BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-25-18-8A: Jimmy Kimmel had Scarlett Johansson on talking about a time she accidentally flashed someone on a plane.

Wednesday, April 25th

Facebook Drama. “Bad Birthday”. A woman goes on social media to complain about not getting any gifts on her birthday. U2 wants fans to try out a new app during their concerts.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. The driver sizes is important so you get back and forth to work. Get your kids to school and back and forth to daycare he delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy and everything is an army discharge but they can be dealt with the new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back we're going on the road and just as I Planned Parenthood to restore your license and feeling. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me instead choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. That's why I G is a Little Rock to Seattle last night Jimmy Kimmel. Not surprising because he's ABC guys realize that Jimmy's gonna get the avengers people on there because Disney ABC all buddies. I'd imagine living in a pimple to anywhere gas trying to make as much money is humanly possible you know Jimmy's gonna you know Jimmy's gonna have a money did. And the so the cast of the new avengers movie on his show last night demolish show. Scarlett Johansson and she plays black widow shared a story about a time. That she accidentally. Flashed a stranger while on a plane. Are they using the bathroom. In the yes and I guess I ended up locked the door happens I went back to grab the toilet fever and my entire blink. How about. And a guy opened the door and you look down on you like you they didn't like owe uncle. Yeah I got in the it short and took off. Open the door and walk past the entire Olympic. And people that all deserving guy could well. Like Olympus yeah aren't. I'm to a flying start. So he saw the goods and some of the downstairs owed to me ha. Men and everybody knows it's her as an example not see that sure does this kind of wanting nods I want what she's having and she has. Why did post today as the greatest day of your life. I mean seriously I hate to come we euros is Scarlett Johansson Tressel you're a guy and you get to see lady parts of any kind I don't care that's always greater say in my life. It's just weird though imagine that say you did you feel like juicy mania like there there are. Friend or your wife or your girlfriend away Eric. It was so hot you know fully what's happened to me you're not gonna believe this gap while. Stamp. That's a beating us Carl's got a good sense if you were about anyway. Now that DC in the avengers that's a question always gets you Scarlett Johansson yeah I got like almost to Sharon Stone moment I am I did say that what we got to find out as you know one of us actually has been so crazy about this movie as you know all we ask a key I think you can't wait. Arabs there's huge avengers that's huge avengers fan. Yes so other rep got to go see a press screening yes in the morning like typically he does a mis cast is me on Tuesdays after the show when he bombed out at 950 before we were finished beat him big he was out the door to go to a screening to see the avengers. That somebody would deal a solicitor wraps yeah you know what and this I actually would remind them wouldn't mind seeing this announced perfect time a day for me as well knowing Bagram around. It wasn't my invitation into gear and I was aghast. So I didn't have that I was guest did this because Uggla who you are kept in America's guest absolutely. I end then the person mark who is on our special Wal-Mart of Tokyo's main job he told me does not know where. Bread and butter now I'm. The only person he would take because he knows how big of a fan I am tell me you know what they just what time you know what he's done so so yeah I was there read his status. All in all NS yeah okay our Ed I'll accept that he yes. Doubtless stay out so it no it's. Yes and no sand no Suzanne notes would be family and most I don't act calling it's seen its analysis center. I so you did see famous nose learn yes I did. This movie was. Outstanding. It was everything I could of possibly dreamed in a movie and more. Okay how are your fists. I was seeing the movie I wore my golly I wore my sandals hoodie I wore my T shirt that is a game with drones fan knows the game of us stones mashup sort of thing I I was fan boys out and really go to the theater wearing your gauntlet yesterday didn't know how hard is it that you would that then I had to sit down next to meatballs okay but yeah I like there's two people dressed up. This ad discreet because it was a press screening it was myself and hey I think an eight year old boy dressed up like I. That's awesome yeah man yeah you went to a press screening and you were assured China yeah yes yes in this wasn't even one of those ones where they let in everybody to drag the theater this what does justice critics' screening strictly media absolute and they kinda they they just just like when you're at the ballpark if you go to the press Boston going to Wear colors in route. They wanted to required I kind of think the press trees kind of firm that way they they like to act like professionals well I'm sure red turned the lights off of his obsessed guides you'll here's the thing I have too fast I had to infinity Garnett I have one that is the light up legends wind that Ed makes all the sounds and other ridiculous mess out there and then I have the one from San DO San Diego comic con that is neat Jay is just foam it doesn't line up Bernie thinks fellow like Coke cans yet exactly but it doesn't make any noises doesn't do anything so I brought that one instead and no it's not the movie got laid is the comic book got -- but fell eight point. I wanted to bring something like that. So you're you're you're you're you decide as a fan boy you would still be conscientious absolutely. Gap and actually I'm going to see it again tomorrow night owls and in muscle going to be seeing it on Saturday who are old and you're not hearing that's overkill no god no no I can Blake I can watch IPO and watcher right now. They give someone sales go watcher right now and I had a chance I would be like anger and got a good Mel you Wear your other special Frist for the next screening or no no sounds no light on some for that one I won't be a total jerk but I'm really excited to see this in a theater full of people full of and CU fans. Because I wanna get that whole crowd reaction when you the marvel cinematic universe. Since you are he had yet anybody's watched all the movies. Guess whoever you rate is similar on all the I'm CU's. Is he top movie wondering how well wanted to blood cancer better than black panther. It is Saturday a daredevil. While yes. Absolutely yeah yeah clicking on Saturday catwoman. All of us you know you're you're you're really pick in the good runs yeah like this is this is outstanding scandals is a wonderful villain they do him justice. I can doesn't look too weird like to see GI thought maybe you'd be a little strange mile curry looks fine. And just Rolen is amazing well it's good to have a good actor you know I'm Josh holds a good actor that Beverly house 100% as a brain now on round tomatoes it's getting 87%. Corner reduced while and I. I'm 110. Pounds that's very high drama that's how does highest on there or the movies and Tuesday no and I think part of the problem is eight is really long it's two and a half hours that is long and don't drink anything before and there's not really any time for you to go. Go to speak. Pee break. And I'll probably check of Iran. 86% on rotten tomatoes yes and I can understand why because I'm when is a great movie by like in my iFanboy A issued an arrest. Absolutely. Like this one like black panther is like a nine out of ten in this one as a nine point five out of ten conferences is the nerd powers are strong with this one. So wherever he gave you extra screening tonight at this summer and even talks. Are. You gonna tell us and horse stable we're off the hook I thought the opportunity sit at SLA yemen's allies on Madeleine. A man you know we wanna go do you go to a theater and even talk tonight so I know he'd want to ask you got going on sound sleep together is that sleep resist for we need yes you're not Iran's equator some kind of leaning. You really love this movie CC right now points tonight and now has been a little no little hyperbole there. Disney is just man there taking over the world yeah and then part of there's so much going on in this movie like you need to at least be familiar with the the hole and all of the movie's lead at that led up to this day seventeen or eighteen movies cause I need to catch up on seventeen or eighteen movies now. This being here it's I would figure may be in order to be familiar with the you need to watch like all the Captain America movie oh Mossad really easy asks like AK you're just religious Myers summarize it for pays a couple videos out there online that you can just get a quick summary of health going on dusty outpost goes and you get excited on the BJP nation page actually did you ought to share to be region mixes well I do my alarm. Well no what is the basis are shown on his knees it's merely honestly I'll be in the avengers. I because I think your read there's no way that guy I think it's such a blockbuster you from the film there's got to be aware that somebody who maybe hasn't seen all the marvel movies you're still going joy and image the stories they are outlined the story line pretty quickly and it gets right into it right away if you had never like if you're Danny and is only seen black panther. In forty X you're gonna be sitting there line. Who sat what's going on what's that what's going on late you're gonna be confusing to be the jackass is sitting there asking questions in the middle of a movie that's also makes you do that now why is this guy important op. Well I said let me look as far as I know would say this dude just wants a collective bunch Iraq's. Right and the rock serve and the rocks around a couple on earth cup warmer and other places like that's about the most basic way you could put it but sure throw momma from the train Minnesota coins it's rocks yeah. I got it from our from the golf let's throw rocks and out. Charity at. Yeah a bunch of superheroes trying to stop them right. Yeah gas is he say why he wants all these rocks always don't have them dead this all right then so we pretty much know that the bad guy wants these rocks he's got a reason all of Earth's mightiest heroes are trying to stop him and everybody's doing it always amazes they're gonna seed in four DX I can't wait are are you only get about Barack zero chance now. First stop -- his first start and first like to minute thing that they doody show you what forty X is about the beginning of the movie when we win -- black panther I almost peeps then yeah right now we want to motion sickness imaginative New Zealand for the red eyes the whole movie this to a half hours of that all in all my god no role you know waited they do these super hero fights it is more comic book he did any of the other comic book flight movies are really all and all that early Anderson to see act and it still is still keeps the humor yes like everyone who is funny in any of that those of armed the movies are great Chris brightest star award is amazing. And just the interactions with all the characters is just great for what I heard I heard that if you really interview with the if you see for Iraq and Iraq which is a fun movie anyway that's a good launch into this actually I would say it's like to based Orion rocket black panther will help you lead into. Any so restoring Iraq's ultra rental I'm good thanks. You can see avengers I don't I don't my decision let's kill Lennon because I wanted to go have a bonding experience of my coworkers. Well must nice. I know Steve somebody you know this has been years it's been six years in the making it was the first night and I were talking about it for six years. Ten years in the making because I can't clean. Ten years yeah why yes yes I love seasons the first male avengers OK so you're saying I see yeah you're right man it's a long time. They're it's quite an epic said a company was able to have a plan like this for as a make it happen that is amazing to me yes because you. When you make a movie any kind of movie you ever plan then you find out the guy you know it didn't sell whatever and or order flops. I think in the matrix that was a big plan they had in night nobody chaired by matrix two and three stay real see everybody hated him. This is even ten years now split NN long years. Well no I mean it did such a wrestling storyline I mean I don't press addressing storyline goes out about wrestling for ten long years. I I. Jerk they go got a new survey. Has on the new wrestling or. The eventual and more about the fist man. Well does have to do with love XX some reassessment comes in the play with this once we've. Three quarters of single people in this usery said that. Being able to have a good conversation with someone is more important are looks now you know my superpower oh great here Rio against. Good conversation and not cry cry if I know Vicki I have great conversation people you know maybe you may not be interested but no let women. Women gimme two thumbs up. They don't I don't know what they're true thumbs up somewhere yeah they do get used to patella knee and say that but you know what a lot one big me when they conversation I heard that size it that's all love it when someone says tell me about your relationship with your father dad he gets there. You know it it gets there 60% women that I want people say it's actually possible to fallen loved. After just one conversation now come on jets 60% of people say that. That's just. Maybe you you you're enamored with the person after one conversation you and obsess over the person but I don't know if it's necessarily fall in love hello everybody I'm I make these surveys I know you don't matter you do you agree with. Kind of happen MA yeah you song love after one conversation then. If I'm going to be honest with your wife's death okay yeah we'll have a conversation about relatives about how awesome I am I don't know. Have I mean it homemade delay started and I I honestly think I can't remember idol here's what I remember I remember a conversation I remember how it ended I remember that she said Charles how she loves me a second date. Second day she says so I knew she fell in love what may be. Second base. And I can tell by looking at that she was MBS and I was like whoa this is trickery it's it's scared Alameda as a light Weyers measles and for all of slumps stuff. You know. But then that's you know that's Kathy Kathy this is like here's what I've taken right now with some let's say it I'd love to know the conversations at the 60% of people had that made him on love. What are the conversational list. If dad is true. So what would this no conversation that would interest you that I don't think anyone can fall in love after 12160%. Slightly foam lost it and then eventually becomes love or view are now really narrow murdered someone and and it's a good big. I don't know take it. It just seems a little extreme to fall in love with someone I mean I think everyone you first hang out with Europe just really into yet then after. X amount of time weeks months go by either realize you're sick and aircraft where you're really really let this is the one. I can happen and one day I don't know what love is really when they just define it because. It you know relationships change devotion whatever you wanna call it loyalty whatever you feel a kinship. I don't know you know I really I really don't know is that that's why I was really kind of dig in the new lost in space because both parents weren't getting along. But they love their kids know I feel like when you've got blinded. There's something there about loving your kids your blood and your relatives like your Brothers sisters mother those are blood but don't spouse they're not blood that somebody completely different. And so and those are use of the people don't get along like they love their kids they love their parents and but. Don't hate each other and you know when the divorce goes whenever 50% of it was going to be kind of hate each other when it comes divorce like that so. Data to help love is Steve your right is probably just I don't know that. But I got the top five conversation buzz kills the familiar chances on the day Alison these mean you won't fond of each yeah and I've never done this because on an expert okay yet so I just wanted to know. And you know me I never do this number one and this is negativity never about. Yeah yeah. So far one for 141%. Of people said that negativity is a huge turn off that it's actually 59% don't mind it. District summer Eminem I go without more than fifty members own sort of soul pocketing characters they're saying. Number two on the list is something that I've never done neither side did you guys can agree on this talking so much that your date taken award in all yes. Did I met lake. On paper the perfect guy legs he had a good judge used funny news sweet and he loved nerdy stuff like when. Anything Marley movies everything he was into it okay. I could not get a word in edgewise when he came to any of the marvels that be just kept going to owning owning going in a bit O I NN it a no no okay you're still talking. And then I realized after today it's yeah I had not said anything that you are dollar when he goes to see movies yeah. I don't know how quite that bad I don't let people talk about their freedoms as well. Tension times and I mean like I would imagine. The guy he would shut the hell up yeah and I just like I like ninety minute town that Pedro. Could shut up and obsessed with youth. I warned that MI just going to be talking throughout the whole night. See sometimes and sometimes guys will do that they go to report mode they just give you a report and they don't even care if people are digging what their sand. And and it's like that's a bit and that's a horrible thing you sit there and all of a sudden you had hit a subject that guy knows about. Denny just goes off like he's given your report and yeah it's a one sided conversation. Never went out again. I don't blame you Vicki Goetz stated David the art of a great relationship is good communication. Steve's got and he grunts and his wife doesn't he's always like to Barca now I'll. Yes she can read his language. There three is controversial topics doesn't turn offs like politics and religion he now who does that a lot of people why it's a date I know but some did I mean look at FaceBook. I still pay any kind of eerie. Actually some people now they are conversations in social settings and people love to talk about those things otherwise try to keep coming up is as. Talk it's a subject that people shouldn't talk about the unity people keep great crossing that line and doing. Cheesy one liners are also things that turn people off my fill out the right kind of person can get away when that. But it's all night don't doubt ask Austin that's your point. And then finally uncle Chris this explains a lot using too many big words just seems Smart yeah yeah buddy that's a turn off when I know I get. Man. Oh look at these claims wedding rings. It. How yes sir did you guys click edit his wife finds that the turn on us you know why because he met her bookstores yet they were and that's when you point SAS and federal Nancy that's a captive audience. I have a question for you what happens when someone goes on social media to complain about not getting birthday gifts Danny. Yeah you know what happens to another edition of FaceBook drama Gary Gary paid a seventeen. On the rocks. And they X mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine SW the rocks above Seattle. I'm BJ at least we don't try to ride became plumbing heating and mechanical. And once again is our opportunity to put up this idiot senator on FaceBook status actual FaceBook posts. The drama unfold because it then yes we are going to acted out so this time around playing the roles of the original poster. BJ you'll be Lily okay than regular old Jessica street Gerri you're Tommy hang TomTom. Mickey you'll be lazy. I'll be Adam. And Danny you'll play the role of Olivia her day all right so once again Lilly easier original poster so Vijay please take it away. Yesterday it was my birthday and I love the jets got nothing. No gifts no slow is an act. Right. Who. Only days maybe you should look at mission reflect on yourself and ask what is probably if you pass tag look at America it. Sudan. On this Jessica chick just got you by no west. And hash tag truth bomb dropped. Amount and just. It's your birthday because I. I just sit at this stage it oh but many people don't like you and that's why you don't dig gifts is what I'm saying. How hot and can now that is house tensions bomb being dropped as much bomb. Be the truth and new. True so it's just an act now. Lilly it's trail big arena and eating get jacked it's for your birthday you're kind of a terrible person and no one really likes GM's. Just because I don't throw some would you. Lord and doesn't make me a terrible. La Z and not get out there at all hey. Wow that's him I don't less CO LO well allow it. You're a threesome with her webcast boyfriend and brother but won't sexist media. Maybe you are terrible person. Rick didn't tell me and I yeah similar yeah see I am my life. He's just for dodging that bullet tank no attention on the. Eight oh well I'll tell me something bad. Hash tag were slim Libby is life. Pay and there are a lot of truth bombs I mean that was a truth war. There's just thousands. What happened back in the past wow. Yeah I you know I'd say it is suggesting it may it may never know exactly what somebody did that really makes him hated and then finally got a big bomb drops yet threesome with a brother in the boyfriend that'll that'll. Is soft the girl did you expect when you drop there and Europe set with all of your friends that nobody thought you birthday gift I didn't think I was going and he this did you see how somebody just somehow doesn't think that that big bad thing that happened won't be brought up and right anyhow or that everybody should forget the big bad thing that happened is like now that's a big bad thing that's going to be within when you're sharing all your friends you're not buying you a birthday gifts you do you take there was make all crap. Are bad. Wool pulled the other much money am I your car yeah we'll forget the fact that you bring my boyfriend and my brother sure you're writes yeah. How. Yeah people. Steve YouTube you know that and I do. They want fans to hold their cell phones up at their concerts which is something that some people like really why would you want to do that I wanna go see this show somebody's big fat arm up there and I guess they get they got an app that fans will be able used during their tour which was supposedly enhance the experience. Although it involves you looking your phone not a live performance through but you know what. People I've got to stop saying what is good for you pulled two can do you'll look do you could relate to the net that you can't say that anymore. It's now it's unfortunate I I just hate being stuck behind somebody who has their phone up the whole time because it's distracting. My eyes just gravitate towards their damn phone in the next genome watching the concert do Verifone. An example in my doing an idea I don't know why but this is something about it that they got released. Yeah at least lower the that the light on your phone so that would be nice as dim as humanly possible it's a great idea you don't means a slow less rights less annoying for everyone around you for your right mad at this point everyone's following everything. I can get worked up about anymore I personally try eight. I get a couple pictures and I just told myself if damn phone in your pocket enjoyed the show. If you have the app at the show for the U2 show you hold your phone up and pointed the band's 100 foot long LED wall. Campbell trigger a quote especially traded audio visual experience emerging through your mobile device fun for people on acid isn't that interesting so you wanna get it you don't be distracted Steve guess what the phone is gonna distraction when they point towards that LED want. Hot talk about a Bennett's decision nor have we can't beat them join them death. I'm interested to see how this works because it could add something cool to. What's going on and in the in the life performances it was weird when we went to wrestle mania Kevin and I for metal shop and you know all of them bring introduction to watch him and everything seems fine if I. I realize that they were doing some crazy 3-D stuff for people watching on the network oh really so. Think this does it Wear masks removing and faces were moving on the screen Falwell RSX. Is a regular intro side but I was. It's kind of interesting that that was going on I wouldn't be surprised at some point and I'm like hey if you want to experience. The three moments of those that do ring introductions claw your phone and do that. You must you can like Nostradamus because they're saying that the U2 show you don't have to be at the show. To do this tough if you have the app at home you can point to camera true that you choose album cover for songs of experience a quote. Get a taste of what's coming up on the show. Wow. Man so that's a YouTube is trying to find a way to make things cool for bands from around for a long time might not already paid their fair. And tonight we need to fear and a way to get people apply more their cellphones and more of our fans did Forester de music on their once iPhone once yeah I forgot about that or what if I get in the day we we we talked upon Allen twenty years music on his last dying breath or some pages says. Yes towards the end of our career we did everything just controller since I wouldn't together and why not what the hell right so would be funny. British for an album on your phone and everything is free but you can't even get it off of your phone without. Go to a point oh oops what you want it you know I mean really you think the body go live show some bands. Watching them is not the greatest thing in the world some people say that about school I disagree but I know a lot of people who aren't. A fan of going deceitful lie because you don't do waiting onstage but to me. What they're doing onstage the performance is watching I mean there's just so talented as musicians that I gives his own you know what Danny's doing our. What matters of yummy like Maynard isn't the front man in the census count to back man yeah he's got to hang out towards the back with a drum riser. But some people like that so. Maybe adding that component to a tools show added visuals always do right if they do those Alex great type of visuals are you kidding me it would be co. Ole hole yeah that would end it and those guys are amount art I forget which one of them draws a lot of stuff for the album's gonna write an album covers and stuff. I don't know who it is but Tom. I could see tool do something like that that would be awesome. Because that's really what it is and you give people go to raves I mean isn't about even mean the muted to the music is there but they don't care whose play and it's a much as they're just close to him their asses off your friend. For some there's a light show was the star yeah the actual obviously DJ. Sometimes you don't want want mom would kill what can they do other than just dead Derek and Bob her head in and hit play. Everyone's so why did see that does bands that have pyro and you know that their data whenever they can they slide out into the audience and down days sometimes adds it's become more than just watch and a bunch of guys play. I agree with you though about tool to suddenly we really did plus live music being there. Experiencing the music has is being made is the vibrations hit your body there's that's different than watching a been typically a pretty cool visuals leave with the lights red out video screen and the band themselves aren't necessarily doing anything out there and I'm jumping around not doing like Qatar flips or whatever but. There's something pretty damn awesome about the signing vital what tools does lies plus if you goes tool and you know you have the right beverages as you well. Yes is that there's not a role that either so this is Eminem has VR now for his shows. On the Oprah says it is an interesting point about we just people filming stuff that's concert from president not his friend thought the seed Temple of the Dog in Seattle. Com a year and a half ago they recorded a few songs are all things and from South Carolina a year and a half a better courtesy sons and their phone and Steve did on FaceBook. And that was the only way I could see the show is awesome and it changed my mind about having your phone during a concert. So bootlegging. Yeah. Again I get the bread or honorable what about all the people pay to be there and had phones in the face C I understand what that techsters saying but that's sources say you know what that that's our societies become. Thank people think you should do stuff for them they don't even think of the masses they just think. Change this makes this do this for me. We see in the world of video games you see in the world of movies where. The they're really extreme fans go you should tailor this for me it's like well you know there's more than just you watch in his right. And they don't care how awesome ever have a good point I can't see tool doing this because Maynard Dodd and went with a perfect circle I believe another dance. He'll keep that they'll kick you out if you're using their failure for the show's ever strict no phone use policy. So you. They view for those again are pictures of it on purpose or gore told during an I would imagine perfect circle does Alaska any toward with it was a difficult thing to do because the securities job was to watch him make sure nobody was using their phones. I there's a lot of people would agree with that the particular sentiment as well you know don't let it get kicked out I think you'll who is a little extreme and it's tough because he you know Maynard that's again you choose not fighting and I think he got to realize. It's a whole new generation and there's people dig in your music that. They love their phones than let's say it's a tough one I you know I'm old school and I just like to watch I'll take videos of any thing. I never took videos of my kids I mean I've I really I took I took pictures of them but I just wanted to be there and be in that moment and now the side and iMac kind of guy I don't like to. Two videos or pictures a whole lot Susan I miss the show yesterday you guys talk about the kiss face guy at the Foo Fighters concert we didn't talk about it I did see the video the video all credit I have not seen as they do well to fan up on stage dreadful case. He's paying on it being used Gene Simmons a high school a bloop hit that him play a guitar. For monkey wrench and don't want the the Foo Fighters songs. And they skyway is insane my keys running around him. Hammy it up when the crowd and you can tell Dave was just thoroughly entertained by what this guy is a video digest of the kiss member just banging his head playing the guitar. Had a great time they're pretty awesome like this is his moment he's like I'm not let go at this moment. As fantastic art at you right up the guy go he run suicide is staged this kind of knew some basic and love for the crowd did these old school Mets also are scraped home while those funny videos hundreds of my case series FaceBook page right now yeah that's a thing to man you know I love the bands are doing this more more just let folks from up and play as you know a pain in the grass you're going to be doing now Stone Temple Pilots I know thanks reminders thanks for anymore nurse in my system that's going to be nuts to do I have to say they say that you should really stretching get out of your comfort zone. And lately with the wrestling and can now play STP. You really have stretch yourself I gotta give you credit man as the body from my old that lived in my block and a. A kid that's the guy that introduced me to wrestling it is simply a FaceBook message and saw the video is like man in he works for fox. Fox sports so he has to do a lot of really cool things in the world of sports he goes you know music before envious of what I do for a living is that I have to admit I am envious of you right now. For all the duress and stuff since that's caused this oh Palestinians going to be. I don't even know how to put that into words that yet. I mean it's just to dude did put my head around the fact going to be a postage due to Leo Brothers. Playing my favorites until pallets on which is sex type thing. And I and I know the rookie year and I homey Glenn from window pane easy replying to you guys are good there's no doubt about you guys you would still you know be up performing their song with them right there. Nerve wracking yeah I it's got to be nerve racking even I don't white river amphitheater that's the biggest crowd ever would get to play drums in front I think I thought about that he had. Thanks yes I know. Saw sons are not is awesome but it's terrifying I guess it all I'm with ya a 100% not not even trying to troll you are in Austin and terrifying at the same time I I do get that. We ended. Those are experiences man that well Ali and you just like you liken rotor heaven he's 120 teams and senior for you so far thanks to knock on stuff. Okay. I know there's the stuff right there. All right we spoke about this earlier in the show we talked well you did because we're trolling rev life. Is avengers as good as catwoman yeah you and me this guy. Yeah out. And of course that's the big joke tell when one of the worst the superhero movies ever made in a lot of people's eyes. And Halle Berry was asked about this that she would be if she could do it all over again. Would she do cat woman and she says yup she would've mainly because she got paid a lot of cash. We understand when when it first was announced as Halle Berry was hot yeah she was one of the heroes yes. And so when they say Chalmers coming out a lot of us had high hopes that you want Halle Berry right now that that's what a great that's fantastic let's see what they do is you look great McCann look whether or not you like the movie. You have to admit she looks phenomenal on the cat woman out yes she it'll look like he could be good it's unfortunate that it's just let it is bombed the way it did. Because it was a miserable failure I remembered that we took a bunch of people. To see the movie and we ended up doing a mystery science theater 3000 we all just made the best of it because the movie was that bad everybody was just yell on and did so we decided salty jokes during the whole playing power shows that's understood and like come on guys keep it down a really during this movie nobody said it and I that's the funny thing we got out our awareness or fear packed full of people. And we definitely made lemonade out of lemon of that movie was. To be a really fun movie experience because I'd never been in a theater is basically doing the jolt thing with a bunch of people where everybody was on board with that. But yeah I Campbell was a bomb. And is she said it wasn't a failure to her though she said I met some uninteresting people that I would have but I would lament otherwise as is that I got that gift I got a job. Blank load of money that changed my life. She is Emma she got the very reports online say it was in the neighborhood of twelve to fourteen million dollars at the time which that's good money did they make that much. Tell us what you know moviemaking that's a really inmates like about eighty million and they had alleged a hundred milk yes or should it be she paid her way. Which by the way eighty million Shiite two point one great showing and I have news for you eighty million I was because of her. Yes yes it was because of her was a world why I was worldwide it was what once it itself was a hundred million so they didn't actually know. Yes an off Arnie then make money but now you know why is as far as she paid for her salary because that eighty million was her. There's no we don't we you'll see dad pile was hurt I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed it because there are exactly as I know she's I know it's not senator money but I I I didn't. Message anger and he should tourism movie you don't have high standards for a lot of what I don't really put your right. And I bad movies you a great movie you're not that crazy about which is interesting like hi I thought all right maybe Stephen be different if he saw a great great movie but you see great movies you like yeah it's good and save response like to cattlemen it's like. Great or horrible you like okay. I escaped from my reality for an hour and a half to two hours and to me that's the success yeah that's why you and I are different the way music kids she was the Wayne movies and I think I I like that's a great way to put it I can understand that because there's no band and I'd ever see that I would ever go yeah I mean I enjoyed them but I had nowhere near heady experience you do troop. But at the save by panther I was blown away by that really but at first vice Versa since threw it I was like no. This is good but is not new is also as people make it out to be in the news a moment there's a shift yeah and I think most who know land and then I was like okay I'm and this is great but I'm glad you got it yeah yeah which is so unusual for you. And you know what I would love to be able to make a crappy movie and get paid fourteen million. I seriously we we think about that a lot of a lot of celebrities and how high do you feel how bad is that something I'm Night Shyamalan has made a career at that yeah. I mean all I need it was don't want all your little one and then bone. Did you get paid IE I have to pay me for craft as much as you want. It's just like. I DA's own citizens going on when our Kurdish right now thank you appreciate Portugal. No that's the thing has so far no one's really give me the fourteen mil to put crap out there. I say Steve he was not able to get this one right which river may agree in canyons. The river quiet now it's it's simply don't. Ms. Never move amaze me ever is rumored I didn't know that their wrestling great to ms. that is on river that's pretty good there live when that happens Steve I think we were looking for the Colorado but. Can't wait to go right misery for. I shot a BCD got a 206 fortune one rocks deep mix pays 47. On the rocks. 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