BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-25-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, April 25th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney Carlos Pena Hernandez talked about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is trading at helps hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. Yeah. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle. For any pain and address when he eighteen Friday others from the fourth. Saturday August 25 and Sunday August 26 white river everything react first time ever pain is going to be taking place over three days. Can I waits twice answering your CC player one day Allison change another day in and said falls the other day Seattle lineup this insane. Tickets are so right now you want that full lineup go check it out amazing. Amazing lineup. And of course because just because it's about who each ticket so benefiting the psychology foundation. Supporting pro James efforts and homelessness or Seattle three big days pain in the grass you want more info K hi SW dot com. Game. Sure I mean. Instead it. Black it's black Wednesday. Even though Steve was the master lacquer earlier today Gloria soundly defeating his opponents thank you watch everything could change because it's an all new game yeah buddy ski tour contests that we got Dylan and Everett Dylan you there's sir. Yes yes I am excellent what is he playing for today's Steve cesium primus and mastodon need your primary Clark on June 22 gonna KI SW dot com for all the details still inching up primus macedon get you tickets. Now at any excess stock car Aristide error. For those playing at home Dylan will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions and delegates Vasily want but you'll only have three guesses for question. Are your reserved. Yes I am ready. What decade did Marty makes like go back to win back to the future. Okay needs to know. It needs to be asked. I write is also known as what kind of goals. Mars and and is made out of which Brown's next. All right yeah as what's fictional pirate remains a good Jolly Roger. Yeah what's the name of barbie's boyfriend it's going to get asked aides had a nine tales this one titled what I meant. Well welcome to you as how many fielding positions are there is baseball. Not yet as to which you wish you west des tardy Catskill Mountains. Located. Did you talk to note. I don't know. What you're in the late nineties saw the release of the first Harry Potter books. 98. Now. More than one Q3 45 new guys correct CNN whale since average. Yeah yeah it's a good score there may be different labs DR do well brother you're on the what do you see you on the level. Dental and I don't know how it's an insult to unload the I got a long time ago I don't memorize those bodies. Plausible that tells us yeah I do remember Dylan. I know I think just when you normally answer was it was a high you are the gonna come back with all your snappy one line are you hi usually whatsoever on members I'm dashes and loaded insular. For the poor although I did see gymnasts. Mario would subject that's Wendy says every down at the last minute and that's it out on the good to have the death. Exterior ready. What dictated Marty looks like go back to a back to the future of the 1980 five's nowadays know. Fifties and Hulu library and also known as what kind of cold. Though lies yeah. Pyrite is also known as to what kind of goals blast knelt right now extinct I don't Martin's band is made out of which grounds night. A whole lot of cash used to Obama asks what's fictional pirate commanded the Jolly Roger. Did you talk to hope it's not to pogo com. Job one I'm willing to know losing Padres. Men umpires keep what's they've both parties boyfriends and as it takes. Had a nine tails is what type of blasting away and yet as to. Do you still think physicians physician Arthur in baseball. There are nine gasket which you west stayed in the Catskills mountains located studies New York City ads in what year of the late nineties saw the release of the first Harry Potter book 98 now 97 you asked what TV show did eight different worlds and off right. Concept yes 12345678. You win at age of five. Sorry I don't know yet got one we're on the black. They'll get wags ditches and its agreement means. That's another. You got to get that little sign enough premier from there I thought that Steve was not gonna make you put people down the end I know especially says doctor hook. Yeah but I just music is the right. Captain Hook yes some of them pick should. Yeah those doubts they have an ego doctor hook to talk to cook and I the only other when you miss pyrite is also known as what kind of gold. Trolls go to yet because the rules really isn't gold but it looks just like it moon you're a fool if you try to use it clocked him. Congratulations Steve you won with eight correct. Gone re guess what you are checking out primus macedon Miramar park in June color number 8206421. Rock just like that. I Steve I know you wanna be a father sure. And what do you have to realize is that man listed chase those kids around is going to be a bit of a beating. But a new study says you know why it's because kids are naturally just about as fit as professional athletes that's why they're hard to keep up with. And this energy gap between 812 years old they found the kids their muscles basically don't ever get tired like ours do. And the kids also recovered quote even faster than well trained adult endurance athletes. Surprised by that. Man you know had nowhere to turn their bodies man that was the time they're really so that I I known it was such a bummer when that stopped happening. Yep Douby at a time when you come from Olympian BJ well I mean I was able good luck guys guys guys I know I sprained a lot I sprained a lot of fingers drawn up I remember that the holy doing your fingers do you play in football you play and stuff you slam into the ground although it's more so I did. Hello my buddies yeah I unit universe bring your fingers at a much. And sprained finger at that time my jammies from time to time but very rarely well jammed aspirin yet I mean when every caller it's also all your you can't move very welts all swollen but everyone to call that I thought there was a strain. So some fingers right I sure am OK so you share. So yeah Manso I did need these kids you can't keep problem because they are just super machines. Which I mean we we kind of knew that was nice of science puts it behind it which is why eighth it's tough the older you get. To deal with kids in which is why grandparents like kids get away with murder we should they just don't have the ability to stop doing anything but spoil your kids they can't keep up what I'm saying just be a much sugar in a way you have to deal with works fast as you know the table giving a good did the kid gloves just. And all you know may do be nicer to you if you give it things. I can see the idea. Because if you got to chase him around and be you know really be the authoritarian likely the parent has to pass a beating. And I remember. Which might be why people have leeches on their kids now the stuff coming at Lux yeah I think we should get those sort of real go on a kind of show staying later refer a lot of concert together are. Something since. He should be in charge of cap. Harry assault on those Malaysia unleashes the bat he has depth. And like have different animals on the and I would normally get a belt and attach and think about or who's down Clinton people do with it when they walk a bunch of dogs they be perfect. Yeah I Cheney's lesbian and so weird people being on leashes and a lot of back yes it's obvious slowest ones okay not a drop illegal and dragging yes. To ask. Don't look weird and off no not at all classes want him. Walking around a bunch of grown men under a bit tight easily in a weird king saying well effecting an hour and again mask might make them think it's not. Actually think he would like to do that because it does some kinks thing I have a feeling that I feel very powerful yeah exactly there's that power thing and managed. And husband wife got high went on a romantic make him run through moments in his. Seven Oklahoma. They had to cops Oklahoma at several calls yesterday afternoon because yet they say hey guys inside a police there's a man and a woman at a mall. What they do is they both got their car make it that's how it started nice they went to the mall started running around. It's always the guy had their pets pit bull on his shoulders because that's a look. Would miss him there hi I'm all day with the US they smoked they said they saw a couple of joints all Darryl craft that well they get them and a couple of people okay that's what happened that caused Sherman. I think so yeah Ceglia has been everything you served. You know it quiet again if that's the worst they can happen you see a bunch of people running around naked. And then you know it and Ed they basically huddled up at the Macy's and somebody put a towel around him. But they ended up like you know sort of volatile power while session but each other Jeremy NATO's current this one story says that the ministry of plastic displays broke glass and cut his arm. All of the path of destruction implied insulation on the man in the sock department. It's took him into custody policy that's different than mr. I have yet that's bad I thought this is happy go lucky run around a mall streaking up. Alia on cruises in the sock for well that would be that would explain why they're being charged vandalism and a lot along with public intoxication and indecent exposure we're Zia mug shot of these two. Get to know what they look like the way before we say indecent exposure Alessio decent they work well gosh I'm you know sometimes and I got to feel like and. The visual of him running around a triple on his shoulders and he thought he analyzed yet. Nancy that every day and by the way when even cooler that was actually the former people that he had on his shoulders stony mid better I think. I'd except. Can menagerie escrow until I don't know what within a money's people asking for the reform party's good point. Hi how much show you pay me so you can piggyback mean naked in a mall OK that'll be about 101000 I can do for ten up. All right Steve. Pioneers went on your marriage. Pretend so to react seventh tour and the outcome emanate Yemeni yet you coming up and yeah sega's ever. Yeah about seven and a half yes all right it's all get thirteen years ago before you'll be happy. How sweet death that's opening in twos and a light at the end of the tunnel Vijay. Like she got by the seven year rich so far seems right out how you feel you'll scratching now he's doing good have a good time all right that's good outings are also all right so you got thirteen and then they say here if he can make it twenty years as a married couple. You'll actually be happier than newlyweds. Especially if you do some we were PCP in right around the mall naked that's exactly what you gotta go to key to happiness that's bonding yep you cut yourself to go to south department damn dude. So that's senate cut this out of Penn state university and Brigham Young University. And yet your marriage doesn't peak at the beginning that's good news this boy locates it would US. Why am I yeah I'm at 3333. All right so old one did we need that's one year mark which obviously is a pretty monumental ones I'd imagine you kind of remember it yeah that would be it was actually 2005 okay. Yeah and our Jessica would you agree with this story. I feel like we were having trouble since. Oh yeah but we're doing a lot of seminars on a couples work by kissing classes in a lot of kissing classes that was right around that time wasn't really we were trying to figure it out so I don't know if we were happier. But we were committed and there was a lot of drama on my part the and so will. Of course my job wasn't very stable voter 082005. Things started getting good does that swim hair club the company said ray what do you think about being on KI SW and we were on bright you know so does he maybe that was the reason I couldn't agree on your anniversary things got a bat well OK so dirty year anniversary when you had that I was good because we possess easily California. Have so it was a big part of it I'm sure. Thirty was good we we we actually had a nice trip might say I believe we went to so don't we got new rings. We definitely are a lot better shape than twenty OK I think so. No doubt about it and you know we will we reflected until I I do believe we're happier she's living the life she wants I have to say that. You know I never lived as a bachelor I never got to do what I wanted to do I went from being basically the slave of my it's my my family I grew up with. In my brain to being the slave of the Stanley on now that's that's very loving way to describe it's just I know but that's how I thought it. Yeah it was a crazy person with anti yeah. But yeah now things are good kids are almost out of the house almost. The daughters never leaving I noticed almost a means she'll be there when you're gone nine no. I am I'm hoping demand says hey we should get our own clients I. There are closely Mercer I know because I that's the trouble at that they both wanted to get a bogey she's getting a thumbs up to that BioWare get yelled at by my agent because he Sarah. Because he finally you're living rent free my agents like for cry don't tell how do you say so yourself up financially what do you do it yeah I think he started charity renting his kids and they turn six. Yeah basically he's no nonsense that guy. So yeah couples who make it twenty years are even happier the newlyweds and happiness last for the rest of the marriage would always know a good job on the role cleared out. Well I imagine at that point you've kind of been there done that with all the crap I mean really how you would hope. Do you figure out a way to be able to handle all the stuff that goes on your world and got passel the small stuff. And I wrote a lot of stuff down from our couples classes and seeing all the stuff that we did in we did a lot of stuff I mean. We definitely work data there's no doubt about it and thanks to Jessica she dragged all these things. Which turns out was a good thing through and I look back on notebooks as is on the phone yesterday read some stuff. This is again and down from Michael from eleven years ago we didn't I council thing in a couple seminar and yeah. This saying here's the thing. During those first two decades you develop an even deeper appreciation each other and like spending time together even more. I can see that's I don't know what that is we talked about earlier like is that love or is it just. A mutual admiration of somebody you like to spend time with because there's lust as I have love for my kids that seems like a duty or something you'd like to see something like natural and I got to protect my kids. He has a little bit of that I. Mean I would imagine you've had the point where you don't really sweat the small stuff anymore seal are you about these minutiae kind of things and so. Now but I think the love is still Lehrer yeah I mean am I know I hope there's something there it's just the definition it's a bit I mean chlamydia yeah. It's the word love the word love always just trips me up what you don't have and loving your marriage isn't a section and there's a reverend there's whenever the hell power goers allows you Weis says that she loved junior again. Yeah that was pretty and that was back when you know she was eighteen years old I'm twenty years old my how this chick is tripped and I miss you always feel that you love your wife right now I feel like I I feel like the word love is just a weird word for me why because it means so many different things. So I don't know what the hell it is I feel a great affection towards serve that slow. I guess it is for the lovers and people say they fall in love at first cycle we think that's less to think I don't let me any mormons. Who. I know I care deeply for her would get I think that's loved each day what everyone is this other thing of people following a zero the world love around very loosely exactly but at the end of the day I think what you're describing that you have with your wife that's the truest form of block the scenario for my kids tolerance what does that eyewear what does that and I do. Lovers I just now and I got to. Kind of like requirement yeah I think you're right taking a chore I require my kids. I'm required to serve out. Was tough word math I just I'm really it is because it means different things just don't hear you love her. But yeah I don't bags and tolerate some of the red sea island rev the now. But all of my only real tight and I would love them dearly. Beloved your brow. Yeah I tell my Brothers I love them. We will have. They do everybody else's mom might know Michaels is dude friends I felt that I love them. No problem with it and I'm I do have to leave it. Well yeah like I've guy girlfriends like we get off apparently taped Levy of violates. It's just a very sincere like I care about you know one Elie you know I'm tool for I can't see it tolls for a lot of things I miss my generation did you don't blame me I technically you're told to breathe but I mean here you're doing here Rondo anybody. I don't think my generation doesn't I think you kids get crazy will it be activity. I think it's really often think they feel like maybe your generation or older generations growing like men don't show remembers exactly it's very nice that we're kind of freeing ourselves from. The stupidity of your guidance generations and we're able to do this and puts. Herself another good thing about my generation was that your dining out is women didn't speak as much as strictly Catholic and so they could drive car that's what that was a great time host of the day's top Vijay and I every election by Vicky are here about it's your generation slowly dying out well let me USS oh my god now we welcome anyone has about three guess that you are not doing it you know we'll take care you'll see a I not do more than you calm down and around your. Well narcissistic of it they don't love lake strains of marijuana. That's many different forms makes you feel a bit differently depending on which form you're in I like that that's that's a great definition. Only in Washington can we actually have the definition of love tied to weed and have it makes sense. The president I tell all my Brothers and I love. More people doing it I mean I'm at a seminar I know I'll let if fly a little bit because it feels like you know we've done a lot of deep work and everything but then you know home like gold medal tonight every day around this building. I'll buy time but I lumber around here it seems weird. I at least as I told type level he tells me he loves me. All the time you had never really really good friendship so yeah you'll be Ted Smith might I don't know if I have that close of a French or with anybody. It's a place maybe Danny and uncle Chris 'cause we've done the men's weekend doesn't seminar and a rock in the woods naked together but then that's a tough Danny Danny too close also it's like you're in the woods. Tom Elam who can hold on. First saw Steve. We get that may surprise you. We never take your clothes off and let's hockey thing we never do it sorry your time we have an email you views French you don't get naked and not make you not doing this wrong yeah you're totally different you know just fun and it. Vicki again beauty again you're attracted to see naked man that's again nice to be me yet though are really yeah I might just seem to get naked together well let's say HR violation you know it's just a little weird there really ever waiver signed it and you go I'm sure the soul had you told Danny or Danny told Chris or Chris so than any of you guys told each of you love them. I don't know guys and we do we do that's our man on any kind of the weekend I told you both I love you reforms and heard this you don't remember the just she's got that feels like from San all the time and I on FaceBook I know like Maine most everything you say to any act nor does it seems like it's very you know it's just not a Good Charlotte based. Probably there are about Chris Henry told Chris Chris coming here. Oh here comes Chris I don't know if he's I loved Q. Doesn't sound right. That's how I phrase it that way please. All right so here comes uncle Chris and are itself. Hi if he has I don't remember. I think tune into some pretty sure you haven't told these guys that you love them I don't I don't know maybe they probably tell you how resilient they were able to say to take the right now now I know what I remember from the. Sweet in his eye and we had a we had a pretty good conversation as a bloody BJ in his like Fred digestion Danny how all that's a single yeah I'd say that it doesn't went to my wife I loved the first or is it banks. Plus my generation and I'm right back gadgets just as good at math and it's all right so that's always play out. Man dude it's not easy for me they are Manitoba below these guys I can't tell you grow that you love it because a couple dudes that I know that in my good bodies but I've been doing this work with a mile long time that we throw around a lot. But you know we've been doing this a long time I mean like fifteen years or so late we hung out like doing this kind of men's work and some we should perform at some seminar. So my bros Shawn rose Gary and I've been such a do (%expletive) until like I really think I should say elements is a massage and ask my entire really like relation to the only still probably. And I think it's how people know you love them. It's easier to like it Jewish day and how much you really care about Oscar love that's what it's asked to love that it is expected Danny. Yeah noise. So you get any parent I I mean very real and I tell my son I love them by due. Because I know I'm supposed to like its opinion I dishes are talking you Sully you talked to your daughter. Yeah. I treat her like I beyond its own series all its soulful. Kraft when you did some things they say dirt I mean I guess she likes it just worried that clearly middle sail up. Hello when I leave all of a sudden she's like Bugs Bunny mural notified when you guys then I take I say there all the time all my house usually usually when I used we usually play giving her shoulder massage no well you believe in my doing I don't Laos. I had a workplace. As you rub near her shoulders someone's gonna stop that now not how I wanna be an illness of the keep records and you don't look at Don thank you. Thank you disagreed are made it could just see your brain you don't even know it. I think he should continue doing it and do it for Joseph tell it well have drawn on this and I'm like yeah. Do you feel you can eat tumbleweed you can you tell you do we Steve you really don't. This conversation. Really I heard it I grow and I. Yet you. All right well let's this is this is just luck and I'm and on the move on okay because it is time to listeners on the loose you pick a topic. You guys to show 206421 rock Texas 77999. More because more obvious sex. Tonight seventy. Love Nadia. And Dave's morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the point nine KI SW Barack got Seattle its listeners. On the list you pick that topic. You've got to show a 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about something new something old a year or driving this bus but do remember Steve has one rule. It's as simple rule regions assistant managing bring it otherwise. Have to say I'm gonna blow through and I had 20642 rock Texas Simmons. And 999 Nora and port Ludlow you are on the Iraq. Jane hello Norwalk you know. Good morning good morning they're actually guy who else do you. I just have to saying leave you're aren't thinking that's love saint yeah I think it's okay. The year over think and say you have more Humphrey your kids you know allowed for airline and see how long term friends and family and and and your wife. It's OK to have different types of blunt it doesn't have to be so hot out just stop over thinking it. By the I. And they you know there are different kinds of love that's what baffles me that's why I'm confused in the first place because one word describe somebody different things I'm baffled as to say the word terror. Just like to be an okay you don't have to understand. How do you interpret it and no I don't think. Yeah that's a thing that's how I'm interpreting unit it's confusing to me this whole love thing because you can get in trouble if you don't love the right way if you don't Obey the right rules. And then there's this all unconditional love which apparently is what we're all supposed to be doing but none of us seem to be able to do it that's as her dog's always a dog yes all I see that's what it is yeah so you have done and did you gotta Don Norton you know love is. Well I am I allowed my kids. I'll always love my so there are no matter what and who always sound payload weather bother you know we're not together. Do you live on their children anyway I mean I live cattle and her family a military friends tell her do you offer people different people like her victory this. But yeah. I do love our father who was the husband or at least they got amazing kids how do you lump may not be together my brain can't figure that one. Mission Lowe's impala how she how he is the father denies. A mate. Exactly I love how he is a good father and a great father. And it is. Who helped mold and shape our boy is in QB young that it good young man and that's good to sign adults as they get to be older. And that's where my love you love about him and it. Our co parenting and and the reigning member Tom and he's a major part of married now. So pray that you wanna have sex with what kind of love is that then maybe that's just lust and there's no love at all when it comes to sex. Well I'm not in love with anybody at the moment please I can see where you're saying that live there reveal last saying you're treated as one in sacks and I mean if you look as a good husband did and you know we didn't hear the judge says father taken care of the kids. What else AA what I guess what makes a husband what makes a husband somebody you love it's it's not because they're good father of the kids what does that mean. Due to UN won't immediately being with a big smile she's. It's about relationships we have as a couple split I don't have a relationship was dramatically couple and I asked him her relationship with him as a cold air bags the establishment is a couple of things. I would assume or you had made loses a Los relations Obama. That's and I you know I'm trying to figure this all out Olivier I mean over thinking I don't and I'm still in it I'm and it's a win it maybe. But I mean it's very you step that's writes I world proving my point that slogan you have the love love is a very confusing word that's why I wish we had different words for different things I think diamond would make it easier for my brain. But I mean I pride did appreciate what you're saying I mean at some point you gotta stop thinking and just love Steve we've varying degrees. Love's. You hey you know I lost about how you know little about how do you feel. If your definition of love Clearwire can Steelers and the mother of your children. And you learn early in the year relationship. Do you remember how does their ears children I'm glad you know Norah I think is. Biology the makes me love these kits I just think it's a natural biological thing that says I got to protect them. I think it's part of just me being human being but I don't know if that's love or just a switch they just joined a cursory or your point just like the F word so many other meanings to does that one word. Yeah I I do TF for more so than I do love. I was on a lefty got to talk about something more exciting. Top seed that I don't know that's tax that's all they're in love I love that well tell you what that's Alyssa is on the loose is all about 206421. Rock text to since Simmons. You pick your topic. You guys to show Johnny actually in Seattle Jack says he knows the whole problem it told good about guys who love the speed there's an hour. Denies their dreams. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. Good win like hey guys up there. Iraq a Seattle losers on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show us go to Johnny in Seattle Johnny you are on the Iraq. 'cause those guys are you wanna share on the big plans for sometime this year he got hurt a long time. Thanks buddy would tend and appreciate it I mean virtually no blood ES usually too easily. And go out there a way to you that's right but I also think it has salute our generation. Our generation has become the agent and the nourish which generation guys switch which generation you do you say hours. I'm our emotion from that yeah grew up in the nineties the memorial. And the next generation late afternoon. Even older ones are doing now to how old how old are you. I'm 3434. Yeah you're on the cusp of being the money to be there like I'll allow only Generation X. or or you could be and one hell yeah. I what I write it and you might communion is I think we're getting way too primaries you got guys lining up compared to drink bearish. What is so you can bush shaking some of their old Johnny today's national Manny heady days of Simpson's. Ex got commodity. Are you saying like if a woman decides that she wants to be all like hey Allen a work of my tools my hands are manicured and that's a problem plagued. Said no no no no no I'm just thinking that you you know what's going up we've all heard about the man and the man. The guy and everything like that and honestly will lunatic. So what do you flake a guy can bring home the bacon can busted ass and be good morals like outstanding citizen wants to get a many petty doesn't make sense to me like it doesn't matter what he wants to do to the outside as long as he's being a good human being. And it's I wanna be the man's man why can't we just let them. I don't think it's honestly I think there were losing who we are and by eighty promoting ourselves well Allie did. Johnny then we just becoming what we won't be yeah that's losing your juices preview of doing more comfortable being who they want to be. Because of the Arab people or more accepting now than they worm. Ten years ago or five years I do feel Johnny's pain emea I don't know if he's actually making a moral blanket statement I appreciate the call generals who sang it right but. I do believe that the man's man that's kind of guy right now isn't viewed very well on our society by some people and I really have a problem with that they like but the feminist movement. Some women in my gym my peer group don't like it would winning a while Darren still Glenn themselves up and block party in my to have sex single that's not always fought for it's like. You fought for everybody deals what they wanted to do. It is kind of ridiculous just because they don't fall in line with what you want to be that doesn't mean that they're not doing so that's empowering to them or making them happy I think. I think we had to get past those town labels and just based on somebody's doing whatever they want the site hurting anybody in. Are fulfilling themselves and being happy Allen and they we need to throw labels on MB downplay what someone is because they're not falling in line with what you think they should be. Kenyatta and I think there is a bit of an attack. Or in some way by some groups of that man's man and I feel I feel what Johnny saying. He's I think we don't have anyone with a man's man on the there'll with a guided though that's in touch with these political feminine side which had big isolated colossal amounts guys that shower with their friends that I make and I think there's a problem I think more people should do that now I think that's what we need to look at I think that's that's doubts also many problems when you're comfortable in your own skin enough to have a beer with your man whose body. Sorry it's not it's not. I don't want to talk to Jay can sit home I hope Jake or something Melissa. You are on the right. I've done so Dickie what you got worse than anybody. How old quote we're. I broke out eight and down beside my ST pretty boy you're like let's really answer if you knew I wanted wanted BJ I need some. Days. Apparently. Purple blob let firefighters keep all. That do you. Eat well fired I got lost or hurt it's like he always had. It. On its cap I catch it didn't so cool you know like guys. It was just that I always remember that eight and. Our man we lost to do it. He's gonna do you want to make advice somewhere he should put a claim. Do the best so I surrender I know I watch what he was asking is whether or night I'd gating the tattoo and his father's honor would be offensive to other fire will allow woodland firefighters. I don't think so yes a lot of what are our lifestyle and I would they give they asked him that why he did it in the told the story I think every completely fine with it. I say see in a bunch of plays around the bottom area Vizio packed all children to college. Yeah I wouldn't like inferred may be there let's listen yeah. And Ernie there absolutely you have phone no and yeah please I gotta think that if you're honoring your father was a particular low goals any kind of out the historic register I can't imagine every getting a sense. Especially the lake something like not only did Arab present him that when every size dad that's what he'd like remembered and loved about Blake that his tattoos so honest perfect just think it out though because sometimes you gotta wonder what would it figure out where you put it because do you wanna have that constant. Flow of questions that are always invite I look back I vote from one in my arms is a massive tribute to my grandfather passing had a prayer car once I would always it's a kind of conversations about catholicism doesn't it's it's the virgin Mary didn't systems and I think these weird conversations if you wanna try to explain why. I have it. But I also have a giant scorpion because he's scorpio. And in retrospect I wish her to put that somewhere higher up my arm. Where it's not seen because originally never sleeve it was very prominent so you just saw this giant scorpion on my forearm yeah it's a cold tattoo on loved the piece of the meeting behind it. But boy I got sick of asking answering questions in the scorpio two knew full well I never would have liked. Jason to these questions about horoscopes. And I have to I got to apply Wi-Fi usage yes I am. Foley square PLC and the town the other wrong guy to get tattoos because it is a conversation starter and you hate conversation well I don't hate conversational people I. I hit small talk what people I don't know. I'm just let's talk yeah I saw Tom what my friend is tailor my friend says hey pop pop pop. Are you were score guys know that night to tell on the backs or any of its own pick a conversely someone having. I don't necessarily want a high though with a guy that's cutting my sandwich meat at the dented grocery store and explains I don't know my grandfather died. I had this had to because it was at a necklace that he wore around his yummy and there's a whole back story I just want my roast beef. And I want to have this conversation that is that is hysterical it really really is hysterical to me. I mean if fear if you like Stephen don't Blake small talk with people don't get anything with words on you tell me I have on my arm I have a whole thing awards an everyone's. Let's share Tatis Charest and it's a long ones left to sit there and recite the palm and and they had told the meaning behind it sort of means you like life feeling the poem is pretty self explanatory but OK so. I don't get it does crack me up they did it again with tattoos you're walking billboards showing everybody your right off no. I'm forced to going to be interest did you guys like. That's why I'm saying just think you have do you have these long conversations like some might do they know from having a quick chat with our random person about because it's an easy quick story but to go into office yet and got some residual my grandfather being dead and it's it's still emotional to me. I don't wanna do that when I want roast beef. See that's why you yeah you're right that's a good song roast beef to put a moral what is somewhere we can't CNN day and then just put down the what the anchor and now what else put on the trans campy stuff. You know a lot of tribal butterfly taboo that the beyond symbol. We have heard from a firefighter had set as a firefighter had no problem at all with what I've I was talking about him that should be tattooed to his his his pops that's good call yeah I'm glad somebody finally weighed in on that because we're glad it's not like we're firefighters but we just if we just figured it would be okay. All right well as a quest and easily answered guys this is bigger than any questions government asked before what do all right and Cassel. Exercise have in common. You're gonna find out at 952. On the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Game jarring action. Question of the day. Hunter Ryan castle and exercise have in common error in listening should do it at least thirty minutes of time three times we. And yeah east nice. From texas' they're both require good shower if you don't come. News. He does both once she's only the shift. So yeah when I'm starting mind yeah how what I do that right to make some raunchy text or that's why we have to twelve pack. It's a twelve that government Steve feel sexy after doing blow my now that is true. Yeah. Global help you firm up a little outside. Apple's iTunes store for good. Our yeah. Both caters waiting many spandex I don't know why it's always gonna go to that and tell us you know I mean who wears spandex nowadays. Its banks now wedeman spent trying to. Thanks for you cactus. Got news survey found over a third people a sort of people who work out specifically life. So they don't over indulge any more junk food down and expected. That's totally clear del via its identified and Brian I would be six it's because. A big horrible. You're. Carl's junior I am now and a workout tonight he's got to know what whose did make the top ten but number one was chocolate. Followed by taking pieces of who's not on CNN on the top five it's primarily women in the service. Yeah I think you're right S French Fries cookies and Danny pizza dad yeah. Right Kessel so you know he's where demand for what's firm up yeah he's gonna twelve that's. And makes. We throughout every male guy and our team no guy and I'm thinking what you feel a little less embarrassed and as a female that I know just let love my guy down. So there's so if you bless him and her direction I thought she would be initiatives and I love my guys now how do you like you really do love her she's so cool yeah. So I am the only way basher yeah. Just feel really communicated this thing. Yeah like I'm talking to a bloody hell while the CW comfortable with your guide them I love him he's great Smart tough thankfully. And made this morning. Rock 99.9 KI guess doubles you know. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy gives you almost always. You keep your home. Your house your car even in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy you file. I would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments on the film you can almost always keep your homered for your current on the payments on your home. Even reform bankruptcy. You chapters thirteen. I'm you can also keep those items if you're behind on your house you can catch your house payments I've been in chapter thirteen take off the second mortgage and doctor Jeanne. For keeping your your primary assets like all. Is almost always possible bankruptcy. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.