BJ & MIGS podcast 04-29-16-7A: How were you screwed over?

Friday, April 29th

Beat Migs. Laremy Tunsil's Twitter page was hacked yesterday during the draft, and someone posted a video of him smoking pot. Luke Warm Topic. 


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That's dictated the demos so loud message loud and local band of the week that scandals of 2000. Gonna get more info about the devils allowed me now where they're playing how you get their music just go to the DJ in mid stage of KI SW dot com. These guys that fast. They got to show tonight. CD release show with the oxygen destroyer. Goes flawed. All. Are you at the crack of what about the bracket. With a K what they did course. That's OK relays. I like god there description of their man. A six men symphonic technical death metal how big name for Mattel over religious fanaticism in demonic possession of seventeenth at three I have. Double the Florida. No not only do we have amazing musical we are Smart people plan their. To react against right now I don't know how they I didn't know that it was even around. 80% less sense I just read more ideally I would say. WN and I love of the family is devils allowed. He goes while local all local music on Sunday night 11 o'clock this right here on the Iraq featured great fans. Like the devils allowed. Eat amazing dad we have made it it is bride and. She and a heck of a Friday it is going to be tonight going up to the quill seeded Czech other girls or does how apple lawyer that sends a I can tell you finally enemy them how vetoes it zen. Oh assets sitting down. Smolders keep it that way at least for now it must adore contestant we've got Corey in Raleigh Cory are you there sir. Yes sir excellent what is he playing for today Steve it's got some balloting ended the show last Soto on Saturday June 4 courtesy of ledge entertainment go to KI SW dot com for all the details. You NE TC should now get you tickets now any access dot com. Our high speed get out of here. For those playing at home Corey will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Corey you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three dozen per question. Are you ready sir rare here Brandon Wood and NBA team didn't Steve Nash played for between his two stints with the Phoenix Suns and I'll. Scalps are now expect. Chicago is now looked. In the next time OK which brand had a number one he did he use case with the album number of the beast isn't. And it didn't ask which actress played forest golf smallpox yeah. I was asked to. Authority is the son of which Norse god vote and ask the three main fossil fuel or coal natural gas blast. And I think now. It's asked. Well yes which nation what needs first gold medals in Olympic basketball history east. Aren't America asks which musician who made deeds parody song white in dirty. We're out as to which green gem is the first stone of mandating it. General you ask the Himalayas are located on which continent. And here. Yeah as 234567. Correct and that's too bad though I I I do question the Steve Nash a question I don't know why we would care. Because it's a trivia question and why shouldn't we use trivia questions. This is that I don't know why that's like that's just because you don't know it doesn't mean that people shouldn't care about it BJ well do you can do you know that guy is before us now why should die from the question that I've made up Cabrera beat Mary snow did have been I founded in I'm pretty sure it's correct so. Maybe what a way to start a brand new to bigger so guys you looked at have somebody give that CU now I don't you don't have one out why. Yeah world. So why it's. OK I can't look up quite well I that's the thing I think you have no context if we US questions and really who do who would know or who would kill myself I want Steve yet and I hope he gets it well says suck it BJ. Well he always says that now one can only hope I keep yes are you ready. Yeah it's great question Jonas is shut out a way to get it right which NBA team did Steve Nash played for between his two assists stints with the Phoenix Suns. Are the men true. Bridge police notes to Jose teams. Tells mavericks ask do you and petty drug could be Jack thank you talk. And had a hit in the UK in at number one hit in the UK with the album number of the beast from Vancouver's top two are sex. So yeah. Ask which actors place for us to go small and thanks top. It to bury Brooks no it was Jose girls' names. Crabs and Heather Graham knows who. Well Mark Wahlberg now that's close horse is the son of which Norse gods. Towards seniors don't expect. Torrent next to him to know. For now to speak remained fossil fuels coal natural gas and watched mess things knows it's obvious change now so it's. Call it no origination Monday's first gold medals in Olympic basketball histories into the United States okay job. Well when you got to. Five five questions so you actually got a six question regulations you only got three right which is a loss. Sorry I'm sure it so he's just a core questions and you actually snobbery that's your fault magna is not mine not ask the questions quick enough or a fairly nice yeah I Corey hang on buddy you're a winner. They you know a bunch pushes you didn't get to which musician made the parody song white nerdy. All we heard out Yanukovich yet as the green gem that is the birth stone of may. At a news hi how I don't you know there goes the emerald and in the Himalayas are located on which continent. Mac to be true. And yeah that's no it Asia and Asia Cory got all those ones correct clearly if you do get other questions I stolen gun while new. These sun story is the son of O didn't. These three main fossil fuels coal natural gas and oil card dang it which actress split forced go small nose when neither of them got. Senate feels Sally Field packed and I had to do the flying on right. Yeah knuckles it's so funny she played Tom Hanks his mother lay ovation there it was a great game we should permit she played like a girlfriend of Tom Hanks in the movie punch line. And then a year later she's his mother. Falls that's it off site itself when they go yeah when women get all they just go guess what you're come day and it was like every year on all in it was a great gift from last using you should remember that oil and they talked about Sally Field they are why we had what are she's been a lot register Tom Hanks that's what Jesus Mahler wow what a giant drop down the and he's getting gas mask when a bomb attacks it. So I have a question grilled right quick here. So Steve Nash was did to Dallas win the championship with him is that why. You know when he played with a maverick someone on why would I like I was telling my right why do we care what team Steve Nash played for but you know he's a well known NBA player yeah they went to a lakers gaggle of played up until two point fifteen yeah I don't know if you ever won a championship south. Time out of luck but I don't know that much about it yeah I mean I like him that he's almost say take a northwest deed all right okay and northwesterly towards Steve's I don't know if it's again dead guy out guys I guess is relatively in Vancouver I have rode around meg who was the end of the weapons of benevolence now closely yep well congratulations to Korea beating Steve this morning yeah thanks rev. Bob let you know about Steve Nash where apparently was born though in South Africa I don't know that all I didn't birdie there and then dime went to high school and Victoria British Colombia did to sink so low for our trivia game I think somehow all you got it right so you know every time I'd I question the red you always get it right. Celebrity. Imagine this imagine you're about to have the biggest moment of your entire life on national television. And someone hacks into your Twitter posed. Twitter and posts a video of you doing something rather private you I don't know not on this day you do in this. Yes this happened to cause football player and you hear from him at 718 on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. 99.9 KI SW Caracas Seattle. First round of the NFL draft went down last night and quarterback Jerry golf course taken a one by the LA rams. Southern cal boy so as far as college goes there have to get them. Big talk was about offensive tackle Laramie consul who was expected to go early in the draft but he dropped to be the number thirteen pick. Chosen by the dolphins and why did he drop. Well just thirteen minutes before the draft started someone posted a video of him smoking out of a gas mask bong on his Twitter. Page have you seen the video I have been so lost about duties it's impressive he's seeing he's in no doubt about it he's a man. And it shows that he's got strong lungs be out. Just great endurance and do. This is so tribute uses gas and that's really a giant like yeah I'm giant like a two foot bomb yeah attached to it. Any sense crash and it hit him and you would think like you can get away or be like it's not me it's not me today. He lives the mascot I did I ended the video does them all very is yeah younger version of him but still that's him yeah that's him GAAP. It's it's basically book. Did you so much credence to that draft like I don't know beside the tweet that has been. Some on screen Shalit's freedom and as Carson Wentz who's went second yet quarterback went about it by the Eagles. And it was funny Seahawks on an old tweet of his had said. I'm slowly start no love the Seahawks more more I sold this justice really become my favorite team followers they re tweeted that. Yeah you're putters between you put out back by 2009 or some Montgomery says. I was thinking about cutting off my. All. In Elmore goes would you say he's young kid Baghdad Amanda step vicious cat yeah it's so interesting to see how people are just. Preying on these young guys as wind that's. Share whatever old tweet that they've put out there about not and nearly as. Controversial as what was going on with this Laramie guy. Yet he says of course you know because a video and they cowardly to shortly afterward he says is account was hacked apparently by someone who wanted to sabotage them. I like to see the video was a new was yours it's years old because he's castle's recent drug test so he doesn't have anything going on the system and and she's it's marijuana how body drops in the draft because of this though. I find that to be so silly yeah yeah I mean he should be especially since he didn't have any state to have anything in his system currently and you don't get to be stupid in your life some say that you're the party stuff. I mean still thirteen soft and the seas act clearly here army still gonna make a mess ton of money but you're right I mean. Lot of people said that outside of the two quarterbacks are obviously going to be picked in the first two pace he was the most dominant offensive player available on the draft. Another offensive tackle and our alignment got picked ahead of him in the draft and and that's when you realize although there are some teams that are just staying away from this guy yeah. I find that fascinate you must be because. Maybe the teams know their base that the fan base in whatever his super conservative or whatever because. You know if he was available not on how good he is compared to the guy we got a steady buddy if he was available at tomahawks are drafting you think they're -- did not do her I'm sure yeah team that needs a good offensive lineman this guy was a stud but yet he owes us some injuries from Sony people. We're staying away for that reason early so we say that's the reason yeah. Now there is talk its you know on. They're touch consoles I'd stepfather was the one who hacked his account because well enough on good terms of missile finest Elliott Elliott it's hard to believe a stepfather stepson went on good terms in music's must solve issues or some might call tees is incredibly rich it would not be happy with a stepfather if there was some alleged assault going how if who has stepped had a house give access to is that Twitter you. Until I will tell you Sarah's FaceBook got hacked because people just made a guess of what her password was and was able to make him beat. And they took over her counselor because my daughter was a genius and in his it after the fact his eyes to Gramm attacked as well also maybe he had the same password that could be and that was a thing because in that it's in basically had some have been a really sets of comments about him. So I'll allegedly taking money as a follow college football player hitting on the assistant athletic director and like I need more money and that guy saying go talk to Barney whoever Barney's or whatever his name was but there's yet there's some. Some serious allegations now being turned towards Ole miss so here's here's Larry talking Deion Sanders right after being picked by the dolphins. There was a mistake you know whenever you do aggressive for you know somebody's head much Unicode and it's our governor man's prison where things happen for a reason. I'm glad you remind you know we're a twelve minute you're very good. Did you know about how did not know about it and I'll loan limits the room. If it was yourself while I'll move we will sign of good when those things signal and they won't know we will lose much when it's okay. I love that he was lingering in her you have agreements approved of how far out as well of course it would a golden Greer was horrified and out and do they have a big says she'll always have with Iraq and that show's all about all the drama happens outside of the football field. This is like straight out of that television show it is is right up that Alley like images that we problems they had like a story arc when a guy got a picture taken with him to a blow. I mean and then the fact that he's going to dolphins which is to the team that is based. That they just to maintain that they talk about on the show abolished I'm not gonna speak to you I know I'm not right I'm not Rockwell and you sure. You mentioned is there any mention that in I'm not gonna get scroll and kind yeah. So are also you know and he even admitted he that he took money. And they pulled them off the stage after that because they had asked about that to go dude what's this about the money you saying your mother needed money in the and he's alleged mr. Graham posts. He's like yeah I did it to him. Watching that press conference once the questions started flying I felt. Bad for the guy I mean I know some fuel I don't but I. Do you see this wet just comes in town like that nerves. You're supposed to be the most special day and somebody just went into his account and just good. Just screwed him over I love them because he was honest he said yeah I did both yes which I look at whatever you want to think of the guy first of all. I'll never look at the players being the bad guys first of all kids party if you would be if you have never smoked did you say you never smoke potter try to anything in your life. Your freedom liar or you know what you're purist and I don't know why it was into our shelves. Secondly the money issue I'm sorry I mean especially locally would Bellevue. We know her that people pay big money to have a winning team that's just what they'll do. Blame the players who are we were working for free for an alleged education. With a ridiculous schedule that makes it hard to really in my opinion get the value out of that education. In order to play the game I'm sorry I don't have any I don't fault him at all I don't at all and I love the fact he was honest. I think the dolphins got a good guy M and IA as far as you know the fact he sees me an honest guy won't be accountable for what he does and what he did wasn't that bad in my opinion right he's went to move forward and and had this whole event so I mean they're really good. They're doing and don't just for trial long period of time is not gonna be him it's gonna be his his college yeah because there was some pretty you know well it is a whole entire college football program to be looked Ellis feel like I don't disagree yeah I mean really and they should be looked at because they're you know there's there's shown America what you should do in life cheat to get ahead that's the cause shows us right still love that he was in the green room yeah the greens are salted things. Yeah so. That is that that that's some pretty wild stuff that he had to drive done number thirteen because somebody had to lose to her account and posted. A picture of him to go embryo bong rip on gas Max style. So based on this. Our topic. Because let's be honest he's got screwed over. We're thinking by his father stepfather we don't know he's not point fingers but geez wells who wanna ruin a guy's million Dario. To think about it so how are you. Power use screwed over it was supposed to be amazing sum those who is he awesome for you things are going well. And somebody screwed you over how did that happen. To a 6421 rock rocket 765 Texas 77999. Reduce the dolphins who wanted to go low in the draft so they've just framed. That would be awesome free sixty GIs don't have Helios convicted. Because it's except yourself. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle's so. Laramie consoles. Twitter page was. Packed yesterday during the draft Sean Taylor a big rip gas maxed out gas mask style bomb. It's a pretty impressive apparatus gas mask thing you put together and he takes a champ rip. Don't watch him you know get ready for the draft watch this and shows now. I had twelve on my Twitter and I see this video when I originally sought a Mike you have to be kidding me this scenario. Play gauges you just never expect job. And then you really think this kid's a moron would it why would he oppose sending you these are reading warranty like. There's no way in hell you post at thirteen minutes before. He's getting drafted like I doubt he's doing. That the right before he goes you know I mean do you suspect here's a tasty you say that. And I just had an idea here's a here's a name McCain in my mind okay Eli Manning a pact member he did not want to go to the chargers ranked. The you know it's funny because a lot of people thought the charges were gonna take him. Yeah so it makes me what I mean I'd. I mean it's crazy but you know I mean do you think it's a waiver summoned all I wanna Alter my place and drabs and wanna go to a team now it is simply because that would be the only. Reason he would do it because at the end of the day although it's legal here and it's legal and cars all legal elsewhere why would you want a post a video of him doing something illegal. Right before he's about to have to get drafted him make millions IIR I really can't think of any good reason that's the only good reason it's kind of land yeah I don't I just don't think. And they need and it's completely gassed the entire Twitter page I mean I guess this was thank you know could have. They could have been super disasters on that you take that chance he could have found out. On out of the entire first round well you know there's that and then as he used to Graham postings of him basically taking money prize as a cause football player which is. You know is some people's mind is worse than smoking pot all agreed you know solely in both of those at the same time surely look like it sabotage. Andy you're right I don't know why he would sabotage himself I have no reason except me he's not he wanted to go to a different team but that's still ridiculous. A person that maybe he see man descended to someone privately all the accidentally got put out there but that. God doesn't make any sense either yeah why are you do that before the draft go mayors officially river and a bomb from many years ago yet your half a moron if you really decided to send that privately on your draft day right IE you know I well. Does he got screw you we did their thinking that rumors are it's his stepfather that actually hacked into his Twitter page and it's a grim account don't know how we have the passwords but. Maybe had something like password as the password and I'm ripper either so. He got screw how about you how we use screwed over 206421 rock rocket 7625. Texas 77999. Let's go to bed in the woods and you are on the Iraq. According to Barnes and welcome to the show. So when I was a kid I was on the East Coast so we'll put some local radio station what I call him. And they're content came out that they're any it was a call. What he's quick trivia question. He gets you to take it to Green Day. And felt my mom called things get through and the question was what was able what's the name of the PGA. You these question the world I answer format off. And they pick congratulations you're on the Green Day tickets were all real happy after they get off the ball up my mom like you realize that taking your older brother. And I'm like why. Because it's a bigger Green Bay fan and feel like I'm agreed date fan you'd like they important green days song and I couldn't. Hello who you gonna question Brian I mean. Yeah I got question right later life my older brother also grew three out of George Carlin tickets. And just simply is is not good you do how he's got a Carla tickets. When I moved to Hawaii. And my older brother so little clues being to George Carlin concert coming to the dirt dirt dirt road performance coming through. And I'm like oh offer. Well I got the money and not end to keep fighting if they get it's like now that sold out at this point like why didn't you W before they were told Al. So there you I mean I believe that acid gonna maybe next time he comes to town you can see him. Well we have lawyers and that's he and I don't know exactly how early is funny how that counts as a screw over those men and wouldn't it help you keep. Kobe before they were not happy news on your feet so ma'am are you the black sheep of your family and he's up against him. I don't know maybe got it written what they Olympic Californian I would vote here LDL good Kolb then I go either way I mean either I mean if yeah yeah I mean. If he is he knew thereon cell before hand so I'm gonna wait until they're sold out to tell you the other and that. To do should move there's no doubt. We had text message at 779 and and how much does my ex wife screw me over she met and married or 'cause the current husband. Five months after I walked away from our marriage. Her new husband makes three times what I make in a year she still gets 950 dollars a month child support for Salam one year into months left on that Jimmy the driver. So why is he just on the south supported this about you actor that I that I mean. Look you know how it is amazing yeah I can't believe she just met a guy that's Imus later married him yeah I don't know something's fishy there indeed maybe some did the seed. Was planted I thought that yeah I do I really do that that may you know I mean really or either that they deserve each other I think just five months. And you and your all right and Moses loved mad you know no matter how long it goes beyond the level money body and the level hot chicks so I mean they're happy with each of the yellow they want yes groovy guy Newsom went in the rooms. Friends say it's. Fairways. Hey yeah. Friday we excited for the parties tonight at 700. Hello that's iiroc icy commute BJ is under Sarid and I love Lindsay hot chicks to return mantown. Quills either yeah that's going to be I mean it is going to be good times there's always the designated drivers so I know she lobbying trashed now. Yeah for me and all he makes year. That's not allowed to I have to do Steve otherwise you'll get destroyed terrify me really got to maybe like a random rockaholic conveyed that could take over the job of being designated driver and drug you guys for whom I like that idea yeah Stephen you know what they'll test a test drive on you personally you don't look drive you'll see how that worked out a terror that BI a real value each season did you Benny did OK they do you trust people file that's right yeah I'm trying man you I don't trust anybody. Also how I was screwed over is kind of what data saying is my ex boyfriend hacked into all of my accounts after we broke up. My face back I think there's MySpace band. My email which is Jimmy that is by far like the worst could soften married now but like faced such an early Carrey can do it every wanna act. But started writing terrible status and isn't just can't whining. How I was stupid and how I was pretending to be mean just. Can like I merit our minds do dread I really just commenting in just saying ridiculous things to my friends and all of that stuff it was it was it was bad and data got its. Heated. Car you guys got married there is no yes we. Yeah match here we do it dude this was beyond what you think immediately met it was the list you netted her man and I went on a Rampage no I was mad at Sarah poker match play out I went on the Rampage I want on the phone calling people and I said listen I have friends that work in ninety and I will find new SOB's. Speaking I was I thank you call you call him and I'm sorry I call him. I called her girlfriend does know would admit to it so I call anybody and I said because I'm nice and I'm going to find out so you guys is that they're Lyle you want ice about I'm going to find out and none of you are welcome in my home ever get. And Jamal what does she do she is back with the city had my EI and I'm sent dobbs host a talk to this free moron in my own home. He's never said I'm sorry. Anytime now cool right we tell them I'm not cool with a not know any seven mention his name or any thing she lake he's turned out. Red lake leg last led last month there salmon was hurt and has like Elian is gonna go out it's his birthday and he did it oh I love that take was he's just so great you and like just. Goalie out all of his birthday I wish she would you know and get a gust social disease Baha I mean. Why would you say friends that this guy. He does he's in the same. We talked for a few years there are not all states president had sex and again. Body that had a net need to know that I'm just showing how my daughter doesn't give a damn I mean maybe I thought my god damned Janice she's she's back with the idiots I did a message back all right optical flow to let me tell you us. I don't tally up that's the replied don't wanna tell them one at a time the you have a lot of time is one of time you know what he yet he screwed both of us so that's. He's an idiot you know it because he's got to Steve how would you feel are any guys feel you got messed up a guy ruin your day yes can go all this and never apologized and then tries to come back and still wants have sex and your daughter because back dozens constantly clearly and drink your booze and comes your house yeah I don't wanna in my house I don't want anywhere near me. You know he's dead to me because I'm pinning your ass is there any never apologize I got to forgive and forget but a fewer men. Step up and go dude I'm sorry because it caused me grief it may in my whole day you ruin my old I was stupid thing to Harwood of the premiere look manhole you guys needed us. Seventeen. OK yeah I'm I was a dumb teenager I'm very sorry. Is it okay if I come over yes and drink your booze and and hang out with your daughter I'd say gee did dad I. Yeah I think I have etc. I think I have that need to have someone there went you know I'm guilty to digest right now that they do note spend a few years that you must always coming got a call in today during listeners on the loose and apologize dad. So it's a new rule but he's not allowed on the premises yet her again I must give all eyes yet this morning I'm listeners on the Lucy calls it the radio and apologize I like this let's see it's the only route taken apologies on the radio in front of the listeners yeah 917. Etc. I don't ever bring him over or you're out of the house yes essentially apologized and never from the Saudi. Loyal. Friends are misery tell me I love this Texan senator tonight and I'm damn PG Newsnight TI and a particular set of skills Hamas. I think that's her I know the Microsoft William Mason. I waited. Yeah I don't seem odd what is blowing right now I know this is Tim I know what happened upon an a plus guys don't always follow us. Yes mom I know I had an exam and you're always stupid parents don't ever see them gathered as they do printers they birthed them. Darren stone all are they guys I met them. How would you like so when does you often mean. There's a point yeah I. Sarah knows have a good judgment worse because of you don't judge me worse because of me I thought pretty rolling out party rule my own wrapped. I am telling you I hate everybody knows a kid which means I hate you get out. All right a woman is about to celebrate her hundredth birthday how she got to do it said Harris dial by pole dancing. Yep you're getting here from this hoops hundred year old told answer is 750 on Iraq. 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