BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-26-18-8A: A university is now offering a new “Cry Closet” in their library for students who are stressed out during finals week.

Thursday, April 26th

A new study says that middle age people are at risk from suffering from anxiety due to social media. There is a new echo for kids.


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Just serve you and I got a problem though both the new study says that. Middle aged people are at risk. Of suffering from anxiety and depression. From too much time on FaceBook and Twitter. Analog out right now. Yeah and I I its interest in the middle these people are most at risk. They say that if you've got to midlife. Since this will make it worse going on social media. Sister are about my theories on midlife crisis is because everyone always assumes when people have a mid life crisis they they call it a midlife crisis but so is because some resorts have been fun at a mid life when their life so I think it's whose column in my fun time yeah I I don't I don't know what this is about unless there really are people that are. Buying stuff and doing stuff from their miserable marriage just basically you know of distracting themselves as opposed like you said just having fun yeah had a lot of things that could be construed as a mid life crisis but I'm doing him because of having a good time doing them. Get your have a lot of midlife crises I mean really just let my fun time BJ yeah I mean you're playing hockey years doing the rest laying my drums playing music out that as yeah you're really good mid life crisis and I'm a midlife crisis yeah for like twenty years not even doing a midlife crisis to get a convertible. Visited the top of the Jeep could that count. Yeah that's funny haven't done you any you know you need a Corvette guy you haven't got the flashy car after yeah. Researchers found that people aged thirty to 49 are more likely to report mental health problems if they use social media often. As are over fifty's time so how about Brandon. The digital natives aged eighteen to 29 who grown up with such sites suffer no harm. So if you grow up within I wonder by the time if those folks get to the middle aged. Part of their life if they won't be bothered but maybe for some reason because we never had it we don't matter ideally it. I think that might be edited did I think somebody who's eighteen years old they don't know life without Internet they don't know life without trolls they don't know life without any of that stuff. So why the question is why why don't why. The call was. People like us. As we get older we reflect on our lives. Think about what a failure we we we were pretending. And that's we think we'll stuff that's what we know we don't know why it's not this is happening the we dwell on how our life is go one seeds we've achieved our goals. And then we get to compare against other people because Ron FaceBook semen everybody else is doing like all your friends are senior wrestling and seeing you play hockey at sea and all those guys like. God did I see you guys say rich he's sort of successful elaborate fight and I saw it. Successful quotes of course yes of course I diet is interesting because my whole perspective of why a social media is depressing to me. Has nothing to do with comparing myself to others like when I see my friends doing cool ass. I pumped I think that's awesome that's my favorite part about social media I like seeing my friends doing stuff that makes them happy I am not one of those people that find misery. In myself because they're doing cool stuff and I think that's like good for you man I'm really cloudy and I'm stoked you're doing that might have been lucky that that friends that had that same mentality. The part that. Depresses me and bums me about social media and truly does is. Is the negativity. Is the comics like I there are tied dragged its. On case studies pays something is post it would mean I only am I I just don't you wanna gonna look I don't because it could be all really cool comments on Thomas and a new form personnel compares me to strike or burn victim might add that before well I didn't know what my day I was bored. Thanks BJ you know I had and decides Alexy having fun I'm that guy and then when I see my friends having fun. He kind of depresses me yes it's the comments sincerely daily news stories now I got like checking. Different news sites and reading about what's going on pop culture or whatever. But tonight always make the mistake and I Thomas of don't put comments don't click comedy act until there's this weird morbid fascination I am on the negativity united saying yeah yeah and mood. Yeah I mean I you know am I the I can't disagree if you iMac it's it's it's one of the more fresh and I don't know of geeks are even worse I'm I I lights. I'd like to ask anybody who just watches all of our sites but sometimes on the geek nation site you know will post a lot of stuff about movies coming out things happening. And it just feels like there's no positive responses everybody's was ago I ask gonna suck this sucks I hate this and say they never made a good movie since the days since the early two I might not I think that applies to. Leaving that people are passionate about any day could be sports they could be video games comic books I know what's in the world wrestling I love wrestling fans. I hate wrestling fans on social media I'll go to an hour now wrestling fans and an event like wrestle mania weekend was one of the most fun weekends at like there are multiple times I looked chronicled how I really love wrestling fans it's just such a unique. All walks of life we all those low breasts and we all bond over that but there's all different type types of religion culture or race is whatever everyone comes together. We're gonna go on social media read about wrestling and I just need everybody's a wrestling fan negative thought. I'll take the super fans anything complaining about what they don't light over the people hundred just out there like he said to me you feel bad because they feel bad like. I've got into wars with people online are times like whom. Or should I started something in everyone followed suit someone made a comment about Sharon that set me off on NC Graham and I'm just like really in an every one attack like that in have to do anything. Except say why are you doing that but why do you have to attack the way we look what are we doing to you that makes it you think that this is okay. I don't get that I don't get to people to do that sometimes I see I a few low post and like. 02 I don't assume what people find this person that attractive or this or that simple maybe you ought to some people that person is attractive and do you maybe now but yeah I do you need to let everyone know that. They want to get the crap on that person. We didn't see how miserable people are yeah no doubt about it I mean that that's the one thing the social media are showing us is that we we've got a lot of miserable people out there. And they all want attention yeah they are well that's cries for help they say all the time it's like. They want someone to help them with their misery but they won't go get help themselves so instead they just very miserable the people I know is that that used to be me. Or maybe still hasn't been. Apartments I had some Leon my FEM page right to measly here not that attractive in just. Calling me gifts and that might want to think study wrote back thinking that makes me feel great have a good day's close just kidding I just wanted to get your attention and you know I didn't did you respond to me in my increased five trauma activism insulting Sony get their attention early storm now I wanna have sex with you about that yet. Leon and I. So sealed insult you guys are pretty sad yes yeah slowly seeing no let go ahead works for the number users Steve you're right about the haters there's a fourth night as the four nights a volley game yet and there's a for a ninth streamer called doctor new blow whose house was swatted three times because other people are jealous of his success mess from Chris what what is swat anemic it costs one arm. I think it's so where they yeah it's false report yeah so lame yeah where actual swat teams want beta this is actually led to people being shot. Well suggests. T this is the problem with socially amendment it's because you get the fringe people who think it's funny to give in police involved on the sort of think results send an anonymous tip saying oh I think I heard shots fired in the house. Because. They don't like the streamer they. Needs he really comes doesn't believe world yes super Teddy thinks war. He's and they think that there anonymous and by and large they cannot are. Unfortunately. Bumpers is the Bolling runs blowing up a negativity on social media of some rule changes seats everywhere and it's not just Tommy Watson. It's anything that people are passionate about it just brings out. Pure vitriol I wonder what's going on in the world of polling that they've made changes ICBM II is not a call turns anymore is involved not dammit. Has no Turkey's man Imus because of the gimbal analysts tool for T now you get to offer valuable tool for you don't care about how. So this is added that the cycle of when we're someone's offended by being go to Turkey to write an article on a tool for us to figure out to change it to him. So they go if you're middle age you got a social media them because we told you why it's crappy and it has nothing to do with how good your life is tiger pairing somebody else is is crafted a deal about the negativity anyway. But I do think the same applies. But this story with what our whole reason why we don't like socially I think people under eighteen in. Eighteen to 29 I guess is what they're saying. You've been born into this world of comments in posts and negativity. It's probably just rolls off their back a lot easier and it's I would maybe not but yeah it is so accustomed to. That kind of mentality that this is not a big deal on their world I. No we know about bullying over social dad or younger who also is maybe not yeah I did it. You know it's just anonymity where people get to BA holes there's that there's just add that part of humanity. And we we hate to admitted about ourselves. Where we just light to irritate others and caused mayhem and chaos we just we have to admit that is humans that's what we are. Where George's these crazy people. Crazy crazy people. We're nuts man yeah. Well here's some cool. You not to worry about social media Amazon's got you covered you wanna raise you to the right way get themselves in new echoed dots kid edition. Ha basically acts like a virtual baby sitter come on this planet earth where was this when you didn't pay attention your children in Europe while Sarah I know Sarah had a big talk to me about it. You shouldn't be granddad got excited about a AM nine now I'm not married for the song but now I know what I'm gonna do normally get an echo dot nodded babysit. Maas Eric just says family activities what does it do. Well yeah if your kid says I'm bored at the echoed our robot assistant can entertain them so you don't have to do. It reads books it plays music there's even an option where won't respond unless the kid says. Please first. Don't teach them manners yeah most of it is ready SAI world when the robots take over that's right agreed to be respectful of robots are Montana the only thing that's what it is yeah yeah yeah just a body. I could decide about just AI stuff that's owners like really involve the dikes and this world that is Al are artificial intelligence and musical big wait any quit his his gig. And completes a dose of off the grid like moved in such a small. Cab in an otherwise you do that if any any city told his buddies that I see I've seen the future and I don't want to be found. Well I was like okay that I just yeah come on I'm not kidding palm ma'am we're doomed ground. Well Betty -- most talked about element Silicon Valley this week I saw that TSA Ilan mosque though you know he's suddenly know what robots can't do everything and he made a mistake or the evil genius is always say that do on the bus just tweeted that he's gonna make a cyborg dragon you really trust this man he's a good movie channel and he is I don't like him at first he says it -- humans to do the job a robust site or lower messed up cyborg dragon BJ was the guy did some Peter Parker's friend and Spider-Man that does dad became all weird and crazy that was doc are down yeah I want thought he was real charming at first you know that's a story right. Ha ha. We need to comic book it's not real L dude art imitates life all right imitates art and yeah and that's your Bruschi while you're out of control. Can soldiers are Amazon I know it's not for kids but Willet. If we college but more board would do anything for us that's a really good question you should ask to see if she doesn't your board that's a very good question this cost eighty bucks and also it's thirty more than the regular echoed dog but that's because it comes in a kid friendly case so it's harder to make or break it. Hossa and to bomb or after it goes in a year or something called free time unlimited which lets you access more stuff. But you aren't abiding guardian exposed as a w.'s new options and eerie echo dot au the we don't have an echo dot Wii simmering there echo what we'll see if awareness Dong. Yeah that's that is a big echo its long and all right so I. All stuff I board. Let's have some fun. I have lots of Easter eggs to discuss her. For example saving me up to here Star Trek reference for more hints just say give me an Easter egg. Oh let's again Easter egg. When Romney aliens attack. Use they use to fire back. Face is what. Loose receives an Easter eggs and destroy is that the person I don't know when I can't believe you and do the other one to be me out public's. Oh let's not beat me out. Okay transporting 321. Ago mile. By the player but we can't see him and now I'm such a geek I even know what's happened what series that's from that was a TN GUS and yeah that was an exterior missionaries an important key cure oppose or Barack yeah I was a taxi about how much who oppose you are now audit related guy he said it was dock dock and it was not. There's a green goblins. Can I say doc are you did all cheeses yeah he's actually right it is Norman Oz one of the green governor says and you call yourself a geek tonight's say I that I really say don't I don't ask. Fate. Do know I'm not surprised removes in my mind no course of green goblins golf course senator correct spots say imagery T guy M and a dark storyline even trying to act like they're jealous of big storyline he had to issue 800 and it's all about the green Dublin and Spiderman the last time anyone can say that yes yes slot is a class pianist honoring averaging the Wikipedia whatever guys you know I'm the only legitimate. I said doc talk I'm losing my mind you are yeah okay Tommy doc talk was awesome but. Yeah I'm Norman Osborne and men Harry outlet that's all the green goblins in the hop goblins all those guys thought yeah cause I just all lose my mind. Their argument there Yahoo!. OK so that's the see those in the adult Easter race this is supposed to be kid thing or we have to I just hit seven dot. I still get that woman US for Easter eggs and Paula it was say that use these against. Yeah I mean I'm how much closing its like Jeffrey what are photon torpedoes or something I don't know I don't know that's all right. Use these to fire against Iran really I mean failure would what are fair electoral quota so what are pacers. And a soft hands and off patent or do chlorine insecticide and Kara side that is being phased out globally. Why it okay how about this. Oh so. Serious. Okay firing these owners can Puhn. I guess I'm. That's just happened good. No you go there a year ago okay. Okay. I have a question. What's in the hell what's in the world. Is a cry closet and why does it have stuffed animals and it's. I'm gonna tell you why I'm a tell you what this isn't committing seventeen boom Iraq. And the next morning and I mean I'm 49 K I guess tell you. I've point nine KI SW Iraq goes Seattle. I I try. I really try not to celebrity get off my lawn. I try not to be that old guy complaining. But I think man that did this I just can't help but go what the hell I'll seriously I'm excited. At the University of Utah. There's a new cry a closet. In their library. And students who are stressed out can pop into the closet to cuddle with some stuffed animals and cry and out. Why now. She needs. I just I don't think this is a good thing. I mean there's some crying is not a good thing and I don't I don't think it's a good thing to go cry closet with stuffed animals who cried out not only I don't think we've where we see goes to strip club since then those plays that's the way I got. There is. I was there and it's. Soon. And I. Because it was designed by an art student at the school and there's no word on how much traffic it's been getting during the final season. I know I know I if there was a live streaming feeds of decline cries posit. I might just cancel cancer people can just watch that all the time yeah I think that defeats the purpose so I cry oh boy I know of course that would be popular and go sit there and watch somebody in glass and anybody lead then that's of that of course you it's more about this stunt animal's parts. Yeah I don't know why but the stuffed animals crises like the craziest part is it really just looking at the price closet all I'm sorry it's depressing Randy had cried being in that closet yeah. I don't know someone you just need a good cry in this surely the student is the one that built it I know it's a good thing is is that. I don't it gender specifically cheese man at Cindy I just feel like the average dude doesn't need to have a good cry. Now maybe the average chick does I don't know I'm not a woman but it is interesting that Vicky says it's a good idea I say it's a bad idea and we are also separated by gender you deserve an instance where I've cried when I was like I'm glad I cry. No no honestly like it happened and I know there are time greats is going to happen I know controlled for now I'm obviously I did I wouldn't but. I never thought man I'm glad I got that out. I don't know why but it's is that that's ever been something from me. Do you find you like bottle up any emotion in them when you do you what do you do Eagles let it get that out video that's on told people. Okay yeah well you know I hesitate that's a good question right here right why I think we can I think a lot of his raging out and hopefully not in a positive way some dudes go do physical activities that are really physical you know when my two sets of Google punch around a punching bag or they go screaming and yelling. Doubtless be yell and scream was always a great way for me events here from me of what a great stress relievers are I do a lot of physical activities so playing the drums is is probably of all the things they do the ultimate. I guess what you're talking about is laying out the emotions second pummel the living crap Kennedy's drums are not hurting anybody. I'm just beaten the crap I'd imagine did you receive a lot I really trying to hurt our drums then also now in wrestling I mean it's obviously a great way to get. An outlet and an end playing hockey to some been fortunate have these three hobbies that are very physical. That make me. Feel at peace and not him but I don't need anything else really as an outlet. But this is also used the those hobbies cost money in the your college students better sank like how little people present conflict I got a funny things that you know couple nights in jail but there are studying their constantly like doing stuff that's cool and kind of tied to this. I can see how I can be I mean I got I dropped out of college but I. The Pentagon dorm room yeah you got roommates and any lawyer trying to talk according to. In his shower so you think gonna cry cause it's not gonna make you look weird as you watch and this is like those those nursing stations at the airport I have yet to see anybody come out of there is that we thank you Mike and anybody goes and you know Emery knows you don't. You topic now the old boobs in this kid drags on there always weird people out when I'm popping out and I could have everybody there I don't worry about it don't worry no kids so you don't feel bad about at least you'll see I would I would not gonna cry closet. Like think it's it's it's about trying to get the stigma also crying like we're top like K keep your emotions and guys and girls laid out don't cry don't cry. It's either a sign of weakness or a sign of like okay you're annoying me kids so why not get a good track. But apparently this is kind of done as an attempt to humor but also work of art meant to beat to provoke feelings on conversation also it's not really paying people put you as bad but it's kind of personally thought some tax or brother or your point that it will quickly turn into. The banged closet pole I like that. Where stuffed animals they don't watch that I'll under the rules in my closet says one person at a time but what if you need to cry or different. Yeah you need some W I got animals why would I bring my best friend in the area about ten minutes in the cry closet. I don't need this has Asian assets when it's time Democrat Al yeah. Yeah. I that I eat how we forgetting that you know look as I can't say I did did we want to be respectful of all people and under her name is Vijay. I know earlier said about this and I don't necessarily I wanna go and cry cause of the mother cry closets I it sounds that way they did somebody I don't really care. I mean if you're somebody needs a closet co into the cry. Go ahead but when you're coming out I would do everything in my tardy getaway it's not a person does not want the residual trying to call on I'm always awkward when people crowd around me. I don't mean I don't I don't judge people for crying I don't know what to do. I do I wiped the tears during a hug them yeah I'm not sure what to do want people are crying runaways Steve or are point and laugh. I wouldn't do that's always a good thing to do some strength. Near real man like me just cram public you know job interviews dad Danny present color is an average price your closet restaurants net. Is any any guy on the show besides standing even dang busy month which you would do you really think we need to crack closet. I use it as a map for him but they say ten minute limit so I can't do that seem to get tickets went the other way I think we need to toughen up a little bit I think we've swung to a wee wee wee swung way too far over just. Not being able to just put our our lips for a little bit and and wait till we get to a place maybe two or dorm room maybe to some place private. There's something about Howell I think we are is just we we just haven't exercised that muscle on being able to control our emotions were just I don't think it's good. I I agree that we definitely need a lot of tripping up in the a lot of categories but I feel like crying is in a sign of weakness is a sign of not being tough. I feel like people that holding in are having a harder time the people that let it out on average. But I think I think we'll be just as I mean. If you're lately your paper and also you're crying and say come on man you gotta get you got to toughen up I'm not saying their crimes a sign of weakness of someone dies or something awful happened July senior crying I don't think that's weak at all. I understand why people are going to do that but I guess. You're late on read your paper and you got a seat nose and your Mac closet crying I think there's a problem that there are people killing people. Because a girl didn't give them the time of day. Like date they were upset over the way they were treated by certain amount of people so they wanna chili's for your driving their cars and of people I mean it's really crazy. Because of the fact of people don't know how to deal with disappointment on a deal with adversity and I think decry closet I I just don't think his. I just think it's a way for you basically not to be tough. Well I think I know I mean if you're able to cry it out I'd rather than cry it out and go hurt somebody. Yeah I don't they cried and that's the thing I think we have to toughen up I think that's the thing is that you have to have a more rest threshold before you lose it. And if you meet if you get democratic closet like Steve said every time. A little thing goes wrong you don't train yourself to an all okay. Marketing and emotional over this is not that big of a deal what what I gonna cry closet so you know what I got to see I can go sit there and let it out not control my emotions therefore I'm not tossed. I back I just. And I think it's part of moving on and I get a good crack like I hate crying I really do but then when it hits me balling it bottled up and again have now do you really used to cry cause yeah if I needed to like let it out I gone into the bathroom and just let it out to compose myself like great let's bring it on that sent select sleep I'm not gonna let this affect me now I credit out it's done. There and I'm not if that's the case I don't have a problem that does that maybe what works for a lot of girls somewhat women maybe it does for me I. I go into the N studios and make Gregor uncomfortable stare down and cry could announce home wine and then leaves. We know there are guys that you do. Yes there are guys they used him instead of cry they may find another way to get it out crying may not be the guy way and that's it irritates me. Is that when I I know sometimes a guy's got to go hit things. It's and I get near you because there's guys out there that are told don't cry don't be sensitive. And maybe develop a lot of issues when they had to ceilings until I feel like it's so weird balance let. Needs to beach yeah I just think it's individually based I mean if you if you wanna cry AME Denny cries that's always does I don't care because Texas has just barrier motions of brews like normal adult that's what we're kinda cry confidence about Jack thank you guys. That's what I'm talking about in a chris' licensing and you cry closet after this conversation piano NB folks now I ice. I think it's generational man we need to fry closet feel when their owner's friend triangle yes. See you've seen as a McDonald's Fries right know all what's up with the new properties posted on the well they they served two and they just come with a ton of stuff bomb. As they were on our there's somebody's who tweeted it's suicide for guys Henry Sanderson just had done the waffle cut that's rise over to fly and and used on the Asian sauce and game changer OK he's very happy with that decision OK Richie Trump's catch up wow yeah okay so apparently. McDonald's newest location is doing a big game cheese access all I did see that there in Chicago who were launched commerce you're gonna. Apparently it's a fat and one day you ask your. We can get some agencies for hi is get a negative and Pete says nav fund that's the problem is McDonald's has to compete in Chicago with the and the pan pizza limo there. That's what they're gonna compete with a lot of just put it here. I live here let me go here and get those new drives will skip the Fries get some bacon and some she easily yourself. I don't you know they're probably competing with the old animal style right. Two of the new McDonald's excel sheet and seals Starbucks. I write this stuff what's going movies are big and how they gonna change on the docile like that I think it's it's probably what they gotta do. Starbucks Starbucks fancy it up as you know and I Vienna. That would look cool we went like around assets and that's because apple this is this is out of their store the ground floor of their new corporate headquarters. All right so that's why they're kind of fancy on that and we gotta get one of those we had that happen and I want those French Fries really bad yeah. And then under mr. but the one that got arrested for dancing on the bar and Applebee's. Our I am. I'm numb and I think that if I get a floor show you know. With what with my very affordable dinner winner show sure why not what's wrong that's hopes she dropped turnover out of apple bottom BC yeah. I'm that's denbury show OK show of hands is anyone dents and a bar. Well Sarah has your face Chris uncle Chris yes he did to really care about the Christmas store now. I don't in my daughter's story there are five employee and now by having both is he's. I you know I thought very sad to hear what you're dotted it was that cowgirls. Employee accidentally gets the bar there. Hey how Kelly yeah dunk cowgirls bar you have a few times. Yeah led dude since Matt -- no they don't I guide track and paid their security I was like held out daft entirely out defeats the purpose yeah I went on there and you know you danceable acute acute dancers because you know they're up they're still. And they have that bar above you with all the brought scene from. And they don't let you. Hold onto the bar at all I got kicked off the bar eventually because I did it more than once beat your drunk you'd let me hold onto the bar than fall in your actual bark right. I'm maybe now maybe that's what they're hoping is the entertainment is no drunken girls this fall on their face I bet that's happened thus far because. Yeah once a week I bet I do it right you're down you're trying to compute these sexy girls. And I get too down yeah now so you'll that never happened ever so how grows think where else have you danced and embarked. Yeah. I think might be actually nor did what she remembers never really what I grammar gaffe bath but I'm does it answer if you have to surf to that guy didn't get to dance in the bar when he wanted to send a cry cause of their forums. It's. Only in this. Uncle crane slighted muted and sub ball real quick he was about was my buddies it was metaphors wearing so we're all out drinking and getting him completely bad as drunk as we possibly could it was a little dive bar in Yakima called us mideast. I need. They were they or did you boxes going all these girls were up on the dot barred him from the job yeah it was pour some sugar on me but to Clifford are you know you didn't get up and do that I looked at my body and I said we you are if there's even. So hot sticky sweets from I had all of you in feet yeah are percent. And wow. That's what do we get up there and and I don't wanna see guidelines that are you know we found that out critical. You know I can't get down off and there fellas you don't need it didn't look good so we just took some video instead of influence. Enclosed area that was on music and dancing cage type of thing. And try to get married Jenny and in the cage with the process added forty closed and I yeah I was drunk and I kicked it fleet is really doesn't get married now. And I was the last time I I was at neighbors say look there's a site it's. Where they would have what I did I did this could be my night myself. There are downloadable things they kicked me in my entire party out of the bar shocking and now. You left feeling down like tears Speedo if you're one of those cages while there's no stopping me once again and. You love yourself then there'll be no final day of palm games yeah. Wow. Already well we'll announce dragon dance at a bar code gosh no. No way you seriousness in the senate now on my bucket list what do it and sort of are we all all of us yes I'm playing I'm. He said she did Savard no I never have I hear reached a forgive mark let's you know. Like yeah she's Austin bar it would be like a three story fall appropriate steps still think you what general going to Chicago no I never have I think we need to do it here we need to try to Pardo let us do it in the billion attraction allow these inmates are young and OK I'm not gonna cry closet not DNC and the environment and any of this for you guys cannot watch and laugh. I'll have a beverage why don't you like fun. I do it's fun to watch you idiots we're talking about to be the best time ever. By SA Steve he got this one wrong what's fictional pirate commanded the Jolly Roger. There's got to hope it's. Just go to mom's. Jobs what I'm really now knows. Tiger is he's no fire season. Also odd doctor hook is there relative a professor hooked and they're both relatives of Captain Hook who. Paul very professional people. Your shot at BC you got a 206 fortune one rock for claimed these pigs in a 47. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time by the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy that credit has already taken a huge head coach after Simon's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into normal ranges chapter seven case. I'm real crime we will start to recover even mention the sun and afternoon about a year. I'm you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how I guess your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your crews can get back in the the normal range of chapters or she's a little mean your credit gets better. Much more rapidly thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out if I was any time at choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.