BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-24-18-6A: Macaulay Culkin was on Ellen talking about how he still gets recognized from the movie Home Alone.

Tuesday, April 24th

News and sports. Today is National pig in a blanket day. A man was arrested for threatening to blow up a store on social media because he was out of drugs.  


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Take a look and ask did tonight my short circuit in my supplement it over the area couple where it's like it's going on down that was made billions of your finger on the button you know it's sixty. The artificial heart that I got now that's a that is. Hey Steve. Yeah your bunny who's my buddy Macaulay Culkin all yeah we're best friends colleagues took a picture and yeah yeah amid what does it take pictures of the madness friends deadly in some best friends and a lot of random celebrities strikes including Macaulay Culkin he was an L yesterday and calm I don't he's I mean we've got some other stuff but then there was the after show he talked about his best buddy Steve following after show quite appreciate that yeah but during the may show they talked about how he's still recognized McCauley call can still recognize from home alone. You don't really look exactly alike you look like you're still like four years old you have. Yeah how can a person with too much like himself Seattle again. It's a personal blessing what yeah same place so people wrecking it like always recognize you yeah against Canada christened a blessing right and I need to any restaurant I won't that are reservation but my neighbor when staring at me right now going along yeah. Because you did you see you still like marry until you when you think of all those movies when you think of home alone you don't watch it known that really and you don't go out of the house during that time so he's actually don't yeah it's my season gala Jenny. My holiday season actually go out like less of lesser of NB or do people come up to you and want you to put your hands on your face yet so my guys. What do you say to him. Now know. Ha ha ha well. I would have never thought to ask him to do the face. I doesn't believe and asked me when I posted a patient like did you ask him to do the face and then there's an obvious it is Mahmud jet looks like him doing the face yeah with the two hands over the cheeks did yeah. At that time. I can imagine that it would go well Avastin to deface. Men do the face of fear that before. The you know anyway it's itself because he's just living his life death he was promoting something if he was running around doing circuit whatever and I'm not really sure why I was on Ellen may be it may or may be his cronies podcast I. I feel like you've been stepping it up what is podcasts I think I wouldn't be surprised that was the reason why it was an Allen. Cnet's top leaders podcasts and its close on that Fiat C that is a tough one because then. You know you're asking people to promote view. And you're well known for something and I I believe then you shouldn't be upset but if you're just randomly doing your life and people come up in Duval like you know. He was scared that the wrestling thing could have been fanned just like you ya basically that I think you know if you see in him because I think the picture he's like sure. Yeah I think it's where to ask them to do the. Face Ted it's weird and just draw on there has been asked a million times a day imagine like if you are known for something when your kids and now you're herb how overload your fifty. And at least this. I see five times a day somebody's asking you to do that I can see there would be annoying they would have big you are known for that one time where you zipper was on six and may need to stand up comedy. The only thing I would tell you and everybody can I do club Vijay unzipped zipper got to take a picture. All right now I will say this. If Iowa's independently wealthy. Like Macaulay Culkin there I could unzipped zipper and how hard we I mean I'd say that I mean that's my Goodell now independently wealthy if you did on that does it yeah that's an and that's the only difference is is that you know point yeah I mean and Jimmy Walker you know same thing if you remember this guy from this totally you know sometimes arm and I know he was a famous guy in the seventies really talented comedian. Starve a TV show and his catch phrase really like circle like god and that his was. I and I think him and our goal if her goal you know once a while they're come on the show he's promoting something at some point how might our open Disney did I do that does Jimmy Walker would never do the dynamite he was like I don't do that anymore as the dude. Here you are a lot of money because of that you became a somebody because of that and like everybody in the country new. I wonder though they make you go back in time in. And this and you can go to some path in life and not be an actor and Burnett to live your life would that and you have to fear a new way to make money I wonder if they would go back to change the way that they lived. Sit there and had to deal with that kind of crap although I can't imagine that that's fun after a while. They had on an even though it's distaste Alfonso ribeiro. Karl am always I always wanted to do Carlton dance an advantage I guess she now hates going to Carlton dance. And what kind of money does he have I don't know CS and then Macaulay Culkin has said I got money I never have to work again Alfonso Ramirez got to be making mad bank he's now working on America's Funniest Home Videos now out or whatever America's funniest videos and see you're a grain of salt the net worth ten but it says that his net worth to seven million dollars. See what you call a caucus that or if that's what I wanna find out to seven million dollar school that's a good amount of money there's no doubt about it I know I mean it's a good about a month I guess you get guy he tries to protect its act yeah but if you know if you're and go McCauley call goes below the denim Macaulay Culkin looks at about fifteen million. It's no Donald called they see that now permits for double that's I'm going to call the fund Dublin Matt. How are you are that if I if I would fifteen mil I'll do the Carlton. But at seven million I think he's like. You know I EE QUE seven now how do I territory. It's easy to say that because we aren't in that position at lake golf course we would love fifteen million dollars and I'll do whatever you wanted it to fifteen million dollars to mention that there's no no asterisk don't do anything you want a low of fifteen million dollar to help us. Would you rather do the Carlton or have the Carlton do you let's just say that I said I'll do anything you want for fifteen million dollars what I didn't. For the rest of your life day in day out somebody to ask you to do the exact same thing and not just one person the day about multiple people wherever you go some music BJ do that they were your head to your face and say die in almighty. I think after awhile you would get sick of. I guess he getting sick of it. And then all I I think what I hope I would feel is like then there's that guy to say get up in the morning cold conditions while micron electricity to something in my daughter's boyfriend you know Johnny robbers. He gets up every day goes out in the cold working on the light rail. I think I can say dynamite instead of doing match up RA. What is few became famous because you were in a show with the dog and everyone comes up in who want to picture view with their dog. Every day multiple times a day could you do it. That would be annoying no doubt about it how much money my getting my get Karl mine. You know seven million against no seven million no etc. like I said look we did you you don't have to do the day it's a fifty million I'm doing the dance so Steve how much would it take. For you to do the dance every day and not complain all I said fifty million onto anything so yes you can look I know you do I don't think you wanna do anything does that get investor gets rough. Hot buttons there's a multimillion will fix that up back there. Yeah I a lot of sand and it's fifty million low via lobbyists say I get a lot of padded seats Steve you're a signature move would be passing out every time. Because of your old video yeah if you would be like Steve you that's how impressed they don't know I can't just do that can like yeah I can put my hands in my case it's just I can't I. And I guess I closed my eyes and just who have fallen people. Hitting golf ball number intentionally yeah that's that they vision that's your signature of I don't know I'm Vicky I would I'd tell you say and we thank Johnny Roberts is based on the city name but I get what you're saying but it's. I mean it's hard to. I don't know I mean would Johnny Roberts you okay every day semiconductor and say hey man show me your rubber suit. Why now. Yeah you never know what somebody's always be argued that you know somebody's personal with I think McCauley handle it pretty well known the interview because I mean yeah I yeah I ate it first of all. You know he was a little kid's heart even know like it does he remember much event. Today you know and is a completely different guy so yeah I get I can appreciate that. It's you know still Sistine Mel Allen how do you react when he says no I bet some people get weird about it. Now of course they do because they wanted to like I you know that there's no respect. You know like if you can't let go at that. Happened to me till we know and I wanna Hugo Weaving the star of the matrix he wouldn't he wouldn't use the voice to be used with mr. Anderson and right he was really offended. I don't know I felt he was offenders I don't know how to do that anymore like how to do that anymore it's been a star Anderson I can do it how difficult is it to her though it was a lame excuse the right to our most news I don't know I don't put anymore which made me love it even more yeah I do music you know he's an I don't know how to say mister Anderson anymore now. Yeah he probably gets a lot and you know what maybe he's not a fifteen million and net worth that's the other thing so proud I can I I get my pass I don't know what his net worth was at the time. But I only losers when mr. Anderson's networks Hugo Weaving who else do you go he's at thirty million dollars Yangon you know open for him and he's got a network of thirty million. Hey anything. Captain America movie user lord of the greens of course you can have money so the second fish do you weeding is nowhere near his famous is Macaulay Culkin no. Swim coach I asked me seriously missing you did at a young age. Yeah I get out. Why I would never thought they Hugo's make him more than Carlton and figured maybe as a new long lines a memo Clarke tokens parents had and to deal with a lot of that money as well. Wow. Now that's the shocker of the day enacted that if I don't tell you who he is. You know and I mean you you marry again I. Don't think projects they'll matrix even and then a law all The Lord of the Rings movies yeah I guess is a lot of money they're throwing. His way I guess you're right he gets a little pop to resume all those after I eat there I guess you're right I just didn't think he was get a lot of dough for that coming compared to like the other bigger stars. Because I mean immunity I eat again I mean if I say Hugo Weaving would anybody know who I was talking about in his room the only person breather very good point out. Yeah that is not everybody is as cool as Hugh Jackman that's changed that's very true what's his network. I find that out because you did this for us. I was swimming me and human scum. Hugh Jackman and a hundred mill city yeah what you over the hundred no point did you become cool again. I don't care. And those of you don't know because it's is a really amazing what happened. You know I Hugh Jackman saw a lot of stuff and here he hosted an awards show where he was basically see he sang that song. It was a montage of all the other was Academy Awards actually design a montage of all the Oscar winning movie's premiere like a little song and dance on it. And that was for slum dog millionaire. And then we got to talk to him not to long after that in the morning so this is he's an LA is like you know whatever 7 o'clock in the morning. And Steve just goes out hey man I love that when you did that song could you do informing funny enough I even had a chance to say could you do or from any I was in the middle sane and then he just goes all right. Yeah and that just Regis. On the phone you know it just goes right do it. I'll explain this to me and human excrement. Course and Casey's life the dead still to this day. Yeah as so it's like that's what a hundred million gale like he probably would I they he would put the hands up to the face if if Hugh Jackman was in home alone wouldn't I think his what you what you did it. But then again I don't know how many if you ask him to sing I would some sort of citizens this is the sort of embassy here and actually that's very true you might remember I don't I mean we don't really that was really sedated guarantee that saw he had some guys impose a rarity Assam over and over again I'm not sure that's one of his hits the the product when it was it's. Are we say about this dude who are threatened to blow up a grocery store. Because he was out of we'd c.s got the news four at 617. And makes more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW on the point nine KI SW rock. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well I can't even announced a bullet so this is news wins Steve mix. But thanks guys thanks to global foreign music getting this news and sports are not big day today for almost two who love food. Kentucky national pigs in a blanket today. Right another good pagan like you know I'll. No way you shouldn't go date meet then and. About a man in Oklahoma City who I love decided that threatens. The local grocery store recess well. On sports 10 yeah that's today's date there. That's the problem 26 show mammoon Cameron Taylor and yet on April 20. He posted this to his FaceBook page. I got a drug problem. The problem being I don't have any active drugs that's a problem somebody's somebody's a week before a blow up a press or Wal-Mart shopping center or some as. One of bizarre FaceBook friends took a break I seriously. You know maybe he wasn't being serious news news of I'll play anyways it'll be authorities in yes he was surpassed it. Threatening local Percy started fifteen games a week on April 20 yeah you gotta be careful man we really do. This is got to be a really weird story happened here in Seattle guy intentionally hit you people is car on Friday night softball. And the reason being suite two years old he says that he was trying to change his life can gather the job they needed. And he ended a three people with the car actually so that was his idea if you get tired people lose. Car he'd get out as Bryant dropped the bottle police officers says that the guy said to him the intent was killed just injured. He injured a couple moments seriously hurt one that the women that he heads. Five drivers CP and the influence of drugs or alcohol or anything like data points in the documents into the Houston clearly calmed. Didn't see confuse excited nervous or scared and spoke nonchalantly about the incident. That you're wondering where and how does this guy worked daddy hated it so much it's a new car. He works so wrapped me mad men's pants McManaman Anderson school is awful. And he says that he stopped just unhappy with his wife suffered from insomnia. And slept for three days. And also seemed relieved that he was going to jail they even ask him hey do you are you. Think there was weren't doing all that he says yes. Wow he's going to gel. Guys that should be on medication for a long time. That's teed off also was always some guys over another fury an area and he had left a note that bus stops seeking to buy girl's underwear yeah. And so must we already saw these notes he called up pretend to be a girl saying yeah also in my underwear. This 42 year old man values meeting a fourteen year old girl to purchase underwear from. Turns out of course it was the authorities and thankfully we get started because we announced he showed up yet begun a machete a TARP. I had kids and stuff take. That is not good thankfully there Flores and Paul White Sox and defeat the Mariners. Four she sees guys to my now 1110 right now the Mariners are now. Rock third place in the AL west contacts in them taking on the Chicago White Sox again make gains at 210 this afternoon. You can watch every exports and eroded the NHL hockey playoffs going nine night your your. Boston Bruins fan on the brink tonight. Being eliminated now on the day loss to Toronto three to one series tied at three games apiece today and tomorrow the hell's going on amanpour maybe they'll be joining doubles maybe go play golf together. And other devils got this thought oh god oh I didn't know that there may have come at all. Four games to one flowers this one again death. Nice take congratulations good event. And we're now on pace car right course it's. Fun to watch. I don't like the one of the top. I'm always rooting for car bomb outside yeah lots most of the capitals ended up on the new series out four games to 25 worldwide WHO. Good luck today Everett off over sixty. Do well. Could be tri cities pizza for the NL lead and series two games to one in the Western Conference championship series. Our weather Sunday five degrees and sunny today to be a nice day and they keep GOP golf. Boy you know Steve your goalie how do you how do you come back with him mutes when you went eight go by the post's. How do you get for the next MAU I guess you set to go game to game but that's wild I mean that's that's what makes those guys on the level that they're at that they can kind of reset their blame because yeah I I'm not I would imagine it's gonna be difficult but you know sometimes guys bounced back you have an incredible game after something like that. Talents it's looking good. Oh yeah yes it's looking good hopefully they continue that way. I don't know if you saw this. James I hands cliff gave an interview after Sunday's IndyCar race in Alabama. And he talked about how he peed himself as he was racing I thought you know these. She's older I get and the more that I need bathrooms closer and closer to me where I am I wonder about these dues that race. It's. You know I didn't come up in the interview I play as a good I don't know we'll see Yemen why spotter on your answer well us about that yet because he was still wearing that suit that he Pete himself then. While doing this interview is as great puzzles me is let's. James added is that you with the help. Well I was sitting mayor during that first read and I was begging to get just three minutes all you need three minutes we'll off the wheel on. And we got going again I was my legs are shaking I had to go so badly I can drive a race car like this so under caution and it took me a full app. It was a wanna put it at least comfortable strength is my entire life. I can officially Sam joined the likes of will power Dario frank eighteen other greats that if you themselves and their city itself you're talking to him and they just let himself. They're like this are. I. Yeah I didn't realize all those guys and unless I they had to back that is just boss. Yeah. You hear that those a lot of things for people like me a member of William Robert dowry when he played movie loosely worded in Oakland. When LA went home to raiders and then he runup playing with a C toxic he was known for urinating himself before games. They. Season menu here and if you knew if you're known for that who do you wanna touch that guy I think that was part of his. And you look at you like our team myself yes error an item that anybody come that growth in the Tora equipment manager has to handle that deadly game yea that's you better give Baghdad an awesome Christmas gift I agree ma'am that equipment manager who knows he's got to deal with I can only NHL debut date Kara liked the equipment manager guy does that mean you know bottom you know obviously it's gates and stuff to -- cities and black eyes and so a lot of those players give them facts that sometimes feisty your tips seasoning the idea that you think now at this point you know feel like a goalie just Wear depends. Right up possum for Sammy it's kind of like an extra cup isn't it yes it's extra protection extra possessions I hear is that we knew we go to. With those announcers I don't know there's just don't believe any of them like we needed those pay per views sometimes they can't get up and go to the bathroom there's no commercial breaks at all long run race they can't just run to a bathroom and come back so. Apparently. It's it's known that those guys is either they Wear diapers bridge is going to pants. Okay do the rest of the show that way all roads and no. That would be weird I can never do that job because I Larry yet that's exactly what are we have enemy I have three diaper now yeah even diaper not I don't know I'd want to do that. Yeah I'm witty dude. But you know what I guess him you gotta do I mean we've heard stories about you know musicians haven't they do both onstage yet another to sync concert now all of a sudden they got to go. You know a lot of those guys may when you think about people that party. Sometimes you know when you party you drink a lot and then you go on stage. And all of a sudden the bodies is they do do you know why you had a lot of whiskey it's coming it's gonna say you know what it yeah it's gonna go through area and your onstage what do you do. I guess she's got a yellow touch a lot of dudes it's a yellow that's I just had to go onstage. I'm very intimate as announcers they need to have figure out a science and how much liquid to take before a certain events they know that they don't have to. Yeah I don't reach item waters before. Ma'am. While it's not see that is and they they and that's exactly what it was swimming. Some races as common with a lot of these racers are some of them will work ambassador during long races like yeah what cat and are now there's an idea not a test is oftentimes starters we use a funnel and hose during a race. That's that's what you call. And that that that's said that's a down home rural catheter right there right. Now. I'm mom I you know what I can use one of those I think MIT and a catheter I heard a little uncomfortable scenarios do those with. That's right walked around like that little bag next to me you know you doing both that's what he's doing these days. Somebody Texans wanted to know how are you went with the wrestling on Friday poll I saw he had things are great I want an audio coming in from people wanting no I'll call him a big wrestling debut went. Couldn't gone batter obviously I can nitpick at things that happened during the match that I could have some batter but. As far as the very first time out there in front of a live crowd a sold out so box the places pox I mean -- hot as in just loud and Fuld and the reality of that crowd was seen on the fly and wrestler is a Cayman for a for the event just said the Seattle crowd and me is it's crazy how we're known for being allows opponents below at this and that it was wrestling is while it's it's got generals on the great reputation for being a place to come to if you wanna have a great experience as a wrestler. Well you know we're very very courteous and very in and anger and quiet for the most part they Albert and give us given the opportunity scammer ass off. It's like okay this put this is the place where we can rely on and we do it yeah I mean there's this news do news incredible it was surreal I why do I I I was really. I thought it would be a quick thing with fuel yeah NL and that would be it but fun match. I also thought I was going to be in there for a lot but then all of a sudden it became way more than I even anticipated even born of guys that was departed Mac cross is a flying guy don't loose underground he's been all around and on and at tough enough with the WB back in the day. Before the matches like Bob you have a lot of stuff going on. And doc for you guys how fast. I'm freaking out man I was a nervous wreck part or has your wedding and I imagine you must have been as you did have a lot he had to do and there was an end it but there's a lot of guys and once you step out and its performance on your nerves will go away I did I didn't believe them but they were right and what it's no different then when we do certain events. You're nervous to freeze get on a microphone Bellagio on the tiger when you feel comfortable. Yemen nobody's jumping mind I agreed on throwing you across the ring either do a suit it was awesome at my family there are a lot of friends of tunnel listeners who's gonna come better and we ended up our team went a disappointing. Yeah I saw that awesome yeah that was fantastic man I I real I was so I was really really impress a much has gone son of a gun. You know it is like he's really a big part of this man yeah I thought for sure they'd let you tag and for a little bit and you've gone on yeah. And did you at but you know you're honey. You're just I mean really you were all over the place is precisely for arming everybody really think you other clothes lines at gas are meant to your clothes line and everybody and notably also when you're you're you're you're asked to deliver you know what you samarra did you stay a lot of money. Came back and and if they don't want to watch some all of our hope blog don't put up out clips from the video from yeah from the performances check out the beat him makes it part of Cassidy not commons next few hours on that up. And I got no I really I really like your altitude news thanks me and then it looked good shout out to a fine company in orient classy disaster kits and arrested and name but yeah. They're classy. They're very classic they're awesome if you're into cost playing stuff don't see wrestling curiosity like I know Vicki didn't intend and rabid. All the other crew love going to the comic cons and and all the costly stuff they do incredible costly stuff too. Yeah you look good men and attendant human being no idea you I was thinking Amanda is kinda undertaker she just all in black he had cousin may have. You know what that way when I hit gold number one no one would know nobody would know yeah yeah I did it's perfect. Well yes say. Yesterday the wrestler. 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