BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-26-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, April 26th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Got a brand new sure in the rock shot just saw the man and already in my company it's a new DJ migs northwest part. Did you copy of your teachers tell my copy of it. I got my T shirt yeah yeah. Luke's great emissary to death that's the only part of mother showed her own Lulu maniacs out there the whole show is on there all drawn and style to your favorite shows. Going out and northwest part yeah do it for me now she should minister but if you want to assured polygamy is going to be eighty today you news T shirt. Get an out KI SW dot com. And games. Eve okay. Is and in turn down toward third today. And nice those criteria there. Now it is now the day before Friday is no pride day now. How. Knows no crying and crying clauses that with no why not let it all out crying closet you know we do not just. There are identified with Georgia dozens and it we've got irritated Everett territories there's sir. Yes it's excellent point port and hasty primus and mastodons a synonym armor park on June 22 go to KI SW dot com. Brody tells us who wanted to jump primus it's you wanted to got mastodons do you get your tickets at any access dot com Aristide out here. For those playing at home air will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions. Eric you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questioned the are you ready. Let me what car manufacturer produces these Forte and optima. I need I know it's. I am ex parte. Now and knowledge to know it also has invented which musical talent and it's. Sachs yes guest which cartoon characters known as the friendly ghost. You ask the Gobi Desert covers part of which. Large Asian country. He asks what does he common name for these fruit and citrus grand list. Or now. Yeah ads which continent is home to the Tasmanian double. You as being Whitney Houston song was saving all my love for who'll must. You yeah as it was moss what was so why am looking for. Now it's. Clearly it's gas sort of kinda mean. Yeah it's easy just say yes they're right there came to her face TI I think every specific amount one I think you're correct and that's why I was like knees. And holdings. Yeah seven correct is still a really good score back we'll have to see you how's Steve does here is going to be close early very close but they're guys a chance yes all the talk or ask you pours a chance exactly. Steve can be venturing crushes. Steve are you ready certainly cool no no. I'm okay but what car manufacturer produces to Forte and optima yeah for now it dots now. Please I. Don't sacks invented which musical instruments I didn't know. Saxophones yes which cartoon characters known as the friendly ghost Casper as being Gobi Desert covers parts of which large Asian country. Mr. Russia now. A move to China. Yeah as to what is the common name for these troops citrus grandiose. Orange to conduct. Transparent now. And. You know. And I don't have. No apparently yeah Carolina you know they Whitney Houston song is saving all my love for whom you ran. Yet has speed in The Wizard of Oz what the lions looking for his courage yet as to what crop failure caused the Irish famine and yeah. I'll armed warrant now did. Yeah 3456. You. Yeah yeah yeah. That's in regulation. In fact I can't lips and crowd it's eat you are losers. I. Just. I. Okay there. Oh man load. Grads Eric tang online but it it's adding yeah. Two in the U miss become a name for the for citrus grand this is the grapefruit all got that correct you forget that citrus in and the continent that is home to the Tasmanian devil Tasmania is a part of Australia presents a continents yes not to Australia no because he's in Antarctica and the Transylvania to Australians Sherry in there and other would you both missed the car manufacturer produces the Forte and optimize cash I thought it was Nissan but I did remember there was indeed Kia yes Qiao. Now I know I mean to Forte yes. Let's get your take a look at thousands. Hey I did you know great congratulations to Eric on beating Steve this morning that's I got to do you to tie or beat Steve that's how you get a prize and beat me simple as that. Well I'd thanks to Danny he he pretty much and it leads us into this next story because he's. His mom was kind enough to get us some of those side dream sickle Eminem's because you don't have any Dollar General over there they have Dollar General we don't have any here but you say that they haven't done a New Mexico your hometown there's literally went down the street from my mom's house. So she went there because they have the they have the rights to be distributing the orange and white cream sickle flavored Eminem's nobody else can do it. How does that even happen IQ and a salesperson Rita hey we've got an ultimate opportunity for you guys seemed. You guys when some Eminem's and no one else can have we've got to Korea and the credit tasty I. Yeah I'm still you know I love Tina peanut butter I just sixteen and Eminem's that's still my favorite but he met Eminem's your favorite it's always been still stand by for me all peanut butter. People understood what do editorials inciting. Poll lateral the pretzel people turned out that that the pretzel Eminem's Mohamed had then yes there how do not. The mr. Eminem I don't know I'm very disappointed I don't know flag accurately map and Adam yeah. Okay and that's I got to try those out. Sloan as I had a national pretzel day that you should track now wells is in our national pretzel there we have a new survey about people and they're snacking habits. And they asked people six questions I wanna see where we already hear how great Hillary aren't talking about foods so it's almost 9 o'clock and we did did you well we started at 6050. Do we talk well through 605 I'm pretty sure of the hour will you tell yet definite news of pretzels Jerry had a Fannie and represented. Seeks. If I could complicate. When you stack it do you usually go for sweep things like cookies or salty things like chips. A that was my only two choices well get a pick one or the other what are you goals are usually aren't you assaulting young candy. I know I mean look I'm with you too but I guess they have what do you normally go to. I would say I'm sour patch kids and only candy ISI if if I had a choice if I'm actually just snacking like elements on something salty yellow way. Yeah like he Indian shares listed to treat twelve Steve Hewitt Vicki and I have the magic number being in the majority 69% of the people say salty. Than yeah sixtieth guy everybody of course it salty. That we are okay project in DuPont do you are pretty much snack throughout the day eight or a specific time each day. In the car yeah in the car with the stay awake and Roy yeah okay. Actually pretty much everyone says is very soon today systems and people say I just natural today that's. That's me you know if if on the snacking guy and I really have now. That used to be be now I have to pick a time a date isn't trying to be regulated so in in the snack I chooses using like a firecracker. With a low calorie dip I mean. I know and I guess Mac. Well they're dates I know but that's what I've done I've dovetail my snacking activity to make me feel like I'm having crackers and dipped and it's really. I mean to trigger Joe's guilt lists spinach artichoke whatever's yogurt dip is pretty yards. I mean we knew we can't have any else and then get these FLAC or is there are flak. Flax seed crackers has about factor. I called slackers man. Death at the dentist or really do an adult films have had a black yeah flack hit. It's gonna do when you're trying to lose the weight Steve. Are you a late night snack her. Well I mean if I wasn't working mornings yeah asinine PM which would be after sixty embryo. Yeah I mean is it our vacation absolutely yeah but the lower back in my eight days of not doing morning radio a 100% I loved I loved having ice cream at night. Would you Ding your bed and we just dealing in the in the kitchen everywhere. Take it easy now we've got ice can now pay a baggage system that was me now snake you anywhere now and one caller to an extent yes. Tell us to be gone the next day. What do moral hazard to behalf. Little more than half of us for late night senators. Little more than half a button bed Dicky talked about it at oh how he met all the time the best place to eat I feel that's why don't have a TV in the bedroom I think that's what I would do and I I was raised don't you get crumbs and handsome bed bugs I wanna do it yeah. So I don't I I don't eat bad usually. I wasn't like that until I moved out of my parents' house for the first time and look how crewmates could it come would get awkward they try to have dates or their significant other you wanna sit around the table and Kennedy the third Wheeler can overhear the conversations he just go near him every success. Down two at home but like will we go to our work conventions or something are dynamite on my hockey traditions. That we might end up somewhere break. You know get my some fast food to bring back a wake up the next and don't give bag of fast food in that makes my pillow. With like most of the Fries are gone the version tough contest. Highway cut through it a boy they pay as any drinking involved with this particular doll there's over there are more when it is fairly yeah or in one case an entire briefcase a white castle burgers at Athens. Ford the room service betray is still on the bed following. And I have supported the mice could he definitely had a fancy cup. Now all yeah serving Dutch. That's a lot of Estonia and bad I I'm surprised by this most people don't like the crimes so by 66% of people say no don't even bad they don't do it. Yeah we are doing now that we don't we why Stevie and I would dispenses to go to bed do you have a senior bedroom yes. I thought you did you don't watch TV there now pledging your TV in the bedroom for those rare instances where I want to. Power right now on resist it's I guess. You are all of the house but I don't have one of the bedroom and the wife was just like that's where she drew the line. And I kind of agreement and I think that you know what that is bedtime I don't even think. May be ten times in the entire year watch TV and dad are now it's more of like my job my backup TV. God forbid TV crashes at a certain time right to get a new one right can afford it once I got I got what is basically the minor leagues TV yes narrative there all now okay there is ready for the call out. Inside is a guy downstairs ready for the call I guess is waitress turns its its completely stupid but as a backup TV basically yeah. Do you store snacks anywhere other than your kitchen. Like your desk or your car all over my car. Why there's some things everywhere half we talent like randomly whirling around my backpack actually of the day I found a squish banana half. Well I'm tomorrow. They are a lot about me very key is wrong with you can definitely established banana you've got everything in your backpack you are like a home we are really you are an updated homeless person. Not a homeless person I like to think of myself as an adult nanny. Think it's a once read only publisher originally got clever bar for a yes she got everything in there and meet band aids emblem shooters. I got scissors yeah in my each probably does so I was. Why isn't when their little late getting nailed lizard a backpack it's unbelievable how she cares because it's double the size of her I mean it's a Steris she's like a turtle with that thing on earth. And she really looks like a little ninja turtle. Yeah you can look at almost all of this back packets and say team and I say adhere to that it isn't anxious man dressed today. Volume on you don't have this thanks on right now until I don't want awareness morning but I guess. Oh I'll get a energy drinks. Perhaps my all my head about banning so much to pick someone to Vicky hours when you had your specs on. Well thank you have the rest Tylenol just banked on all kinds of now the decency would Mickey looks like it's Max what she's like. It seems like a complete different bodies if I keep good and I bad. The game you know yes. I've given up and tagged you can drag an airbag had three different bags zippers to them inside that fact that's synonym for having me good hurling around. Coming up us. Why do I need all that stuff shaky in the night my daughter. Like the artist doing carry a purse. You guys are so different. For a word just like I don't carry a purse around one and normally do with you go to conjugal everywhere with this deal that David the convention something different now. Just how much do you think that's dean weighs tons more than Danny with the makeup bag traveling more than any wow we got a scaled down at the gym and we should probably take it to others see Lohse and emotion. Just. Know it's like it's hard is just a hard drive in her best to come out until the trees that yeah yeah you know I he's a hard drive. Current and former hard drive in your bag when you can never like does it drive like a little you know a thumb drive this. That's right. We need more safe and terrible dilemma though she'll order with her bag was the border with her files. Yeah our media it's a portable means that you get a little while little thumb drive so you get it to the terabyte drives. I photography to keep all my photography stuff in there comes a resilient group BOB America allow both. To battery operated boyfriend and I think Ellen died married okay genuine kind of water flavored thing. Me she's she's kind of remind moviegoers and anonymous you're still pulling stuff out it is really like genetically Alan here's I got a battery things freer phones. Have multiple charity outing his. How does is to both targeting on. Our heads and you are seeing once all you have Nancy girls said I don't have hair why do you have and what is going on with you McCain. You need that you need to chill out there a couple multiple do you imagine simulation as a kid. Like ten bags I can't wait I can have a stroller and people look at me funny. Thanks go to Atlantic seven diaper bags yeah she's not my knee brace. Why do you have and yeah sometimes. You know she had a few drinks. This is yeah I did every new segment gets it's a big keys that yeah prices I don't agree I forgot that's even how we started making in our thanks and that's the all around. That was really a fun trip to Vicki she's opening more pouches yeah. Com. Unbelievable and I don't this this dad ran well this I want to be around border. Yes that's now you know we said Horner by the way and OK okay during a column a little Columbia. Yeah Timberlake and parents. To check that he's not students picking. You're fiercely knots if ya destroy him and shakes happened to put the subway here that. Oh like there was a set order and throw it in the bag to throw in the bag thinking. I was I know this is the greatest radio but we really are just stunned by everything she keeps pulling out of that bag missile par for everything else to do on the radio on the offending words I don't need sticker. What do you stickers you bagged for you really. Jump queen you've. There is no. Part of your lives are you ever some of the golf Ricky yet always right right out. You'd be surprised I held do you write I. Everyone has it that one piece of disorganization and they allow themselves with a junk drawer heartbreak OK Allan what more or less complaining my backpack. What is your guys and backpack is like I mean I think you would probably have chiropractic issue is because that damn thing. You're carrying around that literally better now you're literally carry around your mental issues for Suzuki is Mary Poppins. That's sermon prisoners on to say they give a backpack full of stuff. I like to be prepared or even an extension according case where I'm sitting is too far away from a law denying you can stick no you don't don't tell them listen somebody else an excellent match if we take a picture of all the stuff. I think. BJ makes FaceBook page you can see what's in mixed bag every house is not a man. And she's got some fiber bars them when she promised. Freaks. Which she is like a little Manny and Steve is like a child is actually want them. I don't know how long those have been in the bag I knew all of television like the last week I guess she kept him fresh within just a runaway credit for them. We incurred due to thank you dad from Noel. All right it's time to listen is on the loose Shiite you know what you need to steer this ship we were done. There are there any guesses on what that he has an airbag Malia and yet you get a he didn't know price. Let's just owes you pick the prize you pick the products you picked that topic you guys this show. 206421 rocky and also Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna know you're driving this bus because Texas 917 on the rock. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Nine point nine KI SW the rock god Seattle listeners on the loose you picked that topic you guide to show it to 06421 rock. Extension 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about. It's your show now. You get to guide us you get to drive us to do remember Steve has one rule. And be this simple little messes shows some energy and bring it otherwise. I'm gonna blow turned. 06421. Rock text us at 77999. We had Texas this is my wife is done in the guy has gotten addicted to lifting weights in the last year and a half. She's become massive arms are seriously way bigger than mine I feel like everyone looks at us or we go out she's I think it's almost. How good she's big and muscular and might. Actually I looked a little bit undersized next are so it dispersants there is in this along in the you can imagine now awkward sex is becoming. In this of the machine should compromise on muscle tone is great but she straight up jacked. I'm happy that she found a healthy hobby but it feels weird like lying next to a linebacker each night. It tool that is interest and she she yeah I mean if she's also looking for me to new players today yeah if she's vaulted up to the point where she feels very masculine men. Looks masculine and Mike this admitted she's getting bigger than him. The you know that is I mean that is a real change the I think that if you're her you can't expect someone not to have a reaction to. That drastic of a change. It's a tough one and as a tough one for you being healthy and that's not a bad thing but I mean it's. How healthy though you know getting ripped the super super rips I don't know how healthy Zach is for you getting in good shape is one thing. But I've heard stories that getting super super richt is not the greatest thing for either so I don't know how far she's gone. It depends on I think how ripped out my old roommate does bodybuilding and she does Condit competition sudden she'd tell me how some girls or guys will not eat up until then just are a little bit and that's not good. There's a difference between you know looking pretty filling the competition than actual gaining strength and muscle. And a lot of that is just really clean living and eating and I mean if she did all within a couple months and I don't know how safe that is but if it's over the course of many years than if she's being healthy and she is healthier and I think it's okay. It's interesting we wait we definitely would judge him harshly if he said my wife got facts and I don't wanna have sex when she's not attractive she doesn't look like but. She's super muscular now bigger than him I think he's had some insecurities about himself. Could be payroll person Soledad S are hitting the weights I promise you she doesn't have the linebacker not told it's gotta get up his lazy guessing coated gym which there. The person telling the lift the weight now and again next sexy sound hot to me. And then we get when this is muscular tics are nasty. My friend right now she's gonna be competing this list which are different so it's great yeah her competition every now yes she does a seat she looks okay enemies she doesn't look so cast Hyperic. What are things. Additionally us she still looks feminine okay that's what I'm saying you know she's tall and she's in great shape and she's muscular but she still looks feminine. If there are women I've seen body builders that you day do not look feminine anymore they just look like does it shakes head on a guy's body. And and to meet that would not I wouldn't want that and that would be tough for me of my wife all of a sudden was jacked I mean to the point where she look like a guy I have to be like. God I I don't I get to say something don't I get to go this is an attractive to me anymore check figure league and I think it's fair to have. Conversations. I mean. And he can say look about this I'm getting a tattoo I run and I'm I'm not expecting to get permission measure while I'm like no I am doing this and doing that no different and I think if you're. Certain look you you should Peabody differently than when it was when he gets you guys were first attracted to each other I can understand having a conversation but to make them feel bad about being. Going to the gym and getting in shape I don't know man. Unless I want Dick unless it's an addiction ensure people can be addicted to that thing. But you're right Steve that but again if she looks like Mickey's friend. You know even for arms or look I here's what I know I I actually ice by my arms are really skinny they always had things I do know arm work at all or no no way yeah hard to believe. Give a board games counts yeah you're wrestling writer is getting tougher and tougher and I might have to go to the gym just like you pick up some of these heavier games they come out with. But I look at every woman at the park because look sometimes we you know there have been dead and that every woman has bigger arms and may be a bigger arms and I do. I mean really experienced so that wouldn't bother me it's just as she look like a woman any more to him. That's the question and I met I bet she does the guy that like I can answer but it if I think he can find some pictures of some shoe project women that look like I know we talk I know media group though they extreme body wade they're bodybuilding competitions for everyone's got muscles on top muscles I don't think that looks really all that good men or women I have not even about. Have been in a freak show it is it seems all too much for me that would be mighty. I don't give a big hit no and that and that's great but. I'm guessing that that's not what we're talking about the I I I hope you're right Steve. I mean the way he's describing it sounds more like she's jacked but it could be he's just in bad shape. Yeah yeah so what's his nose so it until we give him any advice and off yeah all right Jim and get some muscles to yes it's much work for me. I got to leave now let's get near you when you women OK make it lets you save. Your wife gets on Jackie what lever. It depends on how bad it isn't she started look like a linebacker she really if she'd stuck with you initially when you were looking and they quote unquote bad I've always looked amazing golf. I just I you're talking about what he's talking more like a figured it sat side I mean I've always been in the great shape that any woman can never want I am an Adonis Steve cry and allies. Yeah that's right Rickie. You know you should be so lucky to have somebody in such tip top shape like myself in your life and I am my wife's. Billions and outgoing nice usage is always been big into the gym bag for Cardenas of the NASA do more about the weight stuff in next door and across that stuff and all that kind of things and she's don't cross your map out how Dan has just trusted begin that's in the sense that segment everybody hates right. Seriously your Red Sox already huge deficit is. Unicorn of that she never she never talks about being V unit during cross and except to me but like what we go watch not like I'm doing crossed it and I'm a beat him because that's always the running job that takes a special kind of person do crossed my wife and daughter dinner for a little bit and there are like this is too intense she just did because to Jim that used to go to Montreal closed and she realized that the traded issues going using. Do a lot of cross fit stuff so she just figured woman we just got to go out to Jim went there have really enjoyed that the company had shootaround never won super cool. And it's a lot of that the shooting musician have to have that like early learning curve but man I think it's great I love the fact that she's passionate about that 'cause I'm passionate about things like she's. Looks like the woman you married me of course yeah. Puts more muscles now hopefully she's in crescent that maybe that's different I think again and I find I think it's at this pot yeah I'm yet again I I I think he really we have to see a picture this guy's wife because I think you're right Steve getting toes on each of your wife and a bikini gap if she's getting toned muscular that's OK but if she is like you know I'm ready for the next competition I'm going to eat children. Then yeah but that doesn't happen overnight that's why it the way he's making its only is on the lives relatively new and his world. Unless they some text or said unless you see it took a bunch of steroids. There's not a Chancy thing what's wrong then we'll TD never heard anybody yeah and cycle here in America a couple of but how listeners I'm Liz you pick the topic you've got to show 20642. On rock sextet. At 77999. More recalls and text to 933. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW hole. Good point nine KI SW Iraq in Seattle as listeners on the news you pick the topics you guys who show 206421 rock. Texas it's 77999. Andrew and every few are on the rock for. I'd wherever I don't you would do well bunny which worsened. Laura quickly can relate your life you are wrestling edge you're an increase. And I did let out they hatch out there and I. No doubt are regulation thanks Brothers. I lost. Guided us all too much about them and highlighted I hope you get your next match so it better out. I oops. I still lives so there's still chances walk to get things but they you know hellfire club or not gonna take a line down how we'll find out next Friday and it involves fitness what might happen all really hard to ask. I can't when I was kid I've had the league be involved. And of course I have all my trophies still don't really hear about those that you didn't like you have the baker crowd are a couple home run baseball let it get my dad Dick got back into. Broad debate on an all of the vote that. I don't sheriff says that they don't might be the last thing that I outwit my dad right a lot of. Oh wow that's really cool hadn't thought about that significant part is really cool yeah. That makes sense company did you hit many home runs. I only hit chill. You know I just want my. The deaths of more than me as well. Yeah I think actually what you're gonna go home run derby and I did not I think actually like this every advantage Biden it was still under the art that. Yeah those those baseball's all blog you probably forever. Yeah I can see that I mean on so many levels and has significant sand. That's a great memory to have with your dad that he would go chase those balls out for that's cool. You Barack. I mean of course you'd move for a while about 87 years ago left. You know there there are many things you'll hold on to you about long end. Don't get out all the honest I don't think bad that I like that. Yeah I really appreciate your memories I'm sure yeah. I was gonna attempt although participation award trophies they got healthy fun from playing Little League Baseball. Or like you know those drama bone most improved yeah you gotta hit this season as opposed to none last season. Trophies and just have them all up off above our fireplace all that easy spirit that actually would be a great ironic fire right display right people come overnight while look at all these. Lowly true she's the underdog kids you know and their participation trophy nasty that they're not even did narrow Sion yeah. Postal holding onto those days that would be that that would be hysterical but I guess ad man's uncle Rico you get to you Judy days of a trophy case still well you really go high and Wear them absolutely that would be so uncle Rico I love that. It's Lewis is on the list you pick that topic you guide to show a 206421. Rock. Texas it's 77999. Relied text messages about that topic from this morning about the childhood guide things that you still I have the keepsakes. Would resist myself that I still am in the box Mike Paul Hogan stretch Armstrong. Oh man. No purses ever stuffed dog from the first I was in the hospital getting a kidney stone removed fifteen years later I still have it and made the move from Chicago to Seattle and meditations that to Teddy bears and I'm nearly forty. I wish I kept the comic book that my uncle gave me because he's the one I coming started in he was the quiet wind out of the whole family. He was the oldest brother he was he had a hearing issue and he would go into the streets of Boston and take pictures and they always thought it was a weird one in the family so of course I related very well this guy right and he read comic books and he gave me. My first and the fantastic four comic book but it was like. It wasn't a collectible because they ripped the cover off 'cause he bought a bunch of cheap police by chief that way but I met back at three for twenty cents a Pino a whole bag so long ago was. But I wish I kept it because it was something he gave me and I really adored the man so bombed and I get rid of that does that Odom and even though it's not worth and giving it would have and so sentimental pretty keep. I remember the issue and everything and I just I mean I I wish I kept that. Our series is a married a really rough day can they keep please do her Spanish Beavis and Butthead impressionist and oh yeah. Another run at a genie mine no it's not alcorn Malia yeah. Just Ariza was gonna let me play you can't meet city young. Good so far. Corner O'Neal penny hit deeper and more you can. That's a new thing nick Thatcher and everything. Hard to commend you should do that on microphones of it'll help you really dislike it with the under LSU what's the big thing you guys do these days off we have 62 beavis and butt head and spat and that's I think I. Yeah and author Travis yeah can't dilly idea. Listen some of those who pick the topic you guys to show our Natixis and Vijay would you list as your ultimate favorite for a game and your least favorite board game. Oh yes. Wow there's a lot of least favorite for gays with a woman I really hated him and my buddy Josh who's listening it's one of his favorites. And it's called the others and it's just not it's it's just basically everybody is playing together against one guy and I hate those games I let the play by myself a wanna be in my own team. And that yeah. Larry I don't think maybe not depart before that it is great but the others is a great great game it really is if you like RPG style games and this one has that feel and a board game. The best one is. It's it's across business two of them because one I tell it time is called the resistance which by the way. It's a great game to get into it plays up to ten people. It's a great party game it's easy to learn and even the a daily skim if you know what that is it's it's so it's a woman from the new site that they send every. They even recommended it which you know I was very surprised. And that's why autumn period. I'd ask the tax protect act as an try to period which is a four X game and it's the grandfather of all four X games in those four X means I masking his size and explorer. Expand. Exploits. Exterminate. Start where you are now he's. Well that's for X is make an X. I know it's if forties your right but we call for XOK buddy all right sounds better and my dad. And then the critical thing whether a game is some dude just made it he loves Star Wars he loves space things he couldn't get anybody to make this game so we made it himself. He created an entire company based on this now they are they can simulate the gold standard of of gaming companies which just sold to another company for a pretty good money. And so some guy's dream come true twenty years ago to do that. He just did himself as an outdoor myself and made a whole damn company and I have to why certain more successful and make. I don't know. I was born last exercise it is draft day can we get a quick Russell Wilson go hawks oh yeah thoughts. They don't I know here's my hope was sacked I've heard people say that there's a running back that should be number one. But nobody wants him because they don't want quarterbacks ya I have this hope and dream that somehow eighteen days I knew nobody it negatively or is that the kids fall so far that nobody wants him. And invited Tommy and that's why I hope the dream as we get the star running back dude. Maybe if we're lucky he has busted smoking a bunch of pots on video like the guy didn't that he was last year or the another dad at. Based on all his old treats and there's a bunch of like borderline racist stuff yeah I know you are actually full on racist all I care about is are stupid draft pick doesn't go on an ATV and banged himself up before the season that's our share of all that's ever happened now you're right what I'm talking about. All right here's a big question foreign. What does Ryan castle. It's a right castle and boxer briefs have in common and I'm gonna tell you at 950. On the rock. And they X morning and now nine point nine KI guess tell you. He. Gained yardage. What's it like I saw landed. Boxer briefs have become a more supportive than your average boxer. That's very true. One person says both don't have the brain's hanging out I hold up my voice. Full enough boy nights tiger thanks to beat you probably as both in her backpack. I think is about fifteen pounds and it really does Brian you can live to Baghdad are as good yeah he really comfortable both have been in my grannies hamper moon. Now murmured dictionary in Hamburg I've never called and hamper before but I like it. Creating an immediate you have just rescinded until they both snugly supports the sport is that. Ouch I am a supports us and NATO are. Well this is just in time to lift people. And well you know what then you're newbies like Disney wonder where they got Japan. They have two counties in his underwear. Two colleges for your jungle one that stores. Well. Let's just say yeah the twig. And it was enough for direction. And the other one stores the very soon. They say by separating you like that's good let's both parts and breathe better. While that's interest he said his family a little twig area. Straight up seems weird to me I don't know I'm like yeah yeah and again you can get accounts that goes like true love. Hey guess what he alluded Democrat or southern. If Jersey you can order them from Amazon overseas because look eight bucks a pair plus international shipping and I know what not just any dollars on. I would like to try to just to see if it doesn't kid you not talking I don't know hold up your moles via duct tape I yeah that's what it. Well as we previously discussed fan support yeah that's grades. Radical Unita go in places embody the right Cassel he's up next in the morning twelve pack. And eggs. Really really wanna remember them do not take pictures instead. Draw pictures of your vacation I'm still. Suppose if you trust them right now yeah looks like Bart. But somebody's asking you this is because it's right now for this kind of radio program new show and if they already know how to drive. Don't forget trying right RSS taxes that a penis that's most intensely and I'm always excited to see you. And makes. Morning. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you right Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost twelve million vigorously constant course vary depending what kind of broad gauge your filing. There's a certain amount of dropped. Port costs and other out of pocket costs that you're going to have in any case. It's good for filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the file chapter seven justices Jeanne. I'm one of those things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are. Possible options. There's been a lot of times especially the release chief places don't tell you upfront about all the court costs and one mouth fishermen out of pain in addition to be a dream being. So make sure that you get their full pitcher when you're talking. When you're comparing prices for bankruptcy lawyers on what the attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so that you can really make it. And parish and thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com.