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Monday, April 23rd

Podcast for 6AM on April 23rd, 2018. 


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The story isn't a whole lot to me because it involves going to the gym afraid that I mean I know you're big you're right Steve. Oh yes I'm just you know there all the time and I gotta go out of necessity. You know not because of my good gym rat them out to do that hangs out of the gym just sits there and talks to people it. You know that's a social time I just wanna get it and get it out pardon me how I my love live below fares are. While you are struggling in the gym you might wanna consider shutting us who swear words so you really have a tough time getting to the work out. This thing swear words getter done well this'll change the entire mistrial I would go to the gym way more and I would even use. Headphones and listen to music if everybody in the gym which is dropped an F bombs I would find great humor and that. See that be awesome but my agent doesn't allow baton what these rules against an ad there's a rule against Jim intimidation. Oh you gotta be kidding yeah and then the ballot you grunge too loud like just being very obnoxious about it like they're very much against that we Isabel that somebody can ring gather Isabel that's later okay. It's called the long alarm. You really yeah are you serious yes I I want OR I don't know what to say about this. I mean I feel comfortable on the gym no one's acting like complete able bled like I've seen other gyms but it's still like really kicked me a break. There's nothing better than somebody grunting at a gym. I find great during that. Since some dealers like it's. Actually is hilarious and I I think I I think we've jumped the shark with a Lanka laurel mall until I had no idea this existed again because I don't go to gyms I I he I would be so angry. And I problem I think that would make me not wanna go to a gym if in fact there's a lump alarm in movies like I hate being there is it is nice now let me do what I can release get through waves. Our man I would Shays of the lettering and make it safe to Hong alarm that goes off I would get right that's right ladies and OK let's let everyone know the hunt is here. And here's the sad thing the sad thing is science has shown that actually. That kind of thing works swearing actually. Makes you get more power and help you get through your work on now you researchers don't know why this is. They just know the study says it is and of course they they try to come up with some reasons but let me just like a good like grunts will get you to push through that final set. Yeah I mean they are our next you know local alarms going off yeah you bring on set and grunting and of course that's what tennis players have been doing for years those grunts help them really just you know drive the ball harder I mean they all do it. Now. I'm still thrown off by that holds our started Jim is go to zero that's given Jim. Planet zero I'd give him. The I you know what that means. It's going to be the guy Jim and the girl gem I mean seriously that's your jam there I think that we need to start splitting the sexism harassment in that regard is I don't know any man that's gonna ring the DM bell because so much grunting too loud I think it's just going to be women are uncomfortable with that. Or Dan let. It's it's people who are you know trying like they're still kind of learning how to use machines and their little self conscious male and female. That you know might appreciate people not you know acting all parents related out. Again I don't know man I mean maybe they're maybe some young man like that but I felt unconscious I felt it but you know that's part of the deal as you go when they are you feel like a fat slob and the guys go they figure it out menu you get motivated that's how I grew up as a man. I just not my headphones and I don't care what anyone else is doing the green that were still might I be more bothered by someone trying to talk to me than somebody granting next to me. Isn't like curves Warman happen Vicki was because women felt uncomfortable they want their own place to go do work outs let's let's occurs was a big thing for. Antley regressing isn't a big deal it's when you're trying to work out on guys are nearly hitting on you while you're working out to do everything alone like I get I'm wearing you know. Something that's made to work out in the justly alone and sweaty and gross I don't talk to wire at some of the best way to get people who media loners the far in front of them so maybe you should start doing that and longing for ten far. They've really gotten the penalty afar an alarm. Next thing you now. Now I I just would rather go to all guy Jim at first of all I don't wanna know you wouldn't like CNN Atlanta I I don't call it Jim. I wanna go to the gym Jim. Place richest men listen I don't run that whenever they want out ground want. And look I don't wanna be distracted either you know I icing where you're saying Vicki and I and that's why I think you know. Gender based gyms are great because then you ought to worry about some guy hit on you and I got to worry about me going god that girl is hot looking in that thing I just wanna cut and Al wanted to Wisconsin in my work out. There are places where women are distracting to me and I don't want them around so that I can focus on what I want. You don't have that problem I have I don't know I don't know I obviously don't care what anyone is doing in the gym or Seattle center go thank you so long you don't bother me. I don't care what you do to see Vicki and I are similar in that you know we can be bothered so you were us she's saying she's bothered by people hitting on her alleged people talking to her I get that and the great thing if it's too much grunting people want to look alarm I'm not saying Vicky is but other people. Some leases they get going YouTube this bunch of ideas about the long alarm. What do you think the break out his do you think it's more women than men that are upset about the load that wanna lock alarm. I just can't the I just don't think maybe we care that much would say it's not the exact for me I notice some people yet you want that ground that's where when you're really trying hard you can tell the guys come and and not be stereo type thorns like GM like. Jersey Shore are looking and rape Dutch chain to. They're trying to like me they're just there to show how popular rumor and I don't need to have fun of me. I'm sorry I try to make eye contact doesn't answer my question I think you guys they think it's the people who take advantage of the ones that deep overboard at those are the ones that. Now look alarms for Yemen doesn't say who needs a lump alarm. What you I think more women say I we need a local because that guy I think they're more guys like Steve and media go even if he was irritating I make fun of misty wouldn't care. Right I mean I ice are trying to find a way to record and obviously playing on my podcasts that would be megaton of. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. How can I point nine KI SW Toronto Seattle. Now we got new survey actually it's why 2% indeed of us have indeed gotten angry and hurl our phone across the room before so. This is a thing I realize you were talking about a crowd with a story just about that yeah one in five people do that. They they get so mad they throw their phone across the room. And enjoy your phone how calm on the couch. Yes like this yeah. That's like dead the Safeway improved demand expressing anger you I don't and had a pillow knowing full well that nothing bad is gonna happen to me gotta make sure it's not so bouncy. Oh jeez since Mike Johnson Johnson went landed on the floor and valor. That's sucks yeah that's and here I thought I was a Smart guy and I thought the cuts that we're playing catch and I didn't catch is still among my fears is or hockey term and I think we were in in in. In Phoenix when this happened and we're all just wasted and my buddy Munson. Took his phony he's been known for breaking his phone on like every other day you know is a giver and as far as cracks in it before even it's handy to combat the store. Legacies that damaged probably. He's takes his phone and Justin Rose against the wall and slips shatters it. And the reason why he did that was because his dominoes app wasn't working properly and he wasn't able to order those hot chocolate. Steve how low they is us that are very fast very frustrating. So he died dating it's a quarter under the wording get through so he got mad into his phony it's a wall now like we don't go and he didn't do this phone is what has an add apple undecided download the dominoes that login with his credentials. Only to find out that the order went through just fine. Holes. Are in destroyed his phone for no good reason that's our boy Mattson yes that's also often those like whatever they're called the chalk it could make a chocolate souffle. Whatever it was it was delicious well you guys were thrown you fought against the wall while that's debatable probably not as good as ever bean dip but it's close ever is being there must be really gap I mean listen you know be different it and that would be seen I would be guilty of that I would be guilty of beating all the bean dip value you know because I keep going back and gone most a lot of cake chocolate love all right okay since that day but it is oh yeah that things insane. Now yet you throw your fought against the law if you don't get the dominoes lava cake. One person that snapped an odd front PS four controller and a half overall losing a fifa doesn't steer comptroller oh I've destroyed plenty yeah comptroller's outrage. You know ambassador. Playing street fighter I remember one time taking a feisty that I bought on eBay propping it against the wall so it was at an angle and stomping on until a broke. I I I love her I love restoration moments he is the rage gamer he really is I can't. Also traveling that moment where you just snaps perhaps the same you throw the controller and they knew instantly regretted but you through it and then continue to destroy it yeah yeah exactly the way I was reds next level and really mess he's he's he's awesome dude and that's why anytime read his playing any games I just want I mean this so much really just wants to see Hamburg and he did jab beating just goes into troll mode when he realizes. And I suddenly got sour mood I yeah I thought I Moscow it's like he's the only guy that a game ever treat him badly he's the only one at a magic terminal where the cards don't go his way. She and is at least that's what he thinks and it's like oh yeah I know I know why I always you know one else has ever played this game has ever had his run of luck and after two rounds of playing suddenly I'm not there anymore that he's gone. So Christmas because you put on time now yeah people don't imposed yeah that's. Ya and cracker has been our phones because you know it's funny how my buddies got. Taken nephew he's got a nephew. Steve hit the phone that looks like a rorschach test and he always tries to show us that he goes ABC this and that and then Ed because my buddy nights they don't dude. What would be held as these phone is so destroyed their black blobs on the phone up. And these sites and have phones like that he's this or whatever I think wow do you really ought to be code breaker of the government are you how the hell you we would see what this is. I I if I get a hairline crack I'm already panic mode. I don't know around a giant crack my windshield the Democrat got my phone I'll freaked out yeah this city and 62% of us apparently just cracked this camera phone and and I'm one of the not like I. I break other people's phones this good for Wi-Fi break her phone but my phone I've I've been pretty good with the phones and iPad as well you know I haven't had too many cracked screens. I'm so glad they've been they've created dug the thicker almost like you take. Hard plastic glassy kind of a protective screen them for your phone's all yes you said that old like. Kind of stick carried thing and I hated that that that feeling there's always a kind of sticky. And I was the titles are you are well what do you do with the phone everybody thought I didn't the new version it's a lot more if Joe's it's no different than having nothing on there but I cracked owes a lot. Yeah so I was at the top of the forty bucks to get a new one yeah. How about the toilet use your phone on the toilet moves out we have an American. Well actually 6% of Americans do not put those are clearly terrorists pretending to be American. Hadn't thought about that so that's the way to identify wanna profile asking if they use a phone on the toilet and then deport them if they don't I would young. Yes they've Depp says 6% of Americans say they've never use their phone in the bathroom. And pretty much at eight out of ten Imus say we always do. And that's the case why does nobody make fun of me. Whenever I sent a text or things on the map to do like like I'm the only one it does it's because you never reply to anything it takes you back five years to reach title company email but you will reply when you're on the cropper this idea of otherwise we never hear from you yeah that just tells you need mark Schreiber in his diet if he's only replying every five days following a second. But the polarizing and they hate this it's the new place to go hideout as the man in the bathroom my dad Tommy the bathrooms always placed a hideout instead of bring in the paper and Mikey used to bring the phone. It that's a hideout was mega that's higher now plays the bass that was my Dell. Shoot. My dad but it was like hey you would Hollywood and up to he would grab the newspaper he would folded in half. You'd put it under his arm and hit look at all of us make see guys ol' Brett. And I am I you boy god ordered a bedroom yeah this sleep on the couch in the house all the time myself and my parents never I think they rarely use the actual bedroom to sleep they always in policy on the couch and wake up at like 5 in the morning that crap we had to go to work. So yeah you would go stairs but the newspaper fully. We would like so we've lost that's for like 1520 minutes that's fantastic as that was the Noah would bother you that everybody knew that's the one place the only data alone. Because we would Boller my mother would bother in my family would bother him but bellies in the bathroom and you. And my dad was epic you would monitor when they don't bother because it destroyed the place. Yes so I was like it was perfect for him. Well purses is I broke my phone after my soldier deck to not win in a magic tournament. Yeah. I'm trying to get him and I think makes it Xbox out our second story Condo and a into a bank of rocks below frustration will do when you kids don't get up in time for school she's on something you. Yeah I can today. Have you ever dropped her phone in the toilet and had a fish out knowing I'm waiting for that did happen. As you like and push my luck way too much Sarin has dropped it into ruin and it's flush down the toilet because she is an old school format can be flushed Donna told. Does she not think to me weight she flushed even though she knew the phone was in the toilet. I'm not exactly sure how I'm coming here I don't know how old did happen or Fitch's went down the hole before he even got flushed I'm not sure the bush. I disappear and it dropping my phone in when you know everyone ticks are found within the bathrooms so meal when I'm done with my business I just kind of tucked into my Brock. So I know it secured. So you vicious start wearing bras OK we and it says I'm not yeah well I mean I think Cyril is C sports bra I think Sarah probably was drunk. How Hank this is this of the terrible night out for Maine yes I was drunk. I have my flip phone I had my idea and it. I put it on top of prince williams' home she still hasn't flip phone is a little uncertain when we're talking about like you're back in 1999 I think I like last year a gap. So I put on top of the toilet seat. So IP and I flushed the toilet. Oh Fleischer was the most epic Fleischer I've ever experienced. The whole toilet bowl shaped. So my phone and my idea went in with it. My Pandit went all the Nat toilet to try to get myself on MID I have only a Manny. I cried like a little bets yeah. And I Fred is like truth for and there all of and that's really until yeah trying to get a yeah I went around there a bouncer got the plunger Howard Bennett pointed out the book the bouncer did he thought I was ridiculous and I like crack in his arms for a little bank Yasser if I wanted to free drinks and I was like no not signing damning we feel matter. And a and the. I don't know vice president deleted scene and start wars the return to the general was it really ha. I didn't see that seed yes doing for the duke blue rated about presume the guys the football caught and sewed she can remember is she wants it the same exact once she has to go on like eBay to get it because no running back. That's a bit yeah a young kid you waited just strangers get a Smartphone. Office I hate it I hate going how to would be how I'm trying to be social everyone on their damn ball we don't have to be on your phone let me know is so glamorous and I tell wanna put them there away like let's all be together. No that's all actually experience each other's company and and bleed it's still do that and have a Smartphone you just tuck it away your person and make. Then put it easy for you to save your hero always always on edge right yes crazy so you can't get in there and play puts the inflation it is you had to say get more interesting ranking nobody's interest in when you're around euros or you're damn fault yeah exactly. But I mean. This Smartphone isn't done like send Mike Weir yeah. Radioactive rays in your brain it's gonna tell you need to play on this phone need to put it if you don't like playing on your phone because no matter what kind of fun you have in your pocket you don't want to play on your phone. And other -- -- like I tell you -- -- I'm automatically allotments on -- oh let me see let me get the menus they let me go -- and went on -- -- you like it's right there is always there I don't how Matt I'm on my phone texting someone calling some and that's all like young minds on solidly never out. And I'm actually been there is. They they've done studies saying that these Smartphones actually do trigger addictive behaviors and I said you know if we where it's like ghost like not having alcohol on the house exact. Yeah yeah yeah and I don't get the new news updates so I don't know really what's going on every at lake. Big Ten minutes so everyone's not only the bad news I'm just like here whatever on socializing actually being president and it's not in the moment very. Car toll the ads it hope I didn't know what that means and think yeah. These guys are narrowly he's famous got to talk about being president be in the moment and don't look at me yeah I was presence via. Do you know why I elected I just got done reading Bernie Brown's latest book and she basically is saying that you know these these folks that. The Vick he's of the world don't know how lonely they are because instead of interacting with a real people they're spending their time on their phone. And not interacting with the people there around and it's causing loneliness even though you don't think it. That the people are always saying like oh you interact more I've been to a party once like I and we need to keep Pratt and Kerry should pay your found a way as there are snort aligning Coca my Yang era president right now it's your turn what does that have to do what I just. I never I mean I don't like how am I element I'm saying that everyone talks are being present but everyone finds a way to not be present they find other methods might drug is my own people like alcohol to be okay but it doesn't make you right it may. Agent I don't say it's funny how people are hit I couldn't critically and is not doing Coke in the I catch the news channel comparisons a little higher in Abby. I just takes a Sarid narcotics anonymous why did you get hooked on Coke while I was fine until I got a Smartphone then yeah. Hello hi. That's what happens and Vicki party's nominee. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. 99.9 KI SW Iraq to Seattle's Yemen or maintain the grass. This is the biggest one every three. Days of music. Friday August 24 bullet through Sunday August when he sees it why Maria at the theater I and you're gonna have to find a way to hit the solid. Because yeah three days first time ever pain and grass has been spread out over the entire weekend. Alison sheets on then seven fold slayer of course they're on their final tour Stone Temple Pilots profits of rates to call Three Days Grace. There are more visits and seeing you still can't resist added walking papers it's going to be a blast. A great local music as well and this is going to be epidemic Steve's dad was my idea. I would tell you this America's Alex gets even accomplishing the bruiser Brody and my years of us yeah. Bruiser Brody is awesome I'm a guy I I I'd. I I you know me I'm not mr. music and I threw that right in my iTunes and I jam out and it's flat it's it's a great starting IEP forums and it's amazing. Appreciate it and we're excited to be go to start things off on Saturday that medallist change with the cold was. Until pilots bush is going to be not so mean these are my all time favorite bands are going to be able to share a stage. Have pain in the grass at the white and read the theaters. Number thanks I'm nervous sorry. I think it would be before and I'll I appreciate that really showed what some of them. Got tickets are still right now go to KI NSW dot com. Mean we're. It's not meeting may let alone learn. I'm gonna love my day all day. And pumps its brand bog down we can get of the game you can foundry die out and gets through in Q while to take on Steve Giroux are you there's where. Yes I am axle plant Perry Steve. Now for those playing you don't drew will have sixty seconds to answer ten Questar is true you can pass all you want but you'll only one. Prior reckless loans are crucial for. Come much smarter our power right great great jury you're ready. I'm glad stealers wheel hit song is heard in the movie reservoir dogs yeah. Aren't mine and not know it's nice to these things. Our pats Indy Nintendo games star fox what kind of animal was testy it's. It broadens note. Aren't. External now. Object to what is the nationality of the first woman in space. And adds what Jacob Carr RDD fifty twos driving in the song love shack. Should be no. The boards no god but it is critical else. You don't do not learn who played the role of Donnie Brasco in the movie of the same name. Jake Gyllenhaal know. Systems are go Tarawa and didn't. Steve iPod induces the longest side of what geometric shapes. It's. Important one guest any guest who pack. Parent okay well I drew. Got a single there now he's got himself could. James called you know you but I. I had an idea of him all beat me to Ager you wanna hang on Asia using California costs. And they go yeah. Yeah I got a god begged him well Lisa how are somehow Steve com. It's now. Well you and all night in Vegas hang over how many irresponsible it's truly maybe Steve Steve we'll have all the brain Faris who say it's the Hariri. What stealers wheel hit song is heard in the movie reservoir dogs yeah. I did the meadow view at I in the Nintendo games are box what kind of animal is at least talk skunks now. Now obviously. Towels now. A fox. Now what is the nationality of the first woman in space expressions adds to what to make of car the eastern excuse driving in the song Walsh act. It's not about Chrysler yeah as they have no way around. Who plays the role of Donnie Brasco when the movie of the same name's Johnny jet yeah ask the high cotton use is the longest side of what geometric shape. The square's announcement rectangle to knelt. Triangles as to what Greek letter is used to represent electrical resistance. Aren't. Home just yet as to what you west state capital is located on the Hudson River yeah. Albany yet as how many tablespoons or any talk. Six no need now sixty. You asked 12345678. You weigh in because drew got one yeah I. It's very impressive eight really really good at us. I wanted the film I got the I was kind of worried your kids so badly for. That I didn't I had I figured you'd maybe get for your fourth. And you crushed it thank you to welcome back Steve so's our homes come from. Does that does that almost kind of electric thing as an I pressing so Chris is saying has already got then yes. Xanana around there. In the Nintendo game star fox what kind of animal is peppy who values and I'm correct you have no idea I liked Biden OPEC's. Thanks you should know this one though and I count how I can't remember his sidekick was an sizzle psychics I yet he had three sidekicks we thought it was PP now Lewis happy. I am playing on a star fox isn't a rabbit bunny it wasn't like I was I mean. I was actually no I was they get money out of a one of my answers yet about any of frog in a falcons don't mind the that's Cecil how tough is that twenty years old men its it and nine before issue I think oh yeah been a long time three years in America wow we can you can play now on the old the S and ES classic. Oh yeah because it's on there it's pretty fun I remember when that was new like you know and it was like them. The graphics are groundbreaking in this is saying it's just crazy now is just a bunch of Polly guns that are sort of looking like shifts and stuff. Well that's why in my craft to zero is bringing it all back at its retro yeah. Congratulations Steve you won with a current color number 8206421. Rock. That's number to call its prized caller number eight. I had this do surveys and I I wonder how many people right now are thinking about this okay because it turns out one in ten of us. Say they have postponed a break up. Because they had a great trip planned with their significant other and didn't want to treat colon cancer you do all that's 1% of us. That's right up there would like I do more I wanted to do my Christmas gift from her first preferred broke up with her. Take a mostly on that level yeah. I kinda did something like to see there I don't trip I don't that there wasn't because I won it to go on the trip. I try to break up with him earlier in the week he started crying freaking out. He's really good in the blue we have this problem like you know idea I was suggesting we take a break. Don't just ignore what. Said most of the people she's been with have been very emotionally stable yeah course. It's a minute you freak out like this all the time when I was still had a little hard lesson only now he knows it's kind. During our tenure he now I think this is right before I broke up what this guy to be with that crazy guy I. I don't know that was your call via. But it. So I held out when to. Actually did break up with him on the right back from the trip that she's. You are the best. I wasn't feeling yelling there's nothing in there and like I I got kind of pressured into doing this he got a break up with them now before you know end up Mary Tillman not be able to break relevancy cries every time. So I just did it when I've because he knew some things. Ron did you I. Did you time and early selling music through three blocks away from dropping you off before or do you have to like sit in the car for an extended period of time as he cried because you broke up what is about a two hour drive home like on. It was cool because on the way he kind of credit out we talked it out. And by the time I got to mafia style goodies like I'm ready to go back and online dating I feel great like. Yeah great conversation as they had to do that I. I don't know how that world is I don't know I kinda I made him feel better about themselves like you got this huge your ganymede current line and he became his life coach if you dump him Stanley two hours and I never how is that possible I mean you credible you know. Did but I feel pretty destiny girl is no way and that's why I'm surprised if it was video about kicking you out of the car it high speed you're you're gonna have to jaw at least pull over by gas stations. Now main man you're dead to me next thing you know we in my life coach how would honey you're you're you're like yeah. Get the break up whisper something I don't know I don't but it's. Don't matter really wanna get into that situation again a positive Leone and he kept up on I ran into him a couple years ago that Paxson he would leave me alone. Also think well yeah you know if you ambulance coaching and it's still have to see how they're doing and there. I like coach for those two hours just kind of goes up the break up relationships change is gonna get home safe and our coaching. Ended Shays podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do churned back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes your taxes are never discharge of Volek if you haven't. Taxes from an employee if you out of business and be paid employee taxes. Our sales taxes especially taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. However most people don't have those kind of passes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you file the tax returns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. I think most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapters dot com. Thanks for listening.