BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-21-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, April 21st

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. A man takes a nap at a school. 

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This is BJ faceless into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Obama's going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack you don't know where to turn fractured information. I'm bankruptcy attorneys I was genuinely does talk about some legal options that we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage for consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Chevy juices atone for the next chapter of my life these contact me it did choose the right chapter. Choose the right chapter dot com. Point nine KI SW Iraq goes Seattle I love local men and away. Games my soul. Allow mobile bellied pig muscle when you wanna find out about this morning. Where they're playing just go to the PGA indication KI SW dot com. Did you record coming out may first call for six millimeters you're gonna love this description of their upcoming record. I've described as he's song in the mini war film bringing life during tell them the money male pregnancy. Imagine tampons. That turns humans into insects wildcard entrance fighters deadline and the sun these families alive. I'll bike builder. Don't forget every Sunday night 10 o'clock it's loud and local funds to our showcase three awesome music from here in the northwest. Including fans like paint muscles. Mimi and remain in Iraq okay. A beautiful Friday alias and gorgeous autumn now you know what it could be the coffee it could be the lovely treats that day machine and Diana brought in but I am now in the mood I'll cry you add. Asked the sunshine is finally getting me. They only took three hours and I asked yeah. I have run nothing but it or get desert today on this beautiful Friday we got patty in Bellevue idea you there. Addie shallow. Anti Carolina put her. Daddy daddy and a couple of things VMware imagine why the I don't know I didn't wanna brag and I want our right at BMW are you there. There are no now. Oh me mommy and daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy Eddie yeah. She's gone now now we get what else got numbers that we actually don't have a backup. Socialism back cuts and yet there's anyone else does it all right Rebecca Glen Estee had a back into the back to my turn to play against and oh well I play wow only I don't know at all we TJ it's DJ yeah REV as we've never had a BJ verses migs are an and it's always requested yes so it was my turn I act. Once special occasion to do it that's special occasion is when our phones don't work properly. Yeah that sometimes game when you're the next one coming. Amazing all right so we have a contingency plan. Hi Steve what is that would be a play in court today did beats me which he won't he gets ninety minutes of fear tickets over the everything he'd win Saturday April 29 go to KI SW dot com for all the details. And in your tickets at ninety minutes of fear you get him out do you take stock Tom Paris and that whoever wins we'll make that now Gabby who wins the ticket I salute I was a dollar highway and color number six if you win column number now day. OK you are right then we're does that even matter not I don't know let's let's make it more confused about Gonzalez still I look at it is there. Plus diplomat questions O yeah I got ten math scores aren't you charity it's fine for those playing and LBJ will have sixty minutes to answer ten questions BJ you can pass all you want. But you'll only get three guesses for question. That the arguments started jobs are you ready I guess I'm gonna have to be in the event the event that causes the failure of something or has already started to feel. Is called the Feingold what in the final putt lipped. Is called these final nail in the wide proper and gas Jesus armada is the word for navy in which language. Italians now Spanish as you to explain the title role in the 1980 comedy private Benjamin O. All toll on you ask you put upon who's the boss is all adult guides and how those mono at OK who played the role of Martin's rigs in the lethal weapon movies well and I hit it was at odds are. Gibson yeah act as its original Star Trek character plagues up with played by James doing and I know he's got a it adds to. What were the fifth generation iPods to its first off verdict. Touched now it's oh how the wheels. Headphones I don't know how. How would Olympic athletics competition includes ten different advanced. Is to tackle on ads switched to numbers are accused in the primary system zero and one adds to what major river flows along the western border of Illinois case. Pacific gas and wow you got nine addicts at. And I'm not get the iPhone one that so I'm going to be so this to myself yeah yeah. Yeah perfect ten not that I know and out of an amazing what the flow where would you say iPod. Yes it's an iPod. OK yes yes and no worry about signing. This is. Ray all I know I don't know I like evening I still don't don't say anything I don't know what it wanted to write their eyesight. He led estimated deciding Monica's I think season do well to have. Oh this is exciting really exciting I got over a weird singling him between my legs I don't know I don't ask us how. Out of your body is below the desk I honestly don't hear why it is I wouldn't what do I play the losers and although I'd like when I saw myself. None of I think you play a loser song for me yeah I Atlanta winner song for me I like to play perfect we'll keep on what I get they're these days enemy is getting more confusing. Jack and Steve are you ready. It's Friday indeed and discuss foreshadow I plan on playing Tina Turner nice. That's dollar defense that causes the failure or something or already started to fail is called the final nail in the wise coffins at the -- Monica are -- word for -- in which language. To let us -- she adds to her claim the title role in the 1980s comedy prize it engineers looked great movie toll on yet as to played Samantha on who's the -- member and a bikini got me excited to elicit more on how I play the role of Martin Riggs in the lethal weapon movies a Gibson yeah act which original Star Trek character was played great James Stewart and I noticed saudis to have. What part of decent generation iPods the first time off perfect spot it's a camera to note to tolerate an out. And missions are. Turn of why our our Internet. Now MX what Olympic athletics competition includes ten different offense catalogs yeah ask switched to numbers are used in the binary systems it's. Jumped one and zero do you ask what major river flows along the western border of the Illinois it's quiet now to mrs. These ads since Stevie get nine out of and that's. No songs did satire. We both got the same one wrong yes I don't like getting me I would like say it's video is now it is video it's always close camera he you were invited us into a camera and I thought I live my wife and I and that 12 that's why I'm so mad at myself that when it came I said honey look I got a little video for yeah. Hello gonna video was that I actually got the first episode of firefly and imagine trying to wash them a little tiny screen but I did it because like. Cuts ice under what's the firefly series was on my iPod is pretty terrible thing video I know do suggest that piano both of us. Yeah both of your right there aren't we tired I think it's actually kind of fun yeah so now we don't know who's the best it beat bigs yet. We know the call today at 508. I said ADB caller sixer car nice car nine would win yeah it is what's gonna happen and your card back. Thanks foreshadow do you get your tickets to see ninety minutes of fear at the debris spewing car 920642. And rock. Rocky 7625. And I feel so bad about it. I was on actually I I I actually did better than I thought you you are a master at this game I am surprised are you as well as I did is Trippi with a timer and all that's who who is BC took video me. Had a little coffee I'm jumping up and down because I couldn't remember Alyssa Milan was named or Mel Gibson's. Sauce like John to try to remember the names I know what they were I couldn't remember their names. When Texas fantastic beat makes very cool that was the best beat me you guys are ever done as fun mattresses is is the only time I've ever rooted for BJ. That's all that I got through remember that time you're on your wife and said you know that it. Members as video killed the radio stars yes it did it did he's trying to both of us up video. And I remember that. His wife and my stupid guess of color or culture. Which let it go and write notes that a black and once we got. Are you are shot at beating Steve and you sale alliance not gonna play again. Well then you can do it Monday morning at this time beat makes twice each weekday morning don't forget the on line on demand version do that anytime on the B Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com Steve got a new study out of the university of outlaw. Turns out and I I I I can't believe this you're a kid shouldn't cross the street alone until. What age what do you think I had to back to when I was a kid I think my parents and a great job raising me so I'm gonna go. We and. Nine or ten Danny. Second Vicky. Nationally gas six or seven breath. And said yeah you guys are way the blank off three top fourteen. I cannot believe that this isn't the researchers have found out this of these are in a legit researchers say your kids should not be able across the street by themselves until they're fourteen. This is a IC. This thing wrong with our society we are making kids less and less able to go while they're be autonomous in the world. I I I'm with you guys I remember having the wherewithal to be able to cross a goddamn street. Now I will say this with everybody and their phones and not paying attention. Maybe there's something to this now other people just don't have the ability didn't realize that hey you should really look around. That's funny segues I just read this morning Bill Gates did not let his kids have a cell phone until they work fourteen wild. Well I think it's not something he's kind of Smart for other reasons but I sounds like he's pretty Smart for that reason to base until they get out of that old. Kids don't quite have the motor skills or visual judgment stills to cross a street perfectly safely. That I find that's it I'm I gave up one way can you look the other way they say they have a hard time judging car speeds and therefore they think they have time and they don't. I mean look I ate. It looks science doesn't they're doing its nominee a scientist but boy I just don't know if it's because I grew up differently but there's no way. That it was a problem for me a younger than fourteen years old to figure out how to get across a goddamn street. Yeah I just think at this point we were accountable too overprotective I think I think we've where have. Was only scheduled to shore lake over pretty you know skit I mean my parents I was probably 910 are a lot and I don't remember but there's like. You can cross the street but you know I just always thought. You can only go within these this a amount of area before you go now to turn around and come back but they were never like. You gotta wait till your growth from Aaron your arms you're free to cross the street. That's that's yeah that's them that's even after puberty. Puberty Jews in Iran you know 1213 years old out on average and now you got to wait even beyond that. Want to trigger point you get your driver's permit when you're fifteen you can't pressing until fourteenth that seems act dot. Gather some I don't know what they're basing this on another sign now granted it's Iowa so maybe they're scientists are you know the obvious. Yeah stoop I'm with you Steve I think I did me and we are helicopter and our parents to our kids to death we really are. I mean seriously might not the kids you know kids of my youth of your parents' generation of my generation. They did so much more and could function and arrow so much better than kids today at the same age. I want to is that my six year old crosses the street and tell me when it's clear. Six year old drove a Scott McDonald's and Mike Newell whose property product he can drive across the street he just all of them walk across. The speed difference thanks Steve your right I forgot he was driving now walking. It is time for listeners on the loose you know what you mean with. Well I don't know what to me like I'm you don't Jimmy you know that's why you get to pick a topic you get to guide the ship hunting and across this microphone by myself so. 206421. Rock rocky 7625 text is at 77999. Listeners on the loose we got your calls we get to tax at 917. On the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle its listeners on the loose. You pick the topics you guys to show it's 206421. Rock. And rocky is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. Listeners on the loose whatever it is man and you wanna bring up a brand new topic to the show or discuss something we discussed recently or in the very distant past. There's somebody called the gulf you have Vijay ten years ago period out UST we're talking about that in light of grass is gonna say about it a bit. Steve has a way you should do it and I he has one rule for listeners on the Lisa simple rule Vijay and has to show us some energy otherwise. You're out you're gone. Goodbye bold and simple as that 20642 and rock rock is 7625. And you can text us it's 77999. BJ out of this attacked him. Talking a confronting it by attacks BJ did you see the list of the hottest red heads and do you agree I know you're a fan of red heads like myself do I really am. Yeah ya ya ya redhead guy and I'm not married to a redhead and I don't understand how that happened in my life because I find. I find redheaded women with that light skinned so damn sexy and yet. I marry somebody so far from that is really knots dye her hair. She tried it didn't work well until it not pushing out billion or you're not feel I was not feeling it she died in a weird random times like what are you doing what is it we're dread. It was like not a natural color read it looked like alien red. In now. Who was the I was just it was not an LC it just didn't look like it ended it right on her I think that really was the key. In other agency leaders some pallets were color just doesn't work with a gay and you know I think he had no that is human and so who's your number one favorite bread in the world of like celebrities. Well. She is actually number seven on this list all heck yeah her name is Karen guilin and you don't really know she's a redhead because she plays the blue girl. Nebula and guardians. Of the galaxy that's where most people know Karen. A lot of us know her from Doctor Who she was a great companion. Amy pond. And Karen Dillon. The reason I think she's you know a bit before that it was also Gillian Anderson always you know and and Karen Dillon reminds me a bit of Gillian Anderson. And Terence also so damn good she is a great performer she's really talented so when she is hot yes she's. There was a scene in the first episode she appeared on Doctor Who she dressed up as a sexy cop. (%expletive) like one of those sexy cop costumes and I was two episode handcuffed me and I was just like OK I will watch this show forever. Yes she she's terrific she's number seven how about you Stevie get a sexy right. Actually just got somebody and I put my it was this morning it's funny we're talking about this I discovered a new film star of the adult variety yes her name is ten only yeah. Really the seasonally. Out yet why I don't know she's a natural redhead. I know she's not she's you know what that's a gorgeous looks and he is on fire yes sir I can see why you like chandelier yet. I guess that tanner Aaliyah and force that she's not on the list I don't understand why hi I'm Cindy Sherman at this picture are heard in the sixty eating something it's something. Match all photos to anything and I say that was actually pretty sex and oh my god it is actually I like there's a deal scooter Twitter page from twelve hours ago she's just hanging out eating mashed potatoes are right. You know I wasn't expect in this in adult film star eat mashed potatoes this morning yeah I'm really glad that I did. A similar team back in Israel had less okay all right I know you're familiar captivated. Do any do you have number one on your list under the an adult film sarge you and I pay Reagan yeah I don't know her argued that it was an affair Reagan. She's just focus on one today OK all right I'll I'll check out tomorrow. Do you have anybody that's in the eye I see it Steve yes she's got a very large breasts are already there are what do you keep your head above her and that's why I'm sorry but it's hard to her breasts are governed neckline. Jesus has art tells him yeah OK take it counts the Sony get him a mop. Hollow. I'm picking you at least dean personally know that's outside the adult film industry Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks and her before and Elizabeth Dole comes to see him yeah I don't know Mississippi and I got up and I'll bet he's got the same situation I. Are you know and he had a madman firefly firefly yes she was also invests into twos she was the chick that Billy Bob Thornton was involved with the bad Santa to have you saw that. Against Steve. It's nice to know that she likes that highway in Pennsylvania it's wonderful thank you Steve. The vast it is important seizing on Twitter. That they actually trying to do is show Obama are you sure any violations of every particular angle. I'm conscious of the kinds of curfew that she's a Red Hat yeah it's I couldn't tell. All Steve I think that actually she base and took all the evidence and got rid of it is president what about police today Felicia day is not on the list and I am disappointed in that. I think because police should day. Is not as mainstream. As some of these other folks Felicia day in the world of geek dumb and if you are also. If you don't know about the new mystery science theater 3000 or if you do she plays the female bad guy in the new version. A mystery science says theater 3000 on nine Netflix. Felicia day though is fantastic and she's a sweetheart she came and she had a mass of cold and she still came in and did our interview anyway yes I mean I mean she says her picture of her if she was beginning to like that ya ya she's a look Felicia day's awesome and a goal yet she's just attractive on so many different levels she goes she deserves to be honest with red. How about you got somebody I would sing MSR Knight I would say Lisa Dave glad I was thinking about originally and the stone thought oh she's actually read header not vote whenever she's got their red hair. Cool Omar got she looks a little freckle and Meese I think she might be you naturally blonde she's actually I. Wow well when will they make her hair out bread she makes it at our age yet so when she was when she was Gwen Stacy Spiderman match or normal hair color. Wow I I've never seen her except the map particular movie as a boy on she's number one. Base wow a case Torre asthma attacks are brought a good one night forgot about urbanized and a massive crash and Tori Amos. Tori Amos again I don't waste I don't know. Yeah. When it is not touring industry rent us the right to either emits a most yeah you either way you're right and and she's also not as mainstream but I greetings and plus point she was she was Susan a massive acquisition music was it which seems to twenty years now. Yeah about. Yeah seventeen to twenty years and is used on top of her game and she's you know she's also filed out she's been famous for basically you know really being very positive about the tough stuff that's happened in her life. I I I agree with you Steve Tori Amos is it is awesome. They never to a three get confused a lot that's that's a clue who's number two entry on this list okay. Amy Adams and yeah easily I I Fisher yeah. I logo comes in at number two aiming at number three. I let a guy and and people do confuse them number five for you Buffy fans and I I agree and also you How I Met Your Mother fans Allison Hanigan. Yeah our problem American pot yeah outgrew the exact right guy I am the bank campus where she went she was like okay. That woman's awesome did we say Christina Hendricks yet don't for a tea. As as a pitcher Ricky showed you yeah yeah looking at old security and a computer a surprise stop watching news yeah yeah I am pop ups but he. Kate Mara. How my Nokia Mara. Got that name sounds familiar and you issues OK all fantastic beasts. All yes she's so yeah she was enough that I think for a fantastic 40 she's ready. Casino she was as a blonde Placer Richards make it ours to check. We talked to Karen Dillon number seven Julianne Moore I I agree. Yeah Nicole Kim and I also agree. And then last but not least Jessica testing who again I cute as a man scientists. It's a good list as a list right up your Alley and I agree I it's more this is a lose for you 206 fortune one. Got to 7625. I need a cold shower list to me tell me how I can run. Virus my computer and download speeds yeah I've a potential threat on my computer or they're gonna not youth in the afternoon that as the lead all. Who's close close Margaret Carlson's exit I 35. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. Point nine KI SW the rockets channels which is on the loose you pick a topic. You've got to show a 206421 rock rockets 7625. OK good I gotta read this FaceBook post my buddy what happened. He says I would like to kill the person that thought it was a good idea for eye drops in super glued to have the same size bottle. Okay wait a minute. Telling me that this guy. Used super glue as eye drops and he's mad at the labeling not at his own stupidity. He says he's on some interesting friends went to a hospital. I know equality peoples he doesn't this really happy yeah that's why I'm the only hostile hostile house is driving us hi how does a good question. Do I think oh this guy. It did it though he has been through so much there's no stopping him and this super ghosting is just a bump in the road he can probably drive that no problem he's he's Mormon mantle ever hope to be but he does get into some precarious situations as a Mormon moron and your well he knows the facts are no expects us and I don't want you to have to run into him after making that comment I be wrong it was a big man but I. Whenever we don't all. You college and only go find me when his eyes are glued shot and is very good. And thought about that under the bill so you know maybe our. Are there of super coupe is a super as a super glue out there that looks like I drops like where you would leave. Yeah I don't know he apparently the one he has looks enough like and I dropped bottle he thought that's what it was seems really weird that you would just bottom look at the label. Probably says super glue do dome or high xenon gas I listen I've I've taken the wrong kind of stuff before. But it evidence of that stupid. I put myself to sleep I took sleeping pills that you may or aspirin. I nearly as stupid close. Yeah super low your eyes shut bigot and I I easy you know what the weekend still young my friend I still got tomorrow there enough. It's let's resolve this let's talk. And in Bremerton and how you are on the rock. Hello I had ever super glue dries shot. I'd I'd got it right now I never Shubert live my guys. I also agree that it's a little weird today guided bomb it and notice that it wasn't. I drops. Well that I think you're leading the witness my bad okay. And what do you got for us. Oh. Wondering if you found out your kid would skipping class however what would you do about all the death penalty I think right Steve's house and some to somebody trying to get a hold to Hillis hi Diego. I don't know fights on to somebody China maybe somebody closer in enemy that we wanted to pay all the import tax is next we're taxes and all of I'm. Boy and I let me ask you what kind of a student were you because. Even Yule or the man that I helped make that maybe one of mule or a class skipper so who was. I it would have to be heard add I don't restrict student. Yes see. This is this is the trouble and I I tell all parents I just have this conversation with a friend of mine is about to have a baby. Most parents do not they just blind to the fact that their kid is like one of them or you may be a little bit of both the bump. So really. You're husband's gonna have. Some good employed and might even be the person that could actually dole out any kind of punishment there is some because at least he can relate to her and say look I used to do this. I'm so that would be my advice is to find the person. On the to a view that's alike with this infraction. And that whatever rule you make let that person present the punishment because at least there's some some particle type of conversation I can happen. That's that's my dad doesn't work out make the Superman there Russia. Because Kazan I unlike you I was never a skipper and my wife on the other hand didn't give a flying fish about he's thinking and rules are and they. And so whenever my kids would display you know her kind of qualities. I'd be like look dude I don't get this you're gonna have to help me out this desire I don't I don't roll like that. And you know we have some good conversations as you know as as husband and wife and parents. When it really you know helping our kids get through life realizing that look they get it from somebody it's either you or me who get it from where they within these creative with his ways of skipping school. I am she'd I see you meander around our neighborhood which if they really dumb idea can we live in a pretty rough neighborhood. And. So she can't go to she is so she don't want to stay home Casilla trouble as she don't wanna go to school. And do you gotta gotta neighborhood and that's the first the end it was good to hell I think you're a Bremer and I thought things are cool Bremerton. Parent our primary end to understand that are just not very. Boy we rarely happen downturn I don't know how many trees are listen sketch series in Bremerton for sure wow well you know what they're go my vacation plans. I thought I was just gonna be all or Bremerton. Now I go to Hoch M instead I'm talking Steve I'm gonna sequim guys actually. And a what are you wanna do what do you Lloyd what do you think the country should be. Well he did she work. Think clashed issued Britain likes her early morning reading class and her great I just really suffering right now we're getting hurt us. I'm more rigorous study scandal. Yeah this is outside and a and are you sure she does like reading because his Emmy reading issues because I'll tell yeah I'm a visual learner. I hated reading and it turned out it's because my brain really wasn't wire to read and boy when I grew up peoples and it was stupid I was a moron. Yet when I watch video I get so much more out of it than the average person does I learn better with it. My daughter's very similar and boy it sucks when people don't recognize that about you was a kid. And I have no idea that's her case but if somebody doesn't like to do something maybe because doesn't jibe with the way. Their brain works. And it really sucks that nobody gets that it's finally got a text about all this aren't suited my tech my son was skipping first class are starting Amanda and I asked them why are you skipping in what class he said it was weightlifting and then he's been fishing in the morning for salmon. And then he smokes it and then sent it down to Seattle for twenty dollars a pound day out I said go ahead and skip weightlifting yeah. And and I appreciate the call 'cause. You know we take it personally sometimes is parents really that's why we get so mad is like I don't want my kid to be the one is skipping and I look like a bad parent. And we have to sometimes step back because it's not about us it really is about the kids find out why they're not dig in school because it's a lot about school not to dig sometimes. And review the text of flying in a better friend in the super glue you know I just incidentally don't present what kind of media keep super girl and I drops in the same place. Next excerpt believe it or not. Old people super blue eyes closed all the time oh sure because they probably can't really read the Bolivar and well odious as this is one of my biggest fears of the Stoner and make this mistake you by the is guys not old. He's young too. Oliver's is what kind of person to or more on key super glue in the eye drops in the same location he got what he deserved if you ask me how alrighty well you know I'll let you tell Matt. He's Canada. He's got a capable man and I wouldn't wanna say those things in front of them want to make out with an if you want also a person says I don't have a squeeze between different amounts of pressure for those two products are called BS on us he was drunk first downs. Well that's a possibility. I I have to agree with that every bottle super glue and stuff that I found you're right Steve it's a whole different experience than just eye drops out because I also the lens three winner because of my contact lenses and I would never made that mistake but. Then again I don't know the kind of iron yeah bumpers is that I made a mistake preparation H vs Ben gay. Oh OK I don't know what the difference would be in well. That's a good question we're way. Did he could engage in the preparation spot that would be a beating got to be very different yeah that would be very close like when you guys did I'm not I'm not on the area we've put icy hot on our our voice to wake you intentionally did that and you calling him an idiot yes I call myself an idiot for doing all right well syndicate video coach city. There's an I wasn't millions of them that is the smartest thing you've ever says hey you yeah you have to be a teacher. I was taught to Giamatti in Seattle GLU. Geovany museum battle whole body in my friend. Get up for a outlets because it could ever thought about getting in trouble we're glad I did they. All right Steve wanted to know because yacht you know that there was a motorcycle dude that brazenly got really hurt because some girl was working trying to distract him what about you. Well I'll do that upset that they know they might YOO. Walking down the street around 8 PM. That the bunker shorter who aren't like they're there. I. Sorry. If you've got a lot of tools on hookers showing Yahoo! opposite. I got news for you though GO. You. He'll pass it to see somebody's you know it is somebody's cookie factory and I mean that's we don't see every day and are gonna look at that. But it won't be. Suitable Wear it under. I'll blame Biggio I would have been right there in trouble with demand an answer but you're still married to assure Weis now right. Yeah well Lisa know what she's she's obviously relatively cool as she didn't because some money to said it's over you know. You you know I'd she'll appreciate your comment. Dude how come I never get to see lucky stuff like dad was really The Who high you wanna see though. That's the million a series should I come from a time. Yeah if you could see any hoo ha I mean the National Geographic magazine some liken the women in those magazines were models but you know what they were naked. There were topless like I wanna see it. Yes I mean I do I did the same thing I looked past the fact that a play their leper whatever they were doing with think some weird crazy stuff that they're doing what they're called colonel Mike spears oops I'm cool. You know Anne and I that's something big men now or never and boys never ever. And some girls never ever will even know what that's like all the struggled to find and yeah community not to do it anymore they are right there it is going your phone or tablet. I think that was kind of a great adventure that you would go on to try to find ideas cause I sort for the young men and women of today they don't get to go on that struggle mad adventure. Sits right there government. And one person back and today a buddy put cassette tape had cleaner and his eyes instead advising hop. Now those bottles did look alike sometimes a B I do remember that. So I mean this is a warning whenever putting whatever squirting anything in your eyes yeah check the label really look at it Vicky. Oh god there's like. OK I guess. Volume two is ya hear us talk about this guy who. Let's let this guy who breaks into a free school for the dumbest reason. I'll tell you why at 948. On the rock. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. 99.9 KIS and Iraq come Seattle it's. Now it's a beautiful Friday enjoy this because as we told you before the weather's going to be threats over the weekend. And there's your happy happy most of yet there they won only three days is going to be awesome other mariners in town tonight or not not there in Oakland tied to hang its. This is a beautiful day for baseball but whatever. Ironic thing about this dude who broke into preschool why Steve why he wanted to take a nap disaster given our respect back. This is a New Orleans somebody broke into a place called Clarence little lambs. We all the other kids getting maps to maybe just wanted to join him on the phone is a very good point I mean those preschools do have a pretty good -- situation at Conway said enough it's going to be a good time. 11 o'clock at night though not always there. Security camera did generate a shot of his face was breaking in. Then after you check the place I went to the kitchen himself a snack. I have so he's live in the kid's life taking naps eating snacks he built up a Banda stuffed animals just made legacy makeshift beds here. They did leave the most exported by the next morning at Costa still looking for him. Thanks to Shane and Diana pursuing a lawyer and I'll ride Cassel he's up nicely to twelve pack. In case of this day Michigan as the only state that still allows undercover police officers to essentially act as Johns while on the job. Hawaii was doing that two officials when he fourteen policy that's what the lie was so awesome and they ruined his campaign loses if you're a whole new music you have everybody hand. Why if I go out I notified Booker now I'd like Biden oh yeah. I've tried to calm all. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Travis if you're upside down in your mortgage should you continue to make the payment continuing to pay your mortgage or not these are complex. Decision because you're going to have to save the lives somewhere and you're going to have a housing came. So yeah. Continuing to make your house payment really depends on several factors one is. Whether or not just a second mortgage. The second one is how affordable your ongoing monthly mortgage payment is. Another the issue is whether your mortgages adjustable when you're facing an increasing your mortgage payments later on when interest rates go up. If you do you have a second mortgage in this economy will be housing prices being down and oftentimes we can release. And take off first offense second mortgage and chapters are huge case so that you only have the first mortgage you can. Okay thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime I'd choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.