BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-16-18-6A: There is a new online debate based on a sound clip that could sound like two different words depending on your hearing.

Wednesday, May 16th

News and sports. Today is National love a tree day. A woman is in trouble with the law because she showed up to a junior high school drunk.


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Fully a new version of the dress you remember that press people saw one Colorado if you saw the colors then that was a soft purple yeah. That you don't suffer plus I saw life now. A soft costs. There's your trip and again when I didn't I did that time she did her client do at times in the White House so realise it was very stupid. I don't know why you thought it was still but I I was really awesome because there was a scientific explanation in men is it just it it was Russert asking to talk about the deep philosophical implications there was no deep some philosophical implications and I could say that word. Yeah well you know I'd. This is historic conversation that there was take my word for it let me tell you there was then there's something we said about humanity when you have stuff like this and now we have a new one. This involves your ears and not your eyes huge you have because people are arguing because there is some people hearing one word. Other people are hearing another word and they're very different sounding words the most bizarre thing. Some people think they're hearing the word laurel. Other people think they're hearing the word you Andy. Which really kind of close at a not even close. Some people say they can't be here both words at the same time he he hears the sound drop tell me what you hear. Yeah. You and me. I hear laurel I hear laurel or actually hear any credit unite here EST get in here yet he did you first yes my name is Steve Kress yeah I heard Danny. Are you kidding me now. C yesterday I was listening to it and I heard Danny and to my wife says she heard laurel and and I was hearing your all right now I just hear laurel. I hear yeah and I just this is cut and dried not even a problem. Did does not messing with you guys had a problem January junior moral per share laurel big B do you you know what you got going on blah. See this is that this is that they have an explanation and I tell you who you play music and you do everything I do do everything do do. The attitude but all I can they say here older people who have less high frequency hearing. Should he attending here laurel RA. And most people who can hear high frequencies well let younger people tend to hear yet and he saw a moment I'm the youngest person there. Did well. A jury drummer how does that even work Karen Young socket. Now tell you I'm an older person that old man I old man old woman I am mid range hearing loss. And I actually your high for this is pretty well they I have a weird kind of hearing loss that they that they really can't do much whip. And soul I heard laurel that's really bizarre this is funny just on 600% yet need next prison yesterday heard yeah Annie but today your moral. The wanna sit a year yet any. And here's the thing they say if they you mess with the picture of this. You can actually change the sound of the word that we all hear different title here yes so here's the same recording we lower in pitch by 30% see which are here now. You. And you ask me now I Harry and carrying out any. Isn't that bizarre that laurel can sound like you any within its a pitch thing. I don't hear you moral even in the least bit let's play the first one again thank. And I. Yes totally totally and Laura are close to. I don't I I can't believe I can't leave it our calls. I'll do it. So that's the tricky stuff and again it's so if we had some guns I have a good start a conversation with you about this about life man. What does the conversation let's pretend. You really wanna go there yeah do we don't allow that's the good thing is this sci dissident told us that the memories we have. We think we have we make up as we get older and changed them and have them sued us so that no matter what happened in our life. It is not what happened and there's nothing we can do about it because our brains are changing them and we could swear it happened the way it happened. Plus now we've got words that we're hearing that aren't the same as a way other people hearing it. Learn English my grandpa was mean to me I'm hearing any. Yeah well was your grandpa media that's you wasn't it I really think it's yet agreement. Crashed it since that. We get so yeah over interactions with human beings and that we may not really know what the hell is going on therefore should we be getting worked up about anything man seriously because how do we know willow hearing. That's the deep. Philosophical message of all us. Okay well you know apply it to yourself man you get worked up over things anymore I'm gonna try not to but I think you are the exceptions I think that I don't agree that Euro yen Gary yen me I. I'm actually surprised that you guys your moral. There are immoral amoral and idols this year you any do we have so here's a primary. Yeah. Yeah I don't know yeah little girl so guys all of us even. Here's the problem guys. And I hate to give Steve credit for where the ones with a problem we have we have high frequency hearing problems and noticed that they're saying that's why we hear laurel finally recognize. That you have better years could grant how Susan I hear this is a massive waste of time and spoke cracked. I didn't hear that very clearly. You have yet area tip there get out the rivers and I hear who cares how many there. Now I know it's fascinates me it's interesting well as fast as he we have techsters see this irritates me I wish they would just not listen to the show I you know I kick those two as who is off of the omni while I honestly think I know what is happening fond I hope you're having fun you're mad because they don't like the things yes yeah yes I doubt this was like everything we thought I would like to know what they would like to tell what would they like that I think that's fascinating. That you place something and these more these these chuckle heads don't understand that whatever they're hearing somebody Syria differently I think that's pretty powerful. Yeah do you how many times you get into fights as we think we heard something and we hate somebody all that and it turns out we may not be hearing you right and then the stuff that we remember is not the way it happened sometimes these are interpreted wrong. We spend our whole lives in upset because we think we know what's going. About thirty seconds ago you said you're MM let things bother you and I read too taxing your bothered by your wrestler I'm. Yeah I and emails I heard that maybe maybe the way your readers they think they said they loved and I didn't hear that could be it could have been in my in my reflection. You heard it wrong yeah. Yeah. C'mon guys don't hear them. I I'll pay it and you say it you sit there you hear is ready yet. You are old and Loral Loral. Laurel. Laurel. Know exactly I don't answer the question to you here this. You can limit sales laurel right and could be more level will appear this rice and lure rule you sing moral not stupid. I mean I'm saying yeah. Do and you dude. If you wish you play seats of it's us you are saying a completely different word it in our own we have the audio Steve a playback on dummies sound now he won't be able to hit it you say don't some say they have to understand how god you're right yeah endowment has. Its earliest Thursday may oh well maybe you won't of course. Not because yeah he's he's. Now I hear yeah he's I hear you scream over the guy rarely hear him and yeah. All of that he had any immediate and it sounds like you and me a little bit too when it slow you hear yeah Andy go on his regular speed you hear more yeah that's. The guy I think nots know we have hi we have high arranged hearing loss do you chalk it up to whatever you want these guys enough steam here loner in the room who's the nets 10 yeah the one that has it right. Sharon yeah you know it's insanity when the entire rooms as you've got the problem and you're the ones all what what would only slow down and you guys are on board with me yeah I haven't wavered you gotta flip pluses on the sink you both versions around some slower. They did Osama seems to me are you serious the slower version sounds the same. And I mean what he does well yeah I mean he was an empire. Leeway here that difference yeah okay. Doing that would be weird if the pitch didn't even sound different to you. I know they edit again if you had the trouble is is if you're listening by yourself in the car you think you're hearing what you're hearing. CNN's summing next you go dude you're do you mind that's not what's out there you think you're listening to Vijay amazed a year really listening to Kenton now on. Laurel. Yeah. I don't know man if they're listening Ken Mallon I think everybody I'm very time when they you have your computer. That's right I think they give stuff away they wanted to. Where I guess I'll be up computer yeah. Well they go there's excitement there's Excedrin. The Texas prison back in that they've says this is a pretty intense subjects of 6 AM what is this a recording. Now yes. I already well I can't say about this woman and she had a pretty epic day. First she disrupts a school play then yeah. Then she gets arrested for you and me. And then she floods her jail cell why need it's always happened at a season to tell you why he's got the news for you as 670. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all. And I point nine KI NSW Iraq Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. But these guys they skip golf union US news. And sports anchor happy nationals lovely three day it's all really paso connection and they won't embrace people. Love that you're hugging that tree yet. Results are off the tip barbecue day soup every day every day when the weather's nice it's also national piercing day so you're sure I ground pass out kids. It was a lot going on today especial leg appears to barbecue and and give that trio warm embrace be careful because of you get here's senior in the fall into a tree or fondled barbecue Stephen that's not good that is very fast and you have to pick and choose which one I wanna celebrate literally towards barbecue. Yes yes there's really nice and flame broiled yes. But it's what this woman she's in Texas her name is Christy she's 35 and he's in trouble with the law because wealth she showed up to a junior high school. Play an apparent stroke. Of course that's always a good idea so some people out called the cops and said this lady is being disruptive pass or responding officers showed up. Talk to Christie say let's step outside let's talk. Well he instantly smelled alcohol on her breath and once you're outside she crawled up her fists. And when Adams oh boy so shockingly I mean it's a surprise when he arrested her for public intoxication. Sounds eight of those mini bottles of vodka. In her purse DL seven of which were emptied all the oil and kind of fight while others are GI seven shots yes. Okay she then assaulted the officer. She kicked in person animosity being teeth are brought to jail. And it's who put the jail cell. Which she set off the fire alarm and the sprinkler system. Flooding the south. Now she's Q good great okay this is game. Top man not a settlement though I did that to commit mariners they win the data and a lot says. Although we big dance wow real tough day for route for people who are fans of the Mariners a semblance of the group of former partners Robby can now we already knew that he's going to be out for awhile. Because of broken hander fractured hand. When I studied the longer than that because he was suspended for eighty games for violating Major League baseball's drug policy. He tested positive for diuretics. You're Roma side which I guess to be yeah. Let's first few rival wild that's not really an enhanced is playing such a news because blurry vision because there's a 'cause that. Why why would it help him in its performance the problem is that apparently this is used as a masking agents. To conceal off peavy you slow. To take CNBC you test positive for performance enhancing drugs but that's the cause of the bat and he cited taken slump since apologized and told mariners. Thank you realize you do anything wrong and know all that kind of stuff are realizing time is given medication I was stand. I'm seeing now wished I would have been more careful it did you needed no that it was a stand. Substance. Yeah yeah yeah sure I'm just telling the truth yet so I'm did you believe it. He could return later in the season with a knee injury and suspension he would give the patriots in the year but he would be ineligible for the playoffs. Seattle based best par which say well Vijay playoffs. And they'll lose by half obviously four million dollar salary for this. That's why he's not planning on a good job appealing the suspension on the solid marriage man. Back and forth game last night college he was going until this morning. I ended up winning in the eleven thing since you memo Heredia get a single to help them win nineteen feet. Probably have a scared Nelson Cruz had to leave the game because he got hit by a pitch. Ending. But Ford say the results of the X rays are negative news diagnosed as just contusion itself. But he did do some more valuations on the nature is complete defined marriage playing Texas again today at 1240 to watch that game. Well hockey NHL playoffs Tampa Bay big win on the road deeply capitals fortitude that series Katsav believe that she games to one. Tonight data some Winnipeg one game apiece right now for that series. In the NBA this Celtics. Dominant second had been the cavs 1079 before Stephanie taken advantage of LeBron being injured they outscored them seven outscored the catch touches and I 71 to 47 after LeBron I was at and TV game. So now they're two games to none while I don't I heard he's a little Roswell like forty some points yes NEC any and you and that was before getting injured on out I'll. Credible tonight yeah we'll see reporters taken on Houston DelHomme Steve cool Steve Goldstein had no one nothing lead in that series and this could be the story of the day and involves golf. Not often that we have a fun story about golf but apparently how to you know this guy's name is Lucas Glover won the US open back in 2009. He's on my twenty million dollars while playing over 385 cents on the tours since 2001. Did a pretty good golf player but apparently not good enough for his wife. Because his wife. Kristen Glover plus he just got arrested for physically attacking him. After you played poorly at the players championship also Sheehan says she attacked him yes. Did take you in handcuffs. She tried to break free and she refuses in the patrol car. If I put her in the backseat in the car he said he kicking and screaming so violently that she separated the door from the cell of the door frame. Plume. Last night. It's us or she was on something like gather Jiaxuan met he wasn't playing well Vijay and I can easy get its act together. I can't believe that's just anger. I feel like there had to be some sort of alcohol drawbacks ball that I would imagine you're correct but still at the end of the day. He did she need to play better I heard his mother was there two or her mother or something like. I think you can do is that there was involved the mother was involved not like she might have been of one of the victims jokes. Yes so this is not good and and he says I look forward to when she's actually exonerated of all these charges. So how about he is saying now that's not what happens at least the reports I've heard. Yeah but the cops and don't take away just kicked the hell out of the vehicle I mean come on Lucas you've got to ask you PGA gift you're not doing anybody any favors by Haydn. All this will be solved the he started playing. Iraq is why million is not enough tiny bit. I need more money in one of three championship in awhile and she's just trying to what what is now he goes into next games whenever they call. Plus like that movie whiplash is tough love to motivate and be great as soon offer a huge summer you need to beef. So what's up okay what do you wins next week and do you know what JK Simmons should be as new coach. There's no flash guys filed. Said the company just about a as far as whether 68 degrees and cloudy and take you come before and. These are getting a sports well. There's just no sir I was a sure fire hall sheriffs say the virus halting in Kansas. Well here's the thing com. I'm not so sure about that because it was just a masking agent they didn't find TDs in his system GAAP soul. We think because he takes a suspension that people are just gonna have like. Yeah I know people have what they say about a good look at David Ortiz was also under investigation and the suspicion that this is a lot of guys don't forget Andy Pettitte admitted yet and now all the end and the guys did a minute and take your punishment and because. There is some doubt it's very possible I'm not saying it's probable or plausible in my mind but it's it is possible. That he was given this stuff just speak for something else and didn't realize it was on the banned list and he wasn't asking anything. And told you show me the PE DI have to assume he's innocent of PD was right. I guess yeah I mean they Sedaris an a because you need I ICU same threat if you're a baseball player who could have put so much on the line with your money on the line with your team's chances on the line with your reputation especially when you're a guy like him. We double check every single thing that doctors are gearing you to select and hides its. I know you're right Steve I mean I find it very hard to believe that he was ignorant about this I agree with you it's really hard to believe I also know that I've said it before. These these Latin countries. They don't have the same standards they just don't think it's a big deal to put stuff in your system to be great may just don't and this is why we have a problem many Latin American players do not have the American standards when it comes to what you put in your body in order to compete. They don't think he's as big of a deal as we get and granted it is the law of Major League Baseball. But I'm of the mindset. I don't care what anybody does look if you want to yourself but you wanna make a lot of money they're people do that every day has to be too much stress in their life running companies drive themselves crazy it is medically it's not good what they do but they do it in their successful putting I don't. I still contend that when you announced your retirement is your last season's all bets ross' you can do is miniseries or why I like general generally go out with a bang because not everybody goes out with a bang you're always try to whimper it really is I think they've had one last year just inject the hell out of my act like a roast Turkey you know just put everything and embrace the hell out of a lot of long play. I mean look I like Robbie canal but let's not let's just put out the obvious to know without canal. Soon go up and now all eyes are well yet she's edging cigar stole four bases last hour I was like time a record something. So now they've won twice man okay this could be decals you set till now without canal so you're saying we don't need to know. I until they lose now veterinary restaurant with America out well. And then of course Ayatollah then it's a good thing and Nelson Cruz was in danger I mean doesn't are too big bats in the lineup right. We don't need that and we we we we had to deal with a and without you know boom stick for the first part of the season we don't need this by. He also not getting any younger. Out of the guys that really defies logic got a lousy pitching for the Braves everything's different. Bartolo Cologne he's like nine and my hand he's still playing well do you find out what team he's on somebody I cannot believe annie's actually I think got a winning record this year. If someone doesn't test that guy every day. He's a fat guy. Who's like in his mid forties he's got to be 45 is he 45 Bartolo was it like for the Rangers thanks in Texas Rangers yeah are so well so we see him a lot. What's his record 44 years old my consular 67 B I know and is sorry there's no way with the way players can hit 9100. Mile an hour fastballs that this guy can be competitive without something in his system he's 285. Pounds got. I could play baseball. Still throw a pitch straight Brad out there. Crap I'm sorry and then there have been rumors about Bartolo Cologne on the news and and then I look at a guy like that go you know what it. That guy should be tested every damn day. Maybe he's thrown his weight behind every pitch my panties. So that's why the hall of fame thing I think there's so much taint that's probably a threat weren't that. The hall of fame is so tainted with the fact that I don't think at all so yeah I I really don't think they're Robby Cano is gonna have a problem getting MI IB I only because he's being a gentleman about this you know what he's saying hey I accept this it's a banned substance I should have known better I didn't realize that's what it but you know what I've got to take my iPod. I think people like that guys can trains as I'm sorry in. You know as long as they'll find TDs later on. So what's the deal with him not being what's the deal was to deal with him not being able to play in the playoffs if he comes back. Yeah I should contact fingers like they're well agreement that in the world baseball. Armed I think I again this is my conjecture. I think they believe that you know what if he was playing enhanced and Mateen makes it to the playoffs. Then they should be penalized as maybe they would I got there if not for the way he played. And therefore you're not gonna get rewarded by having him in the playoffs it's like it does it's a big deal and maybe you got the play house because of his enhance performance and he's missing eighty games it's huge chunk. I I agree and they try to I think they think well you're not gonna get to have a guy that you know that how it's it's like it's a stupid it's like there are some people that think you should even get to go to the playoffs because of it. So I think it was a happy medium to say he doesn't get the plan a plans because Steve if you played like a quarter of the season and the team made the Mariners have a winning record Jeff yeah I would they had it let's just say somebody was playing enhanced. And you take say ten wins a way that deck I was like oh this guy you would make the playoffs. And that's I think Dave but they also don't want to penalize a team does like you said they're gonna play eighty games that they make the playoffs they do a lot of it without him you shouldn't penalize all teams so it's they're happy medium is what we hear. Yet so I he he's serving his time at that point that he's back let them be back. Yeah it's I can see both sides of that argument it's simply go to were on our road to the World Series championship this year I think you're the only one who knows that yes said that they don't know what you do and you're gonna get McCain Madden. Yeah it's it's it's it's a tough one if you're Mariner's fan and you were excited about where this season is gone vision and expect anything and all of a sudden it's like. These guys are contention and one of the best divisions in baseball. This really sucks this is a kick in the Nazis she surely was. I SA Steve he did get this one wrong. Who played the title character in the 1997 movie George of the jungle. 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