first well I was to her what's. I don't you have you have year round but lost the spacious came out sorry I just some video we take a bad week at a recent dinner hour watching lost its mice chalk it up to Osce next time out expects that. Yeah well it's. They you know lady it was it well I I loved it I really really loved it and I'm one of those guys that watched lost in space the original show I'd like that that's Hoekstra said that they only saw the movie. Which a lot of people hate that movie the one what Matt LeBlanc. A lot of people hate I don't even know there was a move to a map of a blow you know Manhattan all different kind of lost in space guy on the part of me wants to see with the show's all about could hear great things. Yeah well right if you're colossus I like lost in space like the new show. No not at all OK as a marriage here's the problem is this it it takes place thirty years in the future. Here for the most part it's not very Spacey. Bed but they don't there's a lot of space stuff and never discussed so scifi it's going to be over your head okay I'm really a lot of people don't know this lost in space the original. Was based on the the lead the novels with Stanley Robinson that's what it's based on his matte of fact they used to call the space Stanley Robinson way back in the day when I was watching the show. I feel like they have gone back to that novel that you know where there about a failed being ship wrecked. There has that feeling of a family that's just traveling to a new world they get shipwreck again deal evolved and that's its assembly Robbins was about but this time it's in space guy and they were really show that in this series which I think is really cool. I love the family I think everybody really works well and it's a modern family you know not like what they were in the sixties because that was a whole different kind of family unit back not in them and those days. And I really don't get and the special effects were good though they weren't over the top like that's what it's all about. They did a good job it was you know if it's a Netflix show which means at times is going to be it's going to be a little slow but every DM Netflix series. There's a little slow to sell their series such as what they do. And I loved it a lot I can't wait for season two states did that play Will Robinson is good the kid that they got to play major Wes was good I love the actors. The robot was cool. And they also dig deep cuts like I remember episodes and I was told my wife. This happened in this happened this happened and she's like I don't remember that I go eat and watch lost as I watched lost in space. Every episode at least fifty times in my life so I know that show back which enforced so. I don't wanna spoil anything but the way the show and this. Is definitely. A part of one major episode of the first season of the sixty shown I was so happy they did and I was like oh my god they're gonna go down this road and yeah. But that's what they paid attention to detail for us old people but. For the young people it's a completely new show on really cool movers are watched all ten episodes of lost a space of one night it was amazing he was so good naive yeah. Ten hours a law that I love that about these watching in my Netflix does. So I haven't heard any count confirmation of season two I've read some articles where they think that there is a season to unlike stranger things Netflix isn't telling us they've ordered a couple seasons already and know just sort of like let us know later on blew out. I knew I was not disappointed at all and I really knows Steve some people were because they think it should be like the old show and in my blog go you know what if you didn't wash sealed showing you were six years old like I did shut up because I was there why don't you some space not I cannot he's a lost in space pure. It was their body I've lived it I did body. And I did and they did a great job and I was not a fan of the ninety's movie I die I was so disappointed with that some believe me. You know so yes so up big thumbs up. Read my blog a testament dot com or go to Mars come about that yet he needs you wanna write applaud you were only three episodes and apple can do you're right I said to my wife I go I really tried writing a blog I wanted to write anything but but I was reading all the negativity. On your blog show was good to tell you wrote. Well you know I mean hey listen I I you know what I did I get the point I talk a lot but I write very little noted Texaco and I didn't watch the whole thing on Saturday lost in space was amazing. Now it really was Coolidge it. You know and and I love the whole family unit it was really about the Stanley trying to figure it out you know and it did it's that's some really good moments. Really dug it and by the way Maureen Robinson kicked ass they really did a good job with that character. She basically runs the show which is need no not really how was in the sixty so I like the fact him more Marines really pretty much. And video she's the one making things happen and she's good Molly Parker really good as Maury Robertson so yeah very. I. I got a question for a joke and how many people. Will you kiss. Before you find. The one. I don't know I figured out yet to kiss you still doesn't excuse and everybody. I know that this is retained a lifer now so as a lead that's okay good for her nice knows he's still in the lead after all the kiss and there's I mean I did I didn't know they are supposed to kiss a bunch if you're gonna miss one there's certain science to visit of science can be the first person think finding a house. The first as you look. I mean isn't like the average they found exactly which may steer you if you if it was the first one you kissed you are soul like ridiculously off the charts because it's greed well if you're happy. Yeah according this do you study though. The average who'll kiss 22 people before they find two more Vicky that's when we. Suzuki I think this is on the other side you are that would mean she's got about dozens. Of the one outsider this so it at least now as far as men and women are concerned those very close mammal kiss an average of 25 so it's it's a minimum I don't know artistic. Now again and kissing this it can you really can you determine anything from Matt now I mean we have seen a deal. Me determine maybe I shouldn't. But I mean I don't think I mean as a would you keep a compatible chasers and that one's not like a weird case or any other ones not a one as an open their mouth and it'll once of the space which while your whole face. But I mean. I don't I don't think kissing isn't beyond all our engineer and was like I went on a day with a guy once and I swear to god do I feel he never kissed anyone before and the only reference he ever had was movies my greeted cartoon movies he grabbed my say east. And in tilted his head and like complete angle just waiting like. Or why I don't know. They're not at the time like I now do you like it clean you close frightening you so that's. School movie wouldn't do it now when you. Usually include dry the sky was full on sharing I mean was coming at me like found out how do you know if you're eyes were closed pool and suddenly just tilt is held at what the hell's happening here in the small only ease is like I don't. I had to keep my eyes open and and use the software can't win you can't win unless the above I like good good no. That's a great look actually. Might have my wife and go to kissing school soon or that new ended up in the newspaper for that and now Seattle times at PI yeah it was the TI now. And then that was a lovely conversation honey we should go to kissing school why. No I dig guests that you suggested and spend. Yeah I must be bad news still apply what you learned in kissing school to the say I don't know to be honest. Say I'm in she's not complaining but then she wasn't complaining before with the kids to school and how this case the score coming how to they know if you're doing good John give the case instructor. That's the thing I know there was no real Kansai it was always with your own personal you're practicing law anyway. And so they try to give us demonstrations. But you know I try to do them but there's a teacher likes they like up in your face later kissing ass Jews and our grill I go hey Duval I'd have a little more time yeah. It was weird it was very weird eyes is this is still going I'm assuming not quite so I I I think it's probably still going shepherd crowd. I can't imagine that if you look at kissing school Seattle's Intersil somebody doing it. I knew there was it was a good good bunch of people nobody would be in the paperless wide ball I I volunteered because nobody would get their picture taken wants to be in the paper. Having somebody admitting to going to a kissing school but I was nobody can mean the last I was ugliest guy in the room not canal your wife's pretty but then you're there. So they really trying to focus on her Blair Russia yeah is it on airport way. I forget to do so long it's just kissing school and it's here in Seattle airport way garlic it's still a alleges that much information right. Sign up did you see what they say what it was like an escort service say that's just like you know kind of like their thing yellow Islam wasn't an escort services companies you have to bring song with you can you yours and so Harry and the generally sunny where an area. And right by the old bring your burner if all that's perfect college girls rock and Engel did do some kiss on. Okay. So it's amazing that. This school very. They have a lot of other results you're like the average age when you'll meet the personal settle down with his 27 who Mickey where US house above average 28. Okay thinking it's at the clock is ticking made parity met them but I just haven't fallen much yet I'll show that it isn't a problem companhia. The person you may mean years ago you eventually comes back into your life yet like I get a letter in a bloke from the mailbox I don't know yeah. It's funny Kucera is like that's what she's been looking for and she's right at 27 this year Nazi settling down mantown moving to mom and dad's house. It's time to bring up its gonna at ease marijuana anyway it's almost like he is living there does he have his own too frustrated out yet. Yeah he kind now it time now used on noted president have a home now. He's pretends egos somewhere terraced back in when your sleep he wasn't there last night's errors so he better he very he better have a home. All right now honesty don't you you have to talk to me about that does sums up hey some good start and right if that's the case and that person his dad's Tina. Not done with a night implements a darn right Joseph. Yes thanks see Joe's with me on this one. To us. It's its strength they drew Carey's he's got his own place and the more red money had paid more money I could possibly get that's a good point didn't see that day it doesn't matter which way I go on this when the kids are bleed me dry just understand anything Joseph says or does your money motivated and it's always thought I'm done. It's over I gotta get new kids I don't know if you can I want the robinsons you know what I want my kids be like the robinsons lust in space. All. Yeah. It's our blisters on the loose you pick the topic you guide to show 206421. Rock text as it's 77999. We got you call. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Good point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle's listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show with 206421. Rock. You can also text a 677999. Whatever you wanna talk about it's your choice your driving this bus but remember Steve as a rule necessary cemented him bring everyday otherwise we're just going to have to garner. Good bottle turns good Jake in snohomish Jake do you Iran Iraq. And it got lucky got the box and out there at the end of court you got all right so you about this as we were yes. Don't get up but it is nice school good. Trying to that Dick really hot blonde eat out is it yet I'm a big girl like Jerry wolf. I go to chipped her and she starts licking like they let it act like. Eat. Cute completely admit they light beer free Bartlett got bites you know like I doubt we'll find out and it blew it. Or vote on it they aren't so what do I got out here I only eat it you go all out oh you're Powell. I never part wherever again like it I had beaten her. You select a bracket so soon happens. That's NASCAR's so do you think that that's it she did this is what she thought you wanted or art or do you think she was trying to troll you that's such a mean whoever thinks of did you do that. I I don't know split a funny thing is like months after that point my good friend gets hurt. And spreadsheet at it that they think that didn't eat like the it's cool did not know how to hit at all and I think she was quick to Animal Planet I doubt. Yeah I'd say so OK so you make confirmation this is your thing there are stories like people they like there're like an animal I cattle whatever it may be maybe she thinks she's a cash. I'll man to see again here's somebody find the most beautiful person in the world you go wow this is amazing I'm so fortunate enough on this hot chick. And then that that's nice a who's who do you view that is they die hottest celebrity. The hottest celebrity right now yes. Our sit Jennifer Lawrence artsy you meet out there it's a year single she's saying Osama hey guys you knew it hasn't connected somehow she seemed old man sure why not our armies Hollywood's yeah all right all right so you guys are getting together yet a grade dinner he had back at what your guys' places and it's a source licking your face. Yeah you outlook seemed. I would think Jennifer Lawrence is polygamy. Chris got a good sense of humor I would I would have to talk to about it a duty upon give me is this what you do but if she's like no and this is her thing I might have to be out. Really I'm my I mean when he was at least be able to trying to make it happen for the night make maybe meg. I think I can listen not being in a relationship with that person doubt be awkward if every time that you hooked up. She's given your tongue bath. Well one time yeah I suppose I've its one time and and and it. I she's willing to do other things but if all it's going to be his tongue bath you don't know some when you guys are gonna. I hope you're right about that what does it make police I know I'm right here how much study we do I have to get that time that's over all my body before it happens. You know like I did you know just a face. Okay all right I guess I can put up with that good save like Jennifer Lopez. Head to toe a long term relationship completely fine all even cellular she's giving a tongue bath had its own. You're stamina absolutely I'll call you ever goes nuclear and their. How would obvious con conversation got losers it is as you would never have heard. Do you that she'd smile as white put someone me just enough gas appears that your husband really wants I had a conversation of them and really what he would like his tongue bath. But do you have to stay there till. Your wife like it's always taught us so we hard man VS or any sort of dumb ass I don't know I'm automatic ticket to the term though you know Welsh is RD army houses are at the current leader Kermit the current California Missouri victory there this is Arnie at the current. There have. Surrealist note there's I'm if Richard L star so pre sell goods on the navy has come out just yet but now storm are coming to town that tickets on so the price if your part of any kind of stansted or anything along those lines season let them know the next couple days because the tickets on sale this Friday. At 10 AM for health storming in this moment over at the one we theater on August 17 I Al always promote hail storm because Lizzy hell is awesome she's always been so good to us on the show and she's a great show person. And a great face for rock so go see hell storm they're they're good people and Lizzie about a great appearance and that wrestle mania weekend for the NXT show which is a developmental thing but it's kind of become it's own big Brandi had their their show what does the smoothie king arena which is it the placement of politics play in New Orleans a basketball team. And she came out and sang the opening entrance theme song for a member moon which is really up. Tyrus like who's this bad ass chick singing she sounds just like Lizzie hell. I never would have thought lazy hell was there yelling keeping up on social media site quickly check out Lizzie how social media visionary is sure disaster systemic Samberg maroon. And just crushed it it was so awesome you never you know there's always a big surprise to me. Just like there is a surprise to you is always a big surprise to me who are wrestling fan just like you're always surprised who's a geek yeah it's eight you just never expected it. I I would never expect Lucille the mere wrestling fan I don't even know she is she might decide as a good opportunity to market herself still and eyesight did she got a ball you're right it's it's an interesting thing yeah. Its listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show it to 06421 rocky can also text does. At 77999. We'll take your calls your tax at 933 and on the rocks. And they X morning and next point nine K I guess tell you. I play nice KI SW the rock of Seattle listeners on the loose do you think that topic. You guys to show 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Jason in Arlington Jason you Iran Iraq. Hey BJ warranty yeah buddy what were they Jason I'd take this legislature thinks it is good girl. Got. Dare try to show legend tour and I encourage all currently out and beard are. Dawn 37 years old this girl's twenty years old. Match practically dog meat. Usually do and are saying what you see you take my beard and rub it. From head to toe. 01 side John the other back in Florida. And discipline I lived in the lap of luxury let me Italian heritage occur right teenagers you words exactly. NLC one was basically zero massage. Well who the whole lot more now on for three weeks. I would Scott Wolf there would. She was really mean to me now Serena Shia. Bloggers girlfriend. Or should never been done not only ran. And associate judge should be lower and do our tank Tunisia or third quarter cared what brings certain club Balkans slide down my throat. Are schools. K going out immediately she jumps off from me I mean. Throws her arms up in the air and they called me every name in the book. And I found out got other relationships were there and. Shia Mehdi because her and bring stuff and so on your Ralph. Flawed small addition about my ball an article you're welcome to a hundred on shoved so are down my throat it would have been. I mean in the Mount Vernon and Monticello commenced day or so you can get it back yeah of course yeah well. I thought about it just blessed and I kind of look but I don't think you can group. Policy saw the piece or use recession units plus for effort yeah ladies are told what did the coroner Terry diamond. Cool. Yeah he's not Arlington. So yes so people still people still so I wondered about Dan appreciate the colleges and I wondered people kiss with slippery sort of they take him out when they know you're never had recession. I don't know man I quit because blistering sixty minutes on a plane left. How sad that diabetic and tongue rings and I'm not a channel and this too much this is now I really am not gonna tell a guy swallowed it no I'm done polluters and I kissed a girl I's gonna touch is gonna swallow my head she's here and eighty degree angle and act like you're trying to keep my head all teeth and notes Arnold. Now CI what I hear these stories I can't believe I'm not bad but my wife did take me to see schools may be I am that that. And again this all started because she's not to put you ahead of me again if we were that good. I'll thanks Steve well I think another really are your dad here now you know it's easier to blow average maybe you're more averaged more maybe an above average I appreciate it now you're here to help you help out daytime thanks okay. And you're an economy lifetime and I wanted to be liked older than on the hope you obviously don't know not you know what I wasn't gonna make that call but now I did all right fine thank you lost your number from her phone. It's Lewis is on the loose you tickets are you guys to show to OC Schwartz one rock text this is 77999. Bold the unofficial mayor of Tacoma you are on the Iraq. Good morning dude are you gotta do I well Bo how volume. Hey man I'm geek out over golf do they go by the pro. Friday. And the other five or about Saturday Barack Obama want to show but it is CEMEX. You and I are the same age so you're you grew up with that show like I did. I did I hear I'm. Obviously they're not fun RB. A doctor Smith would love a great immediate. Yeah dude I I have to say I really like Parker Posey is doctor Smith and she was you know it's a modern day version of what I'm a native of maniacal person that character was in the sixties I think she's a really good job on it. So are out and you know for folks who don't know if you if you watch lost in space. They gilded and all that stuff happened in the first season as far as we know doctors is involved and all the things that guy's a Doctor Who was involved with how things went down. They really I did they really did do nice nod to the old shell which I give a lot of credit for even though they gave a lot of new twists and again it's them it's on Netflix lost in space a drop this Friday and so beau and I too old school fans of anybody would having to say about it we gave a two thumbs up. And it had and you know what did you get an Atlanta thought it was a interracial daughter. Also expect that blew me away but I loved it. Gas yeah do you write and any outside right now I think it's really cool I it did the funny thing about it was is that the dude who was a professor Robinson in the ideal guy Williams was a Hispanic Dube and everybody had to change and end all sound like a white guy back in the sixties when they were actors. Exactly yes so it's kind of funny that we have a Hispanic major west and people like going. Don west wasn't Hispanic or go yeah Abby you know a professor Robinson was when you knew it or not because you're a racist when he was sick Bernard Saint Bernard mission. All right he was the originals are back in the day are one of the czar was anyway. It's let's is on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock text us at 77999. Earlier retirement is weird dating stories because of the person I've got an invoice from somebody because she didn't wanna go another day with a guy and city center in what I want that I love that the rights of somebody sue them I gave it my stepson stating he was seventeen at the time. She came to our house this girl was annoying so I gave her quasi unconscious on the constitution. Because his brain about how Smart she was about government. Well she sells and I turn there it says she's too stupid to date. And guys she needs to leave I turn damage said those girls get knocked up early in life six months later she was pregnant failed us. I. And that's harsh. The president Randy Rivera went there to a very nice Italian place she showed up with their kid. Which is fine but she never happened to mention that he had a kid in the eight months that we talked online a bit of a surprise all wealth from what he's. Yeah how do you do that how do you go on a day it was somebody talk and online knows the first day. And bring your kid like this disarmament drop that bomb that you get a lot of know before you really do. I hear him I. Honestly doing nowadays and in the senate gives you an excuse to go to Red Robin. Exactly possess your own right that we need an excuse but you know I mean NBC guy guy guy you really can't we should go to Red Robin and he a lot of French Fries. They're. Like we'll be cool with Harry Noam does like are you got a kid I can deal with that he's done nothing wrong with that you just wish you renewal before the date exactly video that's not the Demi that's a big shock. You know you gotta you gotta process that because look at life. Here's what we expect we expect to meet somebody who you know what you get to do everything first with that might make a family get married all that. I know that's not the way it is all the time but if all of a sudden you meet somebody go ahead by the way I've been in the number relationship I was married before I have a kid. You get to process that in your own time not like oh here's our first and eighth. Our earlier we also talked about the soured toe. Drank from that one barring Canada and others do that seem basically got frostbite and contributed to his recent loss of toes. It's in his barn Canada does and now he's part of the ten sour told starts to scorer who stood the toes they put whiskey was amazes my wife and I we did the toe challenge back in the summer of 2013. Nothing to it. Do you do would you drink and you kiss to tow that sick that discussed until it's in the shop class. Only a failure does just that selling your end. We have seen this is slippery slope. Doesn't tell you take your posts are Dong challenged our community. You mean well even outside of Vicky remains found it. Yeah you're right dude I mean. We're always looking for something to step up our game right some bars and I are you guys toes we have docs. Yeah and then next thing you know you have people who are doing things to weigh taken and Drake a Mayweather well where's it stop it doesn't that's the problem. And there were people by the way that actually swallow those toes which is really against the rules and 500 bucks the two peoples want to tolls were lost in that place. How prisons hey guys around them as was wondering if you guys think I was out of line I use our tax return money to buy myself a Harley-Davidson my wife is not happy about it what do you guys. Live the dream man I think you're right and she's a rock of what poppy. I guess you describe these things I read. Just do it. Yeah I I first of all the beautiful place Ellis who's Harley's costs that's a helmet tackle turned him into it's I mean you can tell you get used one yeah I suppose you could boards that are made. Part of the payment for one summer high five figures in hell yeah summer six figures I don't know about yet I don't I've averaging six figures on the you're probably right you know let's get a really tricked out ridiculous one by. Luck. You look we're guys so of course you want us on your side but and we are you know your wife is out of line for taking as long as you bottom Harley-Davidson with your tax return the what the hell is she thinking all right for crying out why should make you sandwiches for Bozo he watches TV show I don't see where your way zone about. Yeah. To to China after do you team right answer to your team when it comes to spend money. Imagine you Sharon something like that I've body that's a major purchase. It really isn't he had some major major purchase or they have phone without Harley's death by your chicks dig them. Yeah and your wife sleazy you know Lisa have bat just almost a two run on its listeners us. His listeners on the list you pick a topic you guys to show. Nobody deserve that. 20642 and rock Texas at 77999. More texts about dates and stuff like now when I did lead dog we're going out to eat. You need to make continue to make a quick stop to go on to his Texas house to get the dog back. Thome NM freer than expected they wanted to make his ex jealous. Okay. Ha ha every part of that is just so wrong. You know ever thank god that's when you look in the mirror and go this is the guy that I am dating right now this is my blind date. What has happened in my life. This has come to a snow oh. Do we here at Johnson and keep our breaking yeah I didn't hear that Idaho are allowed to talk to about that he was broken up about their break up I didn't see it coming and it's just you know. Isn't because he's too big freezes his britches these days I mean I absolutely get out blockers might now is that he's a big time Hollywood guy that's gone thank you and I don't know I mean coming Mickey bella look she's great note in her world but he's sort of transcended their world. I don't I never really care about people's like celery relationships and arm wrestling fan but I when this happened there's like OK great on the next season of total dollars we'll find out what attitudes. I am an emirate put any stock into those solar says is so you're you're you have no attachment at all to these guys stand together not care about their personal Muslim and doing something weird in their personal lives it's mass stop now but there's as ever relationship and never personalized photo I care but it kind of give Maine they're also married on state of the narrow ring there are you guys engaged in moderate air for their engage you were there for that president yet. Yeah I mean that it's it's it's it's kind of part of the story line that's why I think you would care or do you just. When they go to that part of the story line like out journals in stores are really not part of the story line it was a part of the story lines words that moment and wrestle mania but it's never been. A story line him wrestling as far as a few weeks we come brawl not quite following him as a test outtakes it's a storyline and a total polish and oh yeah reality show which I don't care about watching my wife likes it infamy suggests a season behind the scenes wrestling stuff. Which I dig but the soap opera part which is funny just wrestling is just a giant soap opera but the clinical realized so Barbara Brenner it. You know the Heyman whenever they're good they're not together anymore make. So it never comes and see you watch him more than me I would wonder like if it comes in the ring where somebody insults are you know any kind of mass number that never happened where she was dissed. And he had to defend her honor ever I mean they use it for part of the circuit leading up to last year's wrestle mania but then still nothing I'm on long enough neither one of them really does much in the world wrestling machine hasn't been wrestling much in China. So what is she doing because she's not famous movie I smother us are now hello hit it. Yeah I mean he's done stuff I can only guess I didn't know Nikki wasn't like really that involved anymore. Yeah yeah injuries and stuff like that at all yeah you'll have that you're right that's a good point. Yeah and now John scene is like. I mean this guy says he's really he's really transition himself into real movies and he was doing some B movies and then pay your marine was not a bee movie okay the first home was in theaters twelve rounds is one of the best movies ever to put out it and but he pays based pay is Dupuis. You know I don't also have yet to rock status but I mean I don't doubt it you know I mean between Johnson just had that Rampage movie which looks like they're silly movie basin video game that they say let's between and it. Well let's not don't do rock these days he's been putting a lot of clunkers the only there was a while he had a Jumanji was going to. Yes from what I hear I haven't seen all Jumanji was really good and he was really good and it's so are you thinking I guess chances to do better. I. You know it's nice really close there has not bad at all this. It's a different organizations do you think brought that saw the subject I don't laying outside thy today yields you know all hyper about yeah rock you really thought you could get me. Or you thought I did say it doesn't matter you would think not good at this game I'm good good good good winning or losing adrenaline. Kind of a question Gloria. What do Ryan castle and a dash cam having come. It's. I'll tell you 923. A rock. And they eggs morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW home. He. Game yard shot. What do Ryan castle and a dash cam haven't come out. Failed videos on the Internet. Unintentionally. The Santa. When Texas is they boast an ample time and a police car that happened. Yeah I have been on some plastic sheets before he sure had many more comfortable plastic success. Ergonomic. Both have been on cops yeah. That was actual like physically on a copilot then on the television joking I'm only now I lived in Broward County for one month of natural adrenaline or around herself and they've spent a lot of time on their Broward County almost as much time as expensive pierce county. O'Reilly auto makers Johnny up and made famous Lakewood represent yes for sure cost. Yeah. Here's a story about a guy gives a conscious dash cam to prove that he didn't cause a crash. But it does show and robbing a store so. Just went by real Xavier from Florida got a good car accident. He also the great way to prove to the consequences talks he had a dashboard camera recorded everything seems like duke. Visited central to sign the consent form here's my dash cam and he turned it over and like you know what good you're right you do not cause the accident we saw somebody cut jobs. But we also noticed that there was footage of you on your dash cam of you robbing a store earlier in the day of baseball bat to smash the glass. Front door but really supply store and you stole stuff. He's like though he what he's put he's stealing from the beauty supply still gotta get your hair did now I guess so. Ryan castle he's a nice if you twelve pack. In May exist. We don't know if she said hey look I'll pay for my have a real I'll behave like that argument I don't know if I have any attack didn't. On the guy he needs to shut the hell I want I'm just tired of the guys play good judge DO mayor give me money air you know give me back. That's colonized. You've got in the game if I was to deal with the money he wants to set. Just like that you see guys yeah right. So the community losers I was singled for a long time. Point nine KI SW. 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