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Monday, April 23rd

Podcast for April 23rd, 2018. 


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And taste but John is our opportunity to point out this stupid people that are happening on FaceBook is the actual FaceBook post the drumming on both because of it and yeah we are going to acted out BJ. This time around you'll be playing the role of the original. Poster and that is a woman by the name of Janet jet to enact. He'll be Emily Yankee red he'll play the role of Lisa street I'll be Tim. And Sarah you will be command Hank action and I demand and can act. Try to be original poster once again it is Jenny so Vijay please take it away. Quite simply who she is yeah you always. Yeah. It's. And your kids yeah are not really on that as I did a nice seven months hard. Little like this ports you'll our minds and out. Maybe you should just think twice the hard getting her again there are many ways to a point that you are now considering you both are in a committed relationship I assume these are both of seeing babies. Ladies and gentlemen the truth bomb has just been dropped by the one and only police side thank you for saying what everybody else in this thread was thinking. Sure yeah. So what should not as did you. May not for Denny's did you when you get my. Percent don't so. Who gave. Beds jet the F but last time I checked condoms costs like what ten bucks. Hate to break it DM when I'm pretty god damn sure that your cozy town is gonna talk a bit more than Mac. And the new mother of an tootsie channel I'm definitely have spent more than ten dollars on the thing. We only did take how do you think common class that had kids and makes. You can now. Practice on me if you want to. Hash tags hello Louis. According to your last girlfriend there really would be much for the content and allied Al Al price tag tiny Tim Price tag so so so tiny. I and right the timing but I keep getting the job done Pakistan real good passionate emotional abuse in yeah. Okay pastel tiny Tim you keep telling yourself back and pass tag itself. South south tiny. Wow okay gym shoes lawn has been drunk. It's a tiny Tim asked. You that. Such a real name is Tim your tiny disaster it's going to be you know. How about those the girlfriend the acts or whoever it is let her girlfriends know how well they do McConaughey he's packed at ball dude it happens every time being I'm a current like if you're with as such we have the ladies in the room maybe. All you're gonna answer for the lady well no I'm gonna see you and I all know our person. Cool the very girls. Came out an out of you may not have seen and on FaceBook but I did not to tell you during the break we know a friend of our all I did see that yeah pretty oh yes it does it's amazing how they do that we notes but but she was like subtle the not so subtle words of the my guts a big deal signal actually was very little deal. Yeah. Where it hurts I mean look I can't blame them if you wanna hit -- they were there it's you just go for the PP area yeah I yea your right foot and a figurative and literal way the an open I think your question is it is a good one asking if you would juniors if you were with the current boyfriend a bank and obviously if he's packing like you know stores hammer hi I can understand he was sure that your girlfriend oh yes we brag about it totally but would you tell your girlfriends if you lose taxiing. Maybe. AAA batteries. Now now when you're dating them current line. If you're actually wit and if it's just like a hot topic that you're like oh yeah about bounce terrible I was so signing you know what the what was happening was the reasoning and hair. I think it lovely tennis. This is on top of me but nothing is happening Kelly let me let's go hunt. But if it's an actual boyfriend now he would diamond mountain no becomes an unexpected down respected and still you guys break out and you're actually like. It's your ladies ballot terrible. Hash tag respected Don I think of the worst thing a girl would say about her boyfriend NB a he's averaged. Or he's okay. Be here where I say yeah Nike nice decent location I was so you know that's code from girls that they don't if they don't brag about demands action and you know it's now gone on yes they actually yeah I am fat passionate about. But I guess you're not really angry sex they're really the sale of a mile long. Yeah that's true and then he can teach high gas yeah can you I take a Linear weighing emulate his all his mister riady to little Daniels on an afterlife and I need to replace it and he's going to have to Wear that. Sig. Particular item poster casino Vicki to bring it up because I wonder how many women do stay in relationship with the guys and unpack and much for whatever reason because I know you wouldn't because you need that and it doesn't like I winning media might look at it. And I know I. Steve you definitely won't we would you leave the guy was about it much thought waited oh yeah it's. Let's stick around opening act it's a much say if it's not packing I've been the guys who aren't attacking and they knew what to do but there's some guys that aren't packing in don't know what to do so there's really no help. Yeah I was nothing that can be done and that's shallow I thought at the guy wasn't pack and you'd be done what if the guys are packed him he then stepping up in other ways you know an Indy alum. You don't remember thousands of primary and that's does this time you know housing commissioner Gary Yahoo! one I cannot picture we now understand what I'm saying yeah. Yeah TVs get another way is an and have a good time Nadal match I just say he's gonna dominates at the alphabet. Yeah I was. So then I like when he's due on how they don't get me wrong but I like the full meal via our I don't know I'm Smart really notice it Steve's talking to dying familiarity that we're not work and that I'm talking this hour and I do not want not what every where like what if he has an apparatus that I've seen those videos isn't really the most likely kill your man honey if your girls like hey will you Wear this apparatus well I can lead to -- ethnic. Yeah and I don't think twice usually low heels blew. Yeah no wedding she's unhappy issues I would never Kelly what are your girls like dude you aka and it Don can you just under manager bud Tripoli battery here right in a way you know put it in nine volt on compliments. You have made available over the southern Alabama slip over Fresno county and I putted you know like it's such it's just gone he had played well and like Dell and most is that for him. While I'll get his job done but you know he needs to get my job to continue. Wu on the most like make it just chill your ego yeah old Everyzing I don't know I. If somebody proposed ad that would be a deal breaker I'd have to like look. You might be the most amazing person we have a great relationship you've completely ruins. Some denies those who pleasurable held on a second what it you have to know your not packet like you've got a guy for did you propose that you have got to be micromanage you're not going to be colder though she stills and stay with me even on Mike Emanuel wouldn't come through and help her out now. Wow I tap point and she said hey look you know it's not satisfying can you. Hathaway. You know I I feel here that don't typically like I talked about you know doing that I doubt there is difference. Unless and oh yeah yeah I. Much better thank you should do now with the doughnut. Hang on hello I should maybe regretted but enough parent. And costing nine not just you poor wife yeah our bank she's rich. Don't think it'll pass to the the opposite of pork right guys she's rich she's then he's still your worldwide she's rich and have you that's not the way that supposed to go hash tag blast yeah throughout the week here. Astec delusional. Quite possibly confident. Well I think better Vicky of course my daughter shallow but I think better figure that Vicky Nguyen is she dug the guy. Even if he was micro man she would figure out a way to make it work that's admirable. If you micromanage sure it's Sox but you've had all those years on this planet to realize that me. I think he's Steve I think guys know where they measure up right do we don't know where we measure up or no you know that okay there where you have a little while because you know way originally I thought that. I just I mean you watch adult films in your life without such an ordeal attack guys still Narnia and then all of a sudden you start you know not like you know you just kind of with age comes wisdom you realize okay well those desert and and served there the all star. Exactly yeah they're they're like the football players could not meet the NFL yeah the other ones thank goodness that you know if he can't you can't. You can you know we compare your flag football skills to the Al Jimmy Graham. Yeah ever by the way average usually doesn't mean it isn't good enough in the likes of people like me average but if you average that department you're one is gonna be happy you have you have everything you needed your average because that's just that's. Average means that's what you're supposed to have to make people happy that's why tall African like having a 2000 Honda civic and I really haven't yet made a point BA gets to their savior yes no no no no holes anywhere. You want that because you don't want the Ferrari the bigger I can get a big Hummer that's gonna hostile Murray why you don't want the big lie and I don't need to know the C and big error were talking about because you know I now. I think everybody have a different a different opinion on why average you know 10 yeah party boss but I think a Hummer is fine I think I hunt Marie Carl Abbott the have to pay the insurance and everything and then Femi insurance isn't worth it now flocking from side to side as this works. Wisconsin has discovery. For optimum I'm quitting the company that the one thing I don't agree on that would hurt. I must and I really don't make them good the hand gestures and I'm just like if this is my hand he's always hear you say that's what diablo I gotta hurt everybody if you're arm was involved in the situation back under my god what Monty I would want your arm anywhere really if that's what you're seeing is coming I guess he gives back which she's doing right there are so I was telling him my buddies yesterday I think I was telling me. How he once did a porn star. Right OK and she was a very good points started shoes apparently very skilled at what but. That's you know follow it into a basically get the cow to have a baby. Because that's what they do I don't Craig made a cat oh yeah yeah yeah I guess yeah. Nobody ever had in a farmer and city folk you just don't get it period. I really don't know how are now oh yeah I noticed that got to have a baby and they have to go where no man has gone before and apparently she was so good that it that she was up for an AV and a war all of us she's she's she wore old and she was so good that it. That she won and that's and nano award while our award for. Yeah myself I don't know exactly where Joe's eyes form luggage had to put a somewhere. Aren't I but here's the crazy part Hamdan she invited him. But she also invited her parents. To be there. For when she won the award by your parents have to be my special cemeteries and and all I can think his. I mean I book and he gets together Friday kids do whatever they do yeah I think can't be moved. As a father and a lot of bothersome if you could speak on this. Did you come if I won or why that's not the right way to put that. How low widgets. That Xanadu. Happy there that would be if you won an award for basic leave and make an account pregnant and I was super super late proud of myself and this is called the lake. Lake horn lake. Eisenhower a war against the OB GU I am with you I'm pretty sure he'll go to that I look I'm on the happy about it but you're right I have to do. In the eggs in the morning. Rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. 99.9 KI SW the rock on Seattle. If you haven't seen we got a brand new Vijay make sure Barack shop. It's the northwest part TI love this year and only now the northwest part can put some eyeliner and Danny yeah. It's a pretty cool shirt and as we are all strong and self parking and style I love it. I'm Steve pond it's great guys that might be right there tomorrow I shut out two but he first on the guy you know great rockaholic that created this design. It's now a T shirt even I have to say revenues pretty good it's pretty fantastic and Chris fixing to prove he cracks me up to beat her. Her location on this T shirt this week. Lieutenant Heidi the highlight is of course lose on the shirt and it's is still very happy about that only thing I don't like about the Shia Sunni district and my daughter she's like. She's so excited about real. See kids love loop now gone unfortunate thing is Lou needs children. And also locate one of his masters stood. I've got me. So I've seen a picture of me me. All of you who you are send yourself a good it's Graham had kind Stephen makes you can see me hanging out with. Northwest part of version of you can you guys actually literally like like impairments and I'm not too fond of it's a cool looking shirt you wanna own miss and can go to K I SW dot com. Seeing me. I games out eighteen days. But we've got up small bit of Vermont today. It's. Every wind gap there get pumped up high there and it's Monday and that disease do you say somebody are actually ignore contested today we've got. Only in Tacoma to take on Steve billionaire sir. I am here what's going on guys let's tell our own Aristide he's get out of here. But those playing and home Philly we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Billy you can pass all you want. You'll only get three guesses per question are you ready and could do this. Who played. I'm still an adult. Content. To ask what's. Title is given to persons who just distributes the cards and hope current. Votes he knows you asked Tom cruise's character is not an eight time loop of the film's engine of watched. Old yet as to withstand laurels comedic partner asked. How much does sixty Austin by a utility any standards game of monopoly didn't. Cubs expect underdogs now. What does eight DNR order at a hospital stay and for us. So they've yet as Smallville was an upscale restaurant atop of what's famous column bar asked. Though the spiritual battle. I don't know how many teeth are there any sad moment. Of daalder and now it's 101000 no. Now we correct concern. Now at a great school or move. And plugging away and it is more so much all. Have got to wake America that he got to make that had to get those brain as sales flowing. Steve could definitely need not pay any attention. I don't so yeah I hope so yeah the fact that finger scrub. Steve are you ready. You've got everything. Well. Who played the title character in the ninety's still there's something about Mary the Ben Stiller knelt. I lost to who played the title character in the nineties film I'll come on about Cameron Diaz yeah add ice to IQ what are. I don't whose kids intuitive person to distribute the cards and poker poker now to the dealer yeah as. Tom cruise's character is stuck an eight time blue there's the film's edge of why it's. Agent Dave snow to the edge of darkness now it's at just under now though who would stand laurels comedic partner to. All of our party yes she's just how much does that cost device utility standard cable monopoly 25 now it's 52 now. 75 now though it's what does things DN our order any hospital stay in forest. Do not resuscitate resuscitation yeah it has its Melville was the upscale restaurant atop of what famous sitcom all are it's. Here's yet as to how many feet are there in eight fathom it that would be twelve now pretend to know what he's. No. One Q3 or hot. I do you wins hanging inside dead three are rarely turn. Those jobs here FT million. So I guess this is Steve just out of the answer that's key question just couldn't fathom yeah I think loved. Because I said phantom in the question Yassin the things you haven't immediately took a couple things and present huge hands multi multi multi the final word gap and took me a second there I know did. Yeah they just standard they got. Tom cruise's characteristic any time Lou thin edge of tomorrow tomorrow Steve controversy that's Steve. I don't know. It was scifi and kind of like futuristic hit just repeating the same kind of good and getting killed over and over and over again yeah figure out how to stop getting killed. It was like playing a really hard like me not only new game I don't think I've seen that I think you might like fishermen on falsely five times this one's. I'm pretty big fan of many Tom Cruise action film except brits do it was oblivion. Yeah and I a lot of people and like I did but I I was a little slower than the average time his mental a lot of action in Tom cruising literally dying over and over and over again so if you don't like him you might like it as well there's that and of darkness. Edge of tomorrow tomorrow. I close though I. You're going to get the job right close call how much does the cost of by utility in monopoly did not know hundred point five no. 150. Dollars down. A utility eight upon think her railroads and get an idea all the railroads are also 200 dollars not fifty dollars is sixty bucks. No doubt in his sixties mostly in the crack quorum park place. While the whole. Cheney's how many feet turn a fathom I don't know six. I see that I would. I would have figured that out yet I don't know why and its interest in like why would they go okay sixty Boise McCall is a somethings yes I had no idea and I didn't put that much and so I know you're on America is around here senate somebody will say well the reason is is because after six feet something happens and so that's what they decide what baseball players have to do it oh actual. I here's a lovely story about an escort him. This sucks man she's doing her job necessary shows up at the wrong how much Casey has grown in just go into this cost sorry about that. Raising a force they didn't. She shows and Iran hostage gets arrested arm somebody five UNESCO are now back pace dot com it's great place. Never been to it. And had her come over at 2:30 in the morning I had a look at your data that would be a problem if you shoved around house. She's Linda she's 26 so well how lovely woman. And she bro she brought a twenty year old guy named a bar shock who's your protection makes sense make sure things are cool yeah I knew muscle. But Eleanor and bosh who showed up at the wrong house and started banging on the door flew in so I was like what is gone our hair. It's called the cops they got there and bosh or pretend like oh Aaron O'Neal well we just happen here. They pretend they know each other they're just banging on the same house into a 30 in the morning and Larry I don't know there's Libya's. Lose Marcia. He and I'm the Casillas Linda had see through pink lingerie on under a coat and they realized. She's our whole our own your speed the tempo over here. Death CME three double confirm those at Texas yeah she was arrested for loitering using a false name and marijuana possession because you know I AME Leo how. Our best Norton. I just went to back page dot com this is very. That's in place is that the site. Yeah our money out about her mama did well it's sort of like this are you just do you pick whatever C state known icons of its sad like I was and never seen what it looks like venue indeed it's like Craig's list. You can read stuff you can buy stuff in real states knows other southern then of course you're the services section also you can get escorts. No just as massage and icing on that's the line in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Best service in town meeting time on new hot amazing amazing Asian ladies here Lou Ozzie is good choice. Yeah that's not a blaze I want to go he's never started dancing by their preferred WW me. That's not good CI you know it makes you so sags I look at that like though very limits Ky is here. Oh Ky. Say again and another we were about to leave us ordinary gentlemen that you see those pictures those Asian women you wonder like are they all like as they trafficked. I had no idea that's I mean it just sucks that you know that goes on I'll have a problem Sony really wants to be in the services industry you know me I'm all about. It consensual crimes in the dumbest thing in America as somebody wants to pay. To have sex and somebody wants to be paid to have sex why when I get no way of Atlanta have a good time and let people make money by. The human trafficking aspect not so I think of when I see because it happens a lot in the Asian yeah I know the Asian prostitution rings. Bob his word now I just realized that our IT guys and we wonder what the Helm I doing on this page because on night. Many sweet cute girl yeah that's yet to your your trump who are your thoughts and you know what did you get there you may get an honorary welcomed into the league of extraordinary Dohmann you've been surfing is paid so much are so different could come down guys yes cellular thought well I know what they're missing my emphasized their press doesn't dress like that no no I listen now I really am immediate new uniforms at the place I go to because they dozer and those are nice uniform. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How to win or bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief and what are the steps. For my situation. I'm there's so much information out there about bankruptcy with the Internet through our people who heard from friends in the and other people lose their doctor about their financial issues or who are bankruptcy. 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