BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-17-18-7A:“What is that one item you own that you will never give up, no matter what”?

Thursday, May 17th

Beat Migs. A man dodged 3 bullets from a robber because he refused to give up his Louis Vuitton designer bag. Luke warm topic.


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Got a brand new shirt and Iraq shot just in time for the good weather is the Vijay in May northwest part T. But surely get many artwork John Mayer is reminiscent of one of my favorite showed us let's get all the northwest part and that's fi. Smiling and they shared my mind he's miserable then after that it's good likeness of it looks just like you and the rev actually I love the revenue eleven big because I think he is right behind workflow. I haven't you read my. I love it it made me realize they need a bowler pat I don't have a Fuller had a much how I mean that's that's my domain let's get a bowler has. And you beat James Bond villain PM until yes. We're so well and you'll give me get this church is gonna KI SW dot com. Game. Yeah okay yeah MBE. Yang who are I have. And it's a number Thursday's sun. Are you guys there. Great weekend we have planned well how the game in South Asia and other gaming. Now beginning to charity oh. So much gaming yeah that's right he'll be over at the mock boarding house on Sunday at the end Bellevue we all get together and so far they've. Raised up almost 70000 dollars from all of us gamers that are going to be doing this and spends all stemming. Yet they Moxley though those folks are great they do this every year and raise money for good good causes so if you wanna watch BJ near graded out board games Seattle at a charity yet for charity how do you get a little did want to know for the kids. Let's get bored to death and today we got Nolan and Ellman Knoll and are you there senator. Yes well I sure hope you're better motor boats armed always on the last time I just area. Sort of oh well there's definitely confirmed her high airline. Says I'm with you know I'm behind you buddy what he played forty days Steve. A pair of tickets to have BJ behind knobs. On the boat won sixteen of the emerald queen casino on Saturday June 9 go to KI SW dot com from. Once it is available now at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide got here. For those playing at home no one will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Nolan you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses first question. Are you ready. I hope so. What biblical figures at three days and nights in the stomach a whole whale before being spit out. John are you ask what year in the eighties were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen born. Maybe Syria know little or no don't know how how many seconds or twenty minutes. 12100 at what is the main color of the flags of Washington. Grange you asked what color is also word for feeling so ask. Lugar do you ask according to the nursery rhyme little Bo peep has lost her why it. You ask if it's 3 PM in Seattle what time is it in New Orleans. All of it's our first six I yes Manila is the capital of which Asian country. Totally yeah as a dog Hanley had a hit with the song boys of watts yeah. Summer yet ask how old is cabin in the 1990 classic home alone. I was tends to adults. Diagnosed. Eleven now blue and you hit eight out of and better than men three was emanates yes he while you went the other way you can head and I hope. Hello this. Us. Vice. There's little wiggle room there we'll see I think that's that that they think Kevin might be deciding factor in less than the other. It's got. It's a the other one can be a winner as well true street clothes. Are you ready. The the which biblical figures in three days and nights in the stomach of a whale before being spit out guess what Ichiro the eighties were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen born. 1985. No. 1980 no. 96 jazz score how many seconds or might one minute yeah. Also. I don't know it's thousands no. 2000. 15100 no. The main color on the flag of Washington and green at what color is also word for stealing sack flew to ask you these. According to the nursery rhyme little both teams are blustery winds and ghosts now seeds of gas pain if it's 3 PM in Seattle what time music in New Orleans for no I ask. Manila is the capital which Asian countries. It's five cents Thailand now. Both teams ask why Don Henley Teddy did was the songs boys of why summer. Yes how old is Kevin in the 1990 classic home lows. Seven years old. Now although it's not you know ROT yep. You start off eight. Oh god yeah so Nolan you don't win but to tie you get him cry I don't get us around because Steve knows Philippines. Yeah that's right I very much in the Philippines. Oh really who and I congratulations army along wash. Because if I sure don't. Let's not be a really that's not true actually in the Philippines Don can go a long way it's not me. I'll guy had zero Dong. Would you say. The dollar. Well or they don't know the song is Vietnam all that it's okay fired Don lemon president that's there at twelve dollars and go a long way for the Dong as well I think you know nothing nothing Alamos and some of those countries man you can you can you can make Eli you yeah your buck really gets stretched right got to root canal about fifty bucks in the Philippines why would you do Saturday is a city bus in our insurance it's. So great opportunity for me get a dunk houses are still got okay formed I yeah I believe so that's scary stuff it's not done right yeah. She just really scary stuff and it's been fifty dollars for someone to do that people on homeland it's is furious like if your teeth get infected with the down by the roots if you direct your whole body I understand that we I don't know why does or is friends typically still alive but that's the hi I'm yacht for that I'm definitely glad to then got Diaz is the everything in America is the only way to go oh yeah near zero jets my friends might just you know. Bono international manner Dell's streak that's not trusting how the culture you know there's a certain thing in American and I think union for better price in the Philippines and I'm ready you're just follow okay all right then well I thought that was going along lines of Steve when he said Thailand but yeah Thailand Philippines I know both those countries offer wonderful opportunities you did no big Kevin so you figured out that he was that eight years old the other when you missed how many seconds or twenty minutes Nolan got that one correct. 12100 yes gas too early from even trying. Yeah masters he did not I thought I was gonna get a song because you into that rice GAAP cash and fortunately he gave no songs. But no one gets the time the price of progress no one that's what happens if you tie or beat Steve that's how you windy migs it's a pretty cool situation. It's all right so as I said that the folks in jeopardy man they are geniuses because. Today are putting themselves back on the map a lot of us it may not have watched it awhile because they've got to Alastair Beck reading a modern music lyrics. And depend and independent independent. Ten died. Especially like if they do hip hop stuff for anything like that pop stuff and Alex trying to read these. Are you doing to me what do you do wanna. What do you don't know me what what do you do on a non. That's just the past. Just the best way. No wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle you have wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wave killed. Yeah. This is genius whoever decided to put these questions out there for him to have to read these lyrics. Who. I'm a rebel just for kicks now. How they're feeling it since 1966. Now yet that person needs a race that was this is genius what they've done since most account contemporary stuff but every once I do don't know old classic and I like this one paid teachers we don't need no education we don't need no thought control answer right that's right into a baby. Feel like you know act dialysis can again it would be due in a pub. Oh yeah yeah if not him his old mustache probably just don't all yet Scalia some good stuff and mustaches. This time a day he did it again this. This is awesome. V classic Right Said Fred song I'm too sexy I am too sexy for my shirt. So sexing it hurt us. She's just. I appreciate you consider classic because it is it is it's I'm too sexy for my shirt. So sexing it hurts he actually kind of gets the big a little bit there and they got an epic jam to that tune I think he sung that the shower are strewn on the pussy Carolina. Poll puts it all right Jack you Vietnam at a McDonald's over where I am too sexy for my shirt. So sexing it hurts would love to hear him say that on your right Steve. I know nothing about it victory. Oh do you well you're too sexy for your shirt I think you know everything about Dick taser gang Starr's. That's awesome. I'd sell we're talking about Tim Hortons earlier guests as a woman basically took just dropped to do since Tim Hortons and to rule out. Her offerings add an employee because she wasn't happy with Tim Hortons an hour high you can't be happy I mean she threw her to emits at their Tim bits that's not right well I see a lot of. Doing that apparently she was a nuisance before she keeps coming in and then. How do you go to Tim Morton's and just not be like. This is Nirvana I am happy and I knew that I would never be and no I would never be a nuisance. And it's important is at a Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme I would be so happy I wouldn't I would be the greatest food ever. Who might be you may stand to do you not completely insane that I might do all I can be when. I'm trying to get their Steve you know the working on this for a long time the five years away. But here's a survey that I am definitely in over achiever on according to a new survey the average American eats 31 donuts a year. That's around two or three dollars a month McCarron I'd totally be I think we're all about that well. I think it's gonna change now gazillion guys here I was every Friday Brian donuts so I was on pace for 520 yeah you're right cook to irritate. I'm an out he's not around I don't know many analysts on us to accept the torture goes a bit concerned bringing in doughnuts on Friday. And I just I never going to get donuts I did in Vegas you remember uncle Chris and I went through with its Mexican rice Krispy Kreme right there in Vegas and invite. This is also admits like what 12 in the morning I am doing this you guys are all like we'll see if we find a beverage relate now we're gonna finds Chris decrees yet you two are just all about the donut yeah we where we were and it was great it was fantastic. And a lot of -- look we were having beverages a logical thought oh you can't be mixing that with alcohol and yes we can breath even Ricky had more focused on getting drunk community and don't. Yeah isn't doughnuts some amazing. Well some people don't think so but I with the revs they are great combo bridge yet I still on his mind he wanted to own sounds good cheer of that's our justice say that you can't have that a part of the party coming out there for that. He got itself a lot of donuts their mother more than 25000 donut shops in this country. And they're coming up more than ten billion donuts a year. And if you took all the donors that we last year and lay them side decided they go around the earth ninety times everybody's she's come a missile and actually did the math for that. Chrysler do go to Donna. It is it's one of the classics actually and that would be glazed yeah I like they're glad if if it's crispy cream of course. And you know now more top pot. There's added pitch because top pot glazed yes yeah that's my jam if you did you bring top pot then I will go to the glazed everytime because it's the old fashioned blaze and police to collect what is it that Krispy Kreme cater our wedding I think 831 doughnuts in one night all. Good amazing idea grace wedding ever preached the glazed Vanilla Kreme Krispy Kreme is now the time my new jam recently was just a regular glazed. But I am now getting addicted to they're glazed then I'll review it. Credence you don't I don't. I don't think there was donuts. An ambulance to me. Well now that they don't have a whole so yeah right but and jelly doughnuts not a don't need it I I wouldn't disagree and all right and I can't fight you on this senator Snowe I don't really know the whole column data doughnuts pastries and pastry yes it's a pastry well are tired of that case then I get to then go back to vetoed a glaze lover. But there's some red and and then a tasty lover how about that series is from glazed donuts I didn't. Motors is as you were saying this I was wearing it on from seven on the security. Attacked it's one they're not gonna count as a doughnut and I love the Boston cream tied the chocolate donuts trauma. Yeah assets if you have a criminal plots that it's not just chocolate with sprinkles if I'm not doing anything filled. But it's like cream fountain yeah so they're clean tiger outside of the announcement. And tossing green IR. Be careful how I saw that yeah how how can I not say that. You just well you base you used the word Boston in front of you we didn't put the word Boston economy and ends at a guy your previous everything out just keep an Italian ship are called Vicky a non Boston cream pie girl that sounds like a whole different thing can I call Danny de ice cream pies to guys say he is not all companies are yet these are some no expressions and nobody needs that I finally banana cream pies to guys that you do but still we have to be careful how we see these little table oysters Daniel. Sometimes mice from this dream that is just because of Halloween stores include everything pumpkin spice for him yeah pretty much. I I have to try but I do like the pumpkin spice one at that time here bomb can. I nice are you sure did see any country a sportswriter I could've swore they say thanks to us. I'm concerned. How I love the Al winds down legendary doughnuts in Tacoma law at all the all the serial a T dot concurrence one. So good legendary is legit yap yet they're just jags defensive zone read so you like apple one in his late eating four regulars aren't so I can't wait hey you know but I really want somebody tell me. When I have only like a month to live to Iowa and eat. Whatever I want all we ask some nice as ever have to go to hospice man complex there's a Serbia just drag them to truck on every unhealthy thing maestro saucer machine images letting go in my mouth. I saw I wanna go to. You know what do an end there was a time where Jesus that's a that's an image your shoes you're not a Boston cream pie girl I'm. There's a time where they used to tell like you know when they would give somebody a prognosis there would never tell the wife means that in one her weary. I swear that's what happened my father in law because. He went and you know he tried to eat healthier because he had a heart attack heart you know he's married to my and my mother my mother in law was yelling out of all the time to stop smoke and it's not failure to any. And then there was a time where he just went off the rails and it wasn't only was really not too long before he passed away. And I thinking they might have told him he can only anybody else. But I kinda knew because he was just like he was having a blast stereos and all you can people say he's all right dude he loves his chocolate man I mean has it my memories of him and Serra. And we heard you know they they be did he fear chocolate cake in the high chair and she be love and you can look into the you've got to give my kids that just chocolate cakes to pick itself of course. Already out of her mind was even more are reminders a toddler running around jacked up all the sugar. Movers as we did don't have battle Royale every person running their own time from the neighborhood. Yes I love that place. The neighborhoods no I wanna work wherever they work their neighborhood all I thought it was that worked I brought it involves so I wanna be there block party than this let's do that. So 31 dollars a year that's the average American. And I I think you know even even if the guy doesn't come every week I still think I'm over that. Closes in terms of Portland tomorrow and I love voodoo donuts glazed buttermilk donut from Adam and error oh yes I forgot about that. You know Zack gets lost in the voodoo doughnut sauce if you will because food was so famous for all their creations. But you forget their buttermilk which is really I don't know their viral panel kind of concern him. I've only had one voodoo doughnuts ever. Milosevic came in front I went yeah I made it I told my wife feel like is the first period could do. So yeah it was. Choices we're regret three hours for free and Donna I know yes we are present some doughnuts on the he had beat Jack here soon it is it's. See in these I iPad tablet to really get they made it seem be. Evidence I love the demo called the gay bar and take a maple Barbara so white com. Crushing and with Cheerios. Keep our C Amanda that fed the Portland the portals got it down with that Kharrazi on military joint. Hulk so that's the danger blunt. They got all these cool things of voodoo doughnuts and luckily I talked to the person that Bhutto and said look man I really want to know your best donors and they told me they said look everybody gets lost and all these creations but are buttermilk is amazing. And I said OK I'm definitely get one of those so don't call the old dirty bastard. No that was what they call me when I walked in the Oreo Cookies and peanut butter and oh yeah that's good. Now move I'm sure they're redundant they're digit maybe. You try to dilute. I am trying to do my captain now I much on the chocolate seen some great people and they were great and the medical equipment. Yeah great don't have I don't think south I well you know what we should we gotta make you feel chip ability crap for lunch go go go go have breakfast seven who do donuts love lunch or dinner DA crop and and we have to look we have stations in Portland need to send a club called donut holes today. Stage these are donuts. And now we mean that will be your strip club yeah still many holes yes. Okay. What what you know there's surplus and Stosur blossom cream pies and you'll have a complete place for OK yeah then there's that just took it well all glad to get to a different level now okay. And it say about this guy who dodged three bullets from a robber. NYC dodging bullets because he did not wanna give up his disease. Hi your bag. Yeah you'd hear from the skies 717. On the rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point ninety highest will be the rock of Seattle. The student Michigan named Gerard. Was walking down the street this week. When a man pulled a gun on him. Demanding his Louis it's on cross body bag. I do what that was designed not to down with the lingo of sort of fashion yes just it's essential setback for them bike messenger bag yeah. But still it's lose it's on who yeah and that's cost 17100 also his name is Jared yes so high it's 817100 dollar designer bag. And he would not given up even dodged three bullets. The guy shot him three times you get that idea I'm sorry I mean I know to seventeen under our bag but you know a man you're here take it. Davis who almost went from a close that across by veteran -- body bags. So what like that perhaps it is nice. I very tasteless the other women really bad. Police have since arrested the suspect in his say here's Jerry talking about what happened. It happened very fast in one motion he took the gun on his. Ways fell in which the other hand foot above the Indian over his mouth. In point today it was like give me your bank and I was like. You're not getting Miley at the time I worked very hard for this and this thing I've had forever and it means a lot to me you know wasn't about regularly push into some thought that was gonna demand it from me. No I said you're not getting my bank and then fired a second shot he goes to me gimme your bag and I said you're not getting my bag. Damn dude I don't think I I don't care how it's it's just an object how are you. Not saying here you go I'm out I I. I remember when I was younger and grown Brooklyn where we lived it was fine but did you set a few blocks away got a long weird little sketchy general or going to the mall on my brother just got me out of San Diego Padres baseball cap as a guest. Ted putting contacts say we pharmacy Austin because Steve larger reserve player and I was very selfish and only picked teams that's our players and Steve as my favorites and I so soon. At first there's the Dodgers because Steve Garvey media treated the Padres secretary apologies to him because Steve Garvey so my brother army attacked now so Jackie did was like dude before the Internet you could just. Order of Hodges I don't mind thank you add a zero where a court you gonna find this sort of had a and he finally found me that had that round Padres had I was pumped walking around. These kids surrounding me I was also a kid at a Kabul men eyes and hands maple amounted give me your hat. And as a belt. Not giving you my hat. Hats and then went back and forth they were like don't give a stat we want damaged you have to stab me for this I broke again it is an arm almost died for this. Hamdoon no grand at this started plunging towards you or that night how when he came off and I would and it's an Enron that was trying to hold my ground and thank god it worked. But in this situation the minute of gunfire shot him everything off my body to him. I wouldn't know what I wouldn't even be that guy to hold my ground have been like yes sure you go on time any of this again. Yeah I'd love see I would be like I'm still breathing I'll bite at some point in my life up he'll get this country. In the fight for it had video Jimmy that well because it was stated it was too tight try to cut it. Saddled cuts and that is so they would fit over my big fat head. Floyd is Susan Suzanne if they got back had there really what are we want this crappy hat. So I had about again it's just a kid about something I guess it means something but boy does that mean your life because here's Gerry Thomas why he wasn't willing to part with his bag. I'd hate 17100 dollars foreigners there about IE I lovely this time and I saw on the stage. Com long before I can buy and I saved up my money tip I gave me the lines in the end it's just. It's kind of run every. It represented the united is just like. I wasn't about ready to relinquish my personal property I got my thanks as he could pry it out of my cold dead hands. Well you know listen more more power to him I mean I do applaud the fact that you know he's still is gonna go now you know why you're not gonna cheat his way. Second does like guy guy. His firing bullets I mean jeez but I think I get the sentiment of yeah blessings as he always wind up towels and Tehran lose it Tom but I mean quite obviously was something he wanted he saved up money so represented more than just the actual physical thing it represented. Hard work you represented a goal that he had and he finally accomplish and you thought they handed over I. Under series they're from and again the minute a gunfire comes out and I got I'm done. I and they did the math if he was working minimum wage in Michigan and it would have taken over a 183 hours. To purchase sat back with minimum wage Dem I 183 hours of just. Dedication and hard work to get something that you really want. I was just on the do look you're the man can get whatever you want you worked hard for this she'll be able to do it began when you can't you practice your life or somebody shoots you. You know I'm Jerry saying yeah yeah yemenite that's right I hope he would learn is that you know in the it didn't do what with the sentiment they got him that bag is what he should hold onto and his life because he worked hard very respectable. And you now I that you you can get it and frankly just put go find me on there and now these days subsite got to do is go hey these guys took my might Louis Vuitton Don tell a story I donate to it. You know because I want the kids stay alive I want I don't think I did over a bag. But you know I get an enemy there's just there's there's just like you with your Padres at this with a I mean there are things that people just go you know I know this is my line. Kill me you're not taken this. Tough. And that's we wanna ask you what is at one item that you all that you will never give up no matter what. Steve by the way you get it's going to be better in the Padres set a new kind of pieces out of me really. I mean I get that was special command something my brother got for me to 06421 rock Texas at seven said. And 999. What is that one night in the U all that he will never give up no matter life. Joseph foot to a rock Texas 77999. Your calls and texts after Lincoln Park on Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI DSW. I play nice KI SW around Seattle. Is due Dodgers three bullets from a Robert because. He refused to give up his Louisville it's on designer bags and hey man I worked really hard to get to 17100 dollar designer bag and I'm and I get it I get there it is is an item that you don't wanna give up no matter what even though he's got bulls things fired Adam. How do you what does that one item you only you'll never give up no matter what 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Let's go crystal on Bainbridge Island crystal you are on the rock. I Chris welcome to the show so what's the one thing you got you will not give up. I want that my uncle gave me after hiking and that is why I promote my. And I got through surgery so I would blocking home from work one day. On the there is a club called going on in town and some of the guys from one of the large try to keep my lot in her you'd begin to do my act after I can't try to get. Three oral ringing I know it. Yeah I really unite all at this debt limit and they realize this is not a woman who wanna mess with and and they leave after that is that why. I read I'm pretty I got not. Damn man he's always aim for the not always game for the body always aim for the boys that's that contest sucks man India and and if you given it up do you think they would left you alone. Likely I know. Not ready you want to you know it's something that came from another and that is very very important to meet so how are your fingers and they okay. I'm open about 80% of the weighing on why aren't going seventy stakes speech and I and then reconnect it. And so I will ask you this crystal not because I'm trying to be mean but was it worth an item ceemea mouth now be worth says. Let me not a black is not the people got a lot and then my body to endure a lot of damage I. I can't keep I struck it. Tie you know why you had a great attitude crystal you're you're you know why you're Mormon and the nine MO he knew that she's. Seriously dude on the top fallout mountains I'm done I'm never gonna LaMont again. Yeah buyout deal behavior data from a lose your fingers and can't I mean I'm here here's a wallet. Seriously I am I am a coward I am a surrender it is you say however. There's still might be something in your life there's so damn important and you amassing lose your life fully for my kids you got my kids OK now right yeah see you go here's my son I'm out. Time one time lose my mom just bombing Nike air flights back when those red hot shoes are so pump I was like walking the streets of Brooklyn kid threaten to shoot me for goes she's too right. Leahy I can tell you have a guns are my favorite stories of almost being mugged because I can tell you adapt when I was already after the night's incident iced. Testament to the bad guy you know god can I get a gun even know not let you. Go to school clinics and yeah I hope Billy I don't like that the streets are not safe for me. And to finally acquiesced and essentially you gummy guy who are those like those blackjack things that that's you know when you whip them out at all yeah art comes I hear you can advance I still pretty I'm unbelievably give a kid Alex Reid as a teenager you know Brooklyn. Stopwatch get a good camp practice I remember Amar Darryl leather jacket on and I'm feeling good it makes you Nike shoes on them like I'm don't demand this guy's a little easier issues are trying to Martin's. And you know can't try them on and go back and forth this one kid and another kid I was just giving your refugees I've got a gun he's a point in his waist. Reduced fat. Any at tight shirt on and I saw no holds yeah not that I'm taking home eight summit John Dunning is Kevin Garnett nine to all I've got this I plug my blacks acting here everyday cause and and his ice is like bug out of his face light up my cartoon and he said running an Ellison now I've got the power so I started chasing life. And it's so close to UN YU guys lose it again my mom just bought new shoes I was not handing them over time zone and then there's much to me. So having my father moved to the suburbs. That's that's that is just not the craft and I need to deal with in my like my father was a breast when you ever did because he lived in the city and in the Boston area and he moved to the suburbs before I was around there's not a good team had a gross spread grew router she's probably in a few months anyway yeah but you know you're at a blackjack I feel this. Hutchison I did different life a different time of how that yeah Tuesday on the watch yeah I still have that yes bring on an ally I wanna see that are yes somewhere in my house are excited that that's a I I wanna see just how threatened that is a million show you without its ex I think the visually obvious that it hurts just yet but mute some decent and brother and I with them. Sometimes if he had went too so they're like I sabres coach ash. But when it comes out it definitely gives like. You know what that Jose especially back then no one really had those oh yeah there's cool we did dad knew then knew it was up to go to Jacobs Jack Jacobs you are on the Iraq. They had bogey on let's magic you would NYC when I knew he never did. So out of Colorado. And I keep in 1976 border or should get a call or. Called ship but only 32000 miles Crocker. Said. Oh yeah do you know I will never get that. The the money or about a those I was sticking up in Colorado I I broke my foot on a trampoline. So I couldn't drive it back so my dad had to apply down and out in there to drive backwards they expect. We actually almost crashed along nothing to lose not I I side I don't know where the routed to become. I am dude that's a valid and it's such a bummer if you guys wrecked that car that you just got a. I added that. The coalition it it's it's it's not a very good ones because I would Elliott led a multi card it is a read the the in my adult glad lived. It would did it look upon so you as so do you still have a yeah I export a much you belting out. Does the math that's that that's fantastic. Heavy cool to get past that car down just like generation to generation like that to get a fix up a bit because I'm Soledad that's federal the NSA. I. I might get that I get that there are just things you're given. From family that just means something. Luckily we moved I mean the things that but the thing I have is worthless where it's this it's a calculator was site doesn't work anymore but I can't bring muscle to get rim because it means something is how worthless it was the one thing that my dad gave me that was like wow this is me he would all does he was a manly man I was a geek. And yell and this is back in the seventies where nobody had calculators yet and so he thought. Hey I heard DC's a pretty cool and I really was like the cool skin of our geek family in the neighborhood all the geeks. Because I had to calculate your first it was like that was the best thing every job I was the coolest kids are geeks I want to me look I know I was a call anybody else but in our little yeah community. I was like hey guys look at this may like crew. Because that's how new calculators were. There are like so jealous there like you. Is a word does it it is like Yo-Yo what's sesame give me a math equations that's I saw that could happen dude we probably spread quickly to start fifty times every woes right tour pig. I just Texas I had to buy Ford deuce in LA in the ninety's from a reader starter jacket I remember those storage I huge expense. I got my ass kicked but still have the jacket my son wears it now. On my end here they see again. I don't have that gene in me and I just taken closest you know under. Well nearly always ask me because I collect comic book still like I'm not one of those that regional and I pat I have to have the block and I buy a lot of books. And people ask if I'm gonna keep them forever you know there is gonna take up space. And I thought about it and I will I hope I will but there's one I you'll never get rid of and it is my signed copy of the crow. Because James a bar there writer and artist when to crypt to con one year and we got in every mom BG she's geek nation and and I talk to them I said hey by the way of the tax you they are trade then and I wanna show you so went down I shut my tattoo he got a super awesome and we've got you down to show it. Credit to Kano where I tell hole. Cold out I drove down to cryptic on got you know war is skirts I lifted the skirt up a home. Owns a bar so where is it worth it but I'll see you really did lift this person is you're punished it. No showing in my area grievance that's a big piece I took my chance of Mick Foley and critics are Narnia habitats Europe and Eduardo he actually excited to see that. What can play specialist my favorite one I have so that if you if someone's gonna shoot out you're not given up now that's mighty have the other comic books that's fine not just when it signed I have a story behind it the fighter anyway I think you've finally matter what they ask you off and I ask you for like some chapstick you're young you know what you it's going down right here among I'd I'd walk away with their wallet yeah it's that's true. That's why do you Vicki next to me whenever I gotta go and I have anything ominous valuable conspicuously farming and eyesight is Steve get the Al about scientists have just found the key to happiness Steve no I believe this it's a pod race. It is not a Padres that it's calculator is not a calculator crew signed book bring you might be that's. 80 and by the way here's what is the key to happiness. It involves just doing one simple thing that many of us actually would have a hard time doing but it's a simple thing what is this Alitalia 747. 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