BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-26-18-7A: What do you still have from your childhood?

Thursday, April 26th

Beat Migs A recent study says that a teddy bear is the top thing that people still have from their childhood. Luke warm topic. 


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Big days of why Maria who fear. Friday August 24 all the way through Sunday August 263. In three days first time ever that's happening. And we have got shows are probably three days because we've got incredible bands playing at this. Man that Friday night slayer anthrax testaments. God napalm death its going to be nice soothing sound audio jacks you into the weekend yeah. And over get als changed event seventh hole Stone Temple Pilots profits re the cult Three Days Grace. Steve in the bad gruesome bro he's he's going to be there's also that they gave. A lot of us local bands an opportunity to perform we're going to be performing on Saturday along with also walking papers another great local band. I've been on Sundays yes who perfected and Colbert came. Getting to inform nice grabs. So why you want more info about this morning at tickets wonderful lineups go to KI SW dot com to get drawn so right now. Hate to go suite tickets sold benefits the Mike Halsey foundation you know Pearl Jam wanna end homelessness in Seattle. You're gonna help bond buying these tickets. You get him KI SW dot com. Mean. Time. Game doesn't. We need on day Smith diamond turned down horror fan knows. Or save my life CAC. Movie theater. I was warm yesterday as well which wasn't a total bad thing but I don't know or our little air conditioning unit is in his kind of start and how little is second to see you knew that you can't find it if it's in the back room that's covered in a whole bunch of stuff because that thing yeah it's just it's he knows where it is just won't have to dig it out right. Caveat and now we're really don't know where where there. Aaron Miller has this is currently open to crap you had to anybody goes right to our contestant today we got Jason in Monroe Jason there's there. Aren't aware excellent what's playing for today's Steve tickets to got candle marks his 25 anniversary show which is happening at the Paramount on July 22 go to KI SW dot com from the details UN DR Campbell lots of tickets are available now at Ticketmaster dot com's Christy got here. For those playing at home Jason we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions chasing you can't pass all you want which you'll only have three guesses per question. Are you ready. I learned and Major League Baseball is divided into an American League and what other. Natalie Diaz tops our Rio is what color in Spanish left. Yeah oh yeah as how many minutes to make just two thirds of an hour. Toward darkness now. Yeah tens of tangled tiger's native to which continent. Do you asked what's the world's longest running soap opera. It's are now it's. Almost pilgrim now. What senior played Rachel Marron in the 1992 movie the bodyguard. Yeah. DC asked yeah what do colors are the cats cat in the cat in the hat. Blacks and whites know. Read more you ask what Dickie did the bulls did Volkswagen AG the adults it's. You need to know. I now and one G 34. Correct our oral started strong and then now. Kabul on tripped him up there dad since the attacks but you maybe so maybe Steve won't be paying attention maybe he had a man full. He's he's he's excited. For young turnout for its. Nanos yet famous. And I'm famous now like you try to rent control revenue bonds a center right kind Gary you said it right half wrong I know I share them now I don't know how to say his name and what doesn't make some some muscle yesterday I ended up saying stay nose to end. Jack has a famous parents Steve are you re all. Major League baseball's divided into an American League in what other a National League you ask Mario is what color Spanish. Some reviewing tells us. Oh yes hey Ellis yesterday I don't know I remember how ya how many minutes make up two thirds of an hour. How many mid size now would be 42 yes it's a Bengal tigers needed to which continent Africa now. And Arnett got to know. Did you ask tax what's the world's longest running soap opera every Monday night rock you know how. Oh yeah. General hospital. Advice what singer played Rachel mayor in the 1982 movie the bodyguard told Kevin Costner to know Whitney Houston's yet as it what did you colors are the cat's. Actually cat and a half. Greta Weitz yes what decades in the Volkswagen debuted the golf. I would say the fifty no sixty no seventy ask what's the capital of Kentucky's Lexington built. Kentucky cities now nick and did you keep talking now upload everything you meanwhile was gets on the he has and that is nine correct you landed. Nine to four. Yeah he's learned to Asia he hung up he's done what you mess down there and now we're gonna room. It's great news. They took awhile but he's back here a little should either to graduate coconut. Well let's look really when you did miss the gavel of Kentucky. Is that Louisville no Frankfurt gap I say go Darrell hey you guys can figure out more than two cities in Kentucky canal didn't teach people wouldn't it I should know that Frankfurt is the only. Reason I would know what city Kentucky is because it's the capital now gathered goes with the congratulations Stevie Wonder is not correct economy not your checking out in the box when he does anniversary show at the Paramount July. Caller number 9206421. Rock. So Steve by your body was on nudge every line is I've watched. Jeopardy for the first time in forever and I watched a little late and of course they checked on Twitter. And people starters points and listeners tuned in because of that night your voice not doing too well below and press ready daily doubles. He came out swinging and he looked at phenomenal I didn't realize how Smart my friend Chris and it's like he was answering questions rises like I don't even know what these questions are. I accuse him right right knee got. Aggressive with the daily doubles and he decided just put all his money and they flew all and then Lee ending their rights they lost all his money. By the end of it spoiler alert is known as a wise yet but by the end David Toms he was in the negative so he didn't make it to the final Jeff always damn. Yeah I mean I give credit though he didn't look great at first and exists. I think he just kind of hit up all right Andy can get candidate do M yeah well he did a funny moment last night when he was out chatting with Alastair back. Well. The pizza and society. Which means what really it's just a group of friends who like to eat pizza. I probably exists everywhere but there is some of us get tattoos some of the stuff now. Sorry. Hit housing data there have obviously learned out of these weird kid and ask your pizza fascination has their day have tattoos of pizza you need to get Danny into the pizza suggest how are you not in the piece is deciding what is funny Krishna but little do they know me and Joey these are actually the founding fathers of the pizza foundation so. But that's the society but society you know he'd sit on that thing that he already is the founder of its doesn't make it takes so yeah. I have these debts you those are gonna joint nothing about a victory. Guys I would imagine if you know somebody about a victory aura pizza that you should be and kind of put an application yeah I did pee into this thing I don't know what if part of the induction and then part of the Al hole initiation ceremonies that you have to eat pizza a pineapple on it. I'm out Gary's out there are more time to tickle a lizard. By the lacy had no idea anybody's name was Chris I didn't pick up on that yeah. I look at that I had to know his last name until last night it's really long. Well yeah I'm I would I would gather is it's an Indian last thing which is why Jack is unfazed but yeah had to as a classic so I was like how what is this last may that I see on television while Chris is one of the top dogs in the dog world of India so I must be he must be a favored boy of the family. By UK Christie UConn the big guy that's right they go well you know what at least he was on jeopardy I could even get on it is no way I'd even be able to qualify. Sort of run its FaceBook page make him ouster backlash to learn coolest things I've ever seen pretty gal you know the pizza society. That's the person patience and separate you read it to life discretionary guy is probably the show's contestant in the history of the game yeah you got a point where he was even same categories he's just like. Hussein has since had a very able to sit back. One huh. I think it is ninety minutes thanks we'll see how do you think he was I don't know he says chill dude yeah well you know what we are chill appear in the Pacific northwest now guess so that could be. He's he's represented represented well unfortunately. Like Iran didn't get it done now. They must feel what it is. I might be the bad luck charm. Do you think you you're the only you're the one Brad didn't do well I've kind of but other buddies that stayed on the game shows a little while now but Chris I I might need to just stop being friends with people with the on television and I imagine the friendship when it adds yet just stop technology in their existence for as long as the they're going to be on the show you are the epicenter of misfortune he let him know you and sorry Christian bad luck charm yeah definitely a bad luck charm that ate rice. God knows what that anyone goes on again show you marijuana and the friendship and the friendship with Steve I know and I think I'm presented right now just in case OK I mean I think that's it then that's worthwhile. I'd like Biden oh yeah peace out brother and a Steve nobody steel ruined it definitely pack back. Wow I forgot I am not proud that went zero penciled school. First and foremost shut up well while we just a good read drops forgot about these. Yeah. He missed that Denny back of the taser days. I don't miss that car wreck was I have the taser bmg is a much younger man man. Yeah it was back when they did engineers can get a hold of the taser. Yeah yeah it was it wasn't a 100% now working it was an old ones you know brought it to the engineer asking him to rewire it and I did and how much stronger view maybe. Oh. And we don't use them on him he is now he's done a better job since then how. Man and he also filled the wheel of fortune I think you should have been punished for I didn't they'll definitely pat Mac yeah gimmick. Yeah first and foremost shut up okay well thank anybody yet that yeah. Numbers there's desert sands may reduce that your friends are just dumb Steve. But they are my friends suddenly in. That's sort of a chicken there you're not sure which comes first. Yeah. Definitely pack crap are they dumb because they know you or were they Dem and that's why they got to know you can be a little bit ahead of them. Got to the semi out of Oxford university in England who found if you really want to remember your vacations. Because we enclose a vacation season here you know people and be runner out the cameras their phones and taking pictures. If you really really want to remember them do not take pictures instead. Draw pictures of your vacation that's got. I'd be hilarious maybe next vacation we should all do that. Can you draw at all. Hell yeah I never see guys really. Drop side I'll talk you miss my portfolio critique I I had an art teacher that told me I should go to art school. And I and I told took the portfolio and I got left out of every college because they were leg or is this a joke was that like her to release it was bad it was just grad style is what it was always. And they were laughing at me and I like a kid good student art teacher had rebook convinced I can be an artist. You know OCB draw some right now yeah it looks like Bart well. Classmates Steve assistants etc. now for this kind of radio program you really tell and if Iran does outage I don't know. Apple didn't just trying rank are yet to attack is that a penis but that's mostly a chance we've got pants on the he's excited to see you. How Olson sincerely doubt we finalize a little low on. Listen I think he's he's he's he's my number is just sport and some DC and stuff he's an old guy I know it's sees for dummies need these patents and he yeah. I yeah. That's pretty much better than ten seconds Hamas earlier races well site they can have it yeah it's a hell of a vacation right there. Dare put it on the frigid Keith yeah notion lined somebody up for my Portland vacation yeah I yeah a crowd why did you get hair give yourself and then. Attack of I says that crazy hair pardon me it. That's fantastic definitely pack pack and Dickie will put that on her French yeah. For searchers think they're drawing pictures instead of taking pictures you reach every abdication. It creates you know men and more immersive experience and helps you connect with what you're seeing and feeling. And if you really are terrible and arts. There's another option write about what you're seeing Steve you probably should write about Asia now and I'd rather drive. Yeah I think you have pledged everything's out to get pictures and I knew that a celebrity you know instead of doing next and Nicole from the second I need to drop us. Well you would you like to remember he drew break him pictures of everybody that is true and then they had a sign and definitely had cracked and nobody thought it was weird. Well maybe they did but they kept it inside they were good and acting like it was a weird yeah Alice eve didn't manage you look at didn't game a little weird eyeball on that one even though John Joseph and Simon peg load it. Well look I think you and when it comes on to describe its own as an awesome individual gas she used and the opposite of that yeah. I just realized something thank you because. Alice eve was not really taken us in the interview and maybe it was because that's stupid they can pick all you think that I always totally the red small it's the only reason I happen because your of course you know as Simon peg is a friend of our shows that we are best friends sec guy digs us now underlies us John Cho didn't know what's that was the first and we met him when he loves Steve but he got lost in my eyes yeah. But Dallas he just wasn't feeling that of course they where promoting the second Star Trek movie that was out. And she wasn't feeling that I totally forgot that stand taken pictures that make you pay to what is she's of the year. All of and you yeah but listen to researchers is Alice eve a vegetarian let's find out it doesn't see why it's taken us five years since I get to the bottom of this it doesn't. Like why does it matter if her head is up big again if he's a good kids care and an Animal Man bacon is basically cooked up pig it's city then that's all bacon is it brings back a horrific image for anybody like Steve said it was a vegetarian or vegan. Now Steve a is probably both. Definitely got crap and she probably came may have heard there were friendly show oh and I sign it was pomp and tires and everything yeah I think that we weren't friendly -- weren't sure and imagine it's okay Vijay and it is something the unit like your life like some as the humans may drip interviewee and human hobby I don't directing good pattern underwriter and it is. I really saying is she is or not but apparently to get in shape for as a Star Trek movie she went got a five month. Almost only spinach diet a year ago and now you write her back time days you should drive spinach manage your doll. That's why explains everything 'cause I couldn't figure out why she was really not there it's so warm tell us yes now I know one. They damn bacon drying mean news murderer yeah as I mean is delicious yeah can I do and it's delicious murder the list analyses order. All right I have a question what do you think is the top thing that people have kept from their childhood. I would tell you it's 717. On the rock. Definitely happen. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. I don't quite IKI as the Seattle. I thought hello about studies put this one hears about you being kid that's good. New study done on the top things that people still have from their childhood cowboy yeah. Number one on the list I don't think the surprise anybody Teddy bear. You know I mean that's. I mean that's that's that they can't you move over all night terrorism really when you had a simple loan for the first on the Teddy there was take your companion to your comfort creature. Okay raise your hand and was there on ice a few days raising his hand straight and asked a question here of course you stick your Teddy bear yeah. You saw your Teddy well it's not a Teddy bear it's a Mickey Mouse from Disneyland and I was given birth stuff dealt yes I'm down gap anyone else. Serra area back creepy to version of herself Jolie doesn't happen is I don't we have why his at home though nothing was given like a bear that was given him young but so uncle Chris myself Joey and you are the only ones that don't still have. I can go out on any sort now yeah I don't even I don't remember all my first stuffed whatever once more that I know who was. We assumed yeah. I can't all I remember is I wish I still had a bye it was my major Matt Mason doll 'cause I loved all that space stuff. And I got that oh I and I remember that like eight or nine years old not 6789. Then that you that time period when that space program was insane and we are on the moon. I love that I wish I still have asked I think minds would insert joke here but I think it was a pound puppy. Aren't the pound puppy out yeah that's a ground pound puppy yeah. Number 210 listen no no went down the line this school here which of course a blanket that's some of mine so you if you let your first. Like I did yeah I I actually was going to myself yesterday I haven't you know packing steel bags it's like what if I ever have kids that's how many years it's still like really solid shape it's in good shape. We saw some of our kids like only for sheets pencils and maybe there's a blanket in their I have an open up like this. Time caps sleeping in a money give to the kids some day. The belly Mexican families is that an add another time analyst of the same but we each and every don't gosh yes so it's very hard to get my parents still have my stroller in the garage like it's just collected spiders over the years we have no point but it's still there. I'm not sure since my parents made the move from the house every grew up in about a couple years ago to a house in New Jersey. Tom I don't know if they purged a lot of that stuff but based on the rocking chair from one of the kids the stroller. The Sesame Street Y. I don't known I would bring it up and it will one meal maybe one day when viewing your brother's got kids comic book you know things have been dance like there's jab at her stuff out there are now yes that that that rocking chair splinters and yet we're not gonna use any of that stuff and the heading is less padding then. I would sit in a blanket do so this is hard wouldn't share yes I'm gonna happen and I had bad memories from that damn thing so go down there a community slash special when I had a chicken pox. And my mom decided the best way to get me from stop scratching my face. She tied my hands that is the low detail RSS would you like to play a game so yeah I'm just rocking like a psychopath yeah scratch my face but I can't because my hands are tied to the Dem all my arm rest to sixteen so much is this a weird story you know I'm not. And he's kind of like ticks oven mitts around and or something and you know the started passing duct tape my mouth and this started as a very happy story about childhood items could to a now we're onto basically a jigsaw torturous thing here on the special edition of you didn't see him. Mr. Seidler rocking chair and never smoke free hand that's. I'm tough to OK let's scratch and he would choose now to describe it take you fantastic news nothing wrong here also met these rants. So this recent study says that Teddy bears atop thing that people still have from their childhood how about you. What do you still have from your childhood 206421 rock Texas 77999. And what do you still have from your childhood and your calls and texts after Three Days Grace on Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Nine point nine. So a recent study says that a Teddy bear. Is the top thing that people still have from their childhood how about you what are you still have from your childhood Joseph Schwartz one rocked text is at 77. 999 standing to come why you are on the rocks in morning gang bar exam which got forced anybody. All. I got a background in elementary school and dirty now on I still have it it's a miniature baseball Mitt. Where Edgar Martinez is rookie year picture like a little bio of him and then you know and our special signature. So I still have it it's my dream to get let things signed by the man it felt. What that would be cool man you know every wants a while he does run around this doesn't stops and die I was waiting in line and sure MA and he had the Lee played I was probably a call back and waiting. Let's that it still in the original packaging I don't think I'm very touched all the moles still wrapped. Any you start hitting coach right. Yeah yeah okay I I would think that I would recently that he be pretty stoked to see until May be at every game just you know work your way onto the field just approached him with its union its modern. I'm I need to get that I tried doctor Dan Wilson this weekend they're bringing your game and I'm there I'm gonna try and rally Tomas. Yeah men you know I always you have little kids. A little kid always gets the autograph for you never like it will be pale little kid or something and it's yours does have all the gloves like he'll sign it. Well yeah well hey guys you're gonna tell an off day. Take it easy buddy that's cool I'm Daryn again bailout play people testament to the dugout sums are you destroy that say that's a new thing this year got LA out of the dugout during the game just a dozen other crimes got service loves that Jimmer more dated July that is best coming up as ordinary promotions the idea yeah hang on the dugout I think is an iconic. I don't know this person Don Tyson added it's pretty cool I was stuffed monkey called monk on monk. Some kids outside. I didn't I'm when he was born that's cool. Okay passing along the month month to the kid now that is pretty cool but as I some almighty Lagos and Star Wars figures in the seventies and eighties and my seven year old loves them. I can't please let them play all of them yeah they do in in Lagos a sudden before on this list of the death of the top 2000 keepsakes. Well there and I don't remember there being Lagos stores dare relatively new development Reich is almost every malls got one now just in the last five years drew or maybe it's an extremely long enough yes it's like it's not a it's our kids boy anymore I mean I could see some having Legos for reverend delightful kids can't afford it even with a good allowance their credit. Well a lot of people in the 70s80s even nineties thing you didn't really you built it but then you took it apart and you have these big big in the house. Amy just builds whatever you want I'm guessing there's the big bad or begin that he's passing along. Which I'm actually very to. So is the Star Wars action figures I had a lot of those. Now I know if you get a kept those are match Spock. Now rod the idea and haven't had those terms yeah I did Buck Rogers action figures yeah I'm I mean that the show was out Ciara match I can I have action figure for every show that cell usually does a pretty awesome yeah. I'd easily give me do do do these guys. Now glad to check with a low cut for all Aaron Rodgers and indictment but I got a little bit older and created little whorehouse high pitches you as one of the prostitutes. You know this is supposed to be a wholesome subject and get my understanding I don't what's her face that was it cobra from GI Joseph yeah she was also Scarlett I'll scarlet shoes like the queen because she was the I'm Adam Adam Souza mad about your your your your installed. Whore house yes to Kazmir out of a Coke stock I talked to Jacob now because I think Jake is probably. KJ giving can't EU Iran Iraq. Hey Larry that's a bad Jacob forty golfers but how about you what do you saw that from your childhood. Well I'd still have my old super Nintendo and my old and excuse for almost unknown yet do I love that thing man I've Brenda promoter behind are you merge records. Dude it's the worst it's the worst father move I ever made enjoying never lets me live it down in order for him to get a new. Gaming system I always said he had to get rid of the other ones given to charity. And I'm such an idiots flag I'm because he had a ball and I kept making interior rooms in order to get a new one. And I saw such a dope. I love that I'd put out all the shots and the and Olivia bigger told him I'd got mauled mobile game that I haven't gotten. Do you have a Diem and all set up like you just have a whole room of awesome miss. Yeah. Yeah. Don't older you are my only go illegal you typically collision all I got that was a Cadillac us west what do 600 people back in the day were like whoa I would die for legal reason. It was legal one that I wanted it in the plea are remote control now or your controller up. I hundreds of disagreed be gentle like that was about a man's a target but yeah I think it's taken of the television. Okay it was when the yellow makes that car didn't like what look like a remote control yeah I think yes you had numbers on familiarity and game sock that was he television Al Gore had that knows those like Oates. It's bittersweet like Jessica play video games I got played there so you have a coup legal regime was all the good vision was awesome. Eight degree certain important they all did that give more ridden. Areas are you. About your video games working your song doesn't yeah I am all that mean I and that was the I was so much one of the league division I type I type my dad into getting me leads when he 600 Indian television. There's like no I don't this is always a new game every every new system every month. Do you wish come over I have my old any asset up when my 64 and they all just have to go right there all milder games you've it's always gonna don't judge has joined the nor your house ship because he probably hates me now which don't. My thumb and I made it nicely let's Serra played a New Orleans because you know sir one and everything back then and and so he was I guess I've got to give my old system discern or get a new system Yad Sarah was like yeah you bet you do that she never played it. She does want and everything. We'll present summer territory 600 them my dad bought from my brother and I were brewers when I was three still works at a chance wove the iridium can let go gee I don't know with the again I don't know how much stuff my parents probably made the move the army feels like they've tried everything to such as my mom and ask her star Allen on the go it's now on the basement we had their territory 600 it's up until I moved to Seattle. And all the games and why aren't starving of course ET I motor was that was what I was the original because I mean I've got the original in the seventies my knees when I was 1617 years old I thought why did you in the seventies I got in the early eighties okay but it was a Tony 600 it was in the 7200. Which a little bit more pricey yeah opponent and I remember that one. Hodges says this is my husband still as the original castle graceful. And all he mentally sorry I had all of those as a kid not even know what happened to Juan did you battle cash yes battle cat we had these slime pit. That yeah. It came with slime and I think that's maybe why I and we had to get rid of my he man because I just lines when will this line would just go anywhere and it. He got into the carpet and and yeah they. McDonald's all they forgot about the slime pit coastline never looked like he spent dates to use our houses that what happened ice bath yeah and plus there was the emails we never use castle grace because our house. Pretty good I don't know why you have to Ava tells Rollins man you know I got I was at seizing card borders really stupid I mean the great castle Bristol looks like a perfect who draw Redman was ambassador. At the end this bring lay that he did shoot around ran man behind. I had one that was it look like AA as skunk man named Steen gore and he actually smelled. And of course he did in order to make it smell worse you could put him in the freezer that's like putting me out always put him in the freezer my mom would take it out of there get Sobieski as it was all freezer would smell like this call are. Smelling little guys you see here a good job and you're I don't hold. The nice going there you go that's and that's a parent's love is to have stinky food and their fridge or freezer yeah yeah yeah. Am praying. Contact skeletal are so there was the man and every time you play that I think it's just a rip off of doctor Smith and I don't like so I think he's just sounds to say you BJ talking to and around that. That's hard course. Where did the guy with no I got a from the OG Jonathan Harris may become healed my headache and I've never okay and ends. Demands like Spencer here. Or I you guys are I went follows me and I'm not SaaS model so why aren't. Him so are you out also I'm musical instrument people still have their childhood. I had a clarinet. And never played it back got my hands on one I kept forever with all these intentions of one day learning how to play it. You know I got a throwers they got a little older and older is an older team. I realize it was a piece of crap it was missing parts yeah and that's why I got a free from my some flea market. Of course it is yeah. Because I had to move around so much I ended up getting were a lot of stuff from embalmed because I'm I imagine you have Joseph is old fluke memorably he was a matter whenever Eliot memory was really great with very coroner was it a flu like I'm accurate it is always a trumpet that's right that's just a trainer played the flute didn't maybe realize I still have. Our ride cymbals that I was a seat is CB in hand hammered right similar Murray that I spent all my money in my parents iris a kid and I will eat you need to go to prom or we give you money. For a musical instrument. Was an easy decision since that no girl talk to me so's like I'll just take the money and buy myself a new symbol and a nice week. CB and symbol I still haven't to this day don't use it because the not necessarily the right sound that I want but I'll never get rid of it because it was the first. Purchase I ever made for a drum set. That's pretty cool yeah yeah that's very very cool. And daughters and Aaron Pollyanna. Are sick. He's I joined he says nothing I think we still just gimme left NBC you have to gigantic box plus save bureau sold stuff. And EO Jack just keep their army dad ants like will do what is an hour number just secret NN its ISI throwing an all out because it's like you're out of our house my my storage guy. ISI don't know if he's got stuff in there or not but does Seri S Sarah never gets rid of any innings. I'm hanging up and and I am so much stuff besides my name like multiple stuffed animals and I creepy v.s and my twin doll that looks like me that's kind of on my am closet. The one thing that I still sleepless. Is this pillow it's a circular kibosh on I was like Tenet Claire's and on one side it's like a smiling like a wake face and on the other side. It's like sleep being kind of like mouth. Open yeah may ruling face this kind of but it looks like it's still in some NL all all of oh my door and came over and they nicknamed it. Your name father all of that's why hello yeah and so China before I got a bad I have to ask my boyfriend where is my you know what tell that's on that he's not good because it's a perfect she is and I have had their expectations. Probably after they got off and I can't argue that California. I know I tell that though could use a Washington think my favorite pillow. Do you make it a point asleep on the side of the CB Jason do you but that obviously we faced our share. I can imagine on a means that Tonya C I look that I had a fairly eighteen years and and now throwing arrows really you think probably early apple growing. It's gonna Richards for a Louis Richard you're on the rock. I you don't sir but I was. When I was a kid I still love the gateways tag your mom and dad got me a laser tag on my box. And 46 now I still have bet my spot lit be original thermos it's like the yellow wall my mirror in my life and death. Hobbs said they had tanks that also I had like you lose it a weird velcro we just saying that you put on. Get dad held it is actually the ads it looked like a laser currently used but it still beat. A 100% yet guys I get all. Todd dude that's a EL IC unmanned tang and I wish I hasn't solved the particular college for India. And everybody even though he get a and we don't play laser tag here yeah yeah I Iraqis aren't as they graduate and still it. Well if you're getting your PayPal on notice I don't know sound your five million U music he's. Hey if you're over thirty years old I'll tell you are now you really should stay on social media oh carrying Theres a good reason I'm gonna tell you what that is at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. 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