BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-26-18-6A: There is a new viral video of a man calling for customer assistance over the intercom at a store.

Thursday, April 26th

News and sports. Today is National pretzel day. A woman tested positive for drugs after swapping pee with a friend during a drug test. The NFL draft starts today. 


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Hi it's time for the next viral sensation I got him his name is Forrest Forrest okay RI he lives in Kentucky. And he's viral teases sensation because he posted a short video on social media because he got tired of waiting for help at a Wal-Mart. So what do you do you get on the intercom. Get themselves and help that way turner. I thought I ha ha ha ha twisted customer assistance and sporting goods. On the customer Fiat hi lo had to go to the video yet he's is leaning over. Cindy knows the code urgency is simple button you hit that's a really good question as we had a code the supermarket when I'm out there you had to dial a certain thing but. It looks like he does that hit a button and he was then do I wanted to do that so many times staff especially since they got a whether it's like any of those cases where like he'd like. Home improvement stuff. I think I can't find things even though I've gone there are millions of times. And I know where it's supposed to be I can never find it in him when I need somebody nobody's around well here's your solution right here buddy. Honey some helpful or hear about the way around the customer mates might help some get over here please. And I would've been YouTube star yes because I AM yeah I had told you the story about her and I was that day at the clothing store note was helping the customers she tomorrow multiple times and so I finally went on after us to sing take us some assistance customer assistance. Because he keyed open up their demands fitting rooms because I guess for some reason people are just I guess they don't want these out there. And I finally I'm in the third time does a third of what we can up at the third to sing this economic she's like. As noticed coming up we're having here for twenty minutes of my kid what the hell. I'm like you know the customer service desk so I just cannot and I knew that there was a bit of on romance going on between the general manager and the woman that was in charge of the men's department. And so that get on there and basically said hey you could demands to stop Mac and on the influx. The demands department one is so that she can go adored Diem job and open the door for the customer who's been waiting for twenty minutes or are you so start yeah. Yeah you know it knew what event there's a look at it every day was just a simple post on his own FaceBook page among uses says. When you're sick of waiting on somebody Wal-Mart when a bunch of lasting crying face Monty Deng's. Feel free to share. He's gotten over 55000. Shares on it agrees point two million views on this thing. Now what does Wal-Mart do almost got to respond to the guy gets to be something I think somebody came up and help them as I read off of so that's nice amended that. Whoa whoa this must do more than Pollyanna melodies are just aren't out yet again some say Wal-Mart really loves Judy he's fine he needs he needs so he needs something clearly he's trying to bank on this because sent in parentheses I would imagine after enough people sort of watching this and ask if they could use the footage. He says from licensing and usage contacts licensing and generals on dot com some cool. So there's a company. That. They basically become the agents for these viral video people are really my friend that she films like at her boyfriend's a sister's wedding the brother was in the military mean rant like showed up at the wedding surprised there. Is she made like five under box in a month like the first month which could she went to a company had the cunning little anytime anybody shares on a blogger shares it she. Money although. I don't look guys you have viral on buy and sell the best viral videos give a viral videos sell submit and make money. And it's got all those videos that we've seen before man punches a kangaroo and a face to rescue his dogs wow. I guess in the head with a ricochet. Wow how do you know if you're a viral video the likely just by any video audio to have I I I gonna find a position basically seeds of the viral pigs wherever they called I'd imagine that once. You get 55000 people sharing it in 3.2 million views. Viral fog comes knocking on your door. That's my guess Arafat has never come knocking on my door did you some great video is so you've come to her right place morals are specializes in promoting distributing video footage leading news and entertainment my god this world's crazy. And you get 50% of profit which means that they get 50% of the other profit that's a good deal for everybody. I mean I don't know what they do out there I I guess if people go to viral hog and more people are buying your radio and and they would soon. A fair deal 5050 yeah looks like they just slap on there are a little logo on it to you know promoted bring everything back to their website so it's a self from. Po you know promotion machine right there why are not just putting everything we do on viral Hudson we make some cash right away some fun videos always now not on the level three point no we need to do is go into a 62 ridiculous video that just. Blows up yeah I don't know which give you know isn't the chicken and the egg will viral I'd make a stars and we had to be stars for viral ha I don't know mount and how much money you make. Yeah the study something that they're dead or other Wallace there with a cardboard box video that we did right some was a cardboard box. We deny those when it was like Groundhog Day yeah you know than a box and I was pretending to be a ground up yet became a box why why why isn't that REIT viral hog once kicking in a box. Adding they want a different type of box problem and now. I gets labeled crazy this world to them and spent hate math and hey don't hit I learn so much money people make it from viral I'll probably make some cash file largely suggests there on business yeah then it's. I'll say about this one made an awful mistake when using someone else is he for a drug test though I. Yes he'll tell you about this he's got the news story end at 617. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe getting them to renounce Bullock's case is news we Steve makes. But thanks guys things California CBS news and sports and not very same day for yours truly it's. Russell day hello hey it gas stations of the soft pretzels so what's your what's your favorite nephew in the mall only admit any hands. Now Wessels guy and whistles it's funny because given any answer. Wessels is a final turn. It is but when push comes to shove our eyes is any hello I really have to pick and obviously it's not going to be an mall but I I do enjoy going to make any sporting event. This super pretzel. Yeah that also grind house and to culminate got a sack pretzels. Yeah amazing right grabbed it is still good gigantic. We get the personal size before you get the table size uses a giant one. Which we didn't want to lose them myself my wife and I to friends. And well let's just say I most of it yeah. Yeah legislation from Steve personal slightly out of this like those so fill things. Where you need any more of an old car I was then down this group did not baby let's go. So what this woman in Ohio might be just the dumbest criminal ever. She's 24 years old shoes on probation last year the six months in jail for a felony drug possession. So part of her probation as well because there's drug possession just take drug tests so back in November. She drives who's gonna fail one probably because she did drugs before his sister this idea what I'll do what everybody does. And that's get somebody else is oh sure that's a good idea so she decided to slot someone else's heat into the drug test. Here's the problem the person copied if she borrowed was also doing drugs because while that one tested positive yet. So she's in court the judge actually said pull quote. Let me get this straight to avoid the positive tests with your own urine. You use someone else's urine which turned out positive also be necessary and that's bizarre yeah well that person of course was sentenced. Eighteen months in prison thanks so fast. How very very big day today I see outside the NFL's your your center ready for most Siemens that you try you be glued to a television starting at 4 PM. Bob because that's when all the draft day stuff goes on today's NFL draft yeah coverage starts at four and you can watch tonight's Q thirteen fox. What type beyond with a Seahawks are going to take for their first big daddy eighteenth overall pick. Lots of people out there are some people are beginning to address the offensive line is you follow the few people out there that possibly could be a big picture that like I do win. But who knows what's going to happen with the Seahawks you know they always. They always shake things up when it comes at a draft. More often than not they trade out in the first round so we'll see what happens today at 4 PM. And of course a good field which quarterback. Quite possibly could be going number one for the BC and send journalists like you believe it will be Josh Rosen they can be filled these videos everything. People are talking about the gonna fall those guys into the bathroom is that why I believe there in the bathroom and out dead and I'll see if they're going to want. They swapped out their people back the only Emerson now. Top went to the Huskies and cougars are going to be in the draft explosive devices guys. I believe easy cloud jesus'. You've done got a dollar and six people and then nine there's the cougars have potentially four guys that could be drafted in the NFL today so it's exciting times. For our football. So I'm. Mariners exciting stuff that we would damn man held on to win the White Sox 43. Man that was a nail biter right to the end of the game. Hernandez out. The first blow shaky but then settled down and I was a good thing and then things ended up once again without what's his face off and I Diaz yeah yeah yeah. To shut it down man down Goodson is like yeah he's a good man yeah. What's his face but I like well what's his face a love that guy kind of brain fart thank you Sanjay appreciate you know from odd mariners are done with the White Sox now move on to Cleveland. To take on rules and it hasn't reached yeah that's going to be tough experience yeah. He gets very very happy camper maybe a little nervous camper last night when the Bruins take on trial may police who yeah shells I know he's. I miss the beginning of the game of bodies in the second period here boil boil is that just back and forth back and forth going into the third period it looked like the Toronto maple leaf gonna. We've done with the cross that's what I'm not a necessity given the shorthanded goal that I still like OK we're this is sitting ducks 43 going into the third in the game and with your Boston Bruins had a second round pick on the lightning ended up winning that game seven so for that was why this one quite jealous he's absolutely calm. Now she starts tonight so he got a couple games or watching your back pocket to get out of that I Lockheed is the time to watch Obama would not be because. Playoff hockey is just nuts off Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the Washington Capitals tonight and then San Jose taken I'm. The big schools that's the one yeah. Foreign goods personal received eighty school nights when when it on the as the devils out because that's beat in CNET an expansion team wins again. My buddy is on a long bodied son from his son's got you know. Your buddy has assigned what I also knew buddies with the kids to good yeah obviously all of the different for the stars yeah but he's playing on non golf on the sharks got full of picked up right at the end of the season that's a tough zodiac calendar see him do while sales. Well you know what if he does well with the sharks lose all right that's fair okay I don't know all former professors. Like obviously neutral and you shall we can't lose and it's absolutely as far as whether 77 degrees and sign and take it. Yeah all good news and sports. That's right dusty but no yes some reason said that the shaken bar in Puyallup as a hall Pena cream cheese stuffed prize pool big news of Brady knows why. Its axle C Brad thinks is big news I do wears his place located in Puyallup makes sense is that's not too far from you too I never been there. Oh now you're going to be there for that's right so rather yeah that's the sad news today I mean stating you. Nice. Steve Cobb as a unity for the Bruins because you you guys lost lining up as a remembering. I think they're very good shot I don't really yeah I am. Every game against said that that the lightning in the devils' series is really good news is obviously the lightning had the upper hand and won four games when I'd against the devils made a bad choice and starting can case for the first two games is that it's a rarity but you know all right so you that then I have reason to be hopeful 100% yet because I wasn't sure I thought man the way they handled the devils like not that I saw the games I thought our how much the Bruins have a chance do the way to handle themselves in that third period against army police they're coming in with a lot of momentum all right I like it -- get out of this now. He I'll always and I don't forget about Seattle rugby that's right the sea walls man not tickets or some crazy guy that is a good point and how they arsenal amount and they playing today I nuns silence on disarmament and they won their first match last Sunday. All yeah I did it demand reds the mascot. For the C Woolsey is he really solid no wonder he's let us know yeah I heard about them when their first match yeah I heard about it being a sellout is this a giant orca whale let's read. That's also I don't know of dread new UN security at its allegedly read. Yeah I don't know a mile and then the secret identity I'm Heidi investigating how am I imagine the addition Ford's model OK let's say. Trim what you know it's awesome he's not a super fan so much it's about time. The only promise them on revenue generator friend that's ominous and we we could I do find great joy and he's wearing because the sea walls were at a rugby. They're very similar colors of the Seahawks yeah c'mon ray disc so I love that this guy the greater Seattle stopped wearing yeah very similar colors in Seattle Seahawks won't be long before you become a Seahawks and read you know what if what if five things go so well as a mascot for the sea walls and all of a sudden just to see us like we need more more mascot. All that what's he gonna do it now yeah and then you have to Iraq anybody felt like they were creating drama and out of all he wants to do support is rugby team yet Tibet now. Mean yeah wobbly and a generator bandwagon right now. I Jimmy Fallon Steve you said it man because of course they were on Jimmy Kimmel the stars the avengers and you said I gotta go everywhere and you're all our. They're on Jimmy Fallon show and did a pretty cool thing last night because though the stars from disarm marveled. Extravaganza. Saying a Brady Bunch it was a spoof basically everybody spoof about the avenges last night called the marble bunch. And how about it is pretty funny to say gay made it look like the Brady Bunch in all in the squares yes yeah there on the squares that like to detect those squares and they have Robert Downey junior Scarlett Johansson. Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Chris Pratt Anthony Mackie Ben and encumbered batch tablet Bozeman and Tom Nelson at the end. While that is a good that's that that's all the biggies. That's amazing. Yemen off. Big daredevil. Dare devils are not in the avengers in cattlemen's nominee Martha universal OK silly funny if they join then no it wouldn't that this is funny this is they check out the video by the way if you going to be Jamie's page of caddie estimated dot com. Sorry. This story you. Gray Davis. Okay. I am scared I might think they'd be kidding me is going insane. I mean really this think that this is if you told the twelve year old thirteen year old me that this would they would be on the big shows in no you make him front and nerds in this would be like the big thing. I wouldn't believe just it's amazing what the world's become yes that's pretty well done it's very very well done. Especially your make it a point or two other video because it they did a great job of making it look like the old school Brady Bunch out. Yeah it's it's it's it's pretty is that again the villas in the B Jimmy sprays or Cassell to get our common. Yes are you going this weekend going Monday Monday Monday. And showing gays and I have are you need to do the whole weekend we got a mandates. I know. Well you know what I I'll be able to get it done. I have patients yeah I am not a gigantic avengers fan never have been till the movies have been great Spock but that was never my book right. So I that's why don't have as much excitement of course rev Lowe's the added the bad guy in an. You know famous and those and those. And and now since so Reza big fan of that guys so but Leo but Monday still I am shocked AMP Amos and they're like the flu and I. ROC's tonight tiger and Doggett sometimes exactly yeah are all of her famous is more like Oliver found. Our staff winner Michael I almost a kiss of death for the Brady Bunch out of the I don't know of ram once it has to be all of us and knows sound. And it would kind of make sense so we know it avengers infinity war is going to be amazing as far as the money you know make. But it's. Will it break records. Hi Monday of course it will died and you think you would do. The first avengers movie has the record 207 point four million dollars. They're saying infinity wars expect to pass the 225 million mark. But the current overall record is held by star Rory is the source awakens they may 240 million in their opening weekend. And they think infinity ward can be Datsyuk. Dance. How about that I'm curious to see how does this weekend. The other hesitancy to mean a call last night I did not go see Indian call unfortunately but I will be seeing it again tonight and we'll be seeing it again on Saturday why you are really your love this Lou I guess you'll love the movie yak and only the last summit this being Star Wars was for the force away Kansai saw that movie three times in a week. Now we seeing this on three times in six days so retirement comes out you varies it twice yeah assessor Larry that's Seattle and I cannot wait to go see it in a full theater tonight because the first I was glued just a bunch of critics this time I want to see with a bunch of marvel fans and a gigantic pack. Theater Pollyanna gonna go crazy I I I solid opponents and critics but we learned that you saw would somebody who brought their kid dressed as Spider-Man yeah you could bring a guest and I mean they're great just like Spiderman in meat dress like sandals were the only two in any sort of caused play and I got my tickets and I details. How Larry is on tonight as well yes I know whether explainer Sewell ops injury can take your seat and have ever client. To be perfect. And I also rivers there are spoiler free I review of that on the latest up talked at the sort of beach issues he nation exactly yet on BJ she's Diggnation mark and myself we review it without any spoilers. Seeking go ahead and check that out if you wanna be a little bit and affix their you know we also coveted on the on the makes cats oh did you really gets to check it out only either you know we just mentioned that derives not on the least SA the heated elements of UC Davis a non event. No outlets Ellen were you right there have to job to get them agree decibel like hey I studied I and it's real and we don't wait you wait through the entire podcast it's right at the beginning we discussed how loyal our podcast now on radio dot com right now this yet all of that's cool things go to radio dot com iTunes. All on the ground. Suspects if you wanna get the incredible makes cast review. Or do audio of a more in depth review on BJ she's geek nation pocket well we didn't go in depth and this week because we didn't wanna be disrespectful to the fans and haven't seen what they're all spoiler free yes that's or all about so there's no spoilers and either one of the great podcast we're talking about. Hamdoon avengers I think it probably will break some records I feel like it will end that knock it I would say we're not Disney often subtle way to say did star Boris marveled this deals every day all Disney's hey hey they just keep winning. There is sitting in their office counting money BMI body was done it does a Disney park and California saying he solid bought up much construction going on which he believes will be for new Star Wars themed sank. Now was a U debut my buddy Sam and I can remember who said that nobody I had known about it for a while yeah manages written down everything just so little can use of force them. Am I might have to go and I'm a California now thousands losing a famous Fries. All we ask Sam knows someone in actuality you derby probably the only run I would ever go on. Now you don't wanna look the same as try to take you to a dark took place you know wanna do that famous mountain. Famous mouth. Disadvantage row after all you know that is a thing in his world come alive and yeah yesterday's these. Not able to figure this one out what is the name of the skull pins babies at Baylor appears no. This time it's done and it's now. No and correct answer is flower gay because sour smell. Stocks down. You are shot at BC you've got it to a 642 and rock and played feet made. At 647. Com Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy what's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. I'm gonna counseling music there's the usual process in some circumstances. 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