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Monday, April 23rd

Podcast for Monday, April 23rd, 2018. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney that was genuine news talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my mind it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com thank C. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq does Seattle it's listeners some of those you pick a topic you guys showed 206421. Rock. You can also Texas 77999. It doesn't matter. Whatever you wanna talk about it's your choice but to remember Steve as one rule for listeners on the news that's just a minute you bring it otherwise pentagon knew. And then taken back to blow through them. I 20642 and rocky and also Texas 77999. Let's go to Chris in fight Chris CU are on the Iraq. Ole. And that's a bad body which he got forced to make Chris. Well first hour tells TV I think just your Halloween GC BD all the little Colin in the end all great idea. We had a black the black appeared not to blog may go to the blond hair. And maybe like black overalls and sort of blue or else I'm in and that'll be a very easy cost him because you guys have been already right. I want to ask Steve I don't know what favorite wrestler and asked if he missed the most. Polls than do you said it ready SaaS pass to be Randy savage is only my body and Roddy Piper also got out roads. I mean all the all the legends bruiser Brody was a guy that maybe one of Obama and Timmy we follow wrestling the road warriors. I cut could narrow down the one but the first got to pops into my head would be the macho man Randy savage in his prime before he went out off the dependant. You know look like he was Maureen out of his brains. But when you would remove ms. Elizabeth the mega powers all that stuff man that was some great wrestling. Guided missile ludicrous thought that grant. Right it was very rare to have an attractive woman involved I'm very rare that a woman involved in wrestling yeah bend in the zone as beautiful as her is like I think every wrestling fan and there was a teenager like myself lusted after her because she was just like. While she likes wrestling she's a part of wrestling and I'd. And I am and it is at UH you distressed she can modular ranked. Are all of Malaysia's look like all the if you actually it should come to collect these formal dresses and rights. And you see room went back to the Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Because when he I've turned heel on dash at each leg up as the greatest. He'll turn it. Because nobody expected it you know US and I don't even got piracy and Kenya are. Donnie ask both of you guys request okay. Your favorite contemporary wrestle would you like to day life I mean you know also because you know that's you know you you're Al you're you're aging well in life because a lot of people get stock and though I only like this kind of music are only like this kind of whatever but we you have like wrestling which has been around as long as it has. You know the new blood the day I hope you find somebody new blood you'll love because I mean that's that in ages you still digging what they're doing the right. My name might have to be out Brock Lesnar. The isn't really sure a lot that's in us and that's I don't actually because this also wrestle like once every month. But yet so I don't that's in the contract oh yeah but he seemed like you know nobody can't beat embark. Everything that they have slug out like he he rattled people and they just beat them at any lead so cold my cynical about the they have like the people that try to wrestle again. And it can be a. He did out of your favorite actors he's a vision vacation for about 80% of the year ask Mike I don't know I just paid handsomely love this system poppy and every once in awhile I have like five minute match trying to get that deal myself if I'm close that obligation for like obviously human wrestling ya like some of the new upping coming Isaac and NXD like Alastair black fellow a lot of Indy wrestler is exchange Strickland who comes here a lot. Marty scurrilous and I'm really obsessed with right now as part of new Japan ring of honor of wearing a shirt today in honor wrestle kingdom's wow nice it did I as I got us out like I'll Grassley is around to some the local wrestlers on the black sheep Dave turner Lori spirit mr. domestically here this dude I appreciate the call Chris. Thank you Chris. You know. If something is successful and you hope that in Iran for you know been around for awhile in and and and that and that's that's how I am most of the stuff that I like and I wanna stay current I wanna like the new stuff and they whatever it is that I like. Yeah and some my friends man. Feel like you know I mean like when it comes to Star Trek I got friends that Cisco the only show that was good was among those fifty years ago and Mike. Dude fifty years that was the last time you enjoyed something in the genre you gotta be kidding me I did that jaded at dinner I mean look everything changes and then maybe the style of whatever size fire wrestling might have been better in your own world in your own head. Twenty years ago. We can't say that what's going on right now is not interesting and entertaining in May not be exactly what. Other people who like I want to new Star Wars may did you meet reasons why it's not as good as no one and he basically you're saying. It's think. I don't like the fact there's not these characters in this dynamic where there is you just acting like there's not but they're they're all very it's just different call dude over the Christmas vacation one of the biggest things indeed history happened Doctor Who had every generation and for the first time in its fifty years. It's a woman that's gonna play the role of the doctor and so that it's always that big seen in him it's really just massive explosions and everything. When the doctor regenerates. And he he union and blows the whole thing up and then what's going blowing up or crashing explosions you see the new person. And here like I can't wait for this because it's gonna be a woman what's her reaction going to be for the first time in a female form. And the actress is so good Jody would occur and they're still haters I'm like dude. Yeah I was so I'm so excited for the new season and I don't watching Doctor Who for ever. And yet there are people here now I've still not like Tom Baker's dark terminal what do do you realize that's forty years ago pretty much you're talking. Gimme a break you mean you haven't liked to show for forty got him years really. While of them does dude that I'd pay attention more because I saw Star Wars and I really accessed over and like reading articles about it and getting other people's perspective on what they loved about it. The Ulster freedom perspectives of people. But talk about what they don't like him or scifi pfennigs to woods. Undertones of global political. Undertones in social call material in my. Hasn't size five and having social commentary underneath. They're scifi stories since the start of scifi exactly that's what size I was always good for they would always comment they were always comment on what's going on in the world today but they hide it by basically paying a color the skin of somebody putting in another galaxy right Anita you've got your didn't but it's always been political. Writes us I believe Roy goes to huge. Focus on the we need to instill a worrisome thing while I really didn't bother me I mean I mean it wasn't like as if there really being. Preachy about it is put women in a strong position which you know and lied about things have been these days I think that's a good thing Perry's character I think you ray I I'd they JC Ridley media issue deserves a lot of because. She I really dig what her character in the Arctic spin on she's a good actor and I didn't see gender I just see a great story about you know what they hero trying to figure it out for the finality pure and even really focusing on her so much as some that the other women had an idea puts a slight and then the person who took. Control our lord Turner's character yeah yeah okay oh is hot Wear purple hair. Well Laura turns are you man with a purple yeah yeah you should see her twin peaks. She was where it's a good color stuff going on oasis of good wigs on twin peaks to the the latest 10 lord Turner's yes she's she's the real deal. Yeah I skeleton could cougar natural hair look forward to address the real deal I'm with you dude she's sexy and I like and grandma purple hair kind of way doesn't this sexy purple Americana quite opposite there's a good sexy and actually was her twin creeks are out in the new needed to see her twenty. I don't know if it's her body double but we see something we see some believe we weird it's you know what I was wishing I was I was wishing I was. Carl McLaughlin memorably puts Betsy that's also my regular guy now thinking with your but then blow your waist yes I'm thinking around I was too recent to impeach him so hungry I'm even thinking about women in peaks of the amount what is our struggle to be its credit has beautiful women. But their food and start you know you're really hammered today I'm so hungry via meaning les. Dugard sunset trail now yeah big taste amazing dozens of countries and went back. I mean this stupid food that satisfying my hunger still prefer delicious things I would rather have a stake right now possibly negative we're okay. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW on the Vijay in an exit mornings on the Iraq. Point nine K I NW rock of Seattle's. This is on the loose you pick this topic you guys to show us. There are very interesting text message I ask you this text message again you can Texas 77999. This started dating this girl she's got tenure Jeremy about three months ago she's funny and super hot night and it's time in my life. Hi age difference not really big issue for either us well until now. On my golf. But I'm curious derivatives of the my girlfriend keeps calling me daddy. Or in bed together the first thing she did it I called her on it. She didn't he was weird and said it made her hot so I let it go but he's doing and I cringe every time is it weird Thermage as being over sensitive. Would you be OK are being called dead in all and a passion are you kidding me if anybody wants a sex talk to me and have sexual may they can say whatever they want big comic garbage truck as long as I'm having sex satellite which extract state college I'd rather begs no fuel economy gets a distant cousin. Tibetan protests seasonal workers today I could. The third cousin call me third cousins they go oh that's awesome. Oh yeah well I I I. I'm intercity with the DS this say about this is well below I hate that that is the lie and have a guy's you're really into and you guys in the throes of passion that you don't really. Makes me go to the next level as if you call me daddy you wouldn't and that's when I tell my pants back on a lock out the door throughout step dad he'll. She's six. For you I think you've been watching some videos over the break all of those thumbnails this summer because those I think clearly the white guys that think they can be all cool and like hit an ethnic like Emmanuel talked only do we are white the Wonder Bread come down I'm not your mother. You wouldn't call them what I would say today when you calm poppy now know poppy now I want every copy. I think probably sauces and daddy. Copies I am glad I never poppy seeds clearly as general Fred sotomayor's sane to. Say yeah please. Look I look you're not into and I Janet I mean I don't I look at it this way if somebody doesn't wanna do something I'm not gonna make him do it. But hey you know look at junior ten years older now and for whatever reason she lice on your daddy and I'm somebody able merely go to the psychology rush is your dad uses what she does if this is the way she's working the mound and have fun. Who cares is not having sex when their father at the age gap was closer. Would that be the last we heard. Only ten years old are singing some big problem I have is is still an older man admitted do you think you think that's getting in his head like he doesn't wanna be viewed as like the old and I'm almost is old is your father kind of even really ten years older but you know and I mean yeah. I could be eight I think that might be part of it too but it is a nickname or pet name of the girl could CDU that would gross yell like an X I would always eject billion had to get out to announce the name I hate when they pick. I don't eggs labor duties to call me do all the time and I need it and let Lou do in being yeah he's like hey do it like a panic if you're saying it as a joke that I'm can you please stop calling me that. He I can tell his face kind of CIA when you call people hunt I feel like I'm in a restaurant who Canucks. Steve Emerson measure that too I'm not easy or I'm. What's wrong I don't know what's wrong with solidarity and everybody has their own words and studies preview this and if I had a word. And finally somebody said award and I yard which we will do we are is slowly and you have issues yeah. Do this anymore. President Dana grow eleven years younger and I mean she does the exact same thing just embrace it he might have the best sex of your life. I think you'll be awesome I mean you know because the looked. I like the idea that I need to some meetings I can take care of them. I've I've never had that was my wife because we're in the same age group and and she's never looked at me like I can take care and so it would be nice that they can only I can actually take care of her may be myself. I recall of the emperor. Because there are no close is that. Still yeah I'd be all right well personally go local bikini briefs have from time to time from time it's not every morning yeah and age I mean that's that the girl accused only poppy every few sentences hostility that was awesome. Call me poppy anytime you want. Yeah like you wanna become popular locally about be well and I hear the wrong person and wind are my personal it's going to be like that. I went to this new play well it's new for his cell cinema an and around Kandahar tied to remember their name but it's like a coffee joint but it saw itself American herbal or Bolivian or something okay and I'm. Everybody seems to be south American down there I don't know if it was just allocation. But if any of them commie topping I would go back every day really I think its culture and our hearts and ally can delete. I don't know they get these cheese bread sandwiches that are unbelievable. And it's just I don't really Moscow the sounds delicious it's emotional guy Don could you can't comment poppy only Danny. I'm thirty. Poppy. And that's to wherever you have every dog daddy. Oh didn't. Do you know why because we've had on the megs cast that parity song volatile all players daughter yet it always creeps me out because it is our friend Ziggy singing the line to the whiners that don't call me big gash. Seattle. No intention of programs daughter it's a song called stepdaughter it's based on an adult movie we why is. Yeah there's podcast wears a stepdaughter. They don't seducing her new status as this podcaster viewers I think he's being investigated by somebody who know we're just we pay attention to this thing reading the articles man and I can we stop the different things got problems before they go crazy after he can't copy when I gonna do that kind of Michelle comic dog now both are I don't want anybody in the show coming pop this one day I would mind a woman no I'm in my wife's our economy daddy are popping and -- kind of funny different these numbers is that she's young and hot seeking commie JP patches. I think somebody has done that before. We look to Fremont troll. That's probably what I would be called Sosa is copier value weirdest thing and they would never ask you call amazing odds. Knowledge just usually because I think Spanish like he speaks Spanish to me and say things and sometimes I don't know what to say thank you sound out. So I just started playing random words like what I have to do today so it's like well later I'm going into the still Meyer. And then I'm gonna pick up you know my groceries in my prescriptions and they know I'm saying they can get hot I. I love that's funny I love the videos I just think it's were there rumors for expansion this is the woman who you know some people would think that what you like to do as strange as well somebody's at their own strange. It's like don't say that I'm not saying that it's not a sexy thing the for me I don't find it sexy because I don't speak. I got a Spanish and French cannot Saxony say speak and tell them Tommy's family French are both very sexy and maybe even here in the English action to bring the British accent is sexy to us for every. He drinks are to the studio paintings are moan don't bring my daughter in the movies I'd say anything she says no that was that this was actually a good day. It's a great Dane County an ally that's all gone now topping the no no no from the property. I just curious if your daughter. Muir when you're you know Jenny robbers as you like dad you call him that's not. She must sent OK and I hate all this now I should check thinking we've done is has anyone ever ask you do got our our call them something other than a name. Nobody I know I know sued totally be down I'm kind of downed zoo whatever and the sacks out. Okay odds of that is enough information and I'll tell you know IIINGA. Harlan none and that's what did you think when you call me daddy you do ask her or he called me mommy air. Your guy's name right I wanna call you mommy they did a little you know it is now weird tight and I never got the guy guys go with the momma though hey mom. You know yeah. That's that's really yeah where he married his Hollywood studios in the seventies setting up. Anthony Anderson and I think once called me mom. I'm mad and use real life he was nice to know when we thought we were a couple that went on. And today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come in to C minus in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help you. Where there were any basic questions that you have. How I can get your car back. I've been dealt schedule usually try to schedule you for a free consultation with me any good theater. Can only would you personally we'll talk about sure. Basically your case and I'll pay you for your question and answer session they usually rely on your view usually lasts about thirty minutes. I won't get the basics of your financial situation. I can answer your questions and we can talk about whether bankruptcy makes sense you're just on your non bankruptcy option. I am now bankruptcies could affect you processors. Thanks Travis did you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime. Had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.