BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-20-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, April 20th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose.The Murray brothers have opened up a new Caddy Shack restaurant.


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Nonetheless mentally Junebug who want more info where their plan I get your music just go to the beach Jamie stage of KI SW dot com mix and it feels like she's singer -- Guillen from madam you have a man they just put out a brand new east peace out today called who are you now and your check them out liberians celebrating the release and I eat pizza night over at the crack in bar and lounge over in the U districts and check out. Bugs and if you did your local music we just lose all hours of all local news is this in northwest. It's Sunday night's 10 o'clock it's loud and local less name of the show you'll hear a great music from bands like June bugs. Mean man. I. Easy and you know I'm. Did it is Soledad. You end it happy Friday everybody good man blues man that bin. Rough there they call one drops on round the Sunday night with. Condition worse yeah. Makes our job. Iran Australia Iraq as a. There come just given us the benediction baby willow lake view using ancient Egypt things and then other large words. Yeah you know I see he's a god and god will sometimes you know. Give you a benediction geez how low. You should know somebody's autograph I write benediction me please remember benediction that's Catholic thing maybe that's why now at Arizona downward path pat let's nor can dozens a day we got Larry in Olympia Larry are you there sir. Excellent blitzer played for today's Steve take you to check out hailstorm and in this moment which is happening now while we theater on August 17. Go to KI SW dot com from the AM did you can. All right Steve get out of here. But those playing at home of Larry we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Larry you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses her question how are you ready. Yeah these city of Roswell famous sports 1947. UFO incident isn't which state. We are just ask Lawrence is a city of what countries. Do we can you ask how many days are and twenty weeks. Standard and pretty as what old Massachusetts towns is nicknamed which cities. Yeah ask painter Salvador Dolly was it made a move which country. Didn't ask according to the vital company horsemen of the apocalypse were there. You ask which president was shot as he left the Washington Hilton in 1981. It. Ronald living in adds what instrument Stanley does the French horn belong to. Ask what Westin did the lady of the lake to give too keen on our third. Sort of yeah you ask voters to yeah to what is the capital of mission again. Yeah. Yeah. Close on one that's what is the capital of Michigan. Are your initial error is also close nine animals and next electoral playing this game was jigsaw guy knows what it's like to play a game I do it's you'd lose here I'll do really good attitude I am of Atlanta know Larry it was pretty amazed some bought at a very very good of course who cares about the capital Michigan so good for you move on probably the people who live there yeah love gas guzzling. This oh congratulations faster they go outside and Larry's got all the information he needs exactly don't see anymore Steve's back in year out at this season and don't ask. You know I think he surprises. All of us many times does this. I have news for UP IN and losers on coming up today very well he has no chance no chance yeah I mean I know he doesn't mathematically has a chance got to tell you yes and it's not like I definitely didn't begin very clear and very Yogi Berra hey there I don't know I was I was like you know like the guy got ten or something now because he would know just when America. Does he get a chance but you really have. No it's tees are you ready. Soccer. These questions these questions and tune in there's there's Steve tells. The city of Roswell famous for its 1947. UFO incident isn't which stayed. All outstanding drug bill many New Mexico asks Lawrence Kansas city of what country it relates yeah. How many days are and twenty weeks. He's pleased to 240 yes. What Holden Massachusetts touted big McCain on which city itself yeah as. Painter Salvador Dali was a native of which countries bailing out ransom note. Mexico's down our. According to do you have according to the Bible how many horsemen of the apocalypse stores that are. Course and it's our nearest. Enforcement asked which president was shot as he left Washington Hilton in nineteen Ronald Reagan won yet as one instrument and he does eat French Quarter belonged to it would wind notes are the drafts as a wedge to within didn't he lady of the lake did you king Arthur Texas elsewhere you ask what is the capital of Michigan's pledged. He tried to know. This new city you don't know all of today's. Teams you lose nine zoom in and out seeing was the deciding factor I. I really focus to run out on yay you did you tried really hard good job let me AKA jigsaw. Are you an allowance I get surprised Steve now got this free youths. Sales now what's the matter because they just realize Steve lost twice this morning yeah I'm daisy I mean this is his game they gave me he almost never ever loses that's true tonight he's going to wrestle. With a losing record going into that surrounds our ministry are trying to put your head man back debut match cemented battle meaning additional box do you know about this hellfire clobber them I did you guys are professional killers yes I'm. He's less as this news this area and uncle muscles are professionally regardless so killers I think there's a personal racehorse. You vote and my wife and yeah. They're using it for the hellfire club the next men as you need to come down a listen I I got up this mess Steve's got a young team is going down the south Dallas on studies that you will be there to show support Lisa is showing support while watching on twitch I see you watching for freon twits or which side TV side streets won't I don't believe it starts at 9 o'clock tonight and maturities at a sultry singer Heidi be you when you trip over to our. Yeah I know I've been a nervous wreck since last night I don't blame it I did not sleep I went to bed early but I got more I think get any sleep. I just lie in bed thinking about some Honeycutt now all morning as is asserting about a search shaking our yeah men most observers have been. I remember wind. Yeah it's cool let your age you can get butterflies about something huge butterflies out is like yeah mules and I stuck that's that's I like an eagle but it did you think when you get past a certain thing in life and especially on the stage work you've done and outperforming you've done your okay what's gonna really scare me this is on a whole you know animal house gasses volatile very exciting they would say that your stretching you know your comfort zone seemed to get butterflies you're definitely you know go your comfort zone and get us to be applauded for man of your advanced age thank you yeah how many Vincent Gray half Nicholson and I don't stretch and our picks except I pull a lot of things announcement today and one question that they both missed the capital of mission again is that Lansing. Yeah all yes mass I knew everyone would guess Flint and Detroit and then after that as Frazier nobody would know god I've heard of Lansing folk people goodness. Congratulations congratulations everybody congratulations Larry on beating Steve this morning why the why couldn't Margaret asked me to capital of Michigan's US news capitol another state when we Iran now a good day north I mean not so my gosh. You do hear northwest. And god man I know almost all the capitals and yes and one state that I couldn't I couldn't pull it up. Unless we were one that they Steve this Steve was just machine would have been winners. All right well they deal that sent congratulations we were talking about my husband appreciation day which is tomorrow yes and they these folks polled a thousand women. Married women and so okay we wanna know the things you appreciate about your husband they got a top ten. Com CBO on this one. Okay this because of the percentage of women that who think that their husband is a hard worker 69% take this seriously. Okay. So that's big if you're a hard worker. You know there's said that it said basic biological you know why he wants someone that will provide for you and I had an and I think if your hard work and do your always gonna be appreciated. How about this I can be myself around him. It's a huge thing. Yeah I you know us guys. We will we we don't have a hard time being ourselves you know for some reason this is acceptable being idiot and I know for a lot of women. It's tough to be who you really are because they'll afford every society gives women a hard time. Unless you're a certain way and I you think it night and 2018 it would be that way but not heard Vicky say she still feels that. I've if I could be a dirty filthy you know just joking around with the guys like charity and hiding out yet telling everybody now veal like to think it's LL. Right Toby would that person exactly. Gas beauty surprise a lot of people in our convention because they just assume that all you you know what you're working on a show where those guys are made in yeah we understand Vickie amuses us Yelp it's pretty bad about anybody HR after the show. Also Amanda makes him laugh comes at a number three so far Steve none of these are working for you are trying to find out what on this list your wife and operational all of these are always out there oh yes that's. Number four he's Smart. We'll move on Steve parry all before that word games also number five he's supportive I support. I support does sixth I support Dave join us today and a yeah. I don't know I don't live with a very. Whatever she wants this once he'd be and I you meet them like that's cool yeah I know I even tried to be a median. I am last Saturday may get to the next meal. Yeah I tried. Dude I went vegetarian for thirty years of my wife and I doubt I wish I didn't do it. Yeah I could with guys that I yeah I tried man like when she said this who's gonna do this because she already was leaning towards the beating spectrum as it was. Because yes you rarely every meat dairy didn't sit well there and all that kind of sister Vicki Lawrence and have been invited just before on V enjoy out to worry about this kind of stuff. And I you know what solidarity I support you. I will be begin with you yeah. And then I thought about chicken legs and then I got about pizza yeah and steak and lobster and crab and sushi and and analyst underestimate him not to BO BB. Do you remember when that time we were we were in San Francisco when he finally got the green light to go back to eating meat and I went all they ask is you guys were there for that day in my liberation day. He's granted while living how hated the praise him listen man you know I'm sandy guy should put a bigger signs on his farm I was ready. Did you get sick afterwards they hear a lot of people go back to meet you get a little flick 999 cast stomach dude on the once controlled and Iowa Oscar ceremony I can eat anything I made this point that's why you're below me you better watch out because I don't throw you up. To sell music and it hardware and that's that's Friday receive less I was wondering how you would be on a boat we you know throw up. I never six and seven a totally Miette Sealy schalken agree on this he's a good dad you know that. I was just your kids there made a mistake you look and other Rome Ayman god dang good dad okay there in the freedom workplace with me. And also this next one here a number seven is totally me he sexy totally. I'm just reading a spacious what you read that yeah. See that's like how you pause though you're like you know I can probably let us know without cause of them becoming a pro really had a positive please aside that I it's true I'm very sexy at least a white guys have no that was probably my wife the person doesn't live in Washington that's why I'm sexy kind of friend who I am a 60 I get maybe. I he does the dishes Steve I know lets you I don't do dishes I wash and dry the dishes I let's part of the problem out Simon I I think that counts. And he's good with money. I like to get them off yeah. Thank god she's gonna win money yeah BC I thought you said she was she's not bush did you see worries about stuff that. It's this -- is to put money and I think either one really good remind all that's not a good sign bases better than me OK so rule compared to me she's very good with money I need to give you Todd peaches direct line Mac. Signed and fills a. Aid. Okay. Why not say you know what I thought that way too and and I met this dude. And turns out this financial guy told me you know what I have managers had to do not to do certain things momentarily in your marriage him. Now is not not I don't know I got a new guy that's on saying no this is not that guys will long gone okay 'cause the stakes are known not this new guy and guys also. But I thought I knew that was Dylan because I was paying my bills yeah sometimes if you pay your bills you think you're OK and then he lets you do you're an idiot here's what you view could be don't worry we have money saved cited that's a good -- if you got money saved you pay your bills you're definitely in good shape could get a lot of people are not there. But there are moments from like OK good I really need to get and distant from my guys did make the worst thing is that yes my dad PayPal. Because both of us are impulsive. And so does a warm biting my wallet snorting yummy banana PayPal exist all that's bad I don't I don't forget my past remains the same with her sometimes she wants to get something in their purses and Europe but we paid dollars so it's super easy. So as I human right trying to orders of the you don't have the PayPal thing I get mad for a second down like this is probably a good thank you out. The act has probably tomorrow you would wish you had done it right it's. It is time for listeners on a loose you pick that topic. You guys showed 206421 rock Texas 77999. Talk about whatever you wanna talk about your calls attacks of 970. On Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. May I ask you Iraq the Seattle is listeners on the loose you can get topic you guys to show it 206421. Rock you can also text us. At 77999. And I you can do and everyone demand talk about what you wanna talk about this glorious 420 but do remember whatever it is you talk about. Make sure you post these rules it's a similar Roby Genesis or some energy and bring it otherwise. We're gonna have to. She mighty good ball rolled true and since this is. Or twenty game we think that maybe people are already partaking you've got to keep those long story short yes this is you feel the need to say long story short in your. Conversation that means the series or Eddie Johnson lost yet it's gonna John W John you are on the rock. A job just forced to anybody. A little luck. You want Todd getting export when he story back when I was then not high school. I mean my brother and a couple trend decided to pop pop different car it's one of the friend's birthday. And now he's got to Q did but I outlet apple completely brand diapers are based out. So we decided to get a little blunt the heat jokes and act there were slow and out and we get down. I'm about halfway through the last one and it's those smokey and the friend are that it goes out. They like it won't burn anymore so you don't light a lighter wallet lighter or even my. Oh do you or you're out of oxygen how the hell you guys not pass out this police she's shot. I don't know yet it would go to quote believe our rather sit in the back and it looked all lagging adults are real while our they would still vote eagle we couldn't see ourselves. In them in that in there are being married we sucker hit between the front and the like he came out of nowhere. Meanwhile that he had that that is a hot box right there my friends. Yeah and goats don't believe opt out of the car. Finished okay 8:8 o'clock beat. Com and there was so much smoke that it still can be any interior of the car that it now doll like the her rep strike or IC 34 days. Message to talk about right there see that that is a designated to a story appreciated wrote ABC John from the MS mother messages about their Stoner story homers this is -- came from my cell phone while talking in my cellphone telling the person I'm talking to I can't find my cellphone that I love. How about this one is and I were repeats and forgot that they awarded another piece of from a different place five minutes later they showed up at the same time. That's a win win that's a happy problem that right yeah I'll take that that's you know as opposed to you know look good for your cell phones with a flashlight from his cellphone calling people yourself on asking my cellphone noticed her story took my stern a friend for some munchies when we got home she sort of freaking out that a car is missing from the driveway she cried out oh MG where's my car where's my car. We were in it. I. That's also has great. So listen is on the loose you pick a topic you guys that showed 206421 rock Texas 77999. Johnny's anyway you are on the Iraq. Get more like John well gonna show which young man. Maybe getting you don't like Chris Allen that picked. I read a little. Asked Ali I'll go back to create questions. I'm sounds like you threw you out so early real shocker read how this happened I don't know it needs a recent announcement I find what you're Johnny. Well first of all the BMW logo did not represented spinning propeller. It represents the the colors of the flag at Barry asked to BMW pedestrian mode and works. Yeah but did it did it every one time they also wanted to look like a propellers there as well because that's what rev purported. Well let me a little logo is trademark in 19171929. To advertise the fact that they were starting production of aircraft into the game they did superimpose a spinning propeller on it I just for a short time. All saw that he's really not wrong yeah assi. Days you know I mean there was a propeller inspired reason behind the logo I guess or at least at one point. The other. Pelican gon carry out since 1938. Yeah but isn't it happened why and it works or maybe yes so you're saying that that's it's it's incorrect we go I mean I mean I look at it like well I you know our DBS 5050 on that what else you got to be a rabbi. A 100% and. I don't know I don't want this kind of multiple incidents like he Will Ferrell immersed himself in the neck. So likely ask famous parent and it's very night I think cracking answer given was and go. But also Edward movies and entertainment spending cuts starry night. Wow you are really going to be easy because I'm looking out now I read Google it and started aegis type is starry night first page is all mangoes so. Oh that's what you're. He would've known remarks that I would and I what is said no you're wrong and then you know someone like you John what a comeback can now beat Val out of John I have to ask you because these are multiple beaten makes infractions and you have you been saving these up just waiting and see things. ES yeah I even Heidi destined to do to stop why are you not on jeopardy man. Tech poetry and things like literature and that's a good excuse me and and infect up to that. Well you know maybe he's run those tables and just hope yeah you know and an amended to take your chances man yeah you are you've got it down. Speaking in general lord. You want more really are yes yes one that's okay everybody yeah threes. A major sport. Is played on field whether or not the same size and the answer was baseball. But soccer would also be a threat against it. Is guys remember that quite as Seattle remember that question either but is that true not all pitches at the same size. Yeah create he's correct because if you go to different places and it's all over the world sometimes they have different widths and stuff like that so yes now looking at that years. Current and hockey's the same way right does not all the arena on the rings on a licences are they've done. So the point where now I believe all the rings true since they were there was upon a time where till Boston Garden was a little bit smartly Chicago's old arena was also a little bit smaller but I think you've been in the world have now new arena is. I believe they all have the same size in the NHL now Newman's. From talking or. I international play them the range is wider. Yeah so you have an extra I think ten feet maybe twenty feet why the united church and that's a lot video dude it is it saves a lot harder to play on an international level and is on NHL level because you have more skating surface to work with that also lends well to. Did the best players who have more rooted kind of do it. Edit hi John appreciated Roy any semi to nitpick the rev I love that gas and baseball is funny I mean you really really get to have a ridiculous home field advantage if you're Smart. We know that at Safeco because I mean eventually we realize we had to move in the wall because the home to demands was killing us. Is this is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show a 206421. Rock let's go to our Robin wouldn't fill rocker on the Iraq. Very good morning gentlemen and adding. Staff has had this example I'd guess he's more original masters yeah you got that right actually this is intact and got right. We got was they robbed a little better rats live with Steve yes. You know how. Saturday Mick Foley added Soledad multiple personas he added lanky actor Jack you do now. Well I'm speaking and is tonight maybe you take a little bit head trauma and Alter ego of Ricky Henderson becomes reality. Also be awesome I just solves and incidentally had a bad ranking member team to say tennis is saint Damian and his dad but I have a bag and pull out of it cheeseburgers. And I think I'm. I think you know we see you deny also are being year now tasting a year mig lit yes that's. I'm coming out and T shirts that is maybe where that. Based law outwit the sweet love to meet you all. Happened is there a moment but could it. Why you guys are really working this out does that mean you probably have done as a whistle I am on the cedar ridge Henderson defeat. Or slow. Amazingly I cannot. Al-Qaeda around. Yeah about it I'll OK all right it's your job back the activities in Iraq today why are you on the radio talk about food. It's so bizarre and what do you get to tell you look as a viewer if you if you don't know the show Kazuo what does Rickey Henderson had to do with McDonald's Richard close scrutiny and the thing is you call your Alter ego I former baseball player's name you know you say that. I don't there's an actual friend that mice that eat fast food tells me all about it is it's miracle happens at the same name as wow great night baseball player yes oddly enough his name is Ricky had a sexy Richard Henderson realized we called Ricky OK fine you youngster and he talks in the third person just like the old Ricky Henderson I'm from Ricky Henderson loans big Macs can't breezy Anderson is a big Carl. Okay. That car Ricky Henderson lives sticks. But also does Rickey Henderson buddy Steve yes yeah that's why we're friends. It's listeners ought to lose you pick a topic you guys to show 206. What you wanna rock Texas 7799940. Golf architects of 933. On the ground. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I got quite nice day. The rock of Seattle listeners all of those. You pick a topic you guys to show it's 206421 rock Texas 77999. Junior in Marysville you are on the Iraq. But. And I read. It. And hung mall and lucky would make all my dreams come true and wishing me happy birthday and do a I'm agreed to Cornell holy oh. Oh all right these are this is gonna requests I think he's companions senior and therapy. He'll give you some of you and you'll have to. The girls and a nobody got its only Texan yesterday we get to it but some recent era and a rough day in all they wanted to hear result. Completely different B was in London Spanish. That is actually perhaps the greatest thing you think he's ever done in the show I agree it's my favorite thing Goodyear's done thank you dad. They go. Our price that's comes we first I. I know killing me thanks Deb thanks to teach me Gary Carter polio in Spanish diarrhea touch Tyree catch. Out that he hasn't had a court O'Neal they need to be more than me and Spanish. Just leave O'Neal is to listen let me let you need to see Il and we're gonna score yeah I'm not. The new like shut up. And listens on Lucy you pick the topic you guide to show let's go to Andrew Bonnie lake Andrew you are on the Iraq. Egg Amare and are you all done this morning and that's bad Andrew which yachts were some anybody. Caught our charter a little bit about oh Disney movies shoppers there op I'm Deb Leon Dickey started and that that. That is definitely one of the best ones out there but so do movies you know low murmur and I'll slow trek are charred damn button. Elton John and Doug on don't art Jack and don't like teaching contract. Small army stormed. I die I mean I love you cycled back in just look at the world of Disney. The most popular movies they've done that I remember Lion King Aladdin and frozen those got to be the top three right. And we are desperate a lot of luck there about why and why why I. Lot of people like it I don't know I I've never seen ever peoples in the I guess it's a good movie dude I mean you know and not it's I did it look women and and and people of color had so watch white men say clear focus movies for years and and really appreciate them so I don't YE. As a white dude I'm out you're white Cuba by I have white dude sitting just get so pissed. When there's a movie that's either a person of color. Or. It has and then there was an unlike in the movie wallet out there introduced him to the conclusion they don't like he doesn't women are I'm assuming it's because it's a like Vicki said it's a little girl movie. Well it's fat in its one of those that if you have a little girl you've probably heard that those songs a million times at a soccer just. I think you'd be cool with the little kids that as adults it resonate like some of the other Lindsay it's still seeing them launch on like make a man at radio. And be told. Don't. God even in due time ninja warrior you guys are and I'm an obstacle course lunch. That's funny wow guy you know I guess I can't believe I'm disagreeing with the Jonas I I'm I'm telling you why why looked at I feel like. Frozen really is a good story it's a great story and I don't I I don't think it's a girl story I think it's a story of you know of of a kid that feels isolated of another kid that doesn't understand why she does have a relationship with some she's she's she's close with. Losing your parents of the young age which most Disney movies are about losing your parents and Gagne yeah this one is such a great example of it. So I mean I I I. Look I like king is good I think for me frozen a little better. Not only did it only can the sister thing that we. All other sisters but. I'm a stop now because I will not stop why did you watch frozen. My because I I keep up on stuff man and that was a popular movies and I'm just curious insanely hot zone defense a match play so well and I got. And I was just frozen rolls yes I did I just got frozen rolls. You I isn't really that I would ever since John Travolta did the idea nauseam whatever they the adult zeman who screwed up their woman's name who sang the song yeah I just thought OK I need to see this movie and and a whole lot starting to one everywhere and I got. I don't wanna be that guided doesn't know life in new cool Disney movie because it seems like that is the new cool Disney movie. I somebody had just accident more Stoner stories on destiny from Tacoma she went to see today or do you brought into inedible. When she got to the venue that's the deal is very popular to do that Ron such as a comic always says kids don't watch wrestling. How is having an excellent time next CNN Daniel Bryan comes outsourced talking about retiring and I was Peking so I don't it was a joke I kept waiting for someone just approach to tackle him. The wasn't so the other superstars get out to wish him well refer realizes is really happening I was there was such an emotional moment and I could think of was quote I'm way too high for this. The Alamo moment not pleased back and that's the time he's ready to retire because of concussion and then. He spent the next two plus years donut concussion doctors getting cleared until the WB finally. Listen Damon said okay you're you're you're you're cleared to go. Good question which is amazing because I didn't think we see him back and he went through dubious at best doctors to make sure that you obviously when you tell Sonya the retired as a concussions you better make sure that everything is good to go before you let him come back dude you need to know your nightmare you need to call Daniel Bryan -- you need those doctors' numbers after no after tonight yeah you know fired club called health cycles and kick I mean it's a dude I'm very in a war of words on Twitter with us Sarin from the hellfire club do and he's he's he's getting in my grill right now to this he's gonna power army tonight is it bad I'm kind of on their side I figured you would be yeah I don't know why you wanted you to help fight club to eastern tonight he had an idea hellfire club teams show it to your -- what small. She medium that is. Let's go to Richard in Seattle's Lewis is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show Richard EU Iran Iraq. These days sharing. And asked. Pair wanted to tell you about something amiss about Seattle there was a amazing pizza joint called pizza and pipes up lingering what. You know and crappy pizza it was three dollars nine minutes experts huge crappy pizza I thought wouldn't that thing. Yeah this huge cathedral ceiling and they had this pipe organ thing that was the size of Nebraska. And I would come out every two hours or so he would play this incredible tight organ music to these old black and white movies shown on the screen. Am do him any picture as saying an amazing. It is said that I did anything like that anymore well apparently you go to Gerry Gould how's he installed in his maple valley darn studio. According to this story about the sim pipes when they O when it closed down an eighty success also whenever. Late eighties may be c'mon I worked there are so we got that crappy pizza for free. But the place was amazing. Is it dad I really wanted to wanted to own a taste how scrappy was he says are different scenarios like whenever someone took me at any other through easy it's crappy in my car right stay away from there but you keep saying it's crappy pizza like I don't know how crappy because. There was huge and they put the smallest amount toppings on a little slit apple crossbow at eight barely put any trust. Any toppings but it was only 39 in. Policy I wanna check it out right because we all have our own standards of like the pizza that we know depending on our budget what will tolerance I contend that pizza is just like sex there's no really no adverse and it's just some some battered and others yes so true because I'm not gonna turn pizza down even you know I don't care which the frozen pizza whatever those dollar piece is that like the store like the Tonys are Lehrer. Those are my favorite pieces how. But my favorite when it comes down to it of course is whenever. You could pineapple on top of that there's a great thing there is why why actually we can all agree there is really one bad piece that we noted we don't taste for Delaware's first they cite here in Washington yes thank god it's only New Mexico was a crime which are beyond Ashley Johnson yes that that day I wanna say the name because it's solid it's turning my stomach I wanna have a good lunch today. I don't Imus tasty pizzas and pipes it was awesome. How pins and arson in Tacoma news it there was one in Tacoma and burn down. Yeah I was in you know the university place Terry was replaced ruby Tuesday's we would go every once in awhile now is like a little can do you remember how was maybe it was terrible. I'll go right I mean like there that the pipe organ stuff was really fine because they would give somebody who could play and that was a lot of fun true but it was like I Chucky cheese except there were no and the tribe makes there were no ball it's it was just. Ben CD. Crappy pizza just like the guys said and then occasionally a pipe organ would plow don't know how to there was a ball in the alleyway in this coma once they're paying I also there's a lot I like Chucky cheese pizza or Saturday she's gets their pizza right the rest of the decor and you made it. But you can't tell me that does that not pizza and pipe was. Like Chucky cheese pizza there's just these things good -- say in the house agreeing with his statement about the pizza and pipes pizza yeah Maximus is pizza pies and awesome pizza and addresses are one MW as well and it was awesome. Are but they're they're not really a whose name we need to bring that pizza and tight yeah how is it that they days they didn't make it's we make it different. Because now in the world of everything being illegal. And I'm I didn't. Today is the greatest day for that idea pizza and tight you go we get stoned in the food. That's no that's not a crazy idea. Right at Santa Ana wind and with the laws and allow us to basically liking going to arrest try to get a beer to some at some point you know little duress on make this place is in Vancouver remember up in Canada where you couldn't I Wii but you go in there and smoke weed and they sold. Brown he's that is not I'm not marijuana. Brownies are yeah pie. They knew their clientele they just had all these different types of munchies food seed going get all reached up and then you do you a bunch of food he has brilliant. Pay us as we're talking about a crazy places to go Vicky do you remember that jointly to me about Bellevue that is like crazy dessert drinks Giuliani gets out of his mind. Sugar factory I went there last week or so to an IIR this play delegates at night they're big in LA or something in the brought one up here. And this is an of what is it is a desert is a dreams what the hell is still -- solve these ridiculous strings they're probably maybe two or three drinks in one drink in Europe like. They're pretty pricey but they'll partly sunny stuff in there like gummy worms and all kinds of sugary stuff they had like a candy store at the front meanwhile gaining can order food. They have like these sliders they're rain those sliders slider was different colored car and comes the rubber ducky. I know it's a very weird girls go over old dressed up like clogging fat is to eventually get felt very Vickers family isn't in there is girls. Kind of look like they're gonna go to the club after the Astros got an interesting clientele. As an advancing on ability within the markets has not yet to tell ya right I hear OK outside I've heard about that China was slightly and I heard it is a bit pricey but it's like the hot new joint of people are talking about. Only knew me have the chocolate glance you can go to after the fact we are a little late but you can sit there and drink like chocolate Martinis and all that nasty stuff. Hi Steve let's go comment coming into this she says this is where you Ohio hi dressed girls go more than you and I are half dressed girls regularly armies are where my best where your best buddy Ted takes necessary 79 and I Texas W and asking those tickets sold out for battle mania tonight show box which is Ramirez regulations which is awesome it's a great testament to just to Seattle. Wrestling fan base and an end all the hard work that all the guys and girls that are involved with each one battles let me put a lot of work towards making this happens it's a pretty monumental might as a commissioner how do you feel about a very crowd feel very proud Vijay minus four members of the hellfire club I'm very proud of all the individuals in the effort that they put forth I mean look what you've accomplished is commissioner Frank Gore commission there was no there's also locks there's a shoebox so. And and the reward is they wanna beat you did burning daylight study this for a home. That's not right man maybe five I don't know I mean that's why I like him because it's not right is how I'd like to do business the pure wondering whether or not doubt that the show will be broadcast live stream gas on twitch and it's free. I just couldn't twit dot TV slash 321 battle you can watch the Tonight Show. Past shows. I also some of the wrestlers get involved in playing video games on that channel so dear fan are wrestling video games are really cool channel it just started up so. We're working on building more more contact what's a start time for this 9 PM 830 if you come if you get Dick got tickets won a couple mob a big role before him but I believe we go live on twitch at 9 PM I've been huge in my put might have on most social that Leno Letterman no thanks mantras TV size 321 battle Arizona tonight we'll put links up on all the pages where you know again this tell us who don't know all the good stuff Fijian may zealots who Steve wanna know what song made the short list for you walk up music and how did you decide if you wanna keep it in secret until tonight I mean America I come out to us. A great local Seattle band called the murder Seattle's one of my absolute all time I don't aunts and my favorite song by them is a song called press ganged. So that's my music that I come out when I do defy and went out into a battle. And tonight I will be coming up that's so as not to let it go songs from frozen that's that's when I leave all I believe when our leaders and I leave which truces that's what an insult yes. Well you have for your job on the come out if you're gonna wrestle. Parliament and she's you know like dude idea you know do you know I love that collective soul song yeah. She you know I can't remember the name of the money is for the show. I'll have heavy heavy lift to get it to to an independent edited and yeah I that would mean these cabinets in my intro for the longest time yet collective souls every I think -- to come out to that. And I mail but it was still water and air isolates all yeah dude why not ask that sometime hospital learned. About curative. I love seeing them. And I'll strike out this thing down okay is that I'm glad you normally enjoy or do anything to win this thing okay. I love Lindsay I noticed it. Sorry thank you if it only keeps we do exist this song at its. I can't wait I have a good time yeah it's time for this was really I was gonna say guns show my in this moment to its downfall apocalyptic an all the fun. 2 o'clock. And surely just a lot else. Super awesome to anyway Good Charlotte song are you from outside the anthem yeah yeah yeah that's legacy for everything and ST he's no I don't. I slid into the attacks that is awesome yeah. Too they missed a series threatening to Paribas army tonight and I got Romania's recent U power barges far in his face. For my nerves. I'm not even be an option yeah dude you are these guys on their four you know another you know the special stuff that Lou and your wife put up with when there's bright bouncy around the ring like that that's my finisher in the books on. That's a gallows and Anderson thome to do okay not Barbara do buck stops I haven't been so we will executive pot bust out the details and that's what it does for me. OK I the bus stop right here and I mean this don't we go to twitch man tonight at 9 o'clock that's awesome. Hate just when you thought Bill Murray couldn't get any cooler. Unbelievable what he did not say what he did at 952 on Iraq. And Dave's morning. Rock N 99.9 KI ESW. Nine point nine KI SW Morocco Seattle. This is really really cool because 2001 Bill Murray yes and his Brothers opened up the marine Brothers caddy shack restaurant in Saint Augustine, Florida. Two nice live and now they are around that area and I never got to see there. And has gone before it happens that's awesome but guess what they've opened up another one in Chicago site and they get to see it. Oh that's right we got Chicago coming up in an August Rudolph this record that this caddie shack reverend restaurant has twice 37 seats 31 TV's a huge far. Plus the fireplace and lots of movie memorabilia and of course that's my check I mean that's my like early twenties caddie John. That's my movement to cool parties you search by Chevy Chase not afraid of the religious Tiffany Johnson got hired and nowhere close enough. Sorry I realized at just bill's brother actually co wrote the movie that was based on all of their whole lives is caddies as kids I didn't noise that was really base their lives. I know I didn't Baxter and that's really cool that is really really cool I rank castle he is up next with a morning twelve pack. And maids. Happy scored twenty Friday everybody and then go out there hasn't done. Can be beautiful day yeah there. Maybe partake in the display in the grass everything. Presley knows well I've made it feel real do it remotely along Muslim tide loads the front yard so at least I'm keeping up appearances tall guys you'll pardon the show's size exactly. What I. Yeah I guess business in the front there's party in the back. And I couldn't live on a mullah yes yes yeah. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. 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