BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-17-18-6A: Steve Colbert got into an argument with a kid on his show over what Beatles album is the best.

Thursday, May 17th

News and sports. Today is National mushroom hunting day. A woman pooped on the floor of a Tim Horton’s then threw her feces at the employees.


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No that's a lemon today do you need unity day yogurt together at 545 and I'm Mara oh wow Mara. Mornings are aware of conversations can get an earlier definitely hard as well. Did you guys talk about the fact that he let's have kids on a show asked to do that kids pitched bit of course Jack he gets these kids come up with ideas for movies or TV shows. And one of these kids that he had on turn out to be huge Beatles fan. Which I question but OK why do you question I just find it surprising that they are young kid would like The Beatles but we I mean it's good music bad I'm not saying it's not good or bad I must say about that just really surprises me that somehow or be exposed to and they get. Anybody he. Game of rounds is based on a popular series of books the we got a bulky like Joshua. And don't clap cooler and blew up blood The Beatles Joshua what do you know about them. Very keenly screen fans that's rock fan and I. Gina music and all snapped what's your favorite almost the best dumb to deals put out and be careful with your answer. I'm not sold tinkering I have sung sang a group. Right and it's a transformative. Album them in the best album obviously when you get into things like Norwegian would do you know obviously you've changed the landscape often. Thanks sixties you wouldn't go revolver. Promote our true parent that always packs we are worrying pool hall yeah. Hair and a mile island. Press so using rubber soles better than revolver. Yeah living a dream world. I. The kid blows his stuff. Under do you root yeah you can't question his tandem that's amazing I I would love to know how he got exposed to that music I'm just a mom or dad. And volleys a little kid on the eve and I'm surprised Graham qualities that made grandpa you might that may be right. I've been grandpa and AB bomber Datsyuk and definitely grandpa would probably be my age I feel like I would be that agent like his grandpa. With a kid who didn't mom or dad can be anywhere in their twenties to forties throwing now. And audio unpopular with Danny's brain still says stagnant you're right man because people are waiting longer to have kids in my crazier my stove in my eyes too much of a fan of hallucinogenic said Sargent peppers is my favorite. Nice huge Beatles family out like appeals a lot. Yeah I've never been so on this debt to talk as well as this little kid can put Sargent Pepper's my favorite. Well I'll yet that that was of that no doubt about that was the album let's say guess what we're not to pop band anymore just what we are Bassett yeah exactly we within days. And I I thank them for that because they motivated Brian Wilson to come out with pets out isn't it weird because there's so I I I think you've there's somebody said about an alum Steve in a lot of ways I can sites and I don't basically inspired I think the Beach Boys to go let's do our thing. Did that come first serve is it sounds from first I thought that what if we talk about the slop I really not Brian Wilson was pissed that he couldn't be like The Beatles and had a problem of Capitol Records. His camera here and also The Beatles were blown away by pet sounds like Idaho we talked back it's really it's all right we'll Sargent Pepper's are put on 67. I mean I've had sent out 66 volume writes I doubt about it I thought okay I'm yeah. Well that is so bizarre what what was before sergeant pepper. The first or her revolver. Maybe a revolver is what really inspired Brian will simply yes that is I decided that was the story I heard that there are micro edition without revolver I would say OK and and joyful Joseph Sargent -- okay well you know something in my hands and says Stephen Colbert thinks it revolvers is the best Beatles album ever that might have been the album and I always thought it was sergeant pepper that's our Brian Wilson's referring to of the grid that pets as came out before revolver to. Yet released to release the had senses may sixteenth 1966 and revolver was August 5 1966 are now you know son Danny I gotta go back and check my story can get my head I remember that The Beatles howl away by what. Brian Wilson wanted and now it was a catalyst for them. Getting a little bit more Trippi. And I remember Brian Wilson is talking about how Capitol Records and so hey they can get a big fight with him does he wanted to be more expansive like The Beatles and say no just play your beat songs. He's like how wanna do that anymore you know and I you know what I'm losing my mind but you know what I can't argue it's I can't argue with time and by the way I I like your story better anyway. We have just mines the group truth or the roof. Against the roof and I like the Beach Boys better than The Beatles so I like how effective The Beatles were inspired by them that terrorism doesn't friendly rivalry it seemed like between those guys who wasn't like any any negativity but who's more and we are expiring each other although obviously one went to a certain model Helena had a great Bryant and ended before you were popular but. And anywhere on this they can't you know holds that a candle to what The Beatles have done well even before like revolver and pet sounds The Beatles just came in and wrecked house oh yeah yeah I mean they they the other and their pop version their their poppy stuff for the women are going crazy and I don't know who came first this in this country I feel like the Beach Boys came first on The Beatles is ruled an end and wrecked house but. Yes so members of 26 am with you Steve Sargent however I fear into the album art is awesome is almost machine which Alison another persons that may send young nephews. Are huge Beatles fans mainly because my thirty's or your brother remarks and I did love the deals in clean. I think ego that's that that it. Shows good music is going to still resonate with anyone of any age might take a little bit more work to get it to them but I guess good song is still gonna be popular and a seven year old. Use it is it feels it's so tricky it really really use. Plus it's a whole bonding with your parenting like if you play a little kids like what are you listening to my dad like this I'm gonna like in the knees are falling in love with that kind of genre. And he'll carry on with that for their entire life probably. See I never had that and Steve I don't know if you ever had that because the music well when I was growing up. The music to my father was like the Benny Goodman swing it wasn't even rock and roll. It's funny hearing how some people had that experience where they bond with their family with music my my taste in music was a direct result of rebelling against my stats. So if there's a one end to the other night I did not loyalist and Frank Sinatra Elvis Presley. You know that was my dad's gym all that are are you listening CD will lose then I think that's so nice house I heard that Denver jingle. In Korea to New York tonight all I would think he's my dad's cleaning of senseless thing to stupid AM radio music you know. Yeah so for me I followed with box admitting case at all costs such as bruises such a rebellion compare it to friends I want to know right almost guys that heavier and better. While. But you know Steve there is somebody said because I have an appreciation for those crooner is now. Yeah yeah I racing this is awesome but when I was. Twelve very and allow them that are here that crap I it's it's nice that the key lake Mickey says that the kids now can appreciate it now with their parents and have a beer bonding experience. As opposed to there's no way that I was gonna tell my father and dean Martin's. An Al Martino and all those guys are good but now I I go back and psyche you know what I can see the beauty of what those guys did and they also work just rock stars of their time and go back to O'Connell senior hammered out Beach Boys in the pet sounds all that. Politician says Paul heard pet sounds and so we need to do something just like that that's when they were revolver. It's not a gun man. Wow I gotta go back to a Beach Boys history thanks to let me know guys because I really had no clue and I'm happy. I'm so had a nice pitch to about fifteen dollars on this exact same conversation began sometime know you'll like this we've had this commerce you right before but this time it's gonna stick all bull crap they will stick this time. It will stick I just got to find out where my story is were carrying record was given my part time members of -- wasn't first reveals 1965 Al lover's soul he was so astonished by the Al the next morning when streetwise -- reading god only knows with his songwriting partner Tony Akbar god only knows a great site OK that's six. And it turns out that was edited the kid who loves rubber soul he's right it looks like you know Steven called there is wrong rubber soles the album. About that. How about that. I was fired the Beach Boys who in an intern inspired the of The Beatles numbers as it could musicals are right detested Thomas Hydro knows all the words to. Right Jesse let a little earlier. Thirty saying okay. The whole real matter OK here whose attacks that Redmond. Oh sure what there check my five year old almost the worst to dominate the donkey yeah survived the test of time from four to five number I don't think you should raise your child to be that way because people like that song or jackass is a day. Today. I mean. Your son about a dungy Smith. Lag time. Hey I had an assist and a woman that had an insane meltdown at Tim Hortons in British Columbia this led to her throwing something at the employees. That wasn't donuts is Steve as I can tell you how about this he's got the news for you at 617. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nice okay. In Iraq from Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe getting them to renounce bullet sir this is news wins Stephen Ames. Thanks. Guys thanks to G a few offer getting a C news in sports is a big day no decision to talk about pet sounds should be Beatles records and the beach boys and all that stuff it's national. Mushroom hunting down oh yeah I couldn't hear much from these people. But be careful which when used yeah. Ten cents and on the wrong day uses the video mushroom hunting. Oh man it's also national cherry cobbler day oh yeah thanks a dessert I've never had. He had cherry cobbler yeah let's get on Saturday and did you did you get your act cherry cobbler known Brad. Yes my grammys to make you know watching this thing how did you escape that I would get the tiebreaker and Danny never. RM UN now I don't know Indy oval Vicky I don't understand she's lived your own life how you not actuary com never has Sherrie via their. Why not look appealing to me I'm really sorry there guy. Do reviews and he's like a monster. I'll spare you he's like I'll tell you haven't had a good series. Yeah about any big cherries and I was taking every sound like the one that Rickey Henderson gets on top of his cheek said Jack in the Box yes those are. Those like the state points exactly those are things all the the managing marriage you know I don't like they're spending Mickey doesn't like those. But yeah. I'm real terrorists. And their real Terry I have I like did you hurt none of the fans and this now. I like you. Fine twelve cents per dollar today fanatic yes almost try it cause I'm an anti cherry cobbler it's. Both legal niceties. Until you really weird transition because well this is the headlines a woman angrily troops on the Florida Tim Hortons then throw served. All suffered tyranny and no the camera and a great Tim Hortons experience all that I I don't know and you say really I I think I need to see just a series surveillance footage of and it made me look I know it's price should make me laugh out loud but boy oh boy you actually see her basically doing a monkey Mizuho impressionable boy yes Carla this woman she's done their few times. It's been a nuisance. Possibly the reason I want to thank all the depth and looks like maybe just to go to the bathroom really bad and Iran ladder go sushi since early this afternoon Langley British Columbia so not too far. Pack and yes she went in there on Monday she says are you with the staff. And then she said you know what screen you guys I'm drop my hands right in front of the cash register. And tie. Already she grabbed some napkins first casino she knew what was about to happen again. And she's yelling and screaming in the Tyler says I've had enough and ratios and it and it just well are great scoop to quit twice and then goes the napkins at the guy while her pants are still down around her ankles. I put your hands up and that's disgusting. That's literally lost harassed. To death I love how she goes and gets snapped in those saying I can't have I can throw you about one on me. I didn't I know I don't think they are expecting that and I imagine this at the story down after around the idea to check the tidbits in terms many of their. You left at that and I'm just I don't know also obvious thing ever on so repulsed by I was surprised how quickly she's in the form I don't. Yes she's she's she really had your right she was ready to go. Well anyway she was arrested. Hey I found her finish. The period allocated charges against her. I hear the question for you we do and give out Kurt cobain's guitar that you use for MTV's unplugged just to get here actually a lot. Walls that's exactly what that would Frances Bean Cobain who lives she handed over her father's acoustic guitar and property settlement. In her divorce. So that way she wouldn't have to pay spousal support I guess her ex husband is looking for 25000 dollars a month low and all Susie gets to keep the house. That apparently now he's baby mama is living so she's said security tasty guitar and leave me alone. So it sounds like he was the juice. And she's this is what you have to do yeah and that his size it is that acoustic guitar that you know from MTV's unplugged I don't know like we give that up. Yeah that's from her father what what kind of mature quick take fast funny I guess the forces bring out the best in people Vijay thank yes. 25 grand a month you guessed I'd imagine he's gonna sell the car and that's the thing yeah yeah you know that. There's also unfortunate you've jinx the Mariners yesterday David Garrard should know without -- yeah they were another two and one thanks to you Vijay because she started talking about Bartolo Cologne and how old are you still pitching really well and we're them mariners play yesterday against the Rangers on the mound Bartolo Cologne put together. Best performances of the season so far. Allowing only four hits in 73 innings in high shutout innings while the Mariners ended up losing five point it was a close game until the ninth and then all of a sudden. The racist scored four runs made it even worse you know that's what that it was the Mariners have lost our next they'll put up a series against Detroit. Kinect games at 710 at Safeco Field you can watch us on exports marriage is currently 24 and eighteen still in third place in the jail last. While big game in the NBA playoffs yesterday I just battle between Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors did apparently for real good job originally looked like local seats going to be able to take this yeah the first game look like they were all out at second game. No season Rockies. Throughout the warriors. 127010. Fives in the series now I have one game apiece new games in the NBA tonight. Last time the NHL Vegas continues to play great on the morning I'm Jim Florio just texting with rockaholic about just how you can bring wall. In the playoffs and he's a look how well a brick wall Rick wall who do you think I said 374. This sounds like brick like a wall. No I say again OK another place again okay yeah that's an easy and you offensively anymore okay when he lays out. Based beat the jets fortitude he now was 21 series in western car. Finals tonight Eastern Conference finals with the cats and the lightning the caps currently have a 21 series lead and that first weather 67 degrees and cloudy and thank you coma for news. Yeah you know like to and so what you say seven and two thirds innings that's a shut out ball from Bartolo Cologne who is anymore knicks he's 44 years old. The guy I mean Ed and I had accused research on this the guy who was suspended for fifty games. For performance enhancing drugs bracken 2012. And he's been linked to a lot of stuff to was he linked to Vicky. Back into when he thirteen for the next year he was linked to a Florida police killing they could that other stars like Alex Rodriguez Ryan Pronger Melky Cabrera. Also we're kind of a catch she with the whole drug thing. I mean I'm sorry he's 44 years old with a kind of offense that we have you'd there's no if you have no business pitching that kind of a ball game. I I think that guy should be tested every freedom day. I'm every African day Gundy and if you see what he looks like you like com on how is this guy able to play competitively puts it weight behind every pitch I guess you get a lot of weights adolescent 72 thirds say that this is why I as a baseball fan I find it all to be ludicrous you know that Robin secure those going to be suspended and Bartolo Cologne can still pitch I find it ludicrous he could be pitching this well man shall. Oh wow I want to Pluto and putting money on that I would edit it and I'm I'm I'm so I think maybe was a good performance by an old man yeah I did a statistic in in in in this day and age of baseball how good all the players are all the young dudes that are conditioned it. And all the training and all the video on everything Bartolo Cologne can still pitch competitively at 44. No. No I'm sorry to test him after every game right I doubt you know what test and after every pitch. Seriously. Just bring out a bottle every time I don't doll house yet again yes sure it. I now we have Bart told clone once again urinating in a tough and we got to do it Jim we had to go to Jimmy guys in Alberto always 57 years old and he's still throw ninety we will get them we got to go in the bottle. All right speaking of basketball and be on TNT and also speak in this whole laurel yeah any country. So yeah. Now they played a great break on Charles Barkley last night because you know they wanna see what he would say he can here with laurel or you and me. But in Barkley easier peace they didn't play laurel for you any they played the word doughnut. Yeah I do I saw this and it was freaking awesome. I just love that they're Frankie Charles Barkley I think that's a great idea especially like you know he has no idea and you know he's the kind of guy you want a prank 'cause he will have some awesome stuff to say. Quickest players. Did you what did you hear from both Obama and someone is doing the I heard or are tomorrow what is your I don't know I've heard so much. I've got your help. Don't know it's only okay it's. A matter lol yeah the first time around we were just door to door on a new courier. Well on. That's awesome. Yeah my wife. She hears you any Steve yeah. You won her the only people I know that here you any I'm trying so hard to hear laurel and I don't even know where the more starts on that. Make our economy test yesterday and might I can and a little bit of a meltdown about all this and it cursing out a plea for now Hogan camp and actually for Ted Ted also heard moral. It's confirmed though yesterday confirmed they are it's actually laurel the clip. I saw the TMZ reports because that's important this is very important is the most important non story ever it is a very important story. And Adolor in this I guess the clippers they came from vocabulary dot com and high school class discovered when a girl looked up the definition of the word moral. Different kids in the class heard different things they all started arguing about it. So the word was supposed to really be laurel but dude how was recorded to confuse many people used to attend deciding return on their cell phone suited because that we are frequency it's making some of us. The Smart people here Danny yeah. Yeah home now here's the original thing let's see if you hear laurel mountain laurel. Laurel. By your doughnut. Hey if I hear more. Isn't that week your moral claim is de city and Loral. Loral. And they're two different works I don't and they sonic hasn't been together 123. Laurel of laurel. I hear you and me and now you're nor are there wow so it's the way bracelets only know my ears and I Joseph cool it's the frequency of the phone. Steve this thing is it's not what's going on your rears its was going on our ears because a neuroscientist many of Tyler spoke about why eight. We're all hearing laurel wall you're hearing here any. Distorted so as a lot. I frequency information and more than usual. It psychology how this might seem illusion it's the technical word are you being here one way you can hear it another way. And what makes you care one way or the other when everything else is control is a total mystery. Oh well thanks and information tell I. I and so slow and she's yeah she's a bunch of fancy words to say I don't know precisely defined guy he sure does. But he does not I guess he now has his explanation RE ES Morse and I hope this time is the explanation. Trouble hearing high frequencies here because they're getting older women to watch rock concerts corner and iron that's no easy. Any anything out there this season high frequencies how does signal. He emphasizes low frequency is and what people here laurel like there isn't the original list. Since then that makes no sense soaked and getting older. I go to a lot of rocks and attain a band so my hearings are perfect but maybe you're hearing is better than you think it is because. Yeah and a video all of us are exposed to loud that we were all work in radio we have these headphones on its not good for us and and is a generation of kids that grew up with earbuds which they're saying you shouldn't be having in your ears like that it's like my generation didn't Wear headphones the way. Younger people are which is why eight. Some of the kids were hearing laurel because they're saying if you hear you any you're hearing is better than the people who hear lower. Gabby yeah. So you don't hear music better than ours yes there are doing all this people are saying that there watch cycle for a team five and you are hearing moral or you any minute listen to us that they would hear a completely different things. Nobody Craig he sent me a message on Twitter after listening to them HS are talking about adios. Hey this is a here's a curveball I heard yet any on the radio this morning on our show. And I think the same clips we've played here on our morning show on the mega cast hasten put on the main cast iron moral so weird I was while we do a 100% total podcast. This is death bizarre facts it would be something like in the different processing going over the Airways as opposed to what you download for the MP3 death. And they like to we're technical behind the scenes and that you would never think of yes some frequencies are probably cut out or added or whatever or distorted. And that makes a difference with that situation numbers suggest there's during any today and hearing oral. Randy Jackson dropped from the same box. There official yesterday so as persons and another hearing laurel. Wow yeah I never heard any. Never it's weird it is so weird but again you feel like the weird O and yet you're the home of the better hearing it's actually better that you hear -- any. I don't know match like this is just part of the robot suit stratosphere that's houses are hiding jazzy it's trying to end it is good and communicate with us to figure out ways to communicate with us. And commuted to different people different way. All. Alone now those guys are Oscars tonight in new Karl is there or you're screwed because they're vacant talked to you another gonna nude putting your brain the you have to kill all of us and yes he's my hero always I am the most vocal about the fact and I'm afraid of these robots are probably their gated dated you don't really get me out. Because on the squeaky wheel gets talked about it and it's all us the first one. By using this yeah and eclipse for some that's right. Visual person you're doing your junior about to go down body that's so it it is very very bizarre. I guess you any already hear you what he was able to get this one right a common sayings for something that is extremely boring is like watching what's dry grass. Smelt a taste it and several grass got to drive way curse. Yeah what's that negro watch that grass dry. You want a shot at beating Steve you've got a 206421. Rock complained he makes at 647. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How do I know of bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief what are the steps for my situation. 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